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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Microsoft Intellimouse imouse.zip Hewlett Packard ScaJet 5P sj211en.exe Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5P sj211en.exe Hewlett Packard 350 hp350.zip TEAC America CD55a DOS/Win3/95/NT/OS2 Logitech First Mouse + M-S48 M80SETUP.exe Logitech First Mouse+, M-S48 M82setup.exe Bravo (Haydn) brav931w95.zip Lucent Technologies LT WINMODEM LT518 Logicode several logicode.zip Matsushita (Matshita CR-523-B 56X_DOS.EXE Panasonic (Matsushita CR-563 563win95.exe Panasonic (Matsushita CR-563 563dos.exe Star Micronics SPxxx Printers win95oem.EXE Sony Electronics CDU33A-01 173A.EXE Matsushita (Panasonic) CR574 Harmony Multimedia Unknown Philips Consumer cm206 206_143.exe Crystal Computer CMI8330 Crystal Computer CMI8330 cw98v52.exe Philips Consumer Omn26 Ext. EPST Actima a24t 32xide.zip Info Products FB735 Setup.exe Future Domain TMC-16x0 pwrscsi4.exe Lucent Technologies LT Winmodem v5.18 Matsushita (Panasonic) CR574 Lucent Technologies lucnt518.exe OPTi 924 chipset 924w95c.exe LiteOn Technology M15007 Lite_On.zip LiteOn Technology M15007 Lite_On.zip Magitronic csv11500ps Lite_On.zip ESS Technologies ESS56Vx V90_56kes_x2_443004v-i.exe US Robotics Winmodem Internal WINMV90.EXE 3Com WinModem Internal WINMV90.EXE NEC CDR-260 Hayes Microcomputer 5351US/HK Acc336 v34 fax.zip Canon multipass c5000 Trident Microsystems TVGA8900 UC95-10 SiS Corporation sis 6215 CyberVision cyinf.exe Behavior Tech ESS 1868 S3 s3id.exe S3 s3id.exe Creative Labs CR-563-B sbcddw95.exe Newcom 33.6ifxvC 336ifxcdf.exe Cirrus Logic CL-MD5650 Mdmcir.inf Spider Graphics Spider 256 PCI opti264.zip Canon bjc-70 bjc70.zip Micro Solutions 143010 (800TD) bp32_21d.exe Acer Magic S23 v230cd2.exe BusLogic bt-445s bt-445s.zip Canon LBP-460 Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-C3G,C6G C121.EXE Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-C3G,C6G C121.EXE Sanyo CRD-820p crd-820p.zip Toshiba XM-6202B CDDRV222.zip Behavior Tech bcd 8x Audio Excel av310 310w98.exe Aztech Labs MD6802 A31086.exe Info Products SE6c SE6C_32.EXE Hewlett Packard Hp deskjet 400 Supra supramax pci V9056k sup2260.cat Marstek (Mustek) sp35.exe Matsushita (Matshita CR-563-B 56x_DOS.EXE Matsushita (Panasonic) cr-581 Pioneer USA 32x front loading Pioneer CD for MAC NEC CDR-260R ide_dos.exe Crystal Computer cs4231A Toshiba SD-M1202 1020 Speedcom V3314EP & V336E PNP Speedcom.zip Amptron Amptron Sound Pro SiS Corporation sis 5597/5598 Wearnes cdd110 wcdd110.zip Dynalink 1428 VQE Mdmdyna.inf ESS Technologies ES1868F 1868w946.exe Storm Technology totalscan En600_95.zip Aopen Sierra SIERRA.ZIP Microsoft intellimouse v2.2 intelli22.zip Toshiba 5702B et. al. atapi.exe Sertek Setup.exe Sony Electronics (sonycdrom)atapi_227.exe Epson stylus color400 epsonsc400.ZIP Matsushita (Panasonic) cr581 Aopen 36x , 40x aopen.ZIP NEC NEC CDR260 neck12.exe NEC Older NEC CD-Rom Drives necv111.exe Zoom SVD 33.6 PnP 2800 zoominf.exe Tekram Technologies for tekram Sony Electronics atapicd.sys Diamond Multimedia Diamond Monster 2 m3dii205.exe Toshiba XM-xx01 & XM-xx02 Artec Mouse Mouse Driver Takaya CD-1016 tkcd1016.zip Headland Technologies ht216-32 Delta Electronics OTC-F101 24x32x.exe Rockwell "Origo" Rockwell HC Rockwell Rockwell HCF56K PCI RealTek RTL8029 S3 s3id.exe S3 Trio 64v2/dx/775 & 785 w9524107.zip Delta Electronics DA-1765 and others Da_db.inf Avance Logic alg2301 Symbios Logic 53C416 416drv.zip FIC ht 1869 soundpro Storm Technology totalscann D600NT.zip Cmedia (CMI) AnyWithCMI8330 chip Various Avance Logic ALS100+ ALS100+ Epson Stylus COLOR 200 S20021AE.exe Teles Teles 16.3 pnp 3.26 Compex UMAX Astra 300P astra3p(1).exe Lucent Technologies Lt Win Modem Lucent Tech Lucent Technologies Lt Win Modem ver. 5.23 Sony Electronics dcu 311 Mscdrom.inf Sony Electronics cdu 311 Mscdrom.inf Pine Group Schubert Solo 1 Hewlett Packard 890c deskjet890c OPTi Opti (OP931) SiS Corporation SiS5597/5598 Creative Labs CRE-BTB(CR563) sbcddw95.exe Star Micronics NX2460/C.. LC240/C LC240.EXE Xerox 4235, 4213, 4030, 4010, 4011, 4045 Xespcl95.zip IBM IBM 38MD SP2780 mwos2vsd.exe Chinon cddrv11.zip Chinon cds-545i cddrv11.zip NeoMagic 128XD Neomagic MagicGraph OPTi 931 OPTI3DIS.zip Radicom radicom.inf Wearnes 1102x.zip Wearnes CDD-110 1102x.zip Samtron SC-528UXL Sc528uxl.zip Daewoo MANY Daewoo.inf Argosy CD-952 cd952.zip Storm Technology Total Scan Totlscan.exe Argosy CD-952 CD-952.zip Hewlett Packard HP Scanjet 3c4c5c HP Deskscan 2.31a.zip Sony Electronics CDU50E,CDU55D,CDU55E,CDU75E,CDU76E,CDU77E sonycd.zip Sony Electronics CR-521/522/523 & CR-562/563 mitsumi.zip Panasonic (Matsushita CR-52X/56X CD-ROM drives. panasoni.zip ESS Technologies Chip 1688 1688w95.zip ESS Technologies 1868 1868w95.zip ESS Technologies 968 968.zip STB Systems STB SoundRage 32 OPTi OPTi 82C924/925 925d_w(1).exe Matsushita (Panasonic) CR-582 58x_dos.exe OPTi 929 and 924 legacy. 929w95.exe OPTi OPTi MAD16 Audio Device Driver for OS/2 os2.zip OPTi OPTi 82C924 Windows 95 Drivers win95.zip Epson Okidata Scalable ML590 Epson epson.zip Diamond Multimedia Stealth II S220 sii95110.exe Brother brother M-1709 Microsoft Intellipoint 2.2c Engl. Packard Bell PB600 Bios Upgrade Info Connectix QC11.zip Matsushita (Panasonic) cr-583 Connectix QC21U.EXE Voicom (Gallant) SC-6600 V2.0 SC-66V2-1, -2 Acer ALN-201 v3.20 Hewlett Packard 7200i hp cd-writer BTC BCD models Dynalink Many of them Optics Storage Dolphin 8000AT dolat001.zip Miro Computer miroCrystal 12SD Aopen msmpu401.zip Shark Multimedia Leopard 56k voice/fax Kflex.zip Cyberdrive All DOS cddriver.zip Compaq Persario 1610 56k modem ccsd.zip C Media cmi8330 Axion Trident Microsystems Cyber 9385 NEC CDR-1300A Sony Electronics cdu76s Actebis cw98v52 ? QuickShot qs6brb1 QuickShot qs6brb1 Oak Technology OTI-37, OTI-67/77, OTI-87B, OTI87X, OTI-61407, OTI-64111 Storm Technology imgwave.exe Aopen FM56-P p1351w9x.exe Compaq Compaq Presario Compaq Presario 56K Acer 6206A acer6206.zip GVC SF-1133HV/R16 gvcmodem Logicode 33H-P-CL Logicode 33H-P-CL.zip Digital Audio digital Only CardD DAL.exe Aztech Labs MDP3858SP-U mdp3858u.zip Aztech Labs MDP3858SP-U patchSPU.ZIP Aztech Labs MDP3858SP-U 3858spu9.zip Star Micronics Alle models for win 95 win95.exe Toshiba XM5402B atapi.exe Info Products Info ImageReader ISA Avance Logic ALG2302 2302.ZIP Memorex CR-622 and CR-1622 cdrdos.exe Epson GQ-5000 _epgq.exe Delta Electronics s101 16x.exe Delta Electronics ODC-6101 odc-6101.zip Funai E2850 Funai E2850.ZIP OPTi 931 Sony Electronics CDU311 601186.zip Aztech Labs AZT4029 MD6802-U azt4029.zip Hercules Stingray 128/3D s128w133.exe Sanyo pd1-rom sany_pd1.zip US Robotics winmodem 33.6 pcmcia WINMPCM.EXE Acer CD-912E/ATK Toshiba XM-5602b toshv212.sys Media Magic isp-16 media magic ver 4.0 Install.exe Logitech First Mouse+ Wheel Wheel Software Digital Research drcdrom32/36/40/44 drcdrom.zip BTC BCD-16XA 16x.zip BTC BCD-16xa 16x.zip Symbios Logic 53C400A (HP Version) Nikon LS-3510 nkn414.zip Jazz Multimedia Citoh m1570 m1570.zip OPTi BTC 1817D/B 1817w98.zip IMES ICD-3600/AT imes24cd.sys Compaq All (4x and above) sp4282.exe Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R540B 540b.exe LMSI (Philips) cm 206 206_143.exe Aztech Labs 3011 PnP ntaud.exe Aztech Labs 3011 PnP ntmod.exe Avance Logic 2302/1301 Atlas Peripherals 3Dfx Adrenaline Rush Spot Technology SF 600C Scan Tac 2C US Robotics Sportster Winmodem 33.6k Plug & Play DRIVER Mitac MediaVision 660-0020-01 reno.exe Pioneer USA Pioneer CD-ROM Acer s23.zip Mag Innovision All Mag.inf ESS Technologies ES1688 ES1688w95.zip ESS Technologies ES1869 ES1869.zip Yamaha OPL-SAX 95v2338i.exe Cyberdrive Teac_cda.sys Hewlett Packard 7200 7200plusCRW(ext.) Colorado (HP) T1000 95cbw170.zip Audio Excel AV310 for CMI8330 Interact all all Storm Technology Easyphoto.zip ExpertColor Multimedia MED3931 med3931.zip SIC Resource Super Sound 32 32w-3d.zip Hi Val crd-8240b 8240b.exe Mitsumi Electronics Mtmminip.mpd Award all SpaceWalker Shuttle Motherboards OPTi OPTi Audio 16 OPTi Audio 16 Summagraphics SummaSketch Tablet Works DCS Multimedia several dcs models LiteOn Technology ltn204 liteon Tseng Labs ET4000 Chip Tseng Labs ET4000 Chip Creative Labs AWE32 Mitsumi Electronics CRMC-FX140S2 Relisys all all Fujitsu 600 PCMCIA SCSI CARD scsi295.exe Connectix Pinwriter P3200 win95pin.exe E Tech Research PC288RX Lexmark 1020 color Nt4lex2.exe Adaptec aha-2940, aha-3940, AIC-78x0 7800wnt.exe Thomas Conrad Products TC5041 Compaq Presario 1681 nm2160_nt4.zip Compaq Presario 1681 ess188x_nt4.zip ESS Technologies ES1938 nt4.zip ESS Technologies ES1938 win95.zip ESS Technologies ES1938 win98.zip Microsoft SWGameEN.exe Diamond Multimedia VoodooII KDS USA VS-all kds.inf Cyberdrive 160d Acer model unknown atapi cd-rom speed8 Matsushita (Matshita CR-508 Apple%20CD-ROM.sit Audio Excel CMI 8330 C-Media Info Products ImageReader Express fb4.exe SoundBlaster sbw9xup.exe 3Com 3C589D 3C589x_1.exe Eontronics Da Vinci DP 168 dp186_95.exe IPC ISP16/ISP32 Voyetra Optics Storage several see comment Tatung CM* driver.inf Matsushita (Panasonic) cr-584 58x_95.exe Goldstar/LG Electronics CRD-8240B 8240b.exe Epson 2jm1071072 RealTek Rta 3000 Rta3_aug.exe Acer Oakcdrom.sys MediaVision 650-0032-xx Sony-32.exe UMAX all umaxis11.exe Interact All 6 button GamePad Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R540B 540b.exe Logitech 3 button, mouseman, & more Matsushita (Panasonic) CR-584 58x_95.exe Yamaha opl3-sa2/sax 95v2338i.exe ESS Technologies ESS 1868 ESS Technologies ESS 1868 Panasonic (Matsushita okidata 184 turbo 184twn31.exe Panasonic (Matsushita KX-P 1124i Win31dmp.exe