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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Dell Computer 4984R 24X CDR IDE IBM 4979 TERMINAL NCR 49331 PROCESSOR CARD NCR SYSTEM 3300 Acer 4840401001 SYSTEM BOARD MODEL 4655 Acer 4833701021 SYSTEM BOARD F/ACER ENTRA Compaq 480075001 SPS-BD PROCESSOR W FP W O NIC IBM 47H0058 9672 M CBLE IBM 4798739 3480 CAPSTAN IBM 4778003 PIN PADMSR IBM 4756210 CARD 4959 IBM 4756074 CARD 4954 IBM 4752335 ADAPTER CARD 3274 61C Hayes 4719US 336 MINITOWER 33.6 FAX MODEL EXTERNAL IBM 4704684 3262-013 FRONT ASSEMBLY IBM 4704530 3262/5262 POWER SUPPLY IBM 46H3893 P133 SYSTEM BOARD IBM 46G3532 9406 CD ROM DRIVE IBM 46F3964 6262 PLATEN ASSEMBLY IBM 46F2682 HAMMER DRIVER CARD 6252 IBM 46F1487 4248 GAS SPRINGS FOR COVER Compaq 4609 DESKPRO POWER SUPPLY GENOA SYSTEMS 4600 SPECTRUM MODEL 4600 IBM 45F3362 IMAGE ADPTR.07F2508 Dell Computer 4533R 24X CDR IDE RMVBLE Genicom 453040 PRINTHEAD REPAIR PRICE ONLY FOR STOCK-CALL MOUNTAIN 452323901 FILESAFE 1200PLUS TAPE DRIVE Ascend 45050067001 AC ADAPTER 18V DC 1.1A Genicom 44D416081G04 2100 CARR. MOTOR Genicom 44C510007G01 4440-XT SPER BOARD Genicom 44C510004G02 4440-XT SPSC/2 BOARD Genicom 44C510001G01 SPHD BOARD 4440-XT Genicom 44C50563G06 SMVP BOARD GENICOM 4492 Genicom 44C502598G07S GEN 44XX/45XX PWB SMMC/7 BRD Genicom 44C502598G06 4440 SMMC/6 PCBA Genicom 44C502598G05 GEN 44XX SMMC PCBA Genicom 44C502595G03 4440 SPSM/3 PCBA Genicom 44C502591G03 GEN SMPI-3 PCB Genicom 44C502590G03 GEN PWB ECPU/2 Genicom 44C502585G03 GEN3000 LCPT3 PCBA Genicom 44C502562G02 4470 SMPE Genicom 44B508437G01 GEN 4470/90 BLOWER ASSEMBLY Genicom 44B505576 44XX STRIKER BAR Nokia 449X159D MULTIEMISSION MULTIGRAPH BLACK 14" SVGA MONITOR Nokia 447ZI 17 MONITOR IBM 4478932 SLOT/CREDIT CARD READERS Dell Computer 446PC HARD DRIVE 9GB S U3/160 7.2K 68P QTM Genicom 44692607 GEN LW PLATEN ASSEMBLY CENT 44692320 CENT LW DP I/O Dell Computer 44638 LOGIC OM4XX Tally 44610 MOBILE JETPORTABLE INK JET PRINTER IBM 4459832 3090 CARD IBM 4444008 4248 CARD IBM 4443970 4248 POWER SUPPLY IBM 4443210 4248 SHAFT ASSEMBLY Compaq 443P MONITOR* 15 VGA Adaptec 44250100 SCSI CTL Lexmark 43H1600 OPTRA S ENVELOPE FEEDER Lexmark 43H0410 TRAY PAPER OPTRA 500 SHEET Lexmark 43H0382 OPRTA S 500 SHEET 2ND DRAWER IBM 43G1783 6611 POWER SUPPLY ARC 4326RPSUN 4/8 GB 5.25 DDS-2 SCSI TAPE - SUN IBM 43204120 IBM NETWORK CARD FOR TOKEN-RING TBV 4320 IBM 43124320 IBM HARDDRIVE 810MB NP-12 IBM 42H4100 3153 GREEN TERMINAL IBM 42H3675 HARD DR. 1GB SCSI F/W IBM 42H2829 IBM 64MB DIMM ECC - 6888 IBM 42G3986 9672 P/S BOX IBM 42F2317 COAX CARD 4234-011 IBM 4265467 4361 POWER SUPPLY IBM 4240620 READ/WHITE HEAD 3274 61C 8INCH FLOPPY IBM 4240569 SOLENOID 3274 61C 8INCH FLOPPY IBM 42405515 8INCH FLOPPYDRIVE 3274 61C IBM 4224201 IBM PRINTER IBM 4216030 6PPM LASER IBM 4208001 PROPRINTER XL24 IBM 4207002 PROPRINTER X24E 6 MONTH WARRANTY IBM 41H6948 810MB HARD DRIVE 12MM 2.5INCH IBM 41F6464 4224 TWIN-AX GOLD ATTACH CARD Apricorn 41DEL30 HRD DRV- APRCRN EZ-GIG 4.1GB IDE NTBK KIT Dell Computer 41826A01WK EXPANSION BOARD 6 EISA 2 PCI FACTORY SEALED Memorex 4116613 7055-20 SYSTEM BOARD Oki Data 410E LASER PRINTER 410E 4PPM MTLX 41035129 MTLX 1234 TWINAX SHUTTLE BOARD Apple 40SC CONNER 40MB 3.5IN SCSI HARD DRIVE Compaq 40M05001800 MEMORY COMPAQ PRESARIO 1020 NOTEBOOK Compaq 40M03060710 INVERTOR BOARD COMPAQ PRESARIO 1020 NOTEBOOK Compaq 40M03060200E00 INTERNAL PART COMPAQ PRESARIO 1020 NOTEBOOK IBM 40H9201 QL77 9672 CARD IBM 40H7561 PC SERVER 325 POWER SUPPLY IBM 40G2612 16MB BASIC IC DRAM CARD Lexmark 4093S01 5700 PTR - NO ADAPT IBM 408428985 LUCENT IBM DPSS-309170 9GB 68-PIN SCSI HARD DRIVE DATARACE 408001 MACH VIII Oki Data 40750009 LOGIC OKIPAGE 12I Lexmark 4070002 PRINTER 1331501 Quantum 406401265 QUANTUM PRODRIVE LPS AT&T 6386SX WGS ATT - Lucent - Avaya 406130039 ISA ESDI CONTROLLER HARD/FLOPPY ATT - Lucent - Avaya 405894957 ISA ESDI CONTROLLER HARD/FLOPPY Synoptics 405 LATTISNET TWISTED PAIR HOST MODULE Lexmark 403910 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. IBM 4029022 PRINTER Lexmark 4026071 OPTRA ES (WITH SUPPLIES!) Lexmark 4026070 E+ PRINTER Lexmark 402606C OPTRA ES W/SHEET FEEDER IBM 402500121 4312 FUSER EXCHANGE ATT - Lucent - Avaya 4024 EXTERNAL MODEM IBM 402340 4248 HAMMER FLIGHT TIME BAR Lexmark 40200 5PPM LASER PRINTER Compaq 401996B21 256MB ECC SDRAM PC100 - BULK IBM 4019001 PS/1 PRINTER W/AUTO REAR SHEET FEEDER Compaq 401747B24 V700 MONITOR IBM 4012778 4245 VAC. ASSEMBLY IBM 4012441 4245 STACKER MOTOR IBM 4012371 4245 MOTOR S/6119527 IBM 4012080 4245 BAR DTC 40059601 FAST ISA EIDE CONTROLLER 2 SERIAL PARALLEL GAME FLOPPY CONTROLLER WITH JUMPERS DTC 40052901 VESA ENHANCED IDE CONTROLLER 2 SERIAL PARALLEL FLOPPY PORTS Apple 400000000000 GREEN 14 ASCII W/KEYBOARD Gateway 3RE4B13502011 P3C LOGIC P-90 Seagate Technologies 3RAD500AA HRD DRV- WU-2-SCSI 10K 1 9.1GB SEAGATE Dell Computer 3RA3030 40.0GB U/100 7200RMP MANUF/WARRTY -2004 DEC 3RA0438AA 313375-002CABLE/110942-001-SPS Genicom 3P7170C02GNM GEN7170 MULTI FEED Genicom 3P7170A01GNM GEN 7170 DUPLEXER Dell Computer 3J671 IDE 80.0GB 3.5LP UDMA/100 CAPELLATECHNOLOGIES 3DBC100001 BARDIMM BARSIMM 3Com 3CR29210ME CABLE MODEM - EXTERNAL - STACKABLE 3Com 3C80401J 8MB HANDHELD PDA/JAPANESE-ENGLISH VERSION/NEW 3Com 3C56047A No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. 3Com 3C250TX1 LINKBUILDER TX 3Com 3C18122A LINKBUILDER 24PORT 10BT 3Com 3C16375A OFFICE CONN. 16 PT. DUAL SPEED 10/100 3Com 3C16071 SUPER STACK II ADVANCED RPS CHASSIS IBM 39H6232 760EL 11.3 DUAL SCAN DISPLAY IBM 39H6230 PROCESSOR CARD IBM 39H2223 2.1GB DRIVE 2.5 IBM 39H2221 THLNKPAD 380 1.08GB IDE HARD DRIVE IBM 39F9281 3174 TOKEN RING ADAPTER IBM 39F8227 DIALS MODEL 010 TYPE 6094 IBM 39F3796 3995 BOARD IBM 38F8328 40MB 3.5INCHES SCSI IBM 38F5231 3151 MOD 510 ASCII DISPLAY STA Compaq 388510001 18.0GB U/IDE ATA 3.5LP 7200RPM Compaq 388210001 9.1GB SCSI3/UW 3.5LP 68PIN Compaq 387256001 PROLIANT STORAGE SYSTEM RSO/U RACK GENERIC 386844001 LI-ION BATTERY COMPAQ PRES 1900 Compaq 386536001 HARD DRIVE 9GB PLUGGABLE WIDE ULTRA II SCSI ATT - Lucent - Avaya 3810A1001 COM MODEM WITH POWER SUPPLY Synoptics 3800 ROUTER IBM 37L5842 IBM PII/450 NF PROCESSOR W/HEAT SINK IBM 37L5722 IBM 20.4GB HARD DRIVE ATA/100 5400 RPM(PULL)(BULK) IBM 37L1968 56K PCI MODEM IBM 37F8226 M/T 6094 MOD 020 LPFK FACTORY SEALED TEMPLATE PAD PITNEY BOWES 3770 COSMETIC DAMAGE SCALE Dell Computer 3730D CPIA IO BRD Sun Micro 3702202 2.5GB QIC TAPE DRIVE Tandberg 370201801 2.5GB Sun Micro 370190903 2.1GB SCSI HARD DRIVE Sun Micro 370170902 2.1GB SCSI HARD DRIVE Sun Micro 370154704 SUN 1000E FAN ASSEMBLY Sun Micro 370141502 EXB8500 SUN Sun Micro 3701412 2.1GB 5 1/4 5400RPM DIFFFAST SCSI ST42400ND MICROPOLIS 370132603 669M HARD DRIVE IBM 36L8628 IBM 20.4GB EIDE ATA/66 7200RPMHARD DISK DRIVE - BULK Sun Micro 365133802 SUN 17 MONITOR Sun Micro 3651159 16 Sun Micro 3651151 16 HP 3630APAA PAINT JET HP 3630A PRINTER 6 MONTH WARRANTY Compaq 360513001 S700 17 MONITOR IBM 360074F1649 IBM 1GB !/4 TAPE Compaq 358232001 DRIVE LS-120 DP EN EP/SB PROS 300 HP 35731D HP MONITOR HP 3548000150 TAPE BACKUP Compaq 354233001 E700 8-CELL BATTERY PACK NEC 3515 PRINTER Dest 3504860100 SCANNER CONTROLLER IBM 34L5001 TOKENRING 16/4 PCI MGNT ADAPT IBM 34L4801 IBM TOKEN RING 16/4 CARDBUS ADAPTER IBM 34L3246 36.4GB UW SCSI TIMPANI W/TRAY - OPEN Compaq 349530001 PROLIANT 4.3GB ULTRA2 7200K HOTPLUG HD HP 348077 64MB SDRAM DIMM COMPAQ IBM 3477HGX GREEN TWINAX W/122 IBM 3477HCX COLOR TWINAX W/122 IBM 3477HAX AMBER TWINAX W/122 Dell Computer 3432Y DELL 9.2GB U3 SCSI 10K 1 LVD Dell Computer 34311 16MB SCSI RAID CONTROLLER Attachmate 34241 ISA NIC BNC RJ45 MIC 3418SS 18.2GB 7.9MS 3.5HH 7200RPM UWSCSI LINK 34102385006 MC3+ MONOCHROME TERMINAL Compaq 340707001 15 MONITOR MV500 Dell Computer 33NMP BOARD VIDEO INSP 8000 16MB ATI IBM 33L5044 IBM 20.4GB EIDE ATA/66 7200RPMHARD DISK DRIVE - BULK IBM 33G9130 X.21 WIDE AREA BOARD FOR PC300 - ISA IBM 33G4389 33F4389 8230-002 IBM 33F9813 BC SLOT READER INFRARED 7526/7527 IBM 33F9804 BC SLOT READER INFRARED 7526/7527 IBM 33F6073 SYSTEM BOARD PULLLED PS/2 MODEL 70 386 IBM 33F5703 PS/2 HARD DRIVE 3.5INCH 60MB IBM 33F5431 60MB PS/2 HARD DRIVE Compaq 339515001 9.1GB SCSI3/UW 3.5LP 68PIN Unisys 33862541 PRINTER Compaq 338479001 NC 3132 DUAL 10/100TX UPGRADE MODULE Compaq 335506B21 NETELL 10-100 TX PC UTP CNTRLR HP 33449 SYSBRD Compaq 332225001 20X IDE CD-ROM PRESARIO 1600 SERIES Compaq 330741001 256MB SDRAM DIMM 50NS - BULK Compaq 330521001 9.1GB SCSI3/UW 3.5LP 68PIN Cabletron 32PORTCOAX 32PORT COAX 19" RACKMOUNT IBM 32G5248 8555 3270 MCA SHORT STYLE Compaq 329839001 SPS-PROCESSOR 400 100 512K W HTSNK Compaq 328695001 PROLIANT 5500 DRIVE CAGE Citoh 328 TERMINAL Epson 3250 ACTION LASER PRINTER ALPS 324GX PRINTER ALPS 324E PRINTER Compaq 322923B21 TWO PORT MODULE 100FX MICROPOLIS 322110 2050MB_SCSI-2FAST/_3.5 DIABLO 32029317 DIABLO 630 MAIN LOGICS Compaq 320208001 COMPAQ WORKSTATION SYSTEM BOARD W/TRAY & CAGE TRICORD 32000302 16MB PARITY HIGH PROFILE Oki Data 320 MICROLINE EPSON/IBM EMULATION (GE5253P/P#62406001) PRINTER /GD COSMETICS Dell Computer 31REP MAIN LOGIC BOARD IBM 31F4332 CADDY TYPE SCSI CDROM DRIVE IBM 31F0573 NEC P5200 PRINTER IBM 3194Q IBM 3194 BASE LOGIC IBM 3194 LOGIC BASE IBM 3192F10 COLOR COAX W/122 IBM 3192D10 GREEN COAX W/122 MINISCRIBE 3180S 160MB 17MS SCSI 5.25HH MINISCRIBE 3180E 160MB 17MS ESDI 5.25HH IBM 317491R AS IS IBM 317461R AS IS IBM 31741L CONTROLLER IBM 317411L AS IS IBM 317181R AS IS Compaq 316231001 BATTERY ARMADA 1700 ATRIX 316002P ATRIX VACUUM FILTER TWO PACK Compaq 315043B25 8GB REMOVABLE HARDRIVE FOR ARMADA 7700/7800 SERIES Compaq 314226001 SPS-PROCESSOR 450MHZ W HEATSINK Compaq 314213001 SPS-BD PROCESSOR W TRAY Dataproducts 313134504 CARTRIDGE FOR DP TYPHOON NEW MINISCRIBE 3130E 115MB 17MS ESDI 5.25HH GENERIC 3120508 LI-ION BATTERY DELL INSP 7000 GENERIC 312001 LI-ION BATTERY DELL INSP 3500 Verilink 310000000000 NCC 2130 Verilink 310000000000 TAC 2010 Verilink 310000000000 NCC 2020 Citoh 310 C310 SERIAL MATRIX PRINTER 6 MONTH WARRANTY IBM 30L5774 12 LCD IBM 30L2516 SYSTEM BOARD FOR TP600 PII 266/233 MODELS IBM 30H7364 3160 CLEANER UNIT IBM 30F8596 4224 TWIN-AX GOLD ATTACH CARD IBM 30F8567 4224 TWIN-AX GOLD ATTACH CARD Exabyte 308116000 V14 GB 8MM TAPE INT Compaq 307815001 P75 MODEL 625 N/H 17INCH MONITOR Compaq 307713001 V-75 17INCH MONITOR Compaq 307712001 V75 17 IN MONITOR Compaq 306561001 PROLIANT 3/5500 SYSTEM I/O BRD W/SUBPAN Intel 305648001 ETHER EXPRESS 16TP ARNET 30500404 ADPT ARNET 30500402B ADPT DEC 304897301 PC3010 MAIN LOGIC MODULE*/* DEC 304891701 SCSI WORKSTATION INTERFACE DEC 304827101 33.6 HAYES FAX MODEM DEC 304819106 POWER SUPPLY LOC 1A3B DEC 304819102 180W POWER SUPPLY DEC 304637501 HARD DISCK FROM PRIORIS XL SERVER 5133DP DEC 304612002 ALPHASTATION 255/300MHZ POWER SUPPLY DEC 304502501 LN14X-SI DEC 304462801 MOTHERBOARD 50MHZ TFT Compaq 304429001 PROLIANT 6500 RACKMOUNT HARDWARE KIT Compaq 304422001 PROLIANT 6500 RACKMOUNT HARDWARE KIT DEC 304329403 DIAMOND STEALTH 64 PCI SVGA CONTROLLER DEC 304283901 Number 9GXE64 SVGA CARD Compaq 304232001 MAIN MTHR BD 32MB PERSARIO 4508 DEC 304180001 Number 9GX SVGA CARD DEC 304038201 POWER SUPPLY DEC 303988301 POWER SUPPLY DEC 303946101 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Compaq 303806001 4.3GB SCSI HARD DRIVE DEC 303600901 DWMA POWER SUPPLY DEC 303442501 R23RF POWER SUPPLY DEC 303295405 PWR CNTRLR FOR WS500-FC CABINET DEC 303250601 POWER SUPPLY DEC 303158601 DF196-DM MODEM eMachines 303021 CALL WOFFER E-MACHINE SYSTEM BOARD 533I ANAHEIM2 HP 302200121 FUSER EXCHANGE HP LJ COLOR 5 Canon 302000121 FUSER EXCHANGE HP 4500 Canon 301100121 FUSER EXCHANGE HP 8100 DEC 301065402 H212 PDP8-E OPTION DATARACE 301002 9600 V.29 RALLY SYNCHRONOUS Compaq 300943001 SUBASSEMBLY PWR SUPPLY PACK Compaq 300935001 KIT HARDWARE PROL 1600 Compaq 300917001 PROLIANT 2500 325W REDUNDANT P/S Seagate Technologies 30091301 HDD 9.1GB WIDE SCSI SEAGATE SGI 300380004 E BUS POWER BOARD Packard-Bell 30033501 1.275GB HARD DRIVE IDE SGI 300264004 DUAL PROCESSOR BOARD W2 PROCESSORS Intel 300000000000 ETHERNET PCI 10/100TX DIGI International 30001284 232 ADAPT MULTIPORT DEC 2TBATRMVH BATTERY MNT BRACKET DEC 2T2BA36KF 22-13428-01/RM KIT FOR BA350/356 FRNT MNT Toshiba 2NTOSBS02 TOSHIBA EXT.CD-ROM DEC 2NRITGS02 4PORT RARITAN CONSOLE HP 2NHEWBC40 7005 HP OFFICE JET R40XI DATATRONIX 2NDSXCP00 1GB TAPE DRV/PEREOS Nortel 2KMMA PS/2 K/B - SERIAL MOUSE SPLITTER IBM 29H9396 THINKPAD 9547-U6H KEYBOARD IBM 29H9395 THINKPAD 9547-U6H KEYBOARD IBM 29H9228 HD 1.2GB 2.5 THINKPAD 750/755/760 & OTHER MODELS IBM 29H8934 HD 1.2GB 2.5 THINKPAD 750/755/760 & OTHER MODELS IBM 29H8928 HD 1.2GB 2.5 THINKPAD 750/755/760 & OTHER MODELS Dell Computer 2997D 300MHZ CELERON Compaq 295570B21N CTL SMART 3100ES Compaq 294454B21 128MB SDRAM 100MHZ Compaq 294311B21 WIDE ULTRA SCSI CONTROLLER OPTION KIT GENERIC 2941E LI-ION BATTERY DELL INSP 7000 Compaq 294040001 REMOTE INSIGHT BOARD - BULK Compaq 294013B32 REMOTE INSIGHT BOARD PCI LAN W/PE MDM - REF DEC 293443201 LN32 PART (119788-001) DEC 293304001 LA30N CARRIAGE UNIT DEC 293299101 LNC01 TRANSFER DRUM CLEANING ASSEMBLY DEC 29314730 LN09 PAPER TRAY DI 293140101 CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY DEC 293084801 LPS17 REAR EXIT COVER DEC 292962501 LPS32 MAIN MODULE DEC 292960000 LP27 MODULE DEC 292930801 LN08 MODULE VIDEO CONTROLLER DEC 29292888 DEC 2100 FUSER ASSEMBLY DEC 292925001 LN08 POWER SUPPLY LOW VOLTAGE DEC 292924401 LN08 TRANSPORT ASSEMBLY DEC 292893901 PC433 WORKSTATION POWER SUPPLY DEC 292830901 SAME AS PC4XB-DB PC CONCENTRATOR DEC 292828901 LN05/06 ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY DEC 292827002 LN05/06 POWER SUPPLY DEC 292822001 DF296 POWER SUPPLU DEC 292819101 LA70 CARTRIDGE MOTOR DEC 292785102 LA324 LOGIC PCB DEC 292671700 LG31 PAPER DEC 292661900 TU81 HEAD ADJ. TOOL DEC 292615400 LG02 CONTROILL CPU MODULE DEC 292587000 LPS40 MODULE VIDEO CONTROL Compaq 292541001 SPS-DRV HARD DRIVE 2.1GB IDE 5.25 DEC 292432400 LP27/29 BP POWER BOARD DEC 292407700 TS05 SUPPLY HUB CISCO 2922XLV CISCO 2922 XLV DUAL 100 BASE FX ADDS 290000000000 PC+ STYLE KEYBOARD - 4000/7XX NCR 2900 TERMINAL Tally 290 PRINTER IBM 28L4562 NETFINITY PII XEON 450MHZ PROCESSOR IBM 28L1593 IBM TP600 4GB HARD DRIVE Dell Computer 28715 486D/50 SYSTEM BD HP 28699A ETHERTWIST HUB PLUS 48PORT HP 2867060101 HPPB DUAL-ATTACH FDDI HP 2860663006 WAN LINK INTERFACE CABLE 62P M TO 25P F HP 2860663004 RS-366A MODEM/ACU PSI CARD CABLE DEC 285310001 COMPAQ PRESARIO MONITOR FX500 15 Dataproducts 283570001 DP 8070+ CONTROLLER BRD Compaq 282665001 NETELLIGENT 1009 9-PORT REPEATER Compaq 2824 AUTO ADAPTER SERIES 2824 INPUT 12-18V 4A OUTPUT 18.5V 2.2A FOR NOTEBOOK POWER Diamond 28230085001 VIPER V550 AGPNLX16 S3 AGP 16MB IBM 27L4129 DRIVE DVD 8X TP T/A ULTRABAY IBM 27F4666 RISER CARD IBM PS/2 MODEL 55 SX IBM 27F4623 RISER CARD IBM PS/2 MODEL 55 SX Compaq 277316B21 PL 6000 RACK MNT KIT (NEW-RETAIL/DAMAGED BOX) Compaq 276124013 COPY OF STORAGE & OPTIONS VER 3.1 Compaq 273787B21 PENTIUM PRO 180MHZ 256K PROCESSOR KIT Compaq 273665001 DISPLAY PANEL10.4 CTFT (BJZ3) HP 2730469001 LJIID TOKEN RING XIO NOVELL BOARD HP 2730460001 LJIID TOKEN RING XIO NOVELL BOARD Compaq 272776001 POWER SUPPLY FACTORY BOXED Compaq 272774001 POWER SUPPLY FACTORY BOXED Compaq 272129001 SPS-BD SYSTEM I O-EB HP 27140A 6PORT MUX-9000/8X5 Compaq 271408001 BOARD SYSTEM PRES 4180+ 4760-88 Compaq 270647001 280WATT POWER SUPPLY FOR DESKPRO 4000 6000 ETC Compaq 270638001 DESKPRO 4000 5200MMX/2400 Compaq 270223001 FIRE GL 4000 VIDEO CARD Compaq 270221B21 FIRE GL 4000 VIDEO CARD Compaq 270178001 SPS-BD SYSTEM W OUT CAGE Wang Laboratories 2701117 WANG VS5000 5 SLOT PWR SUPPLY IBM 26F0889 3745 MCC CARD DCA 2698100001 SMARTALEC ISA ATT - Lucent - Avaya 2696B STANDALONE HP 2686A LASERJET various 2682916 6262 DISKETTE DRIVE Compaq 2672001 SYSTEM BOARD COMPAQ PROLINEA 4/33 Compaq 2670001 SYSTEM BOARD COMPAQ PROLINEA 4/33 Compaq 264380001 CBL PARALLEL 7IN Compaq 262688005 2000 SERIES UPS Panasonic 2624 PRINTER IBM 25P1866 BOARD TERMINATOR NF XS IBM 25L2735 10GB 2.5 12MM IDE DRIVE TRAVELSTAR IBM 25L1893 9.1GB ULTRA2 80PIN HARD DRIVE IBM 25H6305 TRIPLE LANSTREAMER PCI IBM 25F9494 8BIT ISA TOKEN RING CARD DB9 16/4 IBM 25F7540 TOKEN RING IBM PS/2 MODEL 55 SX IBM 25F7367 ADAPTER TOKEN RING 16/4 ISA SHORT Lexmark 25F4318 3153 MONITOR ATT - Lucent - Avaya 2596B STANDALONE DSU Dataproducts 257345 LP25 INTERFACE STD BOARD Texas Instruments 25606550001 KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY MODEL 928 U.S. Texas Instruments 25606520001 KEYBD-TI 928 **USE2560655 Compaq 255600001 620 SVGA -V70 Compaq 255187001 BOARD SYSTEM ARMADA 1540/DM Texas Instruments 25511700002 POWER INPUT BOARD 89XX MODEL 9 W/CAGE Texas Instruments 25502820001 TI 875 PRINT MECH Compaq 254963001 DRIVEHARD 1.0GB (IDE) Dell Computer 2546D 10GB 2.5 12MM IDE DRIVE TRAVELSTAR various 2544900 3505 EDS SWITCH Dataproducts 2541006866 DP8070 PRINTHEAD Texas Instruments 25391578049 LASER-2115 INDICATOR PANEL ASSEMBLY GENERIC 2523T LI-ION BATTERY DELL INSP 7000 Compaq 251362001 MEMORY 256MB N160 1700XX 133MHZ Colorado 250MB 250MB QIC-80 TAPE DRIVE US Robotics 2484 3COM BIG PICTURE TV PHONE-VIDEO CAMERA Compaq 247785001 12.1 TFT LCD DISPLAY F/ARMADA 7330T Compaq 247366001 PPRO200/128/4.3/Y/Y/Y SCSI-N Compaq 247190005 DESKPRO 4000 5133/1620/LS Compaq 247179002 POWER SUPPLY FACTORY BOXED Compaq 247134002 POWER SUPPLY FACTORY BOXED various 2462265 5362 CARD FT 2905 HP 2440060200 SNP LINE ADPTR BOARD FOR DTC 48 Compaq 242139001 12.1" TFT SVGA LCD Compaq 240109001 BOARDPROCESSOR 586W O AUDIO US Robotics 2400PC 2400BAUD INTERNAL MODEM IBM 23L4294 10/100 ETHERNET ADAPTER IBM 23F4847 PRINTHEAD 4207-002 X24E 4208-002 XL24E IBM 23F4750 PRINTHEAD 4207/4208/4207/4208 Lexmark 2381001 LEXMARK DOT MATRIX PRINTER Diamond 23590005002 PHONELINE NETWORK HOME FREE SPLITER Compaq 235012002 CPU D900MHZ/200 W/HEATSINK 5000Z NCR 235 MONITOR; CLASS 3298 Compaq 234456003 FC OPTICAL SHORT WAVE GBIC - REF AST 234455083 TFT COLOR LCD 11.3" Compaq 233550001 DRIVE CD-ROM 24X ARM 110S CARBON NEC 23341 MATE V100 GENERIC 233336001 LI ION BATTERY FOR COMPAQ PRESARIO 2 Compaq 231965001 BATTERY PACK ARM 110S NIMH 9CELL Compaq 231962001 BATTERY PACK EVO N150 8 CELL DATACOPY 230M SCANNER AST 230893001 I/O BOARD ASCENTIA 800N Compaq 230821B22 V570 15 MONITOR AST 230717001 300WATT AT POWER SUPPLY FOR SERVER - LONG LONG CABLES AST 230535001 SYSTEM BD 4/25S AST 230372001 PCMCIA 16/4 TOKEN RING WITH CABLE IBM 22L0210 9.1GB SCSI3/UW 3.5LP 68PIN IBM 22L0087 IDE/10GB/2.5 9MM IBM 22L0069 IBM 4GB 2.5" HARD DRIVE IBM 22L0053 DRIVE HARD 12GB TP 570/E 600 2.5 IBM 22L0018 IBM TP600 4GB HARD DRIVE (TRAVELSTAR)SLIM DTC 2280EB FAST ISA EIDE CONTROLLER 2 SERIAL PARALLEL GAME FLOPPY CONTROLLER WITH JUMPERS DTC 2278EB VESA ENHANCED IDE CONTROLLER 2 SERIAL PARALLEL FLOPPY PORTS Compaq 223764001 PROLIANT ML370 RACKMOUNT CHASSIS Compaq 223500002 640AT IDE 3.5INCHES Compaq 223181001 PCI FC HBA WGBIC - REF HP 2228A HP QUIETJET PRINTER HP 2225DPLUS HP THINKJET RS232 WAC ADAPTER HP 2225CPLUS HP THINKJET CENTRONICS W/AC ADAPTER Intel 221835001B PENTIUM II MOTHERBOARD Apple 222000000000 4000 ASCII WHITE DEC 221378601 VERTICAL RK MNT KIT Dell Computer 22069 POWERVAULT 130T LCD DISPLAY Madge Networks 2204 SMART 16/4 T/R ISA PNP Compaq 220280001 DOCKING BAY MISSING PANEL Diamond 22000016B3 VIPER VLB VGA WEITEK POWER 9000 9000-033-PFP IBM 21P9719 BOARD BACKPLANE NF XS DASD IBM 21H9872 FC OPTICAL SHORT WAVE GBIC - REF IBM 21H9772 FC OPTICAL SHORT WAVE GBIC - REF IBM 21H4760 SYSTEM PROCESSOR BOARD IBM 21F8842 8MM 2.3GB TAPE DRIVE Compaq 219393001 128MB 60NS DIMM - BULK Compaq 218370001 HARD DRIVE 10GB 2.5 ARMADA E500 Compaq 218079001 COMPAQ AUTO AC ADAPTER Compaq 217757001 COMPAQ SYSTEM BOARD CODEX 2173BLDSU MOTOROLA MODEM PC28537 Dell Computer 21542 MODEM ISA 33.6K 56.6K Archive 2150E EXTERNAL TAPE BACKUP 150MB DB25 INTERFACE ATT - Lucent - Avaya 2144A 14.4BAUD MODEM CODEX 2121LDSU MODEM Wang Laboratories 2109931 WANG VS7150/7310 CPU BD. Wang Laboratories 2109888A WANG 16MB. MAIN MEMORY VS7/8/1000 DEC 21041PA PCI COAX AND 10BT RJ45 IBM 20L2162 PROCESSOR P2/400/512K W/FAN/HS IBM 20L0277 MEMORY 256MB RDRAM RIMM 800MHZ Synoptics 208ST LATTISNET FOIRL TERMINATION MODULE ATT - Lucent - Avaya 208BL1 DATAPHONE 4800 Compaq 208192001 BATTERY PACK PRES 8XL 80XL LI-ION Compaq 207737001 SPS- DRV HARD 10GB ATA Compaq 207666001 HARD DRIVE 20GB PRESARIO 17XL Compaq 207613004 PRESARIO 5080US LOGIC BOARD Compaq 207613001 PRESARIO SYSTEM BOARD 5BW DEC 204728317 MEMORY SIM Compaq 204533001 40GB IDE 3.5IN HARD DRIVE Compaq 203107001 ARMADA STATION II SYSTEM I/O BOARD Compaq 202839001 BTRY 14.4V 3AHR Compaq 202357001 PROCESSOR P3/650/250 PRES 17XL ADDS 2020 TERMINAL GREEN WITH KEYBOARD Epson 2019596 EPSLQ2170 MAIN LOG Epson 2013447 MAIN LOGIC BOARD Epson 2011317 DFX5000+ POWER SUPPLY Acer 2010A102 20X10X40 CDRW IDE Acer 2010A002 20X10X40 CDRW IDE Packard-Bell 20100065 MAIN FM541 W/SND W/FULL IR MB Packard-Bell 20100056 MAIN BD SYS FM567 BIOS1.24 PP2 Packard-Bell 20100054 MAIN BD SYS FM567 BIOS2.16 CHPN76X Packard-Bell 20100053 MAIN MULTI MEDIA BOS 2.06 W/AUDIO Packard-Bell 20100049 MAIN SYS BD W/O CPU P75MHZ DEVA Packard-Bell 20100031 MAIN BD SYS FM568 256K 1MB NO/SND Packard-Bell 20100022 MAIN BD SYS FM567 256K 2MB EDO OPL Packard-Bell 20100017 MAIN FM567 OPL3 ATI VT2 256K 1MB Packard-Bell 20100012 MAIN BD SYS FM567 256K 1MB EDO VT2 Packard-Bell 20100008 MAIN BD SYS CUMBLN W/SND GEGCGI Packard-Bell 20100002 MAIN BD SYS FM541 W/SND VIDEO Packard-Bell 20100001 MAIN BD SYS FM541 W/FUL IR COM2 Compaq 200855001 LIBRARY SOFTWARE 500050-003 Epson 2006394 EPL8000 PWB HV ANTARES 200500024 SCSI AND E-NET/TP INTF CARD Epson 2003550E DFX8000 MAIN LOGIC-EXCHANGE ALPS 2000G PRINTER Epson 2000113E DFX8000 MAIN LOGIC-EXCHANGE STB Systems 1X00360007 S3 TRIO 64V+ 86C765 PCI Dell Computer 1C434 9.2GB SCSI3 U160/WIDE 68PIN ATT - Lucent - Avaya 1A9138 RISER CARD AT&T 6386SX/EL WGS Genicom 1A0511G01 GEN1040 CARR MTR Genicom 1A0004B04 SERIAL I/F PERS MOD. GEN ANSI 1020 IBM 19L7230 MEMORY 256MB IBM 19K4476 IBM 20.4GB EIDE ATA/66 7200RPMHARD DISK DRIVE - BULK IBM 19K1610 20.4GB IDE 3.5 DR IBM 19K1465 9.1GB 10K ULTRA 160 SCSI 1IN 80PIN Compaq 199466001 DRIVE TAPE TURBODAT AUTOLOADER Compaq 196362001 PROCESSOR 600-MHZ CEL 128MB CACHE Y Compaq 193661001 COMPAQ PNP SCM PC ADAPTER Compaq 191767101 COMPAQ SYSTEM BOARD COMMODORE 1902A 13 COMPOSITE/RGB MONITOR Compaq 188638001 20.0GB U/IDE ATA 3.5LP Compaq 185751001 COMPAQ SYSTEM BOARD W/8MB ELITE Compaq 185152406 INTEGRATED KEYBOARD/TRACK Intel 185000000000 450MHZPC100/512K S2 Antex 18492 ADAPTER Oki Data 183 PRINTER Packard-Bell 18246302 MAIN SYS BD 850 FR506 DO4 SIS Packard-Bell 182456 MAIN FR510 M1541/1543C Packard-Bell 182453 MAIN BD W/O CPU RAM FR501 Packard-Bell 182451 MAIN BD SYS 810 VX 64V2 Packard-Bell 182442 MAIN SYSBD PII W/O SOUND ATI 2MBVID Packard-Bell 18243402 MAIN SYS BD 850 G500 ATX SIS Packard-Bell 18243401 MAIN 850 ATX G500 MICRO SIS Packard-Bell 182434 MAIN BD SYS MBI G500ATX SIS Packard-Bell 182427 MAIN BD SYS 870 SE440BX Packard-Bell 182413 MAIN W/O CPU RAM 685MMX/2MB/SLP Packard-Bell 182412 MAIN BD SYS MBI 760ATX Packard-Bell 182406 MAIN SYS BD 800 ATLANTA W/O AU 440 Packard-Bell 18240503 MAIN SYS BD 810VX S/3 64V2 VDO Packard-Bell 182404 MAIN SYS BD 685MMX/USB/2MB/2D Packard-Bell 182403 MAIN BD FM568 256K 2MB NO SND Packard-Bell 182400 MAIN BD 685MX 3D EX USB W/56ND HP 18215690 CPU PIII700 256K SL443 HP 18212244 166MHZ PENTIUM PROCESSOR IC (P54) - PLUG Packard-Bell 181920 MAIN BD SYS ATX/440LX BEAL ATLANTA Packard-Bell 18190701 MAIN SYS BD PB 770 D1000 SERIES Packard-Bell 181700 MAIN 760 ATX FORM FACTOR W/O CPU Packard-Bell 181688 MAIN SYS BD P55C VIRGE W/2MB 256K Packard-Bell 18168592 MAIN SYS 680USB 2D SLP MODE Packard-Bell 18168590 MAIN 680 USB 2D 1M Packard-Bell 181685 MAIN 68OUSB 2D 1MB/SLP-MODE MBI Packard-Bell 18168403 MAIN SYS BD P54/55 S3TRIO W/2MB Packard-Bell 181595 MAIN BD 680II-S3 2D 64V+33PF Packard-Bell 18159301 MAIN SYS BOAR PACKARD BELL Packard-Bell 181593 MAIN BOARD 680VCI 3D 256K 33PF Packard-Bell 181592 MAIN BOARD 689 CI I-S3 64V+256K 33P Packard-Bell 181585 MAIN BOARD 4MB/W/O CPU Packard-Bell 181437 MAIN SYS BD PACK BELL Packard-Bell 181416 MAIN SYS BD 640YI/5440/CS Packard-Bell 181410 MAIN BD SYS MOBI 680VCI 3D/256K/ Packard-Bell 181402 MAIN BD NO CPU 1MB VIDEO 75MHZ Packard-Bell 181382 MAIN SYS BD 649FI W/O RAM 5440/CS Packard-Bell 181381 MAIN SYS BD P54C CL-5434 1MB VIDEO Packard-Bell 181379 MAIN SYSTEM 8MB PACKARD BELL Packard-Bell 181377 MAIN SYSBD P54 W/1MB CL-5434 VIDEO Packard-Bell 181374 MAIN BOARD 602 W/5430/WC/ Packard-Bell 181373 MAIN SYS BD P54 0MB RAM 5430 Packard-Bell 181368 MAIN W/O CPU P100 W/1MB VIDEO W/ Packard-Bell 181365 MAIN BD SYS 602-8/665GT/5430 R131 Packard-Bell 181348 MAIN SYS BD P54 16X8MB RAM.5434 Packard-Bell 181344 MAIN BD SYS W/O CPU Packard-Bell 181336 MAIN SYS BD P54 4X8MB 5430 Packard-Bell 181330 MAIN SYS BD P54C 4X8MB RAM 5430 Packard-Bell 181311 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO 606-8 Packard-Bell 181308 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO 602-16 Packard-Bell 181304 MAIN BOARD 602-16 NOT RWK Packard-Bell 181282 MAIN BOARD 649-8YF 5440/CELP SOCK Packard-Bell 181275 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO 609-8 Packard-Bell 181271 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO 609-8 Packard-Bell 181268 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO W/4MB Packard-Bell 181205 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO W/CACHE Packard-Bell 181105 MAIN BOARD 657ZFI-16 5434/FP Packard-Bell 181104 MAIN SYS BD P54C CL-5434/1MB Packard-Bell 181059 MAIN W/75MHZ 4MB 659 TRITON 66 Packard-Bell 181058 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO P100 Packard-Bell 181050 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO 602-8 Packard-Bell 181049 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO 606-8 Packard-Bell 181048 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO W/8MB Packard-Bell 180899 MAIN W/O CPU W/1MB VIDEO W/O Packard-Bell 180831 MAIN SYS BD-450 REV G CL5429 PACK Packard-Bell 180801 MAIN W/O CPU W/4MB 1MB VIDEO 452 Packard-Bell 180766 MAIN BOARD 458 REV D 802 Packard-Bell 180696 MAIN SYS BD W/CPU Packard-Bell 180534 MAIN SYS MBI 450 REV D PACKARD BELL Packard-Bell 180476 MAIN BD GP321D NO CPU NO MEMORY PACK various 17G2961 9406 V.35 CARD - FEAT 6153 IBM 17F6138 POWER SUPPLY IBM 17F6080 IGS BOARD 4MB DEPLEX various 17F4817 4224 512K TIN CONTROLLER CARD Sony 179629312 DVD P-G7 PCV-RX650/RX672 SONY Sony 179629311 DVD P-G7 PCV-RX551/540 SONY Sony 179608411 DRIVE DVD 16X PCV-RX360DS Compaq 179288001 COMPAQ HARD DRIVE 9.1GB WU SCSI (334139-001) Viewsonic 17822 17 MONITOR CTX 1765GME 17 MONITOR Compaq 176220001 C533/128 PROCESSOR CHIP Sony 176140611 BOARD VIDEO ASUS PCV-RXXXX SERIE Sony 176000000000 MAIN SYS BD SOCKET7 W/AGPVID&SOUND Sony 175951111 4.3GB HARD DRIVE PCV120 PCV130 3.5INCH GENERIC 174261001 LI ION BATTERY COMPAQ ARMADA 100 Dell Computer 1740A SCSI CONTROLLER EISA Compaq 173834001 SPS-DRV CD DSKT DEC 173097002 CABLE ASSEMBLY . FOR ALPHA Sun Micro 17294 SUN MICRO MONITOR Compaq 172825001 POWER SUPPLY Compaq 172740002 POWER SUPPLY Compaq 172612001 BOARDSYSTEM 586 QVMX ETHERNET CM W16MB Compaq 172074-011 2/4GBSCSI DDS2 Oki Data 172 PRINTER DEC 171845401 BULKHEAD UDA 50 QMS 1710144002 MICROFINE CYAN TONER CARTRIDGE QMS 1710121002A DEVELOPER CYAN DEC 170486701 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 170481101 CABLE DEC 170471401 CABLE HARNESS ASSEMBLY DEC 170420901 8200 INTRNL CABLE DEC 170413101 SCSI EXT CABLE DEC 170404301 CABLE W/SCK DEC 170397101 CABLE ASSEMBLY . FOR ALPHA DEC 170396201 CABLE ASSEMBLY . FOR ALPHA DEC 170395901 CABLE ASSEMBLY . FOR ALPHA DEC 170394801 CABLE Compaq 170392102 SPS-BD W 1394 2000 ** FLPY CONNECTOR GUARD BROKER @ $125 ** DEC 170381402 CABLE FOR ALPHA DEC 170377801 CK- KFDDA-AA DSSI CABLE/CABK DEC 170354401 INTERNL SCSI CABLE DEC 170345802 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 170332003 CABLE FOR ALPHA DEC 170318201 SCSI PORT FOR BA640 DEC 170303001 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 170072401 CONTROL PANEL CABLE ZILOG 1700334 4PORT CONTROLLER Compaq 169486001 SPS-BD I O various 1686176 3820 CLEANING STATION Compaq 168593001 PROCESSOR K7/750MHZ PRES 3Com 16805 1680-5 ISOLAN FIBER OPTIC TRANSCIEVER FIBER TO AUI Compaq 168031001 20.0GB U/IDE ATA 3.5LP Compaq 166388001 EMU ASSEMBLY Compaq 164539001 SPS-MEMORY MOD 128MB 53NS PC-600 RDRAM ECC Compaq 163355001 SPS-BD SERVER FEATURE EXPANSION BD Dell Computer 1631T PERC SCSI RAID CONTROLLER Eastman Kodak 1630474 RIBBON INK THREE-COLOR Panasonic 1624 PRINTER IBM 1614891 3194 LOGIC BASE Compaq 161291001 SPS-BD 2CH UWD HOST BUS ADAPTR Compaq 160614004 SBD PROLINEA NET1/25/33S W/TOK Compaq 160614001 BOARDSYSTEM 486SX 25W MODEM & GAME PORT W 4MB Compaq 160420001 4 33SX SYSTEM BOARD (FITS IN PRESARIO 600 OR PROLINEA'S) Packard-Bell 160241 LCD 10.2 ZSTAR FX 3Com 160180001 ADPT 3Com 160180000 ADAPTER CARD Compaq 160062001 9.1GB 1IN 10K WU3 Tektronix 15W644 2000 SHEET SLICK PAPER LEGAL SA-PW IBM 15F6969XM SYSTEM BOARD PS/2 MODEL 50 Compaq 159878001 CDRW 8X4X32 COMPAQ Panasonic 1595 PRINTER Compaq 159488001 DRIVE DVD PRES 1600XL/T 6X Compaq 158783001 PIII-600EB 512 PROCESSOR W/HEAT SINK Compaq 158729001 DRIVE DVD Compaq 158133001 UNIT WINTERM T1000 233/32/NIC Astec 158000000000 300WATT POWER SUPPLY AT PROPRIETARY NEC 158000000000 NB SYS BD NEC 158026153301A SYSTEM BOARD NEC 158026128101B POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD NEC 158026128101A POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD NEC 158026128100A POWERMATE SYSTEM BD NEC 158026127200A POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD G8KHJ Compaq 157403001 HARD DRIVE 20GB UATA 7200RPM Compaq 157183001 V700 N/H 17INCH MONITOR Compaq 155379001 COMPAQ 500/66 CELERON 128K TEAC 1553216800J 40MB IDE Madge Networks 15525603 MADGE FIBER RI RO MODULE FOR SMART CAU Madge Networks 15523401 MADGE FIBER RI/RO MOD FOR SMART CAU PLUS Compaq 155215001 SPS-PROCESSOR K7 600 Compaq 155213001 SPS-PROCESSOR K7 500 ITHACA 153P POS PRINTER CISCO 1538M STACKABLE 10/100 REPEATER PTX 153230001 HAMMERBANK BOARD ASSEMBLY Madge Networks 152130 MADGE SMART 16/4 T/R ISA PNP Madge Networks 15132403 MADGE SMART 100/16/4 PCI - HS RINGNODE Madge Networks 15110102 SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Madge Networks 15110003S SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Madge Networks 15108002N SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Madge Networks 15107203N SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Madge Networks 15107202N SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Madge Networks 15107102 SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Madge Networks 15107101 SMART 16/4 PCI RINGNODE Intel 15100022 INTEL WITH NEC BIOS JN440BX MOTHERBOARD Dell Computer 150YR 10GB IDE 7200RPM Eastman Kodak 150P KODAK DICONIX 150+ Archive 150E EXTERNAL TAPE BACKUP 150MB DB25 INTERFACE Brother Intl 1509 DOT MATRIX PRINTER Printronix 150855 4280 - DRIVER BOARD Printronix 150468 4280 - DRIVER BOARD IBM 1503866 8414 SU DUAL 8BIT ISA 9PIN PORT PTX 150377001 P4280 OP PANEL EXCHANGE PTX 150316001 P4280 POWER SUPPLY IBM 1503156 8414 SU DUAL 8BIT ISA 9PIN PORT Madge Networks 15013002N SMART 16/4 PCMCIA RINGNODE ZDS 150080401 ZENITH BATTERY PACK NI-MH CROSSCOMM 1500098258 XL5 NETWORK CROSSCOMM 1500098252 XL5 NETWORK CROSSCOMM 1500098202 XL5 NETWORK CROSSCOMM 1500096322 XL5 NETWORK CROSSCOMM 1500096301 XL5 NETWORK CROSSCOMM 1500061902 XL5 NETWORK IBM 14V MONITOR; VP 14V 14 SVGA PRINCETON 14UL1712A10 ULTRA 75B 17 MONITOR Lexmark 14RO168 COLOR JET Z51 SYSTEM BOARD Princeton 14E0170800 17 MULTISCAN .26MM PN EO720 NCD 14C TERMINAL. Compaq 1495E8001 SYSTEM BORD Dell Computer 14959 CRD MEMORY 4GB P6100 Compaq 146812B21 24X CD ROM DRIVE Compaq 146769001 KIT SPS-BD BACKPLANE Compaq 146140001 SPS-BD VIDEO 32M-SD AGP4X Compaq 144576001 DRIVE HARD 9.1GB WU-2-SCSI 7200 Compaq 144537B21 6GB SMART II HARD DRIVE ARMADA E500 M300 V300 Compaq 144366001 20.0GB U/IDE ATA 3.5LP Compaq 143547602 MONITOR Compaq 143500601 COMPAQ COLOR MONITOR QVISION 172 MODEL 454 HP 143127411 PCI ETHERNET 10/100 Compaq 142837001 CONTROLLERPLUGGABLE TOKEN RING Compaq 142151001 BOARDEISA NETWORK INTERFACE CARD FOR DUAL ETHERNET Compaq 142131001 BOARDEISA NETWORK INTERFACE CARD FOR DUAL ETHERNET Compaq 141779003 80WATT POWER SUPPLY AT STYLE PROPRIETARY SIZE Compaq 141669003 80WATT POWER SUPPLY AT STYLE PROPRIETARY SIZE Brother Intl 1409 PRINTER DEC 140405401 CABLE Compaq 138652001 POWER SUPPLY FOR PRESARIO 5304 - COMPATIBLE NO COMPAQ NUMBER Compaq 138213001 ARMADA 12GB HARD DRIVE (ORIGINAL) Lexmark 1381854 X) RIP BOARD (4049RA0/RB0/12L/12R) Lexmark 1381799 4049 DUAL FEEDER Lexmark 1381640Z LE F/A 4039/16L/49/16L/16R Lexmark 1381515 X) SYSTEM BOARD (10R) IBM 1381026 THERMISTER SKYNET ELECTRONIC 1374333 POWER SUPPLY NEC 137000000000 NEC LC990PS SCANNER NEC 136732280A PCB ASSEMBLY G9TEU NEC 136266359002A LCD P7 10.2 TFT VERSA V PC-710/20 NEC 136266351016A LCD 10.4" ACTIVE MATRIX TFT PC-490 NEC 136266350017A 9.5 SVGA TFT 256 COLORS LCD ASSEMBLY FOR VERSA M SERIES NEC 136263945009A 9.5 DSTN LCD ASSEMBLY VERSA ULTRALITE SERIES NEC 136230631C SYSTEM BOARD MAIN BOARD ASSEMBLY ULTRALITE 400 410 430 NEC 136000000000 NEC P9XL PRINTHEAD NEC 136000000000 NEC P9XL PRINTHEAD NEC 135432809001A BD FIRMWARE PCB NEC 135037725002A SLNWR 95CNTRLR PCB Compaq 133562002 COMPAQ 450 Compaq 133518004 SW II POWER SUPPLY BLANK Lexmark 1333262 PRINTER BOARD Lexmark 1326050 LEXMARK 4039 DUPLEXER OPTION W/TRAY PTX 132257901 P9012 IGP-40 PCBA PTX 131434001 P9012 OP PANE ASSEMBLY Printronix 131168901 PTX P9012 SHUTTLE MTR W/PULLEY PTX 131168001 6605/6612/9012 MOTOR SHUTTLE KURTA 12X12 PN15303-0011 Y1 ATT - Lucent - Avaya 12V POWER SUPPLY 12 V.-FOR 2500B AND 2600B Lexmark 12L0660 OPTRA W810 IMAGEQUICK SIMM IBM 12H0892 PC300/340 6560 LOGIC BOARD IBM 12G7889 POWER SUPPLY Compaq 128286021 ML530/ML570 HOT PLUG REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY WESTERN DIGITAL 1270 270MB IDE HARD DRIVE Epson 126K93987 AL1100 FUSER ASSEMBLY NEC 1261 SUPERSCRIPT 1260 500 SHEET FEEDER W/CASSETTE Dell Computer 12603 SYSBRD PROTEON 1241852003 ISA TOKEN RING DB9 RJ45 AT&T WGS 6386SX PROTEON 1241851000 TOKEN RING AT&T 6386SX WGS Dell Computer 12411 SYSTEM BOARD QMS 123874 MAGENTA DEVELOPER DEC 123555001 BA653 EMI FILTER IBM 1232300 SHEETFEED OPT SECOND BIN DEC 122270702 BLOWER ASSEMBLY Compaq 122217001NP PIII 500/512K W/HEATPIPE PL6000/7000/8000/85000 ALR Inc. 12208805 SYSTEM BOARD ALR Inc. 12208460 POWERFLEX FLYER MOTHER BOARD DEC 121204000 LA36 CARRIAGE MOTOR ENCODER DEC 121158200 TU/TE16 VACUUM ASSEMBLY Colorado 120MB 120MB QIC-40 TAPE DRIVE Compaq 120955001 CDROM REWRITABLE 4X2X24 Compaq 120696001 CDROM DP EN/EP 52X Adtran 1204011L1 DSU IV ESP 4-WIRE DDS Adtran 1203019L1 NT1 ACE W/PS ISDN NETWORK TERM NCR 12027100 TERMINAL ADDS 120049106 PC+ STYLE KEYBOARD - 4000/7XX Adtran 1200114L1U TSU DSX-1 PLUG-ON DSU/CSU CARD Adtran 1200055L1U TSU DSX-1 PLUG-IN DSU/CSU CARD Lexmark 11A7530 OPTRA E+ LASER PRINTER Compaq 119828B21 I/O ASSM/70-40033-01/S1/SPS-123479-001/119828-001 Memorex 1192C2D2 W/15TX MII AMBER Delta Electronics 118030720 300WATT POWER SUPPLY SSI 10 DRIVE POWER CABLES 24PIN ATX CONNECTOR various 1180124 4234 TRACTOR SET-METAL TIP Compaq 117811B21 PROCESSOR KIT P3/500/1MB/XEON PROL Memorex 1151G 14" GREEN Pertec 11514101D TAPE DRV MODULE SUPERIORCHAIR 1150 CHAIR- SUPERIOR CHAIR CURVE BLK LTHR QUME 1140 QUME PRINTER Compaq 113395B31 SCSI CABLE Dialogic 1130015 MODEM AT&T 6386SX WGS Panasonic 1124I PRINTER Compaq 112162001 ARMADA STATION II EXPANSION BASE (CARBON) Printronix 111701 POWER SUPPLY Printronix 111688 POWER SUPPLY PTX 111024001 PTX MVP SERIAL Compaq 110940001 SPS-BD SYS 500 100 SL1 RTL 11000061000 RTL8029AS PCI 10BT 10B5 COAX RJ15 ETHERNET Dell Computer 10RNC MAIN LOGIC BOARD IBM 10L6017 9GB 3.5" SCSI-W 80PIN IBM 10L1440 PROCESSOR P2/400 TP 390X 600 IBM 10K1724 AMERICAN POWER CONVERSIONSMART-UPS 700 TOWER - IBM 10K0846 NETVISTA PIII/733 PROCESSOR (NEW PULL) IBM 10K0021 MEMORY 256MB RDIMM ECC PC133 IBM 10G3812 2-8MB MEMORY EXPANSION Xerox 109R00031 250 SHEET LEGAL TRAY 4505 4505PS 4510 4510PS Intergraph 109P1212H1011 HOT SWAP FAN ASSEMBLY PTX 109869002 PTX 9000 COOL FAN Compaq 108855B21 MONITOR 15 S500 NH PTX 108511003 AC CONTROLLER P300/600 Printronix 108013001 PTX 6080 SHUTTLE MOTOR W/PULLEY Printronix 107827001 PTX 600XQ/300XQ CONTROL PANEL OTC 1070004200 OTC 21XX PRINTHEAD AMT Datasouth 106489 DS A600 PRINTHEAD 18 WIRE AMT Datasouth 106487 XL300DD PRINTHEAD 9W Attachmate 106021 SDLC ISA PLUS DATA 105S IMPULSE HARD CARD Attachmate 104680 ADVANCED 3270 ADAPTER Printronix 104374001 RS232 PCBA AMT Datasouth 104275 DOCUMAX A3300 POWER SUPPLY PC BOARD PACIFIC PAGE 103928 POSTSCRIPT EMULATION CARTRIDGE FOR HP IBM 1035395 5363 POWER SUPPLY IBM 1035350 5363 BASE POWER SUPPLY Compaq 103425B21 PDS/O1000 OSD V1 SERVERNET Compaq 103382B21 SPS-BD VIDEO 32M-SD AGP4X GENERIC 1030014400 RISER BOARD 4820/R2541 ATT - Lucent - Avaya 102A MERLIN MODEM I/F ATI Tech 1020000000000000 3D RAGE II DVD PCI VIDEO CARD ATI Tech 1020000000000000 3D RAGE II DVD PCI VIDEO CARD Compaq 102307B21 256MB ECC PC100 SDRAM DIMM - BULK Epson 1019970 DFX5000+ PRINTHEAD Epson 1018620 EPS AL1500 FUSER AMT Datasouth 101854 DS5180/DD PSU AMT Datasouth 101810 XL400 SYSTEM CONT. PCB AMT Datasouth 101684 DS 180+ MAIN LOGICS AMT Datasouth 101544 DS220 LOGICS Epson 1009515 EPSON EPL8000 FUSER HP 10050586 16M FIBRE CHANNEL CBL ATT - Lucent - Avaya 1000P2SE LUCENT 1000VA UPS ATT - Lucent - Avaya 1000P2HVSE LUCENT 1000VA 230V UPS PRIMAGE 1000GT PRINTER IBM 09N4534 SYSTEM BD CELERON 6288 6338 IBM 09N1807 NETFINITY 8500 INTEGRATED I/O CARD IBM 09N0919 13.5GB IDE DRIVE IBM 09N0727FRU IBM 27.2GB EIDE ATA/66 7200RPMHARD DISK DRIVE - PULL (FRU) Apple 09M0320 APPLE IMAGE II PTR IBM 09J1037 4.3GB SCSI/ULTRA 3.5LP 68PIN IBM 09G6980 3480 CARD/F-C 2511 Dell Computer 096HPR RAIL KIT HP 9570067 SERVER POWER SUPPLY Motorola 95642 POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT PDU REPLACEMENT MODULUS 21 HP 9503274 POWER SUPPLY F/CDROM TWR 7 PLUS HP 9502881 HP REDUNDANT HOT SWAP POWER SUPPLY - 750W 0950-2881 5064-6607 HP 9502873 E60 NETSERVER POWER SUPPLY HP 9502600 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY ASSEMBLY Dell Computer 9011 SYSTEM BOARD MOTHERBOARD OPTIPLEX XM575 Micronics 90019224 SYSTEMBOARD 7 ISA 2 VLB CYRIX CX486 DX266 2 SERIAL 1 PARALLEL 2 IDE 1 FLOPPY AT STYLE MOTHERBOARD IBM 08K3125 IBM TP T20 MINI PCI COMBO CARD IBM 08H7257 4247 P/S CARD Lexmark 08A0480 DRAWER 250-SHEET E320/E322 IBM 839040 6262 DC POWER SUPPLY CARD Dell Computer 07N7401 IDE 10.0GB 3.5LP UDMA/100 IBM 07N6653 IBM 30GB ATA/100 7200 RPMEIDE HARD DRIVE (BULK)(OEM) IBM 07K1085 3531 POWER SUPPLY IBM 07H6881 9672 M CBLE IBM 07H1265 BACKPLANE RISER CARD IBM 07H0419 100MHZ PENTIUM PROCESSOR BOARD WITH PROCESSOR FACTORY SEALED Tally 78399 TALLY 691 STD PAR I/O Tally 78376 POWER SUPPLY Tally 78259 TALLY PAPER SHUTTLE MTR Tally 78049 COVER ASSEMBLY MT645/661 Tally 76929 TWINAX SHUTTLE BOARD Dell Computer 7646 145WATT POWER SUPPLY ATX ODD SIZE - ALSO HAVE PLENTY OF A COMPATIBLE UNIT HP 757060112 IDLER DRIVE Tally 75194 POWER SUPPLY Tally 75108 HAMMER DRIVER BOARD DCA 73185 SMART ALEC MCA IBM 06P5241 IBM 30GB HARD DRIVE INTERFACE TYPEULTRA DMA/ATA-100 IBM 06G6413 160MB PS/2 SCSI DRIVE IBM 06F0148 3835 SHAFT IBM 661371 326MB 12MS SCSI M90 3.50HH SGI 600021002 385W INDIGO2 POWER SUPPLY IMPACT SGI 600021001 385W IMPACT POWER SUPPLY DH IBM 05K9189 DRIVE FLOPPY/CD-ROM COMBO 1.44/24X IBM 05K6160 ENHANCED PORT REPLICATOR - FACTORY BOX IBM 05K3113 INVERTER FOR 13.3INCH MODEL-B PART 9548-40U THINKPAD 770 IBM 05H4454 3590 CABLE IBM 05H3590 3990 CARD IBM 05H3202 3590 VACUUM SWITCH IBM 04H7400 270MB IDE HARD DRIVE IBM 04F7694 6262 MOTOR ASSEMBLY TRACTOR DR IBM 04F7175 6262 MECH CONTROL CARD US Robotics 484 33.6K-56.6K MODEM INT Tally 46973 MT 150 DRV BRD IBM 03K9674 PROCESSOR IBM 03K9672 PROCESSOR (CPU) PENTIUM II (PII) 400MHZ IBM 378637 PRINT BAND IBM 375343 3803 CARD IBM 314793 3088 FAN PLATE ASSEMBLY SGI 308264002 INDY 24-BIT COLOR BD. Hayes 0301US 2PORT ISA SERIAL CARD SGI 300500206 V CAM BOARD IBM 02N6737 IP21/4322 PAPER HANDLING ASSEMBLY . EXCH. IBM 02K6740 BATTERY PACK TP A22E LITHIUM ION 6CLL GENERIC 02K6712 LI-ION BATTERY IBM THINKPAD X IBM 02K6619 IBM TP BATTERY PK SANYO MT2629 GENERIC 02K6503 LI-ION BATTERY IBM THINKPAD 380X IBM 02G4934 POWER SUPPLY IBM 02G4932 POWER SUPPLY IBM 02G4920 POWER SUPPLY HP 293267903 RIBBON MOTOR Dell Computer 0284T PS 300WATT ESI 28460201 TOKEN RING FOR LASERJET 4 SI ( ESI-2846 ) HP 263160068 HP 2631A PRINTHEAD Dataproducts 256660335 VELOCITY TRANSDUCER HP 256460003 2564 HAMMER DRIVER BOARD HP 223560070 RW PRINTHEAD PACIFIC PAGE 21840 PACIFPAGE PE 5.11 FOR HP VIR 202002424 COMMUNICATION CARD IBM 01P8705 1145 RETARD ASSEMBLY . TRAY 2 IBM 01N1949 DRIVE HARD 10GB APTIVA 3.5 IDE IBM 01K9836 470WATT POWER SUPPLY SERVER 720 8642 IBM 01K7295 ADVANCED SYSTEMS MANAGMENT ADP IBM 01K2585 CPU PII 300MHZ Tektronix 16130300 3 COLOR TRANFER ROLL Tektronix 16130200 FOUR COLOR TRANSFER ROLL Tektronix 16130100 BLACK TRANSFER ROLL Tektronix 16129800 PHASER 440 9.6X13.3 PAPER Tektronix 15020501 PROGRAM FUNCTION KEYBOARD SGI 138744001 FLOPPY DISK DAEJOON 1271702 POWER SUPPLY Packard-Bell 10277021 NO SWIVEL BASE 15INCH SVGA EXCELLENT CONDITION IBM 00N9557 IBM NF5600 DASD BACKPLANE ASSEMBLY IBM 00N7955 4X4X24 CD-RW ULTRABAY 2000 DRIVE IBM 00G3165 I/O PLANNER IBM 00F5944 4234 PLATEN SHAFT NCR 80072253 POWER SUPPLY NCR SYSTEM 3230 Epson 007K81174 ASSEMBLY AL1100 DRIVE MAIN INCLUDES MOTOR Compaq 7160001 REMOTE INSIGHT BOARD - BULK DG 7008010 D1600 D1200/T Compaq 6888001 SMART 2SL ARRAY CONTROLLER - REF Compaq 6444001 DESKPRO 6000 2MB VIDEO CARD DIGI International 63300635 8PORT DB25 NCR EXTERNAL BOX Compaq 5409002 2MB PCI VIDEO ADAPTER Compaq 5106001 PCI FC HBA WGBIC - REF Compaq 4183001 10BASE-T AND 100BASET MODULE FOR USE WITH 169801-001 CARD Compaq 3896 MOTHER BD Compaq 3798011 DESKPRO Novell 2896001 COURSE 205: FUNDAMENTALS OF INTERNETWORK & MANAGEMENT DESIGN STUDENT KIT US Robotics 280500 56K MODEM BULK Compaq 2768011 DESKPRO 590 Compaq 2672001 SYSTEM BOARD COMPAQ PROLINEA 4/33 Compaq 2670001 SYSTEM BOARD COMPAQ PROLINEA 4/33 DCA 1781 SDLC ADAPTER MCA Dell Computer 8268 PII266/64/3.2/Y/Y/Y Dell Computer 55078 145WATT POWER SUPPLY ATX ODD SIZE - ALSO HAVE PLENTY OF A COMPATIBLE UNIT Dell Computer 49529 SYSTEM BOARD OPTIPLEX HEADLAND CHIPSET TSENG ET4000/W32I Dell Computer 49270 SYSTEM BOARD FOR OPTIPLEX XM 575 ETC Dell Computer 46585 SYSTEM BOARD OPTIPLEX HEADLAND CHIPSET TSENG ET4000/W32 Dell Computer 41826 EXPANSION BOARD 6 EISA 2 PCI FACTORY SEALED Dell Computer 21542 MODEM ISA 33.6K 56.6K Dell Computer 9746 145WATT POWER SUPPLY ATX ODD SIZE - ALSO HAVE PLENTY OF A COMPATIBLE UNIT Dell Computer 7646 145WATT POWER SUPPLY ATX Brother Intl LC24LG HL2400C 2400CN 2400CEN LGL TRY Acer DF2205 DVD/FDD COMBO HP C8416A710 HP PRINTER OFFICEJET V40XI ALL IN ONE 8PPM 2400 DPI NEW HP MPIPA330 BLUETOOTH WLS PR ADPT COMMAND COMMUNICATIONS ASAP104 ASAP 104 4PORT VOICE-DATA ACCSSWITCH Epson S050002 ACTIONLASER II TONER CART HP RG53134000CN TRAY 1 ASSEMBLY Genicom 44C502592G04S 44XX SMMB/4 PWB ** HP C8219AABA AUTO-DUPLEX UNIT FOR CP1700 2600 SERIES LANIER COPIER 1170199 COPIER TONER BLACK Plextor PXW4012TASWBL BLACK INTERNAL 40/12/40 ATAPI CD-RW Supermicro MBDP4SGAO SINGLE P4 MICRO PGA MB;I845G; 2DIMM; LAN Xerox 13R544 CATS COPY CARTRIDGE APC AR201 NETSHELTER 2 POST RACK 42U BLK FINISH SAFCO 4077 FOLDAWAY PLATFORM TRUCK HEAVY-DUTY STEEL VINYL BUMPER FOUR 4"X 1" S HP K229760001M SCSI INTERFACE CABLE HP C425191003 HP SERVICE MANUAL HP C265560205 MAIN LOGIC BORD Sony 01SSC3351 SGMS BASE SVC CONTRACT Texas Instruments 25519638001 885 AUX CNTRL PNL ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 25439168001 885 AUX CTL PNL- GENERAL RIBBON LZ161OSB LASER CARTRIDGE HP LASERJET 4100 SERIES MSI 6590020 ATX MBD SA KT400 333FSB 6PCI RAID DDR 8XAGP PACIFIC DIGITAL U30114 DISCSTAQ DS4-100 2 CH ATA/100 CTLRPCI EIDE ADMA STORAGECONTROLLER Texas Instruments 98136330001 EXTRA LITHIUM ION BAT. EXT 900 MPB Texas Instruments 97988160006 TM5XXX 8MB MEMORY ADD-ON (60NS) HP C783340013 LOWER FOLD CHUTE HP C470460203 LINE SENSOR (HP) PROXIM INC 848623864 ORINOCO USB CLT SILVER WLS NIC HP Q1734A HP INKJET PAPERSELF ADHESIVE 54IN X 75F ACTIONTEC GE34400001 ACTIONTEC WIRELESS 1-PORT DSL/CABLE ROUTER (GE344000-01) - HP C607260197 ENCODER STRIP SOUTHLAND MICRO RAMS3064S RETAIL 64MB SDRAM AMS RODEO 5042 5020 5010 5000 Supermicro PWS019 250W P/S MOD FOR 6010H/L 6011X HP C641760055 MAIN LOGIC BOARD Generic - OEM TSP3000L LITHIUM ION BATTERY FOR TOSHIBAACCSPORTEGE 3010CT 3020CT 3025CT 3015CT Generic - OEM TS6000L BATTERY FOR TOSHIBA SATELLITE ACCSPRO 6000/6100 Generic - OEM TS1800L BATTERY TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1400 ACCS1800 2400 SERIES Generic - OEM MCG399 LITHIUM ION BATTERY FOR APPLE ACCSPOWERBOOK G3 1999 2000 STAR TECHNOLOGIES LANTESTPRO PROFESSIONAL UTP LAN CABLE ACCSTESTER 2PART W/4 LOOPBACK PLUGS Epson C12C811161 STYLUS PRO 7600 2 & 3INCH ACCSMEDIA SPINDLE (NORMAL TENSION) Epson C1200BT BLUETOOTH PRINT ADAPTER FOR ACCSEPSON PRINTERS WIRELESS Dataproducts 75810 HP LJ 4 4M 5 5M 5NEX ENGINE SUPLMICR TONER EP-E CARTRIDGE CDTECHNOLOGY 43101 100PK CDR MEDIA 24X 650MB 74MINSUPLGENERIC WJEWEL CASES MICROSOLUTIONS 200010USAINT DVD-ROM DRIVE 16X BACKPACK USB EXT 2.0 & PARALLEL XEROX 5R178 XEROX 2510 DEVELOPER SUPL Citizen Z836001 PARALLEL IF MSP40/45/50 Panasonic KXTG2583S PANASONIC 2.4GHZ EXTREME CORDLESS PHONE WITH ANSWERING MACH. various JC1747 UMH MONITOR Seagate Technologies CSC39204LC SEAGATE 9.1GB CHEETAH 10K RPM 80PIN SCA HOT SWAP SCSI DRIVE ST39204LC IBM 61H234806 300GL SYSTEM BOARD - 6275/6285 - CELERON Genicom 3D08193820 PRINTER COVER W/O PCB 3820 Genicom 25629350055 830/835 PRINTHEAD Compaq 165652001N KIT PANNEAUX LATERAUX RACK 42U Dell Computer 1174P IDE 4.8GB 2.5LP 9.5MM Dell Computer 0F091 ATAPI 16X40X DVD CDROM BLACK IBM 06F0169 3835 HOT ROLL SENSOR PROXIM INC 701305 OMNI ANT 7013 FOR RANGELAN AP-II APS Yamaha CRW3200EZ CDRW DRIVE 24X/10X/40X EIDE INT WNERO SW CERT FOR WXP ASUSTeK P4B533UAY P4 533MHZ I845E ATX;4X AGP;3DDR/2GB 6USB ASUSTeK P4B266PAWOLUAYZ P4 INTEL 845D; PCI AUDIO; NO LAN; HP Q1943A HP PRODUCTIVITY PHOTO SEMI-GLOSS 36 IN HP Q1938A HP PRODUCTIVITY PHOTO GLOSS 36 IN X 100 Epson SP91001 EPSON PHOTO GLOSSY PAPER (36 X 100) SMC SMCANTCAB75F EZ 75FT LMR 400 802.11B ANT CABLE Texas Instruments 97948550156 PRINTHEAD THERMAL 8D/MM 201 BT Oki Data 40370303 CYAN IMAGE DRUM KIT TYPE C1 FOR 8C/8CN