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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Texas Instruments 9967742 820 LOGIC TO KEYBOARD RIBBON CABLE Dell Computer 995EM RAIL FDD ONE PIECE GX150 COMPUTERVISION 9904401 BACKPLANE MULITFUNCTION Dell Computer 99044 MOUNTING BRACKET FOR HD IBM 98F2361 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE (04H7404) Texas Instruments 98135770001 EXT 65X BATTERY DOOR Dell Computer 97WDN PNL FILLER 5.25IN IBM 96F7776 HARD DISK DRIVE SHELF Lexmark 95F5314 OPERATOR PANEL FLAT CABLE LSI Logic 95038 SPRING EXTENSION 7/16 X 3 Dell Computer 94686 DELL P/N: 94686 HARD DRIVE BRACKET FOR OPTIPLEX LOW PROFILE IBM 93F0441 ROLLER IDLER IBM 92G7690 BOARD NETWORK AUTO 16/4 MCA IBM 92G7668 IBM AUTO 16/4 TOKEN RING ISA IBM 92G7644 IBM 16/4 AUTO ISA - SINGLE IBM 92G7638 IBM 16/4 AUTO ISA - SINGLE IBM 92G7632 IBM 16/4 AUTO ISA - SINGLE IBM 92G7542 8MB SIM 72PIN (05H0906/FRU# /) - WORKING/PULLS IBM 92G7211 8MB DIMM 168P (1X72) (/FRU#73G3125) - WORKING/PULLS IBM 92F8835 N45 KEYBOARD FOR 2614 IBM 92F6063 TAPE ADAPTER AT BUS 6157 IBM 92F0104 2MB 85NS SIMM Apple 9222779 LW 8500 TURN CLUTCH Apple 9222774 LW 8500 PAPER-PRESENT SENSOR Apple 9222575 KEYBOARD PB 1400 Apple 9221973 LW 12/640 FUSER EXIT SENSOR Apple 9221960 LW 12/640 CASSETTE PAOER ACTUATOR Apple 9221951 LW 12/640 PAPER DEFLECTOR GUIDE Apple 9221950 LW 12/640 SOLENOID PAPER DEFLECTOR IBM 91H055301 8MB EDO NP MEMORY SIMM Lasat 91910002 LASAT SAFIRE 560 VOICE 56K USB Lasat 91890125 LASAT SAFIRE 560 VOICE 56 K Lasat 91890102 LASAT SAFIRE 560 VOICE DK IBM 90X9287 8570 HD/FD DISK ADAPTER IBM 90X1111 FLOPPY/HARD DRIVE CONTROL AD IBM 90H2477 INFOPRINT 32/40 NO PAPER SENSOR Generic 8MBSIMMGOLD MEMORY 8MB SIMM GOLD Verbatim 89615 4MM DAT TAPE CLEANER Dell Computer 89422 BRACKET IBM 87X9636 BASE AND GROUND SHIELD Verbatim 87698 1 PACK 8MM 112 METER DAT 2.5/5.0GB Epson 8763 EPSON RIBBON EX 800 1000 Epson 8762 LX80/86/90 RIBBON Epson 8755 RIBBON MX100 EPSON Epson 8753 RIBBON EPSON LQ1500 Eastman Kodak 8752131 SERIAL INTERFACE CABLE (WIN) FOR DC40/50/120 IBM 8655013 INDEX BELT IBM 85H6662 10BT PCI ETHERNET CARD RJ45/AUI BULK IBM 8577494 4224 SPRING LEVER IBM 8543335 KEY LOCK ASSEMBLY Dell Computer 85412 MEMORY COVER IBM 8529260 LATCH ASSEMBLY DSKT DRIVE TYPE 1 IBM 8529217 MISC MP HEAT SINRPOWER TRNSIST IBM 8529152 XT FLOPPY CONTROLLER IBM 8529148 PC MONO/PRINTER ADAPTER IBM 8529142 MEMORY MODULE KIT (16K) IBM 84G6666 IBM TP340 BACKUP BATTERY IBM 84G6547 LED ASSEMBLY IBM 83X7839 TOKEN RING CARD 4MBPS PS/2 IBM 83X7538 4MB TOKEN RING MCA SHORT Star Micronics 83902760 PLATEN KNOB NX1001 Toshiba 83340000001 COVER SET DISKETTE DRIVE Dell Computer 83182 POWER CABLE POWER EDGE 4300 Dell Computer 83181 POWER CABLE POWER EDGE 4300 QMS 825123959 LATCH KIT MAGICOLOR LX/LX+/CSL1000 Intel 818479 ALABACORE NT FAN KIT SMC 8115T 16/4 ISA TOKEN RING Logitech 81118801 MOUSE MOUSEMAN PS/2 NEC 808878022001A BOARD INTERFACE CONNECTS TO INVERTR NEC 808873936607A 4MB MEMORY MODULE FOR VERSA S/33 NEC 808857767001 NEC P6XXXX POWER SWITCH Intel 8050366166MMX INTEL PENTIUM 166MMXPROCESSOR NEC 8027204011010 DOCK BAY/PORT REPLICATOR GUIDES MINIMUM ORDER 10 - CALL FOR QTY Star Micronics 80200010 BEARING DP 8340 Star Micronics 80035380 OPERATION SHEET STAR NR Gateway 8001854 FLOPPY CABLE Gateway 8001186 HARD DRIVE CABLE Gateway 8001184 HARD DRIVE CABLE Lexmark 79F4815 CABLE POWER SUPPLY Lexmark 79F4814 PAPER SELECT LEVER Lexmark 79F4784 PAPER ADVANCE KNOB IBM 79F4783 LEFT HAND PAPER GUIDE 23XX-001 IBM 79F0992 IBM L40SX STANDBY BATTERY Dell Computer 78920 CBL 2 HARD DRIVE IDE Dell Computer 78896 CVR BZL OP5/90 Genicom 78401278003 KNOB. PLATEN ADJ 3460/3480 BULL 78138000001 RIBBON HOOK RT BULL 107 Lexmark 77F4460 OPER PANEL ASSEMBLY 4226 Epson 7768 LQ500/510/850/800 Epson 7763 LQ860/2500/2550 RIBBON Epson 7753 LQ200 EPSON RIBBON COLOR IBM 76H4463 HARD DRIVE AND POWER INDICATOR CABLE PC 300 IBM 76H029401 32MB UPGRADE - THINKPAD 770/600/570/560/390/240- 66MHZ NP SDRAM SO DIMM IBM 75H8905 CABLE FDD PC SERVER 3XX IBM 75H550006 8MB FOR THIN CLIENT 8361 SERIES Dell Computer 75854 HINGE LFT LXPI-P75D Dell Computer 75788 DELL LATITUDE XP I/O CABLE Dell Computer 75786 DELL LATITUDE TRCKPNT/MSE CABLE Dell Computer 75785 DELL LATITUDE TRACKBALL CABLE Dell Computer 75783 CBL LED TO INVRTR LXP450CX Dell Computer 75507 HARD DRIVE BRACKET FOR OPTIPLEX IBM 74H0628 CABLE LCD DISPLAY TP 365 11.3 IBM 74H0623 CABLE DISPLAY TP 365X IBM 74F9415 IBM 16/4 MCA SHORT IBM 74F9410 IBM 16/4 MCA SHORT IBM 74F9327 CARD NETWORK 16/4 TR ISA SHORT IBM 74F4246 CARD NETWORK 16/4 TR MCA SHORT Dell Computer 74632 2-PRONG 72 BLACK AC CORD FOR AC ADAPTER DEC 741242400 LA120 PAPER OUT SWITCH IBM 73H9942 HINGE KIT TP 380XD IBM 73H9927 LOWER SHIELD CASE TP 380 IBM 73H9921 DIMM COVER THINKPAD 380/385-2635 IBM 73H9920 IBM I/O DOOR COVER TP380 IBM 7362211 DB15F/TWINAX Intel 735190001 INTEL 10/100 PCI NET CARD IBM 72X8533 SIMMS MODULE 256K.(30PIN) IBM 72X8511 BATTERY/SPEAKER ASSEMBLY .(BATTERY IBM 72X8505 FIXED DISK DRIVE ADAPTER. IBM 72H3496 IBM TURBO 16/4 ISA ADAPTER IBM 72H326001 COMPACT STEREO SPEAKERS IBM 72F7210 IBM RISER CARD IBM 71G255606 PC 730 SERIES 6876 3X3 SCSI CABLE Dell Computer 71915 CBL UNIV FDD IBM 7173123 PROPRINTER RIBBON IBM 7173114 RIBBON LQ800 IBM 7172269 RIBBON TOSHIBA 1350 Oki Data 7172205 RIBBON OKIDATA 80/82 DEC 702834501 5000/1XX BLANK PANEL DEC 70212021K CK-DEQNA 18 CABLE DEC 702045001 CABLE BA23 DEC 701897200 MECH ACTURATOR ASSEMBLY (AZTEC) IBM 6X86MXPR233 IBM 6X86 MX PR233 SOCKET 7 CPU 75MHZ 2.9V 2.5X IBM 69X8138 TOKEN RING ADAPTER/A LONG CARD IBM 69H7919 TOP COVER TP 365 CLO 6961806 CARRYING CASE IBM 68X2827 CABLE DISKETTE DRIVE. IBM 6820825 5140 PRINTER CABLES PC CONVERTIBLE IBM 6814246 3268 TIMING BELT IBM 66G5121 PCMCIA SLOT ASSEMBLY 360X IBM 66G5048 750M HINGE COVER Apple 6610037 KEYBOARD PB 520 540 IBM 65X1572 CABLE 8573 FDD IBM 64F0204 FLOPPY DRIVE 2.88MB IBM 64F0156 SLIDE FD 1/3HT 60/65/80 IBM 6493188 PRINT BUFFER 5K PROPRIN I/XL/II/IIXL NEW IBM 6487742 IBM 3278/79 EMULATION MCA LONG IBM 6466941 IBM TYPE 3 MEDIA FILTER Kensington 64164 LOCK-MASTER KEYED IBM 63H3098 4312 EXIT SENSOR IBM 63H3092 4312 ACTUATOR EXIT IBM 63H3075 4312 REGISTRATION ACTUATOR BM 63H3073 SENSOR ASSEMBLY SIZE-1 IBM 63H3071 4312 EXCHANGE CHUTE IBM 63H3059 4312 ACTUATOR EXIT 2/S IBM 63H3058 4312 ACTUATOR EXIT 2/L IBM 63H2388 4317/N17 GEAR CAM IBM 63H2387 4317/N17 OCT LEVER IBM 63H2383 4317/N17 ACTUATOT FULL Xerox 63H2294N 4317/N17 FULL STACK ACTUATOR IBM 63H2281 CABLE ASSEMBLY FEED IBM 6344644 4245 DUST BAG * NEW IBM 6328829 4201-003 RIBBONS IBM 6320979 3278/3279 EMULATION IBM 6316727 COVER ASSEMBLY REAR ACCESS 4683 IBM 62X2148 IB HINGE 4712 PLASTIC IBM 6295158 P PRT RIB Madge Networks 6203 ADAPTER TR 16/4 ISA SAGER 6200HEATSINK HEATSINK FOR SAGER 6200 various 62005NW INTELLITRACK FIXED ASSET IBM 61X8926 SLIDE FD (USE 72X8507) IBM 61X8900 CABLE FD EDGE 720 FOR 8530 REG IBM 61X8898 IBM ENHANCED KEYBOARD CABLE IBM 61H233006 RISER CARD 300PL GL IBM 6135986 POWER BOARD 2 IBM 6115496 LEVER C.D. IBM 60H782604 PC SERVER 4 DROP SCSI CABLE FRU 60H7825 IBM 60G0843 EDUQUEST LED ASSEMBLY (9603) IBM 60G0347 RIGHT HINGE COVER VisionTek 605140 VISIONTEK 16MB SDRAM MODULE/GATEWAY P5 SERIES IBM 59G7591 IBM TP350 STANDBY BATTERY IBM 57G1517 6408 HORIZONAL ADJUST KNOB Dell Computer 5740C CABLE AUDIO IBM 56X9875 4224 ACCOUSTIC SHIELD Oki Data 56616302 PRINTHEAD CABLE ML321 Oki Data 56616301 PRINTHEAD CABLE ML320 Oki Data 56614608 OKI393 CABLE OP PANEL Oki Data 56613701 PRINTHEAD CABLE OKI ML100 SERIES IBM 5617140 5225 BULB IBM 55H6815 IBM AUTO WAKE TOKENRING ISA ADAPTER (WITHOUT MANUAL & DISKETTE) IBM 55F9902 IBM 55F9902 1GB SCSI FC2555 Dell Computer 55818 CBL DATA 40P INT EIDE 2CONN Oki Data 55018101 100 SERIES SERIAL INTERFACE SLLI (BROWN CARD) Oki Data 55017401 OPERATOR PANEL PCB. (SLSQ) W90 DAY WARRANTY Xerox 54E85640 P-12 EXCHANGE CHUTE Ricoh 54465529 HTR.-LOW LAMP 100V 300W Ricoh 54465528 HTR.-UP LAMP 100V 1000W Ricoh 54425308 EXP. LAMP 85V 250W Oki Data 54146001 2410/2350 RIBBON ROLLER Oki Data 54132301 OKI 82/83/92 PLATEN KNOB Oki Data 54111292 LINE FEED BELT Oki Data 54108801 2410 IDLER GEAR L.F. Oki Data 54101401 FRICTION SPRING ML82/83/84/92/93 Madge Networks 5409 MADGE SMART 16/4 MC32 RINGNODE 32-BIT Madge Networks 5408 MADGE SMART 16/4 MC RINGNODE 16-BIT Sun Micro 5402764 SSA BRACKET WSCREWS FOR SSA 100 SERIES/1000 DISK CARD Madge Networks 5402 MADGE SMART MCA RINGNODE - 16BIT Dell Computer 53965 SCREW (5) HARD DRIVE TO BASE Dell Computer 53960 SCREW (8) MNTNG FAN/KYBD Oki Data 53563401 ML521/591 SPACE RACK Oki Data 53563301 SPACE RACK ASSEMBLY OKI ML590 Oki Data 53529001 LVR BTM PAPER END 393 Oki Data 53526701 RUBBER: CONTACT PRESSURE Oki Data 53493201 320/390 ACOUSTIC PULL TRACTOR COVER Oki Data 53349601 OKI-320T SPACE RACK Oki Data 5305620 ML 320 RIBBON PROTECT Oki Data 53056101 OKI ML393 RIBBON SHIELD Oki Data 53055901 RIBBON GUIDE OKI ML393 Hayes 5302AM MODEM ACCURA 144+FAX ISA Sun Micro 5301518 SUN CABLE 530-1518 IPI I/O CABLE IBM 52G7972 HDD CABLE Ricoh 52155307 HTR. LAMP 115V 750W Ricoh 52115308 EXP. LAMP 85V 300W Madge Networks 5211 CARD NETWORK SMART 16/4 CLIENT Madge Networks 5207 MADGESMART 16/4 AT RINGNODE - 16BIT ISA Ricoh 52059506 HTR. LAMP 115V 960W Madge Networks 5205 MADGE AT RINGNODE - 16BIT ISA Madge Networks 5204 CARD NETWORK SMART 16/4 AT PLUS Madge Networks 5201 MADGE SMART 16/4 PC RINGNODE - ISA HP 51853108 DIGITAL VIDEO CABLE HP 51833443 FLOPPY CABLE - NETSERVER LH3 HP 51832104 CABLE CD-ROM VECTRA HP 51832103 CABLE IDE VECTRA HP 51829416 FIXED CASTERS - LOCKING HP 51826725 RIB CABL(D11) IDE HARD DRIVESYS BOARD HP 51824581 PWR CABLE LXPRO/FOR CONTROL PANEL HP 51824580 PWR CABLE LXPRO/20PIN/SYS BRD>PWR /2 USE HP 51823552 HEADSET VECTRA W/VOLUME CONTROL HP 51821857 CABLE AUDIO VECTRA HP 51820081 SCSI DRV CBL TERMINATED FOR INT DEVICES HP 51820079 FLOPPY DRIVE CABLE ASSEMBLY Oki Data 51302001 SPACE MOTOR BELT Oki Data 51238501 ML32X LINE FEED GEAR Oki Data 51228901 HOPPING ROLLER CLUTCH GEAR Oki Data 51210501 RIBBON SPOOL GEAR ML82/83/92/93 Oki Data 51209601 2410 RIBBON DRIVE GEAR Oki Data 51208401 RIBBON SPOOL GEAR ML84 Oki Data 51011301 RIGHT CASSETTE GUIDE OL4XXE 6XXE 6E/EX Oki Data 51011201 LEFT CASSETTE GUIDE OL4XXE/6XXE 6E/EX Oki Data 51000201 2410/2350 RIBBON SHIFT GUIDE Oki Data 50923501 SPRING TENSION(SPACE RACK)ML590 Oki Data 50923001 LEAF SPRING OKI ML590/320T/520 Oki Data 50911601 PAPER PRESSURE GUIDE OKI ML321 Oki Data 50804902 LVR SENSOR CUT SHEET 5XX HP 50652598 HP I/O RISER CARD FOR SFF VECTRA VL400 HP 50642664 DRIVE MOUNTING KIT HP 50634513 SPEAKER VECTRA VL HP 50424558 BUTTON FLOPPY EJECT PAVILION Synoptics 502A No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Polaroid 500FILM 10 PHOTOS POLAROID 500 INSTANT FILM/NEW Oki Data 50097701 PAPER CHUTE ASSEMBLY OKI ML590 Oki Data 50097401 PAPER PAN OKI ML591 Oki Data 50097301 PAPER PAN OKI ML590 Oki Data 50061901 PAPER CHUTE OKI ML321 Oki Data 50061801 PAPER CHUTE OKI ML320 Oki Data 50061502 COLUMN INDICATOR ASSEMBLY OKI ML321 Oki Data 50061501 COLUMN INDICATOR ASSEMBLY OKI ML320 HP 50023656 BRACKET I/O CRD RET IBM 4783858 COVER BATTERY 468X Sony 464278201 SPRING SONY VAIO IBM 4587993 3812 ROLLER IBM 4483015 RIBBON PRINTER MOD 2 IBM 4412292 5224 FELT Toshiba 4408683250 HTR. LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4408683230 EXP. LAMP 70V 180W Toshiba 4408610970 HTR. LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4408518570 HTR. LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4408518540 EXP. LAMP 90V 260W Toshiba 4408318710 HTR.-LOW LAMP 115V 250W Toshiba 4408318660 HTR.-UP LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4407987520 HTR.LAMP 115V 850W Toshiba 4407966240 HTR. LAMP 115V 800W Toshiba 4407690820 EXP. LAMP 92V 200W Toshiba 4407551780 EXP. LAMP 92V 300W Toshiba 4402859020 EXP.LAMP 92V 250W Toshiba 4402859000 HTR.LAMP 115V900W Toshiba 4402816010 HTR. LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4402220980 HTR. LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4402053850 EXP. LAMP 92V 300W Toshiba 4401917150 HTR.-UP LAMP 115V 1200W Toshiba 4401916680 HTR.-LOW LAMP 115V 250W Toshiba 4401797360 EXP. LAMP 92V 260W Toshiba 4401797310 HTR.-UP LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4401797260 HTR.-LOW LAMP 115V 250W Toshiba 4400873560 EXP. LAMP 92V 300W Toshiba 4400847620 HTR. LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4400781740 EXP. LAMP 92V 300W Toshiba 4400733240 EXP. LAMP 92V 300W Toshiba 4400679850 HTR.LAMP 115V900W Toshiba 4400679140 EXP.LAMP 92V 300W Toshiba 4400539630 HTR. LAMP 115V 900W Toshiba 4400534630 EXP. LAMP 92V 200W Toshiba 4400357910 EXP. LAMP 92V 300W Toshiba 4400357810 HTR.LAMP 115 900W IBM 43G0928 IBM RJ45 WRAP PLUG FOR RS/6000 Imation 43347 IMATION4.0GB 120M 4MM CARTRIGE IBM 42H2397 IBM TOKEN RING WAKE ON LAN CABLE IBM 42G3423 IBM 1MB 80NS SIMM - 30PIN Dell Computer 4224U LOCK HARD DRIVE CARRIER PE2450 WESTERN DIGITAL 4200 HD: IDE 3.5INCH 200MB IBM 41H7449 ADAPTER SOUND CARD - THINKPAD 365CS DEC 403495001 MOUSE Compaq 401101001 ENCLOSURE BASE ARMADA 1500C Compaq 401096001 BOARD AUDIO ARMADA 1500C Compaq 400781001 HEAT SPREADER Gateway 3RE2111503620 COVER PALMREST Oki Data 3PP40432509 BAIL ARM Oki Data 3PP40432501 OKI 393/395/3410 PLATEN KNOB Oki Data 3PB40552887 OKI 320 LF GEAR 3Com 3C595-TX FAST ETHERLINK PCI ASSEMBLY 03-0027-001 REV D 3Com 3C523CX 3COM ETHERLINK IIMC - COAX 3Com 3C509BTPO06 ETHERLINK III-10BT-ISA 3Com 3C509B-C ETHERLINK III IBM 39F8370 CARD NETWORK 16/4 TR ISA 3/4 Genicom 390990061001 SWITCH SPDT LEVER Dell Computer 38892 LED SWITCH OPTI4/XXMX Compaq 387727001 DUAL-LED POWER CABLE MONORAIL 387100001 BOARD BUTTON W/METAL PLATE 166LS Sun Micro 370141901 SUN FLOPPY DISK Sun Micro 370117001 3 BUTTON MOUSE Genicom 363500052001 O-RING.924 ID NEO. Compaq 358936001 CORD AC ARMADA 6500 Compaq 356081001 PREMIER SOUND CARD F/DESKPRO E IBM 34F3061 MEMORY PS/2 WIZARD EXPANSION ADAP Dell Computer 33PXC LATCH HOOKS 15.4IN LCD I7500 IBM 33L4724 SURGE PROTECTOR ( POWER STRIP) IBM 33F8425 FEAT BEZEL IBM 33F5950 BATTERY/SPEAKER ASSEMBLY CABLE IBM 33F5380 CABLE IBM 33F4948 DISKETTE DRIVE SPACER HP 3344460002Z HP MEMORY 2/2D 2MB (R) HP 3344369004Z HP MEMORY 2 1MB (R) Compaq 331411001 BOARD INTERFACE PRES 1905-25 13.3 Compaq 331016001 BOARD LCD INTERFACE PRES 1626-40 Compaq 331010001 BOARD AUDIO PRES 1640-55 1805-10 Compaq 330948001 BASE CPU PRESARIO 1230 Compaq 330515001 ARMADA 1700 SERIES LED AUDIO BRD IBM 33047 DC300 XL/P DATA CARTRIDGE Generic 32MNBE144P 32MB EDO RAM FOR NOTEBOOK 144PINS Compaq 320561001 CABLE FOR PRESARIO 5000(PART OF KIT 320663-001) Compaq 320560001 CABLE FOR PRESARIO 5000(PART OF KIT 320663-001) Compaq 320558001 CABLE FOR PRESARIO 5000(PART OF KIT 320663-001) Oki Data 320390 PULL TRACTOR USED WITHOUT THE ACOUSTIC COVER 75 Oki Data 320321 CONTROL PANEL-OVERLAY-SSD OR REG STYLE Compaq 315748001 BEZEL DISPLAY ARMADA 7790 7792 Compaq 315669 RIGHT HINGE LCD ARMADA 7800 14.1 Compaq 315668 LEFT HINGE LCD ARMADA 7800 14.1 Dell Computer 3149D PLUG RBBR FOR MDM PORT Genicom 312301981007 CONN SUBMN D RT ANG 25P Oki Data 31058203 OKIDATA 320 EPROM Compaq 310382001 ARMADA 3500 AUX BATTERY Compaq 310366001 ARMADA 3500 RTC BATTERY Compaq 310188002 CABLE FOR PRESARIO 5000(PART OF KIT 320663-001) Compaq 310187001 CABLE FOR PRESARIO 5000(PART OF KIT 320663-001) Genicom 308600062001 CLEANER PRINT BAND Exabyte 307265001 EXATAPE 160MXL 8MM DATA CARTRIDGE Compaq 304835301 LEFT LCD HINGE COVER ARMADA 1750 Compaq 304835201 RIGHT LCD HINGE COVER ARMADA 1750 Dell Computer 30445 O/P PANEL AMT Datasouth 304070 AMT 535 BRONZ BUSHING Intel 303903005 CARD NETWORK COMBO EISA LONG NEC 2X424801 UPPER MONITOR BASE NEC JC-1571VMA NEC 2X424781 BOTTOM MONITOR STAND NEC JC-1571VMA Micron 2X32 8MB 72PIN SIMM 60NS EDO IBM 29H9497 IBM TP760 STANDBY BATTERY Compaq 298607001 SPS-HEATSPREADER Compaq 298486001 CABLE FOR PRESARIO 5000(PART OF KIT 320663-001) Compaq 296035001 SPS-SECURITY KIT Compaq 295945001 CABLE AC ADAPTER EXT ARMADA 4100 Compaq 294226B21 MEMORY VIDEO 2MB SODIMM ATI Compaq 293882001 SPS-BD AUDIO W JACKS Compaq 293757001 SPS-SPEAKER RIGHT & LEFT Compaq 293756001 SPS-BD AUDIO W JACKS Compaq 293739001 SPS-CVR CPU W CA & PWR SWITCH DEC 292592300 DEC LA75 PRINTHEAD CABLE DEC 292510101 LN03 PAPER OUT UNIT SWITCH IBM 28L186402 SCROLL POINT II MOUSE Compaq 288443001 POWER SWITCH DP 4000N Compaq 287310001 SPS-HEATPIPE Dell Computer 2864D SCREW (1) M3X3 HARD DRIVE TO CADDY Logitech 2810000700 LOGITECH 2-BUTTON MOUSE WITH WHEEL PS/2 CONNECTOR Generic 2810000200 2-BUTTON MOUSE PS/2 CONNECTOR IBM 27P8022 1145 BELT IBM 27L6607 PCMCIA CAGE IBM 27L0501 CABLE MODEM TP IBM 27L0471 CABLE MICROPHONE TP A20M 2628 IBM 27F4912 CABLE FD PIN TYPE IBM 27F4178 8530-286 HARD DRIVE CABLE Compaq 278797B21 MEMORY CACHE 256K L2 HP 2730469201 BOARD TOKEN RING LJ LAN MANAGER Compaq 272466001 BAY DRIVE ARMADA STATION/II Compaq 272381001 CASE MULTIBAY CARRYING DEVICE CASE Compaq 271920001 SPS-CABLE FAN Compaq 27017 SPS SPEAKER W/BOARD Compaq 267862001 FAN Compaq 266526001 CRADLE MINI PC COMPANION IBM 25F6301 PANEL KEYBOARD FILLER - 4683 Dell Computer 2589 MOUNTING BRAKETS 3.5" OPT GX1 Compaq 258634002 SPS-BATTERY RTC Compaq 258632001 HEATSINK Compaq 258620001 COVER CPU ARMADA 4100 Compaq 255293001 SPS-BD VOLTAGE CONVERTER 2.0V Texas Instruments 25522540001 CLAMP HIGH TEMPERATURE-2106 Compaq 255191001 SPS-BASE CPU Compaq 255049001 BOARDLED (12.1 CTFT) Compaq 254979001 ARMADA 1500 INTERNAL SPEAKERS Compaq 254978001 COVERKEYBOARD Compaq 254977001 FAN Compaq 254975001 CABLECD ROM DRIVE Compaq 254971001 SPS-BATTERY REAL TIME CLOCK Compaq 254961001 ADAPTERAC (INTERNAL) Compaq 254958001 SPS-BD LED Compaq 254957001 BOARDAUDIO Compaq 254124001 HEAT SPREADER EVO N180 700XX Compaq 254123001 FAN EVO N180 PRES 700XX Compaq 254118001 SPEAKER EVO N180 PRES 700XX Compaq 253110001 CABLE FLOPPY EVO D300V Compaq 251367001 FAN EVO N160 PRES 1700XX Compaq 251363001 SPEAKER LEFT EVO N160 1700XX STORAGE DYNAMICS 2503414005 CONTROLLER SCSI EISA STORAGE DYNAMICS 2503414003 CONTROLLER SCSI EISA Compaq 247391001 BOARDBACKPLANE 1-1-3 - DT Compaq 247390001 BOARDBACKPLANE 2-1-2 - DT Compaq 247088001 CABLE Compaq 246959001 SPS-POWER CORD 3W AC Compaq 246505001 HEATSINK EVO D500 various 2465005 DIABLO RIBBON XEROX 842289 Compaq 242990001 DRIVEHARD 1.2GB (IDE) QUANTUM BIGFOOT (5 AND 1 4 SIZE) Compaq 242947008 CBL IDE 14IN Compaq 242946002 CBL FDD DP2000-5XX ATT - Lucent - Avaya 24150 COMPLETE HOME/OFFICE FAX CLEANING KIT Compaq 241083001 HOLDERMOUSE IBM 23F1019 4224 PAPER SENSOR AND CABLE Compaq 239038001 HEATSINK EVO N150 Compaq 238258001 LOGO KITPRESARIO 4100 (QTY=1 EACH) Compaq 238190001 FOOT PEDESTAL PRESARIO 4000 Compaq 233555001 HEATSINK ARM 110S Compaq 231451001 CABLE MODEM EVO N400C Dell Computer 22918 BRKT RETAINING MODL Compaq 222143001 CPU COVER PRES 12XL300 1200XX Compaq 221506001 MODEM33.6 DAT FAX TELEPHONE ANSWERING Madge Networks 2211C25 MADGE SMART16/4 ISA CLIENT PLS RGNDEC-25 Compaq 220843001 SPEAKERRIGHT Compaq 220814001 CABLESVGA CTFT Compaq 220807001 BATTERYAUXILIARY Compaq 220699001 ADAPTERAC (INTERNAL) Compaq 220698001 BOARDAUDIO IR JACK Compaq 219810001 HEAT SPREADER PRES 1700XL/XX Compaq 218312001 HEATSINK PRES 18XL Compaq 217932001 SPS-POWER CORD 3W AC WESTERN DIGITAL 214121-001-lo HDD DRV 1/3HT 630MB Compaq 214049001 MEMORY MODULE4MB (60NS) DEC 213912501 BATTERY CMOS STARION 900 SERIES DEC Compaq 213757001 BAY ASSEMBLY LTE 5000 MEB Compaq 213562001 POWER SUPPLYINTERNAL DC DC Compaq 213534001 ASSEMBLY STATUS LTE 5000-5200 Compaq 211452001 PROCESSOR 586/90 W/O HEATSINK Compaq 210831001 TRIM RING LOCK Compaq 204934001 KIT SECURITY ARMADA 7400 various 204889 4245 BEARING Compaq 204413001 KIT SECURITY ARMADA 7400 Compaq 204394001 SPS-SECURITY KIT Epson 2032467 PRINTHEAD CABLE SCLR 116 Compaq 202963001 HEAT SPREADER PRES 1200XL CEL Compaq 202958001 TOP COVER PRES 1200XL Compaq 202405001 CABLE FOR USB ASSEMBLY PRESARIO 5WV271 Dell Computer 201079 TRACKBALL LATITUDE LXPI Epson 2002918 REAR PRINTHEAD CABLE LQ570+_ Epson 2002917 FRONT PRINTHEAD CABLE LQ570+ Generic 1B00607 ACTIVE HIGH DENSITY SCSI TERMINATOR IBM 19K7817 IBM DOOR ASSEMBLY BLACK Compaq 199595002 KIT SPS-CBL INT EXT W SCSI Compaq 199576002 1.2GB TAPE CRTRG Compaq 199491001 CABLE Y- Compaq 199109001 KIT SPS-BRKT LOCK SECURITY Compaq 198994001 HARNESS EXTENSION Compaq 198943001 HARNESSPOWER Compaq 198942001 BOARDBATTERY CONTACTS Compaq 198866001 BATTERYFASTCHARGER Compaq 198712001 FAN/HEATSINK PRES 1700XL Compaq 198710001 SPEAKERS PRES 1700XL 1700XX Compaq 197317001 SPACER BATTERY Compaq 196825001 BATTERYFASTCHARGER Compaq 196440001 BRACKETHARD DRIVE 3.5 BAY Compaq 195615001 POWER CABLE Compaq 194874001 CABLE 2 WIRE HIGH VOLTAGE CTFT Compaq 194374001 BOARDBACKPLANE Compaq 194157001 PLASTICS KIT ELITE MISCELLANEOUS Compaq 194133001 POUCHMODEM Compaq 194058001 BOARDPOWER INTERFACE Compaq 194040001 BEZELDISPLAY 8.4 CTFT 4 40CX (HFL) Compaq 194038001 SPS-CASE CARRYING HARD DRIVE TOM 193201 CONFERENCE HEADSET Compaq 193080001 MODEM14.4 DATA FAX Compaq 193061002 MODEM14.4 DATA FAX Compaq 192013001 SPS-BD PWR SWTCH IBM 18L6848 LCD BEZEL TP A20M 15.1 Compaq 189639001 KIT SPS-CBL INT EXT W SCSI Compaq 189637003 CABLE SCSI-2 FW 23" INTERNAL Compaq 189240001 BRACKETDISKETTE DRIVE Compaq 188965001 CORDAC POWER MISC. COLORS Compaq 187123001 MODEM192BPS SPEEDPAQ Compaq 187100001 MODEM192BPS SPEEDPAQ Compaq 186423001 SPS-CBL ADPTR 120MB DSKT DRV Dell Computer 18619 CABLE IDE 1' 2 CONNECTOR Compaq 185152011 KBD RACK TRACKBALL SWISS Compaq 185152010 KBD RACK TRACKBALL SWE Compaq 185152009 KBD RACK TRACKBALL NOR Compaq 185152008 KBD RACK TRACKBALL DAN Compaq 185152007 KBD RACK TRACKBALL SP Compaq 184734002 WHITE ROUND RETAINER RING FOR ELITE (TRACKBALLS) $10 EA Compaq 184734001 RETAINER RING FOR AERO TRACKBALL'S $10 EA Compaq 180190007 KEYBOARD INTERNET Y *DENTS/SCRATCHES* QTY.10 FOR $ 40.00 Compaq 179355-007 COMPAQ USB KEYBOARD BLUE BEZEL 5000 SERIES Compaq 179188001 SPS-SPEAKER Compaq 179049001 CBL FDD 14.5IN Sony 179015811 CABLE FPC VAIO PCG-700 SERIES VOLEX 17666 CBL TWO WAY PWR CORD Compaq 174773001 SPS-CA AUDIO Compaq 173066001 KIT SPS-BRKT LOCK SECURITY Compaq 172945001 CABLEDRIVE SELECT FOR DUAL IDE Compaq 172944006 COMPAQ HEAT SINK PENTIUM I Sony 172928711 SPEAKERS PCG-F FX SERIES Compaq 172760002 PROCESSOR PRES 9530-38 586/90 Compaq 171915001 PRESARIO LOGO KIT Compaq 171290001 SPS-CA IDE DUAL CONN 18 Compaq 171109001 CABLECD ROM INTERNAL POWER DATA AUDIO DEC 170063201 CABLE DEC 170032602 CABLE Compaq 169185001 BOARDBACKPLANE WSCSI 5 BAY HOT PLUGGABLE Compaq 166974001 SPS-CABLE NIC WAKE UP Compaq 166777001 SWITCH HOLDER Dell Computer 16614 CABLE IDE 1 1/2' 2 CONNECTOR IBM 164ISA25F9858 16BIT TOKEN RING NIC Compaq 163719002 AC POWER CORD 12 FT. Compaq 163606002 CABLE FOR USB ASSEMBLY PRESARIO 5WV271 Generic 1619618C FDD 1.44MB - CLONE FOR 64F0162 Compaq 160788PLATE ADAPTER FLOPPY 160788-EXCHANGE01 Compaq 160252001 HARDWARE KITMISCELLANEOUS Compaq 160192001 ROM SYS VIDEO Compaq 159500001 SPS-FAN Compaq 159494001 SPEAKERS PRES 1600XL Compaq 158233001 CABLE NETWORK ARMADA M700 Madge Networks 15409001 MADGE SMART 16/4 MC32 RINGNODE 32-BIT Madge Networks 15408107 MADGE SMART 16/4 MC RINGNODE 16-BIT Madge Networks 15408007 MADGE SMART 16/4 MC RINGNODE 16-BIT Madge Networks 15407103 MADGE SMART 16/4 MC32 RINGNODE 32-BIT Sony 152928711 SPEAKER ASSEMBLY PCG-F SERIES Sony 152918611 SPEAKER PCG-700 SERIES Madge Networks 15211002N MADGE SMART16/4 ISA CLIENT PLS RGNDEC-25 Madge Networks 15211002 MADGE SMART16/4 ISA CLIENT PLS RGNDEC-25 Madge Networks 15205402 MADGE AT RINGNODE - 16BIT ISA Madge Networks 15204707N CARD NETWORK SMART 16/4 AT PLUS Madge Networks 15204706Y CARD NETWORK SMART 16/4 AT PLUS Madge Networks 15204706S CARD NETWORK SMART 16/4 AT PLUS Madge Networks 15203404 MADGESMART 16/4 AT RINGNODE - 16BIT ISA Madge Networks 15202814 MADGESMART 16/4 AT RINGNODE - 16BIT ISA Madge Networks 15130002 MADGE SMART 16/4 PC RINGNODE - ISA Madge Networks 15107203S MADGE SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Madge Networks 15105601 MADGE SMART 16/4 PC RINGNODE - ISA IBM 1501229 PC NETWORK BASEBAND CABLE IBM 1501207 PC CLUSTER ADAPTER CABLE ASSEMBLY Compaq 149707001 CABLE LED Compaq 149706001 FAN Compaq 149603001 BEZELDISPLAY 9.5 BLACK & WHITE TFT 4 50 (HGR) Compaq 149527001 BOARD AC ADAPTER HP 14901007 SWIVEL CASTERS Compaq 148590001 SPEAKER Compaq 148580001 FOOT QTY=1 Compaq 148297001 BRACKETHARD DRIVE 3.5 SIDE MOUNT Compaq 148215001 CLAMP EZ-CLIP I O Compaq 148108001108 SPEAKERS Compaq 146779001 COVER SWITCH Compaq 144263002 FLOPPY (144207-201)