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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Acer acer8x.zip nVIDIA nVIDIA Acer acer8x.zip Creative Labs sbided95.exe SiS Corporation sis 620 5595 Microsoft bios.vxd Toshiba dvdtosiba.zip Trident Microsystems TVGA57PCI W95-9680.exe Microsoft intellipoint.zip OPTi Opti Dual PCI IDE Controller Optcdfix.zip Yamaha crw16s CRW4416_H.exe Yamaha AIC-78XX 7800wnt.exe Iomega PC Chips M585LMR/Via video.zip OPTi Opti Dual PCI IDE Controller Optcdfix.zip PC Chips M585LMR/Via ide.zip PC Chips M585LMR/Via sound.zip Matsushita (Matshita bookmark.htm KTX Technology (Edge) CAE-565SGC bridgeca01.inf Logitech parallel port version Setup.exe Amax VP-510 vp510.zip Goldstar Goldstar.zip Hitachi Hitachi.zip Mitsumi Electronics Mitsumi.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) Panasonic.zip Pioneer USA Pioneer.zip Samsung Samsung.zip Sony Electronics Sony.zip Epson all/ epson drivers Epson all/ epson drivers Epson all/ epson drivers 3DFX Setupex.exe ALI ali_agp_16.zip Award MENTOR BN533T PC Chips HSP56 Micromodem mod9xnt ESS Technologies 1868w95.EXE Zoltrix FM-1789 Brother mfc 6550 mc ┴ňšűý ÝÝűÚ.bmp Racal Datacom 6510 , EtherBlaster , Etc Racal Datacom 6510 , EtherBlaster , Etc other other OTI HERMES F910 cdd6100.zip YAMAHA YAMAHA OLA3-SAX 95v2343.exe Crystal Semiconductors cx4235 cwd3dsnd.exe Crystal Semiconductors Cx4235 cwd3dsnd.exe Crystal Semiconductors Cx4235 cwd3dsnd.exe Crystal Semiconductors pnpaudio Cx4235 Iusw300a.zip Crystal Semiconductors Cx4235 (pnpaudio) cwd3dsnd.exe 3Com 3Com TokenLink III 3C619 3com3C619.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) riptide modem.zip Samsung ckA4217,cka4217l Instalar.exe Yamaha opl3.zip Canon IX-12F ixhnd.zip Unknown Unknown IFORCE2.dll Lucent Technologies v90 WILDWIRE modem ltwild292.zip Genius Genius 56k external v90e.exe Unknown Unknown Vga.drv Hewlett Packard (HP) 6100c sj137en.exe Cirrus Logic K5426-D2.exe turtle beach turtle beach maui MAUI.drv PowerColor Obsidian? Microtek Lab Phantom 4800 scanner.exe Dataflex Design VoiceSurfer V34 216pabs.zip MediaVision Mvaudio.dl_ D diamond stealth 2500 Pinnacle Micro 5040 RCD5040.151 Teles Unknown rlvdl56dpf/sp Teles Teles Unknown Unknown GenSCSICD.exe Philips Consumer CD-RW 462/463/464 philips_par_cable.zip Thomas Conrad Products TC4045 and others cpq45nd3.exe Thomas Conrad Products TC4045 and others rtool2.exe nVIDIA Win9xAGP_3_75.zip PC Tel HSP micromodem 56 v90 PCTelHSPV90.zip Compaq 1920 Neo Magic 3D,v.4.05 Compaq 1920 Neo Magic 3D,v.4.05 Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) panafax uf342 uf342a.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) uf342.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) panafax uf342 uf342.zip Samsung Mscdex.exe Reveal SC400 reveal_aud_cd.zip Cardinal Technologies 3440 v.90 Symbios Logic 1 symbios logic 53c41 Acer CD-916E/ATK cdrom340.exe 3Com 66174981 Modem.cpl Sun Moon EP-2000 Ep-2000.zip Kodak DC240 & DC280 240drvr.zip US Robotics winmodem.inf Hayes Microcomputer 5668us Rarehayesdriver.zip Microsoft Mouse.drv ATS ATS ATS-255 ATS_255_rock.exe Motorola sm56 pci speakerphone 4.10 build 80.5 Rockwell Modem.zip Tatung A lot of the rare ones! TM SERIES ! tatung.inf Legacy 56k Internal legacymodemw95.zip Sanyo CRD-RW2 Rw114w.exe Ovation OPTi Ovation OPTi OvationSCW95.zip Zoltrix winhsp56kpci Info Products SE-6C Imaread.exe Sound Port SoundPort 1848/AD90609 qs823drv.exe ESS Technologies ESS Driver - 1868.zip ATI Rage LT Pro n42040en.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet500 hpdeskjet.zip Princeton Graphics all pgs_inf.exe 3D Labs Ctremote.dll Compaq ltwild292.zip Davicom 33.6k voice modem/fax dav336v1.exe Magitronic r3509x.zip ESS Technologies 1968 m2nt4v10.zip AOC monitor.exe Yamaha YMF719-S 95v2343.exe Quadrant Components Inc. Quadrant Components Inc. astro 200/400 astro.zip Orchid Technology R3dv2.drv Toshiba XM-6201TA / XM-6201B xm6201up.zip Toshiba XM-6201TA / XM-6201B xm6201up.zip Intel pv3_2w.zip Intel i 740 pv3_2w.zip Creative Labs sound blaster 16 plug n play sbw9xup.exe Acer ScanPremio 310S, 320S, 610S, 610ST, 620S, 620ST ScanPremio 310S, 32 Okidata ML-321 IBM-PPR 320ibm95.exe Microsoft internet keyboard itproeng US Robotics USR004F Zarator 10.doc US Robotics usr004f Zarator 10.doc 3Com 0727 ESS Technologies essfmv Tekram Technologies M205PRO SiS Corporation Sistool.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 7200 e Epatap9x.mpd Diamond Multimedia viper v550 2.03 Toshiba ALL atapi.exe Cmedia (CMI) cmi 8330 sound Brother MFC 4350 YL2PRNPT.exe Hewlett Packard laserjet 5l lj622en.exe Zoltrix 336acfv.zip Labway a151-830 31LWHYAM.exe SiS Corporation gradd080.exe Genica Genica 1120L Genica_1120L.exe Giga Byte Technology GA-5AX Lexmark Jetprinter 1020 CJ1020WE.exe Storm Technology Smart Page Setup.exe Genius (KYE) GM336-V gm336.zip PC Chips Brooktree CPH05X tv419.zip Rockwell Conexant HCF 56K PCI Modem 212161000.exe Compaq Compaq Contura Aero 4/25 PCMCIA.exe HSP HSP 336 deluxe 336.zip ESS Technologies es2820s Noticias.htm ESS Technologies es2820s Noticias.htm Cirrus Logic Cirrus Logic Cirrus Logic md5620 cir5620.zip Cirrus Logic cl-md5620DT cir5620.zip Cirrus Logic cl-md5620DT cir5620.zip Cirrus Logic cl-md5620DT cir5620.zip ESS Technologies es1938 Cirrus Logic 3631 Leo LEOPlus P6 v4.07 p6_407.exe ESS Technologies 56IVERB-PO ES56T-I Driver.zip 3DFX Voodoo2 v2-w9x-dx7-retail-3.02.02.exe nVIDIA TNT detonator3.68.zip SVEC PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter SVEC 10mbit.zip Racal Datacom Racal NI6510.zip Creative Labs ct7230 cldvd3.exe Optrox photomaker 3F Photomaker.zip Zoltrix Conexant (Rockwell) HCF 56K PCI Modem 212161000.exe Aiwa TD-20001 td-20001doc.zip LiteOn Technology For all models liteon.inf Samtron sc428-vs+ Sc428vsp.zip Silicom Multimedia OPTI WaveMaster32FGP WaveMaster32FGP.zip Vextrec Technology GMB-P54SPV.zip ASUS AV264CT-N 311-w95.zip Tseng Labs ET4000 w31et40000.zip ExpertColor Multimedia The Microsoft Sound.wav Emerald Emerald sf600c emerald-sf600c.zip Microsoft Microsoft Directcc.exe Microsoft Microsoft Directcc.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 610c dj615en.exe Microsoft Microsoft Directcc.exe Rockwell Modemdet.txt Supra SupraExpress 288i PNP Hercules Stingray 128/3D 6MB SingleBoard S128nt40.exe Hercules Stingray 128/3D s128w128.exe US Robotics 56k Voice Winmodem Internal IDFVJ 2978.exe S3 81025w98.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXLC002 740setup.exe ESS Technologies ESS-1941-SOLO SP10244.exe Epson Epson 740 sc740.exe Newcom 56kifxspa 56kspa Newcom kifxspa speakerphone Driver 56kspa.exe Yamaha Adapter.inf Advance Logic Research (ALR) Various 2301,2302 and more 3Com 3ccfe575bt fe575cx.exe 2TheMax data.txt Colorado (HP) Trakker 120/250 colorado trakker 250 Iomega 1 zip Ovation OPTi Ovation OPTi OPTi OvationSCW9x.zip Ovation OPTi Ovation OPTi OPTi OvationSCW9x.zip SiS Corporation 1.28 326dos.exe Symbios Logic 53C8XX winnt.exe Sharp Electronics UX-2200CM & UX-2700CM UX2200.exe Samsung SCR-3231 M241.zip Micronics Computers 09-00236-xx M54hi06.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) riptide audio1.zip Aopen FM56-H aopen.zip SiS Corporation 1.28 326os2.exe 3DFX V2.zip ALI m5229 m5229.zip Domex DMX-3194UP 3194_2000.exe Saitek mx631m Avance Logic Avance Logic 's DCI driver 2229/2302 VLB/PCI sVGA tbbanner.gif C Media CMI 83xx Yamaha opl3 sa Cirrus Logic CL-GD5465 OPTi Setup.dat OPTi Setup.dat Colorado (HP) 4.0 for dos Colorado jumbo dos.zip Apollo Apollo RE450CT apollo.zip encore ESL816 Esl816.zip Advance Logic 2229/2302 win9521.exe New Media Bus Toaster bustoaster.zip HSP v.90 /k56 flex hsp56 micromodem ESS Technologies ESS1788 nt40hd.zip Creative Labs Esuart.vxd Citizen GSX-230 Gsx-230.zip Highscreen Audrack.exe Aztech Labs Azt16.vxd Hewlett Packard (HP) d5258a Welcome to dialpad.com.url S3 Savage 3D 390391_win9x_61201 VIA Technologies VIA 4 in 1 Driver Rockwell MX56VX Rockwell MX56VX.zip Canon BJC-4400 install.bat Aztech Labs Dd1196d.exe Iomega Iomega Zip 100 winnt_iom113_en.exe Zida 5DVX 5DVX0190.EXE IBM Network Printer 17 IBM Network Printer 17 HSP V1456VQH-P PCtelHSPWin95_98.zip HSP V1456VQH-P PCtelHSPNT40.zip Okidata OL400e 400ewn95.exe Tseng Labs et4000ax w95w32.zip Mae DTS-3050 Mae DTS-3050 SF-600E1 Twain.zip Creative Labs ct4810 Vibra 128 Aztech Labs CDA 868-01IE HSP HSP56V90 Hspmodem.zip nVIDIA V770 ULTRA/TNT2 w9x-376 SiS Corporation 5513 Dual PCI IDE Controller Side213.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) hp vectra vl5 VL5.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) VL7.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) VL8.exe Creative Labs sf16-fmi sf16-fmi Prolific Technology Inc. Prolific Technology Inc. SMART-Linq.zip Unknown Cirrus Logic CS32-3DI b95us250.zip Yamaha Ver 4.07.1040 (DirectX7 Certified) yamaha_dsxg_driver.exe 3DFX 3dfx.ico Yamaha DS-XG PCI yamaha_gsxg_driver. Unknown es2820s Facit All products Zoltrix Voice Fax 56KVSP Trident Microsystems es1868f Davicom dm9102.cat Royal Information ricx970.zip Davicom 9102 dm9102.cat ATI Ati2drae.drv Colorado (HP) PN0123 VER 4.03 Trakker 250 PN0123 V4.03 Colorado (HP) 4.0 Colorado Jumbo 4.0.zip IBM thinkpad 755c vftps133.exe Diamond Multimedia Monster II and equivalents VOODOO2.INF Matrox Graphics G400 w2k501.exe 3DFX Maxi Gamer 3D2 - Driver upgrade.zip Rockwell RCV 28.8 v.34 DPi Rev 05ba rkmod.inf Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/sp pci56rnt.exe Unknown Mountain 01-34460-01 529TDO~1.EXE PC Chips M767 7670301s.bin Macronix Macronix ART-200 MX86200.zip Unknown Unknown Ws2help.dll Macronix MX86251 V. 1.04 251104.zip Macronix MX86251.zip Macronix MX86251 V. 1.04 MX86251.zip S3 STB.zip S3 671 kb STB.zip S3 S3 gx2 s3gx2.ZIP nVIDIA Detonator353W9X.exe TOP VICTORY ELECTRONICS TOP VICTORY ELECTRONICS ENVISION MODEL 1770 ttxwin95.zip Packard Bell all pbmon.exe 3Com UFN73160IPCQ Mdm3cmmd.inf trd trd h93mv Creative Labs ct1600&e2550ua ct1600cd.zip UMAX ? ? ? Mpg4c32.dll PC Tel Meeting Agenda.doc Zoltrix 7.64-9KF-MS VIA Technologies 926v50.exe Microsoft Gckernel.vxd S3 w9534202.zip S3 S3trio64v+ 765_win95_42107.zip Rockwell rlvdl56dpf/sp Aky8004.inf Unknown 2 lk Unknown diamond Dexxa Sharp Electronics ux-2700cm/ux-2200cm UX2200.exe 3DFX Zcentral.exe Wearnes 2420 and others wearnes.zip Yamaha OPL3 SAx Fujifilm Fujifilm CS-1 fcs1d31.zip Fujifilm Fujifilm CS-1 fcs1d95.zip CIS Technology R320 R320.zip 3Com 0467 Creative Labs Creative Modem Blaster Flash56 DI5602.log 3Com 0467 Proview International (EMC) Most proviewpnp.exe Cirrus Logic 5446w98.zip STB Systems soundrage32.zip Yamaha yamaha_dsxg_driver.exe Elitegroup Computer 100X/2400 PC100 All PC100 Boards Samsung Syncmaster 4Plus sm4plus.zip Asound as007 asound gols 120w98 Hewlett Packard Kurukuru.exe S3 S3Savage3DWinNT.zip S3 S3Savage3DWin2000(NoDirect3D).zip S3 S3Savage3DWinNT.zip S3 S3Savage3DWin2000(NoDirect3D).zip S3 Aopen Install.exe Aopen ad1815/6 Install.exe Epson stylus color ll and lls Epson.zip Tseng Labs tvga.zip Diamond Multimedia Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2000 gtw95268.exe Mirage Illusionist 3D W9x81015.zip 3DFX 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee vbw9 Rockwell ShockwaveReadmeNS.htm Yamaha YMF701B-S OPL Aztech Labs atz4029 md6802-u 6802u.zip Aztech Labs azt4023 md6800u 6800uv9.zip UMAX 600s vistascan3.5plugin.hqx PC100 sis5595 Atech ATS-256 NT522.exe ESS Technologies ESS1938 sp10937.exe CTX nm319qn4.exe Atech ATS-256 WIN522A.ZIP Lucent Technologies V90 + DSL Wildwire Modem LV90_287.EXE ASUS TNT 3400 389x191.zip Disney(?) Disney(?) disney_sound_source.zip HSP Audio Modem Riser 56 HSP drivers.zip Davicom 9102 Davicom 9102.zip Davicom 9102 Davicom 9102.zip 3Com Modem Driver W98.exe ActionTec PE-200 fast_210.exe ActionTec PE-200 fast_210.exe Houston Instruments DMP-161 chimp.mpe Kensington Products Per4mer UW200 up200.exe conexant conexant RS56/SP-PCI Mirage Illusionist 3D Disk1.zip Avance Logic ALS 100 als100.exe Apple Computer Color StyleWriter 6500 HP Deskjet 1600C Rockwell r6785-61 r6785-61 rlvdl56dpfsp.zip Toshiba toshiba CD ROM Drivers.exe SiS Corporation 6326 326win98.exe Novaport Novaport 288HSP (PCTel 288-1A Chipset) Novaport288hsp.zip Prolink (Modems 1456VE V90k56.exe Grand Art Grand Art GA.exe Compex ReadyLINK EN2000N COMBO Utility.zip SiS Corporation sis display drivers.rar BOSER BOSER BS250 bs250.zip Quartz quartz.zip BOSER BOSER BS250 bs250.zip Rockwell WAVRSS.INF Rockwell AULMDM1.INF Microvitec Microvitec 1438 STB Systems STB Velocity xxxx Crystal Semiconductors setup.exe 3Com 71754087 ATI w82560en.exe Colorado (HP) JT20C6 Colorado dos 3.06.zip Colorado (HP) JT20C6 Colorado windows 1.30.zip Asound Plus Asound Plus Setup.exe Sertek DCS S613 s613l.exe Motorola SM56 Based Modems (AD04) AD04D1of1B805.exe Award 7bxan/bxas Bxas2d01.bin Acer ALN-201 201an340.zip microsoft microsoft msnp32.dll Canon BJWin_397E.exe Ethernet SN2000 Ethernet adapter Ethernet SN2000 Ethernet adapter sn2000-80815.exe Fujitsu 550 000261 fujitsu 56k modem win98.zip PC Chips M560 5600410s.bin Digicom Systems DI5601-1 Rockser.vxd Oak Technology oti64-111 Oakdd16.dll Symbios Logic 53C416 Direct X (Microsoft) SNDVOL32.EXE Web Excel md100 (R6749) md100.EXE ESS Technologies ES56 all PCI V4.43.005K.zip Speedcom PT1789 pct764.ZIP Sanyo CDR H94A Gencddrv.zip Olivetti Personal Computers P100D echosP100D.zip Speedcom PT1789 pct764.zip SiS Corporation SIS 5597/5598 Video and Sound ESS Technologies ESS1938 COMPAQ ON BOARD sp10937.exe Compaq sk-2700 sk2700 keyboard.zip Chips and Technologies 65550 Microsoft oc25.dll Spider Graphics Spider Graphics 256 PCI spider256.ZIP Rockwell AD1845JP Creative Labs savage 4 linux drivers Audio Excel Audio Excel CMI8330 30w98v64.zip Adaptec WINZIP32.EXE Teles teles bri/pci capi334 Digital Equipment LJ250 Canon BJC-150 bjc150uk.ZIP Canon BJC-150 bjc150de.ZIP Canon BJC-150 bjc150fr.ZIP Aztech Labs NX-Pro 16 NX Pro16-win95.zip Canon BJC-150 bjc150ec.ZIP QMS Magicolor LX qmslvl2.exe Irwin irwin.zip PC Tel V90 K56 Flex HSP PCI V90 K56 Flex HSP PCI.zip Datastor commuter COMMUTER.zip Aztech Labs MDP3880-W Zues_nt.exe ATI RAGE PRO ati.zip Hyundai HDP-920 ESS Technologies ESS Technologies ess drivers for CPQ LTE5000.zip Trust Computer CM 2231 Monit-03.ZIP Rockwell rip2141.exe Rockwell rippc99na.exe Proview International (EMC) 765X Rockwell rippc99na.exe PC Chips 08/14/97-VXPro+-USB-Ultr-2A5LDH09C-00 537d204s.zip PC Chips 08/14/97-VXPro+-USB-Ultr-2A5LDH09C-00 537d204s.zip PC Chips 08/14/97-VXPro+-USB-Ultr-2A5LDH09C-00 537d204s.zip Memorex 482E mem cdrom.zip 3Com us robotics model 0637 Storm Technology Vmm32.vxd Hitachi any hitachiCDrom.exe Hitachi any hitwachiDVDrom.exe Hitachi any hitwachiDVDrom.exe Hitachi any hitwachiDVDrom.exe US Robotics 14.2kb 33.6kvfext.zip US Robotics 14.2kb 33.6kvfext.zip SiS Corporation 6326 Tsr.exe Mountain 30523 523td.exe Intel PBA 658391-003 tunercard.zip