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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Rockwell rippc99na.exe Iomega ioware9xdrv.exe 3Com 0766 & 3595 3595W2K.ZIP NeoMagic Nmgcvdd.vxd NeoMagic Nmgcvdd.vxd Logitech QuickCam Home Diamond Multimedia Diamond Stealth II S220 sii95110.exe ESS Technologies Es1868.com Ixmicro ultimate rez ix3d9598.zip IBM MDSP MWAVE Yamaha Memorex flsh2216.exe MegaImage Systems mega.zip Intel Pcimp.pci AD Chips Audio Excel 8331 audio.zip Dlink Dlink DE220e dlink220e.zip Dlink Dlink DE220e dlink220e.zip Kurta penmouse.zip Rockwell Rockwell r6793-11 r6793-11 (win9x).zip Rockwell Rockwell r6793-11 r6793-11 (win 2000).zip PC Tel HSP56 Micromodem mod9xnt.zip Not Available Not Available UE-2212 ue2212.zip Olivetti Lexikon PR2 2TheMax ACDSee32.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP D5259A M70 17 inch monitorh.exe Okidata OJ300C Oj300c.exe S3 S3.zip Relisys hs4g004756 hand8240.exe Yamaha Mcxge20.exe ESS Technologies ess1868 Full Duplex Es18683d.zip Archtek SMARTLINK 3334AV SMARTLINK MODEM3334av.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-563 56x_9x.exe CyberVision Powerdvd.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet PC Tel p2000-766-9kmmx.exe HSP HSP56 PCI Modem OPL3 Neu Wave-Audiodatei.wav 3Com 56k voice/fax modem stuff.zip OPL3 Setup.exe Compaq S3 virge SP2936.zip Compaq s3 virge SP2936.zip Compaq s3 virge SP2936.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Writer Plus 820e KXL-RW10A Aztech Labs Mdm4500.inf Diamond Multimedia Speedstar A70 ss95208.exe Lucent Technologies LT Win Modems modem575.exe Arowana Arowana Radio Plus v 4.00 radio.exe Atech ATS-256 Ats-256.zip Adaptec 1510,1520 152xbcfg.exe Adaptec SCSI Select Utility for AHA 1510/1520B adapters. 152xbcfg.exe Atech ATS-256 Ats-256.zip Symbios Logic Sym 53C416 Symbios Logic Atech ATS-256 Ats-256.zip Atech ATS-256 Ats-256.zip Logitech Quickcam Express win2000.exe Logitech Quickcam Express win2000.exe ExpertColor Multimedia DSV6357/5357 virgegx2.zip Rockwell Iomega Novell NE2000 plusdiag.zip SiS Corporation sis900.zip Rockwell Rockwell 98-R6793-11 r5s_w2k.zip LanKom LF-H50X drv84011.exe Microsoft WNASPI32.DLL Acard AEC6712UW, AEC6712U, AEC6712S, AEC6710S 671X_228.zip Conexant (A Heritage of ROCKWELL Technologies) Conexant (A Heritage of ROCKWELL Technologies) conexant.zip LiteOn Technology ltn-301 Driver21.cab SoundBlaster pci 128 sound blaster S3 Sage.exe Sierra Online v1 ScreamingDriver.zip Reveal CR-563-B 56X_95.EXE Pacific Image Communications PIC Modem (56K).zip ESS Technologies ES1371/ES1371b Diversity.zip TEAC America Ver. 2.6 TEAC-CD-532E-All Files.zip Creative Labs ct4170 vibra16x pnp Creative Labs ct4170 vibra16x pnp Genius (KYE) vjoyd.vxd Genius (KYE) g07.vxd Oak Technology Oakcdrom.sys Cmedia (CMI) Cmjstick.drv KYE International g07.vxd Microsoft msjstick.drv Genica Genica CW56LU-PCI MDM_MW50.exe Yamaha OPL3-Sax 95v2343.exe Diamond Multimedia Yamaha ymf724f-v Diamond Multimedia Viper V550/V770/V770 Ult v770_w9x_368(1).exe Brooktree BT848 AverCapture98 Prolink Prolink PV-BT878P VIDEO CAPTURE DEVIC Davicom davi36.zip MX MX MX9875ec mx9875.zip Aztech Labs mdp3858 Jamicon MB-KMT6-AL1 AL1_0910.zip PROVIDEO PROVIDEO PV-951 JVC highview.rar UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) um8672 um8672.exe UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) UM8672 95um8672.exe Fujitsu WinRAR.rar Minolta SP101 lj120en.exe Allied Telesyn AT1500T 15winnt.exe NEC CDR252/4300 CDR4300.zip Rockwell Rockwell K56 Flex Internal & External Drivers.zip Lucent Technologies A30 Faxmodem 56K Dualmode Venus.inf Phillips 347 ptttelefax.zip Logitech Pagescan Color psc_v16.exe Cirrus Logic 5446 cirrus PC Tel Pctptt.exe GVC F-1156IV/A2A Pcia2ant.exe TeleVideo 143544-50 telsnd95.exe Canon CanoScan FB630U Scan Gear 5.32.exe Sertek S521 S521 drivers win 31-95-nt ver 4.16.18.exe Askey Computer FB V1433VQH-L 96-C807248.zip Logicode TVIDEO ltivideo.zip Alliance Promotion at24 At241600.exe Brother StampCreator Pro 2000 w95_sc20.exe Diamond Multimedia Zoltrix 336rock.exe Unknown Unknown EZ3200PCI Ez3200pc.zip RealTek 3105e Diamond Multimedia Cyberdrive 24x (maybe all cyberdrives) cyberdrive.txt Diamond Multimedia ESS Technologies ES1938/1941/1946 40521.zip Mitsubishi Electronics CDRW4420a firmware4420.exe Jaton V6.50.5452-62ICD DRIVERS.zip Creative Labs CT4750 v128nt4.exe Trident Microsystems 9685 w98-TGUI.exe Okidata Okipage 8W hiperw.exe 3Com 3c509b 3c509b.zip Delta Electronics Delta Electronics Delta Electronics Ricoh MP9060A Autorun.inf Unknown hsp56 Creative Labs Exxtreme.drv Diamond Technologies v2-w2k-1.02.00.exe Sky Well Sky Well 3dfx16vb.drv C Media cmi8330 cmi8330 ESS Technologies Essset.zip Computer Peripherals International 56LC-SM cpi336lc.zip Onspeed PC1789 V90 r7649kf.zip Lexmark 2050 INK JET Cj2050we.zip Spot Technology SF-1200CE setup.exe Future Domain (Adaptec) scsi.zip Future Domain (Adaptec) scsi.zip Lucent Technologies Lt Win Modem modem575.exe Award t15i0302.zip Optrox Photomaker 3x OPNT4_1198.zip S3 IBM FRU 75H2913 365366_win9x_26106.zip 3Com 3C562D/3C563D 3c562D.zip Motorola Vmm32.vxd ESS Technologies ess1938 essolo-1.exe DataProducts LZR 1555 LZR1555.exe Labway Xwave QS3000 PCI Microsoft 58669 ITPH10A__01.zip ESS Technologies ESS ES1868 1868w95.zip Aztech Labs Sound 3 142649-1.exe PC100 M748LMRT sis620 Iomega 100MB Disk Iomega_500.zip HSP HSP56 MicroModem.log Hewlett Packard (HP) M820e kxlrw10an.exe Lucent Technologies ws-5614pvd Pvd9598.zip Ensoniq sb audio 64v sbsetup.exe Ensoniq Setup.exe S3 trio 3d 86c366 S3_4.inf S3 trio 3d 86c366 S3_4.inf Atech F-1156IV/A2A lt555.zip Zoltrix Nightingale W2K_415.exe PC Tel HSP MicroModem 56 R765-9K-eM.exe Diamond Multimedia mx300 win2kmx300.zip Samsung SD-606F DVD-ROM Drive FS12.zip Pragmatic I56PSP-F1 i56psp-f1.exe Compaq Presario 2100 GXVideo.zip Compaq Compaq 2100 GXAudio95.zip Rockwell mr56pvs-soft 212135.exe Microsoft vpowerd.vxd Toshiba cdvdplay.exe PC Tel hsp56w2k.zip ESS Technologies Pine Technology Ltd FM 3621-3 W2K2.pdf Edimax eidimax2 Eidemax2.inf Edimax Pnputil.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 4500 Laser setup.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 500 C HP500c.zip CIS Technology ws-5614pm3g ws-5614px3(g)_WIN9X.zip Trident Microsystems Msdos.sys CIS Technology WS-3314JS3 336rw-v2.zip Aztech Labs I38-MMSN842 I38-MMSN842 Rockwell r6787-12 Wordpad.exe SoundBlaster CT1330A Sb16fm.drv encore esp816 pcmcianet.ace Cardinal Technologies All Generic Modem Drive Cardinal Technologies All Generic Modem Drive Rockwell rs56 pci (single chip R6793-12) rs56pci.zip ESS Technologies ESS1888 1888w95.zip Rockwell R6787-12 PT3515.zip Hewlett Packard D5258A monitorh.exe Davicom V.34 Davicom V.34 Hewlett Packard (HP) 6475Z ripnaw2k.exe WinBond Logitech 4.1.5 QuickCam VC 4.1.5 WinBond w24129as.zip Logitech 4.1.5 vc410_f.exe Direct X 7.0a Dxsetup.exe Canon rc-260 ion_pc.zip Sound Port B30138.1 ???? ad1846jp.zip Freetech Go.exe SiS Corporation SIS 6202 SIS6202.ZIP D Link Systems 250C De250c.exe SiS Corporation Trio64 V2/DX/GX (775/785) 775785_win95_24107.zip S3 Trio64 V2/DX/GX (775/785 775785_win95_24107.zip SiS Corporation CMI8330 Nt40drv.zip Boca Research FD34FSVD mplayer2.exe SiS Corporation CMI8330 W95drv.zip Prometheus Acer 310U 320U 340U 620U 640U 620UT 640UT AD Chips CM18329A cm18329a.zip Ricoh MP7040 mmc2_244.exe Unknown 17702 ONSpeed Modem 56k Creative Labs ct1600 sbpro1-2.zip nVIDIA Geforce256 W9x-514.zip IBM 3916,4035 pse,4037 mpw953pe.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet 300J (Japanese Version) ibmps55p.exe AGFA PMDD32C.DLL SiS Corporation CMI8330 W98drv.zip Lucent Technologies LT Win Modem 56K V.90 modem575.exe Compaq Lucent 95, DF336 ISA Cpqdf336.zip Lucent Technologies LT Win Modem modem575.exe Diamond Multimedia SupraExpress 56e Pro Microsoft N/A threed32.zip UMAX PowerLook (UTA-II) Magicscan 3.13 Crystal Semiconductors CS9233-CQ 1 of 1.zip Crystal Semiconductors CS9233-CQ 1 of 2.zip Crystal Semiconductors CS9233-CQ 1 of 2.zip Crystal Semiconductors CS9233-CQ 2 of 2.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-581 driver.EXE Vivitar Compact - Viviscan II ViviscanII.zip Acer 665A 011 1of 1.zip Alliance Semiconductor 64221600.exe Sigma Designs Ventura Drivers.zip Sigma Designs Ventura Player.zip Newcom nc.zip PC Chips mod2k[1].zip 3Com 3CP 263594-OEM-50 3594W9x.EXE 3Com 3CP 263594 OEM - 50 3594W2K.exe Davicom vqh-u.zip Motorola Sm56.zip ALI M314x Win95.exe Dest Start32.exe 3DFX voodoo3,3000 Setup.exe Yamaha ver.1 Opl3sa.dr_ Euroviva Setup.bat Reveal sc400 rev. 4g sc4gnt.zip Microsoft Usbhub.sys PC Chips M748LMRT 748LMRT.exe Linksys LNE 100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter lne100v4.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 7595A ORGANI.dwg Aztech Labs KTL Sound Power Pro nxp16-95.zip Rockwell HCF 56K Speaker Phone PCI Modem 135auk56.exe Yamaha YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719 95v2343.exe Micro Solutions WinZip 7.0 winzip70.exe Matrox Graphics w9x_552.exe Easyphoto Ezphoto.exe ASUS K7M / K7V VIA-usbf108-2000.exe Canon Canon BJC-250 BJ395aD1.exe Canon Canon BJC-250 BJ395aD2.exe Aztech Labs AZT2320 Pace Communications Pace_Modem_Drivers.exe