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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    NeoMagic 2160w9x.exe PC Tel 56ipi2000m.zip Yamaha ntv2311.exe Lexmark cfgutil.exe S3 s3trio64v2/gx(86c785) SP4308.exe S3 S3 Trio 64V2/DX Epson Stylus Color 300 US Robotics sportster 128k isdn ta taintw98.exe Rockwell RCV336ACF ASVD33600 PNP Adlib Multimedia ALS 100 als100win3.1_95.ZIP Adlib Multimedia ALS 100 als100winNT.ZIP Mitsubishi Electronics CDRW226 SCSI cdrw226v2.40update.exe nVIDIA Uninsreg.exe LanKom RealtekOrLANKOMDrivers.zip NEC telepath.vx_ Lucent Technologies 7504840.exe PC Tel HSP K56 Flex pnp 56khsp.zip Omni Labs Amcap.exe Western Digital Western Digital Hard Drive for 10BG.zip Western Digital Western Digital Hard Drive for 10BG.zip Western Digital Cd Rom v3.2 (IDE).zip Roland Pen95.exe Microsoft wmtoolscomp.zip Xtreme Storage Xtreme Storage HD10UE idedrvr.zip Ensoniq Vivo All Drivers Genius (KYE) hiencoder Mini Setup.exe Rockwell V1456VQE.Zip AGFA Snapscan EZ Scanwise AGFA Snapscan EZ ISP_EZ_V1401.EXE TEAC America All Teac Notebook internal IDE CDROMS atapicd.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-521/522/523/562/563 56x_nt.exe Logitech all Cyberdrive 200SD, 240SD, 240D, 321D, 322D, 361D, 362D, 400D, CyberCDx.zip SiS Corporation OPTi 82C264 opti264.zip OPTi 82C264 jet264.zip Rockwell V1456VQH-R5 rockwell driver.zip Adaptec EsyCDCrt.zip Digital Research Technologies DRUDMA66 Ultra66.mpd NeoMagic neomagic 250 av audio Audio.zip Sony Electronics neomagic 250 av audio Audio.zip Philips Consumer Phillips CDD2600 gri_260.exe, v215 - Sound Vision Sound Vision Gold 933a opti931.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-1.exe Yamaha 200/400 verdf.zip Mindflight Technologies Inc. Mindflight Technologies Inc. CD-100-PIC MindFlight PAR.zip Yamaha 400 cdr400_q.exe Prolink (Modems Ultima Electronics ACD-X cd_w31.exe PNY PNY FLASHBACK usbw2k10.exe Conexant Conexant Soft56K PCI Win2000 Build 2016 ConexantSoft56KWin2k.zip Yamaha cdr401 EIDE cdr401_q.exe LG Electronics MF PD330 / AHA FD770 Joytech setup.exe Adlib Multimedia PC Tel v.90/k56 004jwin95.zip PC Tel v.90/k56 r7649kf.zip KDS USA KDS_AV.exe Motorola sm56set.exe Ensoniq sound.zip SoundBlaster Awent40.exe Avec (Relisys) vm3572 bookmark.htm PC Tel Hspmicromodem 56 Pctptt.exe Rockwell 928-04500723 1CF HsfDFS.inf Acer Aser ZAP ( Little Drummer Boy ) ZAP ( Little Drummer Boy ) drumdll.dll Lucent Technologies 56k - V90 XPV56P-L46.zip Tandy dmp207 Packard Bell 680C hp680c.zip Packard Bell 680C hp680c.zip Acer MDL 90.80316.A12 Microsoft wfwnet.drv E Tech Research PCI56RVP 2krvp.zip Datron Datron v1456vqe external DatDriv.zip Advance Logic Research (ALR) 2302 Advanced Logic 2302.exe Tamarack Technologies almost all ntscsi.exe Xircom Xircom Credit Card Modem 56T cm56tins.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-2.exe Phoebe Micro FB V1433VQH-U 336VQH-U.exe ESS Technologies Es688.drv SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-3.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-4.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-5.exe SiS Corporation sis5513 side212.exe Arcus DCM-1488E monitor1.inf AMD amdk6upd.zip Yamaha YMF719 95v2343.exe Yamaha YMF719 95v2343.exe Yamaha YMF719 95v2343.exe Well at-336pct95 336pct95.zip Toshiba XM-5301b, and some more cddrv222.zip Scanport WINZIP32.EXE TDK Systems 7502921.exe TDK Systems TDK Global Freedom 5660-V.90 7502921.exe Plustek Optic Pro 4800p 4800nt.zip S3 S3 Savage 4 /395 395_win2k_83017.exe Archtek ESS56T-PI Modem 5634PEW_W2k.zip Gravis Gravis Game PaD Pro padpro.zip Logitech mouseman etc.. 900b99en.exe Viking Components 56k controlless ltmodem.inf Viking Components wave for 56k controlless modem ltwave.inf Aztech Labs Yamaha S-YXG50 Setup.exe Sharp Electronics PCtel HSP56 MicroModem PJ2S2_D.EXE IBM not big Dm9.exe Sharp Electronics SHARP.DRV Sharp Electronics SHARP.DRV SiS Corporation SiS0000.inf Winport TM Winport TM 20001 Winport.zip Rockwell IJ-5614RPS ij5614rps.zip Yamaha Opl3sax.sys Alaris earthlink weecam USB weecam download 3Com 3cp3298-del Hawk98.exe Ensoniq audiopci_sb1373.ZIP Intel Intel Surf Board Drivers.zip Ensoniq audiopci_sb1371.ZIP Advance Logic Research (ALR) als100+98.zip Ensoniq Ensonpci.ZIP Advance Logic Research (ALR) als100+Win.zip Ensoniq Ssiwizb8.exe Pioneer USA PowerDVD.exe Micro Star International ms6120 scsi dual motherboard ami bios only A620ms16.exe Adaptec AVA-2903 AVA-2902 AVA-2904 AIC-78XX 7800w9x.exe Yamaha CE1.doc Lexmark Lexmark 5000 cj3950le.exe OnSpec crx100e/x2 onusbpc.zip Daewoo cmc1427s dweold.inf.inf Momitsu CDM-T631 Cdmt631.zip Compaq 4704 SP5747.exe Compaq 4704 SP5747.exe Compaq Presario 4704 SP7604.exe IBM IBMv34 mdmibmx2.exe US Robotics 832978-00 R DRIVER Mustek CG-8400 htw209_d.exe Mustek CG-8400 htw209_d.exe Brother M-1709 IBM Pro printer emu C Media C-Media 8338 cmedia_nt40_401.exe Epson Perfection 1200S, 1200U and 1200 photo perf1200.rar ESS Technologies ES1938S AD Chips cm18329a-dx.zip SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-6.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-7.exe C Media CMI8738 cmpci-2.41.tar.gz SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-8.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-9.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-10.exe SiS Corporation 1.06 620107-11.exe Ensoniq 9741 AudioPCI_9741.zip SiS Corporation SIS620.zip SiS Corporation SIS530.zip Lucky Star Technology 5I-VX2 f11.bin Hewlett Packard (HP) Rockwell HCF 56K Data Fax PCI Modem Rip2141.exe Packard Bell BPSC DRIVER Colorado (HP) Cbw95101.exe Compaq PRESARIO 1600 SERIES SP13613 ROM BATTERY.exe Matrox Graphics Millennium G200 w9x_552.exe Avance Logic als007.zip PC Tel HSP56 Micromodem Driver.zip Intel GFXDRV.DRV Diamond Multimedia mj3218037 Sndrec32.exe Intel Iac25_32.ax S3 S3virge.inf S3 gx/dx S3virge.inf Ami Ami m1531-m575 5750624s.zip Abit Highpoint366 1220_2000.exe RealTek rtl 8029 pci adapter net8029pci.zip S3 s3 trio3d e13z42us.exe Diamond Multimedia M3DII207-9X.EXE Alliance Promotion AT24 At_114_1.exe Crystal Computer Wsetup.exe Crystal Computer CMI8330 CMI8330 Okidata 16n40.exe ESS Technologies Allegro I SP12529.exe ESS Technologies Allegro I sp12529.exe Orchid Technology cds-3110 Cdd.sys Acer Open Acer Open Acer Open Acer Open Iomega All All Iomega All All 3Com 0637 3Com-USR_0637.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) kxp-1124i dmcolor.dll Vivitar fb308c vivicompkIII.zip ActionMedia AC-5618 K56Flex Combo SmartLink LTD. Micro Innovations pd971 Bmouse.exe Diamond Technologies Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 A5349.exe Memorex 4100c A33384scanjet4100c.exe Octek CDR812 & others Mitsumi Electronics CR-4802TE fw210_02w.exe Sony Electronics DDU220E atapi_227.exe Creative Labs CT 2260 sbbasic.exe SiS Corporation SIS6326.zip SiS Corporation SIS6326.zip Creative Labs TNT.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 4100c A33384scanjet4100c driver.exe ESS Technologies w9524107.zip Canon s87-24d02-01 Hewlett Packard (HP) hp670c 3hp670c.zip Zoltrix FMHSP56PCI "Phantom 56K" R764-9ki.exe Rockwell R6759-21 RCV336ACF/SVD Compaq netcast.htm Avance Logic ALS120 120_win20.exe Avance Logic ALS4000 ALS4000W2K.exe Avance Logic ALS100+ ALS100+W98.EXE Avance Logic ALS100+ Avance Logic ALS120 Avance Logic ALS120 Avance Logic ALS100+ Yamaha OPL3-SAx 95V2343.EXE RealTek realtek RTL8029 RealTek realtek RTL8029 Phillips 1 Unknown Unknown NE-34 ne-34pci.zip Jaton wincom v90 md5628 WCW2Kb.exe ESS Technologies essolo 1938 Chic Xircom PS-CE2-10 Cxcfg.exe Davicom DM9102/DM9102A ESS Technologies 1161.zip 3Com 3cp263594 263594.zip 3Com 3cp263594 263594.zip ESS Technologies ESS Solo-1 PCI 1161.zip Rockwell win2kHSFT.zip Rockwell Creative Labs CT 4160 Mpeg 2 card Ctdvdvip.inf SIS 530 SIS 530 SIS 530 Sis530.cat hsp56 Audiomodem hsp56 Audiomodem Hspcfg.exe c meadia c meadia c meadia 8378 Setaudio.com Rockwell Rockwell . . Rockwell . . Rockwell . V2.x.x.xxx nVIDIA All nVidia Graphics cards win2k-3.81.zip IBM IBM Not known Mscdex.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KX-P2130/2135 KXP2130-35.exe Forte Technologies . fm801 Intel Ver DRIVER VIA Technologies 4.10.2223 240075up.exe Teramars XDM xdm.inf Cardinal Technologies 3250 DF 56K Winmodem Crdmodem.inf Scanport sq2400 Diamond Technologies mf009 Wpwiz.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 3300c PrecisionScan Softw Eagle Technology Oemsetup.inf Acorp 5ALi61 ali14a.exe SiS Corporation Sis620 SiS Corporation Sis620 PC Chips M558 0609s-19.rom Analog Devices ad 1845 jp W95V1_4.ZIP PC100 M729 Bxcel.zip Diamond Multimedia 9x56cw_1.exe OPTi Opti 82c931.zip HSP HSP56fix.exe HSP HSP56fix.exe PC Tel CM8338 Macronix MX86010FC mx86010_a.zip Macronix MX86010FX mx86010_b..zip Vintech International 44X MAX (EIDE) Vintech.zip Creative Labs Install.exe PC Tel HSP56 Relisys VM6599 Ecl1200u.zip Zoom universal Zoom Universal CCLs.sea Canon BJC-7000 win95.zip Hualon HM86304 Relisys AVEC E4800 VSC101u.exe Hsing Tech Enterprise Co M558 amifl815.exe Hsing Tech Enterprise Co M558 amifl815.exe Hsing Tech Enterprise Co Bios 558-13.rom 3Com 3c905B 3c90xn(1 and 2).exe SiS Corporation SIS6326 PCI4MB ART DRIVER ExpertColor Multimedia mb931/med3931 win95.zip Samsung SCR-2430/2431/2432/3230/3231/3232 SCR-2430 to 3232.zip Samsung SCR-2430/2431/2432/3230/3231/3232 SCR-2430 to 3232.zip Mitsumi Electronics all ide158.exe Miro Computer Video 20TD live Sony Electronics crx100e/x2 CD Driver 1.24 -> 1.40 Update Sony Electronics crx100e/x2 CharisMacOnSpec SIM 1.0.7 patch Lucent Technologies CW56LU-PCI Command.com Motorola qws3270x.exe Alps Electric DC544C DC544C.exe Funai NSCD 2xS Setup.exe AIMS Lab Vtr525i.zip Lucent Technologies all lucent modems Modem570.exe