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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    IBM 02K661906 THINKPAD MULTIPLE LI-ION/NIMH BATTERY CHARGER A20 A21 A22 IBM 02K6615 BATTERY PACK TP A20M LI-ION IBM 02K654506 AC ADAPTOR 56W ULTRA SLIM (FRU 02K6555) IBM 02K6526N BATTERY PACK 9.6V NI-HM 3.5AH IBM 02K649904 TPAD EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER FRU 02K6501 IBM 02K588306 US ENGLISH THINKPAD KEYBOARD FOR 2662 IBM 02K573302 GERMAN THINKPAD KEYBOARD FOR T2* IBM 02K546202 GERMAN KEYBOARD FOR THE TP A22M IBM 02K5310 KEYBOARD IBM 02K5280 DIG PEN FOR TRANSNOTE IBM 02K478506 US ENGLISH KEYBOARD FOR - 2645 TP 600 SERIES IBM 02K3453 ADAPTER PCI U/W SCSI CONTROLLER IBM 02K3415 CDROM IBM 02K1115 CDROM 32X DRIVE IBM 02G4934 POWER SUPPLY IBM 02G4932 POWER SUPPLY IBM 02G4920 POWER SUPPLY IBM 02F9512 5494 PANEL/PAD ASSEMBLY Dell Computer 0251P IDE 6.4GB 3.5LP ATA-66 AMI 024B2 AT MOTHERBOARD 6 16BIT ISA 2 8BIT ISA Xerox 022K48230 XEROX BIAS TRANSFER ROLLER Dell Computer 0229P CDROM GX100 Gateway 0200420501R00 ISA SOUND CARD 16MVCARD 020 0420 501 R01 Sony 01SSC3540 RED CREEK/SONICWALL SUPPORT SVCS8X5 FOR PERSONAL RAVLIN II MOUNTAIN 01R0573001 EXT FILESAFE4000 TAPE BACKUP DRIVE IBM 01N1970 DRIVE ZIP APTIVA 2100 WHITE IBM 01N1949 DRIVE HARD 10GB APTIVA 3.5 IDE IBM 01N083402 EQUINOX RJ 11 SERIAL I/O IBM 01K9879 POWER SUPPLY NF 5500 REDUN HP IBM 01K804404 256MB MEMORY KIT - EDO ECC DIMM 50NS IBM 01K802302 128MB 100MHZ ECC SDRAM DIMM (NON-REG) FRU 01K7393 IBM 01K795304 REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY NF 5500 M20 IBM 01K730501 NETFINITY SP PCI HOST ADAPTER IBM 01K726408 PII XEON 400MHZ -512KB CACHE - NF5500ISHED P/N 10K1728 400/512/100/S2 IBM 01K726404 PII XEON 400MHZ PROCESSOR IBM 01K726204 NF 128MB ECC SDRAM REGISTERED DIMM IBM 01K726201 NF 128MB ECC SDRAM REGISTERED DIMM IBM 01K7231 BOARD MEMORY NF 5500 IBM 01K7225 IBM M.BOARD FOR NETFINITY 5000 IBM 01K6523 CABLE HARD FILE FAN 10K DRIVES 8651 IBM 01K443406 PII 450XEON-512K L2 CACHE INTELLISTATION( NO LOCK DOWN CLIPS) IBM 01K4419 CPU IBM 01K4224 IBM HARD DRIVE CABLE IBM 01K267206 256MB 100MHZ REGISTERED DIMM MEMORY (FRU 01K1142) IBM 01K2585 CPU PII 300MHZ IBM 01K1475 CABLE IDE CDROM - NETFINITY IBM 01K132702 4.5GB WIDE ULTRA SCSI HARD DRIVE IBM 01K119002 3D GRAPHICS ADAPTER IBM 01K1156 128MB PC100 ECC SDRAM IBM 01K113906 256MB 100MHZ SDRAM DIMM ( FRU 01K1149) Smart Modular 01K1131A IBM 128MB PC 300PL IBM 01K1127 128MB DIMM IBM Dell Computer 01691P06 BATTERY MODULE FOR LITITUDE CP & CPI SERIES Xerox 013R90133 PRINTER DRUM KIT - 1 X CYAN 013R90133 Dell Computer 0100E BRKT HARD DRIVE BAY 2DRIVE EXO BERING 01001301REUH TAPE DRIVE DEC 00TZ87NAX TP 20GB SCSI TAPE DR SINGLE IBM 00N955706 DASD BACKPLATE ASSEMBLY IBM 00N8953 8656 SCSI BACKPLANE ASSEMBLY IBM 00N881806 SYSTEM BOARD WITHOUT MEMORY OR PROCESSOR - 6889 8657 IBM 00N820108 15GB IDE ATA-66 7200RPM - 10K1773 IBM 00N8134 WORKPAD C3 TRAVEL KIT IBM 00N807008 9.1GB ULTRA160 LVD SE SCSI HARD DRIVE - REF 19K6188 IBM 00N806604 32MB NVIDIA GEFORCE MX AGP 4X GRAPHICS CARD(FRU 22P1069) IBM 00N7955 4X4X24 CD-RW ULTRABAY 2000 DRIVE IBM 00N7704 IBM NETVISTA A40 200W P/S IBM 00N727006 NETFINITY X-SERIES EXP 200 & 300 HOT SWAP TRAY - CONVERGED STYLE HH IBM 00N7110 CABLE SCSI 5-DROPMODELS 22U 26U 37X 47X IBM 00N3509 IBM FAN ASSEMBLY ZPRO IS/90D IBM 00N3434 IBM ZPRO IS TERMINATOR/90D IBM 00N3269 CONTROLLER ULTRA WIDE SCSI Quantum 00K7932 QUANTUM 6.4GB 5.25 X1 /90DY IBM 00K7931 HARD DRIVE 4.5GB SCSI3 80PIN 3.5LP IBM 00K7919 2.5GB IDE DR IBM 00K790902 4.3GB W/U SCSI HARD DRIVE IBM 00K415202 4.5GB W/ULTRA SCSI HARD DRIVE - 80PIN IBM 00K4125 4.3GB IDE HARD DRIVE IBM 00K4110 IDE 6.4GB 3.5LP Dell Computer 00K4074 IDE 16.8GB 3.5LP ULTRA DMA33 IBM 00K3145 PART FOR 2645-51U THINKPAD 600 IBM 00K0371 4.3GB SCSI 50PIN 3.5 3H IBM 00G3165 I/O PLANNER IBM 00G3149 6000 PROCESSOR BOARD IBM 00G2205 RS6000 SP2 MEMORY IBM 00G2126 70XX OPERATOR PANEL IBM 00F5944 4234 PLATEN SHAFT IBM 00F3941 6262 AUX OP PANEL CARD IBM 00F2509 6150 CARD HP 009207REVB 172 FONT & SYMBOLS HP 009207REVA 172 FONT & SYMBOLS Epson 007K81174 ASSEMBLY AL1100 DRIVE MAIN INCLUDES MOTOR EVEREX 00781I000 486 SYS BD ADDS 0069801849NEW 4000/160 & 260 KEYBOARD-PCE- 16-FUNCTION Compaq 00558001X DESK PRO Dell Computer 004XF DRIVE CAGE DCA 0035B1 MICROCHANNEL MCA COMMUNICATION CARD Lexmark 0013A0452 POWER SUPPLY 220V LINK 00120001201NEW T0300 ANSI KEYBOARD- Dell Computer 0009995D06 EXTERNAL BATTERY PACK FOR LATITUDE LT SERIES Dell Computer 0009718D 32X CDROM DRIVE IDE WHITE BEZEL Dell Computer 000939DF CDROM 40X IDE OFF WHITE OPTIPLEX GX1 Ricoh 000856MIU CABINET FOR AP305 Dell Computer 0008527R06 3.5 9.0GB SCSI-III HARD DRIVE Dell Computer 0006548C12541 QUANTUM 9.1GB SCSI HARD DRIVE Dell Computer 0004834T06 BATTERY MODULE FOR LATITUDE LS SREIES CLO 0002810C06 MEGARAC (SERIES 780) REMOTE ACCESS COMPANION Dell Computer 0002212D 56K PCMCIA DELL Dell Computer 0001728P DELL OPTIPLEX GX200 Dell Computer 0000229P CDROM 40X IDE OFF WHITE OPTIPLEX GX1 Dell Computer 00001170D DELL PE2300 HARD DRIVE SCA BACKPLANE Dell Computer 3E+148 PLMRST W/TPAD C400 Dell Computer 4E+44 180W PWS 3.3V Printronix 140584000000000000 PANEL FRONT 624-628 Printronix 131568000000000000 PCBA RIBBON DECK FOR P9000 Printronix 111292000000000000 SCOPE CN TO RS CONV Data Gen 4353440000000000 PRINTHEAD REPAIR PRICE ONLY FOR STOCK-CALL ATI Tech 1027230000000000 8MB PCI VIDEO CARD RAGE XL ATI Tech 1025570000000000 VIDEO CARD 8MB SDRAM AGP RAGE LT PRO ATI Tech 1023880000000000 3D RAGE II DVD PCI VIDEO CARD ATI Tech 1023880000000000 3D RAGE II DVD PCI VIDEO CARD ATI Tech 1023790000000000 3D RAGE II+DVD Dell Computer 760720000000000 LAT LX Motorola 64600000000000 DDS/MR64 DATA MODEM Motorola 62095300000000 MOTOROLA UDS V3229 Maxtor 9120000000000 12GB 3.5 3H IDE aztech 8560030000000 ISA SOUND CARD NEC 8088120000000 CONTROL PANEL CREATIVE LABS 7000490000000 SOUNDBLASTER LIVE! MAC PCI (INTERNAL) CREATIVE LABS 7000000000000 CREATIVE VIDEO BLASTER WEBCAM PLUS - DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA - COLOR - USB 7000000003015 Motorola 6209540000000 V.34R MODEM SPARC 5011820000000 RAM 3Com 1659210000000 3COM SUPERSTACK II 12PORT HUB NOT TESTED ASIS 3Com 1659110000000 3COM SUPERSTACK II 24PORT HUB NOT TESTED ASIS NEC 1345070000000 3.5INCH 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE NEC 1345070000000 NEC 3.5 1.44MB FLOPPY NEC 1345050000000 FD1158C Intel 981002000000 PII233 W/HEAT SINK/512K CACHE UMAX Tech 960000000000 UMAX ASTRA MX3 600X1200 FLATBED SCANNER USB/SCSI2 CXI 901301000000 ISA 3270 ADAPTER SHORT ASSEMBLY 901301173-002 NEC 819050000000 DRIVE HARD 2.1GB VERSA 6200MX NEC 808892000000 ADAPTER AC VERSA 6000 W/CORD NEC 808891000000 105WATT POWER SUPPLY NEC 808877000000 DRIVE HARD 4.09GB VERSA 5000 NEC 800865000000 LED ASSEMBLY PCG REEN 763247000000 PC ENERGY SAVER AXIOHM 715642000000 7156 THERMAL POS PRINTER MSG VALIDATION TRAY & KNIFE PWRS UP/CANNOT TEST/AS-IS NO WTY NCR 715642000000 7156 THERMAL POS PTR MSG VALID TRAY POWERS UP/CANNOT TEST/AS-IS NO WTY Memorex 711187000000 HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER ISA Novell 662644000000 BM VPN SVC 3.6 5U LIC M/L Novell 662644000000 BORDERMANAGER 3.7 UPG 5U M/L BOX CD Novell 662644000000 COURSE 525: NETWARE 4 ADVANCED ADMINISTRATION CD-ROM Novell 662644000000 SUDENT KIT COUARSE 801: NETWARE SERVICE AND SUPPORT Novell 662644000000 ZENWORKS FOR SERVERS 2 UPG 5U ENGLISH IDENTITY 662638000000 3 BUTTON SERIAL MOUSE 9PIN NCR 644202000000 POS PRINTERS CANNOT TEST/SOLD AS-IS NO WTY Genicom 640074000000 DOD ASSEMBLY Genicom 640035000000 BEZEL TIP ASSEMBLY MERC Genicom 640012000000 OPTIC SENSOR 400CPR Genicom 640009000000 PCB PRNT CONTR BLUE Genicom 636301000000 PCB A 6000 LOGIC BD Genicom 630101000000 KIT TAPE RDR 90 DR Genicom 630041000000 PCBA SER I/F AUTO AN ADDS 400170000000 TERMINAL Genicom 390100000000 CIRCUIT BREAKER PNL Genicom 380038000000 PRINTHEAD REPAIR PRICE ONLY FOR STOCK-CALL HP 354700000000 2GB INTERNAL TAPE BACKUP DRIVE - 3.5 DDS Intel 300025000000 ETHERNET PCI 10/100TX ADDS 292590000000 ADDS PC104 KEYBOARD 16-FUNCTION PC PLUS ATT - Lucent - Avaya 290512000000 ATT 13" MONITOR ADDS 290490000000 PC+ STYLE KEYBOARD - 4000/7XX ADDS 290190000000 KEYBOARD PC+ STYLE ADDS 4000 SERIES Compaq 261826000000 LCD POLYCOM 230103000000 POWER ADAPTER - EXTERNAL 2301-03433-001 Apple 221553000000 4000 ASCII WHITE Gateway 219600000000 KEYBOARD GATEWAY 2000 Gateway 219600000000 KEYBOARD GATEWAY 2000 Intel 185105000000 450MHZPC100/512K S2 Sony 176110000000 MAIN SYS BD SOCKET7 W/AGPVID&SOUND Compaq 161416000000 PRESARIO TOUCH PAD Astec 158057000000 300WATT POWER SUPPLY AT PROPRIETARY NEC 158056000000 FAX/MODEM/SOUND CARD WITH GAME PORT ISA MT1720 NEC 158056000000 NB SYS BD NEC 158051000000 FAX/SND CRD NEC 158050000000 1.3GB SCSI HARD DRIVE NEC 158026000000 BOARD VERSA 6050MH NEC 158026000000 I/O BOARD F/VERSA 4000C NEC 158026000000 PM 486I SYS BD NEC 158026000000 PM386/25S Compaq 144410000000 4.3GB 2.5 IDE 9MM HARD DRIVE NEC 136550000000 VERSA SB NEC 136534000000 BOARD AUDIO VERSA LX NEC 136534000000 NEC PM SYSTEM BOARD NEC 136434000000 PCB NEC P9XL NEC 136233000000 VERSA/E MAIN BD NEC 134501000000 HDD 153.MB 5.25 ESDI RLL NEC Oki Data 120180000000 PRINTHEAD REPAIR PRICE ONLY FOR STOCK-CALL Generic 102160000000 ACCPAC SIMPLY ACCOUNTING VERSION 8.0 FOR 95/98/NT/2000 P/N 10-21-601-80800 TELEOS COMMUNICATIONS 100021000000 PRIU TELEOS COMMUNICATIONS 100007000000 STIU TELEOS COMMUNICATIONS 100005000000 INP CARD TELEOS COMMUNICATIONS 100003000000 VITU WESTERN DIGITAL 99004219000 CAVIAR 22100 2.1GB SABRE MFP 425S+ WESTERN DIGITAL 99004199000 1.6GB IDE DRIVE WESTERN DIGITAL 99004144003 730.8MB IDE 3.5INCH HARD DRIVE CAVIAR 2700 WESTERN DIGITAL 99004144000 730.8MB HARD DRIVE CAVIER 2700 WESTERN DIGITAL 99004136006 3.5INCH IDE HARD DRIVE 425.3MB CAVIAR 2420 WESTERN DIGITAL 99004136002 CAVIAR 2420 IDE 425.3MB 3.5INCHES WESTERN DIGITAL 99004136000 425.3MB IDE 3.5INCH HARD DRIVE CAVIAR 2420 WESTERN DIGITAL 99004119000 255MB IDE CAVIAR 2250 Texas Instruments 98136330001 EXTRA LITHIUM ION BAT. EXT 900 MPB Texas Instruments 98117870001 EXT 610 ASSEMBLY FDD INTERNAL Texas Instruments 98098110001 32MB MEMORY MODULE EXTENSA 55X/56X/57X Texas Instruments 98048190001 FDD 1.44MB EXT 55/56/57X *REPL BY * Texas Instruments 98044478001 FLOPPY MODULE/PACK TM6020/30/50/60 Texas Instruments 98044258004 LCD COVER (3 HOLE) TM6030 * 3M 98044008369 POLAROID CP-75 FILTER 16-18IN CONTOUR Texas Instruments 98039960001 KEYBOARD EXT 450/455/460T Texas Instruments 98039840001 55/56/57X FULL FUNCT.PORT REPLICATOR Texas Instruments 98021260001 WIN4 IMAGING CARTRIDGE Texas Instruments 97988160006 TM5XXX 8MB MEMORY ADD-ON (60NS) Texas Instruments 97948550156 PRINTHEAD THERMAL 8D/MM 201 BT Texas Instruments 97925200001 AC ADAPTER 18V 2A Texas Instruments 97925170001 INVERTER BOARD Texas Instruments 97863238002 TM5XXX INVERTER 10.4 SVGA Texas Instruments 97862508099 INVERTER 11.3 TFT Texas Instruments 97862180001 AC ADAPTER FOR TRAVELMATE 5000 Intel 92104200349 PROCESSOR PII-450MHZ W/512K CACHE THOMAS CONRAD 88510009001 TOKEN RING PCI GEORGENS INDUSTRIES 84980163822 3M/TAPE DRIVE NEC 80887464900 NEC TRACKPAD ASSEMBLY VERSA 4080H Intel 80522300512 BULK PENTIUM II 300MHZ (512KB) Intel 80522233512 BULK PENTIUM II 233MHZ (512KB) Matrox 79075010634 MATROX MILLENIUM G200 8MB PCI UPGRADE TO 16MB WSOFTWARE 79075010634 Matrox 79075010164 MILLENNIUM PCI 2MB VIDEO CARD Matrox 79075010134 MILLENNIUM PCI 2MB VIDEO CARD Matrox 79075010116 MILLENIUM 4MB VIDEO MEMORY UPG Genicom 78900534001 BASE ASSEMBLY Genicom 78402538003 BASE ASSEMBLY GENICOM 3460/3480 Genicom 78400291001 UPPER FEEDER ASSEMBLY Genicom 78400286001 PLATEN ASSEMBLY Genicom 78399157002 KIT-MECH#1 BULL 78142436002 PLATEN DEC LA424 Seagate Technologies 70201901001 TP DRV- SEAGT SCORPION DAT 2/4GB SCSI2 EXT Seagate Technologies 70201301002 CTT800E-P Seagate Technologies 70100601012 M/N CTD4004R-S SCSI 2/4GB 4MM DAT INT Seagate Technologies 70100103002 4/8GB 4MM DAT INT SCSI TAPE BACKUP DRIVE PARADISE 61603662001 VLBUS 3300 VIDEO ADAPTER SMC 61600507000 SMC 32BIT EISA 10/100 ETHER ADPTR STANDARD MICRO 61600445000 ELITE CARD PCMCIA ENET 10BT-10B2 PARADISE 61003673000 VLBUS3000 VLB VIDEO ADAPTER BD DEC 54200000000 CPU MODULE MV3100 ALTOS 54015619001 ALTOS III TERMINAL W/O KEYBOARD Honeywell 51401498100 CASE ASS# DGI 50224980106 PCI TO FDDI ADAPTER Sun Micro 50129222325 TX1-GRAPHICS S-BUS Generic 50120000104 KEYBOARD TERMINAL - MC80 LINK LINK 50120000102 PCE KEYBOARD (MC5) Sun Micro 50119961672 GX GRAPHICS S-BUS (S/S) Sun Micro 50117181415 CG-3 COLOR S-BUS Intel 45051210020 PENTIUM III 450MHZ CPU W512 CACHE & FAN Ascend 45050067001 AC ADAPTER 18V DC 1.1A Tektronix 43602820206 LETTER SIZE PAPER TRAY (250 SHEET) FOR PHASER560 Unisys 43153206000 TO300 KEYBOARD Compaq 38653600106 9.1GB 10K WIDE/ULTRA-2 SCSI HOTPLUG Compaq 33638100106 9.1GB WIDE-ULTRA SCSI 10K RPM Compaq 32066200106 10.0GB HARD DRIVE DRIVE ULTRA DMA 33 Compaq 31631200106 DOCKING STATION FOR ARMADA LAPTOPS: 1500 1700 1750 3500 Packard-Bell 31300010000 ATX POWER SUPPLY 250WATT Honeywell 30732393001 DRIVER/RECEIVER Boundless Tech 29920001245 CAPIO 2992 Compaq 29668100106 3.2GB IDE HARD DRIVE Compaq 29658600106 MULTIBAY HARD DRIVE ADAPTER CARRIER - TAN - ARMADA 7700 Compaq 29175800106 P233MMX PROCESSOR BOARD FOR ARMADA 7790DMT Compaq 28403000606 DESKPRO 6000 - P200 64MB 2GB 1.44 Compaq 28359700106 MOTHERBOARD 66MHZ STB Systems 28231165002 16MB AGP CARD VIPER V730 VANTA Diamond 28230350001 VIPER V770 ATX 32MB TNT2 VIDEO Compaq 28185900106 128MB DIMM MEMORY Diamond 28030550001 8MB PCI VIDEO CARD Compaq 28010000506 DESKPRO 2000 - 5/233MMX 32MB 3.2GB Packard-Bell 26600010000 DVD 6X SD-M1212 M/W TSHIBA NEC 26600004000 DVD 4X SLIM TYPE F/Z1 Texas Instruments 26337270002 MICROWRITER LEGAL TRAY Texas Instruments 26335130001 ML/PRO 600 RS-232 SERIAL INTERFACE Texas Instruments 26334850001 ML/PRO 600 ENVELOPE TRAY(30 ENVELOPES Texas Instruments 26334840001 MICROLASER PRO 600 A4 TRAY Packard-Bell 26000113000 HDD 8.4GB 3.5 IDE Packard-Bell 26000013001 HDD 8.4GB UDMA QUSR 512 90845D4 Texas Instruments 25813810004 EXTERNAL NUMERIC KEYPAD Texas Instruments 25811680001 TRAVELMATE 4000E KEYBOARD Texas Instruments 25809400006 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS AC ADAPTER Texas Instruments 25696890001 DC POWER SUPPLY UNIT 100V MLXL Texas Instruments 25696780001 LEVER CLAMSHELL LWR B Texas Instruments 25695070005 PAPER TRAY INVOICE GEN MICROLASER XL Texas Instruments 25680650002 TI LOGIC TRAVELMATE 2000 Texas Instruments 25680330001 TI NUMERIC KEYPAD TRAVELMATE 2000 Texas Instruments 25680310001 TI 3.5INCH FLOPPY DRIVE EXTERNAL Texas Instruments 25680050002 TI BATTERY TRAVELMATE 2000 Texas Instruments 25679860001 TI AC ADAPTOR TRAVELMATE 2000 Texas Instruments 25629350004 835 ACOUSTIC CVR PULL TRAX Texas Instruments 25577320002 8920/30 STEPPER MOTOR Texas Instruments 25577260001 RIBBON TRAY ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 25564350102 TRANSFER HV PWB ASSEMBLY XPM Texas Instruments 25519630001 885 PCBA CONTROL PANEL Texas Instruments 25512248001 MOTOR ASSEMBLY CARRIAGE DRIVE 89XX Texas Instruments 25512170002 89XX STEPPER MOTOR W/O BEZEL Texas Instruments 25502930102 INNER COVER 875 Texas Instruments 25502930101 FRONT COVER 875 Texas Instruments 25502830111 87X CARRIGE MOTOR Texas Instruments 25502620001 875/877 64K BUFFER OPTION KIT Texas Instruments 25502590001 875 SHEET FEEDER Compaq 25493000106 CONVENIENCE BASE (DOCKING STATION) FOR ARMADA 1592DMT Texas Instruments 25462840004 TOP COVER ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 25460630001 885 PAPER BASKET (STAND MOUNTED) Texas Instruments 25439130001 885 PCBA MOTHERBOARD Texas Instruments 25407770001 PWB ASSEMBLY TRIAD INTERFACE-880/810 Texas Instruments 25394780001 TRIAD INTERFACE ELECTRONICS Texas Instruments 25391570027 LASER-2015/2115 FAN MOTOR-ELECTRONICS Compaq 24778600106 12.1TFT LCD-ARMADA 737 Compaq 24733000406 DP 6000 - P166MHZ 32MB 2.1GB 1.44 6X Compaq 24727000306 DESKPRO 6000 - PRO200 32MB 2GB 1.44 8X Compaq 24715000106 DESKPRO 4000 - P133 16MB 1.0GB 1.44 Compaq 24275500106 MULTI SERVER UPS CARD Compaq 24268800306 UPS T1500 Diamond 23570193001 16BIT ISA INTERNAL MODEM Diamond 23540162002 33.6 SUPRA ISA MODEM Diamond 23150001402 MONSTER 3D PCI 4MB VIDEO CARD Diamond 23133206205 PCI VIDEO CARD Diamond 23133009202 FIRE GL 3000 16MEG PCI VIDEO Diamond 23030231304 PCI STEALTH 3D 2000 PRO S3 VIRGE/DX Q5A4BB 86C375 CHIPSET Diamond 23030220305 PCI STEALTH 3D 2000 S3 VIRGE N1E3BD 86C325 CHIPSET Diamond 23030220105 PCI STEALTH 3D 2000 S3 VIRGE H1E3DD 86C325 CHIPSET Diamond 23030206205 VGA PCI STEALTH 3D 2000 Diamond 23030093303 ST64 VIDEO 2001 PCI 1 + 3 S3 TRIO64V+ N1C3CF 86C765 Diamond 23020041101 AGP VIDEO CARD Diamond 23020039303 SPEEDSTAR 64 ISA VIDEO CARD Diamond 23020039203 SPEEDSTAR 64 ISA VIDEO CARD STB Systems 23010113003 ISA SOUND CARD PTX 22601130100 QMS M3000 PCBA Compaq 22420600104 PROLIANT REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY Texas Instruments 22408040001 MONITOR MONO CRT BUSINESS PRO Texas Instruments 22394470001 86X PLATEN ASSEMBLY KIT Texas Instruments 22394270001 850/860XL MAINT.MNL **** Texas Instruments 22374090001 PUB KIT TECH REFERENCE MNL PRO-LIT Texas Instruments 22309350002 MODEL 855 NARROW PARALLEL PRINTER Texas Instruments 22304978001 810/880 20MA CURRENT LOOP I/F BOARD Texas Instruments 22304970001 PWB ASSEMBLY 20MA TTY Texas Instruments 22227388001 880/885 PRINTHEAD Texas Instruments 22224410021 MODEL 851RO PRINTER Texas Instruments 22224351020 PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLY W/CABLE - 850XL Diamond 22020040001 SPEEDSTAR A50 AGP 8MB UDS 20129270100 INTERNAL UDS 20127590300 201B INTERNAL Compaq 19988400106 9.1GB ULTRA SCSI III 1.6 Compaq 16917400106 SYSTEM BOARD FOR PROLIANT 1500 3Com 16630600007 3COM FMSII MANAGEMENT CARD NEC 15802621800 NEC SYSTEM BOARD FOR A VERSA Compaq 14365444505 MNT 14 CLEAR VGA MONITOR Micron 14350670003 MICRON PII SYSTEM BOARD S3 11334002103 VGA PCI TRIO64V+ P1C3BF 86C765 M7L24 ATI Tech 11332103103 PCI MACH64 215CT22200 PD96128GD-401-LML ATI Tech 11332103102 PCI MACH64 215CT22200 PD96128GD-491-LML ATI Tech 11332102105 PCI MACH64 215CT22200 SGR*BNEAH01 A229G9535 J532KNJ ATI Tech 11325529101 VGA PCI MACH 64 210888GW00 SWG*8BKGAH01 H220D9414 ATI Tech 11219311101 MACH32 ISA 16BIT 210688LX20 CF64989BPPA-J 80020 RTL 11000061000 RTL8029AS PCI 10BT 10B5 COAX RJ15 ETHERNET Compaq 10578600106 19 SVGA MONITOR FUTURE DOMAIN 10084500001 8BIT ISA SCSI WITH 25PIN FUTURE DOMAIN PORT Conner 10000058013 ISA TAPE CONTROLLER Texas Instruments 9944900001 GUIDE ROD UPPER (UPPER CARRIAGE BAR) Texas Instruments 9944900001 GUIDE ROD UPPER (UPPER CARRIAGE BAR) Texas Instruments 9943590001 810 PLT OPTION Texas Instruments 9941880001 810 CARRAIGE ROD (REPL BY 994490-0001 Texas Instruments 9941880001 810 CARRAIGE ROD (REPL BY 994490-0001 FWB 9900578101 HAMMER CD 4X CDR EXT. W/TOAST WESTERN DIGITAL 9900403605 43MB_IDE-AT _3.5HH IBM 9880112000 ISA TOKEN RING NIC Texas Instruments 9786094004 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS AC ADAPTER CDC 9756060062 1.3GB SCSI 5.25FH Logitech 9672340403 ELITE KEYBOARD BLACK USB W/PS2 ADAPTER Logitech 9612490403 CLICKSMART 510 WHITEBOX 961249-0403 Logitech 9611991000 LOGITECH QUICKCAM WEB IN MN GREY 961199-1000 Logitech 9611110600 COLOUR QUICKCAM WIN VC USB - Logitech 9611080200 PC CAM- LOGITECH QUICKCAMPRO 640X480 KIT Rockwell 9419111376 ISA 8BIT MODEM EFFICIENT NETWORKS 9362108001 8PORT 10/100 ENET SWITCH INT AOpen 9187810202 AOPEN SOCKET 7 MOTHERBOARD Acer 9185910008 SYSTEM BRD Acer 9185910001 ISA AT STYLE MOTHERBOARD 7 16BIT ISA SLOTS 3 VLB SLOTS SOCKET 3 Acer 9180316201 ACER 16-PORT ETHERNET HUB Acer 9146905011 EXT 390/610/AN370 INTERNAL FLOPPY DR Acer 9118610002 ISA SOUND CARD Acer 9107737217 24X CDROM DRIVE S3 9105210501 S3 TRIO PCI IAAB2 86C732-P DVE 9101134001 POWER SUPPLY 200WATT WITH REMOTE SWITCH DVE 9100634004 POWER SUPPLY 200WATT WITH REMOTE SWITCH Acer 9100634001 AT POWER SUPPLY Acer 9046807001 KEYBOARD 91AB074002 NOTEBOOK Acer 9018620005 16BIT SOUND CARD aztech 8560027000 AZTECH WR PRO 32-3D SC 3D/90DY Allied Telesyn 8450141403 MB86965A ISA COAX TP Compaq 8312001200 BOARD INVERTER PRES 1670 12.1T IRMA 8097914611 IRMA PRINT PC3287-S DCA 8020119000 IRMA COAX ISA SHORT DCA 8020106000 MAC IRMA DCA 8020048000 IRMA 2 IRMA II ISA US Robotics 8005080010 WORLDPORT 9600 MODEM S3 8004940120 VGA PCI S3 VISION864 86C864-P 1XZ7-0001 9348056 US Robotics 8000260500 MDM 3Com 8000109108 TOTAL CONTROL MANAGER/SNMP WINDOWS 5.1 Appian 7990027500 APPIAN HURRICANE - MULTI-MONITOR GRAPHICS CARD - ATI RADEON VE - AGP 4X - 32MB DDR SGRAM 799-0027500 Diamond 7917750001 16BIT ISA INTERNAL MODEM Genicom 7900023039 TPM XIRLINK 7800300004 PC-CAM- XIRLINK USB WIN95/98 C-IT MAIL Hitachi 7196003015 4140 PCB MSE CONN BOARD Alcatel 7011460040 110 KEY KEYBOARD W/DB9 Kentrox 7004010239 TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT Genicom 7001351001 9299 COAX MUX Memorex 7000411043 00 122KBD 116358-001 3Com 6500240003 TOTAL CONTROL MANAGER/SNMP WINDOWS 5.1 3Com 6500109108 TOTAL CONTROL MANAGER/SNMP WINDOWS 5.1 UDS 6209544201 DHM-E V.34 IBM 6103109900 16BIT ISA MFM FIXED DISK - FLOPPY DISKETTE Quantum 6100000000 VIKING II 9.1GB LVD ULTRA2 WIDE SCSI 68PIN HARD DRIVE 7 200RPM 3.5 Acer 6091104045 TOP BEZEL ASSEMBLY Acer 6047804001 BATTERY PACK ACERNOTE 735C Acer 6047004002 ASSEMBLY LOWER CASE EXT 670 Acer 6046807002 UPPER CASE WITH TRACKPAD BUTTONS Acer 6045514001 NIMH BATTERY BTP-171 Acer 6018620101 16BIT SOUND CARD Acer 6000426001 FRONT PANEL CHARCOAL 91AA771GD0 ADDS 5980006120 PCE-KEYBOARD ADDS 5980004200 4000 KEYBOARD-CLONE 16-FUNCTION ADDS 5980001140 KEYBOARD PC+ STYLE ADDS 4000 SERIES ADDS 5980000441 KEYBOARD PC PLUS Acer 5610016301 NOTEBOOK CDROM DRIVE Acer 5607479011 LCD ASSEMBLY 760C Acer 5604145481 POWER SUPPLY Acer 5602941099 HDD MODULE EX610 2.1GB ** Acer 5602831081 4.3GB IDE F/ACER ENTRA Acer 5558001111 MB Acer 5541303291 MOTHERBOARD Acer 5518601001 ISA SOUND CARD CRYSTAL 5515801011 ISA SOUND CARD Acer 5515301041 MAGIC S20 SOUND CARD WITH VOLUME CONTROL COSMETICS BAD Tandberg 5343850020 TANDBERG 5GB INTERNAL TAPE BACKUP DRIVE SCSI-2 W/5.25" BAY 5343-850-020 NCR 5170001166 MOTHERBOARD NCR SYSTEM 3230 ATT - Lucent - Avaya 5150005496 250WATT POWER SUPPLY GLOBALYST Imation 5112291200 SUPR DSK DRV- IMATION USB MAC EXTRNL KIT Imation 5111145383 8MM CLNKIT CLEANING KIT 1PK NEC 5070490010 NEC 3.5 1.44MB FLOPPY NEC 5068220010 1.44 FLOPPY DRIVE CREATIVE LABS 5068151000 CREATIVE LABS RIVA TNT232MB AGP4X128-BIT SYMBOL 5004000086 POWER SUPPLY Compaq 5000067907 MULTIPLE MODEM BOARD DIGI International 5000066501 ACCELEPT 2R 920-PCI NEC 5000054000 MOBILE PRO 16MB CF CD 750C 770 780 880 Compaq 5000049005 ACCELEPT 8R 920-PCI Generic 4900241303 MODEM 2400BAUD 8BIT ISA 9600BAUD FAX WITH JUMPERS FOR I/O AND IRQ Acer 4846806011 970 (MARS) MULTIMEDIA BOARD Acer 4846803011 970 (MARS) SYSTEM BOARD Acer 4846801011 AN970 CPU BOARD Acer 4841101001 RISER CARD ACROS 486DX/33 Acer 4840401001 SYSTEM BOARD MODEL 4655 Acer 4839403003 RISER CARD ACER ACROS MODEL 4655 Acer 4833701021 SYSTEM BOARD F/ACER ENTRA Acer 4815301014 SND AUDIO ISA 16 Acer 4811901002 1100SX LOGIC QMS 4790036901 1YR EXTEND EXCH WTY PAGEPRO 4100 QMS 4790032907 1YR EXTEND EXCH WTY PAGEPRO 1100 QMS 4790031907 1YR EXTEND EXCH WTY PAGEPRO 1250E WINBOND 4600069001 16BIT ISA COAX RJ45 ETHERNET 10BT 10B2 HP 4594560044 SYSTEM BOARD Genicom 4408435300 PWA-P-MOT-751B Genicom 4408429570 7179 POWER SUPPLY Genicom 4408424000 7170 DRIVE UNIT ASSEMBLY Toshiba 4408380280 DESCRIPTION ATTNCR 4261100300 AT&T STARLAN 10 SMART HUB B CTX 4200000800 BOTTOM CASE FOR THE 700G SERIES HP 3548000250 2/4GB SCSI 3.5HH Dest 3504860100 SCANNER CONTROLLER HP 3349769001 LJIII/IIID FORMATTER I/O HP 3349469002 ROM SET HPLJIIISI (EXCH HP 3349160160 LASERJET 3SI FORMATER NEW STYLE HP 3349160003 LJ3SI FORMATTER HP 3348160004 LJIIIP DUAL I/O PCB BOARD HP 3348160001 LJIIIP FORMATTER BOARD HP 3344969008 SERVICE KIT F/HP III HP 3344480002 2MB MEMORY MODULE FOR LJ II/IID ADVANSYS 3201002601 16BIT ISA SCSI CONTROLLER HP 3126469001 CHANNEL ADCC MAIN BOARD HP 3126460001 CHANNEL ADCC MAIN BOARD HP 3009460001 MEMORY CONTROLLER BOARD IN 30542B HP 3009069021 CPU-ALU BOARD IN 30542B HP 3009060006 CONTROL/MAINTENANCE