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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Hayes Microcomputer Products 5345US 5345US.exe Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) 21142/43 Network driver nd3_431.zip Brooktree Setup.exe Aopen AD 1815/6 SOUND CONTROLLER Install.exe Unknown es2820s Unknown es2820s Unknown es2820s Teles teles bri/pci Capi334.zip Toshiba 2130CT t213v510.exe Yamaha OPL3SA.DRV Cmedia (CMI) cmi8330 Davicom SN-5100TX, 9101F DM9101f.rar..rar SiS Corporation 5597/5598 5597.zip SiS Corporation 5597/5598 5597.zip SiS Corporation 530.zip SiS Corporation 5597/5598 5598.zip SiS Corporation 5597 5597 5597 5598.zip et6000 et6000 et6000.zip Canon WINZIP32.EXE neomagic neomagic vga.zip neomagic neomagic vga.zip neomagic neomagic vga.zip neomagic neomagic vga.zip Onspeed ESS 336K/ESS 56K ESS/PCtel Jaton WinComm V.90 Cirrus Logic 56K Toshiba V330_11c.sys Zoltrix PC-TEL pct217is.exe Unknown Unknown Msgsrv32.exe AIMS Lab x98d_WDM Xtreme98WDM.zip Avance Logic _inst16.ex_ AIMS Lab tvx_e.exe Logitech Msh263.drv Logitech Msh263.drv Logitech Qpd411.exe Brother HL 720 720wwd.exe Brother HL 720 720wwd.exe 3DFX VooDoo3 2000 Voodoo3_NT5.zip SMC (Standard Microsystems) ALL Creative Labs CT4170 Trust Computer FC2614 fc2614.zip AIMS Lab vhxnt.zip Rockwell rippc99na.exe Motorola motorolaus_v90.exe ExpertColor Multimedia med 3931 Crystal Computer DC2k. Colorado (HP) Trakker 120 tapecat.exe Colorado (HP) Trakker 120 tapecat.exe Marstek (Mustek) 600P QMS_patched_2000.ZIP Davicom 3334BDV 3334bdv.zip PC Tel hsp 56k flex v90 mod2k.zip QMS DeskLaser600 QMS_patched_2000.ZIP Memorex Setup.exe AGFA SnapScans Scanwise Momitsu CDM J516/24max CDM J514 or CDMJ511 New Media Corporation wavjam95.zip Xcess fonfo1.zip DTK Computer PAM0057I 57i110.bin Cardinal Technologies cardinal.zip Sony Electronics CDU4011 CDU4011.zip Rockwell riptide.inf DTK Computer PAM0057I 57i112.zip Matrox Graphics Z128 PRO(or) ILLUTIONIST Olivetti Lexikon JP 883 nt4-3105e.rar CIS Technology M1-5614PM3 hcfrock.exe Octek Rhino 10 rev 1.03 & 1.04 Bus Master Driver and BIOS 097022 For RHINO 10 Rev 1_03 & 1_04 UMC 8669 IO (Solve the burn-in CorelDraw stability).zip Microsoft wg3059x.exe Unknown Unknown CD-Writing Software .com GVC M1448, M1566, M1766 Monitor.inf Hyundai DeIsL1.isu New Media 404-0014-999 BGP104.zip New Media 404-0014-999 BGP104.zip Octek Rhino 9 Motorola voice surfr 33.6 motorola vs33.6.zip Atech Mmsound.drv Atech Mmsound.drv Lucent Technologies win modem 1643 modem566.exe OPTi MF-009 Computer Peripherals International ViVa Commcenter 33.6 Speakerphone Dfvs3c07.exe PC Tel Includes 1789 Driver PCtel, Inc.MDMCHIPV.INF PC Tel Multiple PCtel, Inc.MDMCHIPV.INF ActionTec PM560LH pm542.exe GVC Micro Innovations micronet.zip Wearnes 8xx cdr024aa.exe Epson lq200-100 sw009.exe C Media CMI8330 Audio Adapt C Media CMI8330 Audio Adapt PC Tel HSP56 onboard modem for PC100 motherboard hspw2k.zip Acer 685A SoundPro Sound Pro HT1869 soundw98.zip Miro Computer Products PCM 1 PRO miropcm1pro.zip Amquest FB AM56SOFT Depend on ATI13 US Robotics Wmmodem.in~ Brooktree wintv.exe Acer - SIS6326AGP Diamond Multimedia TNT/TNT2/GeForce win2k_3_75.zip Acer acerwave.inf.inf CalComp DrawingMaster 600 53336 Davicom dm9008f DM9008F.exe Primax primax colorado 600p Archtek 3334BDV 3334bdv.zip Crystal Semiconductors z-noteflex (486) crysemaud.zip S3 all s3 drivers Hewlett Packard (HP) 53xx HP Sym53xx SCSI card driver.exe UMAX Vista S-6E VistaScan 2.43 Reveal Version 1.1 Rreveal.exe Compaq ESS 1868/1869 SP5883.exe Compaq SP5883.exe Compaq ESS 1868/1869 SP5883.exe Compaq ESS 1868/1869 SP5883.exe S3 Virge/DX/GX Rev B win95.EXE S3 Virge VX/DX/GX version 1.00.17 winnt.EXE Hewlett Packard (HP) 45911B sketpro.ZIP Rockwell cdu 77e Goldstar gscdrom.sys S3 86c362 4nt_trio3d2x.zip Flagpoint 740 I740.ico Flagpoint 1 Gfx.inf Interact ProPad6-228 sv228_ver200.zip Brother MFC 4550 Brmfcomm.drv ATI ALL IN WONDER PRO AGP w82560en.zip SIC Resource s3Vibes95.zip Analog Devices ad181/6/16 win95.zip S3 TRIO 3D/2X for NT4 nt4.zip Rockwell soft56k ROCKWELL soft56k.ZIP ATI 12 Noel.html NE2000 P1234 N/A Rockwell Mdmnb3.inf Rockwell Mdmnb3.inf Hewlett Packard 1000C dj109en.exe Unknown LFA63500927 Motorola SM56 PCI MODEM motorola.zip US Robotics sportst1.inf Canon LBP-660 w2k66112.exe Wearnes Beethoven 9010 wearn301.zip LiteOn Technology LTN - *.* village nerd logo 02.bmp US Robotics Microsoft P50S Gx95.inf HSP Win2000.exe Optrox Photomaker 3F Photomaker.zip OPL3 Opl3sa.dr_ Yamaha Yamaha.zip Relisys vm3578 ultra3.zip UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) VLSIO-3 IDEDRV.386 UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) VLSIO-3 IDEDRV.SYS UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) VLSIO-3 UMC_VLSIO--3.zip Motorola sm56 leopard win 56 Panasonic (Matsushita mkecr5xx.mpd Sound Port AD1816A win95.zip Info Products FB-OMP Autorun.exe SiS Corporation 1.28 326win98.exe Davicom dm9101f.rar SiS Corporation 1.28 326win95.exe SiS Corporation 1.28 326winnt.exe SiS Corporation 1.28 326win31.exe Compudyne ev vga cl 5424 compdyn.zip Sony Electronics CDU77E sideos2.exe Sony Electronics CDU77E sonyide.exe Sony Electronics CDU77E sonyide.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 6200C sj275en.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 6200C sj395en.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 6200C sj435en.exe Info Products ImageReader le fbomp.exe Intel 440 BX Chipset bmide_95.exe OPTi Opti16 disk1.ZIP OPTi Opti16 disk2.ZIP Analog Devices AD 1848 ad1848kp.zip S3 s375_w9x.zip Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DE203, DE204, DE205 e3kit250.zip Brooktree WIN TV 406 pci _inst32i.ex_ Scanport SQ 300 and maybe all except SQ 600 sq_248.exe Provideo Provideo 3DeMon PV951 pv951win9x.exe ESS Technologies maestro-1 Hewlett Packard (HP) v5.0 swedish hp300w31.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 600/660c Hp6xxc.zip STB Systems Horizon 64V 1.2 nt40_1410.exe Epson LQ100 ms_win(1).exe Star Micronics LC24/200 star_ec.exe Okidata ML280 okidm31.exe Okidata 320 320win31(1).exe Okidata 320 320wn95(1).exe Unknown 136 Kyocera F800-T KF800T31.zip Kyocera F800-T KF800T95.zip Unknown cd-562-b Unknown cd-562-b Unknown cd-562-b IBM Quantum DLT 4000/7000 Dlt7000.exe Sanyo cdr-1332p Ibmidecd.sys Sanyo CRD-1332P Ibmidecd.sys Sanyo CRD-1332P Ibmidecd.sys Brother d 71109114 Brother d 71109114 Texas Instruments TM4000M TM4000M-Mouse.zip Lucent Technologies I56LVP-FO i56l.exe AccelGraphics AccelStarII agp 4795.exe Highscreen LE 38P, LE 28/3 and other HighScreen.inf US Robotics FCC3911.zip Sony Electronics not sure Shtleusb.inf Sony Electronics Shtleusb.sys Lucent Technologies cw56lu-pci LTWinModem_v90k56flex_565.exe PC Tel pctel.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Laserjet 2100 lj322en.exe C Media MODEM.zip Cirrus Logic Cirrus Logic Behavior Tech K56IW V90W95I.ZIP Creative Labs web cam Pp2126wv.exe Aopen FX-3D plus (ISA) fx3d-w95.exe Genoa Systems gen-148.zip PC Tel hsp56 MicroModem Htmlhelp.htm Zoltrix HSP336i Pct217is.zip Microsoft usb.zip Exabyte Mammoth 2 m2nt4drv.ZIP ESS Technologies FireTalk.exe Motorola atech no manufacturer only transformer two disquetes ARK Logic 1000PV, 2000PV, 2000MT arkw95mt.zip Info Products Image Reader Elite fb2(1).exe TXPRO TXPRO TXPRO II (video inside) Motorola Chipset 62412-51 Crystal Computer cs4231-kl azt95.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cr-563-b 56x_95.exe Epson 800 II Sty20de.exe Diamond Multimedia sup2260 sup2260.exe Diamond Multimedia sup2260 sup2260.zip Laing Setup.exe RealTek rtl8029x R8029.exe Laing Setup.exe Laing driver.zip RealTek rtl8019 oem8019.exe Cirrus Logic CL-GD5465 CL-GD5465 AGP Hewlett Packard (HP) 500/500c hp500x1.zip SmartDisk Corporation SmartDisk Corporation fp305ben.exe Zoltrix FMSFT56i FMSFT56i.zip Trident Microsystems Trident Cyber 9397 PCI Mustek exe1.exe BTC BTC 24_40 speed btcmulti.zip Unknown es2820s Unknown jghjg hj D ADVANCE AL100+ a100P-95.exe Diamond Multimedia Sonic Sound 2 SSnodip.zip Toshiba XM4101B 4e0025.exe Wearnes CDD-620 WEARNES_CDD-620.zip Creative Labs SB Live! Lw3lib1.exe Creative Labs SB Live! Lw3lib2.exe Cmedia (CMI) CMI8338 Audio Device wdmexe412.zip Creative Labs SB Live! Lw3lib3.exe Creative Labs SB Live! Lw39_4.ZIP Intel 82557-based 10/100 ethernet pci adapter Intel 82557-based 10/100 ethernet pci adapter Epson stylus color 800 Sc822ies.exe ESS Technologies Eagle es1968s.zip Symbios Logic 53c400a Addonics Technologies SV-500 Sv500.zip Samsung scr 3232 Cdrom.exe Logitech Quick Cam Express Webcam QCEW2K.zip Connectix Color Quickcam cqc211nt.exe Modem Master Conexant SoftK56 Data,Fax,Speakerphone PCI Modem.log Connectix qc21ntu.exe Connectix Grayscale quickcam qc21ntu.exe Accton EN2216 en2216w2k.zip Rockwell 56K ACF II VDF Rockwell 56K ACF.zip Onspeed V.90 Boca Research Viva 28.8i Boca research viva drivers.ZIP Brother HJ400 hj400_31.exe Zoltrix Setup.exe S3 CONNECTABLES.CSS Rockwell Comm.drv HSP mod2k.zip Chinon 535s cds-535s.exe S3 W9531201.zip S3 W9531201.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 660 hp660.exe Microsoft Intellitype 1.1 itpro1_1.EXE Hewlett Packard All All Senao Senao SS-301, SS-601 senaodrv.zip Portrait Display Labs ALL Pivot.exe Microsoft intellipoint 3.1 eng.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 855c hp855c.exe PC Tel HSP 33.6 DeLuxe and others Zoltrix Cyrix Corporation XpressAudio Phillips PCA328CD Pca328cd.zip Joytech apollobanshee 16meg apollobanshee.zip IBM PCMCIA 33.6k xj336upg.exe IBM PCMCIA 33.6k xjack336.exe Mitsubishi Electronics 1570i, 1772e, 2107 Diaview.exe IBM IBM PCMCIA 33.6k xjak4win.exe IBM IBM PCMCIA 33.6k xj336upg.txt IBM IBM PCMCIA 33.6k xjack336.txt IBM IBM PCMCIA 33.6k xjak4win.txt Texas Instruments 5634 BTS (RK 56000) 5634_BTS.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Laserjet Series II seriesii.zip Qtronix SCORPIUS98NPLUS Setup.exe Onspeed HSP 56K r7649kf.zip US Robotics UsRobotics x2 Winmodem Voice usrobox2winvo.exe PC Tel GC560PCT or PCT388 PT764-9i.exe BTC BCD 48SB Iexplore.exe Zoltrix HSP336I Rockwell RCV336DFSP Rev 44BC Dynalink v1456vqe Msetup.exe 3D Labs WinDVD.exe ASUS V6600 V6800 66-368.exe Phoebe Micro CMV1456VQHRPCI 56krpci.exe Connectix QuickClip 1.01 USB/Parallel quickclipwin98.zip Connectix QuickClip USB/Parallel 1.01 quickclipwin95.zip Rockwell CONEXANT 56rs2000.zip Creative Labs tntaw9xn.exe Genius (KYE) GF100TXR w98.exe Genius (KYE) GF100TXR w95.exe Genius (KYE) GF100TXR w2k.exe Asound N/A N/A Motorola 3000018260280 misgmodm.inf Motorola serwave.inf NE2000 GE2000II Ge2000.zip nVIDIA Riva TNT 2 Ultra A80579.exe RealTek Surecom PCI Fast.zip Zoltrix All All Samsung All M241.zip Harmony Multimedia 18020-3driver.exe Lucent Technologies LT Win Modem modem532.exe Rockwell conexant hsf software modem pt3515.zip US Robotics winm811.zip ActionTec IS560LH, DT56016, DT56018 lh563.exe US Robotics strangler.zip Wisecom ws-3314es3 wisecom ws-3314es3.ZIP Siig IC1603, IC1604, IC1605 sound-isa.exe Rockwell 560pci Motorola Surfer 56K us_v90.exe Packard Bell ESS Technologies all ESS-DRIVERS.exe Microsoft cd_drivers.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Pavillion Sndmx106.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Pavillion sndmx107.zip Creative Labs SB-16 updated version Matsushita (Matshita CW-7582-B CW 7582bFIX.EXE Matsushita (Matshita CW-7582-B CW 7582bFIX.EXE Matsushita (Matshita CW-7582-B CW 7582bFIX.EXE Cmedia (CMI) CMI 8330 Yamaha Yamaha OPL3-SAx Drivers ASUS V6600, V6800 w2k376b1.zip Diamond Multimedia V770 Ultra viper770.zip AIMS Lab Bt848.inf NeoMagic NEOMAGIC 128XD nmw9x623.exe EICON Technology v2r0namdm_32.EXE Cirrus Logic 5446 k5446t.zip HSP 34743 Mdmchipv.inf ESS Technologies MS-2820 ESS56kifxE.zip Omega Micro Omega Micro 82C094 PCMCIA socket 95pcmcia.zip SiS Corporation Sis6326(6316) 326win98.exe Rockwell ATI3 = SoftK56V_B2.1_V1.40 (Rockell HSF) sft21106.exe Adaptec AVA-1505AE 1505cfg.exe Diamond Multimedia SupraMAX56iVoicePCI Western Digital wd90c33.zip Diamond Multimedia Speedstar A55 AGP w9xsa551.exe Domex DTC 3153 dtc_292.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) PAN2023.DRV Brother M-1509 w98_m09.exe S3 Will give you the chipset make s3id.exe NetSurf GFC2206 nsgfc2206.ZIP LG Electronics 48 X Max DTR.EXE NetSurf NS GFC2206 NSGFC2206.ZIP US Robotics 06168000 06168000.zip Acer CD685A OPTi 931w95.zip Trident Microsystems Trident Providia 968x/TV w98-968x.exe DigiView HR-1435 Digiview.zip DigiView HR-1435 Digiview.zip Acer Acer prisa 610p mlink32.exe Toshiba Toshiba Toscdrom.sys Creative Labs sb 128 pci E Tech Research 288v55.exe Canon BJC - 2000 Bjc2000W2K.exe Wisecom ws-5614pm3g 5614pm3g.zip Canon BJC - 2000 Bjc2000W2K.exe Rockwell HSF conexant Conexant Conexant RTAD D,F,V HsfDFS.inf Citizen Micro-dry "Printiva" 700 and 1700 700v2.zip VIA Technologies Compaq Presario 1247 Viaudio.inf Microsoft Explorer.exe Mitsumi Electronics FX 810-T ideaud10.exe Miro Computer Products all miro Monitors miromon.zip OPTi Opti 924/925 audio OptiSuperSound32.exe