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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Fujitsu AS-1 AS-1.EXE ADOBE ADOBE pdfwriter.ZIP Best Data MSP5900-U 56K MACH2 PCI hsp56pmmx-2000.exe SIS SIS SiS530 SIS530sound.zip Primax 4800 4800nt.exe Compaq Iexplore.exe Colorado (HP) trakker 350 Setup.exe Canon BJC-5100 BJC-5100NT.exe Epson DLQ, L, LQ, SQ ep24.exe.zip Epson DFX EXFXJXLXMXRX T Epson9pin.zip S3 Vga.drv Digital Research Technologies sis 6215 C Epson stylus colour 440 epijnl20.drv Cirrus Logic Clmcpl.cpl Yamaha Yamaha OPL3-sax WDM Yamaha Yamaha OPL3-sax WDM Yamaha 95v2343.exe Yamaha Yamaha OPL3-sax WDM ntv2311.exe Mitsumi Electronics all (fx) ide158.exe S3 GX-2 AGP with TV-Out GX2win9X.zip Mag Innovision dts5060 Mag Innovision dts5060 Avance Logic ALS120 win31&95.exe Avance Logic ALS120 win98.exe Avance Logic ALS120 winnt.exe SiS Corporation Epson Stylus 740 *main Amstrad dmp3160 Avance Logic S3.vxd VIA Technologies Cmi8330.inf SoundPro CMI8330 Windows2000(WDM) 4. Abit OUTLOOK.EXE Creative Labs OUTLOOK.EXE Canon IX-30F Si3.exe Mozart Mozart.ZIP Intertex Data AB cdrom.gif SiS Corporation Win95.zip SiS Corporation M571.zip Vertos 300ssd MSIMN.EXE Zoom ppcnt.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) officejetlx Jet30Pkg.exe SiS Corporation Win95.zip Analog Devices Newcom 33.6kbps internal or external modem NEWCOM.ZIP SMC (Standard Microsystems) SMC Tiger 8216L Smctiger.zip Luxsonar Luxsonar LUXDVD.SYS Yamaha O)PL DRIVER Motorola SM56 Voice CTX All ctxinf.exe SMC (Standard Microsystems) Ge2000.inf Cirrus Logic cl-gd5428 cir143.exe NetSurf NS GFC2206 NSGFC2206.ZIP Supervideo Supervideo Panasonic %28Matsushita Matshita%29 KX-P6100 KXP6100 Win 95.zip Motorola Sm56hlpr.exe Acer 350p 350p.zip Panasonic %28Matsushita Matshita%29 KX-P6100 KXP6100 Win 31.zip ATI ATI 264 VT3 (Direct Draw) w82420en.exe Unknown - works for Okimate and Microline printers Unknown - works for Okimate and Microline printers Okimate 20, Microline 292, 293 and 294 ColourScreenPrinter.zip Mitsubishi Mitsubishi MP286L Mitsubushi Mp286l setup & diagnostic v1.8.zip LiteOn Technology LTN High speed CD-ROM driver.zip Info Products SF-600E2 Header ESS Technologies ESS 16bit sound card - win95.zip Cardexpert Technology 8mb 740 AGP card PV40_9x TEAC America w54e Abit.EXE TEAC America w54e atapicd.exe Genius (KYE) GH4050 w98.exe Rockwell Rockwell/conextant Soft 56k HSF soft56HSFW9x.zip Microtek Lab ScanMaker E3 ALI ALIM1541.SYS ESS Technologies ES56ST-PI es56st-pi-w98.zip ESS Technologies ES56ST-PI es56st-pi-nt4.zip Diamond Multimedia S540 s540 WIN2K.zip Memorex cdr-4224 flsh4224.exe Canon FB-620U SGTB-CS20.EXE Adaptec aspi32_v4-6.exe Black Widow (Devcom) Blackwidow 4830 PRO 4830ppro.zip PC Tel hsp56 hsp56.zip Cyrix Corporation Media CGT-MGX GctMgx97.zip Creative Labs Setup.exe Creative Labs Install.exe Microsoft Acumos JAX-8224A/V1 avga2.zip Acumos JAX-8224A/V1 Acumos JAX-8224A/V1 Acumos JAX-8224A/V1 Rockwell PCI V.90/FLEX 56 SFT212.EXE Archtek SL-AMR mr2k_275.zip BusLogic BusTek BT-542 Kurta Penmouse, Series One, Series TWO, Series THREE Original Kurta Drivers.zip Yamaha ds-xgdos.zip 3DFX driver.zip Microsoft intellipoint 3.1a Microsoft Ddeml.dll 3Com MDM3COM.INF 3Com MDMUSRCR.INF Hewlett Packard (HP) deskjet 400 Hpwsetup.exe Tseng Labs Tseng Lab ET6000 Driver.zip ESS Technologies 33.6 k modem v/sp driver modem ESS Technologies 33.6k v w/sp driver modem ESS Technologies driver modem Avance Logic als 120 98wdm.exe Avance Logic als 120 98vxd.exe Avance Logic cls 100 plus 98_100+.exe Avance Logic als 100 plus als100+.exe Aztech Labs Zwave10.lgc Proview International (EMC) proviewpnp.exe Aztech Labs Azt16w.drv Aztech Labs Wdma_azt.inf Aztech Labs Unknown.inf Creative Labs sbl9xdrv1199.zip Iomega 100mb ioware9xdrv.exe Blade Blade BladeEnc082.zip WinBond w6692 winbond98.zip ATI ATI Technologies DRIVER American Megatrends M748LMRT amifl815.zip Creative Labs cd5233e drivers.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) hpdsx.exe Royal Information Electronics Co Monitor7.inf Creative Labs vibra16xpnp Promise Technology dc2300 website 2300d351.zip Promise Technology dc2300 2300d351.zip PC Tel pct288-ia Mitsumi Electronics FX810T4!B A.zip IBM 2645 acpcw32.exe Oak Technology 00n9060.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cw-7585 cw7585bfix.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CW-7585-b cw7585bfix.exe Canon bj10-sx bjwin9x.exe Mitsumi Electronics DRIVER.C2I Avec (Relisys) AvecEasyIII AvecEasy3.exe PC Tel PCT288-IA.exe Rockwell 60-å ãîäû â ÑØÀ.scr Aristo Art-968 ART968.zip Netgear Netgear FA410-TX FA410 US Robotics 66297481 66297481.zip Diamond Multimedia sup2260 Boca Research MV.34AI, MV.34AIM, MV.34AIMS, FDSP34AIM, FDSP34AIM Modem.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) deskjet 690C Hewlett Packard (HP) deskjet 690C PC Chips M599LMR VGA Adaptec 2930 PCI for Win2K w2k_v100_pci_drvs2.exe Adaptec 2930 PCI for Win2K w2k_v100_pci_drvs2.exe Sony Electronics SDT9000 winnt40.exe CalComp 104X calcmpwdrv.zip Summit Memory Systems Summit Memory Systems SE 120, SE 250 summit.zip Intel Intel 740 Video pv3_2w.zip Kortex kortex drivers.zip Yamaha OPL SA3 Vopl3sa.vxd Cabletron Systems p DRIVER Trust Computer communicator 128 PCI PCI2KDRV.EXE Pioneer USA dvd_113.exe Rockwell 56k Rockwell Conexant Rockwell Analog Devices ad1845jp SoundPort Analog Devices AD1845JP W95v1_4.zip Novell Panasonic (Matsushita KX-P6300 P6300-1.exe Panasonic (Matsushita KX-P6300 P6300-2.exe Web Excel MD322/MD5628 Md322.zip Ricoh 200pdrv.exe RealTek BeOS-8139(4[1].5).zip RealTek 8139 beos-8139(50).tar NeoMagic MagicGraph 128 Family neo128.zip NeoMagic MagicGraph 128 Family neo128.zip PC Tel FB1898 1898.zip Aboss Technology Aboss Technology ACK-500 ack500.zip Diamond Multimedia Pro16 929w95.exe RealTek RTG1305/JAX-8227/V1 3105id3.exe Fujitsu Lifebook500 Series FUJITSUCD.zip Legacy setyear.com Rendition V2000.drv Brother MFC 7000 FC 7000_16A.exe Miro Computer Products 20SD miro20SD_NT.zip Digitan DSAC-300 win95.zip Sony Electronics cdu55 thru cdu701 atapi_cd.exe Sony Electronics CDU76 atapi_cd.exe ASUS AGP-V3000 & 3DP-V3000 & AGP-V3000ZX (TV) v3k205n4.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-583 Mscdrom.inf Motorola v90w95i.zip PC Tel mod2k.zip IO Magic Opti 931/933 Chipset MagicSound16.zip Reveal ve500 ve500.zip Zoltrix fm1789 r764-9ki.exe PC Tel HSP 56K Micromodem Rockwell pavillion 8490 rip2141.exe Rockwell hcf56-2000.exe Rockwell Conexant HCF 56k speakerphone PCI Modem hcf56-2000.exe Rockwell Conexant HCF 56k speakerphone PCI Modem hcf56-2000.exe US Robotics 0637 drivers.exe Olivetti Lexikon PR2 Olivetti Lexikon PR2 pr2w95_1.zip Olivetti Lexikon PR2 pr2NT40.zip Creative Labs Vibra PCI 128 CT5803 v128w9x.exe Davicom 336 PNP Dav336v1.inf Davicom Davicom 33.6 PNP davi36.zip SiS Corporation sis 620 Hewlett Packard (HP) HP Color 4500 LJ lj452fr Linotype linotronic 200p Microsoft win98boot.zip Trident Microsystems TGUI9440AGI TRIDENT_nt40drv.exe Trident Microsystems TGUI9440AGI TRIDENT_WIN95.exe ASUS AGP v3000zx wzx170d.exe Cirrus Logic CLM56K V90 Clm1027.zip Epson GT-7000 Viking Components v90 56k Ltmodem.inf Viking Components 56k flex Ltwave.inf 3Com 00162200 bp56kup.exe Asuscom gfsdgf jesus.ico Ovislink ofm33ev S3 s3 trion 3d Mustek 1200 USB 12usb10.exe Alliance Promotion 6410 promotn.zip Alliance Promotion 6410 promotn.zip SiS Corporation 620 620_95.zip Emachines eKB-5000 EasyKey.exe US Robotics 0613 usr0613.ZIP Matsushita (Matshita CR-581 Matsushita.exe Trident Microsystems 9685tv Tridentw98-968x.exe Pace Communications PACE 56Voice External 56ext_up.exe Pace Communications PACE 56Voice External 56ext_up.exe Pace Communications PACE 56Voice Eternal 56upgrad.exe ASUS ASUS P2B-F bx2f1012.zip Yamaha DS-1x & OPL3-SAx Alliance Promotion VP128_Alsc.zip Number Nine s310308.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 7100 7100fw202.zip Epson Setup.exe Microsoft 4.10.2222 Windows USB update.exe Analog Devices Motorola Shin-Ho Electronics and Communication Co, Ltd Shin-Ho Electronics and Communication Co, Ltd 483's,583's,584's,585's,765's,766's,785's AuroraVision.zip Yamaha crw8424e Yamaha YM719 CE Hayes Microcomputer Products 5655US 5655us.zip Acer FM56PVS Acer_wnt.inf Giga Byte Technology 7ix only 7IX.F4A Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.001 Easyphoto FE-600E EasyPhoto.002 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.003 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.004 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.005 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.006 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.007 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.008 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.009 ??????? ??????? ??????? Wininet.dll Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.010 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.011 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.012 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.013 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.014 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.015 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.016 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.017 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.018 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.019 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.020 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.021 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.022 Belinea many belinea.exe Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.023 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.024 Easyphoto SF-600E EasyPhoto.bat Creative Labs Disk.id Mustek 12cuw2k.exe VIA Technologies Canon BJ-10SX Rockwell MF010 / RWA010 rock1.zip Canon BJ-10sx JVC HighView.zip Epson Pr_reset.bat ESS Technologies ES56t-pi essw2k.zip Compaq Neomagic 128 Xga612q1.exe JVC HighView.zip Samsung 550b, 750s, 750b samsungsyncmaster.zip 3D Labs 3D Labs Atech ESS_ES56T-PI_Data_Fax_Voice_Modem.zip S3 Savage4 s4_81031_w98.exe Atech ESS_ES56T-PI_Data_Fax_Voice_Modem.exe Sony Electronics CDU33A Command.com Mitsumi Electronics cdr320.zip ATI w82560en.exe AIMS Lab Vhtv.exe