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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Techmedia CDD-7320T Timcdt.sys Techmedia CDD-7320T Timcdt.sys Oak Technology Oakcdrom.sys Logitech SCANMAN 256 Aureal WINZIP32.EXE Oak Technology Oakcdrom.sys ESS Technologies ES1938 PCI ess1938.zip Rockwell Conexant soft56k Logitech mouseware 8.2 Mouse.exe Panasonic (Matsushita KX-P2023 Kxp2023.exe Cyberdrive 240 d Iexplore.exe Nokia Card Phone 2.0 ncplinuxdrv.zip Tae IL OTI-Hermes F91X cdrom.zip Aztech Labs 2320 sound/modem 2320os2.zip Cirrus Logic CL-GD5429 k5429-d2.zip Rockwell Rss8004.inf Avance Logic als100, als120, als*** 95vdx Apple Computer applemon.zip Apple Computer applemon.zip Apple Computer applemon.zip Apple Computer applemon.zip Apple Computer applemon.zip Apple Computer applemon.zip Optrox Photomaker 3E drv32.exe UMAX 1210P astra1210p95nt.zip Elitegroup Computer VERTOS 300SSD ECSCDIDE.SYS Elitegroup Computer VERTOS 300SSD CDPLAY.EXE Elitegroup Computer VERTOS 300SSD INSTALL.EXE Cmedia (CMI) 8330 c30wdm35.zip C Media CMI8330/C3D Sony Electronics CDU311 Sony8xCD.zip Mustek 800 IISP sp35.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 3200C Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 3200C Matsushita (Matshita CR-572, 574, 581 58x_dos.exe Creative Labs dvd drives 6240e and 6630e Creative DVD 6X.zip Computer Peripherals International 288inf.zip Lucent Technologies Lucent Winmodem Driver for winNT.exe Unknown PC Tel pctel336.zip ESS Technologies ESS 1938 Solo1 PCI SOLO1087.EXE als als als 100 als100.exe Hitachi many MDMESCOM.INF Kontron 3DFX 3dfxv2w2k.zip Memorex SCF 3600P scf3600.exe SoundBlaster Cmmpu.exe TriGem TriGem ALL TriGem Monitor.zip Alaris fgb-v000-003400 Stream.sys Rockwell Rockwell SoftK56 Data,Fax,RTAD PCI Modem.log ATI M64diag.exe Motorola DM-56V14HSF/5 Motorola28-4.EXE Optrox PhotoMaker 3E drv32.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) scanjet5100c Hpsetup.log IBM 6542-103 trid_w95.exe IBM 6542 103 trid_w95.exe SiS Corporation Sis597.inf Royal Information Electronics Co Trl-l41t.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet 5p Data Technology (DTC) 3280 Sdtc1w98.exe New Media live10_100.exe Unknown Unknown Speaker Driver.zip US Robotics USR Sporster 33.6 Comm.drv US Robotics USR Sporster PNP 33.6 Internal Comm.drv Acer cd-924e/ako cd_24x.zip Packard Bell FmRadio.zip STB Systems SoundRage 3D IBM md-2781 Yamaha Opl3sacx.dl_ IBM md-2781 IBM md-2781 Yamaha Opl3sacx.dl_ Diamond Flower Inc (DFI) G586IPV Rev. C Ipvrc256.exe Lucent Technologies Lucent_CW56.exe NE2000 ne2000plus/ne200plus3 KYE International Genius Easy Track and others MMate98.exe Microdyne ne2000plus ne2000plus3 2000-d1.zip Hayes Microcomputer Products acc 33.6 5644 HAYES.EXE Samtron 55E (and others) samsung.zip Motorola Esmdmx.vxd Motorola mediasurf56k esuart.vxd Creative Labs CT 4740 1373UP.exe Creative Labs tntaw9x.exe Davicom 33.6P fax/data/voice davicom33.zip Davicom 33.56 fax/data/voice Rdav3356.zip Entrega Technologies PCI 2 USB Entrega%20PCI-4U%3A2U%20Drivers.sit Entrega Technologies Mac-PCI-2U/4U entregapci4u2udrivers.sit Sony Electronics Cdu53501.exe C Media w98v52.exe IMES DriverGuide.com (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.) - DriverGu.url Compaq 286 and 386/20 and up sp0308.zip Compaq deskpro 286/386 and lites compaq1.zip Creative Labs SBLW9XEN.ZIP Driver SB Live Value.txt Compaq 4540 Presario 56K-DF Atech 336IFX newcom.jpg Media Magic 928b Sony Electronics sony226a.exe Creative Labs Voodoo II voodoo2.zip Avance Logic ALS100 PRO16PNP.zip Viking Components V1456VQH-R5 qhr5.exe Analog Devices AD1816 analog ad1816..zip PC Chips M748MR / XCel2000 M/Board pctel56k.zip Xircom CE3 xircomCE3.zip Analog Devices ad1816 analog ad1816..zip Alliance Promotion 6410 FastCom FastCom tv410.zip Toshiba Mscdrom.inf Rockwell Rockwell HCF 56K Data Fax PCI Modem.log Sony Electronics gdm1950 Microsoft Mssp.vxd Tae IL Media CDD-7400 (maybe others) Install.exe Diamond Data Diamond 8x Setup.exe US Robotics 28800 internal mdmusrsp.inf US Robotics 28800 internal mdmusrsp.inf Aiwa TD-20001 default Creative Labs 95dosapp.exe NeoMagic 3D Neo twins_a.exe Paradise Bali32 PCI baliw95.exe Acer FM56/34PVS ACER_W95.INF ESS Technologies ess1868 Es1868.drv Silitek sk 720-h Touch316.zip AT fdsp34aims fdsp34aims.zip Connectware mdmcitam.zip Info Products Image Reader SE-6CD VER603.EXE Spot Technology sf600c spot111.zip Analog Devices AD1848KP 928d_w.exe CIS Technology 5614PVDG_W95B_53101.zip Toshiba 3cxm056-bnw Analog Devices Ad1815_6.exe Rockwell fbv1433vqh-r Analog Devices AD1816A Win95.zip Sony Electronics sony.sys Toshiba XM5302B Mscdex.exe Silicon Motion Silicon Motion LynxE silicon-vid.exe Spea V7 Series (Vega etc) ATI ntvideo2.exe SiS Corporation Sis900 sis900.zip CIS Technology WS-R420 R430.zip PC Tel PCT288-IA pctel.ZIP Leadtek Research (Winfast) winfast 3d s320 Readme.txt Leadtek Research (Winfast) winfast 3d s320 Readme.txt Motorola ModemSURFR 33.6 Motorola ModemSURFR 33.6 Hewlett Packard (HP) SK-2501K sgk3x1us.exe Fujitsu FD-A1/A1S/A1N FD-A2 Ver307.exe Memorex MemScan - all models Pioneer USA DVD-114 hardware regionfree Analog Devices Sound Galaxy Basic 16 bas207 1-3 bas16-95 Atech F-1156IV/A2A Atech F-1156IV/A2A STB Systems velocity 4400 TV-out v4400_160.zip Oak Technology Oakcdrom.sys Compaq Dplaysvr.exe Oak Technology ? Oakcdrom.sys Optrox Twain_32.dl_ Practical Peripherals PM336MT II Version 7.3 mt336inf.exe Wisecom Comm.drv IBM/XIRLINK IBM/XIRLINK PCC4889/PCC4890 pcc48xxw98v2005d.exe Mitsubishi Electronics All Display Monitors mitsubishi.zip Rockwell RCV336ACFwin9x.zip C Media cmi 8330 Yamaha Yamaha Microdyne NE2000plus-3 ne2000plus3.zip Xitel au30wave.drv Info Products FE image_reader_le.zip Info Products LE image_reader_le.zip Aopen FM56P p156w9x.exe Seagate STT20000N STTSCSI4.EXE HSP Micromodem.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CW-7502 CW7502up.zip 3D Melody 3D Melody MF1000 MF1000NT.zip Creative Labs di5660 V90.bat Sony (playstation) Sony (playstation) dpadpr50.zip nVIDIA riva tnt2 Detonator353W9X.exe Gateway any Gateway-Telepath-US Robotics Gateway-Telepath-US Robotics any AverMedia WIN2KDRV.ZIP AverMedia nt110.zip Creative Labs Colorado (HP) cbw95.exe Award BIOS (for Fugu tech) Award BIOS (for Fugu tech) 2A69HF59C-00 2a69hf59.bin S3 DX70eng.exe Sony Electronics CDU33A 173a.exe American Megatrends Krnl386.exe American Megatrends Krnl386.exe PC Tel 33600 winfield.jpg SiS Corporation Sis6326m.inf AudioWave Winlogo.gif Yamaha CDR400t Samsung samsung notebooks Genius (KYE) genius.zip IBM Tri164t2.exe BTC 1882/1888/X56ECL/X56ICL btc-fax-modem.zip Intel Chipset 82430TX/440LX/440BX Bus master IDE drivers PIIX Bus Master IDE Drivers for Windows 95 or NT.zip US Robotics Sportster 33.6k Hewlett Packard (HP) 7200 E 7200-301.exe Rockwell RS56/SP-PCI pci56kv90.zip Davicom DM2008 Connectware 797280 lang95.exe OPTi Opti 82C933 933w95r3.exe Analog Devices ad1821 AD1821-MODIO-V2_31MA.zip Microsoft mskey.exe Microsoft Setup.exe Info Peripherals Info Peripherals ImageReader EPP epp.exe Matsushita (Matshita ujda110 ujda110 planet planet enw9503 enw9503netcard.zip Unknown rldl56dpf fmpcmv1456vqhrp Cmedia (CMI) cmjstick.drv Cirrus Logic md3450 Comm336.inf Chieftain Technology CT-F300E CT-F300E.EXE Hewlett Packard (HP) 8250i atapi_cd.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) sj169sp.exe Hewlett Packard C4547A Microcom Inc (Compaq) B151.DPF Microcom Inc (Compaq) B307P.EPF Auslinx Modems tasssie devil 56k es MDMTDEV1.INF Star Micronics Wintype 4000 WIn 95,98 Pacific Rim External (Parallel Port) Disk Drive pr.zip Crystal Semiconductors CS 4235, 4236B, 4237B, 4238B, 4239 iusw301r.zip Puretek Found all Trident Microsystems 9440 Trident 9440 PCI Aceex DM-56V14 dm56v14.zip NEC cdr-602 Neccdr.exe Genesys Logic Genesys Logic Genesys Logic.zip Qualstar model 1052 9track.zip US Robotics 2976 2976.exe Sanyo sanyo.zip Toshiba IDE-CD-Rom Driver. Supports DRIVER Primax Primax Colorado Direct p30_sw98.exe Genius (KYE) Flight 2000, Powerstation, Maxfire G07, Gamehunter G06 Win.95/98 drivers Panasonic (Matsushita gp-kr521/g Unknown NEC nec-cd dos-win311.zip Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5P sj166.exe SoundBlaster Stanford.htm Hitachi 6550 cdr-6550 Olivetti Lexikon PG604W+ Interact sv243.exe Memorex 402e Unknown sdfa dsa Rockwell Nt4r3.exe Sony Electronics DSC-F505 Sony DSC-F505_win98_usb.exe Jaton WinComm V90 wc1029w9.exe Sony Electronics atapi 24x mscdex.exe 3Com 802974-81 2974-81.zip ESS Technologies ES2898S chipset Ess2898s95.zip ESS Technologies ESS2898S chipset Ess2898s98.zip ESS Technologies ESS 2898/2818 chipset Ess2818xNT.zip ESS Technologies ESS 2898/2819 chipset Ess2819xNT.zip Davicom fbv1433vqh-u Magitronic 600 Series opti.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-572-B 58x_95.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-572-B 58x_dos.exe S3 Sonic Vibes w9510108.zip Labway 151-A00 Yamaha719.exe Logitech extreme digital J STICK Lws_scfg.exe Logitech INTEL I740-8MB G CARD 740_PV1_5_Win9x.zip Kodak diconix 150 plus dd0034.exe Rockwell R6749-21 Mdmmod.inf Compex ENET 16CT ENet16series.zip NeoMagic Neomagic 128XD P7KVIDNT.EXE S3 S3 Inc.SETUP.INF Synaptics Synaptics Konica KL 3015 kl3015.zip ESS Technologies Mstr401.drv Compaq 3com.zip Momitsu CD MP 523 cdmp523.exe Momitsu cdmp523.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) pan_585.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) cr572b.zip Diamond Multimedia Viper 550 w9xv5555.exe skywell skywell magic3d2.zip skywell skywell magic3dacc.zip US Robotics Sportster 0481 (ISA OEM) greyhoundv90.exe skywell skywell magic3dacc.zip ESS Technologies ES 1869 18691317.zip ESS Technologies ES 1869 1869w31.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXL-D740 740setup.exe Sharp Electronics JX-9200 jx9200.zip S3 368 (3D / 2X) s3trio3d2x.zip US Robotics 0481 38269700fixed.zip US Robotics winm144.exe Puretek Rockwell.zip Creative Labs Savage 4 Sony Electronics Sony Spressa External USB CDRW Shtleusb.inf Supra sup_infs.exe SoundPro Cmmpu401.drv SoundPro Cmmpu401.drv nVIDIA TNT, TNT2, ULTRA linuxfaq.htm Unknown Unknown S32evnt1.dll Unknown Unknown S32evnt1.dll Matrox Graphics G400 AND G200 w2k500.exe Compaq Compaq Pressario 2256/Lucent Win Modem modem565.exe Samtron 75e St75e.icm Newcom Newclear 128 Voice 3D SC128drv.zip NE2000 NE2000E NE2000E.ZIP Soyo Computer CTBIOS.ZIP Newcom Newclear 128 Voice 3D PCI SC128drv.zip Newcom Newclear 128 Voice 3D PCI SC128drv.zip Memorex CRW-1622 flsh1622.exe Microsoft Windows95 deutsch Y2K Patch deutsch HSP riser HSP 56 HSP 56 S3 S3 Vision 864 s3v864~95.ZIP Aztech Labs MD6802-U 6802U.ZIP Aztech Labs MD6802-U 6802U.ZIP SiS Corporation SiS5571 side213.exe Domex 436e,436p,dmx3181LE domex436x.zip Advance Logic Research (ALR) ALS100+ als100+(95).exe ESS Technologies es1948f m1-95.zip Davicom 9102 DM9102.exe Olivetti Personal Computers JP170 Colour Hercules thriller V2000.inf Phillips A-113 A114.exe Compaq A-113 A114.exe ATI w2k-356.zip Viewpoint all viewpt102.exe Interact pc power pad pro sv-234 Powpad.exe S3 365 s3trio3d.zip PC Chips Various Various Audio Excel DSP 16 SC6000.ZIP SoundBlaster Cmrack.exe Audio Excel Audio Excel DSP 16 SC6000.ZIP Mouse Systems Mouse Systems fsi-21.exe Acer 310P mira304h Audio Excel Audio Excel DSP 16 sc6000.zip Diamond Multimedia Sanyo CDR-H94A Atlas Peripherals 56KifxE 56KifxE.zip Yamaha opl3 sa opl3sax.drv SIC Resource Oemsetup.inf TORAY ? TORAY ? PD_OS2.ZIP Hauppage Computer Works Radio32.exe Spea mip2030.exe Spea mip2030.exe LiteOn Technology ltn 301 LiteOn Technology ltn 301 Spea bios552s.rom Spea s3vbe311.zip Lexmark z11 cJ3911LE.exe Dexxa dexxa256.zip AVT Industrial MediaGX AVT Industrial MediaGX (all) MedixGX.zip Packard Bell Fmrad_pb.exe Tandy pcsound.exe NEC SK-1300 nec_sk_1300.zip ATI Rage Pro video cards w82560en.exe ATI Rage Pro video cards w8pl52en.exe Wild things/TOPMAX Wild things/TOPMAX TOPMAX8.vxd wild things/TOPMAX wild things/TOPMAX TOPMAX8.vxd wildthings/TOPMAX wildthings/TOPMAX TOPMAX8.vxd Interact sv241 Unknown stealth 2500 IBM Modem Master Winmodem.exe Trident Microsystems 8400 pci/agp (v6.50.5480) Trid8400.zip Sony Electronics PRD 650 mac_prd20.sit Viewpoint A,B,C ranges VIEWPT102.EXE QMS QMS 2001P (and others). 2001_w95.exe Cirrus Logic CL-GD7548 SP6853.exe Creative Labs GLIDE101.EXE 1.13MB gld101.exe S3 3DSetup.exe Aztech Labs aztech.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 1000C Professional Series 1000c.zip Integraphics System 1680 IGS1680_Driver.zip Motorola Modems.ibx Motorola Modems.ibx Motorola Modems.ibx Matsonic MS-5210 55650410.exe Motorola Modems.ibx UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) Um9008.sys UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) Um9008.sys Creative Labs SB-64 sb64.exe Cmedia (CMI) AverMedia AVTV98.exe Cirrus Logic CL 546x PCI Sharp Electronics UX2200 Sharp MultiFunction Lucent Technologies lt winmodem Lucent Technologies lt winmodem Davicom Davicom 336P Internal FAXModem (Voice) 336de.inf.exe Siig IO 1839 cb20xpc.exe Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 2000 Pro 3dp95069.exe PC Tel 33.600 modem driver for MMX Proccesors. MMX.zip Sanyo VPC-G200 PC Chips TXPro Bios Microsoft win98 cd-rom.zip Hitachi All Hitachi Monitors hitachi drivers.inf Epson Color 600 Sc6112e.exe Phoebe Micro v1456vqe-r v90-blr2.exe SiS Corporation 326win98.exe Techmedia cdd7120.ZIP Techmedia cdd-7120 cdd7120.ZIP Linksys 00e098710894 np10t.zip Plustek Setup.exe Unknown rlvdl56dpf/sp Iomega Easy800 tape521.zip Trust Computer Early Trust or Mustek Flatbeds trust.zip ATI Dsetup.exe Kodak DC20 dd0234.exe ScanTak scanner 3c spot_w95.exe Microsoft Get QuickTime Pro.mov Intel AUDIO DRIVERS FOR AL440LX.zip Thundermax (Thunderlink) V1433VQH-X ti.inf ESS Technologies essfmv ESS Technologies essfmv ESS Technologies essfmv Yamaha OPL3 SA3 95v2343.exe Cirrus Logic 5436 3Com Sporster V90 56K External USR56K_V90ext.inf Trident Microsystems Trident DŽimage 3D TridImage_w98-9x5.exe Wangtek 51000 (maybe more) Arcada Backup.exe Micro Innovations 4DScroll.zip Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-U240-Z Tricd.sys Data Technology (DTC) dtc 3181/dtc3151x driversscan1.zip Gateway 6000639 telepath-x2.zip