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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Pioneer USA Pioneer USA Pioneer USA 501s Pioneer USA all models Pioneer USA CDX24 Pioneer USA Dr 211 ATAPI Pioneer USA dr 444 Pioneer USA DR UA124S 220 Pioneer USA DR-2111 Pioneer USA dr-444 Pioneer USA dr-444 ATAPI Pioneer USA dr-444 pioneer Pioneer USA DR-466 Pioneer USA DR-502S ATAPI 24x Pioneer USA DR-502S atapi_cd.sys Pioneer USA DR-502S atapi-cd.sys Pioneer USA DR-506S Pioneer USA dr-511 Pioneer USA dr-511 Pioneer USA DR-511 Pioneer USA DR-511 dosa303.exe Pioneer USA dr-a12x dosa303.exe Pioneer USA DR-A12X dosa303.exe Pioneer USA DR-A24X Pioneer USA DR-A24X Pioneer USA DR-A24X atapi303.exe Pioneer USA DR-A24X DOSA303.EXE BTC bcd 16xa 16x.zip Pioneer USA dr-u03 s Pioneer USA DR-U124X Pioneer USA DR-U124X Pioneer USA DR-U24X Pioneer USA DR-U24X Pioneer USA DR-UA 124X Pioneer USA dr-ua124x 4X Speed ATAPI Internal CD-ROM Drive DR-A12X Panasonic (Matsushita) Mozart souncard/CDROM controller OTI-601B/E/F for Windows 95 Mitsumi Electronics Mozart souncard/CDROM controller OTI-601B/E/F for Windows 95 Reveal GCD-R420B Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R420B Reveal Reveal cdex563 Reveal gcd-r540b Ricoh mp 6200a 3.01b Samsung DOS driver for 4X,6X,8X,12X,20X,24X and DVD sscdrom.sys Samsung scr-2431 Samsung scr-830 Samsung SCR-830 BTC bcd20x atapi cdr-h94a CDR-S1G TSYCDROM.SYS 20x cpqidecd 44 cdr 254 BTC BCD24XM ATAPI Acer 610A, 612A, 616A, 616P, 620A, 624A, 645A, 655A, 665A, 685A 610A211.EXE (V2.11) cdr-250s cdr-h94a CDR-254s Install disks drive/sound card combo cdr254v b BTC bcd8x atapi CDR-H94A(TG) trigem cdr-h94a ? cdr-h94a cdr-h94a CDR-H94A cdrh94a CDR-H94A 929CDW.EXE CDR-H94A CDR-H94A cdr-h94smv and jazz16s sound card BTC BCE 621E CRD-1332P crd-99.exe CRD-168P Sancdrom.sys crd-168p sjcdapi.sys CRD-168P SJCDAPI.ZIP CRD-254P(GR) crd-254p BTC btc u12p crd-254sh crd-254sh cd-rom drivers files crd-254sh cd-rom drivers files BTC btc16x all models CRD-820P CRD-820P CDROM.SYS CRD820P SJCDAPI.EXE H94A 929cdw.exe H94A 929cdw.exe h94a windows 95 alot of sayno drivers sayno epia Smart and Friendly CD-RW 226Plus Smart and Friendly cd-rw 426 deluxe Sony Electronics Sony Electronics Sony Electronics Sony Electronics atapi_cd.sys Sony Electronics cdu611 Sony Electronics slcd32.mpd Sony Electronics cdu 311 Sony Electronics CDU 31A 173a.exe Sony Electronics cdu 571 cd driver CDS-535 cd535pc.zip Sony Electronics cdu 571 cd rom Sony Electronics cdu111 atapi_cd.sys cds-585 Sony Electronics CDU-311 Sony Electronics cdu311 Sony Electronics cdu311 Sony Electronics cdu311 driver name Sony Electronics cdu311 mscdex Sony Electronics cdu311 mscdex Sony Electronics CDU-31A SLCD.SYS Compaq CPQIDECD Sony Electronics CDU-33A DOS Sony Electronics CDU-33A SLCD.SYS Sony Electronics CDU33A-01 Sony Electronics CDU33A-01 Sony Electronics cdu33a-01 cd-rom drive unit Sony Electronics cdu33a-01 cd-rom drive unit Sony Electronics CDU33A-01 CDROM.EXE Sony Electronics cdu33a-01 unit Sony Electronics cdu-415 12x scsi cd-rom cdu-415 12x scsi cd-rom Sony Electronics CDU-50E ATAPI227.EXE Sony Electronics CDU511 Creative Labs cd820e d Sony Electronics CDU535-01 Sony Electronics CDU535-01 sony_cdu.sys Sony Electronics cdu55d atapi95.zip Sony Electronics cdu55e Sony Electronics cdu-55e Sony Electronics CDU-55E Sony Electronics CDU55E Atapi_cd.sys Sony Electronics cdu-55s Sony Electronics cdu571 Sony Electronics cdu571 Sony Electronics cdu-571 atapi ide device driver volume v. 122a Sony Electronics cdu571 cd rom Sony Electronics cdu-571-q Sony Electronics cdu611 atapi Sony Electronics cdu-611 d Sony Electronics cdu-611 d Sony Electronics cdu611 device driver & utilities ver 2.op Sony Electronics CDU611-24x atapi227.exe Sony Electronics cdu76e Creative Labs cd12220e setup.exe Sony Electronics CDU77E ATAPI_CD.SYS Sony Electronics CDU920S XCD32.DLL Sony Electronics cdu920s xcd32.dll Sony Electronics cdu926s Sony Electronics CDU-926s EZCDDRV.EXE Sony Electronics cm-205-cmsi Sony Electronics CPU33A-01 Sony Electronics cr563b Sony Electronics mdu76e Sony Electronics sony cdu-561 Creative Labs cr-521-c Creative Labs cr563-b SBCD.SYS v4.22 12x CD-812 SBIDED.EXE Takaya CD812 12speed TA12XCD.sys TEAC America cd-532e teac cd-532e TEAC America cd-55a Creative Labs E2800UA Funai TEAC America teac cd 532E Techmedia timcd.sys Techmedia ALL Various Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-C36 Creative Labs infra 18oo Torisan (Sanyo) Creative Labs mk4103 blaster cd 24x Torisan (Sanyo) CDR_S18 TSYCDROM.SYS Torisan (Sanyo) cdr-c3g cdr-c3g Torisan (Sanyo) cdr-n16 Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-S18 Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-S1G Torisan (Sanyo) cdr-S1G Torisan (Sanyo) cdr-s240 Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-S240 cdrs240 Toshiba atapi ide xm-5602B toshv212.sys Toshiba taisatapi.sys Creative Labs CD4000M Toshiba 5301B Toshiba 6102B toshiba xm-6102 xx Toshiba mx-3001b toshiba Creative Labs CD620E SBIDE.SYS Acer 620A-320 Toshiba S/N 0408131 Toshiba XM 5602B Toshiba XM 5602B toshv212.sys Toshiba XM 6202B CD-Rom Driver Toshiba XM-1402B Toshiba xm-1402b babak Creative Labs 24x Toshiba xm-1402b babak Toshiba XM-1602b cdromdrv.sys Toshiba xm-3401b Toshiba ALL SCSI tested xm-3401ta sdmsdos.zip Toshiba XM-3501TA 16BITCD.SYS Creative Labs cd1220e Toshiba xm-5301b Toshiba xm-5301b dos Toshiba XM-5302B Toshiba xm-5302b Creative Labs cd1220e infra 18x Toshiba XM-5302B Atapi.exe Toshiba xm-5302b atapi Toshiba XM-5302B unknown Creative Labs cd1220e infra 18x Toshiba XM5401B SCSI CD-ROM Driver Toshiba xm-5422b xm-5422b Toshiba xm-5502ta cd-rom drive Toshiba XM-5602B Toshiba XM-5602B Creative Labs CD-200 Toshiba XM-5602B atapi.exe Toshiba xm5602b atapi Toshiba xm-5602B toshiba Toshiba XM-5602B toshv212.sys Toshiba XM5702B Toshiba xm6001b 32x Toshiba XM-6002B Toshiba XM6002B Creative Labs CD420E,CD82XE,CD620E,CD220E SBIDED95.EXE Toshiba xm-6102B xm-6102B 24x Toshiba xm-6102b 7202cddv.exe Toshiba XM-6102B atapi.exe Toshiba XM6102B atapi.exe Creative Labs cd820e Acer 624A 104 vuego Toshiba xm-6102b e700scd.exe Toshiba xm-6102b toshiba Toshiba xm-6201b Creative Labs CD820E ??CRD254-P Toshiba XM6202B WIN95 Toshiba xm 5401 ta scsi TXCD-A4 txc.sys ew50 UCDJ UCDIDE.SYS UCD24J ucdide.sys several various several various 300ssd (8x) vertos8x.exe 400etd 400HTD ECSCD003 400htd vertos vertos 300spd Wearnes cdromdrv.sys Wearnes 6X & ABOVE Wearnes All All Wearnes ccd-110 Wearnes cdd-110,120,cds-2420 Wearnes CDD-110 Wearnes CDD-110 cd110.zip Wearnes cdd110 cdd110.sys Wearnes cdd-110 CDD-110 Wearnes cdd-120 Wearnes cdd-2020 Wearnes cdd-2020 Creative Labs infra4800 Wearnes CDD-820 Wearnes cdd-820 cdr820 Wearnes CDR -632P Not Applicable Wearnes CDR-622 Creative Labs mk4103 Acer 624A 403 Wearnes cdr-622 Yamaha CDE 100 Yamaha CDE100II Yamaha CDR100 Yamaha CDR100 Zenith Data Systems Zplayer zplayer10.exe Canon bjc-610 Pioneer USA DRM-604X doss300.exe Microsoft s3v.drv Hewlett Packard 1150c NEC CDR-1600A CDR-1600A Creative Labs 240d Toshiba TXM-3401E1 Toshiba Toshiba TXM-3401E1 Toshiba US Robotics V1433VQH-X Sanyo CDR-H94A san h94a.zip ATI ATI 3DRage PRO Orchid Technology Orchid Voodoo 2 Upgrade from 3dfx LG Electronics CRD-8240B 8240B.exe Canon gp200f Creative Labs 240D atapicd.sys Hewlett Packard HP Laserjet Series NEC CDR-272 Goldstar/LG Electronics Goldstar CDR-8320B Novell "All" 3dfx Voodoo2 rkv2dx6.exe GVC GVC SF-1133V/R16 GVC SF1133V/R16 Takaya IDE 12 X Takaya Sony Electronics All ATAPI Drives ATAPI227.EXE Goldstar/LG Electronics CRD-8240B Dynalink V1456V** Cmedia (CMI) 8330 CMI Cmedia (CMI) 8330 CMI Cmedia (CMI) cmi8330 Yamaha OPL 3 Yamaha OPL 3 Crystal Semiconductors cs4232 Epson several Acer magic s23 Hewlett Packard hp CD- Writer 7200i Spirit Modems Various Various Analog Devices AD1846JP C Media cm8330 Genius (KYE) Generic 3 button Toshiba XM-5401 Panasonic (Matsushita CR563B Philips Consumer CDD2000 PureData (WildCard) pdi508 plus arcnet.exe Zoltrix zx1896a (internal) dip.sw Acer AcerMagic S20 929w95.exe Black Widow 4800SP Toshiba XM-5522B atapi.exe,Taisatap. Cmedia (CMI) cmjstick.drv Canon ALL Canon Printers Aztech Labs azt 1008 pnp RealTek lcs-8034tb Puretek PT-3003 Hewlett Packard 500 Series dj100ei.exe Epson 8766 dfx-5000+ Wearnes 8X and higher Wearnes ADI Systems Microscan 17X Driver 3.02 Mitsumi Electronics cr581b ESS Technologies ESS 1688 AudioDrive 1688w95.ZIP Yamaha Yamaha WF 192XG 95V1020I.exe Wearnes cdd-620 Yamaha YAMF724 95v1020i.exe ESS Technologies ESS ES1868 Fargo Fargo FotoFun Summagraphics Summajet2 md935.exe Yamaha Yamaha OPL3SA2 ESS Technologies 1868 ess 1868 Tandy DMP133 Cyberdrive Cyberdrive Acer Acer 624A 202 CDROM Driver Internal Acer 665a 003 Acer 7670 c Acer 7670c Acer CD-787E BTC BCD 24X BTC BCD24X BTC BTC16XA BTC16xa Compaq matshushita Creative Labs Creative Labs 8X Creative Labs cd1220e Creative Labs cd1220e infra1800 Creative Labs CD2423E Creative IDE CD-ROm 24x Creative Labs cr-536-b creative Creative Labs CR-585-B 58x_dos.exe Creative Labs model number DRIVER Cyberdrive 12x CD1200.SYS Goldstar/LG Electronics 8Xspeed Goldstar/LG Electronics CRD-8160B Goldstar/LG Electronics CRD-8160B Goldstar/LG Electronics CRD-8240B gscdrom.sys Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R580B 8X_CD.EXE Cyberdrive 120D 12cyber.zip Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R580B GSCDROM.SYS Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R580B R580B.EXE cdr-210p Hewlett Packard (HP) 4020i Sure Store Hewlett Packard (HP) 7110i Hewlett Packard (HP) cd writer plus 7200i Hewlett Packard (HP) Cd Writer Plus 8100 Hitachi CDR-7730 hitide.zip Hitachi gd2000 DVD Hi Val IBM CR-562BBZ INSTALLATION Instant Tech cdat-300i cdat300i.exe JVC XR-W2010 ez-scsi JVC xr-w2010 ez-scsi Cyberdrive 12x 120 twd Acer 625A / 525A / Plus more / VEUGO 625a111.EXE LiteOn Technology Famous Maker x12 cddriver.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) 581 Cyberdrive 160D Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR 574 Matshita Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cr 585 cr 58x Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cr-563 Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cr-563-b 56x_95.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-574 Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cr-574-b Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CR-587 Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CW-7501 MATSHITA CD-R CW-7501 CR-563B 56x_dos.exe Minolta CF900 Mitsumi Electronics cr-562-b Mitsumi Electronics crmc-fx400b NEC NEC cdr-10090a NEC cdr-1400c Cyberdrive 240D/24X NEC cdr-222 NEC CDR-251 MultiSpin 4X4 Oak Technology oti-011 Creative Version1.15 Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-563-B 56x_dos.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) cr583 Cyberdrive 24x cd-rom ide/atapi 240cd Pioneer USA ALL CD-ROM drivers All of them Pioneer USA dr-511 Pioneer USA DR-A04S Pioneer USA DR-A24X ATAPI Cyberdrive 24X cd-rom ide/atapi 240cd Acer 645A, 655A, 665A, 685A, 610A, 612A, 616A, 616P, 620A, 624A 610a211 Pioneer USA DR-U24X