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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskscan.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Hpccopy.exe Analog Devices Rafael.txt SiS Corporation 530 530106-1.exe 3DFX Voodoo 3 RealTek rtl8019isapnp Oem8019.exe Diamond Multimedia w95s25_3.exe PC Tel PCTel.zip SVEC PN102TX or PN100TX SVEC102TX.exe Acer cd-743e *main Hawking Hawking PN102TX PN102TX.exe Acer CD-743E 743e21.exe Leoptics Leoptics all models Leoptics.exe Advance Logic ALS100 Als100.zip Unknown Unknown wimmun32.vxd Promise Technology ULTRA/66 Contoller U66_0628.zip D Link Systems DE650CT icwin95.exe SIC Resource pdr-m1 twait drivers for pdr-m1.zip Simple Net Simple Net SN3200CT sn3200ct.exe Simple Net Simple Net SN3200CT sn3200ct.exe Simple Net Simple Net SN3200CT sn3200ct.exe Xircom ce2drv.exe Trident Microsystems csd SAdASd Oak Technology bs-660 bs660_nt4.zip Quantum Desogns Quantum Desogns QD6580 qd6580vl.zip Diamond Multimedia win9x_3DFx_Drvrs.exe Diamond Multimedia winNT40_3DFX_drvrs.exe Diamond Multimedia Monster Fusion V. 1.02 Fusion.zip Microdyne NE100 PCI 100p-95.zip Cirrus Logic CL-MD5620 clpci95.zip Oak Technology bs660 bs660_win95.zip Rockwell rwpci95.zip Zoltrix FM-VSP56i2 56k8-v90.exe ESS Technologies 1868w95.zip Rockwell rcvdl56acfw - r67 - SoundPro Cm8330sb.drv Acorp A56PIM 56pim.zip NeoMagic Neomagic 256AV Samtron SC278SXL Sc728sxl.zip 2TheMax 40X dvd&cd-rom Cdromdrv.zip STB Systems STB TV FM PCI stbtvfm95.zip NeoMagic I35AUDIO.EXE PC Tel Drvmodem.zip PC Tel Drvmodem.zip Relisys Scorpio 3552 scorpio_drv.zip Adaptec 2940uw pro 2940uw.zip PC Tel for the PCTEL HSP56 Monster! Wisecom.zip ESS Technologies es688 688w95.zip Analog Devices cr-tscgk.exe Sharp Electronics JX-9230 jx_9230_ger.zip CTX Ctx97.icm 3Com 3c589 NIC Card Family 3c589.zip Genius (KYE) ColorPage-EP D Link Systems DE220p.txt Sony Electronics cdu 701 cdu 701 D Link Systems DE220p.txt Puretek PT3515.zip Puretek pt3515 PT3515NT4.zip Microsoft crmc-fx001d Mscdex.exe Microsoft Mtmcdae.sys Microsoft Mtmcdas.sys Microsoft most all cd roms Playcd.exe Microsoft Setup.exe Artec at6 Cmedia (CMI) CMI8738 38w9x220.zip Cmedia (CMI) CMi8338.zip ExpertColor Multimedia Matrox NT 37 nt4_370.exe Rockwell Shortcut to MindSpring Default.lnk NE2000 IEXPLORE.EXE TTX all ttxWin95.zip Abit bh632nk.exe HSP 33.6k Deluxe HSP_Modem.zip Abit bh6 bh632nk.exe Askey Computer All Modems 1433VQH-X Oak Technology ALL Oak Technology ALL Oak Technology ALL Techmedia tcm-214c Tm.inf Techmedia tcm-214c Tm.inf Techmedia tcm-214c Tm.inf QuickShot 6 button joypad quickshot -- qs6brb1.zip Cirrus Logic wolftemp.doc OPTi OPTi 82C924 924w95dx.zip Panasonic, Teac, NEC, Sanyo, Optics, others Panasonic, Teac, NEC, Sanyo, Optics, others a lot of models DRIVER NEC nec 251c/4x4 nec.zip GVC VF1128HV+-R9 vf1128hv.zip GVC VF1129HV+-R9 vf1128hv.zip Katron Katron et32/p2 et32p-13.zip Katron Katron et32/p2 et32p-13.zip PC Tel 56IP Mdmchipv.inf Info Products FB7 ImageReader Ultra InfoFB7Setup.exe PC Tel 56IP Ptsnoop.exe PC Tel 56IP Mdmchipv.inf PC Tel PCtel 1789 'ONSpeed' by Warpspeed, Inc. r7649kf.zip PC Tel 56IP MSetup.exe PC Tel PCtel 1789 'ONSpeed' by Warpspeed, Inc. pctelnt.zip Cyberdrive Cyber Drive 40X IDE/ATAPI cyberdr v2_14.zip TARGA TARGA all targa.inf SiS Corporation SiS Corporation SiS Corporation TARGA TARGA all targa.inf Diamond Multimedia 123kb cdrom.ZIP Creative Labs CT4170 95vib16x AMD pcnet isa-II, am79c961a win95_mac3.exe Compaq Compaq psb226 / Lucect 1641c 56k Canon BJC-610 720u95.exe Packard Bell AZT3011 sound4 winmodem Yamaha opl3-sax S3 VirgeGx2.ZIP Symbios Logic sym53c416 hpisadrv.zip Microsoft m m Hitachi dvdpcinema.zip Belkin Components Mdmvv.inf VIA Technologies all Cardinal Technologies 020-0490 card336.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) . lj101en.exe NeoMagic 35ntaud1.exe Reply Corporation Reply Corporation ct2501-tbq Win95snd.exe Canon . 395g3Eng Sharp Electronics Disk1 Epson . win8202s.zip Sharp Electronics Intel740 pv20.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) . dj501en.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) . lj101en.exe Rockwell PCIRSS18003-6 sft21103.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) . dj705en.exe SiS Corporation Sis530v.drv Nokia Mscsd.exe Cirrus Logic md5650 v.90 upgrade is603sk.exe Connectix Canon RUNDLL32.EXE Rockwell VACF336 MODEM Artec as6e133a.exe Cirrus Logic CL5422/24 CL542x_132.zip Cirrus Logic CL542x Windows & DOS Drive Viva (Computer Peripherals) 56lc-sm viva 3Com office connect 3csohox.exe Microsoft 4.03.1214 (QFE) Usbsupp.exe Weitek weitek9100win95.zip Weitek weitek9100win95.zip ESS Technologies _inst32i.ex_ ESS Technologies _inst32i.ex_ ATI Ati3dcif.dl_ ESS Technologies Ati95chs.cnt S3 s3gx2.zip GVC SF-1133HV/T2 Weitek weitek9100win95.zip Creative Labs AWE64D (PCI)CT4600 Awe64d9x.exe S3 s3gx298.zip S3 s3gx298.zip Aztech Labs AztSound MMPro 16III s.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet IIc sj167en.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP JetDirect EX J2382B bmswine.exe Aztech Labs MM MS5000 mm MS5000 D-V-F Modem.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet IIc sj167en.exe S3 s3gx298.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet IIc Ver. 2.9 OPTi 82c924 opti Unknown rlvdl56dpf/sp Info Products Imagereader ISA SF600C Setup.exe Rockwell HCF 56K Data Fax PCI Modem Modem.cpl Storm Technology smrtpage.exe PC Tel PCtel 1789 'ONSpeed' modem by Warpspeed, Inc. r7649kf.zip RealTek RTG3105iEH 3105id3.exe PC Tel PCtel 1789 'ONSpeed' by Warpspeed, Inc. pctelnt.zip Award GG 586 i430VX-8663-2A59GG0BC-00.zip AESL Technology cd-912e cdrom340.exe USDrives 462D 44xdrvr.zip PC Chips all Motorola Maxsenger ISA-BUILD671.EXE Compaq EJMNPDBACH4 sp5892.exe Lasat Communications voice 288 unique LASAT288.zip Zoltrix HSP 336 pcnt217.exe Zoltrix All HSP Models Compaq DESKPRO XL 575 SP6144.exe BCD BCD 8X cdsetup.zip Epson Stylus 820/Color IIs zeno.zip Cyberdrive 120D cdsetup.zip Acer CD-912E/ATK cdsetup.zip Dell Computer Xea17.exe Lumina 2000 Setup.exe Speedcom v90wiz-1.zip US Robotics 622397 mdmuuta.inf NEC 285 Genius (KYE) ScanMate/Color Se Genius (KYE) Easy Pen/ Easy Pen Pro wintab.exe Genius (KYE) VIVID Yamaha ANY ExpertColor Multimedia DSV2302 2302.exe Xerox Datacopy 230m data230m.zip Onspeed hsp56 micromodem Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet IIc sj137en.exe Microsoft ballpt.exe AIMS Lab VTR 500 VTR500_109c.ZIP 3DFX miniinst.exe 3DFX voodoo3.exe Microsoft Vb40016.zip Rockwell rockwell v.34 Aztech Labs azt4019drv.zip Samsung Sam98-1.exe Samsung St5e.icm Data Technology (DTC) dtc3150,dtc3280 dtc3280.zip Rockwell 56flex v90 NCR NCR 53C400A hpisadrv.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) C5 190A SJ167en Digicom Systems DI5630 ONLY! MB5630dvr.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR 58x CR58x_Win 9x.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR 58x CR58x_Win 9x.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR 58x CR58x_DOS.zip Innovision BTC all all ESS Technologies Oemsetup.inf Compaq modem549.exe Compaq 56K-DF Aceex DM-5614HSF NT driver Cmedia (CMI) 2919 c/w Lucent Chip iz52099a.exe Intel Intel740 3Com 3ComIsdnAT.zip Phillips 9710 P9710.inf AOC F-600 Aztech Labs CDA668-011 sgidecd.zip American Megatrends mbd-p5vb p5vb0221.exe ESS Technologies 18691317.exe Epson Stylus Photo 700 MUSP705B.SEA.hqx AST Bravo MS/MS-T 5000 series Bios 05579038.exe AST Advantage! 62x System 05576035.exe Trident Microsystems 4-DX Wave Tridwnw.vxd 3DFX Voodoo Graphics Reference Drivers voodoo.zip 3DFX Voodoo2 Reference Drivers voodoo2.EXE TEAC America CD-56E atapicd.exe Microsoft MS IE 4 SP-2 Internet Explorer 4 Newer Tech Newer Tech MaxPower G3 MaxG3.zip casio casio boss CasioLink Mac.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KX-S300 KX-S300.zip Kodak diconix 150 Kodak M150.zip Casio boss CasioLink Mac.zip SuperMac/Radius SuperMac/Radius SuperMac.zip ThunderWare ThunderWare lightning scan Thunderscan.zip Sanyo h94a sanyo LE Optics LE Optics CDD-1240 Cdrom.sys Davicom faqp.htm Motorola 288-336 int & ext mmodem.zip S3 Trio 3D 9x26106.zip Sony Electronics crx120e crx_264.zip Micro Videoo Micro Videoo MP2000 - MPEG Card mp2000.zip Connectix QuickCam B/W Greyscale bwqukcam.zip Toshiba SD-M1102 Toshiba DVD Drivers.zip Info Products FB-745 info32.exe ESS Technologies Common essadrvw98.zip Acer All mira-scan.zip SiS Corporation 6215 sis6215w95.zip Yamaha DS-SG legacy sound system NEC 1800a necide2.exe Magitronic E16Combo5C.zip Magitronic E16Combo5C.zip S3 W9531201.zip NEC CYRIL Dysan DY9300 N98DRV.zip NEC ODX658 NEC ODX658 OPTi 82C924 opti924.zip Info Products FB745 Hayes Microcomputer Acc366v3.zip Conner Peripherals All Conner Drives cnr117nt.exe Yamaha yamaha 719 drv.exe ESS Technologies ESS 1868 a.zip ESS Technologies ESS 1869 B.zip Toshiba PA1240EHYV-GRNT Alliance Promotion allince 6422.zip Primax p30_en98.exe PC Chips CMI8330 w95w31.zip Trident Microsystems 4DWave (DX) CDV135Upgrade.zip Diamond Technologies DT197A30 DT197A30.zip dtc dtc 3181x dtc-3181-dos.zip Aztech Labs AZT 2320 Aztech95.exe Microsoft Msvcp50.dll Hewlett Packard (HP) hp-401-cd.ZIP Microsoft Msnp32.dll Genius (KYE) Color Page EP CPEP1.exe Genius (KYE) Color Page EP CPEP2.exe Alaris dvc-1 (wee cam) alaris-dvc-1-win98.zip Genius (KYE) Color Page EP CPEP3.exe Sony Electronics cdu-511 sonycdu511.zip SiS Corporation 6326 Sis6326m.drv Play Incorporated snappy.ZIP Genius (KYE) Color Page EP CPEP4.exe Genius (KYE) Color Page EP CPEP5.exe BTC bcd-36x cdrom Btccdrom.zip Quadrant International Voodoo3 3000 CM3W98SEV180699.zip US Robotics win modem 56k int 00568301.exe Trident Microsystems 4DWAVE-DX 4DWAVE-DX Viva (Computer 110-03035 Viva288i.zip Diamond Multimedia all supra express sup_infs.exe IBM Thinkpad 365 ED Phdisk.exe Intel Bi440ZX BI440ZXupdate.zip ASUS asusbios.zip Logic3 jt277 JT277.zip SiS Corporation 6202 sis_202123-3.exe SiS Corporation 9440 W95-9440.exe SiS Corporation 8330 Cm8330.exe Davicom dm9008f Netlog.txt Sony Electronics SONY CPD-200ES.zip Iiyama North America Iiyama Vision Master Pro 17.zip S3 S3VirgeGX2.zip Synaptics Touch Pad Us5_0_23.exe 3Com 0637 coyote9x.exe Apple Computer ImageWriter3 imagewri.exe RealTek rtl8029 Realtec.exe RealTek rtl8029 Realtec.exe Creative Labs PCI128 PCI128 driver Win98 Cirrus Logic Cirrus Logic 5436, 5446, 5480 cirrusL.zip Rockwell R6785 Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-171 Matshita.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-171 Matshita.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-583,584,585 CR583_585DOS.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) any standard cdrom udfrinst.exe Toshiba Oakcdrom.sys LanBit LanBit WS-R410 10100.exe Archtek 3334bav-.zip Aztech Labs all md_MDP3858_W9x.rar Aztech Labs all md_MDP3858_NT4.rar Web Excel ME201A R6742.zip MaxTech Maxtech.inf Web Excel ME201A R6742.zip Diamond Multimedia MONSTERFUSTION 16 MB Start.exe Proview International (EMC) nd-848f emc.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) 6200c&cse 6200C&CSE.zip Apple Computer Color OneScanner 600/27 Matrox Graphics All Matrox Cards Os2223.zip Rockwell 51872416 Rss8004.inf Mitsumi Electronics CRMC-FXOO1D & CRMC-FXOO1 fx116.exe MediaVision Prosonic/Jazz 16 jazz16.zip Cirrus Logic 5446 Clvbetsr.exe Freecom Freecom usb cable driver.zip Sanyo crd-254P crd254p.zip Motorola VoiceSurfr 33.6 vs336inf.exe Lucent Technologies modem554.exe Davicom 33600 bps Internal FAXModem (Voice).log Davicom 33600 bps Internal FAXModem (Voice).log Davicom 33600 bps Internal FAXModem.log Davicom MDACSET.log Davicom Standard Modem.log ESS Technologies ESS ES56V-X ES2818 ES2819 ES2820 ess.ZIP Artisoft (Lantastic) NODERUN.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) 563KB 58x_9x.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-521 CR-522 CR-523 CR-562 CR-563 56x_dos.exe Samsung SC-431VS Sc431vs.zip UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) cmi8330 30cmi83-w98v64.zip Samsung Sc431vs.zip Samsung Sm500b.zip Samsung Sc428vsp.zip Samsung Sc428vs.zip Samsung Sc528dxl.zip Samsung Syncmaster 700s/Ms Sm700s.zip Samsung Sc441v.zip Samsung Cj.zip Samsung cvl.inf Samsung Syncmaster 4 Sm4.zip Samsung cvl.inf Samsung Sm510s.zip Intel i740 XFCom-i740 ... Commodore IP 3300 Eontronics Lilith Banshee DA911 Compal Electronics Compal Electronics Unknown Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Apricot XJ5 series MON_W98.EXE OPTi 931 expert color Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330 FreeDos FreeDos Cute Mouse 1.6 Teles Capi Driver 3.30 LG Electronics 8240B 8240firm.exe Unknown Hewlett Packard (HP) 850C NeoMagic 2097 sp6507 Diamond Multimedia sup2750 sup2750.EXE Sony Electronics CDU-311 atapi_cd.sys Sony Electronics IEEE-1394 Sony1394.zip Sony Electronics IEEE-1394 Sony1394.zip Logic3 JT 267 Sprint, swift, action, master.zip Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5p hpsjusd.dll Compaq sp6538.exe Western Digital WD7193, WD7197, WD7296 wd_disk1.dd Logitech cqc211nt.exe Rockwell RCV56DPF Iexplore.exe Creative Labs All Panasonic Interface sbcddw95.exe NEC All NEC cdrom drives SPEEDYCD.HQX Goldstar crd 8161b 8161b.exe Microsoft Msgres32.dll SiS Corporation usbsupp.exe Genius (KYE) USB Mouse USBdriver.exe SiS Corporation sis6326 6326w98.zip Data Technology dtc3181x.exe Info Products Setup.exe Info Products Setup.exe S3 trio3d9x26106.zip PC Chips 560ide.zip ALI v353.exe ESS Technologies OEMSETUP.INF Rockwell RCV56DPF Iexplore.exe Compaq V410 SP9401.exe Compaq Compaq Monitor Drivers.zip Brother MFC 7150C WINZIP32.EXE Surecom Surecon Lan EP325 Intel Pro/100B 100Base-TX intel100.zip Acer 310p prisa RealTek RTG 3106 3106.exe Oak Technology IBM Ibmcdrom.zip Aztech Labs azt2320 p1633d61.zip Aztech Labs azt2320 p1633d62.zip Yamaha YF724 PCI 95v1026.exe Rockwell Rockwell HCF 56K PCI American Megatrends Bios.vxd Intel 8255x 8255x.zip ADI Systems all Monitor Win95-98v70.zip Accton en1208b.zip SiS Corporation dfghdfghdfgh 29285616.gif D Link Systems DFE-530TX dfe530tx.exe Silicom Multimedia Wavemaster (all) Hewlett Packard (HP) 3200C Tseng Labs Command.com 3D Labs dvdewup.exe 3D Labs dvd5xreg.exe Explorer Multimedia Explorer Multimedia VideoPro 64 FX pro64.zip Direct X (Microsoft) 6.1 Dxtool.exe Superdisk / Iomation Superdisk / Iomation sd141_32.exe Jet Way TX98 TX98BW95 MediaSonic Sound Commander EX scexdos1.ZIP Packard Bell Sound 3 / Sound III sound3.exe ESS Technologies Solo 1 S1-wnt.zip Haicom Packard Bell Sound 3 / Sound III 142649.zip Sigma Designs station.exe