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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    NEC UltraLite SX-20 internal SCSI port ullsx20.exe Mitsumi Electronics External CR-4801TU d116.exe Mitsumi Electronics All Mitsumi CD-R/RW cdr320.zip Mitsumi Electronics All Mitsumi drives ide158.exe Mitsumi Electronics Many ideaud10.exe Mitsumi Electronics All Mitsumi IDE CD-ROM ideos2.exe Mitsumi Electronics FX001D & FX001 fx116.exe Mitsumi Electronics LU005S lu230.exe Mitsumi Electronics LU002S CD-ROM and 6800mx External Model lu15a.exe Compaq Many Compaq Internal IDE CD-ROM SP2948.exe Compaq Many IDE CD-ROM sp4282.exe Wearnes 2X CDD-110 CD-ROM 1102x.zip Wearnes 2X CDD-120A CD-ROM cd120a.zip Wearnes 6X IDE CDD-620 CD-ROM 6206x.zip Wearnes 8X IDE CDD-820 CD-ROM 8208x.zip Wearnes 10X IDE CDD-1020 CD-ROM wearn10x.zip Wearnes CDD-012,101,114,115,200 CD-ROM cddother.zip Wearnes CDD110 CD-ROM cd110.zip Wearnes Many wcd410.zip Wearnes CDS32X(32X) wcd500.zip Wearnes CDS36X(36X) wcd510.zip Wearnes CDR622 and CDRW622 cdrdos.zip Wearnes 12X IDE CD-ROM Driver 12x.zip Acer CD-ROM / CD-RW apicd214.exe Acer CRW9624 and CRW9420 cdrom340.exe Acer Many IDE cdv510.exe Acer CR1420C cr1420c.exe Acer Many IDE cdrom340.exe Goldstar CRD-8480B 8480b.exe Goldstar CRD-8400B 8400b.exe Goldstar CRD-8400C 8400c.exe Goldstar CRD-8360B 8360b.exe Goldstar Many 8320b.exe Goldstar CRD-8241B 8241b.exe Goldstar CRD-8240B 8240b.exe Goldstar CRD-8161B 8161b.exe Goldstar CRD-8160B 8160b.exe Goldstar GCD-R580B 580b.exe Goldstar GCD-R560B 560b.exe Goldstar GCD-R542B 542b.exe Goldstar GCD-R540B 540b.exe Goldstar GCD-R540C 540c.exe Goldstar GCD-R420 420b.exe Goldstar GCD-R400B 400b.exe Goldstar GCD-R320 320b.exe Goldstar GCD-R520B 520b.exe Goldstar GCD-R300B 300b.exe Goldstar GCD-R200B 200b.exe Goldstar GCD-R580B nt40.exe Goldstar GCD-R580B nt351.exe Goldstar CRD-8160B nt112up.exe Goldstar CRN-8240 CRN8240NT.EXE Goldstar GCD-R420 os2420b.exe Goldstar GCD-R400B os2400b.exe Memorex CD-122, CD-202E, and CD-242E cd340.exe Memorex CD-322E, CD-362E, and CD-402E cd510.exe Memorex CR-622 and CRW-1622 cdrdos.exe Memorex CRW-1622 ONLY flsh1622.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) SureStore CD-Writer 4020i cdr95drv.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CM207/CDD300 207_os2.exe Philips Consumer Electronics IMS CDD461 (Philips & Magnavox) cdd461.zip Philips Consumer Electronics CM 100 cm100.exe Philips Consumer Electronics Many lz2011.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CM205 and CM225 cm_205.exe Philips Consumer Electronics Philips/LMS CM 205 w/ CM 250 adapter lmscd0_4_tar.gz Philips Consumer Electronics CM206 206win95.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CM206 206_nt31.exe Philips Consumer Electronics M206 206_nt2.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CM206 206_143.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CM207 w95207b2.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CM207 207_nt2.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CM207 207_130.exe Philips Consumer Electronics PCA102CD and PCA42CR 42cr.exe Philips Consumer Electronics PCA103CD 103cd.exe Philips Consumer Electronics PCA104CD 104cd.exe Philips Consumer Electronics PCA20CR IDE 2X pca20cr.zip Philips Consumer Electronics PCA21CR - IDE 2X pca21cr.exe Philips Consumer Electronics PCA322CD 322CD.zip Philips Consumer Electronics PCA41CR - IDE 4X pca41cr.exe Philips Consumer Electronics PCA42CR, PCA52CR, PCA62CR, and PCA82CR pca82cr.exe Philips Consumer Electronics PCA42CR, PCA52CR, and PCA62CR pcax2cr.zip Philips Consumer Electronics 400 Ser. Ext. ParPort 4x4x6 PCA464RW 464drv.zip Philips Consumer Electronics CDD2000, CDD2100, CDD3610 and Omniwriter (USA/Can) win95mpd.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CDD2000,CDD2100 and Omniwriter (USA/Canada) dosdrvr.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CDD2000 nt4020l.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CDD2000 cdd2_win.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CDD3610 3610romdrv.exe Genius (KYE) Maxfire Programmable G-08 g08.exe Genius (KYE) MaxFighter Digital F-31D f31d.exe Genius (KYE) MaxFighter Digital F-31D f31d.r00 Genius (KYE) MaxFighter Digital F-31D f31d.r01 Genius (KYE) MaxFighter Digital F-31D f31d.r02 Genius (KYE) Game Hunter G06 ghunter.exe Genius (KYE) PowerStation Controller pstation.exe Suncom Technologies F-15 Talon USB ,SFS Flight Controller USB,etc. SunUSB.zip