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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) LM200-CA RevA01 Loptwain.$00 Canon Multipass C20 FIX FOR ALL KINDS FIX FOR ALL KINDS Rtc.zip Intel pv40_9x.zip NEC CDR-4400A PC Chips M537 m537ide.exe Wearnes cds 32x Acer Acerview 54e acer.inf Forte Media Forte Media fm801 base200e Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-585-B 58x_95.exe ASUS AGP-V3400TNT/TV/16M 3400drv.exe ASUS AGP-V3400TNT/TV/16M tweak.exe ASUS AGP-V3400TNT/TV/16M lv34v300.exe IBM MITSUMI CRMC-FX400C3 fx400c3.zip Cirrus Logic cl-gd540x/542x avga Driver.exe SiS Corporation 6215-2 Sismini.vxd Microsoft 4.03.1213 Ntkern.vxd TeleVideo 143544-50 TELESOUND Hival Hival H4802a-15H fw200_02w.exe A4 Technology AM-5 Rockwell pc336rvp Iexplore.exe Canon c3000 Canon Creative Disk.htm Citizen gsx-230 gsx-140+ ver2 Citizen gsx-230 gsx-140+ ver2 3DFX v3w9x.exe globel globel gct-8stb amifl633.com globel globel gct-8stb amifl633.com Rockwell UNKNOWN RLVDL 56DPF/SP Lexmark 2050 lex2050.zip Creative Labs gbexw9x.exe US Robotics usrwave.inf PC100 Cm8330sb.drv Microsoft sdm.dll Microsoft shareres.dll S3 S3 Trio 3D on board IBM 2161c85 Uhcd.sys Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 27247A PC LAN Adapter / 16 27247.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 27247A PC LAN Adapter / 16 27247.exe S3 S3 Trio 3D on board Addonics Technologies sv750 w9x.zip leoptics inc leoptics inc cdd1240 CDD1240.zip Davicom 336p Internal Fax Modem(voice) davicom.zip Creative Labs Mscdex.exe Intel LS120 Bus master ide v3.0 Paradise 1MG-arklogic 100 Ark.inf Cirrus Logic CML 5620 Cirrus Logic GenericMDMCIR.INF Askey Computer V1456VQH-R3 Microdyne ep2000plus Audio Excel cmi 8330 Media Magic Tecra8000_DVD.zip Creative Labs 5635 56351359x.exe macromate macromate mn600cts.zip Davicom Davicom 336P Internal Fax Modem(Voice) Siemens Nixdorf OfficeLan PCI Tx l100.exe US Robotics reddy.zip Rockwell rlvdl56dpf/sp OPTi autoexec.bat New Media Corporation Surfer newmediaisdn.ZIP OPTi Mmdevldr.vxd 3Com 3c5x9 3c509x1.exe 3Com 3c5x9 3c509x2.exe Microsoft Mtrr.vxd Microsoft Nwlink.vxd Diamond Multimedia vpr410.exe Microsoft sage.vxd Aztech Labs Hitachi CDR 1503, 1600, 1700, 1900, 3600, 3700, 6700 hit_bus.exe Cirrus Logic GD5422/4 CIRRUSGD5422_4.ZIP Cirrus Logic GD5422/4 CIRRUSGD5422_4.ZIP Cirrus Logic CIRRUSGD5422_4_2.zip Cirrus Logic CIRRUS5434PCI.zip Logitech QUICKCAMFULL9598.zip Oak Technology oak-087-vl-bus-etbv 1.01b oakvlbus_etbv_087.zip Rockwell ESS Technologies 1688w95.zip Davicom Super Voice Dav336-1.inf Davicom super Voice Dav336-1.inf Davicom super Voice Comset.exe OLYMPUS eee.eee.txt Lucent Technologies modem549.exe Genius (KYE) GHunter.exe Puretek PT3011/2 56kinf.zip Puretek PT3020 PT3020.zip SiS Corporation 496bc318.exe SiS Corporation uide102.exe SiS Corporation 550x111.exe SiS Corporation 571w98.exe SiS Corporation side213.exe SiS Corporation 611drv.exe SiS Corporation 1.0 600agp10.exe SiS Corporation 1.4 91agp140.exe SiS Corporation Sischip.exe SiS Corporation sisirq9x.exe SiS Corporation Tsr.exe Aztech Labs azt3318.zip SiS Corporation M571 597113-2.exe Aspen Technology aspi32.exe Sony Electronics all atapi_227.exe Acer 610A 012 610a211.exe Alliance Semiconductor AT25 + VOODOOR AT25VDR.zip CommWave Most models Most models Compaq 1868.zip 3Com 1868.zip Logitech page scan pro PgScanCP.clb PC Speaker speaker.zip Apricot Apricot Whatmc.exe Apricot Cosworth Motherboard Cos601.exe Apricot Diamond Motherboad D509comb.exe Apricot PCL6000 (Ferrari Motherboard) Pcl6_904.exe Apricot various Apricot Lightning Motherboard (PII) Light_34.exe Apricot Lightning BX Motherboard (PII) Lgtbx_10.exe Apricot LS700 (Portland motherboard) Ls700_r2.exe Apricot MS500 / MS600 (Mustang motherboard) Mstng_15.exe Apricot Spitfire motherboard Spitf_32.exe Apricot Trent Motherboard Trent708.exe Apricot XEN PC/PCLS/PCm (Jade or Ruby Motherboard) Crj407.exe Apricot XEN PC (Revenge motherboard) Revenge.exe Sicos colorp.exe Apricot ide_cd.exe Apricot CDU50E CDU55D CDU55E CDU75E CDU76E CDU77E CDU17E ATAPI_CD.SYS Sony Electronics CDU50E CDU55D CDU55E CDU75E CDU76E CDU77E CDU17E ATAPI_CD.SYS Sony Electronics SDT-9000 Sony9000.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Surestore t20 hpt20nt40.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Surestore t20 hpt20nt40.zip Compaq Creative Labs PCI64 - AudioPCI - 1370 - 1371 - CT E370 sbpci64.zip Tripace TP-510 1550_W9X.ZIP Rockwell V1433VQH-R b33her.exe Yamaha OPL-SAx OPL-SAx 95.zip Yamaha OPL3-SAx OPL3-SAx 95.zip Roland DPX Aztech Aztech MDP3858 (all models) CoStar dlsdrv.exe ESS Technologies ess95.zip AZtech Systems AZtech Systems MS5000 Aztech Systems Aztech Systems All Models Lucent Technologies modem549.exe Aztech Systems Aztech Systems All Models Sound Galaxy Aztech Labs azt-3318isa azt1020/azf3318 Unknown Unknown Dlgez.exe Yamaha opl3sax Opl3sax.zip OPTi Opti931.zip Maestro Maestro-1 sc970_95.zip SiS Corporation sis5597/5598 Sis5597.zip ActionTec vftpxw9x.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 4020i Floppy cdr95drv.exe ESS Technologies ess1868 es1868.zip ESS Technologies es1868.zip ActionTec Diag.exe OPTi all Polaroid rocket.mov Y-E Data Y-E Data flashbuster-u fb98104.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Laserjet 5L HPLJ5L.zip Dataflex Design Communications 144/288 Dataflex comms office 288 w95..zip Reveal Win95 Drivers Win95 Drivers Orchid Technology SoundWave32+SCSI Sw32scsi.zip Logitech CSeries=On.reg Sanyo 820P SCDR-820P.ZIP US Robotics winmodem winmnt.zip Magitronic C SV-1428S Accessor.grp Western Digital dlg_ez.exe Onspeed HSP micromodem On Speed.zip Toshiba TXM3301E1 txm3301e1.zip NCR 53c400a NCR 53c400a Xircom RealPort 10/100+Modem 56 xbem_1.exe Diamond Technologies DT297A40 Diamond.zip Teles teles bri capi330_nt.zip Davicom DM9102 Adara Starlight 1 Chromatic Research mpact2 Mpactmanual.PDF Mustek ScanMagic 600 CP c3ep6l121.exe Sanyo CRD-820P crd820p.zip NCR PCI NCR53C810 Doscam3.doc NCR PCI 53C810 Doscam3.doc Artec vt-501 Mustek 600IISP, 800IISP, 800SP, 1200SP, 600IICD sp35.exe SiS Corporation SiS_530_M598_Win x,Os2,DOS.zip SiS Corporation SiS_530_M598_Win x,Os2,DOS.zip C Media CMI8330 Encad Novajet II ARBOLES.doc Trident Microsystems tvga 8900 ESS Technologies ESS 1868 es1868a5.exe NE2000 ne2000nt.zip Aristo nt40.zip Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DEC700.zip Prolink (Modems v90ew.zip Paradise VI1502 - Intel 740 3D AGP GRAPHICS ADAPTER WITH 8M bahamas64_9x.exe Rockwell HCF56kPCINT.zip Rockwell HCF56kPCI95.zip Rockwell HCF56kPCI95.zip ESS Technologies 1868 Ess Creative Labs Ensoniq AudioPCI 1371 ensoniq.zip Acer Rockwell Rockwell int. modem 56.6k RS56/SP-PCI, R6793-11dri infunist.exe Rockwell Rockwell int. modem 56.6k RS56/SP-PCI, R6793-11dri HsfDFS.inf Rockwell Rockwell int. modem 56.6k RS56/SP-PCI, R6793-11dri HsfDFSen.inf Rockwell Rockwell int. modem 56.6k RS56/SP-PCI, R6793-11dri wacwave.inf Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-S112 16x.zip Microsoft sidewinder v 1.0 side winder SiS Corporation xsis.rpm Memorex 402e memorex Microsoft User.exe Seikosha sp-2000 epson FX-850 Cirrus Logic MD-5650 MD-3450 Cirrus Logic MD5620DT-QC-A EN2220.zip IBM IBMMWaveDisks.zip NeoMagic 380XD and others vftpxw9x.exe PC Tel HSP K56FLEX PNP Controladores Modems.htm PC Tel Controladores Modems.htm Mitsumi Electronics d117.exe Funai sbcddw95.exe Kurta KU-28.exe Funai sbcddw95.exe Pioneer USA DR-511 ATAPI305.EXE Sanyo mdt-8014 Inst.exe Sanyo mdt-8014 Inst.exe Fargo Persona Plus quatront.exe Microsoft ndiswan.vxd 3Com 3c509b w95el5x9.zip ESS Technologies ess 1938 ess1938.zip ESS Technologies ess 1938 ess1938.zip Aztech Labs AZT 2320 chipset as2x1us.exe Diamond Multimedia Diamond Multimedia driver page Artec AS5E Actebis monitor.zip Target Rpci.lan Microsoft Dfs.vxd Actebis moninf.zip Analog Devices drv.rar Colorado (HP) 3.22 (Win 95).zip Mustek CG-8000T CG8000T.zip Compaq 82557 intel UTP sp6467.exe OPTi 930 930w95.exe ESS Technologies ess es56v-1 es56v-x fax voice Lexmark 5700 color CJ3957LE.exe VIA Technologies 4IN1409.exe Unknown Unknown jmouse.zip Cirrus Logic MD56250DT-QC-A Año 2000.txt Cyberdrive Cyberdrive 321d cddriver.zip Matrox Graphics kne30bt BTC 1817w&dw.zip BTC 1817d&b.zip OPTi opti 931 Sound16.cfg Toshiba XM-4101TA dosdrvr.exe BTC 1817w&dw.zip Pixie All models setup.exe KDS USA KDS-7 Visual Sensations VS7.exe Creative Labs Soundblaster PCI64 e64w9xup.exe US Robotics All modems 1996 to present mdm3com.inf NEC ssfd160.exe Diamond Multimedia Dd3dfx.drv Yamaha OPL3 95v 2338.exe D Link Systems DE-250C Logitech Logitech Win95 and 3.1 drivers.zip Rockwell HCF 56k DATA FAX PCI sp8897.exe S3 hgjg.zip Logitech PageScan Color Logitech Win95 and 3.1 drivers.zip Creative Labs CT 4810 e64w9xup.exe ESS Technologies Eepr2810.exe BTC 82c931 ATI 3D RAGE PRO LT PCI n42040en.exe Avatar AR-2250SP dos.exe Avatar AR-2250SP os2.exe Goldstar GCD-R580B 580b.exe Target Rpci.sys Bay Networks EA201 ea201v102.exe D Link Systems de660.zip D Link Systems de-660.zip Unknown Unknown Gscdrom.sys Netlux sn320801.exe Shamrock Technology C409-D Shamrock(1).inf Web Excel we-w9x.exe Web Excel v213020.exe Trantor Tt130/T160 Creative Labs BLASTER GamePad Cobra cgp2up.exe OPTi 82C6612A IDE Controler Pcdrom.exe ExpertColor Multimedia MED3931 v2.0 MED3931 v2.0 Rockwell Hcf-56.zip Zoltrix Zoltrix Yamaha Ysta32.exe Rockwell Rkv336.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) HP1600DOS.ZIP Hewlett Packard (HP) 1600C + 1600CM HP1600DOS.ZIP Mitsumi Electronics Mscdex.exe ExpertColor Multimedia med3931 Creative Labs 36Xmx Creat-36Xmx.zip Aopen PT75PlusII (DX) w95r10.exe Memorex Memorex CDRW2216 Driver.zip Gateway EmptyDoc.exe C Media C-Media, CMI8330 CMI8330 Apache Autoexec.bat Apache Autoexec.bat Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) All of them All of them Rockwell 56k speakerphone internal modem Sony Electronics CDU33a-01 Sony31a.zip Mitsubishi Electronics DJ-1000 dj1w95e2.zip ESS Technologies Maestro-2 (ES1968) w9x278.exe Rockwell RCVDL56ACF/SP fromv90i 3DFX Tandy 26-8102 megapad.zip s3 s3 s3vbe318.zip Epson Stylus (series) Epson.zip Chinon cds525.zip Acorp Rockx3v5.inf Rockwell MDP3858V-E Modem Tseng Labs et4000 various SiS Corporation sis 6202 Support.htm Info Products Image Reader EPP Epp.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Apollo P1200 Oemsetup.inf IBM CRMC-FXN01DE ide158.exe Smile International smile1.inf Cyberdrive All CyberDrive models Tseng Labs ET-4000 tsengpci.zip Tseng Labs ET-4000 tsengpci.zip Phonic Pro 56Pcmcia.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) 8390 mmk83xxa.exe Asound Asound.arj LiteOn Technology CDR-LTN202/L, CDR-LTN204/L, CDR-LTN242/L, CDR-LTN3 ltnv35.exe Sony Electronics PCG-F180 Modem159.exe Asound ASound_drivers.arj Wisecom WS-E200 / WS-C200CT e200_202.exe Trident Microsystems 975 w98-9x5.exe OPTi 931 931w95.zip Houston Instruments LDS 4000 plus Yamaha 4260t D Link Systems d-link DFE-530TX DFE-530TX.zip PC Tel hsp micromodem 56 PCTELDRV.zip D Link Systems DE-220P series DE-220P.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) DraftPro Plus Mp100en.exe SiS Corporation SIS 5595 Vga.zip US Robotics 0637 U.S. ROBOTIC PC100 M598 598.zip 3Com Robotics Sports 56K ext. 00568603.inf 3Com Robotics Sports 56K ext. 00568603.inf 3Com Us Robotics ext. 56K 00568603.inf Rockwell WS-3314JS3 mi336145.exe ESS Technologies 1938 solo-1 *main ESS Technologies 1938 solo-1 *main Rockwell WS-3314JS3 mi33146b - rockwell.exe ATI 3d pro 6326 sis 326win98.exe D Diamond Stealth 2500 Rockwell rockwell.zip Tektronix Phaser 140 Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjetc.dr_ Hewlett Packard (HP) Intel 1004cb0h.ZIP Intel 1004cb0h.ZIP ExpertColor Multimedia DSV6422 exp6422.zip CompUSA CompUSA 234155 CompUSA Game Pad (8 button).zip Panasonic (Matsushita LF-D101 nt4ram99.zip Genius (KYE) NetMousePro NetPro.exe Jaton Video97 AGP nVIDIA Riva 128 nVIDIA Riva 128 Jaton Video97 V97TW9x.ZIP Creative Labs Aweman32.dll Microtek Lab Scan32.exe Spot Technology Rockwell HCF 56 Soundcard Modem riptide2.exe Diablo targa 3611pnp monitor8.inf Packard Bell CR-563-B Msd.exe Kodak 09211? DVD_Player09211beta.sit 2TheMax combatfs.exe Hewlett Packard 690c dj39len.exe CTX VL 710 CTXINF.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) LKM-Fxxx-x sd_9xe.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) LKM-Fxxx-x sd_nt4e.exe Imagic 93365-2 known Lucent Technologies modem553.exe Microsoft intellimouse intellimouse 1.1 Toshiba Video Conference Intel Vorlon PowerColor mediagx 5520 p520win95.exe Symbios Logic 53c400a 53c400a SciTech Software Universal Vesa Drvr SciTech Software Universal Vesa Drvr Rockwell Enhanc.inf Intel Intel i740 Tornado FM-336SA, FM-336PC, FM-336H, FM-336E mdmtornd.zip Cirrus Logic all 141drv.zip US Robotics Winmodem all models except 14.4k winm336.exe Plustek Plustek A3I Optic Pro a3i.zip Data Technology (DTC) DTC436E dtc436e.zip ATI 318 fax modem ati600(1).exe philips philips CDD 2600 Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 8100i 8100-10g.exe ESS Technologies Es1938 Solo-1 PCI Ricoh MP7040S Nrw130ws.exe none none Internal Speaker SPKRDRIV.zip PC Chips M590 Mainboard m590BIOS_update.zip Diamond Technologies dt 0297 F diamond.zip Data