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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Mira341U Atech ATS-256 IS560LK IBM monif.zip AT AT&T StarLAN10(pre-Base10T) Drivers.exe AT AT&T StarLAN10 Eisadiag.exe Hoya Computer Co., Ltd. Hoya Computer Co., Ltd. IrWave 520S iRwave.zip Creative Labs All SB 16 and Awe 32 sb16-full.zip PC Tel Mdmchipv.inf S3 Virgegx2.ace ATI Rage IIc AGP (English) w82560en.htm Ontrack Data Technology 6.03C DiskMgr.zip Lion Optics 3.0A LionCD.zip RealMagic RealMagic Ventura Region Killer Crystal Semiconductors 929w95.exe PC Tel pct789 t-a pctellhsp56 Crystal Semiconductors cs4231a-kl.zip Sigma Designs RealMagic Ventura Region Killer Trident Microsystems w98-9x5.exe Rockwell Setup.exe Creative Labs CT 7160 Inlay DVD Card Region Free Digital Networks Digital Networks de425 de305 de434 de435 de450 de500 de100 de200 de201 de202 de210 de212 de422 de203 de204 de204 depcm depea Trident Microsystems 3D Image 9750 W98-9x5.EXE Global Village a959 Crystal Semiconductors VJOYD.VXD Iomega Z100P2 Setup.exe Amquest AM56HSF Amquest AM56HSF SiS Corporation w98r25a Rockwell Modem.cpl Toptek (Golden Sound) Golden SoundCard TopTk3n1.zip Magitronic 862 Genius (KYE) SETUP.EXE Trident Microsystems cyberblade i7 mini5495_47.zip Compaq 1230 sp6507.exe HP 930C Series HP 930C Series DeskJet 939 Bjsv396.exe Compeye DP30M/30F/60M/60F Compeye DP30M/30F/60M/60F OPTi 82C924 924w95dx.zip OPTi 924w95dx.zip OPTi 82C924 924w95dx.zip Phillips PCRRW46 4K Install.exe Compaq _setup.dll SiS Corporation SiS 530 Video Driver SiS530VideoDriver.zip Metricom 21100 ricochet.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) lj343en.exe.htm PC Tel PCT288-1A SoundBlaster PCI 128 e128up9x.exe Lucent Technologies LTWIN MODEM modem566.exe OPTi opti audio 16 931w95.zip SiS Corporation Setup.exe SiS Corporation 6326m Setup.pkg Toshiba 4000CDT t8ksndnt.exe Octek BISON II BISONII BIOS & Manual.zip Octek Rhino Pro 1 Rhino Pro 1 Utility Rev. 1.0 with BIOS 097012 w SMC 669 IO.zip WinBond 6692 WinBond 6692 WinBond 6692 WinBond 6692 Hewlett Packard (HP) IBM TP600 BIOS Release - spsdib48.exe S3 Version 325_win95_31201.zip S3 Version * 357_win95_34202.zip S3 Version 375385_win95_31201.zip S3 Version * * 375385_win95_34202.zip Compaq pvrhal.zip GVC IP0005 IP0005-2.24.EXE GVC IP0005 IP0005-2.24.EXE Yamaha opl3-sa online.ico US Robotics Usr60xx.cab Artec AS6E as6e135e.exe Rockwell xl-336ev rockwell chip rcv28 Yamaha Opl3sa.drv Yamaha S3.drv Yamaha Vjoyd.vxd Yamaha Vopl3sa.vxd Yamaha Iac25_32.ax Yamaha SV283.vxd Silitek sk-2500 Mediactr.exe Billion USB_98DRV.EXE Teles Setup.ins Best Data Theatrix SND5.1 fortemedia2000.zip SiS Corporation DeIsL2.isu Yamaha opl3-sa msimn.exe Symbios Logic 53c416 416w2k.zip GTS GTS H05U09S H05U09S.zip nVIDIA 128zx HSP HSP56fix.exe 3Com 3CP5699A 3cp5699aw.zip 3Com 3CP5699A 3cp5699aw2k.zip 3Com 3CP5699A 3cp5699ant.zip Philips Consumer Electronics PCCD048/00 PCCD048 v.500M.zip Philips Consumer Electronics PCCD048/00 PCCD048 v.500M.zip WinBond w89c940 pci W940ND.SYS Philips Consumer PCCD048 v.500M nVIDIA Install.exe Diamond Technologies Install.exe Weitek P 9000 chipset wtk_223.zip Matrox Graphics Matrox.zip Taxan crystal vision620 + other LCD taxan2.zip SoundPro ht8338a/pci sound pro Zoom 2987 Zoom Modem USB for Mac.sit Creative Labs CT4830 7508763.exe Epson 740 MSC7455D.SEA Canon BJC4400 Setup.exe Acer MWAVE 33.6 DATAFAX VOICE MODEM Rockwell rc144dpi Speedcom CL-3360V Internal V/F CL3360Vdrv.zip Intel Gm.dls Mustek c12usb9l10.zip Aureal Toshiba XM-5602B Win Technologies drspewfy.zip Compaq presario 1247 Neomagic.dll Cirrus Logic Comfix.exe Creative Labs SoundBlaster AudioPCI 128 4035full.exe Rockwell RCVDL56ACFW/SP Rcv56qtz.zip GVC F-1156IV/A2A F1156a2a.exe Unknown Unknown DK4S16WP1L.zip E-tech E-tech pc156 pvp Packard Bell Vmm32.vxd Nikon Coolpic digital camera 990 NkDevice.zip Nikon Nikon Coolpic990 NKDUSD.zip Adaptec DIRECTCD.EXE Brooktree brooktree bt848 capturer driver bt848 Brooktree brooktree bt848 capturer driver bt848 Microsoft SWGAMPAD.sw Easyphoto imgwave.exe PC Chips M748LMRT 2k1011s.zip Motorola ad04/05/06 win9x nt 2k motorola sm56 pci Motorola ad04/05/06 win9x nt 2k motorola sm56 pci Motorola ad04/05/06 win9x nt 2k motorola sm56 pci Storm Technology imgwave.exe SiS Corporation sis 6326 Search Extension.htm Cmedia (CMI) cm8330 8330.zip IBM Aptiva M71-2168 ModemAudio.zip Archtek 5634PEW pew2k_443nt026.zip SiS Corporation Setup.ins Epson Scc Fccid DRIVER Gateway WMPLAYER.EXE US Robotics Winmodem.zip Rockwell rs56-pci r6787-12 all20802.exe unknown unknown DTC3181A DTC3181A-winNT.zip Rockwell AMI RA03P unknown unknown DTC3181A Mustek_scsi.exe Diamond Multimedia S220 II T sii95110.exe Multiwave Innovation CommWave V.34PNP commwave V.34PNP.zip Boca Research 56k Tidalwave MD56AE MD56AE2000.zip OPL3 Opl3sa.dr_ PC Tel HSP Micromodem 56 pctel1789_win9x.exe 3Com 3050 modem.sys Vitex Vitex ir5010c.exe 3Com 3050 modem.sys 3Com 3c905 10100 3c905.zip IO Magic tempo tempo.zip interact interact pc powerpad pro.zip Creative Labs v128nt4.exe interact interact pc powerpad pro.zip Fujitsu ScanPartner 10 SP10C.EXE Fujitsu M3097de/dg twain730.exe nVIDIA A142031.exe 3Com 3CXFE574BT ss574b.exe KTX Technology (Edge) KTX 4800 AP KTX 4800 AP.zip Visioneer Communications 6100usb 6100USB.EXE nVIDIA TNT, GeForce, and Quadro Detonator 3 for TNT nVIDIA TNT, GeForce, and Quadro Detonator 3 for TNT Compaq armada 1572 Sp7141 video.exe SiS Corporation 597v113.exe Jtec Jtec JE 2500 Je2500.exe Easyphoto Ezlaunch.exe Diamond Multimedia Stealth 1000 w95s25_3.exe SiS Corporation SiS 6326 AGP/PCI 3D-Now 326win98me.exe PC Tel pctel hsp 56.zip Panasonic (Matsushita KX-P6100 P6KW2K Adaptec AVA-1502AE Audio Excel AV510 CMI8338A/PCI Rockwell Setup.exe Aztech Labs MSP3880-w ExpertColor Multimedia DSV2302P 2302.exe US Robotics 2975-81 Drive_A.zip Swann Communications Swann Communications Speed Demon - Ambient sd56-ambient.zip Swann Communications Swann Communications Speed Demon - Rockwell sd56kext.exe Mustek A3 SP RealTek Bookmark.htm RealTek Bookmark.htm 3Com man. for usrobotics ( DRIVER Unknown 33.6 pc tel pnp Win Technologies man. by 3Com for U.S.Robotics( DRIVER SiS Corporation sis5595 Fujitsu NeoMagic.zip SiS Corporation 530 sis530v.zip 3Com 3CCFE575BT fe575cx.exe 3Com 3CCFE575BT fe575cx.exe ESS Technologies 56K Data, Fax, Voice Modem Driver Ess ES56T-X Data,Fax,Voice Modem Driver.zip 3Com 3Com 3c905-TXM 3c90xx1.exe 3Com 3Com 3c905c-TXM 3c90xx1.exe PC Tel HSP56MicroModem Modem.zip PC Tel HSP56MicroModem Modem.zip Compaq 4620 SP6494.exe Sony Electronics twain15c.exe Unknown Unknown sp2031skjermkortdriver compac armada100_LteLite5000 v 2.30A.exe Packard Bell SG Voyager Quad MMkit vyq212-1.zip Packard Bell sound galaxy voyager quad mmkit pro 16i vyq212-2.zip Packard Bell sg alias sound galaxy voyager quad mmkit vyq212-3.zip Texas Instruments PCI-1131 PCMCIA pci1131w9x.zip Packard Bell sound galaxy voyager Fccid DRIVER S3 Vi_grm.exe Yamaha 724 Setupsa.exe US Robotics V90 56K MOD-O6D.zip Wisecom 128PS2/PS3 WS-128PS2_3_WIN95_98.zip Wisecom WS-128PS2/PS3 ws-128ps2_3_NT4.zip Wisecom WS-128PS2/PS3 ISDN WS-128PS2_3_Win2K.zip Acer av630cs avexp414.zip argus argus DC1500 dc1102xv.exe Aztech Labs AZT 3000 PnP mba_nvdemo-070800.zip Sierra Modems SQ3465,SQ3465VV Sierra V.34 PnP Modem SQ3465.zip Diamond Multimedia Stealth II-G460 Fugi SM-R1 smr1.exe US Robotics 0637 2975.zip Turbocomm Turbocomm i101 i101.zip Canon b08a_ukx.exe LongShine LCS-8038TX-R Canon BJC-XXXX Most b08a_ukx.exe Award ata0527b motherboard upgrade Canon BJC-2100 BJCv650Me.exe ATI Ati Rage XL atirgxnt.zip Diamond Multimedia supraexpress-56i-voice-pro_win2k_2560-010.exe Sony Electronics DSC S70 usbdrv13e.exe SiS Corporation 6205 205123-2.exe Phoebe Micro TV Master (+ FM) Supra 288/336/56k modems sup_infs.exe Diamond Multimedia v330 Diamond Multimedia v330 Creative Labs CD52233E Creative Labs 52x CD-ROM.zip mmedia mmedia Vlsi ver.1.88 mmedia_drv.ZIP Ensoniq Ensoniq Audion PCI 5000 eapci2m.zip SiS Corporation Sis6326m.drv SiS Corporation Sis6326m.inf SiS Corporation Sis6326m.vxd Weitek 2036romdrv.zip Weitek 2036romdrv.zip Logitech Pagescan Color (and parallel) Scanner Calibration Page.jpg WinBond w6692 oemsetnt.inf Anchor Electronics MF-009 Diam_lte.zip Canon Setup.exe RealTek RTL8139B win98-8139-374.exe Generic driver Generic driver Works with IMES CD1200/AT CD Driver.ZIP Intel Intel 740 Creative Labs CT1600, SB Pro 2 sb-pro2-ct1600w95.zip OPTi 82C931 OPTi_82C931_95and98.zip Hitachi VY-300 VY300A.zip Danpex Corp. Danpex Corp. FE1439TX rtl8139-e1.exe Rockwell HCF 56K PCI-HCF.exe Emachines LynxEM (SM710) for eSlate 400K lynxemSM710-win9x.zip Aztech Labs AZT3013 Trident Microsystems Tinstall.exe Trident Microsystems Trident.inf Creative Labs cdrw4224.exe Pioneer USA all Pioneer USA Xport Xport Xport3.exe BTC 1817ds btc For all CD Burners For all CD Burners ASPI Drivers for Win2K.exe SiS Corporation 1.04 W95-9685.exe OPTi 924w95dx.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) CF-41 oeimport.dll Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 4000 3d4k3306.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) hplj4_ps_en.exe Relisys vm3552 Relisyst.exe 3Com 56K Int voice Mdmusrf2.inf Intel Ambient Ham Sony Electronics w95-9440.exe National Datacomm ND4300 Ethernet Adapter/PCI ND4300.zip Aureal Vortex AU8810 w9x3220_full.exe SMC (Standard Microsystems) SMC EZ Connect USB/Ethernet Adapter SMCUSBEN.zip Aureal Vortex AU8810 wdm_8810.exe PC Tel 56IPK HSP/ISA modem 56HSP.zip Lexmark Photoprn.id Creative Labs Vibra 16XV 1836WinNT40Audio_drivers.zip Intel Intel® PRO/100+ Management Adapter with AOL intelpro100m.rar Trident Microsystems tvga8900c T1024C.DRV Trident Microsystems tvga8900c T1024FC.DRV Trident Microsystems tvga8900c T640C.DRV Trident Microsystems tvga8900c T800-5.DRV Trident Microsystems tvga8900c T800C.DRV Iomega Z100P2 iomegaml340200.rar Trident Microsystems tvga8900c W1024C.DRV Iomega Z100P2 iomegaml340200.rar Trident Microsystems tvga8900c W1024FC.DRV Trident Microsystems tvga8900c W800.DRV NeoMagic NM2380 v6.02.00Q(33603).zip Microsoft WMPLAYER.EXE IMES ICD-1200/AT PC Chips cmi8330 W98drv.zip Genius (KYE) Color-Page Vivid p30_ennt.exe Data Technology (DTC) DTC436E DTC436E Data Technology (DTC) DTC436E DTC436E NEC NEC P-2000 win95.exe Borland International Borland International 2.04 BWCC.DLL Sony Electronics TRV_310 1394A02D&10001 Alto Alto Winmodem 144win95.exe Domex 3181E Com One MC221 Discovery V90 Reveal Disk1.zip Reveal Disk2.zip Reveal Disk3.zip 3Com 3C905BTX-M Aureal vortex 2 au8830 Creative Labs 1.01 Vwavsyn.386 Packard Bell Packard Bell PB61248 12cuw2k.exe Virtual Software Virtual Software ROTFL VRAM110T.ZIP Canon BJC-4300 b085_ukx.exe 3Com cardfind.exe J Bond PCI500C-K Main board pci500c-k.zip ESS Technologies ESS 488 ES488Vig.zip silicon vision silicon vision 420CDC32.DLL silicon ivision silicon ivision skeemer.zip SiS Corporation 530 DeIsL1.isu Olivetti Lexikon All DSM olimon.zip Garmin Garmin All Garmin Garmin All IBM Canon BJ 30 sx BJ_v397.exe Canon BJ 30 sx BJ_v397.exe Acer 645A 645a.zip Britek Voodoo 2 Banshee vbnt4.zip CardWare Lab CardWare Lab CWL9504B cwl9504b.zip US Robotics US Robotics 14.4 Sportster Winmodem Lexmark 1020 Iomega ZipCD650 ZipCD.zip Data Expert (Expert Media) med3240.drv Aztech Labs fm-radio.zip Colorado (HP) Colorado Backup II Ver. 6.0 Colorado II.zip Compaq 3598 Write.exe BCD BCD 40X, 36X, 32X, 24X 40x28.zip Harmony Multimedia HA336ACF.INF Harmony Multimedia HA336C.INF Harmony Multimedia pm336acf.inf US Robotics java_classes.474 Harmony Multimedia HA336C.INF Harmony Multimedia HA336T.INF Harmony Multimedia pm336acf.inf Acer NeoMagic 365ntneo.exe Harmony Multimedia pm336c.inf Harmony Multimedia pm336t.inf Canon CFX-B830 IF SoundPro AIM.EXE SoundPro AIM.EXE SoundPro AIM.EXE azt azt azt3000 PNP Giga Byte Technology ga-5smm 5smmsnd.zip Giga Byte Technology ga-5smm 5smmvga.zip Giga Byte Technology ga-5smm 5smmvga.zip Giga Byte Technology ga-5smm Ga5smmsv.zip Intel Intel(R) Pro DSL 2100 modem wmev1.2.exe Smart and Friendly driver14.zip AT All ISA Plug&Play ATT Chipset Modems att95.zip UMAX Umax 2100 and others PB8630.sys Microsoft mouse ver 9.01 Proteon AZT AZT ver 2.76P MR2800 Updated Modem Driver2.exe Guillemot International Maxi Gamer Series d3dp-9x-532.exe Abit KT7-RAID kt7ul.exe ASUS A7V a7v1004c.zip Micro Solutions most backpack models pnp302d.exe Hitachi CM 610 cm610.inf Hitachi CM 610ET cm610.inf Hitachi CM 766ET Hitachi CM 766ET RealTek 8139 winme-8139(378).exe 3Com 832978-00 (HAWK) a4hawk9x.exe Xerox itxdc6w.exe SiS Corporation SIS305 305ds11.exe 3DFX Install.exe Sony Electronics PCG-F590 ALL Drivers Creative Labs SBAWE32.DRV Creative Labs vibra16 SBAWE32.DRV Brooktree bt878 Pv951WdmDrv.exe PC Tel hsp Data Expert Mpg3365p excol3365p.zip ucom ucom UCOM Nordic ISDN 128 TA pci_win2k_200.exe PC100 pc100w9x.zip Sigma Designs Real Magic Hollywood Plus Drv hollywoodp_20_k1.zip Creative Labs Audio PCI64/128 Ensmix32.exe SiS Corporation 6326 326w98me.exe Creative Labs CREATIVE LABS DVDROM DVD2240E fw_18.zip Yamaha opl3sax 95v2343.exe Paradise BALI32PCI arknt40.exe SiS Corporation SiS 6326 AGP Antec uisa2.exe Brooktree booktree.zip Mitsumi Electronics FX001D & FX001 CD-ROM fx116.exe Trident Microsystems 8900 trident Leadtek Research (Winfast) 3D S700 AGP WinFast3DS700AGP_DK.zip Leadtek Research (Winfast) WinFast 3D S700 WinFast3DS700AGP_UK.zip Star Micronics LC100 C plus many others MediaSonic Infra Commander msinfcom.zip CNetUSA Pro120B.exe Microsoft ddraw.dll Connectix openphone.exe PC100 DeIsL1.isu Toshiba 400cs w95110.exe conexant conexant conexant softK56 data/fax/rtam pci best data Diamond Multimedia gtw95268.exe Philips Consumer Electronics 7cm5279/20 Vezérlõpult.lnk Houston Instruments bmp 162 Aureal 8830 8820 8810 and all vortex chips sets many ExpertColor Multimedia MED Series ExpertColor Multimedia RealMagic em8300 Orchid Technology SoundWave/GameWave 32 Orchid Technology SoundWave 32 NeoMagic NM2200 / 256AV vftpisnt.exe Creative Labs CT2770 Dell Computer gx110 inst_drive.html Creative Labs 128 vibra vibra Pioneer USA All EIDE/IDE Cdrom drives (except 24x) atapi108.exe Pioneer USA All eide/ide Cdrom drives (except 24x) atapi108.exe Toshiba All Toshiba Notebook CDroms toscdrom.exe Canon BJ-10SX Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) SR-8582, 8583-xxx & 8584-xxx, 8585, 8171, 8173 85x_9x.exe Star Micronics Win31-60.EXE Garnet Systems Garnet Systems GTM-56KM4 gar56kM4.zip Acer 624A 610a211.exe S3 mdmusr01.inf Speedcom 56k Exernal, Model VD56SPV (2) - Yamaha YFM719B-S Yamaha YFM719B-S Yamaha YFM719B-S 95v2324.EXE Creative Labs CT7160_Win9x.zip Creative Labs CT7160_Win9x.zip S3 SE66 SE66B3 VID98.zip Microsoft mouse.drv Creative Labs CT7160 CT7160_Win9x.zip Acer Remove.exe Amquest or Conexant Amquest or Conexant AM56HSF AM56Soft 061199 WIN 98 with or wo sp v20701.exe Fujitsu Ether Team 16L ETH16i32.zip Quatech Inc Quatech Inc QSP-100 qsp-100.zip Lucent Technologies S10 Chip HV90P-T ModelS10.zip Vuego 640U STmicroelectronics STmicroelectronics stv673.inf RealTek fpc-0102tx Epson Stylus Color 300 E_C300_NT4.exe Phillips udfform.exe 3Com 3c90xx1.exe ATI Atigart.exe 3Com Paltalk.exe 3Com (0766) 3CP263594 Shuttle Inc Shuttle Inc SD-402 Packard Bell MM kbd , Launchpad Drv. v1.0 for Win9x.exe Packard Bell Packard Bell Monitor.inf NEC dv-5700a windvd 2TheMax 3210 NOKIA Packard Bell SoundBlaster AudioPCI 64,128 drivers for Win9x.exe Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VP700 All for VP700 Colorado (HP) Flatbed.exe Primax TBridge.exe 3Com 3CP263595-OEM-50 3595w9x.exe Samsung ML6050 Conexant Conexant ConexantCNX2013m.inf Tamarack Technologies 9600 Pro 9600Pro.ZIP Tamarack Technologies 6000C Tamarack Technologies 6000C Hercules 61027879 t3d127.exe Unknown kjlh ljh Aureal PCI 338-A3D 338-1185.exe Aztech Labs PCI 338-A3D 338-1185.exe Logic3 PCRaider.zip PC Tel modem2k.zip Rockwell 56kntinf.zip Compaq Compaq 56VL Global Epson Epson Stylus Photo 750 SP7545DE.EXE Iomega Z100USB Uni_USB_PC_4_3.exe Iomega Z100USB ioware-w32-x86-251.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) SK-2506, many others Multimedia Keyboard Compaq Many Multimedia Keyboard SOHOware SFA110A sfe100tx.exe Intel intel740(tm) NEC Ready 9522 d1550w9a.exe Epson P87RA unidrv.dll Epson P87RA ICONLIB.DLL Compaq Cpqdiaga.ini Epson P87RA UNIDRV.HLP Kenwood 72x 72x_upgrade3 (Kenwood).zip NEC Ready 9522 optiw95.exe Kodak Photodoc dd0469.exe Kodak Photodoc dd0469.exe Kodak Photodoc dd0469.exe PC Tel HSP56 MicroModem mod2k.zip Asound Midimap.cfg Compex LinkPort Enet-B PCMCIA Adapter Enet-B.zip 3Com 3Com450 3Com450 Driver.zip Chronos Chronos USB CD Enclosure CD-503 503 - USB CD Enclosure.zip Genius (KYE) Color page ep Trident Microsystems TGUI 9680-1 TD9680.zip Creative Labs CT6610 SINDBAD.EXE Trident Microsystems TGUI9680-1 w31_9680.zip Trident Microsystems TGUI9680-1 wnt40_9680.zip Trident Microsystems TRIDWAVE.drv Joytech Setup.exe Joytech 601614-0909 Setup.exe S3 W9531201.zip S3 w9534202.zip S3 S3Trio3D/2X 362/368 S3.zip SoundBlaster AD1816A Setup.exe Davicom davi36.zip Orchid Technology rkvg.exe Kortex KORTEX 56K PCI PCtel.log Acer DVC-V2 acerdvcv2.exe Yamaha Yamaha734.ZIP Guillemot International MaxiScan A4 USB 36bits dscusb-9x2k-340.exe Conexant Conexant Conexant SoftK56 Speakerphone PCI Modem usa.zip Conexant Conexant Conexant SoftK56 Speakerphone PCI Modem usa.zip Hitachi GD7500 hitdvd.exe Yamaha OPL3-SAx SaxBomb ESS Technologies ESS Allegro 198x 7100.zip Tandy DMP442 and probably many others NeoMagic 256XL+ NM6PW2K.EXE Genius (KYE) Comfy PR98 Keyboard KWD910.exe PC Tel HSP56 PCtel, Inc.MDMCHIPV.INF PC Tel HSP56 PCtel, Inc.MDMCHIPV.INF Ricoh RW7040S rw7040s14.zip OPTi OPTI 82C931 MULTIMEDIA DISK Opti931.zip Phillips CDD3610 3610romdrv.exe US Robotics 835072 Sportster 128K w2000driver.exe Artis Artis M05 Artis Wireless Mouse.zip Lucent Technologies LT win modem modem.zip SoundBlaster Primax Flatbed.exe Primax Primax Giga Byte Technology GA-7ZX 7zx_i_f8.zip AMD logo_home1.jpg ASUS Live3800.exe ASUS V3800 3800drv.exe nVIDIA Nvdisp.drv nVIDIA Nvcpl.hlp AT AT Brooktree BRooktreebt848akpf.zip Genius (KYE) Creative Labs SB Live Win ME drv. sblwmedrv.exe Addonics Technologies DeIsL1.isu Mustek 600 III EP Plus 63ep322.exe Creative Labs ATI Rage IIC PCI mpci_DI5660.exe Smart and Penware 100 penware100.zip Tseng Labs VPR6000 / VPR6100 Vpr6000.zip WinBond W89C940F drv94017.exe Interact Application.html HSP A3SNDSYS.DRV MediaVision Thunder Audio Spectrum 16 Rev. E spectrum.zip Avtek CD2000 (MegaModem 2000) cd2000.exe Raite DVD Raite DVD raite.zip Philips Consumer Electronics omniwriter 6200_218.exe Creative Labs Creative Vibra 128 (CT4810) v128w9x.exe Roland DPX3500 DXP3500R14 drv.exe IBM 380xd Adaptec 1505cfg.exe 3DFX 3dfx driver.zip Genius (KYE) soundmaker 64 sm64.exe Tremon Enterprises Co Ltd UAV113 win98.zip ATI ATI rage pro Lexmark 1020 ATI ATI rage pro Atrend Helios Voodoo 2 v2-w9x-3.02.02.exe Compex EN2000 NT & 95 SUPPORT.exe SiS Corporation SIS 530 vesa driver 530101-3.exe RealTek RTL 8008 Okidata OL410e/PS OL410ex/PS XirLink XirLink PCMCIA SC100 SC100.zip 3Com 3c90xx1.exe Aztech Labs Aud3011.inf Rockwell rockwell.zip Rockwell rockwell.zip Rockwell rockwell.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet 1000 c dj102en.exe Dell Computer XPICD xpicddrvr.zip ActionTec EX56020 and ex560RK actiontec.zip Canon Canon Canon Dell Computer XPICD xpicddrvr.zip WinBond Creative Labs sblwmedrv.exe PC Tel PCT1789 rev 2.2 Compaq cpq5441 aol.exe Epson stylus colour 640 EPSETUP.EXE PCI Bridge PCI Bridge Winp2x4.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP 9800 W usb_win_2000.zip Instant Tech CDAT-300X Cdat300x.zip Toshiba Satellite 2615DVD/2655XDVD tbios20.exe PSA Parts PSA Parts Ninja SCSI3 PCMCIA ninja_2k.zip Trust Computer Scaner32.exe Sony Electronics napv2b7.exe UMAX drivez.log UMAX Astra 610P autoexec.bat UMAX Astra 610P autoexec.bat Epson Stylus Color 300 Creative Labs vwgplusdrv.exe Creative Labs vwgplusdrv.exe Diamond Multimedia almost all models almost all drivers Hewlett Packard (HP) bjc 5100 Setup.ini SoundBlaster Blaster.exe Daewoo A good many daewooinf.exe conextant conextant w9x_212166003.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 5700ct audio.exe TiMedia 560IR timedia560ir.zip Creative Labs CT4740 eapci2m.ecw NEC SK-1300 ESS Technologies 18691317.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 4200C HP_ScanJet_4200C_CD_English.rar Western Digital Ez.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 4200C HP_ScanJet_4200C_CD_English.r00 Hewlett Packard (HP) 4200C HP_ScanJet_4200C_CD_English.r01 Hewlett Packard (HP) 4200C HP_ScanJet_4200C_CD_English.r02 Fujitsu ErgoPro e450 and e650 B51_k151.EXE Fujitsu ErgoPro e450 and e650 B51_k151.EXE US Robotics US Robotics FAX 56k.inf UMAX Atra 2000U pv8630.zip Brother HL720, MFC9050 720wwd.exe GVC DF-1133HV/A2 modem520.zip Domex UDS-IS11 dtcscsi.exe BTC bce 832ie cd writer Creative Labs ct2940 sbw9xup.exe Creative Labs ct2940 sbw9xup.exe Trident Microsystems Gmreadme.txt Lucent Technologies Lucent Winmodem modem575.exe Best Data 336sp / 336vf / 336f smart one US Robotics 1.012.0418-B USRobotics Data Technology (DTC) brdg4034.inf Packard Bell PACKARD BELL Dynalink msp3880-w 56k modem MSP3880-W 56K Modem.log Microsoft M64.zip ambient technologies ambient technologies md5628d ambientdrvs.zip ambient technologies ambient technologies md5628d ham324win9x.exe SoundBlaster Diamond Technologies DT-0197 diamond.zip Boca Research FD34FSVD ACF.EXE Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446 PCI 5446w95.zip Diamond Multimedia telecommander 2300 000000ad.exe ipex ipex multiple ipexmon.inf Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KX-p2135 trident trident 4d sonicwave 4dsonicwave.zip Creative Labs es1371 ES137195.DRV NEC PC-PR101/J110R nec.exe S3 pbs3_live.exe DEC DEC PCI Ethernet DEC 21041 Based Adapter net.zip DEC DEC PCI Ethernet DEC 21041 Based Adapter net.zip DEC DEC PCI Ethernet DEC 21041 Based Adapter net.zip DEC DEC PCI Ethernet DEC 21041 Based Adapter net.zip VIA Technologies VIA KT133 chipset *main Rockwell RS56-PCI R6787-12 PT3515.zip Compeye Motorola sm56 pci speakerphone modem sm56pci_2000.zip Toshiba xm5602 atapi_cd.sys CTF CTF DP-995 modem98.zip.dat ESS Technologies ESS Solo-1 1165.zip Diamond Technologies v770 Diamond Technologies v770 Hewlett Packard (HP) C2642-80189 Setup.exe Advanced Gravis Gamepad Pro Xp43r1a_FTP.exe Garnet System Garnet System 56KSPC4 GVC Telepath 56K Winmodem v221.exe IBM 1969-010 820xnosd.exe Rockwell rockwell.zip GVC F-1156iv/R9A & F-1156iv+/R9A r9a_w9x.zip AD Chips fx3d-w95.exe Avance Logic ALS300 als300.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HPFtbx14.exe Asound PCI als4000.exe Symmetric Winzipfm.dll Hewlett Packard (HP) 7500 EPATAP2K.INF Hewlett Packard (HP) 7500 EPATAP2K.SYS UMAX Astra 2100U VistaScan 3.55U PC Tel hsp2836v pctel.ZIP Cirrus Logic MD5620V90.zip OPTi opti 931.zip Direct X (Microsoft) mplayer2.exe Microsoft msgrfr32.dll Rockwell fm-56bt rockwellfm56bt.exe Adaptec AHA2740A,2740T,2742A,2742T adp777x.exe Genius (KYE) Gnetmice.ini Brother MFC 1950mc BROTHER1950.ZIP CalComp tw2kb13.exe Taicom rcvdl56acf/sp r6761 TAICOM rcvdl56acf sp r6761.zip 3DFX D3d.inf Lexmark Lexmark1000.exe Lexmark Lexmark1000.exe Sony Electronics up-d70a upd70a.zip Motorola soft SM56 V90 pci-sm56b62.exe Motorola soft PCI SM56 pci-sm56clean.exe Askey Computer V1443VQH-U Askey.inf 3DFX cs208-cs283 cs208.pdf Smart and Friendly THEMES.INF Panasonic (Matsushita CW-7585 7585_104.zip Info Products FB-OMP inforeader.zip SiS Corporation SiS 5597/8 V1.07 vga.zip Unknown Unknown ks.sys Creative Labs Version 2 Soundblaster 2.zip scanwell scanwell scanwell 3D scanwell.exe Epson Ap_3250_.zip Easyphoto Ezphoto.exe SVEC MX98713FC Dsk211.exe Emachines CONFIG.SYS Sony Electronics CRX100E/X2 Crx100e2.zip ESS Technologies Oeminst.cmd Yamaha CRW8824E Microsoft MSSP232.DLL Motorola 61412-51 SM56_61412-51.zip PC Chips PC Chips Hewlett Packard (HP) 53c400a HPscanjet400A.exe Creative Labs CT1600/SB-Pro2 Jumper settings US Robotics US Robotics x2 Winmodem Voice WINMODEM.EXE Motorola i601 SM56_62412-51.zip ESS Technologies Alegro-1 alegro1-1989s-w2k.zip PC Tel HSP 56 Micromodem R7.64-9KQ Compaq win2000.zip HSP HSP 56 Micromodem R7.64-9KQ Compaq win2000.zip Aztech Labs SC 16-3D Sound Card - using AD1816 Chipset sc16-95.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet 340 dj349en.exe Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP PT3511.zip S3 S3 s3.zip Trantor t128.zip Rockwell WIN95AC.VXD Hewlett Packard (HP) Hpdj840c.inf American Megatrends CMI8330/C3D American Megatrends CMI8330/C3D Magitronic zip TopUniversal TopUniversal TAL56MRS-R 56MR_win98.zip TopUniversal TopUniversal TAL56MRS-R 56MR_winnt.zip Visioneer Communications rt965ctw vx002.exe Askey Computer 1456VQL10J & 1456VQL10H 1456vql10j.zip Turtle Beach Systems Montego II several Unknown Unknown filexfer.cnt Unknown Unknown filexfer.exe Unknown Unknown filexfer.hlp Unknown Unknown fte.dll US Robotics 0766 3CP263595 Usr0766.zip Elsa ELSAV3DD.DRV Elsa ELSAV3DV.VXD Microsoft DISK1 TDK Systems TDK Velo-CD 121032 UDFDrvrs.ZIP TDK Systems TDK Velo-CD 121032 UDFDrvrs2.ZIP Diamond Multimedia Stealth 2500 ftp Lucent Technologies Lucent 1646t00 modemLTWin1646t00.exe US Robotics Install.exe 3Com Install.exe 3Com Install.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet 4100 drivers.exe Crystal Semiconductors CS4281 cs4281_w2k.zip EPS Technologies 0VMAKFIL.EXE EPS Technologies Flash.exe 3Com 3cp2977 2977.exe NetGear NetGear FA510 fa51v204(pc-card).exe PC Chips M571 CMI 8330 ?? ?? w89c940 pci rev 2.0 n32pci.zip Reveal http 3Com 3c90xx 3c90x.zip WinBond w89c940 pci rev2 n32pci.zip RealTek rtl8029 win2000-8029(506).exe RealTek win98-8029(508).exe RealTek rtl8139 pk-8139(330).exe DigiView HR-70, HR-70+ Digiview.zip RealTek rtl8029 wfw311.exe 3Com 3c509 5x9c32.exe Compaq M-S34 Mousedrv.ini Ensoniq ES1370 or 1371 EAPCI.zip Yamaha 4416S CRW4416Sxx.exe Yamaha 4416S 4416S W2000.rtf Pioneer USA pioneer dvd 105s 105F_122.zip Yamaha 4416S 4416S Solutions for W2000 and WMe.zip Pioneer USA driveinfo11.exe Symbios Logic Sym53416.mpd Western Digital Western Digital Bali32 baliw95.exe Integraphics (ICS) IGSwin9x.EXE Micro Solutions BackPack CD-Rewriter pnp302d.exe PC Chips M559 VXPro II conexant conexant all all Epson 300 stylus SC3022DE Crystal Semiconductors K0237047 Apple Computer LaserWriter 8500, Color LaserWriter 12/600, MORE! lw95_422.zip Creative Labs PCI 128 WIN9XDRV.exe Compaq presario 1200 XL 111 cpqeab12xl.zip Imation Setup.exe Yamaha WF192XG.exe Acer ToolUI.htm conexant conexant cnx98.zip Info Peripherals Info Peripherals fb735 fb7_32.exe Epson Epson drivers.zip ESS Technologies Diskid Artisoft (Lantastic) M2000 Artisoft.rar Rockwell acf2_2210.zip Diamond Technologies DT 0399 DT0399.zip Sony Electronics Spressa USB Sony Spressa USB Bridge.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) xe734 Drvspace.bin Microsoft Dsetup.dll Guillemot International d3dp-Me-532.exe Hoya Computer Hoya Computer IR320S Win98IR.zip Samsung Conf.exe Accton EN1207Dv107.zip Fujitsu FinePix Models Fuji4700.zip Mark Vision mm pro 16 II A 3D Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330 8330wdm-417.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 500c desk jet Archos PBG DRIVER Silitek SK-1300 EPS Technologies ARACK32.zip EPS Technologies APEX CHIPSTV.zip EPS Technologies Chips & Technologies 6555X CT95.zip EPS Technologies CWORKS.zip Spot Technology Scantak 2c / 3c scan3x95.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet 400C Nt4dsk1.exe US Robotics vagac0061ec1 Aureal Vortex 1 8820 w9x1189eng_drv.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 8100i OPTi VERSION.TXT OPTi snd933p.drv Rockwell sp9017.exe Aopen 56k ITU aopenITU.zip Aopen 56KITU aopenITU.zip Award 4.50g phoenixpcy2000test-fixtool.exe Turbo-Media Turbo-Media ke9801 v4.02 for win98.zip Compaq Armada 4120 ALL DEVICES US Robotics 02727 a4hawk9x.exe Xerox Xdc6rstr.dl_ Trident Microsystems 9440 Oemsetup.inf Ellcon WM-5614ARM 5614arm.zip Cirrus Logic 5446 5446vpm.dll Trident Microsystems ST-9880 win-me.exe Rockwell sp9017.exe Trident Microsystems trident 8400 pci/vga v6.50.5480 SETUP.EXE Trident Microsystems trident 8400 pci/vga v6.50.5480 SETUP.EXE Brother HL 1040 Brother HL 1040 Samsung 17" 76V Samton75V.zip IBM XVP300/500/6700 w2kv3005.exe Brooktree BRooktreebt848akpf.zip Microsoft Ddraw.dll UMAX Power look series ptcwinme.exe NEC lis07nov.xls Motorola vs336inf.exe Xlink xlink312.zip David Sowsy David Sowsy All VESA-compliant video cards VESA Accepted 1.1 Rendition V2200 AGP v2200_Win9x.ZIP Yamaha 724 Ydsxg.dat Nokia 7110 ir modem drivers A4 Technology exe1.exe ATI ati 3d rage pro agp(atir3) 4.11.2560 Creative Labs dvd5240e dvdewup.exe Connectix condisk1.zip OPTi U/K rm93xdrv.exe Connectix condisk2.zip US Robotics 56kx2.ZIP Connectix condisk3.zip CTX Many ctxinf7.exe Creative Labs Sscdrom.sys ESS Technologies ESS688 5025.zip Intel intel 8285x-based pci ethernet 10/100 Canon C-530 MultiPass Info Products IMAGEREADER EXPRESS Crystal Semiconductors cx4235 Genius (KYE) all tablets gtab.exe Paradise WD9710-MZ pipeline64.ZIP Microtek Lab Scanmaker 3600 Scanwizard 5.05 SoundBlaster 56K PCI Voice Modem SF-1156IV R9A.log ????? ????? ????? SPEAKER.DRv Visioneer Communications FU623D, 6100USB 6100usb.exe VIA Technologies presario 1200 VIAUDIO.INF adc spectrum F-610 adc spectrum F-610 F-610 spectrum.ZIP Aureal Vortex 2 Hewlett Packard deskjet 660 c WinBond w89c940f OPL3 OPL3 OPL3 Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR B1S_v21slr.zip Award 4.51PG AWARD MODULAR B1S_v21slr.zip PC Tel V.90 K56Flex HSP PCI PCtel Inc.Mdmchipv.zip Allied Telesyn AT-2000T PNP 2000pnp.exe Orchid Technology Orchid Righteous 3D OrchidR3d.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CW-7585 58x_9x.exe Diamond Multimedia Diamond Fire GL1000 NT41KP6F.EXE Diamond Multimedia Monster Sound II MX300 Win9x.zip Abit UZ103B1.BIN Hewlett Packard (HP) a4033av1.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) A4033A a4033av2.inf BTC bcd24xm atapi Macronix 1.02 *main Plustek 9630p Cirrus Logic command.com Creative Labs lw3drv.exe American Megatrends cacheman.zip 3Com Mathis AG.htm Rockwell modem.zip PinnacleMicro Cmedia (CMI) CMI880 Soundpro CW98V52.EXE ESS Technologies ESS Technologies ESS Technologies SCM Microsystems EPATCD.exe ATI Ssdpms.scr Todia Todia todai.zip Tulip NCC16 ncc16.zip Goldstar/LG Electronics all monitors manufatured before 1997 lgmnt.exe Crystal Computer SC-6600 V2.0 sc-66v2.zip Comstar Comstar fm-3711-1 Comstar V.90 FM-3711-1 Win9x.zip OPTi opti16 audio driver.zip Easyphoto SF-600E winzip80.exe Western Digital All scsi controllers Modem Master 9250 Modem Master 9250.exe Hewlett Packard 3200c setup.exe Olivetti Lexikon jp 190 3Com 3C905-TX 3com.zip Raven Go.exe Mitsumi Electronics 74-1881a Mitsumi Electronics 74-1881a *main Canon Multipass C20 Canon Multipass C20 Drivers.zip Rendition 2200 lafadabella2.jpg Diamond Technologies Inst16.exe Intek21 Intek21 pciio-2000.exe Diamond Technologies Install.exe 3DFX voodoo3000 voodoo3 PCI.exe Intek21 Intek21 PCI Parallel Card pciio_win2000.exe Pine Group es 1869 18691317.zip S3 Savage4 Award MB540N txb820ds.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-572, 574, 581 58x_9x.exe ESS Technologies Drvdata.bin Tamarack Technologies ArtiScan 4800 Plus English.lc LMP LMP LMP LMP ESS Technologies ESS ES56STH-PI Data Fax Modem.log Alliance Semiconductor AT3D alliance AT3D.exe nVIDIA most (incl. tnt2) Detonator 3 Yamaha xwave-4000 Olivetti Lexikon Olivetti JP 192 ojp192e.zip Super Power all Allied Telesyn AT-2500 250055.exe Yamaha yfm711-yfm720 95v2343.exe Trident Microsystems Blade3D 9880, CyberBlade i7/i1/e4 Blade3D/MVP4 patchtrd.zip Info Products sf-600c Setup.exe SiS Corporation ”Š.xls Techmedia CDD-7320T TMed32X.exe Aztech Labs CDA-668-01| AZT-CDA.exe Ensoniq EnsWin9X.exe ExpertColor Multimedia med 3931 Packard Bell CR-563B Cdmke.sys ExpertColor Multimedia med 3931 3931A.zip ESS Technologies 1868 aduio drive ESS Technologies Hitachi GD-2500 HIT-DVD DRVR.ZIP ESS Technologies ess1869 ess1869.exe Motorola SM56 PCI and ISA Epson Plustek 4830 rgb015.PCX New Media Corporation lan95b3.exe RealTek 8139 win98-8139(390).exe Crystal Semiconductors CS4236B Crystal.zip Unknown 2898 pc-tel Freetek Technology Corporation als100.zip Cirrus Logic Hewlett Packard (HP) Sanjet Plus 9195A sj130en.exe ESS Technologies pc56exv.exe Hewlett Packard SCANJET-3300C setup.exe Trident Microsystems 8400 pci/agp v6.50.5480 Labway EV1935 nt40drv.zip Trident Microsystems 8400 pci/agp v6.50.5480 Trident Microsystems Trident Microsystems 8400 pci/agp v6.50.5480 Trident Microsystems 8400 pci/agp v6.50.5480 Trident Microsystems 8400 pci/agp v6.50.5480 Connectix ass_poo56.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 600 deskjet Easyphoto SF-600E STARTUP.EXE Miro Computer MiroMEDIA Online / MiroCONNECT 34 wave Miro5.zip Ucom Ucom Nordic ISDN 128 TA pci_w2k.exe Hewlett Packard setup.exe S3 Savage MX/IX w2ksavagereference.zip Mustek 6000p 63epw2k.exe Avec (Relisys) Large range Canon bj100 b961_ukx.exe Plextor 12/10/32A 006.bmp Plextor 12/10/32A PlexTool.exe Microtech inc. Microtech inc. disk2.exe Trident Microsystems trident 4d wave dx Psion Dacom Surfer Voice/Fax mdmpdacs.inf Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 2000 Pro 3dpnt40215.exe D Link Systems DSB 560 SiS Corporation 5598 Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-58(3-9), CR-593 58x_9x.exe HSP hsp 56 micromodem pctel.zip LanKom Winbond 89C940F LANKomPCI.zip Creative Labs dxr2 dxr2 Acer Supports all AOpen CD-ROM models cdv600.exe Acer Supports all AOpen CD-ROM models cdv600.exe Cirrus Logic Cl546x.inf Cirrus Logic PC300GL 6561, 6591 win nt 4 video driver.zip als120 als120 als120.zip Hewlett Packard ScanjetIIC Sjetiic.zip Trident Microsystems BLADE3D_xf86_svga.gz Panasonic (Matsushita KXP-3696 3696.zip CIS Technology WS-2814IV4 336v107n.zip IBM kb-7993 IBM kb-7993 Relisys mercury and others Relysis Scanner Drivers + Manual + Quickguide.zip S3 NDE388- TRIO 3D pg128w9x.exe Packard Bell SC SND-2 14.4AM/EM V2200E Aztec Labs OPL3 95v2343.exe OLYMPUS ES-10 Film scanner (parallel port version) ESPW202.zip Crystal Semiconductors CX4235 cx4235.dos Crystal Semiconductors CX4235 CX4235 OLYMPUS ES-10P Film scanner (parallel port version) SCAN.zip Avance Logic ALS-100 ALS-100 Diamond Technologies Sound Lite 3D dt386.z Diamond Technologies Sound Lite 3D dt386.z SiS Corporation sis 5597/5598 Sismm.exe SiS Corporation sis 5597/5598 Setup.exe Pine Group PT5987 5987w98.zip Houston Instruments 1336C Oemsetup.inf Sony Electronics DSC-S70 usbdrv52e.exe Instant Tech CDAT300iB cdat3001.zip Bell + Howell General.idf Diamond Technologies DTO399 fiananzas.doc PC Tel Chipset PCT1010 PCT1010.zip Canon BJ10/e/ex/sx Trident Microsystems Trident 9750 AGP v98-9x5.exe Sharp Electronics Wpsj6apd.ap_ Hewlett Packard (HP) Install.exe Instant Tech cdat150i/cdat3001 cdat300i.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet IIc Sj4c.zip Philips Consumer udfform.exe Entrega Technologies U232-P9 pgwin98_202.exe Teles Teles BRI.PCI capi338.exe Yamaha CDR100 pcd185up.exe Compaq pres1247.html Yamaha ymf724-v yamaha_dsxg_driver 3Com FreeiClient2.65.exe Norton Norton GHOST6.ZIP Toshiba TXM3401E1 txm3401e1.exe US Robotics 3595 3595w9x.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) SK-2506 wme_mkbd.exe PC Chips PC CHIPS M571 m571.zip S3 nt40_s3 trio.zip Intel CS330 camera98.zip Intel CS330 camera95.zip RealTek Realtek8029.zip Promise Technology FastTrak 66 130b42.zip Genius (KYE) Cwcdos.exe Compaq LTE 5000 SP2045 IDE CDROM DRV Compaq WIN3.1.exe nVIDIA FishDemo.scr S3 trio3d_wnt4_32631-driver.exe Yamaha ymf724,740, 744, 754 yamaha_dsxg_driver.exe Mountain sidecar.zip Logicode New Microsoft Word Document.doc Diamond Multimedia 56i ISA (sup2300) sup2300.zip Voicom (Gallant) Sc3000.zip Toshiba Bios 5.0 b4900ct.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cr585xx Compaq presario 1245 Nm128xd.zip Minolta DI620 Di620.zip Minolta DI620 Di620.zip Acer ad1816 acer FX-3D fx3d-w95.exe Creative Labs SB AWE64 ISA sbw9xup.exe Adaptec APA-358,T-358 apa358.zip IBM Lexmark4039-10R IBMPCL5.DRV Datasonix Datasonix PereosWin95.zip Datasonix Datasonix PereosWinNT.zip Trantor T358 APA358.ZIP Cmedia (CMI) CM18330/C3D 30w95v64.zip Gateway 6000729 7502311.exe Interact PC propad 4 game pad propad 4.tif Olivetti Personal Computers jp 170 Diamond Multimedia Supra SST 56i Pro DFV SUP2850 geo cities geo cities PC Tel HSP 56 PCI Micro modem hsp_linux.zip Conexant Conexant WS-5164HMMG WS-5164HMMG.zip Contour Design contour_w9x_0623.zip Trident Microsystems TVGA9200CXr uc95-10.exe Rockwell askrkv56.inf rockwell Relisys 1236 Magic1236.zip Aztech Labs MDP7800v-u 7800v-u_nt.zip Asante Technologies 09-00090-01 & 99-00304-00 DriversAndDoc.zip Asante Technologies 99-00590-07 99-00590-10 99-00590-25 61-20590-00 Asanteinstaller3_0_1.zip Asante Technologies 09-00102-01 09-00304-51 asante5_6_1.sea.hqx Asante Technologies 09-00102-01 09-00304-51 asante5_6_1.sea.hqx conceptronic conceptronic 56UP conceptronicv3205.zip PC Tel hsp 33.6 pnp data/fax 1898.zip PC Tel HSP-33.6 pnp data/fax 1898.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 4s paperportv36driverupdate.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cr-581 58x_9x.exe ESS Technologies ESS1938 Essolo.com Sony Electronics MSAC_FD1a.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) sj450en.exe Samsung SCR-830 scr830.zip Lucent Technologies lt292nt.zip Rockwell ACER POWER AP6100 acer_rock_2111104b_w95.zip S3 savage 4 Olivetti Lexikon PG304 Olivetti PG304.zip Atech 336ifxv(c)_ Document.doc VDOmate VDOmate win9x.rar Hermstedt GmbH WebShuttle_Updater_1.3.smi.bin AccelGraphics Win.ini Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 4100c 4100FirstPage.htm US Robotics 1 1 US Robotics 1 1 US Robotics 1 1 Texas Instruments MicroLaser Plus timlps1w9x.exe US Robotics Useman.txt Lucent Technologies LT WinModem modem592.exe Maxtor max.diag v1.24m Connect.dll Cirrus Logic 33.6K cirrus_logic_336k.zip Sound Port 1846JP Tools.zip BTC 9000 9000.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 672 dj259en.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 672 dj516en.exe Plustek Plustek Optic Pro p12 plustp12.zip Connexant Connexant MSP 3880 SP-W MSP_3880_SPW.zip PC Chips unknown pctel amr.zip Mitsubishi Electronics LS120 IDE internal MitsubishiLS120.zip Mustek twain module About.dl_ Creative Labs GCD-R580B sbide20.exe Chicony Electronics VC-100 chicony usb vc100 webcam.zip Microsoft mfc42.dll SiS Corporation sis6326.zip S3 S3 virge dx/gx 375385_win95_31201.zip S3 S3 virge dx/gx 375/385 375385_win95_31201.zip Visioneer Communications one touch paprport.exe Kingston kne120tx Kne120tx.zip ActionTec 56 CALL WAITINGINTERNAL ActiontecMDMATCW.INF Relisys vm6575 Relisys vm6575 Relisys vm6575 Relisys vm6575 Relisys vm6575 3D Labs P3DW9X20110.exe WinBond 6692 wb6692w9x.zip Shuttle Computer HOT-247 247WIN98.ZIP Rockwell ? RS 56 / SP-PCI Packard Bell readyscan 636i Pmxscan.zip Packard Bell readyscan 636i Setup.exe A4 Technology hex.zip TekPal TekPal DesignPAL DesignPal.zip Creative Labs Grphics Blaster Xtreme gbexbw9x.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP400series ver. 8.0 HP400.zip Creative Labs Graphics Blaster Exxtreme Driver Aopen FX-3D Nt40.exe Mitsumi Electronics Mitsumi 2x Cdrom.exe Easyphoto 2.5 Ezphoto.exe Toshiba 1730CDT Advance Logic ALL 'ALS' Chip sets Canon 5100 SiS Corporation 6205 sis SiS Corporation 6205 sis KTX Technology (Edge) KTX-BM17E,KTX-BM15K,KTX-BM15D,KTX-BM17K,KTX-BM19F KTX-BM.INF Compaq Presario sp9451.exe Delta Electronics LANF7236G WINZIP32.EXE SiS Corporation SiS0000.inf Delta Electronics LANF7236G Wzqkstrt.rtf SiS Corporation SIS 5597/5598 SiS0000.inf Delta Electronics LANF7236G Winzip32.exe Conexant Conexant SoftK56 ConexantSoftK56Win9x.zip Genius (KYE) interpro.exe Genius (KYE) netmousewheel.exe Genius (KYE) netmouse.exe Yamaha YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719 OPL3-SAx Magitronic 862 Goldstar/LG Electronics 8240b Hewlett Packard (HP) setup.exe Sony Electronics CRX160E Sony CRX160E.ZIP Creative Labs creative labs Vibra16x PnP vibra16x.zip Audio Excel WSETUP.EXE Audio Excel CMI8330 CMI8330.INF SiS Corporation sis 6202 Storm Technology SF-600E Enhance 56 EXPLORER.EXE Ambient Ambient MP5628D-L-A AmbDrv.zip Microsoft cute.htm Aztech Labs Driver AZT 2320.doc Ixmicro Twin Turbo 4.0.2 Ixmicro twin_turbo402.sea.hqx Acer CD-916E/ATK cdrom340.exe Number Nine Reality 334 Number Nine Reality 334 Beta Video Adapter Driver for Windows 98.exe Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330 iMusic.ini Joytech Apollo pv40_9x.exe 3DFX v2-w9x-3_02_02.exe Plextor 12/10/32/a aspimanager.zip SiS Corporation SIS 6326 AGP OGLSIS.exe Web Cam Web Cam wc3wdrv.exe Unknown Unknown kbd-9908pw/u keyboard.zip Supra 2260 supramax_56i_pci-2000_2260_010-driver.txt Unknown Unknown 320s 320s98.zip Relisys avec II S3 Rockwell 2842pc Compaq 1207 336df56k.zip Sony Electronics DSC-S50 Sonysys.inf Compaq Sp15532.exe ESS Technologies ES56T-PI.zip Lexmark 4039 12R mpwn95ae.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) HP710 HP710.zip Dysan all Conexant Conexant Internal Voice/Fax Modem DM-56V14HSC DM-56V14HSF2.zip Guillemot International maxi gamer phoenix Rockwell for HP 8660C Riptide2k.exe Media Chips SW/32 sound/MPU401/Game Media Chips SW/32 sound/MPU401/Game Cirrus Logic FM-3131-31S 31sv11dv.zip Audio Excel CMI8330 CMI8330.INF Hitachi MP-EG1A CAMERA hitachi mp-eg1a driver.zip Davicom davi336.zip Yamaha DSFx xzccx Mustek ScanMagic 600CU 600CU_Win_2000.EXE Epson 880 SC8809598ME60BA.EXE Magitronic C-SV1400,1448,1450PS,1500P,1500PS,1700PS,2000PS magitronic.zip Lexmark Lexmark color jetprinter series 7000 Epson Dp412225.EXE Midiman - M Audio Midiman - M Audio Delta Dio 2496 Dp412225.EXE Acer acer magic s20 s20v320a.exe Phoenix S3 Trio 32/64 Plug And Play PCI S3_Trio_32_64.ZIP Addonics Technologies LAYOUT.BIN Kensington Products Web Racer MouseWorks-5_41.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet 840C dj888en.exe NEC CDR-1900A Sony Electronics PCG-F500 and 600 series W2K_Modem.exe Sony Electronics PCG-F500 and 600 series W2K_Modem.exe NEC NEC NEC stylewriter superscript 6xx drivers.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) HP ScanJet 6200C sj167en.exe PC Tel modemlnx.zip Aopen AOPEN 3D Audio Pack aw4235x03qep.zip Siig IC-137012 ensonic98 Trident Microsystems 9880 PC Tel chipset pct288ia cw336hsppnp_v41.exe OPTi Sony Electronics usbdrv52.exe Avance Logic als4000.zip Yamaha ymf719e-s Avance Logic als4000 als4000.exe 3DFX Voodoo 3 3DFX-Voodoo-3-DVD-drv.zip UMAX uc840maxvision UMAX uc840maxvision 3DFX Voodoo 3 3DFX-Voodoo-3-DVD-plr.zip IBM IBM xj1560 pcmcia Xj1560.zip OPTi sound-cards3-.url OPTi Iexplore.exe Avance Logic ALS4000 Biostar mb 8500TAC-A i02bua29.exe Avance Logic Als4000 ALS4000win2000.exe Chromatic Research ECenter.exe nVIDIA TNT2 M64 detonator3.zip QDI (Speed QDI Vision 1 3Com HOME CONNECT unknown SoundPro Cm8330.drv Hitachi ht8338a PCISOUNDW9X.ZIP H45 Technologies _INST32I.zip KTX Technology (Edge) KTX FM 56K VSE KTX56k.zip PC Tel h33pfvp h33pfv.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) ScanJet 3200C Programm Analog Devices Remove.exe Aztech Labs i38-MMSN813 azt16a-b-9x.zip Analog Devices 4_05_1164.zip Analog Devices ad1816 4_05_1164.zip A4 Technology Awmunins.exe Samsung sd 608 firmware 1.4 Diamond Multimedia Sup2730 sup2730.zip Diamond Multimedia monster 3d ii pci m3dii205.exe Artec AS6e Phillips CDD4401/71 3rd Essay.doc Behavior Tech Computer FB1898 1898.zip Aztech Labs I38-MMSN842 driver.exe Reveal radio95.zip Imation sd143_32.exe Archive 4320NT Cmedia (CMI) Integrated with MB 8738w2k.zip SCM Microsystems Sony MSAC-PR1 ephdw2k.zip Rockwell rcv336acf/sp rockwell drivers.exe Cirrus Logic cl5446.zip Cirrus Logic cl5446.zip Schlumberger Schlumberger Reflex 60 reflex-API090299.zip PC Tel Setup.exe SiS Corporation Setup.exe A4 Technology 2400 scan2400.exe Atech F1156IV/A2A modem520.zip A4 Technology 2400 scan2400.exe Mustek AZ-SCSI sp35Mustek.exe Adaptec createcd.exe Cnet Technology 100_TX_eth.zip Addonics Technologies addonics.zip US Robotics Digi International 40000821-01_Y.exe Primax pmxpower.exe Microsoft 63618-577 Microsoft IntelliMouse 3.2 Drivers.exe 3Com 3C250200 lp25v701(1).exe Dynamode PCI Modems Chicony Electronics addkey.exe Sony Electronics DSC-s50 Sony Electronics DSC-s50 Chicony Electronics default.reg Chicony Electronics delkey.exe Chicony Electronics irunin.dat Chicony Electronics irunin.ini Chicony Electronics irunin.lag Chicony Electronics addkey.exe Chicony Electronics default.reg Chicony Electronics delkey.exe Chicony Electronics irunin.dat Chicony Electronics irunin.ini ESS Technologies ES 2898S pew_9x443.zip Trident Microsystems Via MVP4-Trident Cyberblade3D via-mvp4-w2k.exe NeoMagic Sony Vaio NEO256AV.EXE Genicom ML200 Pscript.drv Hewlett Packard (HP) HP D8381A HP_D8381A.zip TEAC America HP D8381A HP_D8381A.zip Lucent Technologies DF-1156HV/A2B NEC CDR-C251 nec4x4.zip Olivetti Personal Computers Monitor4.inf Olivetti Personal Computers Monitor4.inf Asuscom w2kv361card.ZIP PC100 Release.txt PC100 README.TXT PC100 m726mrt idevsd.vxd Elonex Monitor.inf PC100 MDMCHIPV.INF Diamond Multimedia SUP2760PCI Emulator Modem.cpl PC100 MDMCHIPV.INF NE2000 e2000, e2000plus ATI Win9x ati driver.zip S3 S3Sonicvibes410.exe Pine Group FM-3621-2 36212-9598.exe SoundBlaster SB PCI128 Zoom Zoom USB camera cp1100xv.zip CIS Technology WS5614JS3 Trident Microsystems w95-9440.exe Atech winzip80.exe SiS Corporation SIS 5597 597107c2.exe Accton EN1207D-TX en1207d106.zip Trident Microsystems CBI7.ZIP AverMedia Intercam elite elite2k.zip nVIDIA postinstall[1].phtml Atech F-1156IV/A2 F1156a2a.exe Hayes Microcomputer h08-03357 Hpciw2k.exe Crystal Semiconductors PW5015C cs4281.zip IBM 10L7393/10L7394 win2kdrv.exe Genius (KYE) FULL.ORG Genius (KYE) scan00.cjb US Robotics mdm3com.inf Primax 5300.reg Digitan DS288-310 B-6 ds228b6.zip Visioneer Communications 6100USB 6100u2k.exe NeoMagic Neomagic.dll Iomega Z100P2 iomega.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 3.5 EasyCdCreator.zip Crystal Semiconductors cs 4281 crystal cs4281.zip Rockwell ACF2 1456IVS & EVS (Rockwell ACF2) W2K.zip Prometheus 14.4 and 28.8 - has driver to force 33.6 Promethus.zip Taicom Pretty Much all of them Taicom.zip Protac International VideoExcel 8Mb Intel 740 3D Power Chipset 740v312w9x.EXE Aztech Labs MDP3900 EUR_W2K.EXE Aztech Labs MDP3900 EUR_W2K.EXE CalComp CCl 600 CalCom CCL 600 winNT2000 driver.zip NeoMagic NeoMagic 256XL+ 256XL+.zip Sony Electronics MSAC-US1 Sony USB MSAC-US1 Marstek (Mustek) 4800 EP III d6epe321.exe Storm Technology TWUNK_32.EXE Hewlett Packard (HP) 670C Viewtop Viewtop Vulcan 3D vtop3d.rar 3DFX voodoo 3 v3-w9x-1.06.00.exe pretec pretec cf1usb usb_cr_drvr.ZIP Creative Labs PCI64 e64w9xup.exe Sony Electronics PCG-FXXX u2e304.zip Buslink Buslink 1503.exe Motorola WIN 5602 built 62099-51 isa-sm56b62 S3 Virge S3 Virge v.2.00-17.zip Novell Ne 2000 Novell/anthem ESS Technologies Es1968_95.zip Adaptec ASPI 4.60 W2k_aspi.exe SiS Corporation DISK1_1.EXE Puretek PT-3911 PT-3911.zip Advance Logic AL2301 2301.exe Crystal Lake Cs4232 Setup.exe H45 Technologies H45cd.exe Aztech Labs 3011 snd4-w98.exe NeoMagic 128xd.zip NeoMagic a30843.exe Creative Labs SB AWE64 ISA model DRIVER Visioneer Communications FB31BD 3100b01.exe Creative Labs AWE64 model DRIVER Zoltrix FM-VOC336i Lucent Technologies modem592.exe Lucent Technologies WS-5614WDD modem592.exe Aureal AU10Setp.exe Rendition Verite 2x00 Rendition2k WinME.zip US Robotics sportster Winmodem 56 K wm141036.exe Aureal 395_win9x_82011.exe Aureal 395_win9x_82011.exe Epson Setup2.exe NEC P2000 + P8000 pww9x.zip Viking Components Lc33-56w.inf Lc33-56w.inf Zoom 2925L zp575a.exe RealTek win98-8139(390).exe Canon bj10sx Canon bj10sx Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet 6200c Sj437me.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet 6200c Precision Scan v1.02.zip NEC CDR-4300A Cdchnger.exe