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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Lexmark 43H0381 250 SHEET DRAWER OPTRA S IBM 40H7563 POWER SUPPLY 8639 IBM 40H4760 SYSTEM BD 6875/85 Compaq 401706B21 4DEVICE WU2 CABLE KIT JATON 3DFORCEB32PLUS JATON NVIDIA TNT2 M64 32MB AGP Genicom 3D0651G06S BACKPLANE/PERSONALITY BOARD (PHPM/6) GEN38XX 39XX Genicom 3D0651G06 GEN 3800 PHPM BOARD 3Com 3CXM656100 3COM 3CXM656 56K V.90 PCMCI MODEM 3Com 3CSOHOKIT100A 3COM 3CSOHOKITA HUB KIT 100BTX. 2CARDS 3Com 3CRWE62092A 3COM 11MB WIRELESS PC CARD 3Com 3CP5609 USROBOTICS 56K 3CP5609 W/V INTER V.90 P 3Com 3CP2976 US ROBOTICS 56K INTERNAL W/V V90 PCI US Robotics 3CP003057 U.S. ROBOTICS 56K - FAX MODEM - PLUG-IN MODULE - PC CARD - 56 KBPS - X2 V.90 3CP003057 3Com 3CCEM556C 3COM 10/+ 56K PCMCI MODEM 3Com 3C3FEM556C 3COM 10/100 PCMCI 56K COMBO 3Com 3C18122A LINKBUILDER 24PORT 10BT 3Com 3C16733US 3COM 3C16733 SWCH 4-PT 10/100 OFC 3Com 3C16733A 3COM SWCH 4-PT 10/100 OFC 3Com 3C16730US 3COM 3C16730 SWCH 4-PT 10/100 OFC 3Com 3C16723 3COM HUB 4-PT 100BTX OFC 3Com 3C16722 3COM HUB 8-PT 100BTX OFC 3Com 3C16721 3COM HUB 12-PT 100BTX OFC 3Com 3C16703US 3COM 3C16703 HUB 4-PT COMBO 10BT OFC 3Com 3C16422 3COM CABL SS2 CASCADE 3M 3Com 3C1509 3COM OFFICECONNECT NETWORKING 3Com 3C1 3COM NETWORK ADAP COMPAQFLASH 10MBPS Genicom 3C0567G01 PCBA PHLP/1 CONTROL PANEL PCBA LCD Genicom 3C0503G02 PCBA PHPS/2 Genicom 3B0368G03S MOTOR ASSEMBLY (PAPER FEED) Intel 3872B909 3PORT NETPORT EXP. PRINT SERVER W/684079-003 AC ADAPTER IBM 37F6717 TAPE DR ADAPT/A IBM 36L9973 NF FIBRE CHANNEL 1M CABLE HP 35731D HP MONITOR SLEEKSILVER 350W MID TOWER CASE 350W SLEEK SILVER ATX IBM 3477HGX GREEN TWINAX W/122 IBM 3477HCX COLOR TWINAX W/122 IBM 3472FGX GREEN COAX W/122 IBM 3472FCX COLOR COAX W/122 EMTEC 345725EUS OPTICAL DISK 5.25" REWRITABLE 512 BYTES/SECTOR 4.1GB MICROPOLIS 3391W 9.1GB WIDE-SCSI 68-PIN PART# 3391WS Elsa 329301B21 ELSA GLORIA XL 40MB V/DRAM GLINT PCI Compaq 328941B21 RETAIL 4.3GB WIDE ULTRA2 SCSI 10K-II HARD DRIVE NON-PL ALPS 324E PRINTER UDS 3225RACK V3225 RACK CARDS Lite-On 32123S CD-RW LITE-ON 32X10X40 INTERNAL IDE RETAIL KIT IBM 31P7410 IBM OP 3BTN TRAV WHEEL MOUSE 800 DPI PS/2 IBM 31P396708 NIMH SYSTEM BATTERY IBM 31L9749 IDE/12GB/2.5 9MM Compaq 317450B21 SPS-BD PCI DUAL 10 100 Paradyne 3100F1400 WALL/RM KIT Maxtor 30845H1 8.4GB MAXTOR IDE Maxtor 30768U1 7.6GB 3.5 IDE Maxtor 2R015H1 15GB MAXTOR IDE 5400/100 ATEN TECHNOLOGIES 2L1010P 30FT PS2 KVM CONSOLE EXTENDER CABLCABLE Maxtor 2B020H1 20GB 10MS U/ATA-100 3.50LP Maxtor 2B015H1 15GB MAXTOR IDE 5400RPM/100 Compaq 297770B21 20XCD ARMADA 7700 SERIES NOTEBOOKS Compaq 297707B21 SPS-DRIVE CD ROM 20X Compaq 294307B21 FS-BOX COMPAQ FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY NCR 2900AWTCOLOR NCR THIN CLIENT DEVICE 2922-7002-7100 Dell Computer 28VYX 10/100 ENET2 32BIT PCCRD IBM 27P8134 1145 FINISHER KIT BEARING IBM 27P8133 1145 FINISHER SENSOR TRAY HEIGHT REAR IBM 27P8129 1145 FINISHER SENSOR TRAY HEIGHT FRONT IBM 27P8105 1145 FINISHER SHAFT ASSEMBLY . PADDLE IBM 27P8095 1145 FINISHER MOTOR ASSEMBLY . MP2 IBM 27P8080 1145 FINISHER KIT INVERT GUIDE IBM 27H1714 9GB IBM DCHS-09Z 7.2K 50PIN Compaq 270212B22 PENTIUM PRO 200 256K IBM 26P8158 BASE (T-23) Dell Computer 2623T KYBD FRAME W/TOUCHPAD I7500 IBM 25H161906 TRIPLE LAN STREAMER - PCI Southwest 256MBXSERVES 256MB APPLE XSERVER DUAL 1GHZ DDR Southwest 256MBG4333S 256MB APPLE PWR MAC G4 DUAL 1.0 1.25GHZ DDR DTK 2531US POWER SUPPLY IBM 24P6203 CD-RW IDE BLACK BEZEL KIT( ALTERNATE PART # 33L5020) Matrox 246816B21 MATROX MILLEN G450 32MB DDR VGA/DVI PCI RACAL VADIC 2400PA MODEM Lexmark 23F2248 SHAFT IBM 2390PLUS 24PIN NARROW COMNAV 23172348C45N COMNAV BANDPASS FILTER 16DBCVSP-2317/2348/C4.5-N IBM 22P690108 IBM HIGH RATE WIRELESS LAN PCI ADAPTER (LP ENABLED) - REF 02R9513 IBM 22L0087 IDE/10GB/2.5 9MM WESTERN DIGITAL 226AW 22GB WESTERN DIGITAL IDE WD226AW 5400RPM IBM 21L9510 4.1GB/4090MB 2.5 IDE 9.5MM NSP FRU DBCA-204860 P/N 31L9908 IBM 21F8575 IBM 20 112M ARCHIVAL GRADE 8MM CRTR IBM 21F1888 9406-530 F/C 6140 TWINAX I/O CARD Compaq 211082B21 COMPAQ 4.7GB DVD-RAM 3-PACK Wang Laboratories 2109888A WANG 16MB. MAIN MEMORY VS7/8/1000 Honeywell 20HE TERMINAL (TELERAY) ALPS 2000G PRINTER Genicom 1A0035P01 LEFT TRACTOR W/PAPER OUT SWITCH(100 IBM 19K447908 20.4GB ATA-66 HARD DRIVE 3.5 - 33P0064 Genicom 18962F0221H PWB DRIVER BOARD NCR NCR 1891060011PWB NCR DRIVER PWB NCR2192 Generic 184PC2100X72256M 256MB DDR ECC PC2100 266MHZ 32X72 Generic 184PC2100X64512M 512MB DDR PC2100 266MHZ 64X64 Generic 184PC2100X64256M 256MB DDR PC2100 266MHZ 32X64 Generic 184PC1600X64256M 256MB DDR PC1600 200MHZ 32X64 Lexmark 16G0096 COL INK CART HRES Z12 Z22 Z32 2PK IBM 16F187101 V.35 CABLE X.25 CARDS FEATURE USE WITH 55H4501 OR 71G6460 IBM 16F186501 X.21 CABLE X.25 CARDS FEATURE USE WITH 55H4501 OR 71G6460 Lexmark 16A0503 OPTRAIMAGE SHELF Generic 168PC133X72512M 512MB SDRAM PC133 ECC 8NS 64X72 168PIN Generic 168PC133X72256MRG 256MB SDRAM PC133 ECC 8NS 32X72 REGISTER Generic 168PC133X64512M 512MB SDRAM PC133/PC100 168PIN (SIS.VIA Generic 168PC100X72512MRG 512MB SDRAM PC100 ECC 8NS 64X72 REGISTER Generic 168PC100X72512M 512MB SDRAM PC100 ECC 8NS 64X72 168PIN Generic 168PC100X72256MRG 256MB SDRAM PC100 ECC 8NS 32X72 REGISTER Generic 168PC100X64512M 512MB SDRAM PC100 8NS 64X64 3.3V 168PIN Generic 168ECCEDOUNB128M 128MB EDO ECC UNBUFF. 168PIN 16X72 3.3V Generic 168ECCEDOUNB064M 64MB EDO ECC UNBUFF. 168PIN 8X72 3.3V Generic 168ECCEDOBUF256M 256MB EDO ECC W/BUFF. 168PIN 32X72 3.3V Generic 168ECCEDOBUF128M 128MB EDO ECC W/BUFF 168PIN 16X72 3.3V Attachmate 16217470TR MYEXTRA! AS/400 PRESENT V7.0 LTD LIC C/U TRADE Xerox 160K62400 4525 BOARD AC DRIVER 110V Xerox 160K42980 P-12 CONTROL CARD NEC 158026128101B POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD Lexmark 14V0800 Z53 COLOR INKJET PRINTER Canon 1453A001AA BLK STARTER CANON CLC 700 800 900 950 Canon 1374A003AA COPIER TONER BLACK 1.65 GRAM BOTTLE 33 000 PAGE YIELD NEC 136777747001A BASE COVER ASSEMBLY NEC 135739398A MTR PPR FEED LC815 Xerox 130K61720 4525 FINISHER SENSOR TRAY HEIGHT REAR Xerox 130K61420 4525 FINISHER SENSOR TRAY HEIGHT FRONT Dell Computer 127WX 64MB 8X64 PC133 168P Xerox 127K31550 4525 FINISHER MOTOR ASSEMBLY . MP2 Xerox 127K28460 4525 HCF MOTOR ASSEMBLY . FEED Adtran 1200072L1 V.35 ADPT FOR ISU 2X64 AND ISU 512 IBM 11L5463 IP32/40 FINISHER DOCKING COVER Microcom 115802703C DESKPORTE P EXTERNAL MODEM 28.8 WITH POWER SUPPLY IBM 10L2112 CABLE DISPLAY TP 390/X 14.1" TFT IBM 10K357408 16X PEARL WHITE DVD DRIVES IBM 10K004402 128MB PC 133 CL2 ECC SDRAM UDIMM Xerox 105E09290 4525 HIGH VOLTAGE POWER R2 Handspring 1022NA HANDSPRING VISOR NEO SMOKE MONOCHR BACK. Handspring 1021NA HANDSPRING VISOR NEO BLUE MONOCHR BACK. Handspring 1020NA HANDSPRING VISOR NEO RED MONOCHR. BACK Xerox 101K35030 4525 CARD ASSEMBLY . INPUT/OUTPUT Handspring 1015NA HANDSPRING VISOR EDGE METALIC BL. Sharp 0LA517001710 N/B-BOARD LP (10.4 DSTN PC3010/50 IBM 09N037902 APPIAN GEMINI AGP/NLX DUAL MONITOR ADAPTER FRU 09N038009N0360 W/O CABLE (01N2333) IBM 09L3922 18GB IBM 18LZX LVD 10K 80PIN IBM 07N8084 IBM 7200/100 80GB - /! IBM 07N8083 IBM 7200/100 2M 60GB - /! IBM 07N8082 IBM 7200RPM/100 40GB - /! IBM 07N7403 40GB IBM IDE 7200/100/2MB IBM 07N6709 60GB IBM IDE 5400/100/2MB IBM 07N5638 20GB IBM IDE 07N6652 7200/100/2MB IBM 07N3542 40GB IBM IDE 5400/100/2MB IBM 06P5134 40GB UDMA 3.5LP 72K RPM Dell Computer 0688EN MONITOR 17" M781SU DELL IBM 04F7785 6262 LR-UL TRACTOR IBM 02K6302 IBM TP240 US KEYBOARD IBM 01P8826 1145 HCF KIT TAKEAWAY TRAY 5 IBM 01P8823 1145 HCF KIT RETARD TAKEAWAY TRAY 4 IBM 01P8795 1145 HCF MOTOR ASSEMBLY . FEED IBM 01P8777 1145 HIGH VOLTAGE POWER R2 IBM 01P8774 1145 CARD ASSEMBLY . INPUT/OUTPUT IBM 01P8771 1145 BOARD AC DRIVER 110V IBM 01P8705 1145 RETARD ASSEMBLY . TRAY 2 IBM 01K802606 NETFINITY 5500 400W POWER SUPPLY IBM 01K216706 PII333MHZ PROCESSOR - APTIVA IBM 01K2165 PROCESSOR PII 233 6591 Acer 01IP54SF0B CPU P54CSLM-150 2.9V SPGA EXTENSA 610 IBM 00F553101 8-PORT CABLE FOR USE WITH 87H3320 & 87H3675 Xerox 006R00858 LASER TONER MAGENTA 140 GRAM CARTRIDGE 4 000 PAGE YIELD Dell Computer 0006860E 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE NO BEZEL OPTIPLEX GX1 MMP Printronix 131666000000000000 HAMMER DRIVER PCBA Printronix 131466000000000000 MCU PCBA 9012 Printronix 107329000000000000 PCBA A7 CREATIVE LABS 7000000000000 CREATIVE NOMAD IIC 64MB CLAMSHELL Novell 662644000000 SMALL BUSINESS SUITE 5.1 CROM1C ADDTIVE LICS Genicom 640073000000 PCBA LCD Genicom 640021000000 TOP CVR ASSEMBLY 35X W/D Genicom 640006000000 352 FORMATTER PCB AS INFORMATICS 633808000000 WASP BARCODE W-300 QUAD PK 4.0 X 3INCH TT LBL Microcom 130000000000 POWER SUPPLY Texas Instruments 98155940001 CPU P54CSLM-150 2.9V SPGA Texas Instruments 98134990001 EXTENSA 60X BASE Texas Instruments 98114568001 8MB RAM MODULE KIT Texas Instruments 98114560001 8M EDO MEMORY MODULE TM6030 Texas Instruments 97863198001 IR TRANSCEIVER BOARD Texas Instruments 97862090001 TM5000 PWB ASSEMBLY KEYSCAN BD (II) TM410 Genicom 78402708001 PAPER MTR ASSEMBLY 9W ISI 78142734001 ISI 7230/7224 PSU Compaq 32273400106 PII SYSTEM BOARD AUDIO - FOR DP4000 Compaq 29666900106 SYSTEM BOARD FOR DP 4000 Texas Instruments 25680690001 CARRYING CASE NOTEBK TM4000 Texas Instruments 25598108001 PWB ASSEMBLY 1MB DRAM OPTION Texas Instruments 25598100001 PWB ASSEMBLY 1MEG DRAM OPTION ML MLXL Texas Instruments 25557390001 KIT 1MB DRAM OPTION ML/MLXL Texas Instruments 25391580007 COVER TOP ASSEMBLY 2X15 Texas Instruments 22394430001 865 BASE ASSEMBLY GRAY Texas Instruments 22393630002 86X TRACTOR ASSEMBLY TAN Texas Instruments 22228740001 880 CARRIAGE UPGRADE KIT W/ROD ATI Tech 11332107102 PCI MACH64 215CT22200 PD96128GD-491-LML Logitech 9670630403 LOGITECH CORDLESS FREEDOM WHITE BOX Acer 9145010012 PCB GENERIC MEM9C3 16MB EDO AN350P Logitech 9043340403 LOGITECH TRACKMAN MARBLE WHEEL USB/PS/2 ODS Networks 7501699101 ODS VERSION OF LUCENT/AVAYA CAJUN P550 SUPERVISOR L2 CPU M5500-SUP-8 PEC EQUIVALENT 4589-050 NEW/FACTORY SEALED CREATIVE LABS 5069701000 CREATIVE 32MB GEFORCE256 DDR ANN PRO AGP CREATIVE LABS 5069401000 CREATIVE 32MB GEFORCE256 ANNIHILATOR AGP CREATIVE LABS 5004004677 CREATIVE 32MB ANNIHILATOR2 GEFOR2 MX PCI HP 3344969004 DC CONTROLLER HP 2860663006 WAN LINK INTERFACE CABLE 62P M TO 25P F QMS 2600490100 IDE BRACKET FOR 2060 MC2 MC330/3100/9100N Acer 1921030171 DC/DC & CHARG T62.085 NCR 1891058095 MOTOR Minolta 1710344001 STAPLER REFILL 2560 3260 4032 SUPL3X5K STAPLE REFILL CARTRIDGES Minolta 1710241001 FUSER OIL & CLEANING ROLLER KIT MCII CREATIVE LABS 1000051001 3D LABS OXYGEN VX1 AGP (4X) 32MB # CRU 907175105 DATAPORT V CARRIER ONLY 142MM ATA100 BLACK Unisys 751720848 UNISYS AP1327/1329 PRINTHEAD DEC 746106201 ALPHASERVER SC FRONT PANEL ASSEMBLY DEC 744864201 DISK BAY PLASTIC SIDES Dell Computer 724726403 DELL LAT P2-366MHZ CPU DEC 703328802 CABLE DEC 703146827 9GB HARD DRIVE DEC 703088801 CPU FAN ASSEM. FOR ALPHA DEC 702205001 CABLE ATT - Lucent - Avaya 506011507 486/66 GLOBALYST SYSTEM BOARD Compaq 480082001 POWER SOURCE 320W Tektronix 437045201 XP200 BASE CHASIS Compaq 400296001 COMPAQ 32MB CACHE MEMORY DIMM;FIBRE CHANNEL Intel 351985010 PENTIUM OVERDRIVE PROCESSOR UPGRADES 486 TO 83MHZ Compaq 348707001 SCSI CABLE Compaq 317213001 DVD-ROM DRIVE Compaq 315578001 PROCESSOR PROLIANT 1600 P11/300 W/HEATSINK Compaq 313375002 LHDCI CABLE 12 FOOT Compaq 310361001 ARMADA 3500 DC-DC CARD SGI 308263001 UPG XE GFX F/8BIT/24BIT INDY SGI 308077004 LG2-8BIT ENTRY GRAPHICS BD. SGI 308003002 BP4 GRAPHICS PCB Canon 301100121 FUSER EXCHANGE HP 8100 Sun Micro 300127901 SPARC SERVER 5 Compaq 296036002 SPS-DRIVE CD ROM 20X Compaq 295247001 COMPAQ INT EXT WIDE SCSI CABLE WTERMINATOR DEC 293036301 LA310 PRINTHEAD DEC 293036001 LA310 POWER SUPPLY DEC 292997401 LA424 INTERFACE PCB DEC 292787201 LA324/LA424 LCD DISPLAY DEC 292786801 LA324/LA424 CONTROL PANEL DEC 292786202 LA324 INTERFACE PCB DEC 292786101 LA324/LA424 POWER SUPPLY DEC 292785102 LA324 LOGIC PCB Compaq 281860001 256MB EDO SDRAM DIMM - BULK Compaq 272776001 POWER SUPPLY FACTORY BOXED Compaq 272774001 POWER SUPPLY FACTORY BOXED Compaq 272129001 SPS-BD SYSTEM I O-EB Compaq 271930001 NEW FAC SEALED SPS LCD DISPLAY MODULE PL1200/1600/2500/ Compaq 267022001 RETAIL PLEASE ASK FOR QTY DISCOUNT NETELLIGENT 1000 100BT REPEATER 8-PORT U Compaq 259311001 COMPQ 64MB KIT (2PCS) ARMADA Compaq 258631001 BOARDSYSTEM W 8MB Compaq 255071001 SPS-BD SYS 586 150 16MB RAM Compaq 252633001 DRIVE CD-ROM 48X EVO D INT Compaq 247546004 DESKPRO 4000 6200/2500CDLS Compaq 247190005 DESKPRO 4000 5133/1620/LS Compaq 242467001 KIT SPS-CRTG D TAPE 15GB Q=1 Compaq 242464001 KIT SPS-CRTG D TAPE 15GB Q=1 ZDS 239273400 ZENITH BATTERY NI-MH PACK Compaq 236793001 HD 1.6 IDE GB SEAGATE Compaq 232014001 COMPAQ PRESARIO S200 SCANNER C3455419001 Compaq 230467021 RETAIL 32MB COMPACT FLASH CARD Compaq 229417001 COMPAQ IJ650 COLOR INKJET PRINTER HP 223569070 HP RW 2235 PRINTHEAD DEC 214382801 MICRO CPU 133MHZ STD Memorex 206871001 122 KEYBOARD Compaq 204268001 ARMADA 7400 SYSTEM BOARD Compaq 200349001 HARD DRIVE 10GB PRESARIO 1400XL Compaq 199611001 NEW BOARD BACKPLANE W-SCSI DUPLEX EXT STORAG Compaq 196067047 SCSI CABLE Compaq 190166001 MEMORYCACHE 256KB Compaq 190136001 MEMORYCACHE 256KB NCR 189990226 SOLENOID KNIFE Compaq 189908003 COMPAQ TOWER STORAGE ENCLOSURE Compaq 189903003 COMPAQ TOWER STORAGE ENCLOSURE Compaq 179262001 BRAND NEW RETAIL WESTERN DIGITAL WDE4550-6005D0 4.3G SCS Compaq 177667001 LDSE TERMINATOR 27 Compaq 175924001 128 MEG DDR PC2100 DEC 170430701 SEE ITEM-2720 DEC 170396201 CABLE ASSEMBLY . FOR ALPHA DEC 170395901 CABLE ASSEMBLY . FOR ALPHA DEC 170381702 CABLE FOR ALPHA DEC 170381602 CABLE FOR ALPHA DEC 170264102 SCSI CABLE DEC 170264001 KEYBOARD & MOUSE EXTENDER 12 FOOT Compaq 165078001 COMPAQ TOWER STORAGE ENCLOSURE Compaq 159887001 MOUSE Compaq 158855002 COMPAQ ML370 RAID ON CHIP UPG MOD Compaq 158855001 COMPAQ ML370 RAID ON CHIP UPG MOD Compaq 157784001 DVD 10X PRESARIO 5700 Compaq 155214001 PROCESSOR K7/550 PRES 5855-58 ZDS 150080401 ZENITH BATTERY PACK NI-MH HYUNDAI 149914001 128MB KIT 4PC 8X36 SIMM Compaq 149508001 BOARDSYSTEM W 8MB Compaq 147265601 151FS 15 MONITOR MaxTech 144300058 NEW ISA 10BASE-T & COAX NIC MAXTECH MaxTech 142640403 NEW ISA 10BASE-T & COAX NIC MAXTECH Compaq 141779003 80WATT POWER SUPPLY AT STYLE PROPRIETARY SIZE Compaq 141669003 80WATT POWER SUPPLY AT STYLE PROPRIETARY SIZE NEC 136533242 MAINBOARD MOBILE PRO 700 Compaq 133653001 CHARGER SUPPLY (LTE LITE 20 25) DEC 122470128 FAN FOR CPU ALPHA Tektronix 119490000 POWER SUPPLY XP200 DG 118025204 HARD DRIVE 4350MB Compaq 112222001 IDE/4.3GB/3.5 3H ATI Tech 109004800 VGA WONDER-16 ISA VGA & EGA PTX 105018001 POWER SUPPLY PCBA L300/600 Printronix 103240001 PCBA HAMMER DRIVER P600/6080/6280 W90 DAY WARRANTY PTX 101474001 L300/600 PAPER FEED MOTOR Printronix 101200901 PCBA HAMMER DRIVER P300/6040/300XQW90 DAY WARRANTY ATI Tech 100726311 ATI RADEON 32MB SDR AGP OEM ATI Tech 100709003 ATI 32MB ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON AGP PAL ATITECHNOLOGIESINC 100430266 ATI 64MB RADEON 7200 SDR AGP Wyse Technology 99010001 LOGIC BOARD WYSE 60 CDC 94216106 ESDI DISK DRIVE IBM 94060348 V24 CABLE. AS400 FEATURE Sony 90260027 SONICBLUE RIO600 32MB MP3 PLAYER Diamond 90230202 DIAMOND MULTIMEDIA VIPER V770 TNT2 Diamond 90150082 DIAMOND MONSTER FUSION 16MB PCI DIGI International 76000292 S/570I PCI V35 CABLE KIT CABL CDC 75010102 HEAD ARM ASSEMBLY Oki Data 55624101 LED HEAD UNIT OL4XXE W90 DAY WARRANTY Oki Data 55061401 PM3410 CONTROL PANEL PCB Oki Data 53553401 PM3410 OPERATOR PANEL Oki Data 53348901 MAIN CHASSIS ASSEMBLY (W) ML321 TURBO HP 51826734 CABLE LS SCSI (5182-0056) HP 50651360 D7458A RECOVERY CD FACTORY SEALED HP 50651210 NETWORK CARD 10/100 HP 50634569 POWER SUPPLY (90V TO 264V)XU S HP 50612569 CABLE Zoom 41100200 ZOOMAIR 11MBPS AP S/W Kyocera Mita 35382020 LASER TONER IMAGING UNIT 3 000 PAGE YIELD NCR 32780218 286 LUNCH BOX COMPTR. LEADTEK 32000605 LEADTEK GEFORCE4 MX440 64MB W/TV VisionTek 30001577 AOPEN (BENQ) GEFORCE4 MX420 64MB AGP W/T VisionTek 30001521 NVIDIA GEFORCE4 MX440 64MB AGP TV OUT VisionTek 30000024 VISIONTEK GEFORCE3 TI200 64MB VGA/DVI PSC Inc 26704002 CCA VIDEO ENHANCEMENT Adobe 26020012 STREAMLINE V4.0 CD W9X/NT UPG Attachmate 16275850 KEA! X FOR WIN95/NT V5.0 UPG ADD FROM V 4.0 Compaq 11357001 COMPAQ ML370 RAID ON CHIP UPG MOD Exabyte 11100103 1PK 33/66GB 8MM 170M DATA CART IBM 9709602 REPLY 70 486DX2-66 W/4MB UPGRADE SYS BD HP 9503398 6X HP SCSI INTERN DVD DRIVE /-A HP 9502964 2.1GB SCSI FAST W. DIFF 3.5 3H CDC 9415557 50MB 5.25 FH MFM IBM 8665520 4234 TRANSPORT ASSEMBLY IBM 8548576 3287 BOARD Exabyte 8505001 5/10GB Eastman Kodak 8126682 CAMERA ACCESSORY KIT Gateway 8000644 SOLO 2100 HARD DRIVE SLED Virtual Ink 7900008 MIMIO WRITINGRECOGNITION 2.0 CDCROMOCR SOFTWARE FOR MIMIO & FLIPCH IBM 7838592 3268 FORMS MOTOR W/NEW BEARINGS IBM 7819280 3262 BLOWER ASSEMBLY IBM 7819240 3262/5262 HAMMER UNIT NEW STYLE Compaq 7412001 PCI VIDEO CARD POWERED BY MGA 64-BIT GRAPHICS IBM 7033524 3268 PRINTHEAD REBUILDS IBM 6846202 5225 FAN IBM 6814247 3268 CARRIAGE DRIVE MOTOR IBM 6814202 3268 PRINTHEAD REBUILDS Apple 6612242 6GB HDA 2.5IN - EXCHANGE NOT REQD Apple 6610924 POWER MAC 9500 LOGIC IBM 6428946 4683 POWR SUPPLY IBM 6344634 4245 CARD IBM 6263325 TOKEN RING EDUQUEST IBM 6248436 5085 DIAL IBM 6245994 5085 MOTHERBOARD IBM 6178150 3422 DESKEWING CARD IBM 6177619 3422 REEL MOTOR IBM 6165740 4683 POWER SUPPLY IBM 5805078 3203 CARD IBM 5805075 3203 CARD IBM 5641340 ELE 330XKB IBM 5640991 3178 KEYBOARD DEC 5420363 TURBO GRAPHICS CARD FRAME Sun Micro 5403966 9.1GB HARD DRIVE USCI DISK DRIVE Sun Micro 5402784 4.2GB 7200RPM DISK DRIVE FOR RSM W/BRACKET DG 5044308 BARRACUDA 4.3GB SCSI-N Sun Micro 5012778 SPARC SERVER 5 Sun Micro 5012462 SPARC SERVER 5 IBM 4862452 CARD IBM 4780401 3800 CARD IBM 4777001 MAG STRIPE READER Plantronics 4755901 DIG-ENH. FOLDABLE STEREO HDSET IBM 4717003 READER/ENCODER IBM 4412166 5225 PLATEN IBM 4224201 IBM PRINTER IBM 4202003 PRINTER Compaq 4159101 SPS 148073-001/PCA SM PRCSR P566 PCI W/O-PRC Sun Micro 3703171 250WATT POWER SUPPLY FOR ULTRA 10 Sun Micro 3703162 200WATT POWER SUPPLY FOR ULTRA 5 Sun Micro 3651380 SUN CM-751U 19 MONITOR 365-1380 UNGERMANN 3183302 UNGERMAN-BASS ETHERNET NIC ISA Lantronix 2990066 LIGHTWAVE CONS ADPT KIT RJ45 TO DB25M 8PK Canon 2021301 VIDEO MODULE (CANON) Epson 2010717 MAIN LOGIC BOARD ASSEMBLY (USA) W/90 DAY WARRANTY Epson 2009353 LQ570+ LOGIC Lantronix 2000111 10FT PS2 SVGA KVM CABLE KIT PC CABLSERVERSWITCH PLUS TO PS2 PC SERVER Lantronix 2000109 15FT PS2 SVGA KVM CABLE KIT PC CABLSERVERSWITCH PLUS TO PS2 PC SERVER Eastman Kodak 1940063 KODAK DC3200 1MP DIGITAL ZOOM MNF.REFUR Adaptec 1933700 P Adaptec 1891200 ADAPTEC 1200A RAID 2CH ATA100/66 PCI IBM 1808191 CARD IBM 1638818 5256 POWER BOARD IBM 1521700 5262 BLOWER ASSEMBLY IBM 1501216 8525 SPEECH ADAPTER CIDESIGN 1416001 KIT IBM NETFINITY HOT PLUG HARD DRIVE CPNTTRAY 5600 8500 3500 4500 5100 7100 IBM 1384997 QUIETWRITER III LEVEL II CARRIER ASSEMBLY IBM 1381945 IBM4049 POWER SUPPLY IBM 1381889 FUSER ASSEMBLY Lexmark 1381814 4049 14INCH 500 SHT TRAY Lexmark 1381614 PRINT SERVER MODEL 011 IBM 1333258 238X+ MAIN LOGIC Lexmark 1333198 CARRIER UNIT Lexmark 1232550 4072 PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY Epson 1020627 SERVICE CARTRIDGE COLOR Epson 1013822 COVER LEFT DEC (EPSON Epson 1005005 COVER ASSEMBLY EPSON LQ570 TeleVideo 995990 KEYBOARD ASCII AMP 980001 AMP 8-PORT T/R MAU W/IBM DC CARDEX 940720 PCI VIDEO CARD S3 TRIO64 CACC2 86C764-P F70128 IBM 933931 IBM PCMCIA TOKEN RING 16/4 CCA II IBM 933030 16/4 TOKEN RING PCMCIA BREEZECOMWIRELESSSLTNS 901916 16DBI DIRECTIONAL ANT W3FT CBL N TYPE MALE CONN Ricoh 885165 FAX TONER BLACK TYPE 1100W 7 016 PAGE YIELD PROXIM INC 843305 PROXIM WIRELESS PC CARD 802.11B PROXIM INC 772205 20FT CABLE FOR RANGELAN2 AP AND EP VisionTek 727570 VISIONTEK GEFORCE3 DDR 64MB AGP W/TV Hayes 700056 SMARTMODEM 2400 COGNITIVE 612302 COLORGRAPHIC 8MB PREDATOR LT2 DUAL PCI 3Com 568603 USROBOTICS 56K EXTERNAL V.90 ABL Electronics 450306 6FT CABLE SCSI ULTRA2 TO ULTRA3 UHD68M MD68M AMT Datasouth 301532 AMT 535 PAPER SUPPORT ASSEMBLY IBM 236076 3262 PLANAR BOARD Ricoh 208045 COPIER TONER BLACK TYPE 1 1 500 PAGE YIELD MICROSOLUTIONS 192100 4X4X24 MICRO SOLUTION EXT USB/PAR Astec 190301 POWER SUPPLY 200WATT ATX CROSS REFERENCE PART NUMBER Packard-Bell 190169 60WATT POWER SUPPLY OPEN FRAME FOR B2 SYSTEM Packard-Bell 190006 150WATT POWER SUPPLY PLUNGER TYPE SWITCH FOR REMOTE ROD Adaptec 174042 SCSI CNTRLR/EISA 1740/42A/17-03458-01 3Com 122314 US ROBOTICS 33.6K COURIER EXTERN 001224 Polaroid 117528 POLAROID P-500 DIGITAL PHOTO PRINTER Printronix 111701 POWER SUPPLY AMT Datasouth 105801 XL400 CONTROL PANEL AMT Datasouth 102595 XL400 POWER SUPPLY PCB AMT Datasouth 101810 XL400 SYSTEM CONT. PCB Crucial Technologies 101392 16X72-8 128MB SYNC ECC 168PIN MEMORY REGISTERED 3.3V 100MHZ DIMM Fellowes 99054 UPS FELLOWES 500VA W/AVR UNDER MONITOR HP 97548 380MB SCSI 5 1/4-STANDARD FIRMWARE-60001 Generic 95460 FORM GD/SNSR ASY ADMSTR Fellowes 93831 DESKREADY KEYBOARD MANAGER WITHACCSGLIDING MOUSE TRAY & GEL WRIST REST Dell Computer 93620 9.1GB SCSI-3 UW 3.5HH 68PIN RUXXAC 90751 FOLDAWAY HAND TRUCK CAST ALUMINUM PLATFORM POWDER COATED STEEL FRAME Dell Computer 88385 80W PWS NET PC Fellowes 84081 NEATO 500 PACK MATTE CD LABELS ACCS2 PER SHEET NO RETAIL PKG Dell Computer 82298 64MB 60N 8X64 168P 4K SWINGLINE 74440 HEAVY-DUTY ADJUSTABLE 3-HOLE PUNCH (MODEL 440) ACCEPTS UP TO SEVEN PU Kensington 64220 2BTN ORBIT TRACKBALL MAC ADB W/ACCSDRIVER Dell Computer 61417 SOUND CRD 16BIT PNP OPGS+166 Elsa 60372 ELSA GLADIAC 511 64MB GEFORCE2 AGP W/TV Kensington 55246 FILTER HIGH CONTRAST ANTI-RAD FLAT FRAME 16-18" GLASS MULTI-LAYER A Dell Computer 53515 4.3GB SCSI2 SCA 3.5HH Dell Computer 46954 THERMAL PCB PE-XE Fellowes 36170 P570-2 PAPER SHREDDER STRAIGHT ACCSCUT 12 SHEET CAPACITY WBASKET Iomega 31475 4X4X6 IOMEGA USB EXTERNAL USB IBM 27405 NOTES R4.6 CD MOST MAIL CLT CTG 27352 1000FT CAT5 ENH 350MHZ BULK CABLE PVC SOLID GRY CTG 20849 6FT CABLE ULTRA2 SCSI VHDCI M/M WTS Konexx 20400 KOUPLER NEC 20211 FUSER CLEANING ROLLER CTG 17261 15FT DTE V35 CISCO CABLE CABLLFH60M/V35M CTG 17016 SCSI LVD/SE TERM EXT MD68M WTS Dell Computer 15660 SCSI ADAPT PCI FAST SCSI2 Dell Computer 9746 145WATT POWER SUPPLY ATX ODD SIZE - ALSO HAVE PLENTY OF A COMPATIBLE UNIT Dell Computer 9011 SYSTEM BOARD MOTHERBOARD OPTIPLEX XM575 Compaq 7413 PCI VIDEO CARD POWERED BY MGA 64-BIT GRAPHICS IBM 6324 14 SVGA Avery 5962 WHITE ADDRESS LASER LABELS AVERY SMOOTH FEED SHEETS PREVENT JAMS IN Y CISCO 5484 CISCO GBIC Dell Computer 4436 CBL LED>INVTR ACT/DS XPI5XX SD/ST Linksys 4005 ETHERPCI LAN CARD GENERAL BINDING 2304 CORK BULLETIN BOARD WITH 3/4" ALUMINUM FRAME SATIN FINISH AND MITERED Toshiba 1930 SUPERDISK FOR TOSHIBA TECRA 8100 8000 Compaq 1510 MONITOR 14 COMPAQ PRESARIO KDS 1440 14 SVGA TTX LOGO Panasonic 1124 PRINTER US Robotics 839 33.6 EXT MODEM WAC ADAPT Exabyte 558 8MM 225M -GENERIC Oki Data 182 PRINTER Oki Data 172 PRINTER DAZZLE MULTIMEDIA ZCF128 ZIO COMPACTFLASH CF READER USB EXT W128MB MEDIA CARD Toshiba ZA1219P03 TOSHIBA FDD FOR SAT110CT/90D Lexmark Z53 PRINTER 2400X1200DPI 16PPM Epson Y440513000 TRANSFORMER #305 Toshiba XM4101BSUN 650MB 5.25 LP 2X SCSI CD ROM - SUN Xerox XK35C XEROX MF COLOR COPY/PRINT/SCAN VTECHCOMMUNICATIONS VT402420 VT 40-2420 2.4GHZ DSS CORDLESS WRLS4LINE CALL WAITING/ID HS SPEAKER Diamond VIPER2Z200 DIAMOND VIPER 2 Z200 32MB AGP NEC VERSA5000 VERSA FLOPPY DISK DRIVE Sharp UX510 3 IN 1 PLAIN PAPER FAX Panasonic UG3503A INKJET CARTRIDGE COLOR Trident Micro TWN7607 TRIDENT PCI VGA TGUI9680-1 CBB02 M9Q18 TDHXJ998 Cabletron TPMIMT3 TP MIM T3 CMS TOSHIBAXKIT TOSHIBA DATA TRANSFER KIT INT Brother Intl TN9000 HI-YIELD TONER CART FOR HL960 1260 1660E/N 2060 Targus TLNP1 CASE TL NOTEPAC PLUS Epson T540011 LIGHT MAGENTA PHOTO DYE INK FORSUPLSTYLUS PRO 9000 Simple Technologies STD4710512 512MB 168PIN SDRAM PC133 FOR MEMORY DELL Seagate Technologies ST330548SUN 545MB 13MS 3.5 LP 80PIN SCSI - SUN Seagate Technologies ST32430NSUN 2.1GB 3.5 LP FAST SCSI-2 - SUN Seagate Technologies ST32151WDEC 2.1GB FAST WIDE HARD DRIVE Seagate Technologies ST11910NC 1.9GB 3.5 80PIN 8-BIT SCSI Mitsumi SR244W1 MITSUMI 24X SLIM CD-ROM MODEL NO. SR242S1 PS2 COLOR INMAC SP010 SURGE PRO . 1 OUTLET NEC SOUNDBAR80 SOUNDBAR 80 2PC SPK FOR 1880SX 1880SX-BK DEC SNPBXBABA 200MHZ PENTIUM PRO 256K AND VRM MODULE SMC SMC2832HPNA EZ ADAPTER WIRELESS HOMEPNA 2.0WRLSPCCARD 10MBPS