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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Genius (KYE) ALL Genius (KYE) sound maker 3dx audio utilities Genius (KYE) Sound Maker 3Dx sm3dx.exe Genius (KYE) SOUNDMAKER 3DX YAMAHA OPLI Golden Sound pro16es directx Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R542B extreme any Interwave card pnp2.2b.zip Miss Melody MF 1000 IBM IBM 25H2749 16-Bit DSP Wavetable Sound Card Intel ID-1202971M driver (PowerColor) IO Magic dr-sk803 PCBDSP32&2 DRIVER Jazz Multimedia jazz Asound Plus 3D als100+.zip A151A00 sv510w95.zip LWHA111A20 Logitech IXW-PAS16LL Lxycon Sound Booster Pro 16 Mozart Opti82C929A Opti929 Media Magic ISP-16 Goldstar/LG Electronics gcd-r542b Media Magic Isp-16 Media Magic 9402 Media Magic ISP-16 Media Magic isp-16 Media Magic PCBDSP32&2 DRIVER Media Magic umisp16aud DRIVER Mediatrix Peripherals Audiotrix 3D-XG OPL3-SA3 MediaVision ALL MediaVision Spectrum16 spctrm16.exe Miro Computer Products dc 30 plus Mozart mozart Mozart mztw95 Mozart 16 Mozart Mozart 16 mm95w.zip Mozart Mozart 16 OTI 601 Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R542B gcdr542b.exe NEC OPTI SOUND CARD optiw95 NEC MT-1710-24833C New Media WavJammer wjntb3.exe Oak Technology Oak Technology mozart sound system Oak Technology mozart 16 Oak Technology mozart 16 601b112.zip Oak Technology Mozart OTI-601 OTI-601B/E/F for Windows 95 Oak Technology Mozart Sound System mztw95 Oak Technology OTI 601 mztw95.zip Olivetti Personal Computers olivetti voice waveform Goldstar/LG Electronics gcd-r560b gscdrom.sys OPL3 opl3-SAx OPTi OPTi OPTi OPTi OPTi Goldstar/LG Electronics gcd-r560b gscdrom.sys OPTi OPTi audio 16 OPTi audio 16 OPTi audio 16 OPTi cs4248 OPTi OP31M-3DS OPTi 16 OPTi 82c924 OPTi924.zip OPTi 82c924 OPTi 82c924 music 16 pro OPTi 82c924 PnP OPTi 82c925 OPTi 82c925 OPTi 82c925 925d_w.exe OPTi 82c929a 82c929a OPTi 82c929a mad 16 pro OPTi 82c929a mad 16 pro OPTi 82c929a soundport OPTi 82c930 OPTi 82c930 OPTi 82c930 930w95.exe OPTi 82c930 930wnt.exe OPTi 82c930 sound OPTi 82c930a 82c930a OPTi 82C931 OPTi 82C931 82C931 OPTi 82c931 931v203.exe OPTi 82c931 931w95 OPTi 82c931 931w95c.zip OPTi 82C932L OPTi 924 OPTi 924 OPTi 924 kt-music16-v2 OPTi 925 OPTi 930 OPTi 930 930w95.exe OPTi 930 opti930.exe OPTi 931 OPTi AD1845JP OPTi audio16 OPTi mad 16 pro 82c929a OPTi MAD16 82C928 OPTi med3240 MED3240-41_For_Win95.zip Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R580B 580B.EXE OPTi mpu-401 OPTi opti 82C931 win95.exe OPTi opti82c924 Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R580B 8x_cd.exe OPTi opti82c930a OPTi opti82c930a OPTi 82c924 win95 OPTi 82c925 OPTi 82c925 optifm OPTi 82c929a win95 OPTi 82c931 Opti Sound OPTi 931 opti931 Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R580B R580B.exe OPTi ss16 Orchid Technology n/a gamewave32 Packard Bell forte 16SBP NOVA95.ZIP Packard Bell Multimedia Pro 16 Pro16-95.zip Goldstar/LG Electronics GSCDr420b Pine Group PT-230X ESS 1868F Pine Group MAD PRO 16 (pt-200) pt-200 Pioneer USA 1222301090 sound blaster 16 pas16 Procomp pm-s212 Procomp PM-s212 Procomp snd931p.vxd Acer 787e Procomp PM-S210 s210w95.exe Procomp PM-S212 Procomp PM-S240 Procomp PM-S240N disk 1 Procomp pm-s245 Promise Technology 3DWebSound AD1816 AD1816 QDI (Speed Easy) QDI / SOUND16 930w95.exe Goldstar/LG Electronics r580b r580b.exe Reveal SC400 rev2 Pro16-95 Reveal SC400 Reveal sc4004g Reveal SC500 all required for win95 Reveal SC800 Roland mpu401 smpu.exe S3 09c3fb Sound pro Sertek dcs s611 Sertek dcss613 Silicom Multimedia WaveMaster Sony Electronics 1.71a SoundBlaster cm8330sb Vibra 16 AWE 32 SoundBlaster awe64 creative ct2230 opti82c924 sb 16 creative labs Goldstar/LG Electronics gcd-r542b SB 1.5 sb15wu.exe s613/s6131 s613 exe s613/s613l s613.exe AD1846JP analog device ad1848kp analog devices Hewlett Packard CD Writer Sure Store 6020 1869v+ soundw98.zip cmi8330 CMI8330 ON-BOARD TOPGUN WIN98 UPDATE STB Systems UltraSound 32 Pro sp5223 STB Systems any Interwave card pnp2.2b.zip Terratec Sound System Base 1 b1w95(1).exe Terratec Sound System Base 1 b1wnt.exe Toptek (Golden Sound) Soundcard Pro Deluxe Toptek (Golden Sound) 93909008969 Toptek (Golden Sound) Golden sound Card 3 IN 1 3in1.zip Toptek (Golden Sound) golden sound card Toptek (Golden Sound) various various 82c931 opti-sound audio card s16c-std-01-eng (rev1) Vibra 16 16c-w95.zip cmi8330 Voicom (Gallant) SC-6600 Crystal CS4231A Voicom (Gallant) Sc6600 sc6000 Voyetra mm0050 windrivers Hitachi msc001, msc000 Acer 787e OPL3-SA OPL3-SA 719drv.zip Yamaha 719 3D Sound Card vopl3sa.vxd Yamaha ? opl3-sax Yamaha ? opl3-sax Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha APL3-SAX Yamaha opl3 Yamaha opl3sa.drv Yamaha opl3sa Yamaha opl3-sa Yamaha opl3-sa3 Yamaha opl3-sax sound board Yamaha OPL3-SAx Yamaha pnp Yamaha All OPL3sa Yamaha axra 16 bit 3d stereo axra Yamaha Axra 16-bit 3D Stereo Full Duplex PnP 3D Sound OPL3 Sax Yamaha mm320gnm03 opl3sax Yamaha OAL3 OAL3-SAX Yamaha olp 95dos100 Hitachi 8130 Yamaha opl 3SAx Yamaha opl ymf719-sa2 opl3sax Yamaha opl3 sa 719drv.zip Yamaha opl3 sax Hitachi CDR 1503/1600/1900/3600/6700 hit_bus.zip Yamaha OPL3 SAX OPL3-95b.zip Yamaha OPL3 Yamaha opl3 OPL3-SAx Yamaha opl3 opl3-sax Yamaha opl3 vopl3sa.vxd Yamaha opl3 yamaha opl3sax Yamaha opl3-sa Yamaha OPL3-SA Yamaha OPL3-SA 719DRV.ZIP Yamaha opl3-sa 719drv.zip Yamaha opl3-sa2 Yamaha opl3-sa3 Yamaha OPL3-SAx Yamaha opl3-sax Yamaha opl3-sax Yamaha opl3sax opl3-95b.zip Yamaha opl3-sax opl3-sa3 Yamaha opl3sax opl3sax.drv Yamaha opl3-sax opl3-sax.drv Yamaha OPL3-SAx OPL3-SAx Yamaha opl3-sax opl3-sax Yamaha opl3-SAx VOPL3sd.vxd Yamaha opl3-SAx VOPL3sd.vxd Yamaha opl-sa3 Yamaha OPL-Sax Yamaha OPL-SAx opl3-sax Yamaha yam211.exe Yamaha yamaha/sax opl3/sax Yamaha YM 715 OP13-SAX Yamaha ym3812-f Yamaha ym715 op13-sax Yamaha ym715 opl3-sax Yamaha ym715 opl3-sax Yamaha Ymf 719e-s opl3-sa3 Yamaha ymf719 opl3-sax Yamaha opl3-sa Yamaha OPL3Sa Yamaha atc-6631 opl3sa.drv Yamaha OPL3 saXwdm Yamaha OPL3SA 95v2329i.exe Yamaha opl3sa opl3sa.drv Hitachi cdr-8130 Yamaha OPL3SA OPL3SA Yamaha OPL3-SAx OPL3-SAx Yamaha PS-Y02-01 95v2329i.exe Yamaha YMF719 OPL3-SAx Yamaha ymf719-s opl Zoltrix av302 4410 4410 Alps Electric MD-2010 mdprinter Amstrad DMP 3160 Apple Computer style writer Apple Computer 12/660 PS lw_8.4.1.sea.bin Apple Computer apple laser writer 4502 jet script qms Hewlett Packard ACER CD-747E/HAS MITSUMI Brother HL 4 Brohl.exe Brother HL-630 Brother hl-630 Brother hl-630 Brother HL660 660wwd.exe,660wcus.exe, 660ws.exe Brother HL-665 660WCUS.EXE Hewlett Packard 6020se 6020 Brother IntelliFAX 2300ML Missing Link Brother M 1818 Brother M-1324 Bro24.exe Brother M-1324 brother m-1324.drv Brother M-1724 L Brother M-1724 L Epson LQ 1000 Brother M-1724L Epson LQ 1000 Brother m-1809 Brother MFC 9500 RASDD.DLL