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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Microsoft Dxsetup.exe Creative Labs CT1330A Rev 6 SB-Pro (CT1330A).ZIP Asound Asound Express PCI soundcard als4000.exe NEC SuperScript 610plus Labway QS3000A xw42700b.zip Epson Stylus2s easy2s.exe Samtron SC-428PS/PSL Sc428ps.zip Samtron SC-428PS/PSL Sc428ps.zip Cirrus Logic 85690-9938c clm1027.zip Puretek PT3020.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) SYM 53416 sym53416.zip Lava Computer Lava PCI Parallel Port parallel.inf PC Chips M571 3DFX vg-w9x-q3.exe Diamond Multimedia Stelth III S540 Acer Acer magic 15_16w95.vxd Integraphics (ICS) CyberPro2000 Sanyo crd254v Motorola APC APC Back-UPS 500VA UPS.tar.gz APC APC Back-UPS 500VA UPS.c AIMS Lab Bt848.vxd PC Chips All usb.zip Pioneer USA D2%20CD%20INSTALLER.hqx Digicom Systems DSI D-F-V (V.90) D13635 3635019x.exe NeoMagic Neomagic-1.1.tar.gz Psion Dacom Gold Card V34 + fax gdxu103.exe LiteOn Technology ltn382.......... CPQIDECD.SYS Teles Teles.S0/XXXXXXX capi338.exe Teles Teles.S0/xxxxxxx capi338.exe Sony Electronics CRX120E Sony.CRX120E.Drivers.zip Unknown jp883 Hercules Dynamite 128/Video dv95123.exe LMSI (Philips) cdd 3610 S3 virgedx C Media CMI8830 C3D [ beta ] 30W98ver20.zip Rockwell HCF 56K Data Fax PCI Modem HCF56KDataFax.zip OnSpec idew2kdrvr.zip Opcode (Music Quest) Studio 64X 64_x_102.exe Davicom davicom 336 pnp modem 3Com 3C905B 3Com 3C905B Network Interface Card.zip ATI Rage 128 (Multilingual) ATi Rage 128 Video Card.zip Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16.zip Creative Labs Sound Blaster AudioPCI 64V Creative Labs Sound Blaster AudioPCI 64V.zip Crystal Semiconductors CS461x Crystal Audio Drivers.zip Creative Labs sbide20.exe Ensoniq PCI Audio Card Ensoniq Audio PCI.zip ESS Technologies 1689 ESS AudioDrive.zip Dell Computer dell latitude Drivers.zip Rockwell HCF 56K PCI Compaq Presario Genesis CPU Accelerator.zip 3Com Megahertz 3CCM156 56K Global Modem 3ccm1561.exe Belinea all old models belinea.exe SiS Corporation Sis6215.zip Hansol Hansol Drivers.inf Speedcom Cir-wave.inf Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CDROM Driver.zip AIMS Lab tr288 tr288i.zip AIMS Lab Vide Highway remote remote.zip Rockwell RVP336 Rkv336.inf Nokia 447B NOKIA_DR.zip ActionMedia AC5618 combo Toshiba 1605CDS PW5015C.zip Packard Bell pb9805 ESS Technologies Ess audio 1868_1869Driver.exe Yamaha OPL3-SAx Drivers for YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719 95v2343.exe Aiwa SCSI TD-8001 tape.inf Rockwell Multiple rockwell.exe Sony Electronics Hmdafam.exe Microsoft intellapoint2.2 Info.txt Iomega zipp100 HSP ARK Logic ub7070rp 7porthub.zip Analog Devices ad1815js UMAX Umax astra 2000u vista32.exe Texas Instruments Cbss.vxd S3 S3 Trio 3D 2X Trio3D2X.ZIP Simple Technologies PhotoReaderUSB photrdr.zip Miro Computer Products Mirotele.exe S3 S3 Trio 3D/2X for Win2K Trio2K.ZIP Saitek SETUP.EXE Saitek SETUP.EXE GVC SF1133V/R Gvc_vo33.inf Epson LQ 670 lq670.zip NeoMagic compaq presario 1925 neomagic256av w9x.exe S3 Trio3D/2X win2000-s3trio3d-2x.zip SiS Corporation 15a108-2.exe Lucent Technologies LT Win Modem and LT Win Modem PCI modem575.exe Ucom Ucom Ucom Nordic ISDN 128 TA pci_w2k.exe nVIDIA Win9x_530.zip Diamond Data 40X and some earlier DDCdrom.zip Mitsumi Electronics CR 4804TE 4804_f~1.exe Data Technology (DTC) DTC 3130 SCSI 3130wnt.exe Delta Electronics OIP~CD4800C.zip OPTi 82C925 925d_w.exe Mustek 1200UB 1200ub.ZIP 3Com InetUpdt.exe Microcom Inc DeskPorte P ppm501.exe Turbocomm Turbocomm I101C Turbocomm I101C.zip Spider Graphics bw-2.20 Spider Graphics bw-2.20 Spider Graphics bw-2.20 Yamaha DS-XG Chip yamaha_dsxg_driver.exe Maestro 2925-00-00L zp575a.exe QMS PS 810 series psexec18.exe Askey Computer 1456VHQ-R (internal) 1456VHQ-R.zip Motorola Win5602 ISA-BUILD671.EXE Sharp Electronics JX SHARPTWAINV2.20 Creative Labs CT7240 CT7240.zip Aztech Labs mmsn842 mmsn842.zip Packard Bell synera 406 mmsn842.zip Aztech Labs SETUP.HTML Tandy DMP 207 cit24.exe Citizen Citizen GSX 140+ cit24.exe S3 S3_6.drv Epson Epson Color Stylus IIs Easy2s.exe IBM IBM Color Jetprinter (3852) ibm3852.exe Sharp Electronics jx-9200 Linotype JADE2 (OFFICE 2 TYPE SCANNERS) TWAIN Rockwell/Conexant Rockwell/Conexant Conexant files.zip Twinhead PowerSlim 2188H025.zip Microsoft Mshyph2.dll Microsoft Msthsw32.dll Microsoft mswds_sw.lex.doc Genius (KYE) cpv2nt_e.exe Genius (KYE) color-page-vivid-pro II cpv2nt_e.exe US Robotics 33600 Sportster Faxmodem sportster.zip US Robotics Sportster Voice 33.600 Faxmodem sportster.zip Diamond Multimedia stealth64_2001w95.exe Imation super disk drivers.exe Sony Electronics Cybershot DSC-S70 usbdrv13.exe Diamond Multimedia DTO 398 DTO-398w2k.zip SiS Corporation sis 5597/5598 sis5597.zip Compaq Compaq 1247, prob others with internet buttons Button support for Compaq presario 1247.zip Yamaha SYXG-50 DTO-398w2k.zip SoundBlaster SB AWE 64 Sbawe64.zip SoundBlaster SB AWE 64 sbawe64NT.zip Compaq lucent v90 modems in Presario's Lucent modem driver for Compaq laptops.zip Tamarack Technologies 4800+ 4800+.exe Tamarack Technologies 4800+ 4800+nt.EXE Creative Labs Creative Labs graphics blaster riva tnt riva tnt drivers.zip Advance Logic Research (ALR) PNP Sound Chip 98vxd.exe VIA Technologies Compaq Presario 1247 Viaudio.zip Epson Epson Lx-300.exe Alta Research Alta Research DP83907VF AT/LANTIC II altaresearch.exe Initio 9400,9401,9500 inic_940_scsi.exe Initio 9400,9401,9500 inic_940_scsi.exe S3 trio 64uv+ s3trio.zip Chips and Technologies 655545 chips65545.zip Toshiba xm6522 toshiba xm6522 dos.zip Hewlett Packard Majority of HP models New Media Corporation livewire livewire.zip OPL3 Acer 620P Mira341P.zip Lucent Technologies 1641c 1641c Adaptec AIC78XX.INF Zoltrix 144umc.exe PC Tel PCT789T Chipset PCTW9XMO.zip Packard Bell PB1412SL Pbmon.exe ESS Technologies 1488,1688,1788,1868,1888,488,688 1488,1688,1788,1868,1878,1888,488,688.ZIP ESS Technologies 1868 1868dos.ZIP ESS Technologies 1868 1868os.ZIP Diamond Multimedia SUP2850PCI suprasst56i_pro_df.zip Vivitar Viviscan Compact vsf200.zip US Robotics Most Sportster modems ext_336_usr.zip Fujitsu Print Partner 14AV nt40drv.exe Texas Instruments FM-56PC-TI texas SiS Corporation 530 SiS530bios.zip Motorola PT3027_Motorola.zip HSP HSP 56 MicroModem Rockwell HCF 56K PCI Modem hcf56-2000.exe Hewlett Packard 35470A,35480A,T1000,T1000E ob800.exe Brooktree 878tv tv98v203.zip Hayes Microcomputer Products Soft56V SFT212.exe S3 Trio3D2X S3Win98.zip Memorex CD-482E CD-482E.zip Creative Labs CT4810 sbvibra128w9x.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 820 cxi dj379en.exe PureData (WildCard) PNIC-100 pnicwin95.zip PureData (WildCard) PNIC-100 pnicnt40.zip Cirrus Logic MVGA-CL5465A 5465w95a.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Desk Scan 2.9 1sj166en.exe Samtron sm320,330,450,520,530,550b,550v,610b,700b,others Samtron.zip Paradise CW56LU-EXT(EU) mdmpro.zip Olicom USA OC3140 3Com 3C509B 3Com Intel 855x 3Com 3Com 10/100 Motorola Motorola SM56 PCI Speakerphone Modem.log 3Com 3C574 fe574bx.exe Motorola Sm5698.cat 3Com 3C509B 3C509X1.exe 3C509X2 3Com 3C509B 3C509X1.exe 3C509X2 Rockwell Mdm56rs.inf Cheyenne Bitware Cheyenne Bitware bitware.zip 3Com 3C574TX fe574bx.exe 3Com 3C574TX fe574bx.exe Microsoft vmouse.vxd Award LG Electronics Elgmnt.zip Pace Communications Internal V90 Upgrade 56int_up.exe Pace Communications Update modem drivers 95/98 pace_modem_drivers.exe Pace Communications pace_modem_drivers.exe ACI DIA_3307.EXE Hewlett Packard (HP) hpdeskjet420.ZIP Cmedia (CMI) cmi8738 Creative Labs synaptics driver.zip Media Surf (Atlas Peripherals) Media Surf (Atlas Peripherals) MS 2820 Media Surf Drivers.zip Data Technology (DTC) Dysan Dysan9612.exe Analog Devices Drivers.zip Creative Labs e128-95drv-1-us Trident Microsystems 9750 w98-9x5.exe Trident Microsystems 9750 w98-9x5.exe Elsa 1000/T3D Elsa 1000T3DNT40.ZIP Intel NT40.zip Houston Instruments dmp 51 Digital plotter HI Plotter MD967 Trident Microsystems TGUI9420DGI uc95-10.exe Viva (Computer Peripherals) Iexplore.exe Rockwell AOpen FM56-P 56K Speakerphone PCI Modem FM56Pw2k.exe Rockwell Rockwell FM56P - PCI Modem - RLVDL56DPF/SP Rockwell56kW95.zip Labway Bstarrem.exe Roland SC-7.zip Rockwell Rockwell56kNT.exe Acecad ACECAD FLAIR TABLET ??? Cmedia (CMI) cmi 8330 cmi8330 NeoMagic MagicGraph128XD (6.16).zip RealVision (Deltron) RV111 RV111nw.zip Mustek 600 III EP Plus Mustek 63ep322.exe Yamaha Setup.exe Packard Bell PDS-TM301 topd.exe PC Tel micromodem win2k_hsp_micro.ZIP Compaq MG9910-21057 SiS Corporation 5597 SIS 5597 Compaq Conexant 3D Labs dvdewup.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) hp scanjet 3200c 3200c-95.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) HP Scanject 3200c 3200c-95.zip Crystal Semiconductors Crystal 4235 Dos_4235.zip US Robotics 3CP263594 3594W9x.exe Trust Computer setupv.exe Trident Microsystems 4DWaveW2K.zip Microsoft side.zip ESS Technologies 1938 Essolo.com Cmedia (CMI) cmi 8330/s3d cmi 8330.exe ESS Technologies 1938 Essolo.com OPTi 933 933w95r3.exe Rockwell fb k561 Jaton WinCruise SL WZSLW9X.exe Topcom Diamond Plus RealTek Beos-RTL8139(a,b,c) beos-8139(50).tar Teles ISA BRI 16/3 Teles.zip Dell Computer English Compaq 1247 Compaq 1247 Apollo motherboard files.zip AIMS Lab RADIO TRACK fmbox2b4.zip AIMS Lab VIDEO HIGHWAY TV highwayTV.zip Compaq HCF V-90 Uninst.isu Terratec Acer Acer Power 44xx ViaApollo-2K.zip Ascend Pipeline 15 IswDisk1.exe Ascend Pipeline 15 IswDisk2.exe Kaser Kaser Trio-8 ESS Technologies Es1688wn.dr_ Zoltrix ulc931 64v3.zip Matrox Graphics Millennium II w9x_433c.exe RealTek win98-8139(376).exe IO Magic dr-m56wp Hspcfg.exe RealTek RTL 8139/A/B/C/8130 PCI Fast Ethernet win98-8139(376).exe Alliance Promotion AT3D apat3d.zip Alliance Promotion AT3D apat3d.zip Alliance Promotion AT3D apat3dnt.zip VP-128 archive.rar Acer Acer All acer monitors before 4/03/99 acer.inf 3Com 3c905c-tx-m Canon BJ- 5, BJ-10, BJ-20,BJ-130, BJ-330 canon.zip Accton Compaq 123494-001 En5038.zip NetComm IN5692 IN5692.exe Lexmark mpado_ae.exe Lexmark mpado_ae.exe Canon BJC-255SP bj_w95_w98_v397.exe HSP vpctcom.vxd Lexmark mplx952e.exe