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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Addonics Technologies cd_toshiba.exe FortéMedia, Inc FortéMedia, Inc FM801A FM801AWin2000.zip Thrustmaster tm-t2.zip Lexmark CJ 5000 cj50009x.ZIP Innovision All drivers from Innovision All drivers Unknown Unknown SONY SDT 9000 winnt40.exe Creative Labs ct6971 Metabyte Version 3.15 setupex v2.61 (3.15).exe Hewlett Packard (HP) T3000 Tape Drive floppy50.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP T3000 Tap Drive floppy50.exe HSP nt driver.zip Rockwell FB R56I HSP Pctel.zip 3Com USR56KVoiceFax mdm3com.exe Phillips udfform.exe BT (Docujet) BT (Docujet) Docujet v2.15 BF 900 Printer Driver.rar 3Com XJ1336 xj1336.exe Mustek 1200ED Easyphoto easyphoto.zip Diamond Multimedia P/N DRIVER Diamond Multimedia P/N DRIVER WangDat 3100 Wang dat 3100 Cirque DRIVER Mustek 1200ed 1200edw2k.exe HSP start.htm Compaq 4505 336df56k.exe Vivitar vsf-200 vsf200v4.exe Sanyo CRD-254S ASPI7DOS.SYS Sanyo CDR-254S ASPICD.SYS Primax scanny network primax Macronix MX987xxx NIC ALLmx987.zip Aopen FX-3D reva Ad1816js.zip CONEXANT CONEXANT conexant.zip Zoltrix HSP 336-DELUXE PNP MODEM.log Hayes Hayes hayiv56b.inf Rockwell c2hall2b.mal DRIVER Lucent Technologies 1642c modem Chic BROWSERMOUSE.zip OPTi opti 82c933 Chic BrowserMouse.zip CompUSA CompUSA EP20317G 3DScrollware.zip US Robotics US%20Robotics%20Universal Typhoon MUSIC16 soundcard_crystal CS4235 from typhoon for DOS_win311.zip 3DFX Uninst.isu Canon BJC-2010 pipedlg.dat SiS Corporation 6202.zip Compaq modem.zip Info Products FB-OMP fbomp.exe ESS Technologies ESS 1869 1317.zip Canon bjc-250 Bjc250W2K.exe Rockwell faxback.cdx ESS Technologies ESS Solo~1 1165.zip RealTek 8019 RTL8019PNP Unknown Unknown libeay32.dll Unknown Unknown SiS0000.inf Epson Dmx3191.mpd SiS Corporation Sis6326.inf 3Com 0766 3594W9x.EXE SiS Corporation FYI-SIS 6326 AGP(1x) sis 6326.ZIP Easyphoto PCSPP.030 IBM 390X , 170 spsdis50.exe Micro Star International MS-5129 Cirrus Logic html.txt Microsoft Win 95B Bios.vxd PC Chips M577 990306s.bin US Robotics 28.8K-56K internal/external sporster voice&flash US Robotics Modem Drivers (WIN95).zip AccelGraphics Setupex.exe Diamond Multimedia Stealth II S220 sii95110.exe PC Tel HSPAudioModemRiser W98 HSPAudio ModemRiser.zip Data Expert (Expert Media) med2000 med2000.arj MISC MISC MISC MISC ESS Technologies joey_p_95173.htm Quadrant International Q-Motion Video Capture 100 & 200 range ISA and PCI qmp9801.ZIP SiS Corporation 86C210 SIS Toshiba XM-1602B LAPTOP CD-ROM.ZIP IBM 06H9649 PWRSCSI4.exe ExpertColor Multimedia MEDI3931 winnt.exe Hewlett Packard D2831A ESS Technologies several models Super Power SCE A586B A586B-A9.zip C Media pciwdm-0417.zip IBM Mca.zip Canon bjc240 Hewlett Packard (HP) rip417na.exe US Robotics 0460 usr0460.zip Audio Excel DSP16 - AV 306 AV306.zip Trident Microsystems Trident 4D Wave DX 4D Wave DX Disk1.zip Trident Microsystems Trident 4D Wave DX 4D Wave DX Disk2.zip UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) 33614vs 336pdavic.zip Intel i440bx-w977-2a69kg09c-00 MSNPop.Log Yamaha CDR200t, CDR4XX, more varied NeoMagic neo128xd.zip Olivetti Lexikon All JP Printers Olint4en.zip Megahertz XJ4288 xj4288.exe Trust Computer 146206-000 Parallel port NIC 146206.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) hp fast modem d4810b hp fast modem d4810 AD Chips 8118 1881wdm.zip Diamond Multimedia MONSTER 3D m3d_110e.exe Iomega StorStation DItto 2 GIG SiS Corporation Mmouse.com Skywell Skywell Magic 3D 2 m3d29x.zip Sierra Modems Sierra 28800 PnP SQ3465.log S3 NEC NEC MultiSync 6FG necmsinf.zip Real 3D 44-0016100 sfagp_nt_0324.exe ESS Technologies ESS56T-PI DATE FAX VOICE MODEM Brooktree BT848 bt848.zip SiS Corporation SiS5597/SiS5598 PCITrueColorGraphics.zip Golden Sound GE5F h52pt_3911.zip abocom abocom apollo 56 fax modem fm560.exe Aztech Labs mr2k_275.zip S3 All Yamaha readme.txt Aztech Labs MDP3858V-U 3858vun1.zip Aztech Labs MDP3858V-U 3858vun2.zip Winbook Acer USB Video CaptureKit DVC-V6 DVC V6 Win 2000.zip Yamaha OPL3-SAX 95v2343.exe Seling Seling AMR F511 win9x.zip 3Com elnk3.sys ATI ATI PC Chips M550.zip Yamaha WF192x Rockwell Sampo Technology a bunch Sampo(b).inf Rockwell FM-56PC-CTR21 V2.200/0674 56kisarock.zip AGFA OCR(para scaner 12) AGFA OCR(para scaner 12) Goldstar/LG Electronics CRD-8160B Asound asexpress.zip D Link Systems DSN32TX dsn32tx.zip AIMS Lab Video Highway Xtreme 98 Various names AIMS Lab Video Highway Xtreme 98 Various names Motorola 9e242520i Comm.drv Conexant Conexant Conexant Soft56K Data,Fax PCI Modem Diamond Multimedia monster 3d Diamond Multimedia monster 3d Rockwell setup.log Ace Multimedia setup.log Sony Electronics PCG-F1xx, F2xx, F3xxx div Compaq 5220 ATI Rage LT Driver Sp8456.exe MediaVision ProZonic 3D ProZonic3D.ZIP ESS Technologies ESS ES1869-FM radio.zip Data Technology (DTC) DTC 3181 dtc3181x.exe Cmedia (CMI) 8738-wdm-v40-PC98.zip Cmedia (CMI) 8738-wdm-v405-PC99.zip Cmedia (CMI) CMI8738drivers.zip Active Modems Active 288AI ACTIVE.EXE Active Modems Active 288AI ACTIVE.EXE PC Tel PCTEL Modem Driver for Linux.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CF61 61mln4v1 Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CF61 61mln4v1 Hewlett Packard (HP) 4200c 4200c.zip Matrox Graphics Millenium G200A nt4445.exe Cmedia (CMI) c-media.zip Black Box Black Box LL-300-CT Black Box Ethernet pocket adapter LL-300-CT.zip Sony Electronics CRX140E Sony8X1N.EXE Reveal SC400R3 1308029a.zip Reveal SC400R3 1308029b.zip Reveal SC400R3 1308029c.zip AST 05606038.exe CalComp tw95v51.exe Avance Logic als200 ATI Rage2c rage2c.zip 3Com 0637 3com0637.zip COGNET Data Technologies, Inc. COGNET Data Technologies, Inc. EM110 em110.zip Hewlett Packard 5200 series (6100, too?) sj435en.exe Hewlett Packard 5200 series (& 6100, too?) sj503en.exe Hewlett Packard 5200 Series sj504en.exe Yamaha opl3-Sax for YMF701,711,715,718,719 95v2343.exe Impression 5 plus IBM acp90r2.exe SiS Corporation Sis PCI true color sis5597_pci.zip ActionMedia ac5618 version 1.53.03 comboflex.zip Cnels Cnels 2029 cnels.zip Diamond Multimedia w256ip_1.exe Als Als Als100 als100.zip ATI IIc ati.zip PC Speaker speak.exe Askey Computer 96-C807246.zip PC Tel Hspcfg.exe Apple Computer appledvo.inf Primax Yamaha Opl3sa.drv Yamaha Opl3-sa.zip Diamond Multimedia rcv336acf Novell novell.zip Novell novell.zip Best Data Products Rockwell Chipset RC288DPi & R6682-26 Unitron 24x max UnitronUCDJ.zip Lucent Technologies winmodem modem575.exe Proview International (EMC) 14 inches proview.inf Toptek (Golden Pro Deluxe SiS Corporation SiS 6215 offsite.htm Mitsumi Electronics Version 1.10 (Sep 28, 94) Mitsumi.exe Conexant Conexant Conexant Soft56k, Data, Fax PCI Modem camhsf2k.exe S3 S3Virge DX/GX PCI (375/385) Tatung Most Tatung and many Packard Bell TatungMn.zip C Media CMI8330 8330wdm-417.zip Diamond Multimedia Creative Labs 56 k Mdmv90.inf Creative Labs 56 k v90 serwave.vxd Samtron 45Bn Samtron45Bn.zip Genius (KYE) hituner II ShinHo SM483C (Aurora Vision) shinho.inf Yamaha 719 Microcom Inc (Compaq) 33.6 V.34 (NZ & AUS) m492118p.epf Diamond Multimedia Diamond Fusion AGP glsetup.exe Digicom Systems DI5660 V4.43.026_Vxd_DI5660.zip Microcom Inc Various mdmmcom.inf Digicom Systems Unimodv.exe SoundBlaster es1373 es1373 Daewoo aprrox 37 monitor types monitors.zip Primax fba43000p am.exe Samsung Syncmaster 15c Sm15c.zip Cardinal Technologies Rockwell Rockwell Soft56 PCI r5s_w2k.zip Rockwell Rockwell Soft56 PCI r5s_w2k.zip Hayes Microcomputer Products 33.6 Accura V.34+ mdmaci3b.exe Creative Labs Savage 4 Cmedia (CMI) cm8738 cmi8738.zip Compex RL100ATX/PCI COMPEX US Robotics 1807Wm9x.cat US Robotics Winmodem.inf US Robotics 0460 usrspvx2.inf Asound Asound Express PCI win2000.exe US Robotics US Robotics Sportster 0460 U.S.Robotics Access Corp.USRSPX2.INF 3Com 3COM/US Robotics Sportster 0460 U.S.Robotics Access Corp.USRSPX2.INF Symbios Logic SYM20402-Chip53C416 20402_53c416.zip GVC F-1156IV/R6 GVCF1156IVR6.zip Symbios Logic 53c400a Symbios Logic 53c400a 3Com 3c905 3c905.zip Diamond Multimedia Sup2300 (Diamond Multimedia) supramax56i_isa.zip S3 S3virgeMX.ZIP Linksys NC100 V2 nc100.zip Hyundai DeluxScan 7770 7770a.zip ATI RAGE XL nt4_rpro_5382b08.zip Canon Canon Trident Microsystems w95-9440.exe Trident Microsystems w95-9440.exe Pace Communications Pace ISDN TA Pro/Ultralink isdnpace.inf Yamaha Yamaha opl-sax3 driver.zip Maxxtro Maxxtro Creative Labs SB Live SBLive Disk1.zip Logitech All All Info Products FB513 Fb5.exe Creative Labs SB Live SBLive Disk2.zip Micron cw410.28090DEFANGED.exe Creative Labs SB Live SBLive Disk3.zip SiS Corporation sis530 chip set 530108-4.exe SiS Corporation sis530 chip set 530108-5.exe SiS Corporation sis530 chip set 530108-6.exe SiS Corporation sis530 chip set 530108-7.exe SiS Corporation sis530 chip set 530108-8.exe SiS Corporation sis530 chip set 530108-9.exe SiS Corporation sis530 chip set 530108-10.exe SiS Corporation sis530 chip set 530108-11.exe Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330 cmi8330_98.zip Creative Labs Mscdex.exe Newcom Newcom.zip Microsoft 336k-Dfi/56K-Dfi Several 3DFX voodoo 3 v2-w9x-dx7-retail-3.02.02.exe 3DFX voodoo 2 v2-w9x-dx7-retail-3.02.02.exe 3DFX v2-w2k-1.02.00.exe PC Tel PCT388PT 56ipw98 PC Tel PCT388PT 56ipw98 BTC bcd 10x 10x.zip Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 device driver DV_Camcorder_driver_R3_0.zip Star Micronics SJ-48 win95.exe IPC Media Magic ISP-16 i16v395b1.zip IPC Media Magic ISP-16 i16v395b2.zip Planet Planet MI-560M MI-560M-9x.zip Diamond Multimedia Viper VLB vvl210.exe IPC Media Magic ISP 16/32 isp16v3 ATI Setup.exe 3DFX voodoo 2 v2-w9x-dx7-retail-3.02.02.exe Creative Labs CDDriver.exe Motorola Motorola Primax Flatbed.exe Primax Flatbed.exe Primax TBRIDGE.EXE Houston Instruments DMP 51 HI Plotter PC Chips CMI8330 Primax FB308C Flatbed.exe