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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Novell 738160001 ETHERNET CARD NE1000 Dell Computer 73553 486DX4/100 Intel 735190004 INTEL 10/100 PCI NIC CARD Compaq 734938001 10/100 FAST ETHERNET PCI Dell Computer 7310P CBL I/O 6P PWA TRCKPAD Generic 730GS XEROX DATA COPY IMAGING SYSTEM Dell Computer 7309P CBL COAX TV OUT I7500 Packard-Bell 730318 24X CD ROM DRIVE Packard-Bell 730050 CDROM Packard-Bell 730046 CDROM Packard-Bell 730044 CDROM IBM 72X8581 FIXED DISK ADAPTER ESDI. IBM 72X8522 20MB HARD DRIVE NARROW EDGE 8550 IBM 72X8516 SYSTEM BOARD (80286/10MHZ) IBM 72X8101 IBM BASEBAND ADAPTERS - ISA IBM 72X7044 MISC CARD IBM 72X6673 MATH-COPROCESSOR (80387-16) IBM 72X6669 POWER SUPPLY 225W. IBM 72X6112 1.44 FOR 8555/8590/8595 & PS/1 IBM 72X6068 1.44 SMALL BUTTON PIN CONNECT IBM 72X6058 2.4MB 5.25 FLOPPY DRIVE IBM 72X6053 IDE 424MB DRIVE FOR PS/1+VP IBM 72H4041 IBM PCMCIA ETHERJET PC CARD DEC 728803H LA310 LINE FEED MOTOR Dell Computer 7285T MISC BRACKET Intel 726936001 NIC PCI 10/100 blkbox 7247465500 CABLE ASSEMBLY Dell Computer 7242T BRKT HARD DRIVE Wang Laboratories 724 KEYBOARD CISCO 72067201 RS449 DTE CABLE Toshiba 7200CTBASE BASE ASSE 7200CT IBM 71G6268 7025 CABLE & SWITCH IBM 71G4646 KYBD 101 WCABLE IBM 71G0031 IBM SVGAX3B VIDEO CARD FOR PC SERVER Dell Computer 718VD BZL 14IN LCD Dell Computer 7171E RSR 5SLOT Dell Computer 71441 1.0GIG SCSI Tektronix 71166 PRINTER NETWRK PHASER 10B2&T IBM 70X9367 MOTOR ASSEMBLY IBM 70X8655 9373 CABLE IBM 70G9264 CABLE SERVER KIT SCSI 7DROP 50PIN AND IDE 2 DROP Oki Data 7061P1 OKI 320 120V TRANSFORMER W/SSD DEC 704824201 BRACKET FOR TLZ06-AA DEC 703329501 MODULE COVER PLATE SC4200 DEC 703224601 PLASTIC SEPARATOR DEC 703163101 ALPHA 200 4/100 CABLE DEC 702924801 CABLE DEC 702873501 TLZ04 DRV KIT DEC 702826301 MODULE SEPARATOR DEC 702425201 DEPCA MODULE DEC 702399702 RD53 SHOCK BRACKET SEE 70-23997-01 DEC 702316502 DECSERVER 200 FAN LEADING EDGE 702299 12/286MX DEC 702283101 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 702278603 CK-DELQA-YF DEC 702278201 DESTA-AA TRANSCEIVER DEC 702229602 BA23 FAN ASSEMBLY DEC 702199601 BA123 PANNEL ASSEMBLY DEC 702172202 LA120 TRACTOR DEC 702124201 TK50 MAGNETIC HEAD DEC 702124101 LA210 MAG SWITCH DEC 702117301 RA81 MOTOR Dell Computer 7020T 1.44MB FDD DEC 702069101 CABLE DEC 70204490D LPS40 CABLE ASSEMBLY FAN DEC 702043401 BA23 CABLE ASSEMBLY AC ON/OFF DEC 701998600 BA23 BACKPLANE DIST ASSEMBLY DEC 701969008 DRIVE SEQUENCE CABLE DEC 7019122 POWER SUPPLY DEC 701907401 RA80-81-82-90 LOOPBACK CONNECTOR DEC 701904901 CABLE DEC 701879808 CABLE DEC 701844800 CABLE DEC 701844700 CABLE DEC 701751400 KEYBOARD BEZEL ASSEMBLY (RO) Intel 701738003 ETHERLINK 10/100 NIC PCI DEC 701736201 VT100 VIDEO BOARD DEC 701714300 TU78 FAN ASSEMBLY DEC 701714100 TM78 FAN ASSEMBLY DEC 701706500 CABLE DEC 701685516 CABLE DEC 701674500 RA81-82 FAN ASSEMBLY DEC 701673701 CABLE DATA 40 DEC 701673700 CABLE DATA 40 DEC 70166471K CABLE DEC 701664600 ADAPTOR DEC 701653000 LA120 POWER ENTRY BRACKET ASSEMBLY DEC 701563700 RL02 DATA HEAD DEC 701540800 LA120 LOGIC POWER CABLE ASSEMBLY DEC 701516800 LA120 POWER ENTRY BRACKET ASSEMBLY DEC 701497901 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 701465303 VT100 KEYBOARD DEC 701465300 VT101 KEYBOARD DEC 701442001 BA11-KU POWER SUPPLY CTX 700EFD81 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE DEC 700969400 LA120 IDLER GEAR ASSEMBLY DEC 70082888F CABLE Oki Data 70016401 OKI 393+/393C+ 32K CHARACTER BUFFER EXPANSION CARTRIDGE Oki Data 70012501 TRACTOR FEED OPTION KIT ML320/390 Gateway 7001049 E06350US001-C KEYBOARD Gateway 7001025 104 KEY KBD Gateway 7000598 104 KEY KBD Oki Data 70005501 ML292 PERSONAL PRINTER TRACTOR FEED OPTION KIT Gateway 7000393 104 KEY KEYBOARD Gateway 7000375 KEYBOARD SOLO 2100/2200 Xerox 6K85760 4525 FINISHER SHAFT ASSEMBLY . LOWER EVELATOR Xerox 6K85750 4525 FINISHER SHAFT ASSEMBLY . UPPER ELEVATOR GAINWARD 6ILA SLOT1/P2/333MHZ/SDRAM/AGP/ATX HYUNDAI 6H38ABW SIMMS MODULE Dell Computer 6G564 HEATSINK P4 OPTI MT Dell Computer 6C134 1.44MB 3" HH FDD IBM 69X8094 IBM 5299-003 MULTICONNECTOR TERMINAL IBM 69X6282 5250 ENHANCED EMULATION MCA SHORT IBM 69X6279 IBM 5250 EMULATION MCA LONG/SHORT Dell Computer 69PMU 1.44MB FDD REC EJT BTN Compaq 699209003 10/100 FAST ETHERNET PCI Apple 6990567 IISI POWER SUPPLY Apple 6990393 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Apple 6990392 POWER SUPPLY Dell Computer 698FJ CBL DATA 34P FRNT PNL TO LOGIC NEC 698790 APC-H412 Intel 697680001 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Generic 694004 FAN 24V DC 35/8X1 Compaq 692290002 10/100 PCI INTEL UTP CONT IBM 68X9560 6262 BLOCK ASSEMBLY IBM 68X6573 4224 EOF SWITCH IBM 68X3065 POWER SUPPLY ASSEMBLY IBM 68G2709 BUS ADAPTER CYRIX 68D4608A P120+GP Dell Computer 6881R HEATSINK ASSEMBLY LOW-FOLDFIN Dell Computer 68742 CACHE Compaq 687231004 NIC CARD IBM 6855712 6262 TOOL IBM 6855655 6262 TOOL Dell Computer 6852D CBL LCD LAT-CP 13.3 IBM 6852558 6262 BACKUP DISKETTE IBM 6850888 3800 TRANSDUCER IBM 6850663 3480 TAPE REMOVAL TOOL IBM 6846771 5225 COM CARD IBM 6845083 5224 HOUSING Dell Computer 68422 SHIELD EMI LCD LX4XXD IBM 6842007 5225 CARD IBM 6840651 5225 ROD IBM 6840637 5225 KNOB IBM 6827084 5225 CARD IBM 6825609 5225 SWITCH IBM 6820795 5140 PC COVERTIBLE SYS BD IBM 6814206 3268 BOARD IBM 6814204 3268 BOARD Intel 6784000 ETHERNET PCI 10/100 Dell Computer 6780D 104CLICK KEYBOARDPS/2 Dell Computer 6725U ETHERNET CARD Intel 670731001 INTEL RJ45 PCMCIA CBL-MBLA1600 Apple 6700020D IIE SUPER SERIAL CARD II IBM 66X3089 BEARING PLATE ASSEMBLY NEW VER 4245 IBM 66X3061 PULLEY FRICTION ROLL 4245 IBM 66X3048 4245 STACKER PLATE ASSEMBLY IBM 66X2628 CHANNEL ADAPTER FOR 3174 IBM 66X2588 3174 CARD IBM 66X2482 3174 DISKETTE IBM 66G9241 SYSTEM BOARD FOR THINKPAD 755C IBM 66G6004 SYSTEM BOARD-SUB (RISER/BUS IBM 66G5127 IBM BASE COVER (WW)(PEN)-9545 IBM 66G5126 IBM BASE COVER (WW)(COLOR)-9545 IBM 66G5066 170MB 2.5IN TP IBM 66G5038 DC/DC CARD 750 C CS IBM 66G5037 750C AUDIO CARD IBM 66G4591 750CS BASE COVER ASSEMBLY . IBM 66G3770 FLOPPY DRIVE 1.44 TP 750/755/360 IBM 66G3684 THINKPAD 750 SECURITY BASE IBM 66G3568 LED ASSEMBLY 3545-001 IBM 66G2843 ADAPTER AC QUICK CHARGER TP750 IBM 66G1792 FDD 1.44MB 2618 IBM 66G0171 KEYBOARD (JAPANESE) THINKPAD 750CS IBM 66G0066 750/C INVERTER CARD Dell Computer 6685T CABLE Acer 665A011 CD ROM DRIVE 6X IDE WITH DRAWER BEZEL Compaq 665775103 MEMORY BOARD Dell Computer 6626T LATITUDE CPX BASE ASSEMBLY Apple 661BONDI IMAC MOUSE BONDI BLUE Compaq 661949004 10/100 PCI NETWORK ADAPTER Apple 66191177 MAIN LOGIC BOARD IIC Apple 6611733 POWER SUPPLY Q605 Apple 6611681 LOGIC BOARD CENTRIS 610 20MHZ 4MB Apple 6611665 14.4 INTERNAL MODEM DUO 210/230/250/270C/2300C Apple 6611641 160MB HD Apple 6611616 MAC IISI POWER SUPPLY Apple 6611615 LOGIC IISI Apple 6610917 601 PROCESSOR BD/100MHZ Apple 6610715 2MB RAM CARD PB100/140/145/145B/160/170 Apple 6610712 KEYBOARD Apple 6610645 NUBUS ADAPTER CARD Apple 6610607 MAC II 4/8BIT VIDEO CARD Apple 6610597 MAC CLASSIC/CLASSIC II POWER SWEEP Apple 6610537 LOGIC IICX PLUGIN PROCESSOR Apple 6610532 IICI LOGIC Apple 6610526 SE LOGIC BOARD Apple 6610518 MAC II MONO VIDEO ADPT Apple 6610517 MAC II SERIAL NB CARD Apple 6610474 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE A.E. Apple 6610455 IIE POWER SUPPLY Apple 6610426 DC CONTROLLER BD Apple 6610375 II/IIX POWER SUPPLY Apple 6610371 ANALOG BOARD SE SE/30 Apple 6610370 SE SE/30 POWER SUPPLY Apple 6610335 POWER SUPPLY IIGS Apple 6610334 LOGIC BOARD IIGS Apple 6610283 ENHANCED LOGIC IIE Apple 6610216 40MB SCSI HARD DRIVE Apple 6610182 APPLE 350MB SCSI HARD DRIVE Apple 6610042 LOGIC BOARD QUADRA 610 IBM 66069406 1.96GB DISK IN MOUNTING CAGE IBM 6606 1.96GB DISK IN AS/400 MOUNTING CAGE SAGER 6600LCDCOVER COVER LCD 13.3 MODEL 6600 IBM 65X3303 CARTRIDGE (DISPLAY STATION) IBM 65X1987 3117 ADPT /A IBM 65G1175 3494 PLUG IBM 65F6748 3490 THERMO SWITCH Dell Computer 6582R CBL BCKPLNE TO LOGIC Intel 657452001 PCI 10/100 ETHERNET Apple 6550210 2.1GB 3.5" SCSI HH DATARAM 65105 MEMORY SIM Mitsubishi 651038311 FT2400 BACK PLANE FOR DRIVES Gateway 6500175 AC ADAPTER Gateway 6500097 AC ADAPTER MEDIAVISION 650006053C PRO AUDIO SOUND CARD MEDIAVISION 650004456B ISA SOUND CARD IBM 64X9710 IBM 3194 TERMINAL KEYBOARD IBM 64X7785 PINFEED WHEEL ASSEMBLY IBM 64F4683 8560 SCSI CABLE IBM 64F4115 ACCESS COVER FAN ASSEMBLY Lexmark 64F3607 IBM 8MB SIMM 80NS 72PIN Quantum 6.4AT 6.4GIG HARD DRIVE IDE BIGFOOT IBM 6493207 RR GDE ROD AND FRMS LEVER Dell Computer 6486 DRIVE TRAY IBM 6480170 SYS BD 5170 AT 256/512K TYPE 1 IBM 6457001 3192 LOGIC IBM 6453677 CONNECTOR OPTION LONG 2 CARD CONNECTOR Intel 645345001 10/100 PCI NIC IBM 6451042 CABLE SCSI OPT TO OPT LOOSE IBM 6450215 IBM SERIAL PARELLEL ADAPTER - ISA IBM 6450213 PC NETWORK ADAPTER IBM 6450207 DOUBLE SIDED DISKETTE DRIVE IBM 6447192 XT POWER SUPPY 130WATT IBM 6436904 6262 SCRAPER Intel 642746EO1 MODEN/SND CRD IBM 6426080 COMBO CAR IBM 6423416 1011 FEATURE FOR 3174 Dell Computer 6419R SK-8000 Madge Networks 6401 TOKEN RING STRAIGHT BLUE IBM 6400475 4224 PAPER GUIDE IBM 63X5232 SCANNER SYMBOL 1520-A02 IBM 63H4292 4324 TOP COVER IBM 63H3102N 4312 PRESSURE ROLLER KIT IBM 63H2260 SENSOR ASSEMBLY 4317 IBM 63H2249P 4317 REAR COVER IBM 63H2133 DUPLEX FOR 4317 Dell Computer 63768 101QUIETKEY KEYBOARD IBM 6373229 5216 LOGIC BOARD IBM 6369881 AS400 5.25INCH FLOPPY DRIVE Acer 63511 101 KBD IBM 6350832 4234 OILER ASSEMBLY Data Gen 6348A KBD FOR D412+ (KEYCAP) IBM 6344683 4245 SHIELD ASSEMBLY IBM 6339073 CABLE ASSEMBLY Maxtor 632016003 VIDEO CARD IBM 6318047 4214 TRACTOR LH IBM 6316843 CABLE PRINTER MODEL 1 & 2 INT. #7 IBM 6316840 CABLE STORE CONTROLLER #1 IBM 6316835 CABLE A/N DISPLAY DIST. 3.8M #4 Acer 6311KW KEYBOARD Apple 6305306 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Apple 6304222 HIGH RESOLUTION DISPLAY Apple 6304159 AP FORMAT L/W IISC Genicom 630025904001 HARNESS ASSEMBLY RETOFIT Apple 6300153 MAC II VIDO IBM 62X3127 4234 BELT IBM 62X1139 PWR.SUPPLY 157WATT XT286 IBM 62X1034 XT-286 POWER SUPPLY 157W IBM 62G1187 3494 CABLE IBM 62G1180 3494 CABLE IBM 62G1179 3494 CABLE IBM 62G1174 3494 CABLE TDK 6298452 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. IBM 6275525 4234 BRUSH KIT Intel 626748002 MODEM/SOUND BOARD RACAL INTERLAN 625323200 16BIT LANCARD NI 6610 RACAL 625113400 16BIT 10BT Sony 624LTP VAIO PCG-624L TOUCH PAD & PALMREST Sony 624LBASE VAIO PCG-624L BASE ENCLOSURE IBM 6236157 CONNECTOR OPTION LONG 3 CARD CONNECTOR IBM 6236068 FINANCIAL OUTPUT ADAPTER UDS 62245074 FAST TALK 2400 TWO IBM 6213208 4234 BELT Dell Computer 620CJ CBL 34P DATA FRNT PNL TO LOGIC Tecmar Tech 6200HS WANGTEK 6200HSISHED IBM 61X8827 8530 SYS BD IBM 61X8724 HARD DRIVE SLED IBM 61H2331 RISER CARD IBM 61H0310 NETFINITY 5000 2DROP SCSI CABLE IBM 61H0084 CABLE ASSEMBLY IBM 61H0083 CABLE ASSEMBLY IBM 61H0036 CABLE ASSEMBLY IBM 61H0035 CABLE ASSEMBLY IBM 61H0034 CABLE ASSEMBLY IBM 61H0033 CABLE ASSEMBLY IBM 61G3754 256MB HARD DRIVE H3256-A3 IBM 61G3515 9595 FRONT BEZEL IBM 61G2901 KEYBOARD IBM 61G2343 9595 486 DX2/66 PROCESSOR BD IBM 61F6326 38921 BELT IBM 61F6229 3892 BELT DATARAM 61920 CENTURY HM052 SIMMS IBM 6185887 PROPRINTER 4201-001 LOGIC IBM 6181000 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. IBM 6179038 3480 SOLENOID ASSEMBLY IBM 6178974 3480 FILE PROTECT ADJUST TOOL IBM 6177373 3422 MICRO SWITCH IBM 6177356 3422 SWITCH IBM 6177287 3422 SENSOR WRITE ENABLE RING IBM 6177152 3480 SOLENOID ASSEMBLY Intel 616667003 PCI/IDE ADAPTER SMC 61600619010 SMC 10 MBPS ISA ETHERNET ADPT W/BNC SMC 61600527010 SMC PCI ETHERNET ADAPTER PC CONCEPTS 61595 KWD-203 KBD Tecmar Tech 6130HS WANGTEK 6130HS 1.3GB DAT Tecmar Tech 6130FS WANGTEK 6130FS IBM 6128296 HARD DR 60MB.(3.5).SCSI. IBM 6128287 HARD DRIVE 30MB.(1/3H). IBM 6128277 HARD DRIVE 30MB.(FULL HEIGHT IBM 6128275 3.5 HH 60MB 8570 WD-387 IBM 6119596 4245 ROLLER IBM 6119080 4245 PUSH ASSEMBLY PUSH ROD IBM 6115597 4224 DRIVE BELT IDLER IBM 6115589 4224 BELT TENSION SPRING IBM 6115515 4230 FRAME IDLER ASSEMBLY . CARRIAGE BELT Motorola 61035082 103J ATT - Lucent - Avaya 60V5PAK LUCENT 60V 5 BATTERY PAK HV P.N.#: 1011259015-011 ATT - Lucent - Avaya 60V10PAK LUCENT 60V 10 BATTERY PAK HV P.N.: 101259016-011 IBM 60H9334 POWER SWITCH WITH CABLE IBM 60H9314 PWR SW IBM 60H9290 DASD 5-DRIVE CAGE ASSEMBLY SERVER 325-8639 IBM 60H8985 RISER ADAPTER CARD IBM 60G9713 VALUEPOINT 6384-FXX SYSTEM BD IBM 60G2254 CABLE IDE MULTIMEADIA IBM 60G1809 HARD DRIVE 250MB - THINKPAD 350 IBM 60G1593 AUTO LANSTREAMER MC32 ADAPT/A IBM 60G0825 SPEAKER EDUQUEST (96XX) IBM 60G0584 PRINT HEAD 4693 Dell Computer 60998 2BTN MOUSE W/RLLR DATATEL 6094244451 DCP3050 IBM 6082180 PARALLEL INTERFACE BOX TDK 6080446 POWER SUPPLY Dell Computer 60782 CBL PNP I/O 50P SCSI PAIR Dell Computer 60715 CPU BRD Dell Computer 60693 CACHE Compaq 606533001 POWER LEAD Dell Computer 60642 CNTRL PNL LED BRD 433/SE Dell Computer 60548 CTL HD/FD IBM 6042138 5224 RIBBON SHIELD NEW Dataproducts 6036007433 DP 8070+ PAPR OUR SENS. Star Micronics 60100031 OUT-20VAC IN-120VAC 60HZ 35W Madge Networks 6005 MADGE PCI PRESTO 16/4 TOKEN RING WESTERN DIGITAL 60025300 WDC 8BIT TOKEN RING ADAPTER HP 60000002 TAPE BACKUP 350MB COLORADO CTX 5SIMM101 SYSTEMBD E150 AT 2SIMM - 2 DIMM Kyocera Mita 5AAVSHILD017 TRANSFER CHARGER IBM 59H3908 DAT AUTOLOAD TAPE MAGAZINE IBM 59G8787 HARD DRIVE 256MB IDE HARD DRIVE H3256-A3 IBM 59G8715 FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY 4694-001/4 IBM 59G8692 COVER REAR MODESTY - 4694 IBM 59G8684 POWER SUPPLY 4694-044 IBM 59G7917 170MB HARD DRIVE WESTERN DIGITAL CORVAIR LITE 170 (99-004114-001) IBM 59F3997 PWR SUPPLY Dell Computer 59982 CVR LCD DIS BCK 13.3IN Dell Computer 5926D FAN WPLASTIC CVR Dell Computer 58WNV CVR TOP 14.1 LCD I8000 IBM 58G6765 HUB 8250-006 Dell Computer 58675 75MHZ INTEL IBM 5863342 3287 CARD IBM 5863341 3287 CARD IBM 5863340 3287 CARD IBM 5842 EXTERNAL MODEM NETWORK INTERFACE CORP 5800001 PCARC 8BIT ARCNET Dell Computer 57VWG CASE BTM COV IBM 57G5088 3130 SEPARATION ROLLER IBM 57G4850 3130 PHOTO SENSOR IBM 57G4848 C130 PHOTO SENSOR IBM 57G1567 6408 PAPER STACKER TRAY ASSEMBLY IBM 57G1564 6408 CHAIN SET IBM 57G1514 6408 PLATEN OPEN PULLEY IBM 57G1484 6412 HINGEPLATE;DOOR BOTTOM (2) IBM 57G1470 6408 LEVER FORMS THICKNESS IBM 57G1450 6408 RIBBON GUIDE ASSEMBLY IBM 57F8049 CABLE IBM 57F8010 MEMBRANE KEYBOARD IBM 57F0854 ADAPTER RISER Dell Computer 57977 LED BRD W/PWR BTN Dell Computer 5782P FAN PLENUM OPTI-GXA266 IBM 56X9789 FORMS FEED ROLLS IBM 56G8907 4230 MAGNET DOOR IBM 56G8906 4230 MAGNET DOOR;LH IBM 56G7410 6252 IML DISKETTE IBM 56F8193 4226 CARRIER BELT various 56AAA1760C ALPS GENERIC MOUSE POINTER PAD FOR NOTEBOOKS IBM 5687114 DISPLAY A Dell Computer 56713 BZL CVR PLSTC 13.3LCD IBM 5667622 3278-002 CARD Oki Data 56510601 ML395/395C LINE FEED MOTOR Oki Data 56508501 OKI OL800 DC FAN Oki Data 56508401 ML393 SERIES LINE FEED MOTOR Oki Data 56507901 380 SPACE MOTOR Oki Data 56506203 393 SPACE MOTOR Oki Data 56506201 ML393/393+ SPACE MOTOR Oki Data 56503301 FAN Oki Data 56503006 LINE FEED MOTOR Oki Data 56413202 OKI 320 120V TRANSFORMER W/SSD (7061P1) Oki Data 56408201 POWER SUPPLY Oki Data 56404301 120V TRANSFORMER Dell Computer 5608D PLMRST W/KYBD SURROUND Dell Computer 56015 MDM 56K OPTIGXA Acer 5601051061 ACER FLOPPY DRIVE 1.44 BEZELESS CHARCOAL IBM 55X3560 .5MB/6MB MEMORY EXPANSION CARD IBM 55H8192 CABLE SCSI HARD FILE FAST/WIDE (7X) IBM 55H8191 CABLE IBM 55H8190 CABLE ASSEMBLY IBM 55H8189 CABLE ASSEMBLY IBM 55H6759 33.6 PCMCIA FAX/MODEM CARD/NEW IBM 55F9825 IBM 55F9825 1GB SCSI HH HARD DRIVE IBM 55F5501 LAM FOR 8230-001 IBM 55F5207 1GB SCSI 50PIN 3.5 HH Dell Computer 55820 CBL FDD SINGLE PIN CONN Archive 5580 QIC-80 TAPE DRIVE Dell Computer 55515 CBL FDD EXT Madge Networks 5520 MADGE SMART CAU eMachines 551 32X CD ROM Oki Data 55041411 ML320 PCB MAINBOARD LXMC