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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    RealTek RTL8029AS RTL8029AS_orgnldisk.EXE SoundBlaster sbw9xup.exe Ensoniq wnt_0828.exe ATI ATI Rage 128 XFCom-r128-glibc2.. Miro Computer Products Miro DC20 380211.zip Summagraphics MM III 1812 Summa.exe Com One MC215, MC216, MC217, MV21x, MV232x, MV234x com1drv.zip Davicom 33.6 Modem davicom_mdm.exe Megahertz XJ3288R xj3288r.exe SiS Corporation 620 SiS Corporation driver.htm Connectix Color Quick Cam 2.0 Connectix Color Quick Cam 2.0 Hewlett Packard Cdplayer.exe Epson zeno.zip Aureal a3ddrivers222.exe ASUS Driver.txt Packard Bell TV5 DIRX3+TV5 Lucky Star Technology i430VX,UMC8669-2A59GL1CC-00 Yamaha Ydsxg.vxd Creative Labs SBPCI 128 SBPCI 128.zip Lucky Star Technology 2A59GL1CC-00 DRIVER Puretek 3020 Puretek 3020 Rockwell MDP3858-WE M3858-we.exe Puretek PT3017 Puretek PT3511 Puretek PT300x Puretek PT3515 Zoltrix Phillips PCI/Multimedia tlssky.inf ESS Technologies ES336-ES56 ESS ES336-ES56 Data-Fax Modem Installation Disk.zip ESS Technologies ES336-ES56 ESS ES336-ES56 Data-Fax-Voice.zip Davicom DM9101F chip dm9101F.zip ESS Technologies ES56-i(v.90) Data-Fax ESS ES56-i(V.90) Data-Fax Modem Installation Disk.zip Xerox 4030 Xespcl95.zip Apple Computer US Sertek US Sertek cd-724 724.zip Avance Logic alg 2302 2302.exe Logitech cordless mouse man setupmw.exe PC Tel 8738 Hsp56AudioModemRiser.zip Trident Microsystems Trid51.inf Trident Microsystems Trid51.inf Diamond Multimedia V770 Ultra 16 meg Microsoft Intellipoint v1.1 Plextor uniscsi.dll Kensington Products Kensington MouseWor ExpertColor Multimedia 430AF.zip Plextor discdupe.exe Okidata Dosprnt.exe Cirrus Logic CL GD542x clgd542x.exe PC Tel hsp micromodem 56 pctel.ZIP Motorola SM56_CTL.VXD Motorola SM56DFV1.VXD Wacom Technology Intuos, Graphire, PL series, PenPartner, Artpad, ArtZ, ArtZ II, UD Series pc450-en.exe Creative Labs Wacom Technology Win 2k drivers Trident Microsystems 9680 Triddrv.zip NEC 1800 (282) necide3.zip Compaq cpqy2k.exe LongShine LCS-8034TB 8034T LongShine LCS-8034TB 8034via.exe MaxTech xt4800 mon_drv.exe Logitech first mouse + mouseware 8.2.zip Analog Devices win95mpd.exe Analog Devices win95mpd.exe Analog Devices win95mpd.exe Adaptec win95mpd.exe Brooktree Pmctv.exe Jazz Multimedia jazz16.zip Saitek cybdrv275.zip Genius (KYE) EtherExpress Pro/10 e10disk.exe Torisan (Sanyo) cd-rom.canon.exe Reveal aztnxpmix0592 aztech Interact sv 234 Powpad.exe Matrox Graphics Millenium 1677_411(1).exe Diamond Technologies 197A30 diamond.exe S3 Sonic Vibes S3sound.zip Diamond Multimedia SupraExpress56i_Win2k .zip Aztech Labs 3328 Diamond Multimedia see comments Diamond Modem Driver.zip Cmedia (CMI) CM8738/8330 w9x189w.zip Ensoniq Most Soundscape Sound Cards wnt_0828.exe Sony Electronics CDU701, CDU-701 Atapi_cd.exe Jaton 57-p jaton57p.zip Wisecom 5614JX3(g) ws5614JX3(g).zip Wisecom 5614JX3(g) ws5614JX3(g).zip Symbios Logic 53C825 3Com US Robotics 56K Voice INT us robotics 56k voice int.EXE US Robotics Mdmusrim.inf Rockwell RM-3314-E OR RM-3314-I DATA FAX Drive Modem Rm-3314-I.zip Rockwell RM-3314-E OR RM-3314-I DATA FAX Drive Modem Rm-3314-I.zip Mark Vision MM PRO 16IIA3D MarkVision MM PRO16IIA3D.zip Promise Technology U66_0628.zip 3DFX voodoo2.inf Aztech Labs MDP7800-U mp78_539.exe DFI DFI DFI 586ITBD Iomega DOSSTUFF.zip CommWave MC2780C2 38MD SP2780 QDI (Speed Easy) P5I430HX-T2 Frontier hx_v15.zip D Link Systems DU-H3E (ARK UB7132T) Ub8010t1.exe Elitegroup Computer Systems P6EX-ME SiS Corporation sis620 xsis.tgz Acer ide158drivercdrom.exe SiS Corporation sis 620 (2) xsis.rpm ESS Technologies ESS 1938 PCI 128 Solo1 1938w9x.exe SIC Resource Super Sound Origins 32 SuperSound32.exe Wacom Technology SD (& others) SD TabletWin3x9x.zip xirlink xirlink xl-221 xl221.zip Logitech B5N-1706 ScanMan Storm Technology ImageStudioVF.zip Storm Technology ImageWave95.ZIP palit palit sis 6326 daytona 3d Teles teles.so 16.3 PnP S3 81021w9x.zip Miro Computer Products Miro Video 20TDlive 20TD 10TD Unknown cl-md4450 cl_md4450drv.zip Unknown cl-md4450 cl_md4450drv.zip Analog Devices TOUCHPAD.zip Aztech Labs Disk1 Acer windrivers.zip Unknown RLVDL56DPF/SP Davicom 9102 net9102.inf Logitech 2+ button M83Setup.exe Adaptec Adaptec cd-r PCI SCSI AIC 7850 adaptec EZ-SCSI lite V4 00e upgrade 417.zip Acer fx-3d fx3d-nt.exe IBM IBM FRU 60G0823 mwavedos1of1.zip IBM IBM FRU 60G0823 mwavewin1of3.zip IBM IBM FRU 60G0823 mwavewin2of3.zip IBM IBM FRU 60G0823 mwavewin3of3.zip Optrox Photomaker 6F drv32 - OPTROX_SCANNER.exe Aspen Technology ASPEN SIERRA 28.8 W VOICE DRIVER.zip Motorola Surf Modem (driver Build 80.5) AD04D1of1B805.exe ESS Technologies ess1689.zip Matrox Graphics Millenium II (4Mb) G400 MGASETUP.EXE Matrox Graphics Millenium II (4Mb) G400 MGASETUP.EXE Trident Microsystems ULTRA II QuickTime Plugin QMS Desklaser 600 QMS_DL600_V201.zip Genius (KYE) Flatbed.exe Xerox Xerox 4045 Xespcl95.zip Diamond Multimedia all old models, modems, video etc diamondlegacy.doc Archive 150e qic02_11.zip Exp Computer USB CD-RW 944 (biege) cdrwdrvr1.01.0023.ZIP Todai Todai IMES ICD-900/AT icd900_101.zip 3Com 0727 2976-oem-50.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Hp 890c dj885sc Atech Phillips CM-205 and CM-206 206win95.exe Phillips CM-205 and CM-206 206win95.exe Microsoft Sw3dpros.zip Microsoft Vjoyd.vxd Diamond Multimedia SupraMax56i Voice PCI SupraMax56iVoicePCI.ZIP Phoebe Micro CMV1433VQH-U 336VQH-U.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet IIcx HP IIcx.zip Ricoh RW7040A M10a150.zip Digicom Systems DI3635 dsi.EXE Digicom Systems DI3635 dsint.EXE ForteMedia Inc ForteMedia Inc version 203f Q3d Compaq Compaq PCMCIA Ethernet Lan Card 10-2 and 10-T old cpq pcmcia 10-2 and 10-t nic drivers.zip SoundBlaster ct1350 SoundBlaster ct1350 Compaq Presario 192 Data+fax+voice Mdmcpq2.inf Lucent Technologies ltmodem.inf Lucent Technologies ltmodem.inf Lucent Technologies 1641b ltdf.inf SiS Corporation sis620/5595 chipset 620bfc03.bin SiS Corporation sis620/5595 chipset 620cfc03.bin Chinon CDS-435, 535 chinoncd.zip Tyan S1470 Titan VX AT TYN TITAN-VX V4.00 Genius (KYE) S3 wnt10007.exe Sharp Electronics JX-330P 32 Bit Twain Driver Acer Magic V18 AcerMagicV18.zip Acer mira304h.zip Logitech pagg scan color Hewlett Packard (HP) EPS600.DRV Jean Jean Various Monitor (See Comments) Jean_Monitor_Drivers.exe Advance Logic als100 als100.zip Trident Microsystems 9440 w98-TGUI.exe Trident Microsystems 9440 Nt40drv.exe Creative Labs Soundblaster Live SBLive_2031.zip Toshiba xm-5522b dosepiac.exe Trident Microsystems Cyber9525DVD 9525DVD.zip Dextra DR6GP Dr6gp.exe Rockwell Pci1009.inf Sony Electronics CDU... fdu.exe SiS Corporation SiS 530 530106-1.exe Phillips CDD3610 cdd3610v202.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) All Scanjet 6200 series sj395en.exe ATI 64w95303.exe ADD Tel ADD Tel ADD 56K External modem.zip ADD Tel ADD Tel ADD 56K External modem.zip SiS Corporation 6326 SiS6326.zip Storm Technology totalscan.exe Storm Technology TotalScanExpress.zip Logitech Sony Electronics SDT-10000 nt4dds.zip Scanport SQ 300 Trouble.txt Storm Technology Hewlett Packard Scanjet 3200C 3200c.exe Canon BJC 6000 6000nt.exe OPTi SNDINIT.EXE Micro Firmware Micro Firmware Many Phoenix bios Hewlett Packard (HP) 3.5 EasyCDCreator.zip Pioneer USA 104s 63dvd95.exe Logitech SoundMan Wave all all all main.html AD Chips AV 308 32p95.exe all all all upgrades Rockwell Rockwell.exe Rockwell rkv56.zip IBM v.90 56k speakerphone pci mode rw154.exe Rockwell 56K REV 1.3 rkv56.zip Compaq 2240, 2244ES, 3020, 3060, 4102, 4104, 4108, sp7013.exe Orchid Technology OrchidR3d-3dfxdrivers.zip SiS Corporation 6326 Sis6326m.drv 3Com usb1_25.exe Orchid Technology 3.01.00 Genius (KYE) Genius.Pin Paradise Dplaysvr.exe Microsoft Intellipoint v.1.1 Hewlett Packard (HP) 6100C or 4c/3c hp.scanjet.6100C.twain.drivers.windows98.zip Xlink XL-V336EC XL-V336EC.ZIP Unknown Unknown Atapi.ZIP canon canon 4300 BJC4300dos.ZIP Genius Genius Mousemate 98 Mmt98.ZIP Philips Philips 105B Phil105B.ZIP Cirrus Logic GD5430-40 cirrus5430-40.zip Cirrus Logic GD5430-40 cirrus5430-40.zip Compaq COMPAQ UNIVERSAL CD ROM DRIVER.zip Acer 747E/JAS Acercd.zip Boca Research SE336Wav Boca Research SE336Wav wav95.zip Unknown 2500 Diamond Stealth Trident Microsystems 9382/9385 trident.zip S3 S3Trio3D/2X W9x10028.zip Trident Microsystems 9382/9385 trident.zip Phillips Aoatapi.sys Hewlett Packard all Hewlett Packard Genius (KYE) Setup.exe Techmedia S3000 Brooktree BT848 Apple Computer 1705 display Creative Labs SBPCI 128 SBPCI 128.zip Argosy CD954 Aricdig.exe Argosy CD954 Aricdig.exe Cirrus Logic CS4218 WINZIP32.EXE PC Tel pctel.hsp56 Hspcfg.exe Aopen 91.AC001.328 pm62w9x.exe Rockwell HSF Cnx2110602.zip PC Tel pctel.zip Adaptec aha-1520 s8 Adaptec aha-1520 s8 US Robotics n/a swinmodem33.6.zip Matrox Graphics G400 MGlide_1_246G.zip S3 S3_virge.zip Trident Microsystems 4 w95-9440.exe ExpertColor Multimedia S3_trio.zip Pine Group SiS6215win95.exe ExpertColor Multimedia S3_trio.zip ESS Technologies ESS 2820 ess2820x2.zip Atech ATS-127A 5614pm3g.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 4200C hplampc.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) msimn.exe PC Tel 8738.zip Plustek optic pro 4830p 48v5-w95.exe Yamaha Opl3sa.drv S3 365/366 9x26106.zip Cardinal Technologies Cardinal DSP-16 Windows 95 Installation Instructions at Windrivers_Com.htm Aztech Labs 2320Compatible PnP audio (WDM) Wdmaud.drv Lexmark 2050 CJ2050WE.exe Lexmark 101 SonixRadioR101Win95.zip Diamond Technologies DT-0196H DTECH.ZIP Twinhead Rockwell Modem Rock336.zip Unknown Stealth2500 diamond stealth Creative Labs DI5630 56301229X.EXE Creative Labs DI5630 5630122NT.EXE HSP PC-Tel HSP56 Micromodem HSP56-win98.ZIP Scanport SQ2400 epp268.exe Scanport SQ2400 scanport.inf Creative Labs ES1373 SP11719 Scanport SQ2400 35tma_11.exe Scanport SQ2400 scsi401l.exe Scanport SQ2400 sq_248.exe Bitware Bitware all bitware bitdrv.zip GVC nic2003bt Nic2003.exe Boca Research fd34fsvd Compaq LTE Lite series 25, 4/33, 4/25, 4/20 SP0456.zip Acer MD 2781 Modem56k.exe Addonics Technologies Sound Vision 150P auddrive.dll Sierra Modems sq2465 sierra.zip Yamaha 4061026.exe Yamaha DS-XGNT.exe MAG INNOVISION MAG INNOVISION MAG.INF Okidata ML 182 Microsoft UserMPS.wa~ Samtron sc428vx(.inf Kingston KNE20T, KNE20BT kne20xx.zip Creative Labs Creative PC-DVD Encore with Dxr3 Hayes Microcomputer Products 4724US 47xxdisk.exe Toshiba Tos_5602.exe TEAC America Install.exe Genius (KYE) genius_easymouse+.ZIP Adaptec 7800wnt.exe S3 Virge/Dx/GX s3virge_w95_31201-driver.exe S3 Virge/Dx/GX s3virge_w95_31201-driver.exe Voyetra Karaoke.hlp Aztech Labs RealTek Realtek 8029 NT.zip RealTek Realtek 8029 95 98.zip Philips Consumer Electronics CDD 3610 SHTL_MPD.ZIP Teles 16.3 Bri/16.3 Bri (PnP) Capi 3.34 Targa Truevision monitor11.inf Targa Truevision targa.inf Microsoft 4.10.2222 Ios.vxd Targa Truevision targa.inf Intel 4.10.2222 Vfixd.vxd 3DFX Woodoo 2 Woodoo2-NT2k.zip NeoMagic MagicGraph 128ZV+ MagicGraph 128ZV+.zip 3Com 3 com Nic DRIVER C Media CMI 8330 audio adap Rockwell Pc56rvp.inf Korea Data vs-4 high resolution Rockwell 56k_ES_X2_343003G.exe Hi Val CRW4261E/CDD3610 CDRW.zip Mustek 1200LP BTC HSP, PCTel, Micromodem BTC PCTel, HSP Harmony Multimedia Rokinf07.inf BTC HSP, PCTel Harmony Multimedia Rokinf07.inf Chieftain Technology Corp CT-F300E Fsetupe.exe Aztech Labs MD6802-U (AZT 4029) mdm3.exe Aztech Labs MD6802-U (AZT 4029) v90upgr.exe RealTek RTL8029AS RTL8029AS_orgnldisk.exe Diamond Technologies diasndlt.zip Canon multipass c2500 Mitsumi Electronics crmc-fx240s Cirrus Logic cx4235-xq3 w95us272.zip Compaq All Presarios All Drivers Unknown Unknown Bigmem.drv Unknown Unknown Drivers.zip Data Expert (Expert Media) exp8511 v1.1 exp8155v1_1.rom Xircom Netwave - Disk1 netw1zip Xircom Netwave - Disk 2 netw2.zip Rockwell SM56-PCI/ISA/AC-L MediaVision dbflxd2_2.exe Xircom Netwave - Disk "Org" Org.zip Genius (KYE) Escan.sys ESS Technologies ESS1373 Sb128eng.zip 3Com 3CP2977-OEM-50 w9x-2977.exe Epson EX-800 sw009.exe Citizen GSX-190 sw009.exe Diamond Multimedia VIPER 770 OPTi driver98.chm OPTi Drivers.zip SiS Corporation sis5595 SiS Corporation sis5595 sis5595 PC Tel Accurite Technologies Accurite Technologies Travel Floppy 1.44 Util.zip Unknown dasjhkd d PC Tel msimn.exe S3 galleta de la fortuna.htm NeoMagic compaq presario 1215 Sp6507.exe Gateway MODEM.CPL ESS Technologies essolo.zip ESS Technologies ESSFMV ess_336k.zip US Robotics 3013 3013.zip