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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    (Matshita Panasonic) sr-8583b Mscdrom.inf Rose Multimedia World Rose Multimedia World Rose Mpeg Driver.ZIP Cyberdrive Cyberdri.zip Cyberdrive 240D Cyberdri.zip Aztech Labs cda268-031se Trident Microsystems trident97503d.EXE Hewlett Packard (HP) HP A4033A hpa4033a.inf Megahertz XJ1144 XJ1144.exe Raven PR 9101 Panasonic KX-P1180 ATI nt4.zip Raven PR 9101 Panasonic KX-P1180 Lucky Star Technology 2a59glifc-00 51vx1c.zip Epson Sc6445ce.exe Cirrus Logic 7556.zip Aztech Labs MD6802-U {4029} MD6802-U{AZT 4029} v1.0.01.exe SoundPro HT1869V+FC0099806PCI Cisco Systems cisco 20x isdn line adapter cisco20x.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) hpisadrv.zip PC Tel GC366PCt pctel 2.16.exe Houston Instruments HI JetPro Series Model V50 Don't known Houston Instruments HPGLTAB.WDV Yamaha OPL3 SAx 95v2343.exe Puretek PT-3011 (any Pt-xx11 modem) 3011.zip Yamaha Xwave300WinNt4.0.zip Grey Cell Systems series 4000 PCMCIA Mdmgcs4.inf Grey Cell Systems series 4000 PCMCIA Mdmgcs4.inf Grey Cell Systems series 6000 PCMCIA Mdmgcs6.inf Grey Cell Systems Mdmgcs4.inf Grey Cell Systems series 6000 PCMCIA Mdmgcs6.inf Adaptec aha-1510 family ezscsiaha151x.exe Adaptec AVA-1505AE ezscsiava1505ae.exe D-Zone D-Zone 626 D-zone driver.zip Diamond Multimedia 95_max_154.exe Rockwell hcf 56k fax/voice/modem Rockwell.zip Connectix VC-vidcam quickcamvc.exe CH Products F16-CS.exe QMS PS 410 2_50_03.exe QMS PS 410 2_50_03.exe Addonics Technologies OPL3SAX opl3sax_nt.zip Info Products FB-OMP Setup.exe Addonics Technologies addocnics.zip WiseLand (MicroWise) WiseLand (MicroWise) MP6552PP MP6552PP.zip Canon BJC 80 Bjsv396.exe AOC Philips Consumer Electronics cdd3801 OEM CDD3801flash.zip Diamond Technologies Stealth 2500 Stv2500.inf SiS Corporation sis 597 Sis597.inf Rockwell Rockwell soft 56k.zip New Media Corporation 400-0026-000 New Media LiveWire 10-100 Ver 1.0.zip Diamond Multimedia ? DiamondSoundLiteVer1_1.zip Various Various 56k and others 3Com 56kVoiceNT4.0 wmodem56k_2.zip Sony Electronics SDT-9000 SDT9000.zip 3Com 661750 wmodem56k_1.zip Flexus Iexplore.exe Packard Bell pbmon.exe OPTi OPTI drivers.zip 3Com 661750 1750nt.zip Storm Technology _setup.dll OPTi OPTI931.zip 3Com 661750 upgradec.exe Symantec Symantec S32stat.dll Microsoft Intellimouse ver 2.2.zip ExpertColor Multimedia ca2212 Video Excel (Audio Excel) Video Excel (Audio Excel) AG240 740v312w9x.EXE ValueStor Mobile CD and Mobile Disk see comments Yamaha OPL3-SAx WDM yaoplsax.zip US Sertek Inc US Sertek Inc CD-936 acdrom02.zip Spot Technology Scan Tak 2c Setup.exe Digital Vision CE/RT 1.0 ComputerEyes.sit Houston Instruments DMP-60 CNetUSA 5614ch CN5614CHv3.exe Cirrus Logic Spirit Modems BT848 tvt.zip Spirit Modems BT848 tvt.zip Macronix mx86200 200w95.zip US Robotics all modem ALL US-ROBOTICS.zip Davicom Microsoft IntelliMouse3_0.zip Accton en1208 EtherPCI Install.sit Cirrus Logic 542x Rockwell ws-5614pm3g SiS Corporation 326win98.exe sis sis sis6326 326Winnt.exe Aztech Labs AZT2320 Ricoh MP 7060A NRW15PWA.EXE Hewlett Packard (HP) T1000e ColoradoT1000e.zip AIMS Lab Rtrack95.zip Boca Research FDV34SVD 33.6 Kbps Modem FDV34SVD.ZIP AIMS Lab Rtrack95.zip ESS Technologies Es1968_95.zip ESS Technologies Es1968_NT.zip Panasonic (Matsushita AL-TA10U truphoto.zip Reveal XP6781F 929wnt.exe Reveal XP6781F 929w95.exe Reveal XP6781F 929d_w.exe Sierra Modems Sierra Modems Sierra Modems Sierra Modems Microsoft Mfc42.dll US Robotics U.S. Robotics PCI 56K FAX Voice Winmodem usrwin56k.zip 3Com 3C905B-TX-NM 3c905b.zip 3Com 3C905B-TX-NM 3c905b.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) kxp-2624 Win31dmp.exe Accord Accord d56tsn-co1 MdmTi.inf 3Com 3CCFE574BT fe574bx.exe Modem Master MM6000 win95.exe nVIDIA Ver 3.56 W9x-356.zip Tatung Tatungcd.sys Rockwell ACF II rkacf2.zip Award LS-P54CE Commodore 7345450967 Command.com Irama Irama cant find iramacd.zip Epson lx300 Printers.txt Connectix color qcam Qccolor.drv Real 3D StarFighter AGP XBF-i740-glibc-1_0_0-1_i386.rpm Aopen FM56-ITU/2 AOpenAOP_WIN.INF Epson 740 color Setup32.dll Creative Labs x-gamer Es1688.vxd Creative Labs CT6760 3D Blaster BANSHEE Unknown ES2820S Gateway telepath 28.8 moddsx008aaus mod003ac.exe Siig Ultra ATA/66 PCI ultra66-nt.exe ATI AGP 3d RAGE PRo N40118en.exe Trident Microsystems 9400/9420/9440 uc95_10.zip Advance Logic als100 Hewlett Packard (HP) dj125en.exe Brooktree 878tv 878tv Hewlett Packard (HP) 500c dj125en.exe Microsoft mnsp32.dll AOLSETUP.EXE Unknown RLVDL56DPF/sp Connectix ColorQuickCAM.zip Microsoft Sidewinder 3d Pro sw3dpro.vxd CIS Technology P220 Cyberdrive 240d driver name Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) sr8582 Mci.vbx Texas Instruments microMarc COLOR Wdctrl.386 Interex, Inc. Interex, Inc. USB-SM CIS Technology FB WS-5614PVD 5614PVDG_W95B_53101.zip Tekram Technologies DC390U2B, DC390U, DC390F, DC390W DC390UFB.ZIP Seiko Smart Label Printer - Pro,Plus,100,120,200,220, EZ30, Smart Business Card Reader Hewlett Packard 1100 hp1100.ZIP Rockwell hcf 56k data fax pci Drivers.html Procomp PM-S212 95pms212.zip Megahertz XJ1288 xj1288.exe Megahertz XJ1288 xj1288.exe Megahertz XJ1288 Jaton Communicator 56K Sceptre Technologies All sceptre.exe Intel ML 430HX 10008db0.exe Cirrus Logic GD542X RealMagic Hwp1_8w1.zip Matrox Graphics g400 4.21 CIS Technology M1-5614PM3 hcfrock.exe Phoebe Micro infunist.exe US Robotics 56k winint Winmodem.inf LiteOn Technology SK-6000 touchpad.zip Yamaha opl3sa 3Com all-usrobotic cdroom-all-usroboti SiS Corporation 6326 Epson Epson LQ 1170 OR Technology LS-120 Ls-120.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) DJ660C Dj6609x.exe Bravo (Haydn) Bravo Sound 16P Bravodrv.ZIP Sony Electronics CDU611-24X atapi227.exe Funai F91xv340.sys Star Micronics NX2430 STAR24E.DRV Microtek Lab ScanWizard 3.0.7 PPC Artist Graphics Artist Graphics 2000 5176_202.exe Plustek PRNDRV32.DLL Auslinx Modems ABC 56K CC-External abc56ed.zip San Li 586V-PLUS REV. 1.0 586vp-b1.bin Unknown M56HI Surecom SP-312 ep312.exe Motorola phanta sm56 pci sm56_pci.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-562 56x_dos.exe Mitsumi Electronics All fx series ide158.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) 563 56x_dos.exe Aztech Labs 3858 Series disk5135.exe Motorola SM56 PCI 3DFX FusionNT5.zip Techmedia Cdd6100.exe LaserMaster Wp200.exe Blitz n' Software Blitz n' Software Cyborg95.zip Blitz n' Software Blitz n' Software CyborgNT.zip Phillips ide Cdatapi.sys Oak Technology OTI D011v200.sys Cardexpert Technology cd4834e Cardexpert Technology cd4834e Acer 98% of IDE Drives Cdrom.sys OPTi opti.zip Acer Cdrom.sys Pragmatic Lectron.inf Pragmatic 38k External Modem Lectron.inf Tekram Technology dc390 WINNT.zip Tekram Technology dc390 WINNT.zip Rockwell Mtek_w95.inf Tekram Technology dc390 symbios drivers.zip Tekram Technology dc390 symbios drivers.zip ScanTak 2C scantak.zip Yakumo ESS 1868 WinRAR.zip ESS Technologies 1868 clnsysdr.zip Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Olivetti JP 360 jp36c123.exe Harmony Multimedia All Models harmny56.zip GVC SF-1156HV+/R21(EU) ATI Atiplay.exe GVC SF-1156V+/R19(EU) DRIVER GVC SF-1156V+/R19(EU) DRIVER S3 S3 Virge GX/DX 375 S3virge.inf 3DFX Voodoo Banshee vbw9x-10300-dx7.exe Sierra Online Sierra Online Trantor T348 scsiwks1.exe Award 4.51Pg mcolor Trantor T348 scsiwks1.exe Creative Labs es1371 Creative Labs soundblaster2 Soundblter2.zip Cirrus Logic CirrusLogic 7548 CL7548.exe Abit abitudma66.zip Chieftain Technology ct-f300e AST PCMCIA Lan Adapter 10Base T Part No DRIVER Avatar Shark PCMCIA.zip Avatar Shark PCMCIA.zip Primax storm photo drive Primax storm photo drive ESS Technologies ESS688 with ESS968 es688+ES968.zip Plustek 4831/600 60vd-w95.exe ATI Atibt829.sys Data Technology (DTC) DTC 3181A dtcscsi.exe Ricoh MP7040A NRW140WA Sony Electronics SuperStation sonytape.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 82335-60001 wnh0100.exe Toshiba XM-5702B/T V1.698 taisatap.sys Toshiba XM-5702B/T V1.698 taisatap.sys Davicom FAst PCI 9102 Win32.zip Canon 4400 Canonbjc4400.zip PC Tel _isetup.exe Samsung most M241.zip Motorola 56k Misgmodm.inf Cmedia (CMI) Cfgwiz32.exe Cmedia (CMI) Cfgwiz32.exe Trident Microsystems 9440 Nt40drv.exe Mitsumi Electronics CRMC-FX410A1 KTX Technology (Edge) 17" OSD (CAG-664SG) BRIDGE.INF Creative Labs ES1372 - AudioPCI 64V 1371_9x(-WaveSets).zip 3Com 3C90x-tx 3c90x1x.exe US Robotics VMM32.VXD Davicom fb v1433vqh-u 96-C807231.zip C Media Dear Kelvin.doc Avec (Relisys) AVEC ll S3 Scanner winsetup E Lux Jupiter, poss. others Elux.zip Best Data Products 1442 winrpi95.zip PC Tel 33.6 Sony Electronics CDU-77E SONY_77E.EXE Zoltrix pct217mx.exe Zoltrix pct317.exe Zoltrix Many drivers 3DFX Voodoo Banshee Sony Sony CRX100E crx100e.ZIP Leo Leo.inf ViewMate All Drivers.inf Compaq sp6467.exe Altek ALS100 SVEC FD0490 490v61.zip Generic Generic All Purpose MSCDEX.EXE Creative Labs RAKTIV32.exe Generic Generic All Purpose ATAPI.EXE S3 Trio64V+ wnt20018.zip Oak Technology All Purpose OAKCDROM.SYS Hi Val www_mirabilis_com.html Cyberdrive cd 40x Setup.ins Proview International (EMC) Sa564 RealTek 3106 rt3106.zip 3Com 3C509BCSO 5x9sco.exe NEC CDR-273Z CDR-273Z QMS QMS DeskLaser600 QMSdl600.zip Creative Labs AWE64 WinntAWE64.zip Storm Technology FB308C Imgwave.exe Iomega ioware9xdrv.exe NEC cdr-260 windows.jpg Magitronic Magitronic PCMCIA IC-CARD+.zip Cmedia (CMI) CMI 8330 Cmedia (CMI) CMI 8330 E Lux Venus III ELUX Venus III Driver.zip Canon lbp-460 wps460uk.zip ExpertColor Multimedia DSV3325 - S3 65 Virge dsv3325.zip SyQuest Install.exe Toshiba crystal sound essdisk1.exe Toshiba crystal sound essdisk2.exe Lucent Technologies LT winmodems ltmodem.exe Dell Computer Optiplex E1- ATI Rage Pro Ver5.0 dd0208c.exe Dell Computer Optiplex E1- ATI Rage Pro Ver5.0 dd0208c.exe Sony Electronics CDU77E sonyide.exe Info Products FB13 fb13nt.zip ESS Technologies ESS1868 1868w95.zip Creative Labs 1271201020 Creative DVD rom.zip Belkin Components mouse 3 buttoms Belkin CursorWare mouse.zip Mindpath presentation F/X 4.1 setup.exe Genius (KYE) Genius (KYE) mouse 2000 PC Tel Modem PCtel 33600.zip Zoltrix 33600i V.34 Zoltrix 33.600i.zip Cyberdrive several Cyberdrive IDE-ATAPI interface.zip Genius (KYE) several Genius (KYE) several scanners Intel Intel 82371 xB.zip Intel Intel 82371 xB.zip Compaq Compaq Presario 56K V.90 PCI DFi Modem ModemNT.zip NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV Audio Driver AudioNT.zip NeoMagic MagicGraph256AV MonitorNT.zip SVEC FD1000-TP PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter 1000v20.zip nVIDIA MVGA-NVTNT2MA display drivers SVEC FD100-II Pocket LAN Adapter 100iiv11.zip Intel 740 AGP PV40_9x.zip Okidata OL830 finstall.dll Interact sv241 Interact sv241 Compaq SK 2700 SP9476.EXE GVC RCV56DPF gvc302.zip CalComp 5017 techjet.zip Trident Microsystems TD9440VL uv64-dos.exe nVIDIA Model64 novy01_head.gif Genius (KYE) scan mate 3200 Dpi Twain.exe NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV Audio Driver AudioNT.zip Acer 610S.... mira304.exe Lexmark WinWriter 150c ww150cwe.exe Genius (KYE) maxfire g08.exe AT PC Chips m599lmr Lucent Technologies modem543.exe Aztech Labs azt3000 pnp s3a1.exe Aztech Labs azt3000 pnp` s3a2.exe US Robotics sportster winmodem Crystal Computer crystal 4232 crystal 4232 Crystal Computer crystal 4232 crystal 4232 UMAX Astra 1200S VistaScan 3.51 ESS Technologies ess1868 1868w95.zip NEC 288 nec.exe RealTek RTC8019(AS) oem8019.exe PC Tel HSP56 AUDIOMODEM RISER NT40.exe PC Tel HSP56 AUDIOMODEM RISER Win9x.exe Enhanced Modems Enhanced Modems Internal Enhanced OEM PCVC.zip Adaptec XM-3401B and more XM-3401B_driver.zip Storm Technology 7200-1.0 Startup.exe Storm Technology 7200-1.0 Startup.exe Oak Technology 64111 Win95 Hercules data.1 Trident Microsystems 4DWave-DX 4DWave-DX.zip Epson LQ-510 plus many others ep24.exe Win Technologies VIN-40A PC Tel HPV MicroModem 56 PCtel-56-Drvs.zip PC Tel HSP56 MicroModem Driver.zip Dexxa DSO1 Dex-DS01.zip Dexxa DS01 Graywork.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 7100e hp7100.zip Diamond Multimedia Viper V770 nVIDIA TNT2 Detonator? SiS Corporation 620agp.pci Well SiS Corporation Sis620v.inf SiS Corporation Sis620v.drv SiS Corporation Sis620v.inf SiS Corporation Sis620v.vxd SiS Corporation Sis620.cat SiS Corporation 620agp.pci SiS Corporation Dd620.dll Creative Labs PCI 128 Eapci95.drv Towitoko Towitoko Chipdrive setuptwk.zip SVEC 100VG LAN ADAPTER (DP16I, DP32E, DP32PCI) 100vgf.zip SVEC 100VG LAN ADAPTER (DP16I, DP32E, DP32PCI) 1052v211.zip Aztech Labs CDA 268-01A atcd268.zip Hewlett Packard 5p Connectix Color QuickCam 2.0 Rockwell 33.6K Internal, Voice, Speakerphone GVC SF1133HV-R16 Modem Driver.exe 3Com 3C574B fe574bx.exe 3Com 3c509 3c509x.exe Sony Electronics 928e 928e11n.zip ESS Technologies SOLO 1 solo_02n.zip Motorola Motorola GVC SF1156 Varieties gvc302.zip Delta Kabel Delta Kabel DKKM110 DKKM101.zip Acer Aticpdef.rsc InterGraphics InterGraphics 1680 2_13-d5.zip InterGraphics InterGraphics 1680 2_13-d5.zip Miro Computer Products W9531201.zip nVIDIA TNT_NT5_188.zip Leo Across Technology S3 at3_197.exe TXCom Cmi8330.inf Yamaha opl3sa.zip Ensoniq Any IDE Drive Any IDE Drive usdide.sys Cmedia (CMI) cmi 8330/c3d AOC 7Glr aoc.inf Philips Consumer Electronics CDRW400 W2CDSPENG.EXE Hayes Microcomputer Products 5674AU v90d220.zip Hayes Microcomputer Products 5674AU 5674v220.exe NEC Pscript.drv NEC Pscript.drv Seiko ltp5242.zip SiS Corporation ISS Sis632~1.ace Thomas Conrad Products TC5141 Aztech Labs MDP3858 (Series) disk5135.exe SMC (Standard EtherCard PLUS Elite, Elite16, Elite16c Smc8013.zip Iomega v 5.2.1English di5-2-1.exe Connectix QuickCam.zip AIMS Lab rtnt40.exe