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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    IBM 20L0967 IBM I/O BACKPLANE PCI/ISA IBM 20H4222 KEYBOARD (FRENCH) THINKPAD 560 Compaq 207624001 SPS-FRONT IO USB Compaq 203738001 SPS-CVR CPU UPPER Compaq 203726001 SPS-ENCLOSURE CPU BASE Compaq 203699001 BOTTON BOARD COVER Dell Computer 202534 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. AST 202518 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. AST 202146003 AST MEMORY EXPANSION BOARD Epson 2019369 EPS LQ570+ CARR MTR Compaq 201783001 BOARD PCA BUTTON PRES 1400XL MAXOPTIX 2015383RW 1.2GB 512/S R/W OPTICALS Epson 2012448 EPS LQ570+ PF MTR Epson 2010104 EPS LQ 2550 COOL FAN Epson 2008591 CARRIAGE MOTOR LQ570+/LQ1070+ Epson 2007782 CARRIAGE MOTOR FX1170 Epson 2005613 FX870/FX1170 LINE FEED MOTOR Epson 2003386 EPS LQ570 FRONT PANEL Epson 2003083 FAN LQ870 Epson 2003079 POWER SWITCH TO LOGIC CABLE LQ870/1170 Epson 2003077 POWER SUPPLY TO LOGIC CABLE LQ870 Epson 2003033 EPS LQ870/1170 PAP OUT SENS Epson 2002936 CARRIAGE RETURN MOTOR ASSEMBLY W/90 DAY WARRANTY Epson 2002935 LINE FEED MOTOR LQ570+/1070+ Epson 2000729 DFX-5000 AC INLET IRWIN 200060 ACCUTRAK EXTENDED LENGTH PRECISION FORMATTED DATA CARTRIDGE 60-120MB STB Systems 1X00272407 STB SYSTEMS PCI VIDEO CARD Xerox 1K48223 P-12 AUXILIARY MBF TRAY WPARTS Dell Computer 1K304 1.44MB FDD 3.5IN MID-GRY DOOR Genicom 1A0507P02 GEN 1040 LH TRCT Genicom 1A0507P01 GEN 1040 RH IBM 19K4399 IBM 10/100 ETHERNET PCI ADAPTER CARD ACCTON Compaq 199906001 14.4 MODEM FAX SPEEDPAQ Compaq 199618001 50P TO 68P SCSI ADAPTER Compaq 199591001 199591-001 4.3GB WSCSI HARD DRIVE HH Compaq 199195001 SPS-BD LCD INTERNAL SWCH SXGA Compaq 198996001 DOCKING MECHANISM Compaq 198908001 STAND EXPANSION BASE MONITOR Printek 1989 CARRIAGE SHAFT 1/2" - 4000/4503 Compaq 197597001 SPS-ENCLOSURE SPEAKER Compaq 197318001 CABLE COMMUNICATIONS Compaq 197312001 CABLE FLEXIBLE TRACKBALL Compaq 197143001 BOARDINTERFACE RACK MT. STORAGE UNIT Compaq 197036001 3.5 DISKETTE DRIVE BRACKET (PART OF 172796-001 KIT) Compaq 197014001 DRIVEHARD 525MB (IDE) Compaq 196694301 MOUSE Compaq 196410001 DRIVEHARD 525MB (IDE) Compaq 194485001 BEZEL FRONT PROSIGNIA 300 MT Dell Computer 1941P BRKT METAL PLMRST SUPPORT Compaq 194108001 KIT SPS-CABLE TEAC 1930778291 FLOPPY DRIVE Compaq 1930777325 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE WITH BEZEL TEAC 1930777291 FLOPPY DR TEAC 19307762 FD-235HF TEAC 1930755736 INTERNAL 1.44 DRIVE FOR FDD FLAPTOPS. ASSEMBLE & USE. IBM 1930755668 IBM/TEAC TPAD 1.44MB FLOPPY DISK DRIVE ASSEMBLY P/N 29H9034 FRU 29H9230 TEAC 1930754682 INTERNAL 1.44 DRIVE FOR FDD FLAPTOPS. ASSEMBLE & USE. TEAC 19307352 FD-55GFR TEAC 1930725814 FD-135HFN FLPY Compaq 192514001 SPS-CORD POWER TFT 5000R Printek 1914 3A 5V VOLTAGE REGULATOR - 4000/4503 Compaq 189917001 PROLIANT LARGE HOT PLUG DRIVE BAY BEZEL Compaq 189638001 KIT SPS-ADPT SCSI 50 TO 68 POS Compaq 189512001 METAL DEVICE TRAY WITH BEZEL. Compaq 189135001 BOARDBACKLIGHT INVERTER CSTN Compaq 188807001 MEMORY MODULE4MB (60NS) TIN LEAD IBM 1887971 8514/A VIDEO ADAPTER W/MEMORY Dell Computer 18783 DRIVE FLOPPY OPT GX1 1.44MB Compaq 187648 BLANK COVER Compaq 187344001 KIT SPS-KEYBOARD US Compaq 187104001 3 BUTTON SCROLL MOUSE Compaq 186892001 PANELSIDE Compaq 186890001 BEZELFRONT LEFT Dell Computer 18618 CBL FDD CONN 18IN Dell Computer 18614 CBL 2DRV IDE 18IN Compaq 185674401 SPS-DRIVE CD ROM IDE 8X Compaq 185267001 MOTOROLA MICRO TAC CABLE Compaq 185085002 REWRITABLE OPTICAL DISC 5 PACK Compaq 184751001 CONTROLLER ISA SCSI PLUG AND PLAY Compaq 184582301 BEZEL FRONT PRES 9200 IBM 1837462 3278/3279 EMULATION HP 18186172 8MB EDO Toshiba 1805FAN SATELLITE 1805 CPU FAN Compaq 179682001 INSULATOR BASKET 6 SLOT Compaq 179370001 SPS-BEZEL Compaq 179289001 SPS-FAN 80MM WITH ENCLOSURE DPEN Compaq 179178001 SPS-CAGE DRIVE Compaq 178936001 SPS-BD BKPLN 0-2-2-DT Compaq 176821001 MODEM144BPS DATA FAX Compaq 176609001 SPS-FAN Compaq 176606001 LEFT RIGHT SID PANEL FOR PROLIANT ML330 Compaq 176049001 KIT HARDWARE NB 100 SERIES Compaq 176004001 SPS-CA KIT Compaq 176002001 SPS- EMI SHIELD Compaq 175375001 CASE FLOPPY ARM M700 EVO N400C Compaq 174440001 CHASSIS ACCESS PANEL IPAQ Compaq 174115001 COMPAQ QUADROPHONIC SPEAKERS Compaq 174112001 BOARD VOLTAGE CONVERTER PRES 19XL Compaq 173907001 SPS-FAN 92MM 62CFM POWER SUPPLY FAN Compaq 173319012 GVC FOR V90 56K INTERNAL MODEM (NEW-BULK) Compaq 172864301 KIT SPS-DRIVE CD-ROM IVORY Compaq 172780001 DRIVEHARD 420MB (IDE) Compaq 172710001 ENHCD BUSI AUDIO KIT PROLINEA/DP Compaq 172492002 DRIVEHARD 420MB (IDE) Compaq 172478001 CABLECD & HARD DRIVE Compaq 172464001 FLOPPY DRIVE Compaq 172445001 CABLE HARD DRIVE (IDE) Compaq 171816001 SPS-BASE CPU ENCLOSURE Compaq 171749001 CABLE HARD DRIVE (IDE) DEC 170320101 CABLE DEC 170244701 SZ12 BOX POWER HARNES Compaq 170233001 SPS-VENT TOP CARBON Compaq 170230001 SPS-GRILL SPKR Compaq 170229001 SPS-BD AUDIO USB Compaq 170225001 SPS-CA HARD DRIVE DEC 170162604 CABLE DEC 170153404 CABLE DEC 170152601 CABLE DEC 170131201 BA23 POWER SP DEC 170131100 BA23 CABLE 3 Xircom inc 1700728003A RJ11 CABLE DEC 170031802 PC100 CABLE DEC 170012000 LA120 KEYBOARD CABLE GENERIC 16MB GOLDEN RAM CREDIT CARD MEMORY Dell Computer 169CN CARRIER HARD DRIVE BLANK PE2450 Compaq 169819010 PCI UTP 100TX CONTROLLER BRACKET Toshiba 1695CDTHEAT SATELLITE 1695CDT SPEAKERS & PLATE Toshiba 1695CDTHDDBRACKET SATELLITE 1695CDT HARD DRIVE BRACKET Toshiba 1695CDTFAN SATELLITE 1695CDT FAN AND HEATSINK Compaq 169338002 INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT LCD DISPLAY - REF Sony 168036131 SPEAKERS PCG-FX220 Toshiba 1675CDSRAM SATELLITE 1675CDS RAM 64MB Sony 167506911 VOLTAGE CONVERTER PCG-F SERIES Compaq 166890001 SPS-MEMORY MOD 32MB DIMM Compaq 166879001 SPS-CA DSKT DRV Compaq 166809001 FAN DP NMB SMART FAN Sony 166680111 BOARD PCB CONTROL PCG-700 SERIES Compaq 166612B21 SPS-MEMORY MOD 32MB DIMM Compaq 166513001 PC COMPANION CRADLE Compaq 165688001 POWER SWITCH/LED BRACKET PROL 5000 Dell Computer 1650P HOOK LCD Compaq 163707001 BOARD SYSTEM I O - SUPPORTS 5 66 5 90 5 100 Toshiba 1625CDTSPKR SATELLITE 1625CDT SPEAKER ASSMBLY Toshiba 1625CDTFAN SATELLITE 1625CDT FAN DEC 162118101 VT220 FLYBACK Epson 1619724 5 1/4 FLP Compaq 161670001 SWITCH WITH LED AND CABLE FOR AP750 Compaq 161659001 SPS-SWTCH PWR W CA Generic 16150590 32MB EDO MEMORY CLONE Compaq 161117001 SPS-ENCL BASE11 Compaq 160788001 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE Compaq 160778001 CONTROLLERETHERNET Compaq 160702001 HARD DRIVE 200MB NET25 Compaq 160648101 KIT SPS-KEYBOARD US Toshiba 1605CDSSPKR SATELLITE 1605CDS SPEAKER ASSMBLY Compaq 160033001 MEMORY MODULE4MB (70NS) Compaq 159877001 CABLE KIT Compaq 159872001 PROCESSOR K6-2/400 PRES 5420 Compaq 159495001 BOARD LCD PRES 1600XL W/INT SW Compaq 158798001 BASE ENCLOSURE NEC 158026253000D BOARD GRAPHIC VERSA NEC 158026155000A RISER BOARD G8MZM NEC 158026135000A RISER BOARD G8KGY NEC 158026134000A RISER CARD G8KGX NEC 158026123000A RISER BOARD G8KGK NEC 158026108001 KEYBD/MOUSE/SPEAKER ASSEMBLY G8KDT NEC 158025123 RISER NEC 158022135 RISER Compaq 157749001 CHASSIS FAN FOR DESKPRO EP(100MHZ BUS VERSION) IBM 1555576 4245 BELT 1200LPM various 1555477 3203 LEVER Madge Networks 15204806 MADGE SMART AT PLUS RINGNODE C-30 Madge Networks 15204707S MADGE SMART AT PLUS RINGNODE C-30 Madge Networks 15110105 MADGE PCI 16/4 RINGNODE BM-2 Madge Networks 15110004S MADGE PCI 16/4 RINGNODE BM-2 Generic 151100045 MADGE SMART 16/4 PCI Madge Networks 15110004 MADGE PCI 16/4 RINGNODE BM-2 FIRMWARE 15019720 EEPROM 2864A IBM 1501513 CABLE IBM 1501217 CO-PROCESSOR MATH 8087 IBM 1501203 GRAPHICS MEMORY MODULE KIT NEW/RET Dell Computer 14MFN LTCH CHASSIS 15IN SXGA Compaq 149807001 HDD BRACKET FOR DESKPRO EX IBM 1497250 EXPANDED MEMORY ADAPTER BASE CARD (61X6661/61X6720) Compaq 149723001 MONITOR STAND FOR ELITE EXPANSION BASE Compaq 149596001 ENCLOSUREDISPLAY (HFL HFK HFJ HPA HGQ) Dell Computer 14925 CABLE CONTROL PANEL PE 4300 6300 Compaq 148915001 SERIAL MODEM CABLE 72 Compaq 148677001 BOARDPROCESSOR 586 66 (IF ASS# ENDS IN -002 OR -004) Compaq 148622001 BOARDPROCESSOR 586 66 (IF ASS# ENDS IN -002 OR -004) Compaq 148581001 FAN Compaq 148380001 CABLE KIT VAFC VECA Compaq 148286001 DRIVEHARD 535MB (SCSI) Compaq 148193001 DRIVEHARD 535MB (SCSI) Compaq 148079101 COMPAQ VOCALYST KEYBOARD Compaq 147963001 KIT SPS-DRV DSKT 12.7X96X126 Compaq 147880001 KIT SPS-ENCLOSURE DSPL MONO Compaq 147655001 MEMORY MODULE8MB CLONE Compaq 147522001 MEMORY MODULE4MB (70NS) Compaq 147243001 DRIVEDISKETTE 1.44MB 3 MODE THIRD HEIGHT W BRACKET Compaq 146742004 WESTERN DIGITAL-2.17 GB HD Compaq 146717001 1GB SCSI DRIVE (DPES-31080) Dell Computer 1464E LTCH/SPRING LCD Compaq 144948001 DIGITIZER PEN (NEW) Compaq 144857001 GRID DIGITIZER Compaq 144852001 PEN DIGITIZER Compaq 144798001 BOARDDISPLAY INVERTER Compaq 144793001 DIGITIZER PEN (NEW) Compaq 144211001 BEZEL FRONT PROSIGNIA 500 Compaq 144207XX1 1.44MB FLP Compaq 1442070201 1.44 FLOP Compaq 143182001 DRIVEDISKETTE 1.44MB THIRD HEIGHT Compaq 143171001 CABLE DRIVE ACTIVITY Compaq 143166001 FAN LOWER Compaq 142961001CL EXTERNAL TRACKBALL Compaq 142821001 BOARD256KB CACHE Compaq 142816001 BOARD256KB CACHE Accton 142650400 ISA TP ETHERNET BOARD Compaq 142342001 KINGSTON 4MB MEMORY CARD Compaq 142294001 142294-001 2.1GB SCSI GREENRAILS HH Compaq 142266001 KIT SPS-BD SCSI HOTFX PASSTHRU Compaq 142160001 CABLE SCSI 7-DEVICE WITH TERMINATOR FOR PROSIGNIA Compaq 142159001 CABLE 100-50 PIN EXTERNAL Compaq 142068001 CABLE DUAL POWER L3 L4 (LONG) Compaq 142042001 KIT SPS-MODULE RING MODULE Compaq 142041001 BOARDNETFLEX CONTROLLER (32-BIT) Compaq 142040001 CONTROLLER32BIT FAST SCSI 2 Compaq 142018001 DRIVEHARD 1.05GB (FAST SCSI) Compaq 142015001 KIT SPS-MODULE RING MODULE Compaq 142014001 BOARDNETFLEX CONTROLLER (32-BIT) Compaq 142013001 CONTROLLER32BIT FAST SCSI 2 Compaq 141946001 CABLE DUAL POWER L3 L4 (LONG) Compaq 141785101 KEYBDMODEL RT101ENH.III Compaq 141782001 BOARDBACKPLANE W 2 SLOTS Compaq 141753001 MEMORY MODULE2MB (70NS) Compaq 141725001 1.2MB FLOPPY Compaq 141683001 MEMORY MODULE2MB (70NS) Compaq 141605001 PC CARD Compaq 141367201 5.25 FLOPPY DRIVE Compaq 141350001 DRIVEDISKETTE 1.44MB THIRD HEIGHT W BRACKET Compaq 141337001 P SUPPLY230V M#PA-4151-4C 137633-001 FOR US CANADA&JAPAN Compaq 141189601 MOUSE-OPAL 2 BUTTON Compaq 1411896 MOUSE-OPAL 2 BUTTON Compaq 141087102 FLOPPY DRIVE Compaq 141047001 CABLE Lexmark 1409624 4019 LOWER FRAME ASSEMBLY Lexmark 1408710 SLIDER PPR STOP OPTRA R Compaq 140536101 ENHANCED III YELLOWED KEYBOARD Compaq 140490001 SPS-FAN CARRIER NON-HP IBM 13J4542 HARD DRIVE 40MB IDE HARD DRIVE 3.5 QUANTUM OEM Compaq 139961001 BOARDDRIVE ACTIVITY LED IBM 1397751 KEYBOARD CONTROLLER CARD IBM 1397090 TRACKPOINT 8543 Compaq 139642001 POWER SUPPLYCONTURA 20 25 Compaq 139621001 8MB CONTURA MEMORY EXP BRD Dell Computer 1394C DELL 4MB AGP RIVA128 GRAPHICS Compaq 139135001 MEMORYCACHE 256KB SECONDARY Compaq 139024001 MEMORYCACHE 256KB SECONDARY IBM 1390131 PC AT 101 KEY KEYBOARD Compaq 138649001 HEATSINK W/FAN PRESARIO IBM 1386085 KEYPAD ASSEMBLY (NO CASE) IBM 1384975 5204 PLATEN IBM 1384811 WW SER 11 PCB CABLE IBM 1383629 PS1 FRONT COVER Compaq 138181001 PALM REST PRESARIO 1825 W/TP IBM 1381523 4019 LAMP IBM 1380479 INK CARTRIDGE 4072 Compaq 137948001 STAND EXPANSION BASE MONITOR Compaq 137638001 10R PLUS ROM IBM 1376342 ROM SIMM Compaq 137633001 P SUPPLY230V M#PA-4151-4C 137633-001 FOR US CANADA&JAPAN Lexmark 1375746 4039 4MB ROM SIMM NEC 136868143201 NEC P6200 CARR ASSEMBLY NEC 136846266001A NEC P6200 CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY NEC 136814791001 NEC P2200 RIBBON SHIELD NEC 136810849501A PRESS ROLLER P9XL NEC 136772965501A PAPER-OUT SENSOR ASSEMBLY P7 NEC 1367685180010 P5/P5XL/P9XL IDLE GEAR ASSEMBLY NEC 1367684930 P5/P5XL/P9XL LEFT PLATEN BUSHING NEC 1367684920 P5/P5XL/P9XL RIGHT PLATEN BUSHING NEC 1367684380 P5 SENSOR ASSEMBLY HOME POSITION NEC 1367684345010 P5/P5XL BAIL SHAFT NEC 1367684250 PAPER RELEASE LEVER NEC 136768306001A P5XL/P9XL RIGHT PICKUP ROLLER NEC 136757608A PRESSURE ROLLER REAR P7 NEC 136757607A PRESSURE ROLLER FRONT P7 NEC 136757530A PLATEN KNOB NEC 136757529A PAPER RELEASE LEVER KNOB P6/P7 NEC 136757482A PLATEN GEAR NEC 136757479A PLATEN HOLDER RIGHT SIDE P6/P7 NEC 136757474A PLATEN HOLDER LEFT SIDE P6/P7 NEC 13661