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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Houston Instruments DMP-52 hi_dmp52.zip Visual Sensations Visual Sensations KDSVS5e.zip D Link Systems DFE-530TX PCI df530.zip Visual Sensations Visual Sensations KDSVS7e.zip Visual Sensations Visual Sensations KDSVS9e.zip Visual Sensatiosn Visual Sensatiosn vs-19.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations VS-195.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations Vs-19sn.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations vs-21.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations vs-4.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations vs-4d.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations vs-5.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations vs-55.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations vs-7.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations vs-9.exe Visual Sensations Visual Sensations VSF.exe OPTi OPTi Davicom 3c359b1x.exe Davicom atapi_cd(1).exe ESS Technologies ES1688F 1688w95.zip 3DFX Voodoo2_NT5.zip Aiwa GD-8000, GD-E8000 aiwadat.sys ESS Technologies es56i Ecs56k-1.zip Aiwa GD-8000, GD-E8000 aiwadds2.exe Texas Instruments PCI1130-PCI1450 Cardbus Trident Microsystems 95-9680 W95-9680.exe Canon LBP-460 canonlbp460.zip GVC F-1156HV/T5 g5(1).exe ExpertColor Multimedia MED 3931 MED3931.ZIP Plasmon Data CDR480 50x_dos.exe ESS Technologies ESS Solo 1 40521.zip Symbios Logic Hphone.txt Acer AD1816 Compaq Compaq SK 2800 SP11536.exe Trident Microsystems 9660 w98-968x.exe Trident Microsystems all Davicom davicom 366 pnp Rockwell msimn.exe HSP 0BE76EA7 HSP56 AUDIOMODEM RISER.log Maestro sc970 Sc970.arj SoundBlaster Sblive.ico Creative Labs mk4211 nero.exe ALI ALI AGP Driver ver1.65 agp165e.exe Primax SiS Corporation 6215 DDSIS.DLL NeoMagic 128XD SiS Corporation Sis6326m.drv SiS Corporation Sis6326m.drv SiS Corporation Sis6326m.drv SiS Corporation Sis6326m.inf SiS Corporation Sis6326m.vxd Rockwell RCVDL56ACFW/SP R6761-22 R6761-22.zip Chieftain Technology Corp OPTi 931w95.exe Digital Equipment MD30C 3DFX Visioneer Communications OneTouch1.zip Visioneer Communications OneTouch1.zip Visioneer Communications One Touch2.zip Visioneer Communications One Touch3.zip Rockwell Rockwell 33.6 DPF Vmm32.vxd Cirrus Logic New Text Document.txt Motorola Future Domain (Adaptec) Piomode.exe Brother MFC6550MC mfc6550mc.ZIP PC Tel Hsp56kAudioModem Riser Hsp56modem.zip Matrox Graphics mga-g100a g100 Rockwell rlvdl56dpf v90pci_w9x.zip NeoMagic Magic Graph 128xd Neo128xd.zip Onspeed hsp56 hsp56 Onspeed hsp56 hsp56 Onspeed hsp56 hsp56 Newcom MDM-NC33600IFX disk1.zip Orchid Technology SoundWave 32 (version 1.4) !sw32.exe Cyrix Corporation IT-586GXm-V.zip Toshiba XM-6102B XM-6102B.zip Cmedia Cmedia CM18330 CM18330 NeoMagic MagicGraph128XD neomagic128xd.ZIP Toshiba XM-6102B XM-6102B.zip US Robotics Sportster Voice US Robotics Sportster Voice Rockwell Rok_wav1.inf Osborne MAG15DLS mag_inf.zip Relisys VM3572 Easy3.exe Epson color 640 Epiife3o.inf US Robotics winm336.exe Epson 640 Setup.exe Canon Cannon Bjc 4550 Bjsv396.exe Creative Labs sdlsubsc.htm Phillips Philips CDD 2600 Okidata 810 810win31.exe Cirrus Logic 5446pci.ZIP Aopen pm62w9x.exe Trident Microsystems sgiul98.drv Cmedia (CMI) 8329/8329a PCTel PCTel V90_K56.zip Avec (Relisys) II E3 361n116.exe Hsing Tech Enterprise Co M1531/43 5750402s.zip MediaSurf MediaSurf 56kifxE/ES56-1 pupsell.zip Hercules terminator beast Tbstw099.exe 3DFX v33416 Setup.exe 3DFX any Setup.exe ASUS ASUS 40x asus_40x.zip Primax PE590.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) deskjet dj200 Data Technology (DTC) DTC 3510A/3520A 35x0ados.exe Lucent Technologies modem554.exe ExpertColor Multimedia DSV2302P 2302.EXE Cirrus Logic 5446 cirruslog.ZIP Memorex Scroll.exe Plustek Plustek 4830 plustek4830.exe Pioneer USA atapi307.exe Allied Telesyn AT2500TXv2 250055.exe Hitachi hitide.exe Leadtek Research WinFast S400 400W95.ZIP Enhanced Modems Enhanced Modems Internal/External V34 Modem Enhanc.inf Pioneer USA 607020? ZIP.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) hprst103.exe Sierra Modems SQ-3485 fm336se.exe Sierra Modems SQ-3485 fm336se.exe Unknown Motorola 62099-51 Memorex MemorexCD3640DRV.exe Analog Devices AD1845JP 9604 W95v1_4.zip Sony Electronics hpprsclt.exe AST AST Premmia 4/50d Model 173W 05508313.exe Phillips cdd 522 comp disc recorder Cdr4vsd.vxd Easyphoto ImageWave SF-600E imgwave.exe Optrox photomaker 3e Msetup.exe Avance Logic ALS 100 ALS100.zip ATI MACH64 64w95303.exe Primax 980181106 primax drv d600.ZIP IO Magic dr-sk803 iomega.zip IBM mdsp 2780 33-56K Creative Labs voodoo2.zip ESS Technologies ESS1868 ess1868d.zip Rockwell 56K Flex rockv4.exe OPTi 82C931 optI 82C931 Sony Electronics cdu33A-01 173A.EXE Microsoft All Microsoft Mouse Models Intel22D.ZIP Intel 740-854 i740agp.exe AOC Ones you probably won't find on their web site! Aoc.inf Toshiba ertwertwert nareadme.htm Samsung SL600G Sl600g.zip Toshiba cd32.exe Hercules Thriller3D Thriller3DDrvr_and_BiosUpdte.zip Cyberdrive Cyberdrive 24X.zip Creative Labs PC Chips 128 5300916S.BIN Radio Shack 8 Button Radio Shack 8 Button 8 button Game Pad 8bgamepad.zip NEC Cdrom NEC.zip PC Chips HT 8338 PCI Sound Pro Diamond Technologies Diamond sound card (DOS).zip Shuttle Computer 125 kb 637AWIQ7.ZIP SoundBlaster Sound Blaster 16 Frontier.zip BTC 739 BTC 739 cdrom drive.zip PC Chips 0506S.ZIP Adaptec 1.34.3 AHA2940U_UW.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 820 Cxi HP 820 Cxi.zip Microsoft Swgame30.exe Microsoft Swgame30.exe Iomega Ppa3.mpd ASUS 1.05-1 T25I0105.AWD Trident Microsystems 9440 AGI Trident 9440.zip Giga Byte Technology 4AM1107.BIN Adaptec Wnaspi32.dll Adaptec 1.34.3 AHA2940AU.zip Diamond Multimedia several Viper Pro Trident Microsystems 975x Trident 3D-975.zip Diamond Multimedia several video drivers LongShine D8038TX-R 2.2 LCD-8038TX.zip Diamond Multimedia several video drivers Diamond Multimedia Avance Logic ALS 100+/120 AVC120.zip Wisecom ws-2814iv4 Diamond Multimedia Trident Microsystems TVGA 9440AGi Unknown S3 3.42.02 S3VirgeDX.zip Diamond Multimedia GLV33128.EXE Hewlett Packard (HP) DESKJET 500 SERIES dj100en.exe S3 2.11.03 S3Trio64.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) DESKJET 500 SERIES dj125en.exe Interact interactV4forcefeedbackDrv.zip S3 3.26.28 S3Trio3D_2.zip Cirrus Logic 1.70a GD5465NT4.zip S3 3.23.09 S3VirgeGX2.zip S3 3.42.02 S3VirgeDX.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet IIc Scanjet Software Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet IIc Scanjet Software ATI 300 series or Model 318 ati30095.zip PC Tel PCTel.ZIP Lucent Technologies Lucent.ZIP Zoltrix FM-HSP56PCI Spot Technology DTS-3060 3060.zip Compaq 336 56K-upgradeable 56upg.exe Premio 5571ide.exe PC Tel Mdmchipv.inf PC Tel AudioModem Riser riser.zip PC Tel AudioModem Riser riser.zip PC Tel AudioModem Riser riser.zip Davicom msimn.exe Phoebe Micro V1456VQH-R5 56-2mra.exe ESS Technologies ess1868.ZIP Philips Consumer Electronics CDR win95mpd.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CDR dosdrvr.exe Hayes Microcomputer 5242 acc2887x.exe Relisys RE1438,RE1450 & RE9516 Relisys1.inf Relisys RE1438,RE1450 & RE9516 Relisys1.inf TallGrass Technologies TallGrass Technologies TG-1140.ZIP S3 S3 Virge DX W9531201.zip Legend Legend 64Mi 64w95001.exe Motorola SM56DFV / SM56PCi Sm56pci.zip Unknown Unknown Null.inf Logitech 3 Button Mouse/TrackMarble Mouse7_0.zip Digital Research DRSCAN30HREPP drscn30h.exe Okidata Page 12i Dwexe.exe Yamaha Ymf724.zip AIMS Lab VideoHighWay TV vhtv1_01.exe Acer aln-101 a101v22.zip Dysan cr-622 Techsupt.wri Puretek Web Excel V33600 Wavrss.inf BTC FB 1898 1898.zip Matsushita (Matshita TVM AS6S TVM_AS6S.zip Cyberdrive Artec AM12E Plus Artec AM12E Plus Xerox XeroxDocuPrintP8e-Win95-98.zip Xerox XeroxDocuPrintP8e-NT40.zip Genius (KYE) maxfire g08 Xerox XeroxDocuPrintP8e-RCP-SM.zip Xerox XeroxDocuPrintP8e-FontManager.zip US Robotics WINMODEM.INF Bleem Bleem bleem!.exe PC Chips 5501117s.ami US Robotics WINMODEM.INF Hercules t4208sd S3 TRIO3D 2D/3D Mag Innovision DTS-3050 JTEC JTEC JE3000 je3000_v1_0.exe Rockwell 56K ISA internal v4intdrv.exe Rockwell 56K ISA Internal v4intdrv.exe Computer Peripherals International VIVA 56LC 56CW510.exe Motorola Setup.exe Motorola SM 56 Modem Setup.exe Toshiba XM-5702B Toshv214.sys SiS Corporation 5597 sis5597 Hercules Dynamite TNT/TNT2/Ultra dtntw208e.exe Rockwell Comm.drv Newcom 56ifx(c) and others 56ifx-c.zip Newcom 56K ISA "C" series 56k-ISA.zip Newcom 56efx external "C" versions 56k-ext.zip Ishikawa 24x ish24x.zip Optrox photomaker` nareadme.htm Olivetti Lexikon olivetti jp360.zip Optrox photomaker e6` nareadme.htm Osprey yh7s50 Aztech Labs SC16-3D(W) Sc163dw.ZIP Elitegroup Computer Systems SI55p AIO v1.0 si55p17b.exe Micro Solutions Backpack 8000t aspi_dos.exe Micro Solutions Backpack 8000t aspi_dos.exe Trust Multimedia Trust Multimedia Sound Expert De Luxe (SC100S) sc100s.zip ESS Technologies 1788f 1788w95.zip LiteOn Technology litondriver.zip Lucent Technologies WinModem Ver 5.65 Boca Research M56HI Boca -Rockwell chip Rockwell M56HI m56hi.zip ATI ATI dvd player 3.1 up320.zip Phillips CM205 cm_205.exe ATI ATI dvd player 3.1 a310nodxm.zip Storm Technology Total Scan Totlscan.exe Trident Microsystems 9850 trident.zip Trident Microsystems 9850 trident.zip Trident Microsystems 9680, 9682 trident968x.zip Oak Technology oti-910 Creative Labs DXR2_RC2.ZIP Davicom 33.6 K Modem Dav336v1.inf Creative Labs DXR2_RC2.ZIP Chinon es3000setup.exe 3D Labs 3d blaster-banshee 3DBB9XUP.EXE 3D Labs 3d blaster-banshee 3DBB9XUP.EXE Thrustmaster flcs-ccc.exe Chinon Es3000.zip PC Chips m571 Wacom Technology Artz11 Wacom-ARTZ11.zip Acer 53.00037.051 Setup.exe Compaq cds524 SP1704.exe Iomega Ditto 2000 ditto98.exe Creative Labs CT4810 vibra_128_complete.zip Creative Labs CT4810 vibra_128_complete.zip Creative Labs CT4810 vibra_128_complete.zip GVC SF-1156HV-T5 g5(1).exe Samsung samsung.zip CTX Ptsnoop.exe UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) UMC 9008 Umc9008.zip Epson Escp2e.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) deskjet 670c dj259fr.exe Atrend art8192.doc Giga Byte Technology i440LX and i440EX chipsets 440lx-ex.zip Atrend art8192.doc C Media c30ntpnp.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) hp3200c Ppscan.vxd Atrend art8192.doc Sharp Electronics Sharp JX 9200 Mitsubishi Electronics LS-120 ls120.zip Toshiba XM-6102B, XM-6202B idecd.zip Toshiba XM-6201B scsicd.zip Toshiba SD-M1102 sd-m1102.zip Epson Stylus Color 740 nVIDIA TNT2/Vanta Detonator353W9X.exe Mitsubishi Electronics all plug and play mitsubishi.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) sj168en.exe Computer Peripherals International cpi_wav 33.6 Speakerphone.zip Logitech T-AA1-4MD mk20.hqx SiS Corporation sis530v.zip Compaq cpqpcmcia.ZIP Rockwell softk56 Readme Mitsumi Electronics fxidemanual.pdf Hayes Microcomputer Products Optima 288 V.34+FAX for PCMCIA with EZjack optima.ZIP Microsoft 4.10.1998 msnp32.dll Optrox PHOTOMAKER E6 nareadme.htm Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5100c sj263en.exe NCR 406A_NT.zip Genius (KYE) Flight 2000 (f-21) 3Com US Robotics 56K Voice Win DFV Robotics.zip Symbios Logic win9598.zip Symbios Logic win9598.zip Symbios Logic win9598.zip 3Com Us Robotic flash Mdm3cmvo.inf US Robotics XJ1336 US Robotics.zip CTX sak300d nvidia riva 128zx 3Com 3c562d / 3c563d EtherDisk DTC DTC DTC436E dtc318x.exe 3Com 3c589,3c59x,3c5x9,3c79x,3c90x,3celpc,3ctoken,elpc5 velocity tokenring.zip 3Com Etherlink III III ISA.zip IBM 13h7334 HAWin95.zip NeoMagic MagicGraph128XD.exe Olivetti Personal Computers echosPxxx.zip Diamond Multimedia Stv2500.inf 3DFX Voodoo 3 v3w9x-figs-oem.exe Hewlett Packard ScanJet 4100c/5200 sj435en.exe Imagic imagic.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 4100c/5200 sj404en.exe Newcom 56efx (c) 56efx.html Datalux LMV10 - S12 - LMX12 - X14 MONITOR_INF.ZIP Acer American Megatrends m747 Goldstar GCD-R580B GSCDROM.SYS NEC multispin 3x cd reader Cnec_ls2.sys ESS Technologies ess2820 es2820.zip Toshiba all Toshiba CD Rom Drives Samtron SC-428TX sc428tx.zip Thrustmaster Tm.ico Spea Spea 7 Vega Plus nt40b2.exe IBM 13H7334 etccha.zip ASUS NVidia ASUS V3000 (PCI-RIVA128).ZIP Newcom 56keifxc-inf.exe IBM 13H7334 hawin95.zip US Robotics 3014a 3014a.exe CommWave v90_hsp_755.exe CommWave cw336hsppnp_v41.exe ATI All-n-Wonder Pro w82560en.exe Interact SV-2010 web.remote SV2010W95.zip Proview International (EMC) proviewpnp.exe Proview International (EMC) proviewpnp.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) multiple Panasonic.zip Diamond Multimedia gtw95268(1).exe Elsa ERAZOR II w/3d glass support Era2_w9x.exe Diamond Multimedia Stealth Video 2500 w95s25_3.exe Diamond Multimedia stingray 128/3d series(v1.33.2072) s128w133.exe Iomega zip 100 ioware9xdrv.exe Newcom 33.6 ISA PNP Internal mdmnc3dc.inf PC Speaker speak.exe Pinnacle Micro tvt0001.exe D Link Systems MSIMN.EXE Yuden Yuden EW-50 Tyuden.zip US Robotics Sportster Model 0467 IBM_Sportster_0467.zip Pace Communications video_up.exe Samsung scr 1231 Hewlett Packard 4200C 4200c.zip ATI Setup.exe Apple Computer APPLE(MULTI) applemon.zip GVC F-1156IV/A2 LT555.ZIP AST Bravo MS/LC 05589032.exe Goldstar All swlgmnt.exe Genius (KYE) FLIGHT 2000 (F20, F21, F22) NEC cdr-260 NEC260.zip Newcom 56kifxspc 56kifc.zip Magitronic a-fax336-i-v Install.exe PC Tel HSP56 AUDIOMODEM RISER hspaudio.zip Aeton Technology Inc. Aeton Technology Inc. isa-driver.zip Watchtv Watchtv Install.exe Unknown Unknown mouse.ZIP Reveal reveal cdr-272 drivers.zip Reveal reveal cdr-272 drivers.zip Creative Labs pci 512 e512w9xu SoundPro CMI8330 W98drv.zip Music Quest MQX 32 M mqx.exe Polaroid 640 / 300 Polaroid300.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-588 CR-588.zip Unknown SMC (Standard Microsystems) 8013EWC ether.exe NE2000 ne2000 dos.zip Archive sc402/499 qic02_11.zip E-TECH E-TECH pc336rvp e336rvp CyberPro CyberPro Cyber Pro 2000 w95-208.zip Chips and Technologies chips95.vxd,and more chips.zip Rockwell MODEL GVC Toshiba ta12x and install program ta12xcd.zip SiS Corporation faxobj.txt Rockwell Rockwell HCF 56K Data Fax PCI Modem DRIVERS.zip Rockwell Rockwell HCF 56K Data Fax PCI Modem DRIVERS.zip QDI (Speed P51430VX/250DM Explorer II BIOS V3.5S VX2_v35s.zip Motorola 62412-51 Rasinf.exe Motorola 62412-51 Rasinf.exe Yamaha YMF724chipset ymf724.zip Anchor Electronics Company MJ009R06 924w95dx.zip HSP HSP56 Audiomodem Riser hspaudio.zip Primax SESPI.SYS HSP PC-tel Inc HSP audiomodem Riser hspaudio.zip Takaya CD-812 or DFC6910C(-D18)2 tak12ide.ZIP LiteOn Technology liteon.inf ESS Technologies es 1868 Esssetup.exe ESS Technologies Esssetup.exe Proview International (EMC) folder.htt Gallant SC-6600 gallant6600.zip ESS Technologies Es1868.drv IMES ICD-600/AT ESS Technologies Es1868.vxd ESS Technologies Esfm.drv ESS Technologies Essfm.drv ESS Technologies Essmpu.drv ESS Technologies Oemsetup.inf Yamaha DS-1 Drivers (for YMF724) 95v1026.exe Compaq jl900 lj900_95.zip Yamaha OPL3-Sax Sound Board.ZIP Microsoft Visual Basic Ver 6 msvbvm60.dll Compaq lj900 lj900nt4.zip Allied Telesyn AT1500BT 150022a.exe Rendition Verite.inf Lexmark WinWriter200 WinWriter200.zip IBM 32G3100 ibm.zip Unknown Unknown Cyb210.exe Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! emu10k1-19991125.tar.gz AT Road Runner 1994 / Media Magic 9411 NCR Road Runner 1994 / Media Magic 9411 Crystal Semiconductors b95us250.zip Rockwell Turbovbf.vxd Rockwell Turbovcd.vxd Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro swndr20.exe Brooktree bt 848 capture driver msimn.exe OPTi 931w95.zip OPTi 931w95.zip GVC SF1156V+/R19,SF1156V/R19 gvc 56.6.rar GVC gvc 33.6.rar Advance Logic Research (ALR) DSP2302P ALG2302A