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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Pioneer USA DVD-104s 2.02 region free Lexmark Z51 z51_W2k.ZIP Interact SV-283 interactV4forcefeedbackDrv.zip NewGen Systems All win95all.exe Davicom V1433VQH-U Diamond Multimedia diamond monster fusion 16mb Fus95213.exe NewGen Systems NewGen Systems All win95all.exe Alps Electric Dual Point Glide 5_012.exe Rockwell various various Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-563 56x_dos.exe Brother M1724 Teco Scorpio II E3 VM3561 361PV115.EXE Zoltrix fmhcf56i HCF_w2k1.ZIP Compaq Compaq Presario 5304 Compaq Audio.zip ActionTec FM336LK datalink.exe Compaq Compaq Presario 5304 Compaq Video Drivers.zip Compaq Compaq Presario 5304 Compaq Modem.zip US Robotics 5605 3com5605.inf Acard ATP 9200 Aec-1710.exe ESS Technologies ES56CV-PI .zip Ensoniq Ensoniq Audio PCI 64 AudioPCI_64.zip Cirrus Logic Cirrus-GD5428.zip Yamaha OPL3-SAx OPL3-SAx Drivers fo Epson TM300A/B/C/D um141e.exe AMD ar405eng.exe Rockwell HCF 56k DataFax PCI 21216401.zip OPTi 931 931w95.exe Yamaha yfm 718/719 yfm719.ZIP Hewlett Packard (HP) 720c SiS Corporation 6326 sis6326m.cab Diamond Multimedia FireGL1000 FireGl1000NT4.zip Trident Microsystems 3d Image 9750 AGP w98-9x5.exe Intellicards Modem.cpl Adaptec Unknown ASPI for Win2K.zip Intellicards Modem.cpl Adaptec aspi32.exe PC Tel HSP56 MicroModem Ver 016 PCTel.zip Crystal Computer cmi 8330 cmi8330.ZIP Mag Innovision All mag-inf.zip OPTi 929 929w95.exe Sharp Electronics JX-9600 jx9600.zip Unitron UCDJ cd rom 24X UCDJ.zip KTX Technology (Edge) ktx 33.6 Lexmark Lexmark 4039 & Optra Series Mpwn315e.exe Crystal Semiconductors cs4248-kl 929w95.exe ESS Technologies Es1869.drv ESS Technologies Es1869.drv ESS Technologies Es1869.drv Datastor Para_dos.zip VIA Technologies 1.08 usbf108.exe VIA Technologies 4.20 4in1420.exe S3 w9x61328-tvutil[1].zip Cirrus Logic MD5620 clm1027.zip Accton en2024 Trident Microsystems 9750 AGP w98-9x5.exe Conner Peripherals (Seagate) conner.zip Diamond Multimedia Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 Pro vmm32.vxd S3 epson gt5000 twain262.exe Diamond Multimedia Stealth Video 2500 w95s25_3.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) nrdrvnt40.exe Trident Microsystems 9420DGi tri94w95.zip Creative Labs win95642.exe Sony Electronics GMD Smart and Friendly HA 3510A HA3510A.zip Dell Computer sampo(a).inf Adaptec 2940u2w3.exe Mustek GS-800 hhw208.exe ESS Technologies solo 1 SOLO98SE.EXE US Robotics 0637 USR0637Win9x.zip Diamond Multimedia Speedstar A50 326os2.exe Epson stylus color 2 Compaq Sierra Modems PAQ97 Acard AEC-1710S/ATP9200 1710S.zip NEC Most Early SCSI necscsi.zip S3 s3trio3d s3trio3d.zip Linksys PCMPC100 pcmpc100.exe OPTi 82c930a opti930.zip HSP HSP MicroModem 56.log 3Com 3CP263595-OEM-50 3595W2K.ZIP LG Electronics CDR-8482B 8482B.zip WinBond W6692 WinNT2K.Zip Creative Labs PCI64 e64nt4u.exe Phillips Autoexec.bat Intel i740 i740_beta_nt5.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) 783a.exe CH Products Fs5inst.exe Oak Technology oti64107 *main Logitech S/N DRIVER CH Products Fsinstal.exe CH Products Install.bat US Robotics 0637 Info Products Image Reader Elite aspi32.exe US Robotics Install.exe Atech MD6802-U azt4029.zip SoundPro Example.zip Rockwell v1456vqe rkv56.inf Packard Bell MSTREETS.xls Diamond Technologies dt197a30 Diamond.zip Yamaha win98.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) SCSI adapter DRIVER LANIER LANIER 5235-5245 Yamaha YMF 724F-V yamaha_dsxg_nt_driver.exe Aztech Labs P16wh-1&2.zip JVC w87 HighView.zip Voltek? Voltek? NIC-108CT NIC-108CT.zip US Robotics mdm3com.exe Eagle Technology S3 TRIO 64V+ (86C765) Trio64v.exe Cyrix Corporation Cx5530 udma_win.zip New Media Corporation NMC-Ethernet W95.zip ALI ALI M3141/5/7 ALI M3141/5/7 ALI M3141/5/7 ALI M3141/5/7 Abit BE6-II Latest Bios Update behrv.exe S3 Trio 3D / 2X AGP 4/8MB s3Trio3d2x.exe S3 Trio 3D / 2X AGP s3Trio3d2x.exe Sony Electronics DSC-F1 dsc-f1.0.zip SiS Corporation SiS 6215 WIN9x.exe SiS Corporation SiS 6215 WIN9x.exe Askey Computer 1433VQH-X 96-550151 OLYMPUS D-200L, D-300L, D220L, D-320L, D-340L, D-34 Twain31.zip MaxTech All, according to them Mon_drv.zip Data Expert Expert MED3931 3931A.zip Creative Labs ct4750 v128w9x.exe OPTi OPTI82C930.zip Techmedia CDD-6100 timcdzip.zip OPTi 82c933 933w95r3.exe nVIDIA W9x-384.zip Unknown Unknown sis6326m.drv Highscreen moni04.inf Lucky Star Technology 2A59GLIFC-00 51vx1c.zip 3DFX mp3blast1.exe 3Com W95el90x.inf Zoltrix Add Chips AV308 32p95.exe Aztech Labs AZT2320 azt2320w95.zip Biostar Biostar M6TLC inf002.EXE 3Com 3C900 EtherLink XL PCI EtherCDv5.2.zip NEC Initiald.dir S3 trio64v2 dx trio64v2dx.ZIP Cardinal aol.exe ESS Technologies 56kifxE/ESS ES56I 56kifxE-ESS56I.zip Moxa mx98713fc Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR572 Azcal.exe Seagate medalist Dwiz242.exe Phillips CDD 522 & Kodak equivalent 522.zip Compuprint Compuprint Hitachi 7930 hitachi.exe NEC sk-1300 ESS Technologies ESS Solo1 S1-Wxx.zip C Media qzv90inf.exe Hyundai HDP-920 US Robotics 3comUSRobotics56K Modem.cpl 3Com various USR Diamond Multimedia v330 vpr0126a.exe Creative Labs tntaw9x.exe Sony Electronics crx100e/x2 crx100e2.zip Philips Consumer PCA721AF 721af-95.exe C Media Sb16awe.inf Askey Computer V1456VQH-T 96-C812042.zip Lexmark CJ2030WE.exe Info Products ImageReader ISA SF-600C Setup.exe Info Products ImageReader ISA SF-600C Setup.exe Cmedia (CMI) CMI8338 pciwdm-0417.zip Aopen FM56SM sm-w2k.exe OPTi WINNT.ZIP OPTi 82c933 win95_98.zip Creative Labs Di5665 Mb_5665.zip Acer 310P, 320P, 610P, 620P, 620PT Mira320P_E.exe US Robotics 00084005 & others 00084005.zip Ixmicro ix3D%20Installer Avance Logic als4000 win2000.exe GVC DF-1133HV+A2 modem520.zip Soyo Computer ata66_98.zip ESS Technologies ES2898S pew9x_443.zip AIMS Lab video highway xtreme Matrox Graphics Matrox Millinium G200, G100,& G400 wak503.exe Genius (KYE) ScanMate/Color Genius Twain Driver & MediaMate for Scanmate-Color.zip Hi Val H-00R5 sc128drv.zip Hi Val H-00R5 sc128drv(2).zip S3 S3mixer.exe S3 S3mixer.exe US Robotics Comm.drv Canon lbp-465 Canon Laser.zip PC Tel HSP Audiomodemriser possibly other pctel winmodems MODEM.zip Microsoft msmpu401.drv Microsoft msmpu401.drv Microfield Graphics Microfield Graphics V8V T8V V8/2 T8/2 V8 T8 X8 microfg.zip Vigor Vigor CDAD1815/1816 Drive_A.zip Easyphoto Ezviewer.exe Easyphoto Ezphoto.exe Adaptec 7800wnt.exe Domex DTCT-436P Dtc328x.inf Domex DTCT-436P DTCT436p.zip Teles capi337.exe Xerox DocuPrint xj6c Packard Bell General.idf S3 S3 Trio 3D AGP Toshiba XM6401B Resedit%20patch%20instructions OPTi Sndtune.exe OPTi 931w95.zip Rockwell Rockwell HCF V90/K56 NT4-ModemDrivers.zip MicroSolutions 166550 (8x) backpack.zip Creatix Creatix V.90 HaM w2k.exe Aztech Labs MD6802-U AZT-4029 azexe.ex_ US Robotics gtw95268.exe US Robotics mdm3com.exe Alsound Alsound als100.zip Scanport Install.log Sanyo CRD-254-P sjcdapi.sys Sanyo CRD-254-P README.TXT Samsung SD-604 M250.zip nVIDIA 5.08/TNT/TNT2/GTS Reference nVIDIA 5.08 W9x-508.zip nVIDIA 5.08 W9x-508.zip Ch Products Ch Products REV 3 3/26/96 Gamecard3Automatic.zip Acer AME-MU00 Acer AME-MU00 ame-mx00.zip Prolink (Modems Bt878.zip Microsoft 1.zip Sound Port COMPAQ PRESARIO 9546 Sound Port COMPAQ PRESARIO 9546 Gateway 28.8-56k V.90 Upgrade 7502723v.exe PC Tel hsp56nt4.zip JVC 332 HighView1.1.zip Yamaha OPL3-SAx Ntv2311.exe Genius (KYE) easyscan/color deluxe Slipmenu.scp Orchid Technology gamewave32 gw32.exe Pinnacle Micro rcd 5040 RCDSWTCH.DLL Yamaha OPL3 y98v2103.zip Pinnacle Micro rcd 5040 MAGICD.DLL Pinnacle Micro INSTALL.EXE Pinnacle Micro RCDRCHIV.EXE Toshiba Toshiba XM6202B atapi.exe Packard Bell pbmon.exe Rockwell r67x.EXE QMS Desklaser 600P qms600p.exe Rockwell r6749.EXE Spider Graphics BW 2.20 Spider Graphics BW 2.20 C Media 8330wdm-417.zip Spider Graphics BW2.20 Trident Microsystems 8900c uc95-10.exe Epson Lx-300 Creative Labs RIVA TNT 2 Ultra riva tnt2.exe Alsound Alsound ALS100 als100.zip Smith Micro Software Smith Micro Software Quicklink II qwklk2.zip Lucent Technologies PCI LT Modem modem575.exe Creative Labs vd2dx7beta.exe US Robotics 00178300 178300w.exe Hayes Microcomputer Products Optima 28.8 optima288windrvr.exe Spot Technology Dynotak 6P Diamond Multimedia All Supra 28.8, 33.6, & 56K Supra_al.zip Cmedia (CMI) CM8338.INF Cmedia (CMI) CM8338.INF Cmedia (CMI) CM8338.VXD Speedcom RW-3360V rw-3360v.zip PC Tel PTC 789T PCTW9XMO.zip Acer 505t Iomega Findit32.exe Datatronics 5614MX all56k0003.zip Datatronics 5614MX up56mx.zip Cyrix Corporation motherboard V1.2 mediagx.zip Diamond Multimedia 23540010-002 Supra_207x.zip Diamond Multimedia SupraMax 56k PCI DRIVER 3Com 3CCFE575BT US Robotics All 33.6k & 56K mdm3comv.inf Rockwell Soft56K HSF Many listed MicroSolutions 143010 backpack 800TD bpbackup.zip pcchips pcchips m741lmrt all onboard drivers Practical Peripherals PM56K PC Card Modem pm56nt.zip 3Com OEM model 662975 2975.exe