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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Madge Networks 15107203N SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Eastman Kodak 150P KODAK DICONIX 150+ Canon 1502A002AA LASER TONER YELLOW 4 000 PAGE YIELD Compaq 150165001B LG06 PAPER DRIVE MOTOR ASSEMBLY KALPANA 1500EPS KALPANA 1500 ETHERSWITCH/90D Attachmate 15001722MWEL ATTACHMATE EVANTAGE V2.2 MIG CD WELLS Lexmark 14V0802 Z53 INKJET PRINTER PARALLEL & USB Lexmark 14V0045 COLOR JETPRINTER Z52 - COLOR - LEGAL (8.5 IN X 14 IN) - 2400 DPI X 1200 DPI - THERMAL INKJET - 15 PAGES/MIN 14V0045 Compaq 1495E8001 SYSTEM BORD Memorex 1481AGW TERMINAL Crucial Technologies 148191001CT 64MB KIT FOR COMPAQ MEMORY PROSIGNIA 300/500 PROLIANT 1500 Dell Computer 1479D 128MB 168P DIMM 16X72 50NS Memorex 1472V2 LOGIC PN 900489-002 Memorex 1472A2G2 TERMINAL Canon 1466A005AA COPIER STARTER MAGENTA 40 000 PAGE YIELD Canon 1461A002AA COPIER STARTER CYAN Canon 1454A006AA COPIER STARTER BLACK 40 000 PAGE YIELD ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES 14530M A300 MAIN LOGIC BOARD US Robotics 144EXT SPORTSTER EXTERNAL 0268 EDISON 1431SV 14 SVGA 800X600 MONITOR GOLDSTAR 1425PLUS 14 SVGA DEC 140E72911 LN14 PWB NMCU-DI Lexmark 140198X01 TONER CARTRIDGE - LJ4/4PLUS 4M/4M PLUS 5/5M/5N - EXTRA LONG LIFE CART. Lexmark 140109A02 TONER CARTRIDGE - LJ5SI/5SI MX NX COPIER OPTRA N Xerox 13R44DRUM NEW FOR 5011R/E IBM 13F4400 POWER SUPPLY IBM 13F4258 3480 CARD IBM 13F3755 3480 POWER AMP BOARD IBM 13F3739 3480-A22 CARD F/C 3307 Dell Computer 13DFE 68P DATA 4M SCSI ADIC aztech 138MMSN803 16BIT SOUND CARD Lexmark 1383974E 4029/39/10-12 LV POWER SUPPLY Lexmark 1381519E 4039-16L SYSTEM BOARD Canon 1373A001AA COPIER TONER BLACK 1.8 KG CARTRIDGE 30 000 PAGE YIELD NEC 136846416001A SHEET GUIDE NEC P6200 NEC 136779267001A COVER INSERT NEC 136777746001A BASE NEC P660 NEC 136772036001A ACRYLIC COVER NEC 136757552A BAIL SHAFT NEC 136741621A NEC 5515 LEFT TRACTOR U Lexmark 1364875GEN GENERIC 16MB MEMORY FOR LEXMARK OPTRA R N C NEC 136266351016A LCD 10.4" ACTIVE MATRIX TFT PC-490 NEC 136218953001A REAR COVER P6200 NEC 136209744101A COVER NEC 5200 NEC 136209728001E PINWRITER P5300 PRINTHEAD NEC 136206622001A P9XL POWER SUPPPLY BD NEC 136206409001A CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY NEC 136204154001A PRINTHEAD NEC P9XL NEC 136204149510A P9XL CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY NEC 136200181501A P5 CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY NEC 136037973801B TRACTOR MODE 4309 NEC 136036727500A 6050 INTERFACE MODULE 2050 NEC 136034856A CARRIAGE UNIT 3500 NEC 135739907A NEC SEPARATION ROLLER Adtran 13532FXOU ACT 1241 2WFXO CHANNEL BANK CARD NEC 135037725001A CONTROLLER WITH 1MB Compaq 134098B21 MEU MOBILE EXPANSION UNIT DVD M300 MICROPOLIS 1333A 44MB 28MS MFM 5.25FH HP 13242N RS-232C CBL/25M-25M-5.OM/MOD>CON PORT Madge Networks 13200002N MADGE COLLAGE 25 PCI ADAPTER Quantum 130AT HDD 13.0GB IDE INTL FIREBALL 3.5 WESTERN PERIPHERALS 130004C READ CONNECTOR WESTERN PERIPHERALS 130003B WRITE CONNECTOR ATT - Lucent - Avaya 12V POWER SUPPLY 12 V.-FOR 2500B AND 2600B Dell Computer 12UMR 5GB IDE 9.5MM Lexmark 12L0242A LEXMARK OPTRA W SERIES 500 SHEET TRAY FACT IBM 12J8384 CABLE POWER BACKPLANE TO ALL BAYS 8651 IBM 12J7037 CABLE POWER BACKPLANE TO CONTROL CARD 8651 IBM 12J4483 HIGH VOLTAGE PDU. NO CORDS IBM 12J375806 HARD DISK DRIVE TRAY (HALF HIGH) FOR NF5500 IBM 12H0892 PC300/340 6560 LOGIC BOARD IBM 12H0304 7009-C10 RISER CARD IBM 12G3804 LEXMARK 2400 SERIES I/O BOARD IBM 12G3801 LEXMARK 2400 POWER SUPPLY Lexmark 12C0014 LEXMARK ROLLER OPTRA SC ASSEMBLY Lexmark 12A0892 PHOTO PAPER OPTRA 40/45 A3 SIZE Lexmark 12A0541 OPTRA COLOUR 1200 A4 TRANSPARENCIES 50 SHEET Kingston Tech 128MBECCEDO 168PIN 16X72 60NS AAMAZING 1288AX VGA MONO Smart Modular 128278B21A COMPAQ 256MB PROLIANT ML5 Compaq 128277B2102 128MB ECC SDRAM - PC133 ORCHID 1280PLUSVLB ORCHID FAHRENHEIT 1MB VLB Genicom 127K99710 FUSER FAN-S Xerox 127K27791 N2125 MAIN MOTOR ASSEMBLY . DEC 127E80770 LN14 FAN Compaq 127452B21 IDE/10GB/3.5 3H Xerox 126K03210E XEROX 7042/TEC 1321 FUSER Compaq 122217001NP PIII 500/512K W/HEATPIPE PL6000/7000/8000/85000 Adtran 1202037L4 ADTRAN DSU III DBU IDSN V.35 BACKUP. Adtran 1202019L1U NT1 ACE ISDN BRI TA Adtran 1200348L1 ATLAS LEGACY DATA MOD V.35F CABLE Adtran 1200281L1 IQ PROBE V35 ADAPTER CABLE MAL CABLCABLE MALE TO MALE 6FT DB25 TO V Adtran 1200202L2 BLANK PANEL FOR ESP SHELF CPNT Adtran 1200171L1 23IN RACK ADPT KIT IBM 11L2908 IBM 15IN DISPLAY IBM 11L157102 PII XEON 400MHZ(1MB L2 CASHE) Dell Computer 11KVW POWER SUPPLY POWEREDGE 1550 IBM 11J9952 DVD DRIVE IBM 11J8987 THINKPAD 770 5.1GB HARD DRIVE (NEW-BULK) IBM 11J8848 12.1 LCD PANEL (11J9626) IBM 11H0638 IBM 32MB DIMM 5.0V 70NS IBM 11F6054 TERM CARD IBM 11F5712 RJ45 MODULE FOR 7861 MODEM various 11F5494 3745 CABLE IBM 11F5086 CARD IBM 11F4007 4224 SERIAL SILVER 9PIN Lexmark 11F0139 PRINTER TRAY (MEDIA FEEDER) - 250 SHEETS - LETTER A SIZE (8.5 IN X 11 IN) LEGAL (8.5 IN X 14 IN) A4 (8.25 IN X 11.7 IN) B5 (6.93 IN X 9.83 IN) A3 (11.7 IN X 16.5 IN Dell Computer 11EYH 4-COLOR KIT OPTIONS FOR INSPIRON Lexmark 11A8131 4040 MOTOR PAPER PU Lexmark 11A7439 LEXMARK CONTROLLER BOARD/4026 Lexmark 11A6257 BEARING KIT Lexmark 11A6219 PRINTHEAD CABLE & CABLE RETAINER Adtran 1180020L1U TA 750/850/1500 SINGLE U-BR1TE PLUG-IN CARD Adtran 1175408L2U TA 750/850/1500 QFXS PLUG-IN CARD Dell Computer 1174P IDE 4.8GB 2.5LP 9.5MM Memorex 1151G 14" GREEN Compaq 110936B23 SW BOX CABLE 40 FOR RACK SERVERS Adtran 1100036L1U ACT 1241 LIU CHANNEL BANK CARD Adtran 1100031L1U ACT 1241 PFAU CHANNEL BANK CARD Asante 10THUB8 HUB 8PORT RJ45 BNC AUI IBM 10L6633 ISA MODEM 56.6K IBM 10L5881 PROCESSER PII 350 IBM 10L5718 MICROSOFT WINDOWS 98 MANUALSAND LICENSE (FULL OEM) IBM 10L1936 IBM TP390E BASE COVER ASSEMBLY - M/2626 IBM 10L1729 IBM TP1400/1500 DC/DC CHARGER IBM 10L171106 SYSTEM BOARD -TP 600 IBM 10L1381 MODEM 56K TP 570 IBM 10K3798 8 X SLIMLINE DVD-ROM IBM 10K368504 EC CAMERA IBM 10K172408 AMERICAN POWER CONVERSION SMART-UPS 700 -ISHED IBM 10K0846 NETVISTA PIII/733 PROCESSOR (NEW PULL) IBM 10K002006 256MB PC133 ECC SDRAM RDIMM Lexmark 10J0284 LEXMARK X73 - COLOR - LEGAL (8.5 IN X 14 IN) A4 (8.25 IN X 11.7 IN) - 2400 DPI X 1200 DPI - INK-JET - 9 PAGES/MIN 10J0284 IBM 10H4117 LCD TP701CS REF 04H8333 KTI NETWORKS 10BASET EHERNET HUB Pertec 10701907AL TA79 CARD Xerox 105K14931 N2125 LVPS PWB 120V CIDCO 10491501DETIA 73-KEY MAILSTATION MIVO 100 ACCSEMAIL KEYBOARD RJ11C Dell Computer 103PE CBL EXT FDD/CDD DEC 103H67030342 LN40 LCOT MOTOR Smart Modular 102307B21A COMPAQ 256MB DESKPRO EN Southwest 102306B21S 256MB SDRAM EP EN P3/450 P3/500 DEC 101K15721 LN14 CONTROL PANEL Compaq 101848B21 BATTERY PACK AERO 8000 LI-ION Gandalf Tech 10155K1 GANDALF XPRESWY RSC9002 SYSBRD Bay Networks 100TR06 LAN-AT SWITCHES CENTILLION TOKEN SPEED SWITCH MODULES WESTERN DIGITAL 1003WAH WDC MFM HD/FD CONTROLLER WESTERN DIGITAL 1002AWX1 WDC MFM XT 8BIT /90DY Sharp 0Z35MR6LA0014 LCD PANEL BEZEL PC-3030 Sharp 0LA713028600 KEYBOARD (85KEY US JME) PC3060 Sharp 0LA244042100 CASE LCD BACK DSTN PC-3020/10/50/60 Sharp 0LA244042001 CASE LCD FRONT PC 3050 Sharp 0JS7603005700 INVERTER(DSTN SA 12.1 ) PC-9300D Sharp 0JS7601001801 AC ADAPTER PC8650 8150 Sharp 0JS2913016400 FPC/FDD (INTERNAL FDD CABLE PC9000) Dell Computer 0J775 DAUGHTERBOARD BACKPLANE Dell Computer 0J105 1.44 FDD W/EXTERNAL CASE Dell Computer 0C127 IDE 10.0GB 3.5LP UDMA/100 IBM 09N4534 SYSTEM BD CELERON 6288 6338 IBM 09N1788 BASE FRAME ASSEMBLY IBM 09L210502 SERVERAID-3H 32MB - CACHE FOR SERVERAID ADAPTER Dell Computer 09J1194 IDE 6.4GB 3.5LP IBM 09G7654 3490 WRITE CARD IBM 09G6980 3480 CARD/F-C 2511 IBM 09F6201 3471 AMBER MONITOR Xerox 097S02361 SER CARD OPTION FOR N2125 N2025 N2825 CIDESIGN 09132106A RETAIL EXT SCSI CABINET 5.25 FH 65W CENT 50 IBM 08L004606 SYSTEM BOARD WITHOUT MEMORY PROCESSORY AND CACHE (MODELS 30U 30X) IBM 08K958808 15GB HARD DRIVE - TP - 33P0071 IBM 08K3125 IBM TP T20 MINI PCI COMBO CARD IBM 08J6108 IBM CABLE IBM 08H7339 4247 COVER Lexmark 08A0478 E320/322 HIGH YIELD PREBATE CART 6K Lexmark 08A0475 PRINT CARTRIDGE IBM 07P270104 IBM 16/4 TOKEN/RING LOW PROFILE MGMT ADAPTER Dell Computer 07N7401 IDE 10.0GB 3.5LP UDMA/100 Dell Computer 07N3887 IDE 4.86GB 2.5LP 9.5MM W/TRAY IBM 07K1085 3531 POWER SUPPLY IBM 07H6882 9672 CABLE IBM 07H6881 9672 M CBLE IBM 07H1128 HARD DRIVE HP 07BA9601KC PAPER SIZE SENSOR HP 07BA86010KC DOOR SWITCH (AC) HP 07BA84518 COLOR LJ DC POWER SUPPLY HP 07BA80534KC FORMATTER COOLING FAN HP 07BA78010KC GEAR 19T HP 07BA77990KC GEAR 23T HP 07BA77860KC GEAR 36T HP 07BA77850KC GEAR 25T HP 07BA77320KC GEAR 25T HP 07BA7010KC OPERATION PANEL COVER (L-SHAPED) HP 07BA70031KC FRONT PANEL COVER HP 07BA6503KCZ HP SCANNE LJC/LJC5 ASSEMBLY (R) HP 07BA4072KC PAPER FEED GEAR HP 07BA1640KC CAM SOLENOID HP 07BA1430KC COLOR LJ5M DOOR HP 07BA12582KC PAPER STOP HP 07BA12441KC RFU SUPPLY BRACKET (SM) HP 07BA12135KC TOP COVER BOTTON HP 07AA82532KC TONER SUPPLY SOLENOID HP 07AA77360KC GEAR 36/24T HP 07AA77350KC GEAR 18T HP 07AA77331KC GEAR 36T HP 07AA77310KC GEAR 24T HP 07AA77302KC GEAR 52T HP 07AA77290KC GEAR 30T HP 07AA77280KC GEAR 24T HP 07AA77271KC GEAR 20T HP 07AA77260KC GEAR 44T HP 07AA40163KC PAPER DET FLG (PAPER TR) HP 07AA40153KC PAPER DET FLG(REG PLAT) HP 07AA32582KC DEVELOPER PRESSR-MID SPRING HP 07AA32573KC DEVELOPER PRESSR-BOT SPRING HP 07AA32564KC DEVELOPER PRESSR-TOP SPRING IBM 06P383001 UNIVERSAL AUTO/AIR POWER ADAPTER IBM 06J080602 WIN NT WORKSTATION W/CD IBM 06H8419 HARD DRIVE 850MB IDE IBM 06H6252 466DX2/DP IBM 06H5710 2GB SCSI 68PIN 3.5 HH IBM 06G2173 8640 SYSTEM BOARD IBM 06F0347 3835 SHAFT IBM 06F0282 3835 HOSE ASSEMBLY IBM 0664M1HAS4 2GB 3.5 FAST SCSI-2 - FOR AS400 IBM 0664M1D 2GB SCSI-DIFF 3.5"/HH IBM 0664ESH IBM 4GB FULL HEIGHT HARD DRIVE Dell Computer 061TTY 20.4GB U/100 7200RPM MANUF/WARRANTY IBM 05K9206 IBM TP T20 DISKETTE DRIVE (TEAC) IBM 05K9145 T20 24X CD ROM IBM 05K5346 COVER BASE TP770E/ED IBM 05J9522 3490 ADAPT CARD IBM 05H8093 3494 CABLE IBM 05H7504 3494 CABLE IBM 05H3256 3494 CABLE IBM 05G3136 IBM CARD M/T 3990 HP 05AA47090KC CASSETTE SPRING IBM 04L5410 VIAVOICE 98 LEGAL CD W9X/NT VOCABULARY IBM 04K007506 128MB ECC SDRAM 3.3V 66MHZ IBM 04H9822 IBM MVGA DISPLAY 9" POS DEC 04H05E POWER SUPPLY IBM 04G8418 9391 BOARD IBM 04G8400 9391 POWER SEQUENCE CARD IBM 04G3863 8595 486/50 SYSTEM BOARD IBM 04F7025 6252 EMITTER ASSEMBLY Dell Computer 045UXR RWCD 8X4X32 CED8080B (LG ELECT Dell Computer 0426TB 17/40X CDR IDE 5.25IN Dell Computer 03YPV 9.1GB SCSI3 U160/SCA 7200RPM IBM 03N3716 IBM MOTHER BOARD IBM 03L3090 CD ROM 8X/20X PORTABLE IBM 03L3080 8/20X PORTABLE CD ROM - TP560 IBM 03K9818 CHASSIS ASSEMBLY IBM 03F5546 3827 SHAFT IBM 03F5478 3827 DEVELOPER DR ASSEMBLY IBM 03F4579 3745 FAN ASSEMBLY Dell Computer 036CV CARD Dell Computer 0363X COV LCD IBM 02N6787 IP21/4322 LVPS PWB 120V IBM 02N6737 IP21/4322 PAPER HANDLING ASSEMBLY . EXCH. IBM 02N6698 IP21/4322 FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY . IBM 02K6630 BATTERY PACK TP 1400 LITHIUM ION 8 CELLS IBM 02K6622 IBM BATTERY LITHIUM ION 570 SYSTRAN 02K6545TM TP 56W ULTRASLIM AC ADAPTER IBM 02K6526 IBM TP1400 (2611) BATTERY NIMH IBM 02K651306 LI-ON BATTERY FOR THINKPAD 390/I SERIES IBM 02K6067 IBM DK KEYBOARD F. X SERIE IBM 02K2731 COVER ASSEMBLY INTELLISTATION6893- Dell Computer 02JRF DC/DC BOARD LAT CPX J Iomega 02978D01 IOMEGA INTERNAL SCSI ZIP DRIVE DEC 022K51531 LN21 ROLL ASSEMBLY TURN 1 FIBERCOM 021702G15 FIBER OPTIC 3274 Sony 01SSC3351 SGMS BASE SVC CONTRACT IBM 01K9860 250W POWER SUPPLY ASSEMBLY WITH PFC SERVER 325-8639 IBM 01K800606 PII XEON 400MHZ/512KB CACHE *2 VRM IBM 01K795902 9.1GB SCSI HARD DRIVE F/W SCSI 3 7.2K - EXP 10 IBM 01K7295 ADVANCED SYSTEMS MANAGMENT ADP IBM 01K6998 SHUTTLE WITH BRACKET IBM 01K6997 FRONT BEZEL NF 5500 W/O DOOR ASSEMBLY IBM 01K6991 BASE FRAME ASSEMBLY NF 5500 IBM 01K6458 CABLE SCSI PLANAR TO BULKHEAD 8651 IBM 01K3135 PROCESSOR P2/333 PC SERVER IBM 01K2258 32MB EDO 60NS 168 PINS IBM 01K1225 56K ISA 8BIT MODEM IBM 01K1223 56K ISA 8BIT MODEM IBM 01K113206 256MB ECC REGISTERED DIMM - 100MHZ 3.3V IBM 01K113104 128MB SDRAM DIMM ECC (FRU 01K1141) IBM 00N9286 CARD RISER NF 4000R PCI IBM 00N7673 NETVISTA 110WATT POWER SUPPLY IBM 00N7670 IBM P. SUPPLY FOR NETFINITY IBM 00N7119 BEZEL DOOR X SERIES 220 IBM 00N7066 FRONT BEZEL X SERIES 220-8645 IBM 00N7004 CABLE ANALOG M/K/V FEMALE (245MM) X SERIES IBM 00N6954 CABLE ANALOG M/K/V FEMALE (245MM) X SERIES IBM 00N640102 NF 5100 COVER SET ASSEMBLY (MODELS 11Y 21Y 31Y 41Y 51Y) IBM 00N6391 PWR BKPLN ASSEMBLY NETFINITY 5100 IBM 00K7929 HARD DRIVE SCSI 3.5 4.5GB FOR INTELLISTATION Dell Computer 00K0399 IDE 1.6GB 2.5LP 9.5MM IBM 00F553106 MULTIPORT INTERFACE CABLE Dell Computer 0068D POWER DISTRIBUTION BOARD Compaq 00406900X DP XE 560 Dell Computer 0007956D FLOPPY DRIVE NO BEZEL FROM OPTIPLEX GX1 MMP Dell Computer 0006548C06 3.5 9.1GB SCSI-III HARD DRIVE Dell Computer 0005940E CDROM 32X IDE OFF WHITE OPTIPLEX GX1 Dell Computer 00052011D DELL DIMENSION XPSPRO PWRSUPP Iomega 0004693D Z100ATAPI DELL 250MB ZIP INT 3.5INCH Dell Computer 0004233T DELL I7500 DC-DC PWR BOARD Dell Computer 0001731C06 9.1GB ULTRA2 SCSI 80-PIN 10K RPM (SEAGATE) Dell Computer 0000990D FLOPPY DRIVE NO BEZEL FROM OPTIPLEX GX1 MMP IBM 671000000000000000 DISK DRIVE Printronix 134507000000000000 HAMMER DRIVE PCBA Printronix 133885000000000000 PCBA LOGIC BKPLN Printronix 133592000000000000 COAX-TWINAX PRT CIR Printronix 132050000000000000 PCBA INTFC CARRIER P9012 Printronix 108606000000000000 MOTOR SHUTTLE ASSEMBLY Printronix 107761000000000000 CONTROL PANEL (CAN USE 341-80800 OR 341-80801) Printronix 106594000000000000 PCBA LOGIC B9 P300/600 Printronix 105777000000000000 PCBA A4 BOARD FOR P600 Printronix 105655000000000000 PCBA B7 Printronix 105014000000000000 FLYWHEEL P300 Printronix 102770000000000000 PCBA B5 Printronix 102360000000000000 PCBA B4 Printronix 102160000000000000 P300 P.S.OLD STYLE Compaq 42200000000000000 BOARD INVERTER PRES 80XL 12.1T ATI Tech 1024980000000000 RAGE PRO TURBO AGP 8MB VIDEO CARD Generic 5001030000000 CD ROM 52X DIGITAL CREATIVE LABS NEC 1350340000000 PCB GRAPH 1.3M EXT LC815 NEC 808877000000 DRIVE HARD 3GB VERSA LX ATI Tech 727419000000 3D RAGE II DVD PCI VIDEO CARD NCR 715630000000 AXIOHM 7156 THERMAL POS PTR MSG VALID TRAY POWERS UP/CANNOT TEST/AS-IS NO WTY Genicom 640074000000 3840 18WIRE PRINTHEAD EXCHANGE INFORMATICS 633808000000 WASP BARCODE W-300 QUAD PK 3.5 X 1INCH DT LBL INFORMATICS 633808000000 WASPCOMM BARCODE S/W Genicom 630041000000 PCB A RS232IF 1200 ATT - Lucent - Avaya 426110000000 STARLAN 10 NETWORK MODEL Apple 400051000000 GREEN 14 ASCII W/KEYBOARD Verilink 310101000000 NCC 2130 Verilink 310010000000 NCC 2020 POLYCOM 221509000000 REQ. CABLE PACK: MIC POD3-RCACABLSVIDEOISDN RJ45 CABLES GREEN NEC 158058000000 ASSEMBLY SUB MD266 CPU M2 FRU NEC 158058000000 SUBASSEMBLY 233MHZ CPU E II+ CS&S NEC 158051000000 145WATT AT POWER SUPPLY REMOTE PLUNGER SWITCH HP 158051000000 CDROM DRIVE 6X NEC 158050000000 PROCESSOR BOARD 386SX/16 G8EJV NEC 136862000000 NEC LC990PS SCANNER NEC 136038000000 NEC P7 UNIDIR TRACTOR NEC 136037000000 NEC P7 TRACT ASSEMBLY WESTERN DIGITAL 99004098002 340MB IDE DRIVE WESTERN DIGITAL 99004097002 340MB IDE DRIVE Texas Instruments 98145208001 AC ADAPTER KIT Texas Instruments 98136350001 PWB INVERTER DSTN Texas Instruments 98135460001 PORT REPLICATOR W/O ADVANCED PCI Texas Instruments 98044258005 LCD COVER TM6000 Texas Instruments 97948550325 CABLE POWER TO CPU BD 201 BTP Texas Instruments 97948550132 BELT(T2.5-285-6) PAPER FEED 20 Texas Instruments 97948550106 LABLE TAKEN SENSOR KIT 201 BTP Texas Instruments 97934490001 SERVICE KIT PCU EPROM MICROWRI Texas Instruments 97910040001 TM5000 KEYBD BROTHER W/POINTER DOM Texas Instruments 97861910001 TRAVELMATE 5000 SERIES BATTERY CHARGER Texas Instruments 97840330001 ML PRO 600 MAINTENANCE MANUAL SYNAPTICS 92000017501 POINTER PAD SHELL DELL LATITUDE PPL VSTTECHNOLOGIES 91010400006 THINKPAD ZIPDRIVE THOMAS CONRAD 88504145004 16/4 ISA TOKEN RING CARD PLUG&PLAY 3M 84980190379 4MM DATA TAPE DDS-90 IMATAION 10-PACK Genicom 78900573001 PAPER MOTOR Genicom 78900572001 PWA GX4NDL & CABLE Genicom 78900569001 TRACTOR COVER GROUP Genicom 78900537001 FRONT COVER GROUP LA450 Genicom 78900531001 BAIL ASSEMBLY Genicom 78405767004 SENSOR CABLE Genicom 78404386001 REAR COVER GROUP GENICOM 3470 Genicom 78404189003 BASE ASSEMBLY Genicom 78403613001 FRONT TRACTOR COVER GENICOM 3470 Genicom 78402854002 FRONT COVER GROUP Genicom 78402853003 REAR TRACTOR COVER GROUP Genicom 78402345001 PWA SERIAL I/O GROUP Genicom 78402314001 SUPPORT SPRING ASSEMBLY ** Genicom 78401816002 CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY Genicom 78400588001 BAIL ASSEMBLY 34XX ** Genicom 78400268001 RIBBON MTR ASSEMBLY 3460/70/80 Genicom 78399639001 3470 SUPPORT SPRING ASSEMBLY Genicom 78399635003 BAIL ASSEMBLY 34XX Genicom 78399635002 BAIL ASSEMBLY 34XX Genicom 78399458001 PWA DEC INTERFACE Genicom 78399158002 KIT-MECH#2 BULL 78152144001 BASE GROUP BULL 1070 Compaq 78143161002 LA324/424 SLIDER ASSEMBLY SMC 60600619004 SMC 10-BASE T ISA ETHERNET ADAPTER LINK 50120000101 ANSI U.S./UK KEYBOARD Tektronix 43602880006 500-SHEET LETTER W/BASE. FOR PHASER 340/350/360 Accpac 42441080600 FAXSERVE V6.0 CD NT/W2K 5U V/U C/P UPG Compaq 36051300106 S700 PE1120 - 17 (15.7 VIEWABLE) CRT 1024X768 0.24MM Compaq 31371500106 9.1GB W/U SCSI HARD DRIVE W/TRAY Compaq 30582410206 LS 120 SUPER DISKETTE DRIVE Compaq 29536300104 RACK POWER DISTR UNIT- Compaq 28360600106 POWER SUPPLY FOR PROLIANT 1850R Diamond 28230085001 VIPER V550 AGPNLX16 S3 AGP 16MB Texas Instruments 26466658001 TM4EDX4/75 COLOR POWER Texas Instruments 26463520001 ROLLER KIT MW(202) Packard-Bell 26400001000 CDROM 40X IDE LITE ON Texas Instruments 25676480002 8920 RIBBON TRAY W/GEAR CLUSTER Texas Instruments 25657490001 CCA LOGIC Texas Instruments 25657098001 PWB ASSEMBLY TERMINATOR ATB 2000/DMD Texas Instruments 25633410002 KIT BOTTOM/LEFT PH CABLE W/SHIELD 89X Texas Instruments 25601710004 ML PSU/SKD- ML PWR SUPPLY Texas Instruments 25584230002 POWER SUPPLY 220V-MM Texas Instruments 25545678001 OPERATION PANEL-2106 SYSTEM TESTED Texas Instruments 25538010001 LASER-2108 LETTER/A-4 PAPER TRAY Texas Instruments 25522420001 LASER-2106 ROLLER HOT Texas Instruments 25522020001 PAPER TRAY-2106 Texas Instruments 25521150001 LASER-2106 PSU HIGH VOLT TRANSFER 2 Texas Instruments 25520800001 OZONE FAN ASSEMBLY -2106 Texas Instruments 25519880001 885/885AT/895/895E MAINTENANCE MANUAL Texas Instruments 25515870002 KYBD OEM W/MULTI-KEY ROLLOVER T-DOS Texas Instruments 25505290001 MOTOR FAN-2106 Texas Instruments 25504850001 KIT SPU RETROFIT Texas Instruments 25460690001 RIBBON COVER ASSEMBLY -885 PRINTER Texas Instruments 25440038002 CONTROL PANEL 895 Texas Instruments 25391600024 LASER-2015/2115 MOTOR OFFSET STACK Texas Instruments 25391590026 FEED ROLLER ASSEMBLY LOWER Texas Instruments 25391590022 FEED ROLLER UNIT ASSEMBLY UPPER Texas Instruments 25391590017 SEPARATOR ROLLER UNIT UPPER Texas Instruments 25391578049 LASER-2115 INDICATOR PANEL ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 25391570026 PCB ASSEMBLY 2015(SP15) INTERFACE Texas Instruments 25391310002 LASER-2X15 LETTER PAPER TRAY (GRAY) Compaq 24738200106 DP4000 SYSTEM BOARD Diamond 23220001406 S3 VIRGE/GX2 N6P0IB 86C357 C29485.00 AGP Diamond 23133018403 FIRE GL 1K PRO PCI MIC Diamond 23003124006 DVD 1000/2CH PCI DECODER CARD Texas Instruments 22394460001 865 COVER ASSEMBLY GRAY Texas Instruments 22226448001 TI880 CONTR PANEL Texas Instruments 22173748202 810 UNIVERSAL P/HISHED Texas Instruments 22082600001 82X RIBBON ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 22065529701 820 MAINT.MNL ****** Diamond 22030201002 STEALTH64 GRAPHICS 2001 SERIES PCI ARK2000PV Compaq 21415500106 PE1031 - 19 SVGA COLOR MONITOR Compaq 20426600106 ARMADA 7400 PII 300 - PROCESSOR Compaq 16507800106 STORAGE SYSTEM - 7 BAY SCSI RACKMOUNT ATI Tech 11338207100 3D RAGE II+DVD 215GT2UB24 B7W74 ATI Tech 11338205100 3D RAGE II PCI 215GT2CB12 CTTEBRIL-00 J704AFW A22GR9709 ATI Tech 11325517100 PCI MACH64 210888GX00 SGW*8BKRAH01 Texas Instruments 9998640102 820 KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 9945558010 810 CONTROL PANEL (VCO) *** Texas Instruments 9945558010 810 CONTROL PANEL (VCO) *** Texas Instruments 9945558005 810 CONTROL PANEL (VCO) Texas Instruments 9945558005 810 CONTROL PANEL (VCO) Texas Instruments 9945000013 DOOR ASSEMBLY 880 DP PRINTER Texas Instruments 9945000013 DOOR ASSEMBLY 880 DP PRINTER HP 9870566582 GRAPHICS I/O BOARD Logitech 9670080120 NEW TOUCH COMPACT KEYBOARD UK - Logitech 9611340909 QUICKCAM PRO USB - Acer 9102037003 20X CDROM DRIVE GRAY BEZEL Maxtor 9080000000 8.4GB 3.5 3H IDE Logitech 9043460403 CORDLESS TRACKMAN RF WHEEL+ 3 BUTTON INFO SCRIBE 9030656225 INFOSCRIBE 1000 LOGICS INFO SCRIBE 9030656001 INFOSCRIBE 500 LOGICS DEC 9012288800 DECSERVER 7000R FAN ASSEMBLY W/FAN MODEL WFB1212H DEC 9012287400 CABLE ASSEMBLY DCA 8032790000 3279 GRAPH PCA LINK 7102500006 MC2/AS MONOCHROME TERMINAL