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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Lexmark 1333235 SUPPORT PLATE LEFT SIDE Brother Intl U85127001 FRONT DOCUMENT SENSOR UNIT(FAX Canon QG51313030 CARRIAGE UNIT Texas Instruments 25696380001 GEAR UPPER EXIT SHAFT 18T MLXL Sato PT8056065 FRICTION WASHER FOR SATO CL608 Oki Data 40927901 FRAME ASSEMBLY - SEPARATION Genicom 1A0507P04 PAPER DRIVE BELT Lexmark 11A3540 BLACK RE-INKING RIBBON Epson 1024562 COVER PAPER SUPPORT;B Lexmark 99A0889 CABLE ASSEMBLY LASER 3455 SHARP SF780MT1C MODEL /-780MT1 MODEL 7800 7850 7855 Yamaha YA724 YAMAHA 16 PNP 3D SOUND PCI WESTERN DIGITAL WD 11200 1.2GIG IDE ( 90 DY WARRANTY) Diamond VPRV330PCIXLS DIAMOND VIPER V330 4MB 3D AGP COMPUVEST VIDEOTOSVIDEO FEMALE/RCA FEMALE/STEREO Curtis Computer SP150T CURTIS SURGE TO GO-2 OUTLET/PH Generic SIMM724X3670 16MB 70NS 72-PIN TRUE PARITY 4X36-70NS Generic SIMM724X32EDO60 16MB EDO 72-PIN 4X32-60NS Generic SIMM722X3270 8MB 70NS 72-PIN 2X32-60 FPM Epson S020047 EPSON CART. SO20047BK FO 200/820/1500 BL Generic RY75077000 SEPERATION PAD HP 5L/6L/3100 HP RH77092 HP 4500 THERMOSWITCH Canon RB10333020 COVER Panasonic PJBN25Z PLATEN KNOB various NW30913C NETGEAR FA410CR - 10/100MBPS 16-BIT PCMCIA ETHERNET KIT LABTEC LCS1070REGN LABTEC SPIN 70 SPEAKER SET LABTEC LCS1050REGN LABTEC SPIN 50 SPEAKER SET Panasonic FDP14B PANASONIC 1.44M (BLACK) Canon FA65361000 UPPER TEFLON ROLLER Epson F201264010 PGEAR PRINTER PROD COMPUVEST DB25MMINICENT36M 6FT PARALLEL CABLE DB25M/MINI CENT 36M Lexmark 99A1578 ARM ASSEMBLY TRANSFER ARM LEF Lexmark 99A1503 HINGE UP FRONT COVER Logitech 9305820403 LOGITECH OPTICAL MOUSE LIVEPIX 5266536501 LIVEPIX SOHO FOR WINDOWS Oki Data 51225201 PLATEN GEAR & SPRING ASSEMBLY Lexmark 1408249 RAIL EXTNS Lexmark 99A1570 SHIELD ASSEMBLY INNER 1 SLOT Genicom 4C0157G01 CBL ASSEMBLY TTLB-P1/TTMI-P1 NEC 136747807A NEC-LT LATCH ASSEMBLY NEC 136747806A NEC-RT. LATCH ASSEMBLY RJS 7C314757 EXIT PLATE RJS 7C311058 COVER LATCH ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES 72283 ZEBRA TRANS MATTE 2000 - PRINTER LABELS - MATTE LABELS - WHITE - ROLL (2.25 IN) - 8 PCS. 72283 Genicom 78399412001 OPEN GEAR LA450 Lexmark 12G3621 POWER SUPPLY EXTERNAL LV Epson F334265010 TRACTOR COVER GRAY Texas Instruments 25658440001 MOLDED INPUT BIN DMD/ATB2000/1600/18 Lexmark 1333158 TRACTOR SIDE FRAME (L) (23XX) Lexmark 12G0260 COVER UPPER FRONT Kyocera Mita 5MVB886SH021 CVR RIGHT KYOCERA FS1 ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES 48805M STATIC BRUSH KIT 140XI Texas Instruments 25502880123 87X IDLE GEAR A Texas Instruments 25502880119 87X LF IDLE PULLEY Texas Instruments 25502880118 87X IDLE GEAR B NEC 136786669A PLASTIC RELEASE ARM Oki Data 51216001 320 IDLER GEAR Genicom 312300251002 CONN 36POSN RT ANGLE SHARP SF216NT1C MODEL /-216NT1 MODEL 2116 2118 2020 2120 Dataprinter A44061 UPPER TRACTOR DRIVE SHA Lexmark 1333216 OPERATOR PANEL FLAT CABLE Canon QH44273000 MOTOR PAPER FEED Logitech 9631640700 DEXXA JOYSTICK 1 - Genicom 1A0026P10 TOP LID B-EX.LEVER Brother Intl UG4166001 I/F CABLE FAX4550 *UG4172001 Toshiba SR3240H FUSER CLEANING ROLLER Texas Instruments 26463830001 SAFETY SWITCH LEVER KIT ML PRO Epson 1068941 ROLLER ASSEMBLY . EJECT HP RG54588000 RIGHT DOOR RAIL ASSEMBLY HP RF91326000 ROLLER: UPPER DELIVERY HP RF52726000 GUIDE REAR HP RF51939000 PAD SEPARATION HP D506483013 DVI VIDEO CABLE FOR THE LCD DISPLAY Lexmark 69G8336 EXIT PAPER FEED ROLLER/SHAFT ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 97914480001 OPC CONNECT PWB ML PRO IBM 94062385 9406 170 2385 W/5.1. AS400 Texas Instruments 26464220001 39T GEAR ML PRO Texas Instruments 26464200001 54T/24T GEAR MLPRO Texas Instruments 25633260101 CAM ROLLER ASSEMBLY (W/SLEEVE) EATON 104517001B DHP LOGO LABEL Brother Intl U11196001 TF EJECT GUIDE (360) Epson F361562010 SHIELD PLATE Texas Instruments 23106630001 CUSHION 70X SEE NOTE Texas Instruments 23104790001 70X PLAT CUSHION * Lexmark 1333236 HOME POSITION SENSOR Kyocera Mita 5MVX665DB01 BEARING DRUM SHARP SF810MT1C MODEL /-810MT1 MODEL 8100 8260 Sharp NBLTH0117FCZZ MM TIMING BELT JX9500 SEE 2565283-1 Kensington 3872100 COMBO MOUSE - SERIAL & PS/2 Texas Instruments 25771350001 FILTER OZONE MICROLASER XL Texas Instruments 25696200001 GEAR BELT DRIVE MICROLASER XL Texas Instruments 25663270005 KIT MICRO XL SP PT MAIN & TIMING BELT Texas Instruments 25653520001 CONTRAST SWITCH-MICROLASER Texas Instruments 25652830001 MM TIMING BELT-MICROLASER Lexmark 99A0022 CAP MPT Brother Intl UL6074001 DISK CASE ASSEMBLY MFC4500/5500ML Acer 6046807001 ASSEMBLY UCASE TOP SECC W/TPAD BUTTONS Printek 2631 MICRO SWITCH PTK Lexmark 1383450 CARRIER CABLE Texas Instruments 97914390001 TONER ARM SPRING MLPRO Texas Instruments 97914380001 15T GEAR MLPRO Texas Instruments 97914370001 40T GEAR MLPRO Texas Instruments 97914360001 26T GEAR MLPRO Texas Instruments 97914340001 CLUTCH BOSS ML PRO Texas Instruments 97914320001 27T/27T GEAR ML PRO Star Micronics 83901171 PLATEN KNOB NX10/15/ND1 Oki Data 51114404 DRIVE SHAFR TRACTOR (W) ML321TURBO NCR 61042197 SOLENOID NCR 2567 Oki Data 50804601 BOTTOM PAPER END LEVER Lexmark 69G8343 FRONT COVER Texas Instruments 25697120001 ROLLER PF PASSIVE MLXL VELOSITY VELOSITY VELOSITY 128 4MB VIDIO CARD VELOSITY VEL1284MB VELOSITY 128 4MB VIDIO CARD CREATIVE LABS SB16CT4170 CRATIVE LABS SB 16 PNP/90D HP RG50457 HP MAIN DRIVE GEAR ASSEMBLY LJ4 HP RG50231 HP FRONT COVER CONNECT BD HP RG50198 HP FACE DOWN DELIVERY ASSEMBLY HP RG50056 HP 3SI/4SI PAPER REFEED UNIT HP RF51290 HP 5P/6P TRANSFER ROLLER HP RA13751IR HP LJ 2/2D/3/3D LASR SCAN ASSEMBLY IBM FD05HG IBM 1.44MB FDD THINKPAD/90D Genicom CA02929D123 LEVER-COPY CONTROL Lexmark 95F5315 SHORT FLEXIBLE CABLE (ALL OTHERS) IBM 41G9544 IBM SCSI CONTROLLER CARD MCA Lexmark 1328589 LEXMARK 2MB MEMEXP 4039/30D Compaq 6306001 COMPAQ 16/4 TR UTP/STP PCI NIC Compaq 5139001 COMPAQ 10/100 PCI ETHERNET NIC HP 0050RG0 HP LJ 2/2D/3/3D LASR SCAN ASSEMBLY Lexmark 99A1595 COVER SMART CARTIRDGE CO Genicom 4B0089G01 WRENCH ASSEMBLY PRINTHEAD HP A257860001 8MB RAM HALF OF (A2578A) IBM WDS380 80MB SCSI 50PIN 3.5 HH IBM WDS3160S 160MB SCSI HARD DRIVE PS/2 KEYTRONIC TRAK101 101-KEY LAYOUT WITH THE ADDED POWER OF AN INTEGRATED POINTING DEVICE IBM TC4045B ADAPTER 16/4 T/R ISA GENERIC STYLUS STYLUS WITH BALL PEN FOR VARIO Seagate Technologies ST9140A IDE/140MB/2.5INCH Generic SIMM722X3660 8MB 60NS 72-PIN TRUE PARITY 2X36-60 HP RS52254 HP 4P COMPRESSION SPRING Targus RLL119 RAKGEAR - PLAYGROUND BACKPACK RED/YELLOW HP RH71121 HP II/IIIP FAN HP RG54130 HP 2100 TRANSFER ROLLER HP RG53228000 ARM GEAR COUPLER ASSEMBLY HP RG52675000CN TORQUE LIMITER FOR HP 4500N HP RB12979 LJ 4L MEMORY ACCESS DOOR Sony QTR3SL TR-3 TAPE 1.6GB/3.2GB AMSTAR POWERNB3 6-FT. NOTEBOOK POWER CABLE (/-HOLE) HP P28685B HP ETHERTWIST TRANSCEIVER Intel P166SK7 INTEL PENTIUM 166MHZ MMX Toshiba P000205770 TOSHIBA 400CS INFARED BOARD; NB Sharp NROLT0593FCZZ UPPER TEFLON ROLLER Sharp NROLI0519FCZZ LOWER SILICON ROLLER AMSTAR NB2S 6-FT. NOTEBOOK POWER CABLE (2-HOLE) Mitsumi MITSUMISTDSCROLL MOUSE 3 BUTTON PS2 Micron micron 32MB EDO 72PIN SIMMS Fujitsu MB8504S064AE 32M FOR LIFEBOOK CGATE LAPLINK No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Kingston Tech KVRCRIMM RAMBUS CONTINUITY RIMM DEXXA JYD15 6-BUTTON THROTTLE JOYSTICK various IC90102C FIREWIRE (IEEE 1394) 3-PORT PCI ADAPTER FOR DESKTOP PC Canon HH42786030 IC UPD23C8000CXZ-134 MASK-ROM HP HG51308000 SEPARATION GUIDE ASSEMBLY AMSTAR HD108 2.5 TO 3.5 HARD DRIVE ADAPTER Ricoh G0002502 SENSOR ASSEMBLY LP408X Citoh FU024400 FINGERNAIL ASSEMBLY C13000 HP FH77313 LJ4500 SENSOR (PS7) DEVLIVERY PAPER Belkin F8E201 BELKIN CLASSIC MOUSE 2 BUTTTON PS2 Epson F330210000 CART. HOLDER EPSON EX1 HP F1458A BATTERY CHARGER FOR LITHIUM ION BATTERY FOR OB 2100/3100 HP F1445A DOCKING BAY MODULE FOR 7100/7150 DEXXA DJ4BVF 4-BUTTON ANALOG JOYSTICK D-Link DE200TP D-LINK ISA ETHERNET CARD Imation DDS120 IMATION 4/8GB 4MM DAT CARTRIDGE DDS-120 HP D3646B 8MB MEM. EXP. KIT F/HP VE2/VL4 CYBER ACOUSTICS CVL1064 UNI-DIRECTIONAL MIC ANDREW CTD416A ANDREW 16/4 MEDIA FILTER CREATIVE LABS CT4181 SOUND BLASTER 16PNP CT4180 3D ISA BULK various CBLADDVIVGA ADAPTER FROM DVI TO 9PIN VGA CONNECTOR HP C4141A06 8MB MEMORY UPGRADE Citizen AH141110 RIBN MASK 200GX-15 APROTECH AE310B APROTECH 10/100 PCI ETHERNET ADAPTER WITH WAKE ON LAN Lexmark 99A1547 LAMP 115V 875W CC GOLD Texas Instruments 98136910001 CABLE FLEX LED BOARD EXT 90X Texas Instruments 98135100001 EXT 60X MEMORY EXPANSION COVER Texas Instruments 98135090001 EXT 60X HINGE COVER RIGHT Texas Instruments 98135080001 EXT LEFT COVER HINGE Texas Instruments 98135040002 COVER ASSEMBLY ADVANCED PCI W/HOLE Texas Instruments 97860840001 TM5000 HARD DRIVE DOOR W/O CBL SMC 9432TX 10/100 PCI W/WOL SMC 9432BTX 10/100 PCI COMBO IBM 92G8457 IBM PCI AUTO LANSTREAMER IBM 92F0392 IBM VP 6387 RISER CARD DATADOC 92091 PRINTER CABLE CRU 906120101 DATAPORT IV CARRIER ONLY. Generic 899164 PULLEY 24 GEAR PRODIGY Generic 899124 ROLLER RIBBON IDLER PRO Toshiba 8601179 32MB RAM T/TOSHIBA TECRA 7 Toshiba 8600979 16MB RAM TOSHIBA TECRA IBM 83X9648 IBM BNC COAXIAL CARD 3270A IBM 81F8872 IBM 6382/4 BUS RISER CARD QMS 80754472723 PICKUP ROLLER PS20XX/PS3XXX Genicom 78399417002 FRICTION ASSEMBLY LA450 Olicom 770000811 TOKEN RING CARD Olicom 770000591 TOKEN RING CARD IBM 71F7011 8MB 72PIN 2X36 PARITY GOLD LEAD FOR PS/2 Dell Computer 66128 DELL GXI RISER BRACKET KSG 64205 KENSINGTON ADB MOUSE Gateway 6000267 GATEWAY 2000 TELEPATH 28.8 XJ3288 CELLULAR CAPABLE Apple 5901122 APPLE OPTION MODEM CABLE IBM 55H681501 AUTO TOKEN RING WAKE ON LAN ISA Dell Computer 53950 DTRY BLANK LAT CP Oki Data 53350001 PAPER SEP KIT Oki Data 53062701 OKI 3410 PRINTHEAD/RIBBON MASK (P#40917601) IBM 52G3400 PS/2 2.88FD IBM 50H8186 8MB DIMM (WORKING PULL) Oki Data 50061306 321/391 PLATEN ASSEMBLY Compaq 4MLTE5000 4MB FOR COMPAQ LTE 5000/5100/5200/5300/5400 IBM 42H0658 IBM PCI AUTO LANSTREAMER IBM 41H8452P4 16/4 AUTO ISA TOKEN RING Oki Data 40917601 OKI 3410 PRINTHEAD/RIBBON MASK (P#/) 3Com 3C500 ETHERLINK III 10/100BASE-TX+33.6 MODEM W/DONGLES Dell Computer 3544T PCI ULTRA ATA/66 IDE CONT CARD BRUMKOMAGNETICS 337336002 HEAD-DOWN BRUMKOMAGNETICS 337336001 HEAD-UP IBM 29H9197 BEZEL THINKPAD 760 Compaq 298848001 CABLEDISKETTE DRIVE Compaq 296684001 SPS-BD GRAPHICS S3VIRGE-GX Compaq 293737001 DISPLAY STATUS W CABLES DEC 292607800 SENSOR ASSEMBLY LN03C/LN03A Compaq 288444001 SPS-CA DSKT DRV Compaq 286177001 SPS-DOOR ACCESS CD MT IVORY IBM 27P8018 1145 BELT IBM 27L0476 CABLE HARD DRIVE - TP 570 HP 2724760003 HP ETHERTWIST PC LINK 8BIT ISA Compaq 271936002 SPS-CA IDE CD-ROM Compaq 271936001 SPS-CABLE IDE Compaq 271928001 SPS-CABLE DSKT DRV Compaq 270263001 SPS-POWER SWITCH Compaq 269412001 CABLEDISKETTE DRIVE Compaq 269269001 CABLECD ROM DRIVE Compaq 269166002 CABLEDISKETTE DRIVE Compaq 269159002 CABLECD ROM DRIVE Texas Instruments 25653750001 ML WASTE TONER BOTTLE Texas Instruments 25652950001 GEAR 34/34 ML (#59) Texas Instruments 25521100001 SLIDE PAPER TRAY-2106 Texas Instruments 25505470001 PLATE SHUTTER-2106 Texas Instruments 25502740103 INTERFACE COVER MODEL 875/877 Compaq 248812001 BOARDGRAPHICS MILLENNIUM Compaq 247485001 CABLELED & SCSI CONTROLLER Compaq 243136001 BOARDGRAPHICS MILLENNIUM Compaq 243110001 CABLELED - MT Compaq 242803B21 SPS-MEMORY MDL DIMM 16MB Compaq 241707001 SPS-CA PWR SWCH INTERLOC W LED Compaq 241181001 GUIDEMAINTENANCE & SERVICE Compaq 241096001 CABLEHARD DRIVE 10 Compaq 241070001 BEZELBUTTON Compaq 241027001 CABLEHARD DRIVE 10 IBM 22P4945 IBM XIRCOM ENET PC CARD TYPE CE3B-100 Compaq 220817001 SPS-HARDWARE KIT MISC Compaq 214356001 CABLEHARD DRIVE DATA IDE 2-DEVICE (12 LONG) Compaq 213929001 KIT SPS-POWER SUPPLY Compaq 213928001 KIT SPS-POWER SUPPLY Compaq 213717001 KIT SPS-MISC PLASTICS Compaq 213533201 SPS-KYBD W FUZZY CAP Compaq 213533001 SPS-KYBD W FUZZY CAP Compaq 200860001 KIT SPS-CBL CD ROM FXD DSK DRV IBM 19K7818 FRONT BEZEL Compaq 199521001 BOARDEISA NIC 16 4 TOKEN RING Compaq 199520001 BOARDEISA NIC 16 4 TOKEN RING Compaq 197940001 BEZELDISPLAY 10.4 CTFT ELITE 4 75CXL (HMM) Compaq 197855001 BEZELDISPLAY 9.5 CTFT 4 50CX 4 75CX (HGQ HFJ) Compaq 197230001 POWER CORD Y FOR 1200 SERIES NOTEBOOKS Compaq 190171001 KIT SPS-FAN NCR 1899940195 KNIFE ASSEMBLY Compaq 189244001 BEZELDISPLAY 10.4 CTFT CONTURA 420CX 430CX (HQR & HPC) Compaq 184582001 BEZELFRONT Compaq 172844001 CABLETOKEN RING Compaq 172633001 BEZELREAR (4X4) Compaq 172448002 KIT SPS-CBL CD ROM FXD DSK DRV Compaq 171141001 KIT SPS-CABLE SERIAL PORT Compaq 171139001 CABLEINTERNAL AUDIO Compaq 170077001 SPS-USB FRONT I O Compaq 169845001 KIT SPS-BD PCI 10 100 NIC W TX Compaq 169317001 BOARDCONVERTER 40WATT VOLTAGE various 1678031 3820 CORONA WIRE Compaq 164589001 LOGO KITENHANCED PROLINEA (QTY=1 EACH OF 4) Compaq 158798001108 BOTTOM BASE PLASTICS Dell Computer 15636 MOUNTING BRACKET FOR HD Madge Networks 15408006 MADGE SMART 16/4 MC RINGNODE TP Madge Networks 15408004 MADGE SMART TOKEN RING Madge Networks 15408003 MADGE SMART 16/4 MC RINGNODE TP Compaq 148744001 GUIDE BOARD Compaq 148723001 BRACKETMODEM Compaq 148594001 SCREWTHUMB JACK (QTY=3) Compaq 148585001 KIT SPS-CABLE LED Compaq 148492001 KIT SPS-FAN Compaq 148108001 SPS-SPKR W ENCL Compaq 147869001 BEZELDISPLAY CTFT CONTURA 400 410CX (HPN) Compaq 147866001 CABLE DISKETTE DRIVE Compaq 147144001 BEZELDISPLAY CSTN CONTURA 4 25C (HDR) Compaq 146704001 KEYLOCK ASSEMBLY W KEYS Compaq 142193001 DRIVECD ROM INTERNAL DUAL SPEED - TRAY LOAD BEACH GRAY Compaq 140931001 INTERFACE HARNESS HARD DRIVE Compaq 140069001 CONNECTOR SLIDER ZIF IBM 1394800 IBM FRENCH LANGUAGE KEYBOARD Compaq 138327001 BEZELDISPLAY VGA LITE 25C 4 25C 4 33C (HCZ HDL HEL) Lexmark 1381631Z LE CONTROL PANEL 4049 Compaq 138045001 BEZELDISPLAY VGA LITE 4 25E (HDM) NEC 136846418401A GUIDE LEFT NEC 6300 NEC 136747805A BAIL SHAFT NEC 136741375001A FRAME GRD PLATE PG11 NEC 136741352A COV SWITCH BRK PG-11 NEC 136741350001A WIRE ROPE ASSEMBLY PG-11 CDROM 12X MIX MFG Compaq 129241001 KEYLOCK ASSEMBLY W KEYS Compaq 113638001 DRIVEDISKETTE 1.44MB THIRD HEIGHT Compaq 112565001 DRIVEDISKETTE 1.44MB THIRD HEIGHT Compaq 111525001 KEYLOCK ASSEMBLY W KEYS (LTE EXPANSION BASE) 3Com 10BTCABLE CABLE FOR 3COM ETHERNET 10BT CARD Iomega 10020 ZIP 100MG MEDIA (SINGLE) HP 9503188 VOLTAGE REGULATOR IBM 08L317001 10/100 ETHERJET ADPT LAN MODEM CABLE NEC 5000096001 ORCA JAZZ SPEAKERS IBM 04K0040 32MB 66MHZ SDRAM DIMM 3.3V IBM 04H692206 TOKEN RING PCMCIA ADAPTOR 16/4 - AUTO IBM 02K4937 SPEAKER TP 570 Genicom NJC1069025 CARRIER HOME SENS ASSEMBLY Lexmark 69G9988 PARTS PACKET FUSER GEARS Generic PIISECC PENTIUM III SLOT1 FAN Epson F333558070 PAPER GUIDE Generic 46026005 ENCODER GEAR PP S7200 HP RG53713 HP 4000 PICK-UP ROLLER TRAY 1 Belkin F2N95402P1 3FT EXT SCSI CABLE IBM 92F0105 4MB 70NS SIMM 4002-701X/701X-4002 IBM 8529150 ASYNC ISA CARD IBM 64F5996 2.88MB 3.5" FLOPPY DISK DRIVE ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES 46825 PLATE UPPER MEDIA 170XI *REPLACED BY 388-80247* Genicom 1A0045P02 CABLE CARRIAGE DRIVE COMPUVEST VIDEOGRAFICCABLE TO S/VID REC & TV OUT Generic RG11912080CN HP SEPARATION PAD FOR LASER JET IIP TEAC FD235HFA291 3.5 1.44MB INT OFF WHITE DRIVE BULK PACKAGED Generic 168PC100X64032M 32MB SDRAM PC100 8NS 4X64-8 168PIN Texas Instruments 26464210001 31T GEAR ML PRO Dell Computer 32MBPC66 RAM DELL DESKTOP 32MB 66MHZ SDRAM PCO Compaq 194839001 ALTEC LANSING ACS21W SPEAKERS Datamax 140132 FRONT PANEL BOARD ASSEMBLY *REPLACED BY 267-82021* Lexmark 12G0284 FAN COOLING Epson 1039685 HOLDER CR MOTOR Genicom 78399472001 PLATEN BELT TOOTHED Genicom 293318001 PLATEN BELT TOOTHED Citoh ZRABK02001 I/F CABLE CITOH D10-40 Lexmark 69G8377 CLUTCH CAM ASSEMBLY Kyocera Mita 5MVB886SH022 CVR LEFT KYOCERA FS15 Texas Instruments 97914260099 ML PRO 600 PF GEAR Oki Data 55017201 PCB-SLBS BOARD Generic 342111 CDR 10 PACK CYBERLINK XP40 CYBERLINK POWER DVD Lexmark 79F4439 SWITCH ASSEMBLY . Oki Data 51022401 FG PLATE (A) ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES 466913M DANCER MEDIA ASSEMBLY MITA 37030011 MODEL 1001 Lexmark 99A1508 COVER FUSER WICK ASSEMBLY Canon RG51951 5L PICKUP ASSEMBLY Toshiba HR1210U UPPER TEFLON ROLLER Texas Instruments 25653270001 SENSOR SHEET-MICROLASER Texas Instruments 25653170001 FUSE TERMINAL ML Texas Instruments 25653160001 MICROLASER EARTH PLATE Texas Instruments 25652980001 GEAR 16 ML (#53) Texas Instruments 25652970001 GEAR PULLEY ML (#51) Texas Instruments 25652960001 PULLEY GEAR (#48) ML Texas Instruments 25652940001 GEAR 52 ML (#41) Texas Instruments 25652930001 GEAR 26/52 ML (#43) Texas Instruments 25652920001 GEAR 26 MICROLASER (#58) Texas Instruments 25652910001 GEAR 20/28 ML #49 Texas Instruments 25652890001 GEAR 17/96 ML (#45) Texas Instruments 25652880001 GEAR PULLEY ML (#63) Texas Instruments 25652300001 DOOR SWITCH 2 Lexmark 69G8340 EXIT PAPER TRAY HP RB21820020CN PICK UP ROLLER Epson 1002717 CORONA WIRE W/SPRING Brother Intl UH1052001 AC CORD *EUROPE* HL10H Generic 30101006002 L/F SOLENOID CORE PP S7 SHARP SF880MT1C MODEL /-880MT1 MODEL 8500 8570 8800 8870 8875 Canon QB13296000 FILTER INK BULL 78400747001 GRD CBL/ANTISTAT CHTE B Epson TMLQ2170T TECH MANUAL LQ-2170 ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES 49496M SUPPORT SHAFT PEALER ROLLER MAINT. KIT Genicom 3B1426G01 CABLE PAPER MOTION SENSOR 3870 Genicom 44C505059G11 FRONT DOOR LT GRAY IBM 25P4723 SPEAKER HP RG54585020CN SHAFT DRIVE CLUTCH Texas Instruments 25697070001 BEARING PS ROLLER MLXL Citizen BA241010 SHEET PAPER PRESSURE L Brother Intl UC8858001 CLUTCH ASSEMBLY 2 Epson 2035975 POWER CABLE 1240U Lexmark 1328630 DEFLECTOR (500 SHEET DRAWER) Citizen AH541091 OVERLAY PANEL 200GX-15 Lexmark 99A0249 CABLE ASSEMBLY ENVELOPE CONDITION NCR 1891030868 PLUNGER FOR SPRING NC Lexmark 1381095 OUTPUT BIN/OPERATOR PANEL CABLE Generic SIMM721X32EDO60 4MB EDO 72-PIN 1X32-60NS HP RG54594 HP 1100 TRANSFER ROLLER HP RF54657 HP 1100 TRANSFER ROLLER LABTEC LVA8502REGW LABTEC AXIS-502 DELUXE HEADSET LABTEC LVA7704REGW LABTEC VERSE 704 USB MICROPHON Canon FA44422000 LOWER SILICON ROLLER Sony DG60P SONY 1.3GB 60M 4MM CARTRIGE Sanyo CTPCRD254V COMPAQ/SANYO 2X SCSI CD-ROM (BEIGE) Sony CTPCDU77E COMPAQ/SONY 4X CD-ROM DRIVE (BEIGE) Genicom CA02929D225 PLATEN KNOB LA36N/W HYUNDAI 8X64-8 64MB PC100 8X8 168PIN Oki Data 51215001 PLATEN PULLEY MICROLINE 393 Oki Data 294 RIBBON Oki Data 293 RIBBON Generic 1259 BATTERY FOR CONTROL BOX Lexmark 99A0867 DUCT MAIN BODY Kensington 58345 HYPERMOOD Genicom 44A417024032 TIMING BELT VERNIER 48XX Genicom 25629350028 SPACE RACK MODEL 835 Lexmark 99A1632 CABLE ASSEMBLY AUTO-CONNECT-BOTTO Lexmark 95F3991 CORE CABLE Lexmark 11A6228 PAPER SELECT LEVER Panasonic PJUB71Z LEVER HEAD GAP KX-P11 SHARP SF730MT1C MODEL /-730MT1 MODEL 7300 7300 7320 7350 7370 HP RY75051 1100 CLUTCH KIT Lexmark 99A0308 FAN COLLING DUPLEX Generic 77164 1ST REDUCTION GEAR S-1 Genicom 4D0049P01 DEFLECTOR PAPER EXIT Genicom 44B505429G01 PAPER ADV KNOB(QUIETIZED) NCR 2300065666 ARM HP RG54601000 SINGLE SHEET BIN HP RG52642000 REGISTRATION/FEED SENSOR A HP RF52603000 ROLLER DELIVERY HP RF51675000 END PLATE HP RB22898000 ROLLER HP RB22862000 COVER I/O HP RB15917000 FUSER DEL. ROLLER FU HP RB13354020 ASSEMBLY 4P SIMM COVER HP C850784200 WALL-MOUNT POWER SUPPLY MODULE Acer 3946901041 CASE UPPER PC+FB 050 Lexmark 1381887 LEXMARK 4049 PAPER DRAWER CAB. Oki Data 50702901 HEAD CLAMP ML182/192/193/39X/320/321 Lexmark 1381021 EXIT SENSOR ASSEMBLY . SHARP SF940MT1C MODEL /-940MT1 MODEL 9400 Texas Instruments 26464070001 GEAR FIXING ANGLE ML PRO Genicom 1A0321P05 MYLAR STRIP Compaq TC5048T2 COMPAQ PCI ETHERNET NIC SHARP SF860LT1 MODEL 8600 9300 HP RY75055 3100 SEPARATION PAD HP RF52634 5000 FEED ROLLER HP RF52603 2100 DELIVERY ROLLER HP RB23059 2100 LONG PAPER FEED BELT HP RB23058 2100 MIDDLE PAPER FEED BELT HP RB21283 4500 SMALL AIR FILTER HP RB20717 4500 MP TRAY PICK UP ROLLER(SM) NDC Com ND4112 NDC NE2000 E'NET ISA COAX/30DY Lexmark 99A0254 CABLE ASSEMBLY AUTO CONNECT BOTTO Compaq 8605048002A COMPAQ PCI ETHERNET NIC Compaq 5005048001 COMPAQ PCI ETHERNET NIC Printronix 107675007 PRINTRONIX P5XXX PRINTER RIBBN Epson TMSTYPHOTO TECH MANUAL STYLUS PHOTO Epson TMSC3000 STYLUS COLOR TECH MANUAL LSI Logic 50072 TUBE - 1/4 VACUUM OUTSIDE Genicom 25629350047 RIBBON PROTECTOR MODEL 830/835 Citizen AH142090 HOLDER FFC DEC LA195 NEC P5P9OVERLAY P5 P9 NEC OVERLAY Genicom 78203377020 PAPER BELT TOOTHED Epson 1030372 POROUS PAD INK EJECT LARGE QMS 9121K00350 SOLENOID ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 22225060002 85X INDIVIDUAL RIBBON Brother Intl UF4559001 TRAY ASSEMBLY FAX720/810/820MC Canon RG51942030 FEEDER ASSEMBLY HP RF52489 4000 MOUNTING ROLLER HP RB19181 6P FUSER DELIVERY ROLLER HP RB18668 4000 FEED DRIVE BELT Oki Data 40378101 TAIL GUIDE ASSEMBLY Lexmark 12G0325 DRIVE ASSEMBLY DEVELOPER Genicom 78399407001 PULLEY ASSEMBLY LA450 Lexmark 99A0377 FLAG PAPER OUTPUT LEVEL Lexmark 1381658 PAPER STOP (COVER) (404912L/16L) HP 755040162 DEFLECTOR HP 7550A PLOT RJS 7C314758 ANTI STAT BRUSH Oki Data 53563501 CARRIAGE SHAFT (N) HP C160240058 SHIFT LEVER Lexmark 99A0055 DEFLECTOR INNER Oki Data 54134401 TRANSISTOR 2SB727 DARLI Generic SCS3920 68PIN M/TO SCSI 50 M INT ADAPT Generic PCM115006 6 IEEE1284 PRINT CABLE DB25M Brother Intl UG2292001 (R)MASK ROM TC-ALL-C MFC1750 Texas Instruments 9961690001 810/880 PAPER-OUT SWITCH MONITOR 42940 GENDER ADAPTER MALE TO Lexmark 1325434 OUTER EMC SHIELD Texas Instruments 9961690001 810/880 PAPER-OUT SWITCH Lexmark 1408106 FONT GUIDE Texas Instruments 98005810001 CONN ASSEMBLY EMI FILTER ATB2000/16/18 Lexmark 79F4457 LOGIC CARD COVER Oki Data 51009801 RAIL GUIDE Genicom 25629353017 KNOB PLATEN 830E/835E Lexmark 1328185 LEFT SIDE COVER Texas Instruments 25577420021 NAMEPLATE 8900 SERIES (LES) REF A373060001 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A3710AM No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A3695ANR No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A339868002 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A000687980 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A000687640 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A000687560 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A000687360 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A000686480 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A000651690 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A000218100 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. REF A000218050 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Sharp XNPL1 EXPANSION BASE - DOCKING STATION MEGAHERTZ XJEM328806 PCMCIA 10MBPS LAN ADPT/28.8/14.4 MODEM WABER SWT6NT POWER WALL TAP WITH PHONE/MODEM PROTECTION Diamond SPEEDSTARVGA DIAMOND SPEEDSTAR VGA VIDEO CARD Curtis Computer SP250T MOBILE SURGE PROTECTOR FOR NOTEBOOKS SanDisk SDIB-10 SANDISK 10.4MB FLASH DRIVE various SC201 CBL 3 HARD DRIVE SCSI 50PIN MAL. Epson S020138 EPSON CART. SO20138C STYL COLOR300 COLOR HP RY75077CLN SEPERATION PAD KIT HP RY75008CLN SEPERATION PAD KIT HP RG54696020CN ROWEL SWING ASSEMBLY HP RG50669 HP 4L/4P ROLLER ASSEMBLY HP RG11974 HPIII CONTROL PANEL HP RG11370Z HP CABLE 2D/3D SCANNE (R) HP RG10933 HP II/II TRANSFER CORONA WIRE HP RF50062 HP 3SI/4SI STATIC CHARGE ELIMINATOR HP RBI2650020 HP PICK UP ROLLER HP RB13514 LJ4+ EX+ UPPER ROLLER HP RB12154 LJ4+ LEFT PAPER FEED HP RB10291 HP 3SI/4SI PCB MOUNTNG PLATE HP RA21173 HP 4V BUSHING HP RA20308 HP 4V GUIDE ROLLER HP RA17515 HP IIP/IIIP DISPLAY COVER - NOT YELLOWED Sharp PTME0004GCZZ SEPARATION PAWL(EA) MLXL FUSING UNIT KEYTRONIC PS2KEYBOARDS No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Panasonic PJUG134Z GUIDE PAPER-RIGHT KX- Panasonic PJUG133Z GUIDE PAPER-LEFT KX-P Panasonic PJMM18Z FRAME EXHAUST FAN KX- MICRO INNOVATIONS PD400W MICRO WIRELESS DUAL WHEEL SCROLLING MOUSE DEC PCXLGAA US 101 PC STYLE KEYBOARD Sato PA3686500 SENSOR BRACKET Toshiba PA2708U TOSHIBA T2100 SERIES PORT REPLICATO ALPS P28306 LOGO MASK ALPS 2100 Toshiba P000242150 BATTERY NI-MH RTC 2.4V 30MAH Toshiba P000114570 ROLLER TOSHISA 341SL Toshiba P000100360 IDLE GEAR TOSHIBA P351C Toshiba P000079800 BAIL OPEN LEVER TOSHIBA Port NWCC30131 PORT-NOTEWORTHY PORTEGE PRTFLIO BLK KOSKIN 300 OR 3000 SERIES. Sharp NROLT0518FCZZ UPPER TEFLON ROLLER Genicom NJC10610760010 PAPER PAN ASSEMBLY GP10/20 Genicom NJ00563417 MAIN COVER CPT GP15 ST Various N5010B28 DC BRUSHLESS 50MM 4PIN PII CPU FAN ATT - Lucent - Avaya MS3460MD LOGITECH 2 BUTTON MOUSE (P#008-0077680) 10-DAY Tucano MPPINPM11 TUCANO MARGHERITE - GOMMA NATURALE 5MM Tucano MPPINPM07 TUCANO POMODORO - GOMMA NATURALE 5MM Oki Data ML321T CONTROL PANEL OVERLAY KEYTRONIC LTMOUSESER KEYTRONIC LIFETIME 2 OR 3 BUTTON SERIAL Epson LQ1070 USER GUIDE DEC LA31R01 RIBBON Genicom KYBGN150 GENICA QUIET TOUCH 109 KEYBOARD PS2 Kingston Tech KTHVL48 8MB EXP. KIT(2PCS) F/HP VECTRA VL4 KOREA DATA SYSTEMS KM62256BLG7 SO28 RAM JBL JBLPRO 25WATT 2-PIECE SET W/AC ADAPTER HP J297360001 HP 10BT PCI RJ45 ETHERNET NETW HARMON KARDON HKS HK 2PC SPEAKER Compaq HINGE1800T R/L LCD PRES DEC H8850 CONNECTOR DEC H8575E CONNECTOR DEC H8571K MMJ ADAPTER REV A Citoh H091901 PAPER GUIDE RIGHT Canon GYIAGRDP01 MOUSE 10-DAY Epson FX1170 USER GUIDE COMPAQ FD0530154B2A FAN FOR COMPAQ PRES 12XL-106 Epson F353151000 PLATEN SENSOR Epson F344653000 COVER A Epson F338555030 SIDE COVER TAN 1050 Epson F333051020 TIMING BELT SL WABER EP6SEM SL WABER 6 OUTLET STRIP PHONE/FAX JACKS Novell EN1661 ISA 16BIT 10T Quantum ELS85AT IDE 85MB 3.5LP Panasonic DFAS20P07ZAN SPEAKER FOR PANASONIA TB CF45 ALPS DF354N066C 1.44MB FD IBM CKN2006ND IB POWER SWITCH 4712 Xircom inc CE310100 PCMCIA 10 100 ETHERNET CREDIT CARD Sony CDU311E 8X IDE CD ROM CISCO CABPWR CISCO POWER CABLE HP C4135A06 4MB EDO DIMM FOR LJ 4000 SERIES AMT Datasouth BAJ103730 BELT PPR FEED DATA SO Compaq B42804B21 COM RC 32MB SDRAM66 DIMM Fujitsu B03L45050240A FLOPPY DRIVE (47H3167) TAN COLOR Citizen AH689050 PAPER END SWITCH 200GX Intel A80502120SY062 PENTIUM 120MHZ SOCKET 5 OR 7 Intel A80502120SY033 PENTIUM 120MHZ SOCKET 5 OR 7 Intel A80502120SX994 PENTIUM 120MHZ SOCKET 5 OR 7 Intel A80502120SK086 PENTIUM 120MHZ SOCKET 5 OR 7 Intel A8050166SX837 PENTIUM 66MHZ SOCKET 4 Intel A8050160SX948 PENTIUM 60MHZ SOCKET 4 Intel A8050160SX835 PENTIUM 60MHZ SOCKET 4 IBM 99F8496 2.3GB WORM/CCW Lexmark 99A0128 OPTRA S PAPER SIZE SENSING BOARD Texas Instruments 98135370001 EXT 60X COVER CLOSED SWITCH Texas Instruments 98135270001 EXT 60X MOUSE BUTTONS Texas Instruments 98134790001 EXT 6XX COVER HARD DRIVE DOOR Texas Instruments 98057190003 EXTENSA 5XX PCMCIA COVER Texas Instruments 98057190002 EXT 550/560/570 DOOR ASSEMBLY VGA/SER/PAR Texas Instruments 98057190001 DOOR ASSEMBLY EXP.CONN. EXTENSA 55X/56X Texas Instruments 98057150001 EXT 550/560/570 LCD STATUS COV W/LENS Texas Instruments 98057060001 EXT 550/560/570 CABLE BUT. TO GLIDE Texas Instruments 97862260001 TM5000 CABLE ASSEMBLY FDD DX4 Texas Instruments 97860910001 COVER RAM CARD FRONT TRIM TM5000 Texas Instruments 97860740001 TM5000 PCM DOOR TM5100 IBM 96F7347 BRACKET IBM 93F1910 LOCK CLIP 4693/4694 IBM 93F1831 CABLE DISKETTE LONG 3W1 541 741 IBM 93F0060 CABLE HARD DRIVE PS/1 2121 IBM 93F0059 CABLE HARD DRIVE 2121 IBM 92G7199 4MB 80NS FOR VALUE POINT 6382 84 87 (IN BOX) IBM 92F0414 COVER TOP - VALUEPOINT 6381 Dell Computer 91