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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Advance Logic Research (ALR) ALS100+ Als100p.zip Samsung SCR-830 SSCDROM.SYS Samsung SCR-830 SSCDROM.SYS Samsung SCR-830 SSCDROM.SYS Epson ES-1000C EXP80098.zip ExpertColor Multimedia Anyák napja.doc Citizen gsx-220 220scal.exe BTC 40xh Btccdrom.sys BTC 40xh Btccdrom.sys Microsoft n/a FXMPEG4.zip Ultima Electronics Corp acd-400 Acd-400.zip Canon LBP 460 PC Speaker Catalog3.cab ALI M3145/7 ALIM3147.exe 3Com 80-662974-81 or Model 0637 A52177.exe Toshiba XM-5522B TEAC_CDI.SYS Compaq Presario 2210 Presario2210Video.zip Motorola SM56 SM56.zip Motorola SM56 SM56.zip ESS Technologies ess_336k.zip BTC BCD 12X 12x.zip BTC 1872 Btcrock.inf Creative Labs e128nt4u.exe Rockwell AIMS Lab VHXtreme 98 Xtreme98WDM1_1.exe Cirrus Logic 56K PCI MODEM cirrusCLM56PCI.zip 3Com winmodem.ZIP ESS Technologies Es1868.drv Rockwell Rockwellv34.zip ESS Technologies ES688 688w95.zip Diamond Flower Inc (DFI) AGP 7410 21win9x.zip Acer all acer.zip Acer all acer.zip Diamond Multimedia RC VDL56 ACFW/SP MdmV90.inf Sony Electronics DDU220E DDU220E.zip Aztech Labs PCI64-Q3D pci64winnt-140.zip Aztech Labs PCI64-Q3D pci64winnt-140.zip Creative Labs creative ensoniq audio pci OPL3 opl3-sax opl3 JVC XR-W2010 cdr4vsd.vxd Atrend ATC1020+ 1020p136.zip Atrend 1020v132.zip Guillemot International MAXI 16 PNP 16pnonly.zip Atrend A-trend.arj Atrend Biosupd.zip US Robotics Comm.drv Olivetti Lexikon JP 270 Jp270.zip LiteOn Technology LTN-341 CDDRIVER.EXE Diamond Multimedia SupraExpress 56i V PRO 9x56ip56.exe TeleWell TW-5614SI 5614pci.exe Sony Electronics Nareadme.htm ESS Technologies 1688w95.zip QDI (Speed Easy) Awdflash.exe QDI (Speed Easy) Awdflash.exe ESS Technologies ESS Technologies All models with ES688 chip 688w95.zip ESS Technologies All models with ES1688 chip 1688w95.zip Yamaha OPL3-SA Sound system ESS Technologies All models with ES1868 chip 1868w95.zip ESS Technologies All models with ES1868 chip 1868nt40.zip Aspen Technology ALL aspen95.zip Epson twain264.zip BusLogic BT-946C win95.exe 3DFX 3dfx.exe Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live - CT4831 & CT4830 7506928.exe Diamond Multimedia supra express 336 v+ Test.html Rockwell rockwell rss ver 1.0.00 Cardinal Technologies Connecta Model 2420 mdmcari0.inf IBM adf ibmadf1.exe IBM adf ibmadf2.exe Hewlett Packard hp scanjet p scanner C5110a E Tech Research 135_us.exe Advance Logic Research (ALR) ALS100(+)/ALS120 als.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) Panasonic 562B CR562B.zip Samsung Samsung Quad Speed IDE Scr630.zip Giga Byte Technology Tx3IDE.zip Avance Logic ALS 200 Asl200.zip Tseng Labs ET6000 et6000.zip 3Com Usr Winmodem 336 winm336.exe BTC p83934209 nareadme.htm Crystal Semiconductors CS4237B cwbaudio.drv Compaq ESS1868 sp4385.exe Alliance Semiconductor Pro-Motion AT24 nt40_1410.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) t1000e t1000e.ZIP Epson gt 5000/g580a twain264.zip Creative Labs ct6610 driver98.chm Epson gt 5000 [parallel] Twn220.exe Aztech Labs Canon jgq01411 Start.exe Info Products se6c vb40016.dll Info Products se6c all others EMC Proview MANY proview.zip EMC Proview MANY proview.zip EMC Proview MANY proview.zip EMC Proview a lot proview.zip Atrend ATC 1535 ATC-1535.zip Olivetti Lexikon JPxxx JPxxx Olivetti Lexikon JPxxx JPxxx ESS Technologies ESS 1938S Hyundai DeluxeScan delux1.inf Hyundai DeluxeScan series DeluxeScan.zip 3DFX voodoo_rush_single_nt4.zip S3 Trio64v2 family (765/775) S3Trio64.zip S3 Trio64v2 (765/775) S3Trio64.zip Dynalink IS64PH is249w95.exe Avance Logic Avance.exe Avance Logic Avance.exe Dynamode DYNAMODE 16 BIT INTERNAL MODEM.ZIP Sony Electronics CDU55D&E Ver. 1.4 CDU-55E.zip Sony Electronics CDU55D&E Ver. 1.4 CDU-55E.zip D Link Systems 220 De-220.zip Compaq n/a cpq33697.inf TXC Corporation txc.sys Zeus Zeus external 14'4000 - 33'600 mdmzeus.inf NEC CDR-273 Cdr273.sys NEC CDR-273 Cdr273.sys Asound 9P02059733 ASOUND GOLD US Robotics Winmodem PC Tel HSP MicroModem vR764-9ki.zip PC Tel HSP MicroModem PC Tel HSP MicroModem Oak Technology Realvision 107 PCI VGA OTI 107 SPITVISI Microsoft IntelliMouse IntelliMouse v3.0 Logitech M83setup.exe digital digital Supra ILEANA.jpg Cabletron Systems 9000839 & 9000939 e22v204.zip S3 S3.drv Hewlett Packard (HP) -- sj185en.hqx LG Electronics GCD-r580b goldstar580.ZIP RealTek Computer Peripherals International All CPI modems Intel Intel 82371AB/EB Pci Bus Master IDE Controllers Xstore Pro Soyov11.exe Motorola Rockwell 336acfv.inf Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) LF-1195C teacatap.vxd Unknown 3DFX 3dfxVoodoo2_win2k.zip Spot Technology SF-600C Stak2c.zip Phillips 105s 153220W (15") Philips.inf SoundBlaster capi330i.exe GVC In_modem.ini Spot Technology SF-600C Stak2c.zip Cmedia (CMI) cmi8830 Trident Microsystems tr5898.exe Sony Electronics mdmsony.inf Compaq NC3120 NC3121 (WakeOnLan) US Robotics sporster.zip Diamond Technologies DIAMOND SOUND LITE 3D.ZIP IMES IMES 8 SPEED CD ROM DRIVER.ZIP IBM PC300PL PC300PL.zip 3Com 3c590/3c592/3c595/3c597/3c900/3c905 3c59x.c Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-572 57_8xdos.exe Gateway MODDSX008ABUS Tlpath.exe Siemens Nixdorf TT1815/1816 Siemens Nixdorf TT1815/1816 Terratec TT1815/1816 Terraw98.zip Sony Electronics cdu33a-01 173a.exe Cyberdrive Cybide.sys nVIDIA beta V3.34 for Win98 win9x_nv3.34.exe Citizen iDP 3535/30, iDP560/62, iDP3540, iDP3541 Cbm35xnt.exe ScanTak SCC.EXE 3Com 3c562c-3c563c 3Com (3C562) EL III LAN+33.6 Modem PC Card.log Award Support_On_button.gif Data Technology (DTC) tmc830 Dtc328x.mpd Award biosid.com Data Technology (DTC) dtc3150v Scsi.inf ATI ati rage pro 3d (atir3d) Samsung 428v SC428VX(L).inf Cmedia (CMI) 30w98v64.zip Rockwell rcv336acf Modem.zip Digicom Systems (Creative Labs subsidiary) Atapi_cd.sys Digicom Systems (Creative Labs subsidiary) Atapi_cd.sys Leo leoscan Intel N/A IV41 Cirrus Logic cirrus.zip Acculogic sIDE-2/CD win95crl.exe Cirrus Logic CL-MD5620 DT-QC-BC clpci021.exe ESS Technologies ES1869 SP4384.exe ALI ALI AGP Port Driver aliagp16.exe Trident Microsystems trident 9440 Oemsetup.inf Novell Novell Novell Epson Stylus color 800 EpsonStylusColor800.zip AT 1428VQH-T AT&T.INF RealTek rtg3106, rtvga 3106.exe Sony Electronics SDT7000,SDT9000,TSL9000 Dat Drive sp11023.exe Dell Computer Multiple dellmon.exe Data Expert (Expert Media) MED 2000 EXPERTMEDIA Delta Electronics OTC-H101/4 cd_drv.zip Digital Equipment most CommWave PCT288IA pct288ia.zip CommWave MW-0203152 ver 1.3a pct288w3.zip PC Tel MW-0203152 pct288ia.zip PC Tel MW-0203152 ver 1.3a pct288w3.zip Canon Printers.txt Sigma Designs Hp1_7w1.zip Sharp Electronics jx-9230 jx-9230_Eng.zip Lexmark 2070 CJ2070WE.exe Sharp Electronics jx-9230 jx-9230_Eng.zip Sigma Designs Hp1_7w2.zip 3Com 3C509B 3c509x1.exe 3Com 3C509B (ISA) 3c509x2.exe RPTI E2000 (PCI) E2000pci.exe Ability kxp1124i Acer 300F, 610Plus MiraScan V1.9 Aztech Labs azt3001 Star Micronics LC24-30 Star_w31.zip Acer 300F, 610Plus MiraScanV1.9.sit Star Micronics LC24-30 Star_w31.zip Star Micronics NL-10 Star_w31.zip 3Com 5x9c32.exe Brother MFC 1770 MFC-1770.zip NEC NEC CDR 1400C nec.zip Diamond Technologies diamond.exe S3 J-MED2325 Rockwell RockHCF.zip Oak Technology oti-91x scsi.zip Boca Research FD34FSVD Boca ACF Modem Drivers.zip Laser Magnetic Storage International CM206 206_143.exe Epson Stylus Color 800 Epson.zip Rockwell FM-56PCI-HSF RWHSF95.zip Psion Dacom GoldCard.zip NEC CDR251 cdchnger.exe Rockwell FM-56PCI-HSF RWHSFNT4.zip Diamond Multimedia Lite3D dmdlte3d Cirrus Logic CL-MD3450 Comm336.inf Cirrus Logic CL-MD3450 Comm336.inf Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5100C scan5100c.ZIP Hewlett Packard 5100c, etc Precision Scan Award awardbios.ZIP S3 Vcedit.ext Acer Acer Digicom S.p.A. Digicom S.p.A. mdmdg127.inf Colorado (HP) Trakker 250 CBWLITE.ZIP ALI bnc bmx Behavior Tech Computer 40xh Microsoft Creative Labs Sound Blaster Vibra 16c with FM Tuner sb95up.zip 3Com 3c505 Creative Labs SB Vibra 16c with FM Tuner sb95up.zip Pro Multimedia PM-S210 PM-S210.zip RealMagic Hollywood Plus Hwp1_8w1.zip RealMagic Hollywood Plus Hwp1_8w2.zip Universal Universal CD-Sunrise v2.2c Universal Universal CD-Sunrise v2.2c Universal Universal Spot CD Microsoft MS Intellimouse Hewlett Packard (HP) scanjet 5100c Copydisk.exe Toshiba Most Toshiba XM-xxxxTA or XM-xxxxB Toshiba CDROM .zip Info Products all models 3Com 0484 (661749-81) US Robotics wizard setup.exe Info Products FB-OMP FBOMP.exe Mitsumi Electronics CRMC-FX400E.zip Microsoft IR32_32.DLL Info Products FB-OMP ImageReaderLE ATI ati all in wonder Cardinal 288INT FAX/MODEM 288_366.zip Boca Research fd34fsvd version5.zip Cardinal Technologies Many cardinal.zip Yamaha CRW6416sz Yamaha CDROM .zip HSP 56ewin.exe Proview International (EMC) all proviewpnp.exe Thrustmaster propanelv11.exe A4 Technology WinScan 9630 360v400.exe Canon BJC 255SP Puretek USA.zip Cirrus Logic CL MD5620DT-QC-B clpci021.exe Info Products fb750 fb750.exe Archive EAX6GP-60EP/150EP CBEW212.EXE Pioneer USA Nuovo Documento di testo.txt Creative Labs SBpci64V.exe Yamaha Sasound.inf Trident Microsystems 3d image Trident 975 PCI NT40-9x5.exe Alliance Promotion dsv6422 Dsv6422.zip Taiwan Video MP-2000 v21.exe Cyrix Corporation Cyrixm~1.exe Cyrix Corporation Cyrix MediaGX Windows 95 Drivers 1_6.exe Cyrix Corporation Gx95.drv Shuttle Computer ENGEPST.EXE Triones Triones TRIONES.ZIP Olivetti Personal Computers JP 90 jp90.EXE Iomega JAZZ.ZIP Tekram Technologies 390_NT.ZIP S3 W9531201.ZIP AverMedia AVER.ZIP Fujitsu DynaMO 230 dynamo.zip Microsoft Vredir.vxd PC Chips TX II Pro videotxpront.zip Trident Microsystems NEC cdr-250, cdr-260, cdr-270 DOSWZCFG.EXE ExpertColor Multimedia Nt35.zip ExpertColor Multimedia DSP2302P Nt35.zip NEC cdr-250, cdr-260, etc. necide1.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP A4033A a4033av1.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) HP A4033A a4033av2.inf Samsung SCR-2431 Samsung SCR-2431 BG46-30001J Creative Labs ct4500 sbw9xup.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) (1P) C6429B/ HP Deskjet 970Cse dj384en.exe Wisecom 56 Filexfer.cnt ESS Technologies ess 688,488,1488,1688,1788,1888 ess688.ZIP SiS Corporation Adaptors.gif Rockwell Ie4setup.exe Cyberdrive DRIVER.ZIP S3 S3 Driver Update Win95.zip Tseng Labs ET4000 W31ET4.ZIP Analog Devices ad1816 Yamaha 724 ds-xg 95v1026.exe Microdyne E2000.SYS Microdyne E2000.SYS Samsung Vortec 56i Internal vortec56i.zip Connectix QuickCam Family STB Systems AMD Interwave Snd Chip Interwave.zip Hitachi 13.6kb hit-ide.sys NE2000 40100 bytes ne2000.zip Logitech QuickCam Unknown cr-572-b Unknown stealth 2500 ESS Technologies Solo-1 ESSSolo-1.exe Hitachi CM610ET nVIDIA Vanta Win9x352.zip Enhance V-3610P N98drv.zip Info Products sf-600c Setup.exe Info Products sf-600c Setup.exe NEC CDR-602 Neccdr.exe PC Partner MB520N m520n.zip SiS Corporation Sis6326.drv SiS Corporation Sis6326.drv SiS Corporation Sis6326.drv Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) LF-1196C and Compaq spare 185951-001 SP1709.exe Rockwell 56K VFM Sony Electronics cdu50e 55e Creative Labs modem blaster Mdmv90.inf Creative Labs modem blaster Mdmv90.inf Epson Sylus colour 440C Setup.exe Epson Sylus colour 440c Setup.exe Epson Stylus Colour 440C Oemsetup.inf Epson Stylus Colour 440C Setup.exe SiS Corporation 15c104-1.exe SiS Corporation 15c104-1.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) kxp2023 kxp2023.exe HSP 56kflexvoice hsp.zip Lucent Technologies LT Winmodem Info Products EPP FB-213 Info Products EPP FB-213 OPTi untitled.txt S3 MX Datatronics 56K datatronics.zip Rockwell Rockwell RWdfv0799.ZIP ESS Technologies 1688 KDS USA oem.inf NeoMagic 128xd n61q0519.txt PC Tel HSP Micro modem R765-9K.zip Guillemot International T-Leader3D.EXE Guillemot International T-Leader3D.EXE LanKom LB-1200U LKomW95.zip LanKom LB-1200U LKomW95.zip Canon untitled.htm Canon untitled.htm Phillips WD9710 WD9710.zip OnSpec cdblazer1.zip OnSpec atapi2.zip Amquest am56hcf/sp 312135.zip ActionMedia AC5618 ac5618.zip Zoltrix FM-VSP336I Rockwave.inf Zoltrix 336acfv.inf NeoMagic 128xd n61q0519.txt.url Canon Multi Pass 10 /H12030 Multipass.zip Cyrix Corporation Media GX Rockwell Rockwell HCF 56k RTAD RockwellHFC56k.EXE Rockwell Rockwell HCF 56k RTAD HCF56kNT.EXE Aztech Labs MMSN834 Zoltrix Audio Plus 6400 - av309 Aztech Labs MM16 IIB-3D Dsk1&dsk2.zip SiS Corporation sis chipset 5591 (m590 motherboard) win95sis.zip Yamaha crw2216e CRW2216E_h.exe Pixie all setup.exe Packard Bell PB8549SVGL Oem105.inf Oak Technology oti_f910.zip Adaptec AVA 1502E EZSCSI.zip Oak Technology oti hermes f910 oti_f910.zip US Robotics 00569800 005698.zip Phoebe Micro V1456VQH-X Phoebe Micro H8NTAI-31778-M5-E .zip Canon BJ4300 Canonpf.zip Diamond Technologies es1688 esswin95.zip ALI most m5ata0527.bin Crystal Semiconductors CS4235, CS423xB CS4235 win3.1.zip Crystal Semiconductors CS4235, CS423xB CS4235 win95.zip Crystal Semiconductors CS4235 win98.zip Unknown Rockwell 3DFX 3dfx16vb.drv Packard Bell TDA8708, SAA9051, SAA9057, SAA9060, TDA4680 Pbtv3.ZIP Puretek RS56/SP-PCI11P1 R6793-21 3515 HSF208 (USA) Yamaha yamaha cdr102 cdr102 adaptech Zoltrix Micromodem, Phatom micromodem.zip US Robotics Sporster USRobotics.zip Creative Labs 3dbvw95.exe Sanyo CDR-H94A 3Com 56k Message Modem mdm3comv.inf Acard 6710 6710F.exe ARTOP ARTOP 6710 6710F.exe NEC CDR-1300A/GEN ide_dos.exe ARTOP ARTOP 6710LF 6710LF.exe Hsing Tech Enterprise Co m550 5501117s.bin Wisecom WS-PC400 ws-pc400.zip PC Chips 5501117s.bin Phillips CDD 2600 gri_260.exe Data Technology (DTC) DTC-436P DTC436P.zip Atech ats-127 V90mot70.exe LG Electronics DT-0196H Logic3 Action pad On windows 95 cd Chips and Technologies 65545/65548/65550/65554/65555/68554/69000 nt4129.exe Digital Equipment Digital series 500 digit500c.zip Digital Equipment Series 500 digit500bw.zip Storm Technology EasyPhoto SmartPage Motorola FB SM56VP Motorola FB SM56VP Motorola FB SM56VP Sun Moon SMS-M10X sms10x.exe Ricoh MP6200A Rwt240av.exe Logitech AST Remote Logremote.zip galaxy/venus galaxy/venus vga 64v2 Install.exe Toshiba xm-1602b Toshiba xm-1602b Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) Many Apac 3DS724A 724_win.zip Adaptec 1540cp-1542cp 154cpcfg.exe Proview International (EMC) PROVIEW ELECTRONICS CORPORATIONPROVIE~1.INF Logicode Mdmlti.inf Logicode LogicodeDOS.zip Relisys vm3552 Texas Instruments EXTENSA 616 Pccardup.exe OPTi opti 82c930 OPTi 82c264 Tseng Labs ET6000 / ET6100 W95et6.zip AST Hsp_mo~1.exe PC Tel HSPModem.exe Fujitsu RX7300E win31_vm.zip AST AST Adventure 410 05603033.exe Well FM-56PC-PT 95354s.exe Rockwell Various SoftK56-NT4.zip Rockwell Various Conexant 9x.zip Epson StylusPro Creative Labs E2550UA (Funai) crccd.exe Epson StylusPro Goldstar gcd-r520b Microsoft msintell.zip Mitsumi Electronics CR-585 Drivers.zip Wisecom All Unknown Dextra Driver.zip Data Technology (DTC) dtc3181x.exe Boca Research SE34SVD OPTi AT931 3Com sawavx2.inf Rockwell rock.zip Rockwell rock.zip Microsoft Mpg4c32.zip Guillemot International Xentor W2k-189.zip nVIDIA TNT2 W2k-189.zip Cardinal Technologies MVP Series and more.. Microsoft Wangtek TS420C Hewlett Packard LJ3100 lj164.exe Primax Primax SE400 SE400_32.exe Primax Primax SE400 SE400_32.exe Toshiba ct555w95.exe Aztech Labs AZT1008 PnP aka Hewlet Packard PN D5182A/B as2x1us.exe Microsoft mp4 Chips and Technologies Wingine DGX 63400 wng63400.exe Trident Microsystems TVGA 880,8900 Trident Microsystems 8800,8900 TVGA 880,8900 Trident Microsystems 8800,8900 TVGA 880,8900 Trident Microsystems 8800,8900 TVGA 8800,8900 Leo 14-17" monitors Archtek 5634RCS 3r01.zip Primax Flatbed.exe Rockwell Rockwel V.34 Voice Speakerphone PnP Modem.cpl LG Electronics Studioworks 77s Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 755CM pl120en.exe Teles capi334eng.exe Unknown CR-572 Teles Matsushita (Matshita cr-572 58x_95.exe Pioneer USA DVD 103/A03 Aopen Fm336v61 Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446 5446nt40.zip Mitsubishi Electronics MF357Q-3111UAL ls120.zip Toshiba Toshiba XM-3801TA xm3801up.zip Reveal ALL INCLUDING GCDR542B 540.zip Yamaha OPL3SA.SYS Epson StylusPro Mustek 600CU usb 600CU.zip Info Products ImageReader ISA (model SF-600C) Setup.exe RealTek RTL8139 8139.zip RealTek RTL8139 8139_NT4.zip Goldstar 1520DM goldstar.exe Goldstar 1520DM goldstar.exe Creative Labs Genius (KYE) PowerColor virgew9x.exe Logitech Phillips CDD2000 philips.zip MaxTech mxt220.exe HSP R764-9ki.exe US Robotics 5605 56k.zip HSP R764-9ki.exe Primax Spp.exe Primax 4800 Spp.exe