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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    NEC CDR-C251 CalComp 1042 calcomp_hdi.zip PC Chips m571 mainboard 571ide.zip Unknown RLVDL56DPF/SP Rockwell 56k v1.0 Ultima Electronics Some/All Some/All Cirrus Logic 546x_hbc.txt Creative Labs awe64 soundblaseter sbw9xup.exe Tekram Technologies DC-310-PCI-SCSI.zip Tekram Technologies DC-310-PCI-SCSI.zip Puretek PT-3012 56kinf.zip Zoltrix AMOS.VXD 3Com 005690-00 569000w.exe Compaq Lots of Copaq monitors including the V400 SP9401.exe Tatung 1624 16 x Proview International (EMC) Lots of Proview Monitors proviewpnp.exe NeoMagic VAIO F-270 A45787.exe Analog Devices ac5618 ac5618_1of2.zip Analog Devices ac5618 ac5618_2of2.zip Trust Computer Easy Connect 9600 Plus Uk easyco16.zip Atech ats-127a Atech ats-127a Com One com-156sm Com One com-156sm ESS Technologies 1938s solo_win.zip GVC sf56hvt3.zip SiS Corporation SiS 6326 8MB AGP Sis6326m.drv Yamaha OPL3-SA or OPL3SA ntv2311.exe Sanyo CRD-254S Yamaha PCI 724 y724_win95.zip Aztech Labs MD 6802(AZT 4029) atz.exe Interwave SP5223 UltraSound 32 Pro Packard Bell MD6802-U(AZT 4029) Aztech Labs MD680-U (AZT 4029) atz.exe Packard Bell MD6802-U(AZT 4029) v90upgr Hewlett Packard HP LaserJet 2100 Powercom America, Inc Powercom America, Inc M56VI-PR3 V205.zip Powercom America Inc Powercom America Inc M56VI-PR3 ntdrv.EXE Davicom Davicom 336P Internal FAXModem (Voice) Toshiba XM-5401 TA SCSI on Adaptec AHA-78XX Controller Zoltrix FMHSP336i pct217is.exe Diamond Technologies dt0398 pci diamond dt0398-win95.zip Samtron SC-428 VS Sanyo CRD-254S Adaptec 2940U2W 7800wnt.exe Adaptec 1869 Driver.zip ESS Technologies Maestro2.exe ESS Technologies 1869 Driver.zip Award nareadme.htm Pioneer USA DR-UA124X NEC 282 NEC_IDE.SYS Trident Microsystems Trident 9320 W95-131.exe Sony Electronics PRD-150 prd-150.exe Acer 6825-002 625a111.exe Samtron SC428VS Sc428vs[1].zip Phillips 36x_217.zip Sun Moon SMS 088 SunMoonStar1.ZIP Motorola VoiceSurfr 28.8 Internal motorola modem.zip Sun Moon SMS 088 SunMoonStar2.ZIP McPower McPower GenBridg.hqx McPower USA McPower USA MP-USB2001/2002 Win_2_80_Rel.zip McPower USA McPower USA MP-USB2001/2002 win25.zip McPower USA McPower USA MP-USB2001/2002 win25.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) c4549a dj260en.exe Atech ast-127a Atech ast-127a Arowana p_98d134.exe ALI Hewlett Packard (HP) cd _writer.ZIP Dextra DF-2400T df2400t.zip Leo FS-1130A SmartScan 1.04.sit S3 S3Vision864 w950109b.zip Primax colour hand scanner Storm Technology Imagewave imgwave.exe Cmedia (CMI) CMI8338/CMI8330 CMPCI.SYS Logitech Logitech SoundMan (WAVE) SndWave.zip Rockwell 212135.zip Zoltrix AV302 Microsoft Press.url Alliance Promotion PM3210 w95_4127.exe Connectix Color QuickCam Color QuickCam.zip Diamond Multimedia FirePort-40 FirePort + SCSI CD Driver.ZIP Raven win31las.exe UMC (United 8812AFv3 up8812v3.exe PC Tel HSP 336-DELUXE PNP MODEM PTSERIAL.VXD Viewquest Viewquest M318 USB viewcam m318-win98.exe Analog Devices Ad1815 AD1815_95.zip Analog Devices Ad1815 AD1815_31.zip PC Chips m585lmr PC Chips m585lmr Compaq all all Creative Labs QCD.EXE Alaris DeIsL1.isu Matsushita (Matshita UJDCD8730 Hitachi CDR-7730 Ver1.03 cdr7730floppy.zip PC Chips m571 5710421s.bin Hewlett Packard (HP) 5100C gerepst.exe AccelGraphics AccelStar II 4795.exe Rockwell Rockwell 33.6 DPF External Modem .log 3Com wmodems.dat Onspeed hsp 56 micro moden LaserMaster Winprinter800 Wp200.exe Lynnsoft Lynnsoft lynnsoft.zip 3DFX voodoo rush voodoo rush.zip LanBit LanBit FM56R-NF FMNFV231.inf Epson pm-770c Epson pm-770c Dysan 9612 Data.z New Media Corporation btdrvdos.ZIP New Media Corporation Bus Toaster btdrvdos.ZIP New Media Corporation Bus Toaster winnt.ZIP Lucent Technologies Lucent 56k V.90 PCI DF modem554.exe typhoon entertainment typhoon entertainment all bt848 bt878 ESS Technologies ESS Solo 1 AudioDrive nt4.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) hp672c dj672c Hewlett Packard (HP) hp672c dj672c Hewlett Packard (HP) HP Laserjet IIP lj429en.exe Fujitsu Fujitsu SCSI SCANNER DRIVERS Twn70-1.zip Fujitsu most 309X series SCSI Scanners Twn70-2.zip RealTek RTVGA-V3-91020_A 3106.exe Vision Systems Vision Systems PCI-020-EP1 vsc24nt4.zip Digital Vision ComputerEyes/RT ISA weyes406.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CW-7502 pana417.zip Cardinal Technologies Covers most of their 28,8 and 33,6 modems Cardinal288_336.zip Seiko SII Label Printer Plus seikoplus.zip SoundPro HOJAS.doc AIMS Lab Radioman.zip Rockwell infunist.exe Sony Electronics CDU-311 Creative Labs CT-6010 TVCoder CT-6010.zip NEC Postscript Driver 5 Packard Bell sound4.exe Mitsumi Electronics FX Series mtm.zip Samtron SC-428VS+(E)/vSL+(E) Samtron SC-428VS+(E)/vSL+(E) Rockwell ver HCF135.zip Yamaha SiS Corporation av698 sis-av689.zip Rockwell rwhsf95.zip Rockwell HSF rwhsf95.zip Logitech les23.exe ATI ATI Digital Research Technologies Setup.exe 3DFX V3-2000 and V3-3000 v3w9x-figs-oemDX6.exe 3DFX V3-2000 and V3-3000 v3w9x-figs-oemDX7.exe Creative Labs vibra 16s HSP All V.90 K56 HSP Modems HSP V90.zip Avance Logic ALG2032+ PCI 2032_64.exe Phillips 4201 CDD4201 update.exe Logitech Mouseman+ M-CW47 Logitech_Mouseman+830.zip Kurta All Kurta Graphics Tablets tab_v27[1].exe Kurta All Kurta / Mutoh Graphics Tablets tab_v28[1].exe Kurta tab_v27[1].exe Epson lp-1500s Kurta tab_v27[1].exe ALI M3174v 4795116e.exe Onspeed HSP 56k PCTEL r7649kf.zip Aztech Labs disk1_1.exe Aztech Labs CDA-268-031 Cda26803.2sd.zip Dysan crw1622 Sony Electronics cdu-920-s xcd32.dll UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) E20plus Umc9007af.zip Yamaha YMF 719 ntv2311.exe ATI ati rage 128 r128w9x-6111a2h.zip Pan International Industrial Pan International Industrial All USDrive Models usdide.exe Media Magic Hewlett Packard (HP) deskjet 550c Hewlett Packard (HP) deskjet 550c Digital Research Technologies DRMOUSE4DS drms4d9x.exe S3 s3 trio 64 uv+ s3trio64uv+.ZIP Compaq ver 1,11 rev a 4,3 Jamicon JCD-360 Lucent Technologies 1641c Optrox 3F Cirrus Logic cs4232 b95us250.zip Cirrus Logic cs4232 b95us250.zip Lifeview robocam robo151.zip Boca Research int fax data pnp 33600 Boca_400.inf Iomega All Models All Iomega Drivers SVEC IS560LH LH542.EXE Iomega All Models All Iomega Drivers Iomega all models Iomega all models all Iomega all Iomega all all drivers Iomega all all drivers Iomega Iomega Iomega Iomega Iomega Boca Research Boca PnP modems 1996-97 Boca5_0.zip Analog Devices Xceed 56K Modem Analog Devices Xceed 56K Modem Digital Research Technologies drscan36eppr drscan36 Gateway 6602770014532080 telepath2836x2.zip Ricoh MP7060A Mustek flatbed 4800 6000 d6ep6l321.exe ESS Technologies _isdel.exe Sony Electronics sony cdu311 Microsoft Mpg4c32.dll Abit Abit Hotrod 66 1200beta.zip Logitech mouseware84.zip ADI ADI All ADI Monitors Adi95v06.exe 3Com Network Crad Detector 3Com_Nic_Detector.Zip AIMS Lab xtreme98.zip Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live & Value US Robotics all Sportster Winmodems winm336.exe Aztech Labs azt 1008 pnp "2320"chip set as2x1us.exe Best Data Products 56fw-pci Hercules Stngray 64 v4.60b Sting64.exe nVIDIA Riva 128 for NT 4.0 RIVA128-3.41NT4.ZIP AGFA 1212p and other fotolook.zip Interwave realplay.exe HSP HSP Micromodem 56 pctellhsp56.zip Zoltrix 02042552 K56-v90.inf Okidata Okidata Compaq almost any Cpqidecd.exe IBM IBM IBM Digital Vision ComputerEyes/RT Isa CeRT-ISA.zip Sony Electronics Install.exe Cirrus Logic CL1414HVF mdmciru.inf Logitech AST Remote Control drivers.zip Compaq 1525 sp9401 ESS Technologies ESS1948 Maestro-1 ESS Technologies ess1887 ess87.zip Trident Microsystems 9750 Trid975.inf Rockwell HCF56K HSP Ricoh MP7040A Nrw140wa.exe Connectix Quickcam Drivers.zip Pioneer USA DR-UO6S Drd60asp.sys Adaptec u2w211.exe Osborne MO 117 / 217 Super VGA 1024x768 Future Domain (Adaptec) TMC-950 DRIVER.exe PC Tel PC Tel On Speed 1789 win95&98.arj Compaq 58x_95.exe Optrox 6F drv32.EXE Hitachi CM500E mon_inf.exe Optrox Photo Maker 6F drv32.EXE Phoenix AL440LX Bios.exe Phillips xc200a1 Award 5370815s.bin SMC (Standard Microsystems) smc9000 ndis3-4.zip Sony Electronics qn-022pcm qn022pcm.zip Compaq SP6331.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Hi0108us.ful Hewlett Packard (HP) Laserjet 3 lj125en.exe VIA Technologies SN5100TX 100v32.exe Synaptics syntouch.zip Cirrus Logic CL-MD5620DT CL-MD5620DT Modem, Original Install Disk.zip OPTi 9819619919 Primax 9600USB p36_en98_usb.exe Boca Research Version5.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) Matsushita HSP hsp56 pctel56k.zip Unknown Unknown msnsspc.dll Aztech Labs at3300 at3300 Texas Instruments TI 56000 ti56000.zip Aztech Labs at3300 At33us-1.zip Aztech Labs AT3300 At33us-2.zip Iomega Iomega Zip 100 NT drivers zoltrix(USA) zoltrix(USA) v90_hsp_755.exe Hewlett Packard sj167en.exe Zoltrix(USA) Zoltrix(USA) PT764-9i.exe Avance Logic GP-2302V 2302 and 2302+ Logitech gen_irctlv20.zip Canon LBP 660 CANON-LBP660.ZIP Innovision DTS-3050 3050Setup.exe Innovision DTS-3050 3050Setup.exe UMAX astra 1210p 1210p.exe Advance Logic Research (ALR) ALS 100 als100.exe Plustek Plustek Optic Pro 600P P300.zip Trident Microsystems vga9800d.zip Black Widow (Devcom) 9636 Pro 96series32.zip Fujitsu 3097DE Fuji3097.exe Adaptec read_udf.zip Mustek Single Pass Scanner sp35.exe Epson 740 sc740.zip NE2000 Realtek 8019 WFW311.zip Hyundai 5x dvd-rom drive hyundai dvd.zip IBM 4722 hdt47x2 SiS Corporation m571 drivers for vga 597v113.exe Samsung SM710s_icm.zip Minolta minolta pageworks 12 pw12w95.exe Artec super 340 Install.exe Artec super 340 Install.exe Artec super 340 archive.zip Motorola SM56 (build 62) MotorolaSM56.zip Zoltrix fmvsp56i Zoltrix fmvsp56i US Robotics USR 56k Winmodem USRWinm.zip Canon BJC-4000 BJSV396.exe Canon BJC-7000 BJRSTR57.exe Epson 570+ & 1070+ Ep570.zip Epson 570+ & 1070+ Ep570.zip ExpertColor Multimedia MDM2882 USDrives Winmodem.exe Davicom davicom 336pn modem Artist Graphic Ar