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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    US Robotics XJEM3336 xjem3336.exe ATI Mach64 Packard Bell Sound 4 (AZT3011) sound4.exe MediaVision Fusion 16 DD250 DD260 fusion.zip ESS Technologies ESS 56 v-x V90_56kes_x2_443004v-i.exe MediaVision Fusion CD 16 install.zip MediaVision Mvsnd326.exe MediaVision DD260 Dd260.exe MediaVision SLCD Slcd173.exe Acer Aspire, 685a, 6206a D910v310.sys Crystal Semiconductors CS4248-KL Sony Electronics PCGA-CD5 nata Kingston EthereRx ISA Kne2000.zip Addtron AE-200JL Ethernet AE-200JL.zip 3D Labs BansheeX-199902230.tar.gz Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-U200 Tsycdrom.sys Packard Bell CDR-8240B 8240B.EXE Compaq Deskpro 4000 SP9411.exe Ultrastor 24F 24famanu.zip Ultrastor 24F 24f-disk.zip Ultrastor 24F ultraopt.zip Genius (KYE) 18pnpnt4.exe Genius (KYE) 3dxnt.exe Philips Consumer Electronics 3610 c3610202.exe Genius (KYE) auv90e.exe Genius (KYE) dd32v14.exe Sanyo cdrh94a cdrh94a.zip ESS Technologies ES336V Es336v.ZIP Intel PII Bus Master for Pentium Pro chipsets Bmide.zip NEC oem cdrom drivers necide1.exe Sony Electronics cdu-760e atapi_cd.exe Okidata OL410e PSW95ENG.EXE Citoh Little Laser 44 LL44 Printing Syste Sony Electronics cdu-760e atapi.exe 3Com XJ4280 pcmcia card modem xj4288.exe Matsushita (Panasonic) CR-587 ATAPI Citoh C-420 w3x24pin.exe Hyundai delux2.inf Facit P8045 Win P8045win.zip Genius (KYE) e3000.exe Genius (KYE) escd.exe Genius (KYE) gm33613.exe Genius (KYE) gm56flex.exe Genius (KYE) tvw.exe Microsoft IBM TEAC America CDI-220 Teac_cdi.sys Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 660C dj149pr.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) DeskWriter 550c,560c dw6.0.4 SiS Corporation SiS 6326 Sis6326v.exe SiS Corporation 6326 AGP 8 MB W6326A8.zip IMES IDC-1200/AT icd8x101.zip BTC BCD 44XH bcd44xh.zip BTC BTC 44XH bcd44xh.zip Digital Research Technologies BCD 44XH bcd44xh.zip Micropolis 1578 SPICEGIRLS1.HTM Matsushita (Panasonic) LF-1195C AOATAPI.SYS NEC nec 4300a 6x4 nec6x4.zip Creative Labs CD 220E cl_atapi.exe Compaq 9220 cr-581-k Intel Codinstl.zip Tandberg Data Tandberg Ergoscan 15C ergoscan.exe NEC cdr-37 port,cdrom.zip Integraphics (ICS) 1680 2_12-d3.zip Microsoft Vbrun100.dll Microsoft Vbrun200.dll Aztech Labs Orcheng.dll MediaVision 650-0060-60A disk1.exe MediaVision 650-0060-60A disk2.exe Goldstar/LG Electronics 8160b Jaton Trid_d3d.drv Iiyama North all current models Iiyama98.exe Torisan (Sanyo) c3g c121.exe OPTi 930A Actima A24T Actima A24T CDRom.zip Actima A24T Actima A24T CDRom.zip Toshiba 126548845 6202 Matsushita (Panasonic) ujdcd6731 Scanport Any Scanpaq/Scanport Scanner Canon BJ-10sx Canon330.drv Sicos dms2000 dms2000_?.zip Cmedia (CMI) Cm8330W95.ZIP Cmedia (CMI) CMI 8330 Cmi8330W95.ZIP LG Electronics CRD-8240B 8240b.exe PC Tel HSP56 MicroModem pctellhsp56.zip Datatronics 1414XX,2814XX,3314XX DISCO95.ZIP SiS Corporation Sis597.inf Cirrus Logic Jazz16 Jazz16.zip Matsushita (Panasonic) ujdcd8730 Cirrus Logic 743e Acer.zip Proview International (EMC) EM-916, ND-1026, ET-1418, EM-1428, PV-1439 EM-ProviewMonitordvr.inf Trident Microsystems 8900D Trident.zip Creative Labs 4X IDE Createcd.zip Goldstar 8x IDE Goldcd.zip Mitsumi Electronics 2X IDE Mit.zip Mitsumi Electronics Mitsound.zip Compaq CR-503-B 50x_dos.exe Sanyo crd-820p sjcdapi.zip Connectix Color Quickcam 2 cqc211nt.exe IBM 32G3100 Ibmscsi2PCI for NW.zip Trident Microsystems 9440 Trident.inf Cyberdrive 240D CyberDrive 24X.ZIP Xerox FastPAGE 4 XeroxFP4.zip SiS Corporation sis 5596 SiS SVGA 5596 Ver. Intel Setup.exe Intel Setup.exe Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-N110-P sanyo-10.zip Xerox 4235 4235xdpm.exe Matsushita (Panasonic) CR-581-J Panasonic 4X CD-ROM Driver (Tray) Sony Electronics Setup.exe Hitachi Cdsetup.exe OPTi MF-009 opti16.zip Mitsumi Electronics Setupd.exe Tornado Tornado Tipa P & I TipaP&I9598.zip SiS Corporation Sis579 Sis597m.drv Viva (Computer Peripherals) 56LV-V 520isa.zip Acer RC144AxF acer288p.zip Lucent Technologies 56K PCI LT WIN MODEM LT56k.zip Cirrus Logic CLMD336 Cirrus.bat ESS Technologies V90_56kes_x2_443004v-i.exe ESS Technologies 56k_ES_X2_343003G.exe KTX Technology (Edge) Color Handy 800 ktx-h-95.exe Advance Logic als100 als100.zip American Megatrends many-lots! 570, 571, 572 etc.. Advance Logic Research (ALR) Alsrack.exe Advance Logic Research (ALR) Alsrack.exe ESS Technologies ESS 1868, 1868F 1868w946.exe Matsushita (Panasonic) cr-563-b creative Yamaha opl3sa.drv 95v2338.exe Intel 350409-xxx e10disk.exe Intel 700262-xxx 1000cd.exe SiS Corporation sis 530 530101-3.exe Iomega iowarentdrv.exe Novell NE2000 NE2000.ZIP Lucent Technologies Lucent CW56LU-PCI Lucent CW56LU-PCI Lucent Technologies Lucent 1120L-PCI Lucent 1120L-PCI Logitech All Mice M83setup.EXE Rockwell 33600 pnp voice fax modem Btck56i.inf Matsushita (Panasonic) CR-562-B PANASONIC 562B Rockwell Rockwell v.34 voice fax modem rockwell.zip Miro Computer dc-10(old one) Jazz Multimedia V 2.1 JAZZ16.ZIP Western Digital AC22500-00LB CAVIAR Western Digital AC22500-00LB CAVIAR Western Digital AC22500-00LB CAVIAR Microsoft V 1.1 IMOUSE.ZIP Toshiba XM-6102B Cdromdrv.sys OPTi 719 719.exe Nokia Labway Corporation A301-D10 95v1026.zip Compaq Compaq Presario 1220 Sp6507.exe Creative Labs ASE 32 sbw9xup.exe Symbios Logic PC Tel pct288-ia Intel 10016ax1.exe NEC cdr-c251 ss2vi.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) para brio AztecAud.zip Microsoft Intellipoint 2.2a INTELLIMOUSE 2.2a.exe Hewlett Packard scanjet Plus sj130en.exe Cirrus Logic CLM-5620 Clmport.vxd Acer FM34PV AT nfs3.exe Cardinal 8702 cardwv90.exe Tandy DMP 205 Dmp205.exe Golden Way Electronic HSP-2836V 2836vgw.ZIP Yamaha OPL3-SAx Miro Computer Products Brooktree BT848 Chipset bt848drv.zip Actima A24T Cardinal Technologies cardinal-01.ZIP Cardinal Technologies cardinal-02.ZIP Cardinal Technologies cardinal-03.ZIP Cardinal Technologies cardinal-04.ZIP JTS jts.exe Adaptec pdcontrol40.hqx Cmedia (CMI) cmi8330 w98v64t.zip IBM numerous ibm-dm.exe Toshiba XM-5602B Toshv212.sys MediaSonic InCS01A infracom.zip Toshiba numerous cddrv222.zip Delta Electronics OJC-F101 Cdvj2411.sys ESS Technologies Oemsetup.inf ESS Technologies ES1868 ESS1868.zip Diamond Technologies DT297A40 diamond.zip Trident Microsystems 9660/9680 Trident96xx.ZIP Trident Microsystems Type 1 Phaser trekphaser1.ZIP Canon LBP-460 LBP460.ZIP Thrustmaster Platinum Thrmstrpnl.ZIP Rockwell Rockrkv336.ZIP Packard Bell Pbellfm.ZIP Memorex cd-402e Memcd402e.ZIP Actima Actima32x.ZIP Hsin Lin M571 and lots of others! Toshiba xm-6002b and more cddrv222.zip Imation Aspihdrm.sys Imation Sd120ppd.sys Compaq 5240 modem.exe ExpertColor Multimedia med3240 3240103 PC Chips m537 (586MMX) 5370904s.bin Rockwell 56kbps fax/modem PC card (non-brand) r2210.exe Alps Electric 4000scan.exe ATI w95-2278.exe ATI nt404392.exe Yamaha cde100 GVC SF1128HV/R9 Qvcr9.zip Symbios Logic 53c416 sym416.zip Goldstar/LG Electronics ALL Studioworks lgmntsw.exe Always al500 500aspi.zip Matsushita (Matshita SuperDisk LS 120 sd_9xe.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-585 58x_95.exe Aztech Labs AZT1008 Hayes Microcomputer Products 5670GB 5670V90.zip Compaq 1255 Hewlett Packard (HP) 7100i 7100-301.exe Analog Devices ad1816 Wt80us.uwl AT TTM-860i ttm-860i.zip OPTi AT931 AUDIO16 OPTi Oak Technology 601F/605 ntmozart.zip Oak Technology 601F/605 mztw95.zip Pioneer USA atapi305.exe Chinon cds535 scsi interface Cdrvr.sys Atrend Helios Voodoo II ATC2455 Creative Labs e64w9xup.exe Star Micronics NX 2420 Award Abit DRIVER Brother M-4309 DOTPRINT.exe Avance Logic ASOUND cards Toshiba XM-5522B atapi.exe Creative Labs ct4180 sb95up.zip Rockwell SoftK56 version 2.02 Maestro 2 maestro Aztech Labs mdp7800-u Megahertz xj3288r Maestro 2 maestro Analog Devices AD1815/AD1816/AD1816A win95.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) Panasonic truphoto.zip Saitek megapad X11 6button2.zip Zoltrix AUDIO+6400(3D) V2.0 AUDIO.ZIP Multiwave Innovation CommWave v.34 PNP Iomega Zip, Jazz, etc. Iomega Driver Radius RadDV, MotoDV MotoDV1.1.3Updater.sit Radius MotoDV, RadDV CodecOptions1_2.sit Voyetra VP-11, V-22, V-24, V-24S, V-24SM V_series.zip Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D II m3dii207-9X.exe Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D II m3dii207-9X.exe RealMagic 64GX (SD6425) 64gx95.zip ESS Technologies ESS 56k ISA ES56V-I 004gNT.zip SiS Corporation 5597/5598 597113-6.exe SiS Corporation 5597/5598 597113-7.exe SiS Corporation 5597/5598 597113-8.exe Creatix Mscdex.exe Trident Microsystems Trident 3D 975 w98-9x5.exe Avatar Shark pr131.exe 3Com xj288 3Com.zip Audio Excel cmi 8330 excel2.zip Matsushita (Panasonic) cr-563-b 548 - 564 Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330-win9x 3x nt4 & dos CMI8330.ZIP Delta Electronics All Models cd_drv.zip 3D Labs PerMedia2 21050364.zip Apex Data various various Texas Instruments 1433VQH-X Ti.inf Iomega ioware9xdrv.exe Rendition v2x00 V2k_3_0b3a.zip Kensington Products A1369844 scroll whel mouse .zip American Megatrends CDR 1600,1700,1900,3600,3700,6700 hit_bus.zip 3Com 00582600 3Com Modem upgrade.exe s-yxg50ver 2.0 opl3-sax TeleVideo FX32 PCI fxvx6495.exe Trident Microsystems Providia9665 w98-968x.exe PC Tel wmregdel.exe Symbios Logic DFG 69.htm Askey Computer V1456VQE rkv01gerE.zip Tornado FM144xx , FM288xx torwin.zip Trident Microsystems video cards using trident8900d win3.1 95 trident8900d.ZiP Brother HJ-400 hj400_31.exe Askey Computer askey28.2 at&t chip set 28het.exe Matsushita (Panasonic) cr-563-b msdos Gateway Telepath28.8 Install.exe Mitsumi Electronics Mitsumi 12spd,cdrom Mscdex.exe Mitsumi Electronics Mitsumi 12 spd newfolder.zip Gateway Telepath28.8 telepath.zip Turtle Beach Systems w9x2015eng_updt.zip Fellowes p/n 99876 fmouse.zip Genius (KYE) gm336 Gm336.exe Genius (KYE) gm336 Gm336.exe 3Com 0637 USR0637 Win9x.zip 3Com 0637 USR0637 WinNT4.zip Matsushita (Panasonic) CR-574B SBIDED95.EXE Iomega zip parallel setup.zip Colorado (HP) Jumbo 350 and More... HP.zip Epson Stylus Color 500 Tandy VGM390 TandyVGM.zip Aspen Technology SQ3228,9,30.30VV,60,62,65,3460,65,65VV,70,80,3365, aspn3460.zip OPTi 82C931 Cmedia (CMI) Soundpro c30dx5b2.exe OPTi Mf-009.zip OPTi Mf-009.zip CDU76E atapi227.exe Matsushita (Panasonic) CR-581-J Storm Technology easy photo smartpage sfc11.exe Scanport sq300 sq_248.exe ATI unknown ati-w82440en.zip Symbios Logic AT3 Primax Colorado D600 primax drv d600.ZIP Saitek x36f x36drv02.zip 3Com W95el515.inf Analog Devices 1848 SiS Corporation 6205 205123-2.exe Hewlett Packard all all Marstek (Mustek) CG800 hand scanner CG800.zip Analog Devices ad181x ad181x_win95.zip Diamond Multimedia Soinc Impact S70 chipset s70.zip Avance Logic als300 als300.zip Avance Logic als100 Als100.zip Artec generic gray hand viewscan_grisgenerico_win95.zip AverMedia TV Phone win9x_new.zip Trident Microsystems 9660 series 9660win95.zip SiS Corporation 6202 Win95.zip QDI (Speed Easy) Vision 1 OpenGL_ICD.zip Samsung src=3232 drv140.zip Epson _isdel.exe ESS Technologies ESS1868 AudioDrive Driver Es1868.drv ESS Technologies ESFM Driver Esfm.drv ESS Technologies MPU-401 Essmpu.drv S3 S3_3 Display Driver S3_3.drv Logitech First Mouse+ mod.1428 M83setup.exe IMES ICD 1800/at icd1800.zip Diamond Multimedia Viper 330 vpr0130.exe Diamond Multimedia Viper 330 vpr0130.exe Diamond Multimedia Viper 330 vprnt301.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) All panamoni.exe Epson Stylus Color 640 Epson.exe Lucent Technologies lucnt518(3).exe Agiler AJP-348A POYPAD Macronix MX86200 mx95.zip Matrox Graphics Win95.zip NeoMagic MagicGraph 128ZV v6.17q_(8753).zip ARK Logic 1000xx & 2000xx Arkw95mi.zip Diamond Multimedia SUP2500 Sup2500.zip Elsa Gloria Synergy glsy_w98.exe Reveal funai.zip IBM CRMC-FXN01DE Motorola 3.30.11 SETUP.EXE Sampo Technology Opl3sa.drv NeoMagic MagicMedia 256V nt4_4230.zip Quadtel (RealTek) RTS8029AS win98 driver Crystal Semiconductors CWB3DSnd.exe Sierra Modems SQ3230 sierrasq2.zip Tamarack Technologies Artiscan pds300.EXE Yamaha OPL3-SAx Chip Solutions 95v2338.exe Motorola SM56 ISA-SM56B62.exe US Robotics winmodem 56k 56kx2.ZIP NEC NEC Multisync E700 and others NECMON98.INF NEC Multisync E700 necmon98.inf Cardinal Technologies MVP Series Cardinal Technologies MVP Series mvp.exe Advanced Gravis Gravis Ultrasound (GUS), Classic, Ace, Max, PnP + other Interwave Manley Drivers Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D II m3dii207-9X.exe NEC CDR 260 neck12.exe Colorado (HP) Jumbo120.zip Canopus Corporation Pure 3D II P3D2W9x1403B.exe Acer 787E Acer 787E 8622 MobilStor (external CD-ROM) EPIA16.EXE Acer 610 610a2.exe Kingmax fm336r-kf fm336rkf199701.exe Acer Magic S23 (Crystal Magic S23) Magics23.zip PC Chips ALL Motherboards STB Systems Voodoo2.zip Multiport CD-JET SL cdjet_sl.zip Crystal Semiconductors cs8900/cs8920/cs8920 (PnP) rel307.zip Matrox Graphics Millenium II w9x_433.exe Aztech Labs dir is by model DRIVER Actown Scanners vm3520a act scan 130 Advance Logic ALR Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DE450 45kit261.zip Reveal Reveal.zip CIS Technology WS-2814IM4 336V107N.ZIP Genoa Systems all all genoa products ESS Technologies ESS SOLO-1/1938 ES_WIN98.exe Analog Devices POPUPS.exe Avec (Relisys) vm3561 Support.htm LG Electronics CRD8320B CRD Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330 CMI8330 Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330 osslinux392g-libc-20x.tar.gz Microsoft mouse.zip Wearnes cdr-622 gri_mmc.zip GVC DF-1156HVA2B Modem521.exe Hewlett Packard PC Chips M571 571vga98.zip Yamaha opl3sa Zoltrix fmvsp336i 336acfv.inf MediaVision Zoltrix fmvsp336i Rockwave.inf Web Excel QLMC.EXE Primax ALL ALL Cardinal Technologies connecta 56K V90 crdv90df.exe Data Expert (Expert Media) MED1600 Cardinal Technologies External Connecta X2/V.90 Cardinal 56K.zip SiS Corporation 6326 agp Sony Electronics cdu948s fdu.exe GVC SF-1133HV/R16 Sf33r16.exe Microsoft 3dpro.zip 3Com TokenDisk for the TokenLink III 16/4 Family 3c619cx.exe Harmony Multimedia HM18020-2 v2083_90.EXE Daewoo For series 431, 518, 710, 901 Impression All Impression monitors monitor.inf Microsoft N/A speaker.zip Digital Equipment Several Digital Printers, including LN03 pg00138a.exe STB Systems VIDPCI013AAWW 7501761.exe Avance Logic ASOUND-PLUS als100.zip SiS Corporation M571 Siside.inf ActionTec DeskTalk is603sk.exe Motorola WIN5602 ISA-SM56B62.exe Davicom V1433VQH-U 96-C807231.zip Compaq Mfc42.dll Cardinal Technologies 3250 cardwv90.exe Cardinal Technologies 3250 -- 8702 cardwv90.exe US Logic pixie.zip Royal Information Electronics Co RH-1450M, PCC-1525, DL-1564M, & others pixie.zip Microsoft MSDUN13.EXE Lucent Technologies v90 update _isdel.exe Adaptec AIC-6X60 AHA-1520 driver Goldstar GCD R580 b 580b.exe OPTi TeleVideo TeleSOUND 3D opti.ZIP SoundBlaster Aweman32.dll Exp Computer Cd940v5.exe Goldstar/LG Electronics R580B nt40.exe Goldstar/LG Electronics R580B NT40 Sanyo crd-254v Cirrus Logic clmdm.zip NCR 53C700 Camc700.exe Award Sony Electronics CDU77E Atapi_cd.sys Yamaha OPL3Sax Opl3sa.drv Western Digital Caviar ezdrive9.exe MediaVision Fusion DoubleCD 16 Media Vision ESS Technologies SC 1938 (Solo 1) solo_02n.zip SiS Corporation 6326AGP 326win98 C Media cmi8330 soundpro.zip Sceptre Technologies All Sceptre Models sceptre.exe Cirrus Logic CL-MD5620 cirrus.inf Aztech Labs FCC ID DRIVER Epson FX-1170 sw009.exe nVIDIA Riva 128ZX NT40R128.zip