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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    ATI Dvdplay.001 OPTi SND_AUX.INF OPTi OEMSETUP.INF OPTi MIDIMAP.CFG OPTi SND93X.SYS OPTi SND93X.DLL OPTi SND3INIT.SYS OPTi README.NT Motorola sm56k-PCI Easyphoto FB308C Ezphoto.dot Trident Microsystems uc51-win.exe Sanyo VPC-Z380E TWAIN sanyoz380.zip ESS Technologies 33.600 3com 3com Model 0766 & 3595 & USR 56K DF AWPCI 3595.zip UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) Um82c863.txt Dysan 202E cd340.exe Zoltrix mdmgen288 fm336i 336rock.exe Archtek amr270-d.exe Brother MFC7150C MFC7150C_Driver.exe Provideo / Booktree Provideo / Booktree Pv951WdmDrv.exe Compaq 151308.zip Compaq 324999.zip Canon LBP460 460wps.zip Wisecom ws-5614es3 wsinf20.exe US Robotics oem 662977 2977.exe Asound Rockwell rockwell device driver.zip Yamaha CRW8424EZ Setup.exe Epson Epson cs 640 98.zip Aztech Labs MSP3880sp-w MSP3880spw_w2k Beta.zip HSP pctelnt.zip Polaroid SprintScan 35/35 Plus 35es_272.zip 4LAN (www.4lan.com) 4LAN (www.4lan.com) 10MBit PCI network adapter with FPX96C02 Fpx.exe Atherton Technology at931 snd93.sys Diamond Multimedia German/Dutch version dss1nce3.exe Texas Instruments 1433VQH-X TI0315.inf Hercules STINGRAY PRO stingray pro.exe Interact Logic PC Powerpad Pro English.zip Trident Microsystems Video Driver cyberblade i7.zip Compaq 4540 SP7107ROM Upgrade.exe Diamond Multimedia Stealth II S220 sii95110.exe Sony Electronics Spressa CRX100EX1 CRX100EX1.exe IO Magic MagicSpin 56x IOMagic.zip US Robotics Winmodem 33.6 NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV/256AV+/256ZX neo20xx Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 2000C Diamond Multimedia stealth s540 9xs542.exe Trident Microsystems TR9750 td975w9x.zip Zoltrix All Models Digital Origin / MotoDV Digital Origin / MotoDV DVDeviceUpdate9x.exe Canon BJC210SP bj w95 w98 v397.exe Eizo Nanao All CRTs eizoinf.exe Motorola SM56 PCI W2K80.3 1-1 TeleVideo TeleSound Pro 16/TeleWave 32 telsnd95.exe PC Tel FB V1456VQH-P 1456vqh2.zip Phillips Packard Bell TV Tuner (Philips) 142647.exe Sony Electronics CDU611 sony.exe USDrives 482d usdrives.exe Crystal Crystal CS4231A-KL 924w95dx.zip American Megatrends 80486dx2 amiy2ksf.zip NEC MultiSpin 8v nec.exe Aztech Labs UM 9800 Data/Fax USB External Modem um9800win98-v3.zip Aztech Labs UM 9800 Data/Fax USB External Modem um9800_w2k.zip OPTi OPTI 82C931.zip National Datacomm 15 Kb ndcnetcard.zip ishikawa ishikawa 24X ishikawa24xdriver.zip Compaq modem532.exe Dextra DF 1200 T+ reli_NT.exe Aztech Labs MM Pro IIIS PNP Aztecj 2320 (PnP) Rockwell ICD-3600/AT CD-DRIVER install.exe Rockwell icd 3600/at install.exe Rockwell icd-3600/at install.exe Logicode 1414vi logicode.zip Philips Consumer Electronics Philips 4CM2799 Philips Consumer Electronics Philips 4CM2799 Chips and PBTV3.exe SiS Corporation sis6215 Sis215c.inf SiS Corporation sis6215 Sis215c.inf Compaq 524-528 Tv210_1.img Diamond Multimedia supra express 56k pro Comm.drv Lanier Lanier 5112MFD w3x95pcl1.exe Best Data Products MACH 2 HSP Micromodem 56 NT40.zip IBM 560 Aftpgw95.exe Best Data Products MACH 2 HSP Micromodem 56 WIN9598.zip IBM 560 pctpgw95.exe Compaq Presario CDS 954, 972, 974, CDTV978, CDS982 compaqquick.zip Aztech Labs MDP 3858 -U mdp38xnt.zip Aztech Labs Canon Intel PV40_9x.exe HSB PStel (HSP-336 DeLuxe Pnp modem).zip ESS Technologies ES1869 18691317.zip ESS Technologies ES1869 18691317.zip E.T. USB Color Cameras E.T. USB Color Cameras UF30-3190VUE USB setup.exe Toshiba XM-5602b toshv212.sys Toshiba XM-5602B toshv212.zip InFocus InFocus InVideo-PCI.zip Motorola SM56 spkrphn/fax DRIVER Phillips 3610romdrv.exe CMD Technology PCI640B Creative Labs 4.10.2000 v128nt4.exe Sony Electronics CDU-611 atapi_227.exe Sony Electronics CDU-611 atapi_227.exe Hansol Most Hansol Monitors hansol.inf Hitachi Softdvd.exe Packard Bell Config.exe Hitachi Config.exe Polaroid PDC 320 p320.exe 3Com 00568301 568301nt.exe 3Com 00568301 568301nt.exe Epson EPS600.DRV Data Expert MED 1600 - 2000 - 3210 etc Several Trident Microsystems TGUI-9440 PCI w98-TGUI.exe Yamaha All Yamaha Chips PC Chips M571 571txproii98.zip Mag Innovision SF-600E1 Setup1.exe Award vt82c570.bin Unknown Unknown MP42 decompressor Lucent Technologies 1646T00 modem570.exe Motorola Motorola SM56 Delta Electronics All Delta Drives DeltaCD.zip IBM 08L3160 ejetcb02.exe NCR 53C406A 53C406A.zip MediaVision 650-0111-01 650-0003-02 53C406A 53C406A.zip Maestro maesto SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-1.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-2.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-3.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-4.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-5.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-6.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-7.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-8.exe SiS Corporation 1.07 620107-9.exe Diamond Multimedia TeleCommander 2300 telecom.exe Minolta Di250/Di350 Minolta%20Pi3500-PS Intel i740 reference PV40_9x.zip Intel i740 reference PV40_9x.zip OPTi 82C931 opti82C931.zip Teles CAPI336.EXE Onspeed i740 Win 2000 beta Intel i740 Win 2000 beta 3Com 3c515n 3c515n.exe Intel PILA8460B Intel Pro 100 Mgmt.exe Storm Technology SD402C EZPHOTOREADER.exe Storm Technology SD402C EZPHOTOREADER.ZIP Rockwell Cnx2110602.zip Award Modular Bios V4.51PG Y2k repair only D Link Systems DFE-530TX DFE530TX.zip Chicony Electronics KB8993 Chicony.zip Siemens Nixdorf monitor5.zip Cardinal Technologies 020-0493 100disk1.zip Cardinal Technologies 020-0493 100disk2.zip Cardinal Technologies 020-0493 100disk3.zip Cardinal Technologies 020-0493 100disk4.zip Pioneer USA DVD 103s/113 & 104s/114 RPC2 Set.exe Megahertz XJ1144 & XJ3144 _enable.exe Megahertz diagnose.exe LOCOS LOCOS 226 SIS 85C471 IMES ICD-900/AT and E8X, 6X, 8X, and 8X CD-ROM Ver.1.01 IMES_CD.SYS Hayes Microcomputer 5684us Sun Moon 31083 sms31083.exe BTC 1859 (ES1869) 185xw98.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) HP DeskJet 870Cxi HP870NT4sp.EXE Compaq Presario 1255 modem539.exe Yamaha Setupsa.exe US Robotics Sportster Voice Mdmusrvi.inf Trident Microsystems Trident.zip Jazz Multimedia Jazz Adrenalin Rush 3D bios.zip Aureal Aureal A3D For Win9x£¨ a3ddrivers312.exe Artec 1236-USB 1236u112.exe PC Tel pct-288-ia CTX CTX CD54S Idecdrom.sys Goldstar 16X 8160b.exe Vertos 400 HTD CD-ROM DRIVE Rockwell RSS0251 ra05-1.inf Rockwell RSS0251/ISA/PNP ra05-2.inf Behavior Tech 56IP Pctel_56.exe Creative Labs ct7160 DVD inlay card Interack Communications raider pro raider pro PC Tel PC-Tel HSP Modems pctel-hsp56k-win2k.zip Spirit Modems Spirit Ranger 56 (PC-Tel HSP) SiS Corporation 620 ISIGNUP.EXE Mustek PageColor sfc11.exe ViewTronics all VIEWT100.inf Rockwell hcf0297_nt4.inf 3Com u.s robotics Microsoft Mouse.drv Yamaha opl3-sa opl3-sa US Robotics Install.exe Crystal Semiconductors CS4280 fv2883c.zip Creative Labs Voodoo2 miniinst.exe Harmonic Data Systems Ltd. Harmonic Data Systems Ltd. CyberStream Broadband Receivers / Modems CyberStream Yamaha a-719 Setup.exe ESS Technologies 1868 1868w95.zip Adaptec AAA131U2W Raid 131u2_v42032_drv_w2k.exe PC Chips M571 571s_prow98.zip Fujitsu 333 Fujitsu 333 Storm Technology EZPTIP25.DLL SiS Corporation 6236 XF86Config 3Com Oemsetup.inf 3Com Winmodem 2974 winmod2974.zip Compaq 1200 series es1869.zip Compaq 1200 series neomagic128xd.zip Compaq 1200 series presario56kdfi.exe Compaq 1200 series Touchpad NT driver.exe Typhoon Typhoon_Sound_V240.zip Diamond Multimedia MF-009 Creative Labs CT4170 Vibra_nt.exe ScanTak Model 3c spot216_nt.exe Trident Microsystems 9750 AGP W9x5423.zip Rockwell HCF Speakerphone 56K PCI HCF Philips Consumer Electronics PCA560ES/GB 560ises.exe Philips Consumer Electronics PCA560ES/GB 560v90dr.zip SiS Corporation SiS 6205 Acer LOTS LOTS Duxbury dux4_11.zip Colorado (HP) Colorado USB 9600 p36_en98_usb.exe Aztech Labs MD6802-U (AZT 4029) 6802u-4029.zip Aztech Labs AZT-4029 azt4029.exe Media Magic 9411, all ISP-16 Media Magic 9411, all ISP_W95.exe IMS Micro IMS Micro 128M TwinTurboSoftware4.0.6.sit Acorp RSSRSS8004.INF Acorp RSS8004.INF IMS Micro IMS Micro 128M TwinTurboSoftware406.sit.hqx Acorp RSS8004M.INF Cirrus Logic 546x 5465.zip Oak Technology atapi Yamaha Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DEC Chip 21041 Dec21041.zip Miro Computer PCTV Version3.0 StudioPCTV.exe 3Com SP1282k.zip 3DFX voodoo 3 2000/3000 Soltek SL-54U1/U5 virq13aw.exe Logitech VCAM-U1 USB Camera Drivers.zip 3DFX Voodoo3 2000 AGP V3ocinst.exe SoundBlaster SoundBlaster 32 AWE sbw9xup.exe NeoMagic MagicMedia256XL+ NeoMagicWin2000.zip Motorola motorola sm 56 pci Modem.cpl Hsing Tech M571lmr 991011s - bios.rom PC Chips M571 571vga98.zip AIMS Lab 00001.jpg OPTi OPTi Audio 16 atc931.zip