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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Data Technology (DTC) dtc - 3181e dtc3181x.exe SiS Corporation 1.00 630100-5.exe SiS Corporation 1.00 540100-1.exe Canon BJ Series (all) NT24UKD1(1).exe SiS Corporation 1.00 540100-2.exe SiS Corporation 1.00 540100-3.exe SiS Corporation 1.00 540100-4.exe HSP SiS Corporation 1.00 540100-5.exe Analog Devices AD1848 sc6000.zip Creative Labs Autorun.inf OPTi 95C933 OPTi 95C933 933w95b.exe Sigma Designs hollywood plus 1.6 driver hollywood plus.zip Sigma Designs hollywood plus 1.6 application hollywood plus.zip Sigma Designs hollywood plus hollywood plus zoneselector 4.1.zip Epson epson stylus 200 Zoltrix Zoltrix FM336 VSP fax modem 33.6K fm336se.exe Rockwell HSF Soft 56K Conexant_Rockwell_HSF56K_WIN2K.zip Newcom V.90 56K internal Modem mdmnc56c.inf Newcom V.90 56K internal modem mdmncwv.INF UMC (United UM9003AF UM9003AF.ZIP OPL3 SA3 95v2343.exe Genius (KYE) WinTab109 .EXE Brooktree bt848 / MM250PCTV Compatible pctv.exe Creative Labs tnt-2 riva16mb 7507248(ntdriver-forTNTRIVA).exe Creative Labs cd5220 sbided95.exe Sony Electronics Dvdplay2.cab Sony Electronics Cinemst2.cab Sony Electronics Cinemst2.inf D Link Systems dlink95.zip Microvitec Microvitec 17SX, Series14, GPM 1701, M1764, 1438, 1450 Mvdmon.inf Compaq Presario Laptop 1230 Xaudio.zip Phoenix trio 64 v+ 765_win95_42107.zip S3 trio 64 v+ 765_win95_42107.zip Motorola A04 PCI-W2K80.3 Sony Electronics sdgf Cnfnot32.exe Philips Consumer PCA363 RW01 phil363.ZIP Acer MSIMN.EXE Trident Microsystems trident 9440 TOSHTV.EXE Brother Osbornejet (brother HJ-400) HJ-400 driver.hqx Osborne MAG17DLS mag.inf Goldstar 8160b.exe Crystal Computer tidalwave32 pnp Omni95.drv Crystal Computer crystalizer tidalwave32 pnp Tdlnew5.inf Crystal Computer TIDALWAVE32 PNP Tdlvxd.vxd hayes hayes setup.exe Diamond Multimedia SPDSTR A90 AGP a90_w9x_104.exe ASUS v6600, v6800 w2k379b1.zip Typhoon all Future Domain tmc-950 Adaptec Adaptec.inf Tekram Technology Tekram SCSI 390 All Series All OS Tekram Drivers DC390 SCSI.zip Creative Labs PCI 64V pci64v.exe Olivetti Personal Computers audio1.zip Olivetti Personal Computers audio2.zip Olivetti Personal Computers teac.zip Olivetti Personal Computers touch.zip Microtek Lab SMR-600ZS Bootlog.prv Diamond Multimedia SupraExpress 56iPRO Motorola SM56 PCI PCI-W2K80.3_1of1.exe ATI Atisched.exe Newcom 56kifxvc mdmncwv.INF Hitachi DVD GD-2500 Hitachi DVD_UI(B).gif Mustek 600CP Win98/NT4 Motorola SM56 PCI PCI-W2K80.3_1of1.ex Atech Atech256 3DFX AT+25 Single Planar 3dfx_3500_w9x.exe 3DFX AT+ 25 Single Planar Board (NT) 3dfx_3500_nt4.exe US Robotics 56k Voice Fax Ext,/ Int. ussrobotic56k.ZIP Epson EPIJNL20.DRV Legend NEON newnt628 Rockwell riptide2000.zip ActionMedia Ad1815.exe Genius (KYE) S3 Trio 3D AGP trio3d-nt40 Genius (KYE) S3 Trio 3D AGP trio3d-win98 Yamaha Setup.exe Fujitsu uhcd.sys Compaq sis530 530106-1.exe Ensoniq 1370 ensoniq1370 Rockwell Soft56K modem2000.ZIP 3Com 3C589C 3c589.lan Domex DMX3181LE dtc3181x.exe Joytech apollo 3d fast II win95fx - apollo 3d fast II.zip WinBond w6692 Wb692pci.inf WinBond w6692 Wb692pci.inf WinBond w6692 Wb692pci.inf Zoltrix FMHSP56P Microsoft Disk2.dmf MediaVision 3201 MediaVisionPROZonic D Link Systems DSN32TX DSN32TX.exe Ectiva Ectiva EV1930, EV1931, EV1933 OPTiSound EV1933 Aztech Labs MDP3900V-U Athen_98.exe Cardinal Technologies 8712US 56k-V.90 EXT Connecta CardinalV90.zip Cardinal Technologies 8712US 56k-V.90 EXT Connecta CardinalV90.zip Cirrus Logic CL-GD5410 cl-gd5410.zip Panasonic (Matsushita KX-P6100 P6000-1.exe Canon Bjc2000W2K.exe Orchid Technology Soundwave 32 Lucent Technologies Winmodem and LT modem570.exe Mito Mito CD-50x mitocd.zip TRENDnet TRENDnet TE100-PCIE TE100PCIE.zip PC Tel I56PSP/F1 I56PSP-F1-2K.exe Advance Logic Research (ALR) AL-2302 2302.exe Sony Electronics crx140e Sony Electronics crx140e Creative Labs Creative IDE CD - Sbide_95.exe ESS Technologies ES1869 18691317.zip Epson Epson9.drv 3Com Neomagic.inf 3DFX V2W2kBeta.exe IO Magic Ultra66 Ultra66 IO Magic Ultra66 IO Magic Ultra66 Ultra66 Diamond Multimedia SUP2300 supramax_56i_isa-9x_2300_204-driver.exe Trident Microsystems chip ISA/VLO uc95-10.exe Rockwell Necatapi.vxd Acer Adaptec cd copier 4 x 4 x 32 Necatapi.vxd PC Tel MDMCHIPV.INF Lava Computer lavaw2k.zip Kurta IS/ONE 12 x 12 PENSMITH KU-80I.EXE PC Tel PTSERIAL.SYS PC Tel vpctcom.sys Compaq sk-2700 Keyboard Driver sp11747.exe PC Tel VMODEM.SYS Compaq sk-2700 Keyboard Driver sp11747.exe SiS Corporation 1.01b 540101b-1.exe SiS Corporation 1.01b 540101b-2.exe PC Tel VVOICE.SYS SiS Corporation 1.01b 540101b-3.exe SiS Corporation 1.01b 540101b-4.exe PC Tel PCTSPK.EXE SiS Corporation 1.01b 540101b-5.exe PC Tel PTHSP.DAT PC Tel PCTPORT.CPL NE2000 NovellAnthemNE2000.zip Zoltrix fmhcf56i pcb DRIVER Rockwell HsfDFS.inf Acer VGAFULL.3GR NeoMagic OPL3SA.DR_ Zoltrix ALL ALL D Link Systems DE 22x de220.zip Dynalink is64ph Mdmis64p.inf Rockwell Modem.zip Aztech Labs atapi.exe Zoltrix ap6400 Azura azura.exe Microsoft pc oemusb.exe PC Tel MDMCHIPV.INF Canon BJC80 Bjsv396.exe Motorola SM56 PCISpeakerphone SM56pcimodem.zip Cirrus Logic 56Kb modem Ricoh LP4081 LP4081-DOS.exe ESS Technologies 167x, 186x, 187x, 1968 3DFX 12m V2W2kBeta.exe OPL3 OPL3sax Sareserv.inf Zoltrix 33.6 Packard Bell 142623.exe OPTi Rm93xdrv.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) DesignJet 650 Pl100en.hqx Hewlett Packard (HP) Most DeskJet Printers HPDJBin.zip Samsung 32x cdrom.exe Wacom Technology Pentpartner, others wacomdriver.zip Creative Labs FWLOAD06.EXE US Robotics 0413 zip Wisecom WS-R420 R420R2.zip HSP hsp 56k flex pnp d/ Funai NSCD-2X-P1 Fcdr2c.sys AMD PCI Ethernet Card Netrpci.inf Creative Labs soundblaster SoundPro w95w31.zip SiS Corporation SiS900 sis900-Linux-RedHat60.zip Diamond Multimedia Stealth III S540 SVGA server,XFree86 Diamond Multimedia Stealth III S540 SVGA server Sanyo H94A Lcscd.sy_ S3 Savage4 Rockwell Rockwell HCF 56K PCI Modem HCFR56K.zip AIMS Lab wow32.dll TTX 8997 Ttx.inf 3DFX voodoo3 3000 agp tv-out v3w9x-figs-oem.exe Rockwell vd56sp,(8802025) vd56sp.zip Gateway Anykey34.exe Sharp Electronics jx-9230 laserprinter 9230drv.zip encore 835-TB ENL835TB.zip Aztech Labs MDP3858V-E MDP3858V-E.exe Storm Technology easyphoto imagewave easyphoto.zip Epson Epson 24 pin printer Epson24pin.zip Epson Epson 9 pin Epson9pin.zip Epson Fuji 24 Pin Fujitsu24pin.zip SiS Corporation Chip Set VGA v1.06 SiS 530 Fujitsu Fuji 9 pin Fujitsu9pin.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) LaserJet III HPlaserjetIII.zip Alliance Promotion AT3D (3DFX Support) At3d (3DFX Support).zip Alliance Promotion AT3D (3DFX Support) AT3D (3DFX Support) Dos.zip Alliance Promotion AT3D (3DFX Support) AT3D (3DFX Support) Win3.1.zip Trust Trust 10993 PCI Ethernet Card 100MB Ethern25.ZIP Alliance Promotion AT24 AT24 win95.zip Alliance Promotion AT24 AT24 win3.1.zip Sound Boostar 3d Sound Boostar 3d Bstarw95.drv Sound Boostar 3d Sound Boostar 3d Bstarw95.vxd 3DFX Open Gl gld101.exe 3DFX Glide oglprel.zip Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 Sound Blaster 16.exe 3DFX Glide grtvgr.exe AVM M2 PCMCIA m2w95c03.exe Acer 320P Acer 320P Davicom v1433vqh-u.inf OPTi 82C933 933Winnt Conexant Conexant 56mod.inf Diamond Multimedia Diamond Stealth 3d 2000 3d295069 US Robotics 0484 Iexplore.exe Microsoft Usbscan.sys C Media CM8330SB.VXD C Media MMDEVLDR.VXD C Media CM8330SB.DRV S3 sis 6215 Sis215c.inf Crystal Computer CS4231A-KL cs4231a-kl.zip Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP chipset V90PCI_W9X.ZIP Motorola AD04D1of1B805.exe ALI Cat95.exe ALI Cat31.exe Smartdisk Smartdisk fpsm_win2000_beta.exe Modem Master SM56PCI Sm56set.exe Diamond Multimedia vprvddx.vxd Miro Computer Products miroconnect34.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) A4331A Uusi Microsoft-tietolinkki.UDL Sanyo H94a.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) kx-p1180 C3d.dll Samsung DSCtwain drvr v1.13 Zoltrix phanton Diamond Technologies MF-009 DT-0196H.zip Zoltrix PHANTOM 56K (FM-HSP56PCI) zoltrix.zip Viva (Computer 56lc-sm modem570.exe Viva (Computer 56lc-sm modem570.exe