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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    rockhcf.htm Oak Technology oti975.zip Microsoft All SWGameEn.exe S3 Version.txt Crystal Semiconductors CX4235-XQ3, CS4235 4235drv.exe Canon CS FB320P/FB620P Sg-csp50.exe Jaton Video-67P v67w95v6.zip Sony Electronics cu77e sony Relisys HS-410G Setup.exe US Robotics 3comwave.inf NEC CDROM 273 cdr273.exe HighPoint HighPoint 1.22 HPT366 Controllers.zip Creative Labs AWE64 Awent4r5.exe Cirrus Logic PnP v34 Modem Aztech Labs Pkunzip.exe SiS Corporation 6326 SiS 3626 drivers.exe Sigma Designs Hollywood Plus Hollywood Plus ATI Atisetup.exe S3 Virge (325) w95s3virge325.zip PC100 Setup.ins S3 w9534202.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) all nt4ram99.zip Afreey afreeycd-ide.exe Compaq vsc33600&vsci33600 SP7604.exe Best Data Products ALL DATA/FAX/SPEAKERFOON/VOICE ENF633INF.ZIP Logic3 JT 226 Sprint, swift, action, master.zip ALI M3307 Alim3307.zip Advance Logic Research (ALR) S100 & S120 Als100&1.zip Advance Logic Research (ALR) S100 & S120 Als100&1.zip Cirrus Logic 5440 Ci5440.zip Goldstar Install.exe Cirrus Logic CI 5446 Ci5446.zip NeoMagic ?? ?? Voyetra CR 4237 Cr4237.zip Voyetra CR 4237 Cr4237.zip Creative Labs 56439x.exe Cardinal Technologies cardwv90.exe Motorola ESS Technologies ESS1869_95.zip ESS Technologies ESS1869_98.zip ESS Technologies ESS1869_NT.zip Yamaha opl3sax yamaha.zip Voyetra LIVE3D.HTM Qlogic ISP 1020 p2061801.exe Davicom ALL DATA/FAX/SPEAKERFOON/VOICE ENF633INF.ZIP Davicom ALL DATA/FAX/SPEAKERFOON/VOICE ENF633INF.ZIP Davicom ALL DATA/FAX/SPEAKERFOON/VOICE ENF633INF.ZIP Modem Master MM6000 mm6knt.zip Davicom ALL DATA/FAX/SPEAKERFOON/VOICE ENF633INF.ZIP Davicom ALL DATA/FAX/SPEAKERFOON/VOICE ENF633INF.ZIP ESS Technologies solo1 ess1938 ess1938.zip NEC CDR-C251 nec4x4.zip ESS Technologies ESS PCI Solo 1938 PCI_solo40501nt.exe ESS Technologies ESS PCI Solo 1938 PCIsolo_40501nt.exe Logitech Setupmw.exe Dynalink w2k340.exe Memorex crw-1622 Setup.exe HSP 56k Micromodem CyberVision Cy2000.zip Plustek SP 6000 Color / 1200 Color ESS Technologies ESS 1869 Es1689.zip ESS Technologies Clndisk.exe ESS Technologies Es1868.zip Creative Labs v3w9x-figs-oem(17-12-99).exe Tseng Labs Tseng ET6000 Et6100.zip Techmedia TCM-1448G TMdriver.ZIP Oak Technology oti64111 spitfire Acer AME-TU00 Acer Modem.zip Avance Avance ALS120 als120.zip PDF PDF Pdf-Writer.zip IBM IBM EASY OPTIONS, SC591 Scandevc.sys NeoMagic Setup.cmd Turbo-Media Turbo-Media KE-9801RE+ ke-9801r.zip Creative Labs 5601 5601inf.exe Promise Technology Ultra66 66.zip Trident Microsystems 8900 uc95-10.exe Trident Microsystems TVGA - 8900 Uc95-10.exe Funai Fuani fuani.zip Logitech M-S48 Mouse.exe Epson epson.zip Microsoft Track05.cda PC Tel win9x driver.zip SoundPro ht1869v+ Silitek SK-7100 Airboard Mngr 3.20 Silitek All All drivers Yamaha S-YXG50 Ver 2.0 OEMSETUP.ini Asuscom Ta 128 vmd driver for 9x JVC XR-W2040 2040-112.zip Hewlett Packard 820 Cxi Thrustmaster Tm.ico Intel i82430.exe Crystal Semiconductors yjgh cs4248-kl Zoran Zoran zoran.zip Future Domain (Adaptec) GCDR580B Gscdrom.sys Goldstar GCDR580B Gscdrom.sys Toshiba DKT-5522B/T dkt-5522.exe Sony Electronics CDU7205 SONY_CDU7205.zip Kingston KNE-PC2T pc210drv.exe Toshiba sd-m1212 toshiba dvd Acer Ad1816 (Fx-3d) ad1816.zip Colorado (HP) Readme Impression all of imperssion motiers Monitors.inf Wearnes CDS 32x wcd500.zip Daewoo All ESS Technologies es1938 solo Cirrus Logic 546x 5465w95a.zip Mitsumi Electronics centrl32.exe QuickShot qs-6229 Wisecom RockWell RC56 D2 Serial PnP Mdm56rs.inf Cmedia (CMI) cmi8330 30w98v64.zip Wisecom RockWell Voice Modem Serial Wave Divice Wavers.inf PC Tel General.idf Ensoniq 1868 1868w95.zip Compudyne LR4G ESS Technologies 1869 1869w95.zip IBM Bmsubs32.dll Canon lbp-460 Canon lbp-460 S3 S3-325 S3_325.zip RealTek RTL8029 Driver Disk.zip RealTek RTL8029 Driver Disk.zip S3 S3 375 S3_375.zip D Link Systems DFE530TX dfe530tx.exe S3 S3 764 S3_764.zip Direct X Dplayx.dll Elsa Ezx_w9x.exe Atech pinset txt..ZIP Forte Technologies all Yamaha OPL3-SAX 95v2343.exe Aztech Labs AT6800W MODEM 6800WV90050.zip Diamond Multimedia RIVA-X-GLX-1.0-libc5-i386-dyn.tar.gz STB Systems Gateway VIDPCI011ACWW 7501761.exe STB Systems Gateway VIDPCI011ACWW 7501761.exe STB Systems Gateway VIDPCI011ACWW 7501761.exe STB Systems Gateway VIDPCI011ACWW 7501761.exe Packard Bell 1401s pbmon.exe Packard Bell Hewlett Packard (HP) T1000&T1000e 95cbw170.zip Diamond Multimedia V330 SP9572.exe Bridge Information Co CAE-565SG CAG-665 CAG-683 bridgeca01.inf Toshiba SD-M1212 cddrv222.zip Toshiba Setup.bat Canon S87-40001 P9710.exe ForteMedia ForteMedia Diamond DTO 398 FM 801 Philips Consumer PCA612VC/622VC 62cdrv.zip Smile International All Monitors smile1.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) sgv9x2zz.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) SR-8171-H Cirrus Logic 5620 based Ambient Creative Labs ct4810 vibra 128 Goldstar GCDR508B Gscdrom.sys Goldstar GCRD580B Gscdrom.sys Intel 28.8 PCI Modem used in sony computers in 1996 DSVD-modem.zip S3 Trio 3D/2X (362/365) 4nt33005.zip Intel codinstl.exe SoundPro MT3883 spro.zip Elsa w3161001.zip Elsa w3161001.zip Relisys Scorpio PRO-E VM6583 683V301A.EXE Relisys Scorpio PRO-E VM6583 683V301B.EXE Direct X (Microsoft) Unknown 3434 Innovision Mighty Banshee PCI 16MB Mb98pci.exe ESS Technologies es 1869 Octek SPEED 64 sp64102.zip Plustek sp1200 sp1200.zip Plustek sp1200 sp1200.zip Brother MFC 4550 4550_16B.exe Plustek SP1200 sp1200.zip Brother MFC 4550 4550_NTB.exe Diamond Multimedia dt97h.zip MediaVision jazz16.ZIP Plustek OpticPro U12 (USB) UT12.zip ASUS P5A agp165e.exe Mitsubishi Electronics MK 4420 Mustek m6000cx.ZIP Canon canon bjc 150 bjc 150 Crystal Semiconductors cs4248-kl Crystal Semiconductors cs4248-kl US Robotics 1171_02.inf Pacific Data Products DirectNet PS pacific.zip Dell Computer All Dell Monitors dellmon.exe Sony Electronics CDU33A-01 Installation Disk.ZIP Yamaha 5436 opl3-sax PC100 cmi8330/c3d audio Proview International (EMC) Several Models proviewpnp.exe Trident Microsystems s2 trio64v2 (dx/gx) trio64v2.zip Samsung DVD630 SamsungDVD.zip Digital Research Technologies LS120 DigReschLS120.zip Digital Research Technologies Creative Labs 6X DXR3 Creative DVD DXR3.zip Yamaha cdr-112 scsi Cdr4vsd.vxd Yamaha cdr-112 SCSI Cdr4vsd.vxd HSP HSP 336 Deluxe PnP.zip GVC DK 4D16E DK_4D16E.zip Yamaha opl3-sax This folder is safe to delete.txt Universal Laser System Universal Laser System alls ULS.zip Qtronix Scorpius98N Plus drkey124.zip Canon CFX-B380IF Disk 2 Kensiko Dual Scrolling Mouse DualScrollingMouse.zip GVC F1156IV/R9 r9win9x.zip PC Chips pc100 8738am Qtronix Scorpius 98N drkey124.zip Chieftain Technology CT-F300E CT-F300E.ex_ ATI ati524a4 ATI524a4.exe Eclipse jx-9210 jx-9210 Canon All drivers Canon All Models All drivers SyQuest SQ3270 Pioneer USA DRM-604X doss300.exe Creative Labs ct4810 (SB PCI 128) Full driver Cirrus Logic w95us272.zip BSI CMI8330 30w98v64.zip S3 S3 765 S3_765.zip S3 S3 775 S3_775.zip Advance Logic ALL (Look here first!) ALL (Check it out) Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) DopeWars.exe Sony Electronics IO2000-PX Tape Tools english version 5.2.2.zip Sony Electronics IO2000-PX Tape Tools Dos English ver. 5.2.2.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) All Panasonic Monitors Monitor.zip BTC ALL (Look here first!) ALL (Check it out) Unknown rlvdl56dpf/sp Matrox Graphics wfb2z1us.exe Accton en 1207d-wol en1207dwol.zip Epson 740 Setup.exe Xircom Oemsetup.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) wfv1x1us.exe Epson 740 Setup.exe Diamond Technologies pnp sound chip Iomega Tape 250 Setup.exe Fujitsu fujitsudm.ZIP Diamond Multimedia comm.drv AGFA Fotolook 3.00.08 setup3.exe Aceex DM-56V14H Ltcntry.cpl SiS Corporation Sis205.inf Rockwell rkv56.inf Rockwell Wavrss.inf NEC CDR-260 neck12.exe Phillips BRILLIANCE 107 201&AX4500(LCD 14.5") Analog Devices AD1518 AD15_W95.zip Dell Computer dell latitude xpi Analog Devices AD15-3DS AD1816.zip Adaptec AIC-78xx Adaptec SCSI.zip Diamond Multimedia - All "Old" Drivers Direct X (Microsoft) Pavillon4455 winzip.log Graphtec ops100i.exe Vector America Inc Vector America Inc UNIA UNIAmouse.zip Reveal gcd-r420b Cdsetup.exe Avec (Relisys) AVEC E4800.zip S3 S3_765.zip S3 VIRGE_DX.zip Trident Microsystems cl_gd546x.zip A4 Technology gp-8.exe nVIDIA TNT/TNT2/Pro/Vanta/Model 64/GeForce 256 NVIDIA Driver ESS Technologies SiS 530 Chipset Mainboard Essolo.com Weitek aoc turbo spectrum 400.exe Creative Labs ctwave.exe 3Com 0484 modem Epson 740 Setup.exe Asound !! All Drivers !! !! All OS's !! Microsoft 160400 Itellipoint 1.1a Interwave Ombudsmn.asp Media Magic PCBISP16&2 DRIVER LUCENT-VENUS LUCENT-VENUS FB 1456VQC-T4 Venus.inf S3 Savage 4 Creative Labs All Hewlett Packard HP694c dj391du.exe Yamaha opl3-sax ntv2311 ExpertColor Multimedia S3 CP765/CP775/CP785/M65 F76598.zip Yamaha CDR100 CDR100.zip Rockwell VT56 Rockwell 56k WebCruiser.zip ExpertColor Multimedia S3 86C911, 86C924, 86C928, 86C801, 86C805, 86C805i 765D.zip Yamaha OPL3 SAX 95v2343ZA 95-98.zip E Lux venus111 _SETUP.DLL Mitsumi Electronics Hidvkd.sys Mitsumi Electronics Hidvkd.sys Mitsumi Electronics Hidvkd.sys S3 362 s3_362_nt.zip S3 362 s3_362_nt.zip Microsoft intellipoint setupeng.exe Rockwell RS56/SP-PCI rs56k.zip Genius (KYE) ColorPage EP Dynaicon.exe Brother Brother HL-1240vB.zip This page is Copyright 2000 DriverGuide.com all rights reserved. Toshiba 5702B XM-5702B.zip RealTek Realtek 8029 NE2000.zip Creative Labs Banshee 16Mb nfs3bansheepatch.exe Diamond Multimedia Diamond V90.zip PC Tel PCtel, Inc.MDMCHIPV.INF IBM Aptivacd.txt Compaq CRD-8322B MSCDROM.INF Teles capi336.exe Rockwell MDP3858-WE Mdmpwe.cab PC Tel PCtel, Inc.MDMCHIPV.INF Paradyne 3800 and 3900 series 3800s029.exe Aztech Labs 2316A Newcom Generic 56K 141drv.zip S3 775/785 s3775os2.zip Vertos 100 vertos100.zip Aspen Technology sierra v.34 data fax MODEM 28ISSSA aspen95.zip Rockwell winzip.log Plustek U12 UT12 3Com sportster 56K internal 56k.zip Sonic Systems cdu535-01 XMAS.jpg Hewlett Packard (HP) HP ScanJet 5p, 4c, 4p, 3c, IIcx, IIc, 3p or IIp sc Sj4c.zip nVIDIA TNT/TNT2/Pro/Vanta/Model 64/GeForce 256 w2k-364.zip Genius (KYE) 1212 , 906 , 1812 3 genius tablet drivers.zip Trident Microsystems Trident 9680.zip Alliance Semiconductor Alliance ProMotion 6422 win95642.exe Trident Microsystems Trident 9680.zip GVC F1156IV/R9 9win9x.zip Creative Labs creative.zip Direct X (Microsoft) PowerDVD.EXE Creative Labs calcomp.zip Mustek mustek.zip Samtron SC428-VL+(E) SC428-VSL+(E).zip Summagraphics summa.zip UMAX astra 2000u Setup.exe Aztech Labs disk5135.exe Aztech Labs disk5135.exe ValueStor Inc. ValueStor Inc. PPort IDE HD Transformer Valustor.zip 3Com unimodemB9EBB8F3 Modem.cpl Lexmark winwriter 200 lexwinwriter200.ZIP Conexant Conexant 151416.zip Sony Electronics spressa USB crx100e/x 240075up.exe Cirrus Logic CMV 56KCL 56kcl.exe Davicom V1433VQH-U V1433VQH-U.zip US Robotics sportster 5600 178300w.exe Phoebe Micro Pcmcia 56k modem 56PCMC-T.exe Lexmark 2030 CJ2030WE.exe Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3000 3D PCI S3 ViRGE VX vxnt40215.zip Lexmark 2030 CJ2030WE.exe Lexmark mj630a mpado_ae.exe PC Chips Usbsupp.exe ? ? E210W twister56k.ZIP Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DECwriter 110i 110i digital drv.ZIP Puretek PT3515 Windows 2000 & HSF Soft56k WinModem.zip Quantum Data dlttwin.exe Linotype Saphir Ultra Hyundai 9695 9695.zip Microsoft intelli20.zip Trident Microsystems TGUI9440 Unknown RLVDL56DPF/SP Hayes Microcomputer Products Hayes 5655US 5655US.zip Rockwell rockwell 56k acf II voice data fax RKV56D2.inf STB Systems Lightspeed 128 l128124b.zip Lucent Technologies modems.dat Microsoft ES1938 Es1898.drv PC100 Setup.exe US Robotics sportster flash Msbatch.inf Analog Devices ad1848kp ad1848kp S3 virge dx/vx/gx W9531201.exe Shuttle Computer connect.exe CIS Technology WS-5614HMMG WS-5614HXMG_WIN98.ZIP Delta Electronics All I believe. 32 bit Intel ivsr3 isvr3.zip Creative Labs ES1371 eapci2m.zip Intel isvr 3 1.2 US Robotics 33.6/56K x2 winmodem win9x90b.exe US Robotics 3M 33.6/56k x2 winmodem win9x90a.exe Intel isvr pro isvrpro.zip S3 S3 Trio3D/2x 86c368 a.k.a. "Jaton Trident 4500" t4500nt4.zip Motorola I601 or SM-57 i601b70.zip US Robotics 0484 Usr0484.zip Cyrix Corporation MediaGX Cymedgx.zip Phillips 105S PhilipsDrv22.exe Phillips 105S PhilipsDrv22.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) TX-T5F73 S50i.zip Creative Labs e64w9xup.exe Genius (KYE) Max Fire G-07 Forte Technologies WDM112.ZIP Diamond Multimedia S 90 Sonic Impact Motorola 62412-51 Motorola 62412-51 v56hr.exe Crystal Computer 4235 Aw37 Sekonic spl-470 win98 Unknown Unknown mtmcdai.sys Digicorp DIN 566vp pcihcf95.zip US Robotics 00178300 178300w.exe Newsome Newsome Newclear 3D newsom3d.zip PC Chips all PC100 all Micro Star International 6167 1.4 Lucent Technologies Generic Driver modem566.exe Motorola Leopard Win56k PCI v90mot80.exe Conner Peripherals Most Conner QIC-80 & QIC-Wide through CTM 420R's ConnerBackup.zip Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) 120ic Digital drv.zip CIS Technology 5614JS3 56rw-v20.zip Trident Microsystems 9440 ksc56011.mim OPL3 opl3sax OPL3 opl3sax LG Electronics 57i.icm Rockwell Rockwell 56k ACF II Rkv56d2.zip Yamaha a-719 opl ymf719-s Yamaha a-719 opl ymf719-s Yamaha a-719 opl ymf719-s Yamaha A-719 opl ymf719-s Microsoft v 7.0 a Direct X 7 a