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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Crystal Computer cs4237 NEC Rflash.exe UMAX astra1200s viglen viglen ENVY15P Monitors.zip 3DFX Vodoo 3 3000 v3-w2k-retail-1.00.00.exe LiteOn Technology Cdrom.sys Amquest AM3314I Am3314i.inf Nexstor Nexstor NXT93 Rev B Nexstez.exe IBM OEM Mfg Data Fax VOD Modem OEM_MW.zip IBM Driver11.cab PC Tel Mdmchipv.inf Dynasonix Dynasonix iw.ini IBM 2176/362 Driver11.cab Cirrus Logic iwlvgaadapter1 RealTek rtg3105ieh Moxa mx86200afc Jaton WinComm V90 Wc1029w9.zip Trident Microsystems 8400 PCI/AGP 8400W2K.ZIP SiS Corporation sis 6326 Traxdata crpatch.exe Linksys LNE100 nVIDIA 1.rar Epson Lx300.zip Lucent Technologies 56K Flex/V.90 Lucent Technologies LT Winmodem modem570.exe ESS Technologies Oemsetup.inf Conner Peripherals (Seagate) Cbbwin.exe Trident Microsystems 8900 ISA 1 meg uc95-10.exe E Tech Research PCI56RCP rvp135.exe ESS Technologies All... Microsoft IntelliPoint%20%28US%20Canada%29 SoundBlaster 95dosapp.exe OPTi OPTiSound 64 Deluxe Opti931.zip Rockwell Conexant HSF 56K soft-modem Conexant.zip Nipigon Seanix Nipigon Seanix 128zx Nipigonnew.exe IBM XM-1401BME scsicdrm.exe Aztech Labs MDP 7800-U Aztech.zip Cmedia (CMI) CMI 8338 8x38-wdm-v417.zip 3DFX Voodoo3 2000/3000 v3-w2k-retail-1.00.00.exe Advance Logic Research (ALR) 336ifv 336ifxvc.exe ESS Technologies ES1968 & ES1968S MaestroII PCI ESS Technologies ES1968 & ES1968S AudioWDM_v4.10.00.2016.zip Trident Microsystems w95-9440.exe Sony Electronics CRX100E/X crx100ex.exe Acer 8432a Setup.exe ESS Technologies a.htm SiS Corporation WINNT40.zip SoundBlaster Sbawe32.drv Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330 JVC XR-W2080 tez253.zip Diamond Technologies ╬Ů▒ŕ╠Ô.txt PC Tel 7.64-PCC-02-M Diamond Technologies ╬Ů▒ŕ╠Ô.txt Yamaha ALL Yamaha ALL Hewlett Packard (HP) HP Deskjet 200 Hp200.zip Aztech Labs Sound Card/Modem 28.8 Aztech Labs I38-MMSN842 Yakumo Vide-cdd.sys Crystal Computer Cwd3dsnd.exe Crystal Computer Setup.exe US Robotics usr 56k voice PCi winmodem Strmod98.exe Symbios Logic SYM53C416 416w2k.zip Pioneer USA DR-446 LaCieD2CD337.hqx S3 S3.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) ezphoto.zip Logitech S3 8814_dig.ini S3 8814_dig.ini S3 8814_hwc.ini S3 8814_hwc.ini S3 8814_swc.ini 3Com 3C905C 3c905c.zip S3 S3refre.ini S3 Version S3 Version 3Com 3cp263594 263594.zip Web Excel MDP3858SP - E Yamaha CDR 102 Cdr4vsd.vxd S3 S3_2.drv S3 S3_32.dll S3 S3_refre.dll Rockwell USSertek (Acer Sertek) USSertek (Acer Sertek) FM-56PCI-RW-S fm56pci-rw-s.zip S3 S3vdd.vxd Sonic Systems Uninst.isu Torisan (Sanyo) atidvd.zip Digital Research Technologies udma66.zip Aztech Labs sc2316 Sg3.exe Trident Microsystems 4d wave 4d wave OPTi Hi Fi 16i Snd929p.drv OPTi Hi Fi 16i Snd929p.vxd ESS Technologies ES1948F ESS Maestro-1 PC Chips m726 990722s.rom..ro Microsoft S32stat.dll S3 s3 trio 3d/2x 362-368 S3 s3 trio 3d/2x 362-368 S3 s3 trio 3d/2x 362-368 HSP HSP Riser Puretek pt3515_Win2k.zip Award 6bap2ca1.bin Logitech Win2000 or less 900b99en.exe Jaton Jaton 67 TV Drivers jaton67tv.zip 3D Labs CT6061 RT300 vbrt3w95.exe S3 S3virge.inf S3 Version.txt SiS Corporation axion.exe Scanport CDSETUP.EXE Acer Acer Magic Sound Card ASPIRS23.EXE Plustek 9636p Pioneer USA Necatapi.vxd Lucent Technologies modem543.exe Proxim Rangelan2 line w2kr14b2.zip Zyxel kh munkey.gif Cyrix Corporation Cyrix Media GXm 180/200/233/266 gxm30.zip ASUS P2B bx2i1011.zip Adaptec 7800w9x.exe Hayes Microcomputer Products 5654 Modem Hay5654PCIW95.zip NeoMagic Neomagic.exe IBM 4019 Laserprinter Ibm_4019.zip Canon LBP 465 Canon465.zip US Robotics 0460 usr0460.zip Rockwell 56r.zip Logitech M-S38 M83SETUP.EXE NEC cdr 251 Necdr251.zip Logitech webcam Setup.exe Logitech express Setup.exe Logitech express AVICapRC.dll E Tech Research pci56rvp e-tech rockwell.exe Creative Labs cr-563-b sbcddw95.exe Logitech express quicam98.zip Cmedia (CMI) Cm8330.drv Brooktree PMCTV.EXE RealTek 8029AS win98-8029(506).exe Silicon Vision Silicon Vision 512N iVis512N.zip RockwellConexant RockwellConexant 212161000.exe PC100 Cmi8330.inf Scanpaq 2030 epp268.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-588b/CR588c Pana-cd.zip Sony Electronics cdu 4011 44x speed Atapi_cd.sys Mitsumi Electronics All Mitsumi CD Recorders Plustek OpticPro 9636T p600t-32.zip OPTi 82c264 OPTi264.zip Emachines SMISETUP.zip ASUS agp-v3200 bandhee 3200rst.exe SOHOware sfa110a Soho.zip Canon Canon BJC-210/Other models NT250UKE.zip Global Village powerport 500duo install pp500duo.sit Hewlett Packard (HP) C1599A 8dos708.exe Aztech Labs MSP3880U msp3880u-w2k.zip Aztech Labs MSP3880SP-W msp3880spw-w2k.zip Aztech Labs MSP3880-W msp3880w-w2k.zip IBM cr-503-506 50x_dos.exe Cirrus Logic 56kifx (c) V90x2 56kifxspC-isa.zip 3Com various 3com56kvoice.ZIP Planet Planet enw9503 win98v35.zip Creative Labs PCI128 pci128nt.zip Cmedia (CMI) 326win98.exe Cmedia (CMI) Sa100-4.exe Diamond Multimedia v2-w2k-1_02_00.exe VIA Technologies 4in1420.exe Cyberdrive PowerDVD.EXE Digidesign SoundDrivers142.sea.hqx Digidesign SoundDrivers142.sea.hqx Digidesign Zoltrix Cobra 56k Software Modem r5s_w2k.zip Epson FX-286e ep9.exe Rockwell ? Rockv3.inf Artec Scanrom 4E srom120.exe Compaq Compaq presario 336-vsc modem Sony Electronics Cdcopy32.exe C Media Cmi8330.inf Vivitar VSF 200 (Compact) Vsf200.exe Sony Electronics crx100e/x2 usb Sony CD Extreme (USB) Setup.exe ALI ali m1487/89 Alihdd.386 Acer 300F, 310S, P, U, 610S, P, 610Plus, 610ST, PT mira26.exe Hewlett Packard 2c Acer 300F, 310S, P, U, 610S, P, 610Plus, 610ST, PT mira26.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet 3300C 3300c.zip D Link Systems dfe-650tx dfe650-win2000.zip Pioneer USA DR-U124X Den d°de.doc Golden Sound Golden Sound ES16 P16esd1.zip Yamaha Hp pavilion 7420 ie5setup.exe 3D Labs Ct6890 asdfas Yamaha Hp pavilion 7420 ie5setup.exe Apollo Apollo ALL Sony Electronics V770 TnT2 Ultra Detonator353W9X.exe Logitech QuickCam.exe Diamond Multimedia monster 3d m3d1600.exe Hewlett Packard dj125en.exe sony sony covers most sony cd's sony.zip MICRO-SOLUTIONS MICRO-SOLUTIONS 190130 4804_26c.exe iomega iomega win 3.1 iomega.zip Kapok 6200AD Vgaw95.exe Orchid Technology SoundWave 32 series Orchid Technology SoundWave 32 sw32warp.txt Efficient Networks, Inc. Efficient Networks, Inc. 3060 en60pw2k.exe Mustek 1200 CP C12Ep9130 Creative Labs PCI128 Sound Blaster Lucent Technologies LT Win Modem lucnt548.exe Compaq Works on Compaq and other atapi cd rom drives Compaq Atapi CD-Rom Driver.EXE Ensoniq EN1207Dv105.zip Onspeed HSP56 MICRO MODEM Epson 1400 epson 1400.zip Rockwell rock56k.zip E Lux Enhans V-3610A Soho Master 3p18_nt.zip E Lux Enhas V-3610A Soho Master e95n98.exe RealTek Rset8029.exe Gateway Gateway2000 TelePath 33.6 for windows mdm008ab.exe Rockwell rs56/sp-pci (R6793-11) 56k from Sam Cormier Win95_98.zip Reveal GCD-R540B 540.zip Rockwell rs56/sp-pci (r6793-11) 56k from Sam Cormier WinNT.zip Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330/C3d 30W98ver20.zip Colorado (HP) T-1000 - Ver. 1.60 Colorado Backup.zip Colorado (HP) Setup.exe NeoMagic magicmedia 256av A41646.exe Yamaha Ystation318.zip VIA Technologies 4in1420.exe ASUS V3400/V3800/V6600/V6800 w2k379b4.zip Analog Devices ad1816 Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI128 Sound Blaster PCI128 Win9Îdrv.zip Unknown Unknown Conceptronic 128PW w2k345cc.exe Unknown Unknown Conceptronic 128PW w2k345cc.exe Colorgraphic Quad Pro Lighting V= w40s3 Compaq M1-5614PM3 hcfrock.exe Davicom 9102 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Netlux sn320801.exe AverMedia tv2k-w2k.zip Chips and Technologies 65550 Chipsdsp.ico ESS Technologies Es688.drv Chips and Technologies Chipsdsp.ico Chips and Technologies Chips95.drv Chips and Technologies Chips95.vxd Chips and Technologies Chipsdsp.dll Chips and Technologies Chipsvpm.dll Chips and Technologies Chtdd32.dll ESS Technologies Es688.drv ESS Technologies Es688.vxd Vivitar VSF-200 Compact vsf200v4.exe Diamond Multimedia v550 v550_w9x_368.exe Rockwell ripwww2k.exe