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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    DEC KFDDAAF DSSI CONTROLLER VAX 3100 DEC KDM70 W/CK Intel KCR 1U RCK OPTIMZED SERVER CHASSIS DEC KA45AA ALPHA SERVER CPU NEC JC2148UMW 21 MONITOR P1250+ HP J3497A RMO LAN PROBE HP J2912A INTERNET ADVISOR ATM OC-3C/STM-1MOD/S/W JES HARDWARE SOLUTIONS IT707T32NT 7 BAY MINI TOWER W/7 TEAC 32X ULTRA CR-ROM DRIVES ETHERNET DEC IT3XXAH No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. Dell Computer INSP3500300MHZ 3500 PARTS UNIT DEC HSX30XD No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. DEC HSC90AA No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. DEC H9FDKBA No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC H9CABAA No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. DEC H9A15-CA CABINET DEC H9A02XA SW800-GA STORAGEWORKS BLUE CABINET DEC H9702EC CABINET DEC H7661AA No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC H7388 No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. DEC H7380 No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. DEC H7226JC No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. DEC H7220AA DECNI 600 PS Dell Computer GX110933XXD06 OPTIPLEX GX110 - PIII933MHZ 256MB 20GB 1.44 32X 10/100 Sony GDM20SE2T 20 MONITOR DEC FR873WWAA CELEBRIS XL590 SERVER DEC FR746AAWF DECPC 466D2 LPV+8MB RAM 340M Intergraph FPLT21508 CONTROL DEVICE SL Acer FPC500A ACER FP-C500A CEL 500 64/10 32X 15 TFT WIN98 NIC GADZOOX FCL1063TW 9PORT 1GB FC-AL HUB JNI FCI1063NCSN JNI JNI FCI1063EMC JNI JNI FCE1063 JNI EIZO FA1562 15- FLEXSCAN L360 COLOR FLAT PANEL 3YR WRTY HP F1443NT OMNIBOOK 7150 PII-300 64MB 8.1GB DVD 14.1 TFT QLogic F QLOGIC HBA 1-PORT Minolta EP2080 MINOLTA COPIER OPAL ELS2500 OPAL SCANNER Panasonic E110 21 MONITOR Hitachi DK31CJ72MCHP HARD DRIVE 73400MB DEC DGLPBAC PCI ATM ADAPTER DEC DGHSF16AA DG-HSF16-AA DEC DEWB2DA No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC DETACCA NEW P4100+BRIDGING ROUTER DEC DESSRAA COMMUNICATION MODULE DEC DESSLEC TWELVE PORT 10BASET ETHERNET DEC DEFMISA No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. DEC DEFGLBC No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC DECPMMA PORT SWITCH 900 CP DEC DEC7000RDOOR DECSERVER 7000R FRONT GLASS/METAL DOOR DEC DEC3000300X SYSTEM DEC DEBETRQ LANBRIDGE 150 FIBER 240V DEC DE520AA No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC DAGGEAA DUAL BNC MODULE 54-23911-01 Mylex DAC690SI SCSI TO SCSI RAID CONTROLLER HP D9546T KAYAK XM600 PIII-666 128MB 9GB 52X HP D938769022 SYSTEM BOARD HP D938763022 SYSTEM BOARD HP D8551A REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY-LH3K/LH6K HP D8351N KAYAK XM 600 PIII-500 64MB 9GB 52X HP D6980AABA 50-METER FIBRE CHANNEL OPTICAL CABLE HP D697063003 LH4 PROCESSOR BOARD500MHZ AND UP HP D6738T KAYAK XA7 PIII-500 64MB 6.4GB DVD HP D6736T KAYAK XA PIII-500 128MB 10GB 32X HP D502869008 P0ROCESSOR BROAD Canon D173812251 DGTL CMCRDR- CANON ULTURA MINI DV LCD KIT Mylex D0800084 SCSI TO SCSI RAID CONTROLLER CISCO CXHSSI No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. CMD CRD5000 RAID CONTROLLER Dell Computer CPTS500GT LATITUDE CPT S500GT DEC CITCAAA TURBO CHANNEL CONTROLLER CYLINK CIDECHSIFT1C CIDEC-HSI CYLINK CIDECHSI FT1/CSU CLINTON ELECTRONICS CE963HAYZLE CRT MONITOR BAU REDBACK NETWORKS CE1 REDBACK SMS1000 CONTROL ENGINE 1 WITH 24MB DEC CA810010679 LN40X-AC CISCO C85FE8T16K CAT. 8500 8-PORT RJ-45 16K Compaq C56120004 DESKPRO EN/450P2/128MB/10GB/32X/W95/166926-192 HP C4477A NAS 6000 36GB HARD DRIVES UPGRADE KIT 1X36GB HP C3982A482 8PPM 220V SPANISH MANUAL AND SOFTWARE/NOB HP C3962A LASERJET 5M HP C3201B LP500 LINE IMPACT PRINTER HP C1100FABA 40FX 16 SLOT JUKEBOX WONE 2.6GB MO DRIVE DEC BE213E2 No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. DEC BA370AA RACKMOUNTED SHELF DEC B2101AA I/O BOARD FOR ALPHA DEC B2012AA ALPHA 4000 710 CPU DEC B1408 NETWORK BD DEC AXP1000CHASSIS CHASSIS ATI Tech ATIFIREGL2 ATI-FIREGL2 CISCO AS5212M56K AS5200 MICROCOM 56K 12PT MOD ADVANCE COMP ACP5000 ADVANCE COMPUTER COM Sony ACCESS8000DA ATM UNIT HP A8548S HP VL420 MT P4 1.6G 40GB 128MB CD LINUX HP WARRANTY HP A8144S HP VL800 P4 MT 1600MHZ 256M 18G DVD W2K HP WARRANTY Sony A8066416A LCD 12.1TFT SVGA PCG-F610 Sony A8046808A MAINBOARD 450MHZ PCG-F430 Sony A8045603A MAINBOARD P/400MHZ PCG-F360 HP A5554A 256MB HIGH-DENSITY SYNCDRAM HP A424260001 Z BUFFER FOR HCRX GRAPHICS HP A412566512 SERVER MEMORY BOARD IBM A410MB 5780 P Cabletron 9E42336 SMARTSWITCH 10BASET BLADE 3 RJ Cabletron 9E13336 ETHERNET MICROLAN SWITCH ADIC 996105 DATA 8008ED 4MM 8GB DDDS-2 EXT Equinox 9902091 ELS TERMINAL SERVER- IBM 98F2296 9672 TCM IBM 98F2174 9672 CARD DEC 960757001 TS05 MODULE IBM 954972U THINKPAD 770X PII-300 64MB 8.1GB 20X CD 14.1 TFT 56K WIN NT Generic 95170 SERIAL CONTROLLER BD. IBM 94F7314 3490 REEL MOTOR TU IBM 94063003 AS400 256MB 9406 IBM 9377090 PROCESSOR MICROTEST 91404X DISCPORT TOWER 14DR/14BAY ENET IBM 9032 4050 F/C ONLY Cabletron 900149201 DLM6C BACKPLANE USED TOO IN 6C105 IBM 89F8665 9121 TCM IBM 87G6110 9406 EXPANSION P/S ALLEN TELECOM 876QNLH120 ANTENNA PANEL S/W BEAM/MONITOR DEC 873WW No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Exabyte 87010000 EXB-8505E 5/10GB EXT. TBU IBM 86596TYXUD06 NF5000-PIII600MHZ/512KB 256MB 9.1GB 40X DUAL CHANNEL WIDE UTRA SCSI PCI/ISA TOWER IBM 86582RY06 NF 5100 - PIII733MHZ/256KB 128MB 0GB 10/100 DUAL CHANNEL ULTRA160 SCSI 5U RACK IBM 865821Y06 NF5100-PIII733MHZ/256KB 128MB OPEN BAY DUAL CHANNEL ULTRA 160LVD SCSI PCI TOWER IBM 847940X08 XSERIES 220 - PIII 1GHZ(256KB) 128MB ECC 0GB HARD DRIVE (OPEN BAY) ULTRA160 SCSI 10/100 ETHERNET 48X CD-ROM PCI MINI TOWER (5X7 IBM 8476DWX06 NF 3000 - PII450MHZ 256MB 9.1GB 1.44 32X 16/4 TOKEN RING TOWER Printek 80912 PTK4003 MAIN LOGICS HP 7910HR 14 HARD DRIVE IN RACKMOUNT CABINET HPIB MEMOTECH 75LCE MODEM ENCLOSURE Proxima 751005 RANGELAN2 AP-II 7510 WLS RJ45 Seagate Technologies 73087717 HDA 512MB FSD UNUSED DEC 72022 HALF KIM70/DSK MOD. DEC 7040458S1 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 704005801 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 703218301 HSJ50 CONTROLLER DEC 703203201 ALPHA SERVER 7000/4100 DEC 703164801 LAN40 BOARD W/BRACKET DEC 702995303 METALIC DOOR ASSEMBLY DEC 702886801 SA106 /TF787 POWE CONTROLLER Cabletron 6ATSM512 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. IBM 686772U PIII 933256KB/128MB 15GB 48XCD PC700 IBM 6862S5U PC300PL P3-550 64MB 13.5GB CD SOUND NT" IBM 684635GUK08 INTELLISTATION E PRO PIII933MHZ (256KB) 128MB 15GB 48X NVIDIA W2K/NT4 UK ENGLISH IBM 6645P1U NETVISTA P3-733 128MB 20GB CD W2000 IBM 63F4896 9672 CARD IBM 6339MJGSFF A21 CEL1GHZ/128/20/CD/ETH/W98 IBM 6339KUGSFF A21SFF CEL900/128/20/ETH/DOS IBM 6247045 5085 AP CARD IBM 6219 MCA SSA RAID ADAPTER IBM 61H1040 SYSTEM BD MPRO IBM 61F6341 3892 POWER SUPPLY SPECTRALOG 61000SVY EXT SCSI AUTO LOADER TAPE BACK 3Com 6017CA 17 SLOT CHASSIS IBM 57G6522 3900 CARD IBM 57G6519 3900 CARD IBM 57G0745 3935 FUSER ASSEMBLY IBM 57G0572 3935 LASER ASSEMBLY Synoptics 5724M ATM SWITCH MCP 4PORT Bay Networks 5720M ATM MCP MDA HOST DEC 5430158A3 ES40 CPU MODULE DEC 543015805 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 543015803 ES40 500MHZ CPU BOARD DEC 542522203 MOTHERBOARD DEC 542515101 DEC VIDEO MODULE DEC 542509001 PCI & ISA BUS MODULE DEC 542483301 MODULE DEC 542480102 ALPHASERVER 800 400MHZ DEC 542471902 AS1000 5/300 CPU DEC 542469301 ALPHA SYSTEM MODULE DEC 542393401L02 HSZ80 CACHE MOD ASSM/B05/SPS 400295-001 W/0X20-49635-D7 DEC 542389101 STORAGEWORKS BACKPLANE DEC 542388503 BOARD DEC 542378702 ALPHA MODULE DEC 542328902 DAGWG-AA CLOCK CARD DEC 542326203 233MHZ DAUGHTER CARD DEC 542324003 MEMORY OPTION MSP01-EB DEC 54200000000 MOTHERBD/BKPLN DEC 542260101C02 AXP2000 CBUS MOTHRBD DEC 542244401 KFDDA-AF DUAL DSSI DEC 542211602 CBS 36PORT MODULE DEC 542211601 CBS 36PORT MODULE DEC 5421179 COBRE STORAGE BACKPLANE DEC 5420916 BA640 SYSTEM BACKPLANE DEC 542070001 BOARD DEC 542065201 VAX3100 MODEL 80 CPU DEC 542055901 NVAX CPU MODULE DEC 541944301 DIGITAL DETMM DAUGHT BOARD DEC 541939701 MODULE DEC 5414636 RC25 ATEC CONTR. MODULE IBM 53F1786 3900 E0101 CARD IBM 50G1082 3494 PICKER CARD Sun Micro 5015437 RCP/ALARM BOARD NETRA T 1400/1405 Sun Micro 5012780 SM52X 50MHZ DUAL SLOT PROCESSOR DEC 501276 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Sun Micro 5012654 128MB FOR ENTERPRISE (3RD PTY) Sun Micro 50122532955 TX4 GRAPHICS S-BUS DEC 501182 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. MICOM 50032BDREVYF INTEGRATION MULTIPLEXER MARATHON 3K 3SLOT SA F/R T1 E1 DDS FRAD MICOM 50032BDREVYE INTEGRATION MULTIPLEXER MARATHON 3K 3SLOT SA F/R T1 E1 DDS FRAD MICOM 50032BDREVYB INTEGRATION MULTIPLEXER MARATHON 3K 3SLOT SA F/R T1 E1 DDS FRAD MICOM 50032BDREVS INTEGRATION MULTIPLEXER MARATHON 3K 3SLOT SA F/R T1 E1 DDS FRAD Dell Computer 5000C500GT INSPIRON 5000 C/500/128/6.0-6.4G/CD/FDD/56K/SND/14.1 TFT/P/A IBM 46F1442 4248 CONTROL CARD A3-D2 IBM 46F1073 3892 SNBF CARD IBM 46F1070 3892 MTRC CARD Tektronix 4698FXI PHASER III W/PXI V1.23 Tektronix 4686B PHASER 140B W/24MB ETHERNET IBM 4510150 3800 MIRROR MOTOR - PPK IBM 44H7785 9406 BATTERY BACKUP IBM 4443818 4248 TRACTOR Lexmark 43J8000 OPTRA 45 COLOR PRINTER IBM 4359 332MHZ 2-WAY PROC IBM 4320 332MHZ 2-WAY chipcom 4216MHAE TOKEN RING HUB HIWAY 40B1745 DEVICE INTERFACE BOARD DATARAM 40903 MEMORY MODULE PDP SERIES Compaq 400336B21 K/V/M 4PORT 3Com 3C18136 LINKBUILDER MSH MODULE 3Com 3C16980NK SWTCH- 3COM SUPERSTACK II 3300 24PRT 10/100 NK 3Com 3C16071A 3COM SUPERSTACK II 3300 SM IBM 3816FUSER SUPPLIES Compaq 380554001 RA8K/ESA 12K SOLARIS FC Compaq 380553001 RA8K/ESA 12KT64 UNIX FC IBM 34F1980 3892 SOLD CARD Compaq 340768002 COMPAQ DLT 4000 Compaq 340745002 COMPAQ DLT 4000 Compaq 340350002 ARMADA 7800 PII-266 64MB 8GB 24X 14.1 TFT IBM 33L5109 PIII XEON 550MHZ 2MB IBM 33L5105 PROCESSOR PIII XEON 550 2MB IBM 33L373102 FRU PIII550 XEON PROCESSOR UPGRADE - 2MB CACHE Compaq 338500002 WORKSTATION AP500 P2/450 128MB 96 Compaq 325605B24 PE1040 21 MONITOR (P1100) ATTPARADYNE 3160A2211 ATT PARADYNE ASU/DSU NO POWER SUPPLY Compaq 315120002 ARMADA 7800 PII-266 32MB 5GB 24X 13.3 33.6 Compaq 313670001 P2 1600R 6/450 STK 307079304 9393 LINE FILTER ASSEMBLY DEC 304811503 SCSI CONTROLLER DEC 304436602 BOARD DEC 303957902 POWER SUPPLY DEC 302837101 SEE DTQNA-B Sun Micro 3001357 POWER SUPPLY ULTRA 80/BLADE 1000 DEC 3000400 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Compaq 295241001 UPS W/NEW BATTERY KIT DEC 293445901 LN32 PART(119755-001) DEC 293015201 PICKER ASSEMBLY DEC 292930800 LN08 LOGIC BOARD DEC 292740901 POWER SUPPLY various 28F0023 6262 VACUUM CLEANER various 2768625 3525 CABLE IBM 2754 S/390 ESCON CHANNEL EMULATOR Exabyte 2700032 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 270001983 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 270001982 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 2700019 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 270001568 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 2700015 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 27000143 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 27000126 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 27000117 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 27000114 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 27000103 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT Exabyte 270001 7/14GB 8MM ELIANT SE IBM 2682 AS/400 FEATURE Compaq 266801001 NETELLIGENT 5000 6PT 10/100 SWITCH IBM 262811U IBM THINKPAD A20M 500MHZ CELERON 64MB RAM 6GB HARD DRIVE 56K MODEM 24X CD 12.1-INCH TFT DISPLAY WIN98 90 DAY WARRANTY IBM MANUFACTURER WARRAN IBM 2614065 N45SL FACTORY SEALED PS/NOTE IBM 25P6629 IBM 2GHZ/256K XEON PROCESSOR various 25F9396 3172 P/S 3172 various 25F6031 3892 POWER SUPPLY Compaq 242403B21 COMPAQ 242403-B21 15 CART DLT LIB various 23F0430 3892 RFI FILTER Compaq 235384002 P3/1266 512K PROCESSOR OPT FOR ML350 G2 ML370 G2-BULK Compaq 234453001 FC STORAGE HUB 7PORT Compaq 231117B21 P3/1266 512K PROCESSOR OPT FOR ML350 G2 ML370 G2-BULK Compaq 230991001 P3/1266 512K PROCESSOR OPT FOR ML350 G2 ML370 G2-BULK Compaq 230983001 P3/1266 512K PROCESSOR OPT FOR ML350 G2 ML370 G2-BULK IBM 2292CHU08 NETVISTA A22P - P4 2.2 GHZ 128MB OPEN BAY MT (4X5) CTO- REF XXF IBM 2292CCU IBM NETVISTA A22P 1.8GHZ P4 128MB RAM OPEN BAY ETHERNET NVIDIA TNT2 VANTA NO O/S TOWER Olympus 225090 DGTL CAM- OLYMPUS C-2500L SLR 1712X1368 3X PC/MAC K IBM 221012E ROUTER NWAYS MULTIPRCL IBM 21H5304 9406-530 F/C 2810 PCI IOP CARD Compaq 219809001 MAIN SYSBD W/O MEMO PRESARIO 17XL Viewsonic 2182M 21 SVGA 21 BNC VERY LIGHT SCREEN BURN Compaq 217285B21 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Wang Laboratories 2103309 VS10000/12000 SCSI IOC MEM Compaq 199860001 DLT TP ARRAY II M3570 W 3 15 30GB INT TAPES Compaq 192968001 RAS 5208 P2-233 32MB 3.2GB HD-ANALOG IBM 18P1229 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Compaq 171488001 LCD PANEL 12.1"TFT HP 165401R HRD DRV- WU3-SCSI 15K 1 LVD PLG 18.2GB HP FR Compaq 161219031 PROLIANT DL360 - RACK - 1 X PIII 550MHZ - CACHE MEMORY 256 KB - RAM 128MB - HD: - CD 24X - LAN EN FAST EN - SER Compaq 159667001 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Madge Networks 15740002 MADGE SMART RINGSWITCH Compaq 157132B21 WRKSTN P3/600 512K PROCESSOR KIT Eastman Kodak 1512219 DGTL CAM- KODAK DC265ZOOM 3X 1536X1024 USB KIT Lexmark 14B5025 OPTRA IMAGE various 12G8463 9121 POWER SUPPLY DEC 124282703 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC 1213113 Q BUS TESTER MODULE Adtran 120401L1 ADTRAN DSU IV ESP SNMP DEC 1184DX No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product information. Compaq 116440001 COMPAQ PRESARIO FP720 15INCH FLAT PANEL DISPLAY APC 1057370 UNIT UPS BACKP SMART 1400 RACKM Texas Instruments 9942920003 810 RO PRINTER SLIGHTLY CUSTOM POWER SWITCH IBM 06P5760 73GB IBM 05J5136 9393 LINE FILTER ASSEMBLY Radius 553 PRECISIONCOLOR 24/1600 IBM 04H0476 3900 60 HZ FUSER LAMP OTC 460033800 FUSER ASSEMBLY 120V LM1000X(EXCH) OTC 460033700 FUSER UNIT OTC LM1000X(EXCH) IBM 03F5634 3827 ELECTROSTATIC VOLTMETER SGI 300536002 G CAM ASSEMBLY SGI 300375009 IP19 4X150MHZ R4400 CHALLENGE CPU SGI 300375007 IP19 4X150MHZ R4400 CHALLENGE CPU SGI 300375005 IP19 CPU 4X150MHZ R4400 ONYX/CHALLENGE IBM 02L1316 8271 ATM UPLINK - Compaq 10391001 MOTHER BOARD VTEL 5175001 ATM NETWORK VIDEO CONFERENCE C HP A7697TABA HP E-PC 40 NEW PIII1000 256MB 20GB 24X NIC W98SE ENG SFF Novell 663000000000 UPG-V NETWARE 4.2 SVR CROMPLUS 5C Acer APSCUC1300 C 1.3G/128/20/52XCD/M/XP HOME HP C8673A HP OFFICEJET T65 AIC RMC1Q25IT2720UGN35 AIC RACKMOUNT 1U RMC1QB 350P 1SLM5.25 1SLM3.5 3XH-SWP 64 RISER XEON BL MINUTEMAN 90000431 1500VA RACK/TOWER/WALL UPS Tripp Lite SMART1400 SMART PRO 1400VA 120V LINE-INT PERP6OUT 5-15 Boundless Tech 293000000000 NETTERMINAL MODEL 100A NO KEYBOARD MON HP D8131TABA NEW RETAIL SEALED VECTRA VEI7 DT 6/C400 32M 4.3GB W95 AUDI TERRAPIN G007USA MINE COMPACT HARD DRIVE EXT HANDHELD PERSONAL DATA STORAGE Compaq A04741001 COMPAQ TFT5005M 15 IN TFT W/SPKRS Panasonic ZE5000ACGT PANASONIC TIMECLOCK ZE5000 WITH MSR Qlogic QLA1280 CNTRLLR SCSI PCI CRD 1280 Qlogic QLA1080 CNTRLLR SCSI PCI CRD 1080 HP PRO6200 HP NET SERVER LHP PRO 6/200 Dell Computer POWEREDGE4300400 POWEREDGE 4300/400 DUAL PII 400 various PBD75ND IBM NETVISTA A22 CEL1.2GHZ 128MB 20GB 48X CD ETH. W98 NL IBM PBD3DND IBM NETVISTA A21 C1GHZ 128MB 20GB CD ETHERNET TOPSELLER DESKTOP WHITE W2K NL IBM NETFINITY3500M10 NETFINITY 3500 M10 PIII 550 IBM K828GND IBM NETVISTA A20I C700 64MB 15GB 12XDVD AUDIO 56K MODEM WME NL MICROTOWER BLACK HP J3291A HP SUPERSTORE HARD DRIVE SERVER 4000 DIGITAL LINK DL200 ENCORE T1 SMDS CONVERTER Panasonic CF47GY6GUEM TOUGHBOOK CF-47 P2-366 64MB 6GB 13.3TFT 24XCD LS-120 56K HP C1199H HP DLT4000 HP C1198H DLT 4000 20/40GB SE EXTERNAL HP C119269404 HP DLT4000 HP C119267901 HP DLT4000 HP C119260402 HP DLT4000 HP C119260202 HP DLT4000 HP C119244404 HP DLT4000 HP C1192 HP DLT4000 Compaq B53403001 COMPAQ TFT 5015 15INCH FLAT SCREEN /SILVER CARBON Compaq B34044001 COMPAQ TFT 5015A 2-TO 15INCH Compaq B34043001 COMPAQ TFT5015 FLAT PANNEL MON OPAL Compaq B28134001 COMPAQ TFT5030 FLAT PANNEL/SILVER-CARBON Compaq A82573403 PRESARIO 12XL204 566C/5GB/32MB/13HPA/24X/56K Cabletron 9F10602 FDDI REPEATER Dell Computer 97EKJ 12.1 LCD various 93AG1EU IBM MONITOR 15.1' FLAT PANEL T56A BLACK ANALOG Paradyne 9162A1201 PARADYNE NEXTEDGE 2 SLOT Dell Computer 8D266 KIT 14.1 LCD XGA W/INVTR & CBL Matrox 79075010573 MATROX PRODUCTIVA G100 QUAD WITH TV TUNER 4X4 MB SGRAM PCI BUS 230MHZ IBM 67X8369 3490 DC POWER SUPPLY IBM 627628G IBM NETVISTA A20I C700 64MB 15GB 12XDVD AUDIO 56K MODEM WME NL MICROTOWER BLACK Dell Computer 6233T LOGIC W/O MEM IBM 61G8657 3490 DC POWER SUPPLY IAS 2/99 Dell Computer 5435T KIT 13.3 LCD Sun Micro 5404520 SUN DEBADGE 36.4GB 10K RPM ULTRA3 80-PIN SQT 46554DRQ 4MM TAPE LIB. NO DR. Genicom 44C510010G01S PWB - SSPS/1 PWR SUPPLY 3Com 3C16465BUS 3COM 3C16465B SWCH 24-PT 10/100BTX SS3 3Com 3C16250 3COM LINKBUILDER FMS COAXIAL 10B various 3135D LATITUDE CPI/P II 400 MMX/128MB Compaq 270221B22 DIAMOND FIRE GL 4000 ALL IBM 264545U IBM TP600 PII-300 64MB 5.0G CD 13.3"TFT 56K Nikon 25047 NIKON COOLPIX 995 - DIGITAL CAMERA - 3.2 MPIX 25047 Compaq 222937001 SERVER Lexmark 20T2039 OPTRA T612V LABEL PRINTER 600DPI 20PPM 10/100ENET Compaq 165759001 SERVER Tektronix 118797600 PRINTHEAD 4697 (T) Compaq 103549B21 DDS3 AUTOLOADER IBM 07N6310 IBM 73GB 10K RPM Dell Computer 0460E LOGIC P2 400 Dell Computer 0297HW 36.4G ULTRA3 (FUJITSU MAJ3364MC) NEW PULL Dell Computer 007YUM 68-PIN 10K RPM 36.7G U160 Data Gen 5045936 36G FC-AL 10K RPM ST136403FC EMC FIRMWARE AND BARCODE IN TRAY. NEW PULLS WISE SOLUTIONS 676 WFWI 4 PROFESSIONAL UPG FROM CROMINSTALLMASTER 7/8 OR WISE 9 PRO Compaq FMNEOAEIN PSIGNIA-NEOSERVER-5PC-INSTALL Compaq 230755B21 NVIDIA QUADRO2 PRO - GRAPHICS CARD - NVIDIA QUADRO2 PRO - AGP 4X - 64MB DDR SDRAM 230755-B21 TransNetworks SBFTF1014120 5PT 10/100 TO 100BFX SMF SC 1300NM 20KM SA CONVRT Lexmark 5K00101 OPTRA W SIMM FOR IPDS & SCS/TNE ATT - Lucent - Avaya 300304201 MAX TNT 32MB FLASH CARD VERITAS E038325 NETBACKUP PROFESSIONAL 3.5 CROMSERVER & 10 CLIENTS NT/W2K IBM 24P6053 VIDEO CARD HUMMINGBIRD EXMPI550001KIT EXCEED 8.0 MULTIPLATFORM CROMW/MAINTENANCE 95/98/WME/W2K/XP/NT IBM 08P2632 ACCELERAID 170 RAID CONTROLLER Panasonic CFVEB071W TOUGHBOOK 07 TEST PORT REPLICATOR Panasonic CFVDR721M 8X4X20X DVD CDRW FOR TOUGHBOOK 72 Panasonic CFVDR281M TOUGHBOOK 28 DVD CDRW COMBO DR Computer Ass ARB6001661CUA CA ARCSERVEIT V 6.61 FWINDOWS NT ADVANCED EDITION P/N ARB6001661CUA Adtran 1202192L2U EXPRESS L1.5 HDSL ROUTER Compaq 244753002 4YR NBD ONSITE COVERAGE & OFF SITE ADP PINNACLE MICRO 210100168 PINNACLE DV500 DVD Seagate Technologies SBENTEX0009 EXCHANGE AGENT Exabyte 720 EXAPAK FOR 110L/221L W/7 100GB LTO CART 7SLOT MAG IBM 9306110 NETBAY11 STANDARD RACK CABINET RACK Intel FSNSPRKIT SR2200 SPARES KIT TEAC CD540EB10PK 40X CDROM 85MS INT IDE 5.25HH BLK BARE 10PK Intel SAI2SCSI DUAL FCPGA ATX SVRWORKS LE2 SMC SMC5912 TIGERSTACK II 10/100 HUB 12PT RJ45 SLV STK RM HP F2899AABA HP - PALMTOPS JORNADA 564 Kyocera Mita APRLGR4007AH FS 3750 MAIN MOTOR CENTRONICS 44684363 RIGHT TRACTOR ASSEMBLY HP RG55254000CN DC CONTROLLER SN XXXJPH - XXXJPZ Supermicro P3TDLR ATX MBD DP3T FCPGA U160 SWORKS LE 4PCI VERITAS E01810A BACKUP EXEC V8.6 NT/W2K SQL AGT VERITAS E01775A BACKUP EXEC V8.6 NT/W2K SBS ED VERITAS E01622A BACKUP EXEC V8.6 NT/W2K EXCH AGT Samsung Electronics 151BSILVER 151B-SILVER 15IN LCD .297MM 10X7 PIVOT SILVER Avocent 990400 EQUINOX SST-MM4P MULTI-MODEM PCI BD TransNetworks CSDTF1011100 T1/E1 RJ45 TO 850NM MMF ST 2KM CONVRT MOD HP C2685A HP 2500CM PRO SERIES PRINTER HP 2500CM HP 2500CM PRO SERIES PRINTER Xerox 062K09874 4525 LASER SCANNER- EXCH IBM 01P8737 1145 LASER SCANNER- EXCH Xerox 097S02358 64MB MEMORY DIMM OPTION N2125 N2025 N2825 NEC AS125F 22IN/20V CRT 24MM 1600X1200 MNTR76HZ AS125F FLAT OSD Compaq 224282001 T1010 WITH WINDOWS CE AND IE 4.0 CMS TNUABS2600 60GB NOTEWORTHY WABS DESKTOP EXT AUTO BACKUP SYSTEM Lexmark 16H0058 64MB MEMMOD UPG OPTRA FARALLON PN993MWTX25 25PK NETLINE 10/100 PCI CARD CTLRFOR MAC/WIN TEAC CD540EB 10PK CDROM DRIVE 40X EIDE INT BLACK- WHITE BOX Paradyne 3810001ET COMSPHERE 3810 EXT PC 14.4 ASYNC 4LL W/ETC Epson ELPLP08 REPLACEMENT LAMP FOR 8100I HP A3730A V CLASS MEMORY UPGRADEINCLUDES 2 BDS Tektronix Z560 PHASER 560 COLOR PRINTER CISCO WSC5500 CISCO CATALYST 5500 MULTILAYER SWITCH 13-SLOT CHASSIS W/AC P.S. DEC TLZ7LDA 4MM DAT LOADER EXTERNAL Eltron TLP2046 THERMAL TRANSFER BARCODE PRINTER W/SUPPLIES Texas Instruments TIMWPS23 MICROWRITER W/23 FONT POSTSCRIPT Texas Instruments TIMLPWRPRONC MICROLASER POWERPRO 12PPM W/O CONSUM Texas Instruments TIML600 TI MICROLASER 600 Toshiba T700CS TOSHIBA TECRA P120 8MB 1.2GB 4X CD APC SU2200RM3U 2200VA RACKMOUNT UPS (NEW BATTERIES) Seagate Technologies ST34502LCSUN 4.5GB 3.5LP LVD SCSI 80PIN SCA SGI Tandberg SLR4 2.5GB TAPE DRIVE CISCO PWR7513DC CISCO 7500 SERIES DC POWER SUPPLY. Dell Computer PRE6102550B PRECISION 610 DUAL 550 256/9.1GB Dell Computer PRE6101550B PRECISION 610 X550/512 256 9.1GB HARD DRIVE Dell Computer PRE4102500A PRECISION 410 DUAL PIII 500/256 128MB W/9.1GB HD Dell Computer PE4100200 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Dell Computer PE4100180 No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Dell Computer PE318I281T00000 POWEREDGE 300-P3 800MHZ/256K/128MB/20.4GB DEC PC93UAD 200MHZ CPU UPGRD DEC PC93UAB 200MHZ CPU UPGRD Toshiba PA1198UT2W SATELLITE T2130T LUCENT P851UBRI PIPELINE REMOTE ACCESS ROUTER Printronix P6040L PRINTER 6 MONTH WARRANTY HP P3795LABA VL400 PIII 933MHZ 30GB 128MB 16MBVGA 6XDVD 56K/NIC W98 HP P3795L101 VECTRA VL400 MT PIII 933 30G 128MB MATROX G450 16MB DVD NIC WIN98 HP P3677T103 BA410 P3 1GHZ 20GB 128MB 8MBVGA 8XDVD NIC W2K HP P3325TABA VL400 MT P3 933MHZ 19GB 128MB 16MBVGA 24XCD NIC W2K HP P3284TABA VL400 MT P3 866MHZ 30GB 128MB CD-RW ETH W2K Oki Data OKIPAGE18 PRINTER Oki Data OKIPAGE16N PRINTER CISCO NPE200 CISCO 7200 SERIES NETWORK PROCESSING ENGINE NPE-200 64MB SDRAM. HANDLE IS SLIGHTLY BENT. NCD NC2195AA 21 COLOR MONITOR AVATAR N2000 NETWAY 2000 OTARI MX5050 TAPE RECORDER Texas Instruments MWPS23 MICROWRITER W/23 FONT POSTSCRIPT OTC MTP800 600CPS 24PIN HIGH IMPACT PRINTER COMTEC MP5044 LABLE PRINTER PORT Texas Instruments MLPWRPRONC MICROLASER POWERPRO 12PPM W/O CONSUM Texas Instruments ML600 TI MICROLASER 600 Oki Data ML395C PRINTER 6 MONTH WARRANTY CISCO MEMC6KWAN128MGM 128MB UPG CAT 6000 WAN MEMORY MOD GENERIC EQUIVALENT CISCO MEM360032FSGM 32MB FLASH UPG CISCO 3660 GENERIC EQUIVALENT CISCO MEM26508U32FS 8 TO 32MB FLASH SIMM CISCO265X ONLY - RETAIL (CISCO APPROVED) CISCO MEM256MAS535 AS5350 256MB MAIN SDRAM - RETAIL (CISCO APPROVED) Fujitsu MAA3182SCSUN 18GB 8MS 3.5 80PIN SCSI - SUN Apple M7618LLA APPLE IBOOK 300MHZ 32MB/3GB/CD/56K/NIC/12.1TFT/BLUE NO BATTERY Dell Computer LXPIP100ST P 100 11.3ACT various LT133XM151 13.3 SAMSUNG TFT LCD Dell Computer LATLT266 266 64/4.1 Dell Computer LATCPI233ST P2 233 4.3GB 64MB 24X Apple LASERWRITERNT APPLE LASERWITER NT PRI Kingston Tech KTH6112/1024 1GIG KIT OF 4 256MB EDO ECC /BUF Toshiba K000810550 LCD 14.1 TFT SAT 3000- NEC JC22W71 FE1250 21INCH MULTISYNC MONITOR HP J2962A REDUNDANT PWR SUPPLY 10BT & VG HUBS Dell Computer INSP3200266MHZ 266/80MB/4.1/24X CISCO IGXUFMU CISCO IGX 8400 SERIES UNIVERSAL FRAME RELAY MODULE -UNCHANNELIZED. NEW/FACTORY SEALED. Microcom HDMSPLUS HDMS PLUS COMMUNICATION DEVICE Kyocera Mita FS3500A LASER PRINTER 6 MONTH WARRANTY NEC FE1250 21INCH MULTISYNC MONITOR JC-22W71 Pertec FD510 800K FLOPPY 8 SS/DD Citoh FB667410 CI500/1000 PCB RIBBON DRIVE Citoh FB667400 CI500/100 PCB RIBBON DRIVER HP F2915AABA JORNADA 568 64MB 240X320 3.5 HP F2362MMB MAIN SYSBD W/PCMCIA SLOT HP F207269013 OB 6000 PIII SYSTEM BOARD Belkin F1D116OSD PRO KVM SWITCH 16PORT HP F1977NT HP OMNIBOOK 4150 PII-400 128/10G 14.1" ACTIVE 24XCD FLOPPY HP F162960912 DISPLAY OB 4150 14.1" TFT HP F144060901 BOARD SYSTEM OB 7100 CODE Micro EXT364GB68P EXTERNAL SOLUTION 36.4GB 7200RPM 68PIN (36GB) CODE Micro EXT364GB50P EXTERNAL SOLUTION 36.4GB 7200RPM 50PIN (36GB) Exabyte EXB210C TAPE LIBRARY ELO TOUCH SYSTEMS ET1725C7SWD0 17 ACCUTOUCH MONITOR - SERIAL INTERFACE Emulex ER202001002 EMULEX PE4016J 32PORT SERVER RJ Emulex ER202000402 EMULEX P4016 512KB 16PORT SERVER RJ Cabletron EMC3812 CABLETRON MULTIPORT TP/FIBER MEDIA CONVERTER Panasonic DL3DE0127AAA DISPLAY CF-25 12.1" TFT Dell Computer DIMXPS750 DIMENSION PIII 128MB 9.1GB HP D9421A 18GB U3 H/S 15K RPM DISK HP D7148A HP NETSERVER E60 P3 500 64M -ISHED. HP D7129A PIII 500/512K UPGRADE KIT HP D7030A LC3 PII 450 64MB HP D6124TA LC3 PII350 64MB/4.2GB HP D502863018 ASSEMBLY-FAN MODULE UPPER (FOR LXR PRO) HP D499868002 MOTHERBOARD NETSERVER LH3 various D496760002 HP 4GB MEMORY BOARD ONLY FOR LX HP D4269B LX PRO 200 512MB Nortel CV0011054 PASSPORT 2400 5400 GREY E1/FE1 MODULE Various CPQ No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. Bay Networks CG1001A12 BS 151 24P HUB ONLY HP C5658C DDS4 40GB INT TAPE DRIVE U2WSCSI 3.5HH HP C4172A LJ 2100TN HP C3952AC LJ5N 16PPM LASER PRINTER HP C2966D 4GB SCSI HARD DRIVE -FWD CISCO C2600 CISCO CATALYST 2600 16-PORT TOKEN RING SWITCH. CISCO BPXBCC3BC CISCO/STRATACOM BACK CARD (ALSO KNOWN AS LM-BCC) USED WITH BCC-4. CISCO BPXBCC32 CISCO STRATACOM BROADBAND CONTROLLER FRONT CARD. CISCO BPXASMBC CISCO/STRATACOM BPX LINE MODULE - ALARM/STATUS MONITOR. CISCO BPXASM CISCO STRATACOM ALARM/STATUS MONITOR CARD. CISCO BPXASI12T3 CISCO/STRATACOM ATM SERVICE INTERFACE CARD WITH 2 T3 PORTS. CISCO BCUAI4155MM CISCO IGX SERVICE INTERFACE MODULE ***BC-UAI-4-155-MMF*** Compaq ARM7350MT P166MMX 32/2.1 Compaq ARM4210T P233MMX 64/3.2 CISCO AIMCOMPR2 CISCO 2600 DATA COMPRESSION ADVANCED INTEGRATION MODULE. Sony A8066427A MAIN BOARD MBX-39 PCG-F630 Sony A8056448A BOARD SYSTEM PCG-N505VE HP A7723TABA XE310-S2 MT CELERON 1.1GHZ 20GB 128MB INTVID/SND 48XCD NIC WIN XP HOME Dell Computer 99511 RAID CONTROLLER-PCI-DC Texas Instruments 9942930004 810VCO SAME AS -2 Texas Instruments 9942930002 810 INCLUDING:VFC & CMP Texas Instruments 9942920005 810 BSC-FL *SAME AS -2 Texas Instruments 9942920002 810 BSC/FL Texas Instruments 97935680001 ML 600 Dell Computer 9296C DLT 4000 20/40GB BLACK OTC 888XL PRINTER TWINAX 6 MONTH WARRANTY Dell Computer 8881T KIT 12.1 LCD Texas Instruments 880 PRINTER 6 MONTH WARRANTY Exabyte 870010144 8MM HH TAPE DRIVE IBM 86H0708 FRAME RELAY QUICK START MODEL DT3U Dataproducts 8524 MATRIX PRINTER 6 MONTH WARRANTY IBM 82H5250 12.1 LCD Genicom 78403555002 MAIN BOARD GX2BGV Genicom 78402193003 GEN3480 PRINTMECH HP 7585B HP PLOTTER DEC 703146877 18GB HARD DRIVE 10K DIGI International 70001362 ACCELEPORT XR 920 232 8PT PCI I/O ADPT W/DB25 IBM 686839U IBM INTELLISTN M PRO PIII733 NO MB NO HARD DRIVE 48XCD NO O/S IBM 6862N4U PC300PL P3-500 64MB 13GB CD NT4.0 OBOX IBM 686237U PC300PL P3-600 64MB 10GB CD NT4.0 OBOX IBM 68463PU IBM INTELLISTATION E PROP3 933MHZ 256MB MATROX G450 IBM 6840P2U IBM NETVISTA A40 PIII 866MHZ 128MB 10/100 OPEN BAY IBM 6840E1U IBM NETVISTA A40 PIII866MHZ NO MB NO HARD DRIVE AGP 2X NO OS IBM 6830T2U IBM NETVISTA A40 PIII 1GHZ128MB OPEN BAY AGP2X IBM 6792CBUJ IBM NETVISTA M41 P4 1.8GHZ 128MB OPEN RFB DEC 6750JB9 4600A VAX4600 FULLY CONFIGURED Dell Computer 66JVW PERC2-DC PCI/S W/64MB Intel 667383005 POWER SUPPLY IBM 6594SP1 IBM P3/800 128MB 15GB 48X W98USE 2 X 64MB=128 IBM 6594GDH IBM PC 300PL PIII667 128MB 20.4GB 10/100 NO OS IBM 6594GBK IBM PC 300PL PIII667 128MB10.1GB HARD DRIVE 48XCD E-NET 8MBVID IBM 6594GBJ IBM PC 300PL PIII667 128MB 10.1GB 48X NO OS IBM 6594FDJ IBM PC 300PL PIII600EB 128MB 20.4GB 48X NO OS IBM 6594FBK IBM PC 300PL PIII600EB 128MB 10.1GB 48X 10/100 NO OS IBM 656585U C300PL P3-600 64MB 10GB CD NT4.0 OBOX chipcom 6508MTR 8PORT TOKEN RING CARD Genicom 640000000000 CALL FOR AVAIL GEN36XX BOARD Genicom 640000000000 CALL FOR AVAIL IN GEN 36XX PCBA IBM 634123U IBM NETVISTA A21 CEL 850MHZ 64MB 20GB 48X NIC WIN98SE IBM 6286KCU IBM NETVISTA A20 CELERON 700MH256MB 10GB 48X 10/100 W2K IBM 6270SEU IBM NETVISTA A20 C633/66128MB 20GB HARD DRIVE 48XCD WIN ME IBM 6270M3G IBM NETVISTA A20 PIII733MHZ64MB 10GB IDE 48XCD ETH W98 IBM 6270E6G IBM NETVISTA A20 C633128MB 10GB 10/100 48XCD W2K IBM 6269RPXJ IBM NETVISTA A20 C633 64MB4.2GB HARD DRIVE AGP 2X W98 RFB IBM 6269R0XJ IBM NETVISTA A20 C633 64MB0GB 48XCD AGP2X NIC W98 RFB IBM 6269M2U IBM NETVISTA A20 PIII667 64MB10GB 40X AGP2X 10/100 W98 IBM 6269M2G IBM NETVISTA A20 PIII667 64MB10GB 40X AGP2X 10/100 W98 IBM 6269K1U IBM NETVISTA A20 PIII65064MB 10GB AGP 2X W98 IBM 6269F2UJ IBM NETVISTA A20 C633 64MB10GB 48XCD AGP2X NIC W98 RFB IBM 6269E2U IBM NETVISTA A20 C600 64MB10GB 40XCD AGP2X 10/100 W98 IBM 6269E2G IBM NETVISTA A20 C600 64MB10GB 40XCD AGP2X 10/100 W98SE IBM 6269D2U IBM NETVISTA A20 C566 64MB10GB 40XCD AGP2X 10/100 W98 IBM 6269C2U IBM NETVISTA A20 C533 64MB10GB 40XCD AGP2X 10/100 W98 Dell Computer 6125E 16MB PCI DUAL CHNL PERC PCLSTR Dell Computer 59MWH 700MHZ P3 Dell Computer 5504D LOGIC TO 2-933MHZ DEC 5500 DEC SYSTEM 5500 IBM 5494EXT CONTROLLER HP 50641926 LX PRO POWER SUPPLY Dell Computer 48EMX SYSTEM BOARD IBM 46H4146 IBM TP560 P100 SYSTEM BRD. Dell Computer 44TXF PERC2-DC PCI/S LG REV1 Lexmark 43J1038 OPTRA S 12504059-121 IBM 42H2359 24/48 AUTOLOADER Citoh 400Q PRINTER Compaq 388270B21 12/24GB DDS3 DAT SCSI 5.25 HH 7.2GB/HR (OPAL) IBM 360CS PARTSUNIT Compaq 340743B22 20/40 DLT INTERNAL DRIVE OPEN ORIGINAL BOX IBM 33G8453 WIDE AREA CONN WAC ADAPT/A Compaq 338539001 AP400 POWERSTORM 300 GRAPHICS CARD Compaq 320950001 PROLIANT 800 P6/350 512K 64MB MOD 1 Compaq 315580001 PROLIANT 1600R PII-400 64MB RAM Compaq 315570001 PROL1600 TOWER PII-400 64MB RAM Compaq 314950002 ARMADA 7800 PII266MHZ/5GB/64MB/1.44/20X/WIN95 Compaq 312258001 PROLIANT 6/7000 XEON PCI/EISA I/O BOARD Anzac 310004 ANZ 750 TWIN AX BRD Compaq 305821001 KIT 12.1 LCD Compaq 305800005 ARM7370DMT P233MMX 32MB 4GB 20X HP 2D484 POWEREDGE 1550 SYSTEM BOARD Dell Computer 2828R LOGIC LAT-CPTC/CPIR IBM 26454BU IBM TP600E PII400 128MB/10G 13.3TFT 24X 56K REF IBM 2635HGU IBM TP380Z PII233MMX 32MB 4GB 24X Texas Instruments 26337211001 MW LED PRINTER 23PS 5PPM TRAY 2MB WAT IBM 2626DOU IBM TP 390E PII 300 128MB/4GB/CD/14.1TFT IBM 25H4246 ADAPTER STORE LOOP/A - 4693 Compaq 238481001 MAIN BD WGAME 3D GRAPH W/SOUND Texas Instruments 23600138001 810 RO PRINTER PKG SYSTEM TESTED Texas Instruments 23600130001 810 PRINTER PACKAGE W/VCO Intel 233MHZ INSP 3200 Compaq 230397001 IPAQ POCKET PC H3850 206MHZ 64MB COLOR TFT Compaq 229863032 PROLIANT ML 330E PIII/933 64/20GB 32XCD NIC (NEW-RETAIL/ENGLISH) Compaq 229863001 PROLIANT ML330E 933P3/M1 IBM 2292CBUJ IBM NETVISTA A22P P4 1.8GHZ 128MB OPEN RFB Texas Instruments 22308723001 MW PS23 Compaq 222714001 DISPLAY ASSEMBLY ARM 100S 12.1"HPA IBM 221802X FRAME RELAY QUCK START MODEL DT3U DEC 2200HB9 DEC SYSTEM 5500 Compaq 217841001 BOARD SYSTEM PRES 1200XL Dell Computer 202HD 15TFT LCD INSPIRON 7500 Compaq 202948001 DISPLAY PRES 12XL201 204 206 13HPA Compaq 192186002 UPS R3000 XR HIGH VOLTAGE Lexmark 17G0000 17PPM 133MHZ 4MB RAM & UP TO 600DPI MAX. 40000 PGS. ELO TOUCH SYSTEMS 1725C 17 ACCUTOUCH MONITOR - SERIAL INTERFACE Compaq 167520001 PROSIGNIA 190 14.1 TFT DISPLAY Compaq 167411001 RAS 5601 SECOND ISDN PRI-T1 Dell Computer 160XM 512MB PC133 ECC PE2450 Compaq 157824001 SPS-BD SYS I O W O PROC Compaq 155224B21 XEON 550/2MB PROCESSOR KIT 6400R 5500 SEALED RETAIL Compaq 1500C ARMADA CEL 400 96MB/4GB/CD/56K/12.1TFT/W98 Sony 147524711 DISPLAY PCG-700 SERIES 12.1" TFT Sony 141888211 13.3" TFT LCD (NEW PULL) Printronix 141695001 PTX IGP100 PCBA Printronix 142000000000000000 IGP BOARD (USE 341-30007) IBM 13H6833 ADAPTER STORE LOOP - 4693 IBM 12P3366 IBM T21 PIII SYSTEM BOARD Lexmark 11G0954 64MB OPTRA COLOR 1200 MEMORY PAIR OF 32MB SIMMS IBM 1171330 THINKPAD I1300 CELERON 500/64MB/5GB/CD/NO FDD/56K/NIC/12.1TFT/W2000 Dell Computer 1164X 14.1 LCD XGA W/INVTR Samsung Electronics 1100P 21" SVGA MONITOR PTX 108375001 PTX 5225 TWIN AX CARD Printronix 107730001 PTX P300XQ /6240 SHUTTLE Genicom 1040 PRINTER 6 MONTH WARRANTY IDEA 10394 CONTROLLER AMT Datasouth 1037522 COAX INTERFACE PCB C600 Genicom 1020 GENICOM 1020 PRINTER Tandberg 10063B15 2.5GB TAPE DRIVE IBM 09N7150 BOARD SYSTEM NF 4000R P2 Texas Instruments 9942930004 810VCO SAME AS -2 Texas Instruments 9942930002 810 INCLUDING:VFC & CMP Texas Instruments 9942920005 810 BSC-FL *SAME AS -2 Texas Instruments 9942920002 810 BSC/FL ELO TOUCH SYSTEMS 90862000 17 ACCUTOUCH MONITOR - SERIAL INTERFACE OTC 460007105 OTC888XL MAIN LOGICS OTC 400001700 OTC888 MAIN LOGICS SGI 300663004 I2 IMPACT DIGITAL VID.(601) D9-I2I-VIDEO HP 256460004 HAMER BANK ASSEMBLY 2564X OTC 210055700 OTC 41XX PRINT MECH IBM 01K7352 SERVERAID 3L 1 INT1EXT SGI 137052012 FDDI BOARD VME DAS CHALLENGE SGI 137052010 FDDI VME BOARD SGI 137052008 FDDI VME BRD SGI 137052003 FDDI BOARD VME SGI 137052001 NKS FDDI BOARD VME DENEBA F95210000EN DENEBACAD 2.0 CROMMAC OS 8.6 OR HIGHER CISCO PIX501BUNK9 PIX 501 3DES BDL CHAS AND S/W 10U HP J410561001 JET DIRERT 4000N MODULAR INPUT/OUT PUT INTERNAL PRINTER SERVER(NO EXCHANGE) HP C9152A HP MAINTENANCE KIT (110V) FOR HP LASERJET 9000/9000N/9000DN/9000HNS Sharp BQCXGNV6XU1 REPLACEMENT LAMP MODULE FOR SUPLXG-NV6XU & XG-NV2SB PROJECTORS Sharp BQCXGNV5XU1 REPLACEMENT LAMP MODULE FOR SUPLXGNV5XU PROJ Sharp BQCXGNV5XB1 REPLACEMENT LAMP MODULE FOR SUPLXG-NV5XB Sharp BQCXGNV4SU1 REPLACEMENT LAMP MODULE FOR SUPLPG-D120U PROJ Sharp BQCXGNV2U1 REPLACEMENT LAMP MODULE FOR SUPLXG-NV2U PGD210U PROJ Sharp BQCPGC30XU1 REPLACEMENT LAMP MODULE FOR SUPLPG-C30XU PROJ Adtran 1200291L1 MX2800 PATCH PANEL 1U 2 6FT 64PIN TO 64PIN CABLES Sony 180364211 LCD 13.3 TFT XGA SA HP C5101ANK SCNR- FLTBD PHOTOSMART S20 00D 6BIT COLOR USB NOT KIT HP C5627A FUSER 120-127V INCLUDES 1 FUSER CLEANING ROLLER HP R953013000CN MAINTENANCE KIT 220V HP C408267901 500 SHEETS PAPER Xerox Z850BAC 1 YEAR SERVICE Xerox 860BAC 1 YR. SVC; ANNUAL ON-SITE SERVICE APPLIC ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES T45324100100 T402 DESKTOP THERMAL TRANSFER PERPPRINTER W/QUICK PEEL OFF OPTION LG ELECTRONICS GCE8320BB 10PK CDRW DRIVE 32X/10X/40X INT EIDE Xerox 097S02912 64MB MEMUPG PHASER 4400 Compaq 277602B21 XEON-1.8GHZ 512K VRM PROCESSOR CHIPFOR W8000 Compaq 271686B21 ATI FIREGL 8800 AGP 4 VIDEO CTLR128MB GRAPHICS CARD EQUISYS EQZF75222 ZETAFAX API TOOLKIT Sony 01SSC2900 SONICWALL VIEWPOINT UPG TELE3 SOHO PRO SERIES Adtran 1200361L1 NETVANTA 2100 VPN INET SEC DEVICE D-Link DGS1008TKIT BUY 1 DGS-1008T GET 1 FREE DGE-500T HP C3962A06 COLOR LASERJET 5M - 10PPM BLACK 2PPM COLOR 1200DPI 36MB 10BT MAC IBM 6018C2G P733/128/10/CD/ETH/W2K-NT/HVID/DESKTOP D-Link DFE530TX50 50PK 10/100 FAST ENET NIC PERP HP C472369096 CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY - INCLUDES CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY LINE SENSOR Princeton CD556MCN 15IN/13.8V CRT 28MM 1024X768 MNTR85HZ CD556 CAP FLAT TOUCH SCREEN Printronix 134000000000000000 PCBA IGP-4X0 Printronix 134000000000000000 PCBA IGP-4X0 (CAN USE 341-31157) ATT - Lucent - Avaya 408046035 PIPELINE 75 ST BRI ISDN PERPW/SECURECONNECT FW- P751SBRIASA Nortel PB2002005 PASSPORT 2430 10/100 ETH AC BASE 16M NO PWR CORD DELKIN DDPICPAD120GB 20GB EFILM PICTURE PAD IBM 53P9328 64MB MEMUPG DIMM INFOPRINT 1220 1228 APC CURK11 SU1400RMXLNETSU1400RMXLTNET SU1400XLTNET Lexmark 43H5065 OPTRAFORMS 2MB FLASH OPTRA S SC Adtran 1950010L3 T-WATCH PRO (WIN) PROVIDE CROMENHANCED MNGT & LAN ACCESS HP RG53132000 PAPER PICK-UP ASSEMBLY Toshiba P000293310 MAIN SYSBD 7140CT TOSHIBA Toshiba P000291070 MAIN SYSBD W/CPU AND FANSINK VERITAS E01649A BACKUP EXEC V8.6 NT/W2K NSE FAM UPG VERITAS E01569A BACKUP EXEC V8.6 NT/W2K M/SVR TO ADV UPGF AXISCOMMUNICAT 15701401 AXIS 70 NETWORK DOCUMENT SERVR Fuji Film 25910312 FUJIFILM USB FLASH DRIVE 512MB FLSHPLUG AND PLAY Perle Systems RRC16RJX RIO RRC16/RJX 19IN RM CONC 16 RS232 RJ45 SURGE Asante 990055001 GBIC/MODULE 1000MBPS FIBER LX Minolta 2777301 DIMAGE F100 DIGTLCAM 16MB 4MPIX 3X OP ZOOM INTRUSION COM 7503231102 PDS1110 CP SMALLOFFICE APPL US PERPDESKTOP CHECKPOINT 4.1 SMALLOFFICE INTRUSION COM 7503219102 PDS1105 NG SMALLOFFICE APPL US PERPDESKTOP CHECKPOINT NG SMALLOFFICE Overland Data 106074003 AIT 50/100 GB MEDIA 5-PACK WATCHGUARD WG006010 FIREBOX SOHO 6TC 10 USER PERPFIREWALL AND VPN APPLIANCE WATCHGUARD WG600100 WATCHGUARD FIREBOX V10 10U LIC Compaq 185330001 12.1 LCD Comtrol 982500 ROCKETPORT SER HUB SI 1PT ETH 4PT DB9 SER SA ATT - Lucent - Avaya 300071644 PIPELINE 75 ISDN S/T RTR 220/240V UK 2633-059 Intel BX80532KC2600DU XEON 2.6 GHZ FOR 1U SERVERS HP C808569522 STAPLER UNIT FOR 3000 SHEET STAPLER/STACKER DANTZ MU70050 RETROSPECT SERVER BACKUP 5.0 CROMMAC QMS 2293207901C QMS MC2 COLOR CX CPU PWB CENTRONICS 15019638 BAND MOTOR PROXIM INC 857105 ACCESS POINT 54MBPS HARMONY PROXIM INC 857005 ACCESS POINT 54MBPS HARMONY 3WARE 85004PROMO 8500-4 NASBA PROMO WSERIAL CONVERTER CISCO AIRANT4121 12DBI OMNIDIR MAST MOUNT ANT Compaq 4506102 NEW PL1500 P75 CPU BOARD NO CPU 16MB RAM Compaq 4506001 NEW PL1500 P75 CPU BOARD NO CPU 16MB RAM WISE SOLUTIONS 672 WFWI 4 PROFESSIONAL UPGRADE CROMFROM WFWI 1/2/3/4.X STANDARD Generic UN173 SER-3 E5MQ34HAXX Dell Computer PRECISION410 PRECISION 410 PIII 800 Olicom OC6152R 6152 OLICOM RAPIDFIRE ATM PCI 155 FIBER ADPTR RET (P/N 61520610) Kyocera Mita MK1 FS1500 KIT Compaq D70010398 PRESARIO 5009SR PIII1GHZ/128MB/60GB/8XDVD/8XCDRW/56K/NIC/WIN Sony CPD300SF 21 SVGA Sony CPD20SFII 20 SVGA HP C64246A TAKE UP REEL FOR HP DESIGN JET 3000CP 2000 Texas Instruments 97984308003 ML PRO12 ICU BD ATTNCR 7044694104 PCB PERSONALITY IBM 6269A7GU69A7GK NETVISTA DT A20 CEL800/64/20 Dell Computer 4351P DELL RAID CONTROLLER HP 3930AR PAVILLION AMD 1 GHZ 20GIG 128MB NIC CDRW+DVD WINME 90 DAY HP WARR IBM 34L5436 36.7GB ULTRASTAR 36ZX SCSI 68PIN LVD 2000KB CACHE 3.5INCH HP 2940AR PAVILLION PIII 933 40GIG 128MB CDRW WINME 90 DAY HP WARR Lexmark 20T2249E LEXMARK OPTRA T612 W/WET WIPER AND SPECIAL RIP BOA 120 Lexmark 20T2223E LEXMARK OPTRA T612 W/OUT WIPER Compaq 135148001 TAPE DRIVE SPARES # 146016-001 70-60417-01/TH5X-CB Compaq 115945042 1GB SYNC 100MHZ CL2 DIMM IBM 09L3903 36.7GB ULTRASTAR 36ZX SCSI 68PIN LVD 2000KB CACHE 3.5INCH Lexmark 5K00017 64MB SDRAM MEMORY DIMM Intel SRCU32U RAID CONTROLLER SRCU32 HP R965007000CN FUSER KIT (110V) - INCLUDES FUSER 2 SEPARATION/2PICKUP ROLLERS BOTH AIR FILTERS & CLEANING CLOTH ( NEC OP26069002 VERSA BAY III CDRW FOR LXI SXI HP C4219A HP LASERJET 1100AXI HP C3199A POSTCRIPT FOR DESIGNJET 750C/755CM Adaptec ACK68I3LVD10PACK 10-PK INT 68 PINS LVD SCSI CABLE PROXIM INC 756205 POE HARMONY POWER SYSTEM AOC LM700 LM700 17IN .264MM 12X10 TFT LCD COLMON BEIGE Tally 731774 LASER FUSER 360 000 PAGE YIELD Dell Computer QM336700XCSCA 36.7GB SCSI3 U160/SCA 7200RPM CISCO MEMSDNPE32MB CISCO DRAM MEM-SD-NPE- NEC LCD1525XBK NEC LCD1525XBLK 15IN 30MM 1024X768 60HZ (AMBIX) USB CISCO CD36BP1207 3600 IP/IPX/APPLETALKDECNET PLUS FEATURE PACK 9 HP Q2147A HP PHOTOSMART DIGITAL CAMERA C812XI HP# Q2147A HP C470869113 CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY CISCO CONSNTPKG7 SMARTNET PKG 8X5XNBD CAT7 Intel BX80532KC2600D BOXED INTEL XEON 2.6GHZ 512K 400FSB S603 Nortel NTBU0529 NORSTAR COMPACT ICS WCLID TRUNK MOD Supermicro SUPPWS029 SUP AC POWER RD 2X400W P4SC830 Trend Micro OS0FCE002550000 OFFICESCAN CE 5 CROM25U Genicom M3534001 PRINTER 353 Texas Instruments 9999748201 820 TERM ELECTR. 230V W/GRD PLN Adobe 25510476 AFTER EFFECTS 5.0 STANDARD Microcom 1426030 INC INC SNMP MOTHERBOARD Texas Instruments 9999748201 820 TERM ELECTR. 230V W/GRD PLN Compaq FMSTXHW36 CAREPAQ 3YR 9X5 NBD PROLIANT STOR SYSTEMS Brother Intl HL1850 18PPM LASER PRINTER Epson C060021 24-PIN NRW 300CPS PRINTER ATT - Lucent - Avaya 408045805 PIPELINE 50 UBRI ISDN W/SECURE PERPCONNECT FIREWALL- P501UBRIASA DEC L4001CF No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. DEC L4001CA No description available online - Please call us at (760) 806-2731 for information on this product. XEROX 13R546 MODEL XC-23 33 HP C477969502 OFFSET MODULE ASSEMBLY FOR PAPER STACKER (C4779A) Avocent 140ES APEX 4PT OUTLOOK 1X4 CONSOLE SWCH WGUI IBM 28P1835 TOKEN RING FOR INFOPRINT 1120 ACCS1125 1130 1140 1145 1220 1228 IBM 53P9333 16MB FLASH SIMM INFOPRINT 1220 1228 CISCO MEMRSP8FLD48M 48MB FLASH DISK CISCO 7500 RSP8 CISCO APPROVED APC CURK12 CHARGE-UPS KIT SU2200RM3U SU3000RM3U SU5000 5000RM VERITAS E02656D BACKUP EXEC V9.0 NTW SVR ED LABTEC 9252780403 LABTEC WHTBOX AXIS 302 HDSET WBOOM MIC 50PK Corel 11CGSPCMINTO CORELDRAW GRAPHICS SUITE 11 MAC/WIN IBM 28P1993 HIGH CAP OUTPUT STKR INFOPPRINT 1130 1140 IBM 33L3252 SPACEBALL 3D INPUT DEVICE HP C6749A220 HP OFFICEJET K60XI - 220V Powerware 51466665501 PW5125 1000RM - 1000VA RM UPS PERP120V LINE INTERACTIVE UPS IBM 63413CG IBM A21 C1000/128/20/CD ETH W98 Computer Ass ARB6013700AEA ARCSERVE 2000 BACKUP NT WKGP ADV OPEN FILES AGT HP A8050A HP ATI FIREGL8800 MID-RANGE 3D GRAPHICS Compaq 266633B24 MP3800 REPLACEMENT BULB Micron MICRTZN045 NEW MICR LASER TONER CARTRIDGE XEROX N4525 SERIES 30 000 PAGE YIELD Kyocera Mita 87800609 MAINTENANCE KIT MK24 INCLUDES: DRUM UNIT DEVELOPER UNIT FUSER UNIT Brother Intl HL1470N 15PPM LASER 1200X600 8MB HP A2997A UPS 1800VA RACK MOUNTED DTP SX40302UW SCSI STORAGE EXTENTION KIT ADDS 2 SCSI CHANNELS NEC PMMB140000000 PMES/733P/15GB/256MB/W98/CD/FDD various PAT800U4B51 TECRA 8000/P II 400 MMX/64MB Intergraph MSMT329 PROCESSOR BOARD FOR QUAD PENTIUM PRO 200 NEC LCD1525M NEC 15IN/15.0V 30MM 1024X768 75HZ TFT USB SPKRS BLK BEZEL Sony GDM20E01 20 IN. TRINTRON MONITOR Intergraph CSMT32906 PROCESSOR BOARD FOR QUAD PENTIUM PRO 200 Boundless Tech CP2EA32AAA001 CAPIO II MODEL 420 WITH KEYBOARD & MOUSE FACTORY SEALED Dell Computer ANAN6944ATX 4PORT PCI ENET RJ45 ATX IBM 85H4519 8235 MODEL I40 DIAL-IN ACCESS TO LANS (DIALS) SWITCH IBM 85H4028 8235 MODEL I40 DIAL-IN ACCESS TO LANS (DIALS) SWITCH SOLA 83122218 DUAL POWER SUPPLY 12VOLT DC 1.8AMP SANGOMA 8031X6S7 SDLC & X.25 FOR NWSAA & SNA SERVER DIGI International 77000260 ACCELEPORT 2E-MC DB9 FACTORY SEALED DIGI International 76000127 PORTS/8EMP RJ45 FACTORY SEALED Compaq 74006366T14100VM3 COMPAQ ARMADA 7400 PII-3666410.0GDVD/FDD/13.3 TFT . IBM 6594FDH IBM PC 300PL PIII600EB 128MB 20.4GB 10/100 NO OS IBM 6594FBJ IBM PC 300PL PIII600EB 128MB 10.1GB 48X NO OS DIGI International 5060014601 8PORT SERIAL BRICK FOR AVANSTAR 8I DIGI International 50600041 ISA INTERFACE FOR AVANSTAR 8I DEC 502181401A1 SANDPIPER MMB MODULE DIGI International 50000213 ACCELEPORT 4R 920-PCI Lexmark 44D0020 MARKNET N2000T TOKEN RING JUPITER 354006000 JUPITER MODEL 600 BASE BOARD Boundless Tech 29920003019 CAPIO II MODEL 420 WITH KEYBOARD & MOUSE FACTORY SEALED Boundless Tech 29920003015 CAPIO II MODEL 420 WITH KEYBOARD & MOUSE FACTORY SEALED Compaq 176498001 36GB U3 10K HPLUG (BULK) Adobe 13101332 PHOTOSHOP 6.0 MAC FULL IBM 10L1615 IBM TP380XD SYSTEM BOARD HP A4992B SPACEBALL IBM AB84MIE CC MAIL 8.2 ADV SYSTEM PACK Adobe 17910239 ADOBE FRAMEMAKER 6.0 FOR MAC Xerox Z750BAC 1 YEAR SERVICE; ANNUAL ON-SITE SERVICE HP C5629A DRUM KIT INCLUDES 1 PHOTOCONDUCTOR DRUM 1 TRANSFER UNIT 1 PKG CLEAN STALLION 990230 EASYCONNECTION XP PANEL 16PORT CTLRW/RJ45 Nortel NT7B08AAAD BCM 16PT DIG STATION MEDIA BAY MOD HP C298663050 INTERNAL DISK DRIVE 3.25GB HP C298660006 INTERNAL DISK DRIVE 3.25GB IBM FC4178 10/100BT ETH 4400 FC4178 FIELD INSTALL Sharp FO2950M PLAIN PAPER LASER MULTIFUNCTION FAX/PRINTER/SCANNER/PC FAX/COPIER/PHON APC SU700R2BX120 APC BLACK SMART-UPS RACKMOUNT 700VA Dell Computer GX110933XWD06 OPTIPLEX GX110-PIII933MHZ 256MB 15GB 1.44 32X 10/100 APC 94G667608 APC SMART-UPS 3000RMB FOR NETFINITY - REF 10K1727 IBM 86807RY06 NF7000 M10-PIII500MHZ/1MB 256MB OPEN BAY 2X WIDE ULTRA SCSI PCI RACK IBM 866131YY0D06 NETFINITY 5500 M10 - PII450MHZ 384MB 0GB 1.44 32X 10/100 TOWER IBM 847615UVUUDP06 NF 3000 - PII300MHZ 128MB 2X 9.1GB SCSI 1.44 32X 10/100 IBM 847615UVUUCP06 NETFINITY 3000 - PII300MHZ 128MB 2X9.1GB 1.44 24X 10/100 IBM 6831EAU08 NETVISTA A40-PIII 866MHZ (256KB) 128MB 20GB MICROTOWER (4X4) INTEL 815E CD-RW 56K WME - REF 6831-RR1 IBM 28L473501 PIII500 TANN XEON 2MB PROCESSOR IBM 2292CDU08 NETVISTA A22P - P4 2 GHZ 128MB RAM NVIDIA TNT2 VANTA MT (4X5) CTO - REF XX4 PHILIPSMAGNAVOX 150P3A 150P3A 15IN LCD .3MM 10X7 DIGTL ALOG SPK PVT SMC SMC6900FSC TIGERSWITCH 10/100 2PT SC MMF MOD Raritan CS8 8CH S/U DT COMPUSWITCH KVM SWCH MINUTEMAN E1500 ENTERPRISE 1500VA TRUE SINEWAVEPERPRM/TOWERWALL CISCO CONSNTEPKG5 SMARTNET 8X5X4 CAT5 OMNITRON SYSTEMS 4395 FLEXPOINT POWERED CHASSIS W/2 UACCSNIVERSAL AC POWER SUPPLIES Compaq 214616002 3YR 24X7 4HR M2 CONTROLLER SHELF Genicom 640000000000 HLDR ASSEMBLY CONT PANEL Adobe 37900591 FRAMEMAKER 7.0 UNIX CD UPG HP C607460005 64MB EDO HP C422769002 FORMATTER PCA Powerware D0812001242C PRESTIGE 800 OL 800VA 560W 120VAC FLUKENETWORKS MT820022 MICROSCANNER PRO KIT WITH CASE ACCS& ID KIT Paradyne 9620A1203U 9620 R1 DDS FRAD Adtran 1202037L5U DSU III DBU/V.34 DSU/CSU Adtran 1202037L4U DSU III DBU/ISDN DSU/CSU Adtran 1200037L2U DSU III DBU/V.32 DSU/CSU Adtran 1200037L1U DSU III DBU DSU/CSU INTRUSION COM 7503257102 PDS551 OFFICE FIREWALL APPL UP PERPTO 10 CHECKPOINT FW APPLIANCE US CONNECTGEAR GSG224RE CONNECTGEAR SWITCH G224RE 2PORT GIG-COPPER & 24PORT 10/100 RACKMOUNT S IBM 28P1883 USAGE KIT INFOPRINT 1145 LV 120V 300K YIELD Brother Intl DCP1400 DCP-1400 DIGITAL COPIER/PRINTERPRNTWITH COLOR SCANNER Lexmark 46D0000 MARKNET X2030T TR 4/16 3PORT PERPEXT 2PAR/1SER UTP/RJ45 STP/DB9 Canon CFC9122 SA MEDIA CONVRT WP/S FETH SC/ST SMF/MMF 20K/2K Compaq B37614001 COMPAQ DESKPRO EX AXISCOMMUNICAT AXIS9010 AXIS 9010A BLUETOOTH ACCESS HP C470460329 BAIL ASSEMBLY HP RG55731000CN LOW VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY 220V (NO EXCH) Olympus C720 OLYMPUS CAMEDIA /-3.0 MEGAPIXEL HP C4224A220 HP LASERJET 1100 APC APC90905 APC MATRIX SMARTCELL ( SM-CELL ) - BATTERIES FOR P ATT - Lucent - Avaya 408046027 PIPELINE 75 ISDN BRI U RTR WF/W 2633-062 Belkin F1DM208T 8PORT OMNIVIEW KVM SWITCH PERPMATRIX PS2 IN PS2 & USB OUT Philips 150P3A74 15IN LCD 1024X768 304.1X228.1MMMNTR150P3A74 DIGITAL/ANALOG Philips 150P2G 15IN LCD 30MM 1024X768 150P2G MNTRBLACK PNP MULTIMEDIA Philips 150B2B 15IN LCD 29.7MM 1024X768 75HZ MNTR150B2B BASIC BASE TILT/SWIVEL Enterasys CSI6DAB128 6PK ROAMABOUT WIRELESS PC RADIOWRLSADAPTER ESTI 128-WEP Trend Micro WM0F0E002500000 INTERSCAN WEBMANAGER CD NT SVR 25U Xerox 098S04703 UPG KIT 10/100 ETH PHASER 4400B TO 4400N Xerox 097S02917 5GB HARD DRIVE OPT PHASER 4400 D-Link DGS1008T 8PT UNMGD 1000BTX GETH SWCH various LJET3100 No description available online. Please call (760) 806-2731 for product info. various LJET2100 NEW BOXED Canon 7527A001AA IBM IGB MICRODRIVE TRAVEL KIT ACCSW/TYPE2 PCMCIA ADAPTER YOSEMITE TECHNOLOGIES INC 70021019 TAPEWARE MICROSOFT CLUSTERS CROM INFORMATICS 634000000000 WASP MOBILINVENTORY BUNDLE PERPW/SPT1500 PDA Infocus LAMP025 REPLACEMENT LAMP FOR DP9280 MKS M661681 MKS TOOLKIT INTEROPERABILITY CROM8.1 1U Powerware 06202000RUBK AXXIUM 2000VA RM ER BLK 120V UPS 50/60HZ OL RJ45 LABTEC 9252750403 120PK VERSE 313 DESK MIC WHITE ACCSBOX Enterasys CSI6DAA128 6PK ROAMABOUT WIRELESS PC RADIOWRLSADAPTER & PCCARD 128-WEP HP A2439A06 SERVER - HP9000 - PA-RISC PROCESSOR UNIX O/S Dell Computer A0003938 1GB PC133 DIMM (DELL) DEC KN03 DS5000/240 CPU MOTHERBOARD Allied Telesyn AT8224XL 24 PORTS SWITCH 10/100 SNMP PLUS 2 OPTION PORTS PSC Inc 800500 PHOTOCONDUCTOR DRUM 21 Printronix 707000000000000000 MAIN CTRL BOARD W/SIMMS Compaq 470002665 DP EN 800 15GB 128MB Nokia 445P259 21 SVGA 445XI Compaq 238888B21 PIII/1.13 GHZ CPU KIT (BULK) Powerware 51473575501 PW9120 OL 1000VA 700W 120V LVL 9 TWR UPS Epson EPPHESCANEX3 EXPRESSION & GT SERIES SCANNERS-3YR EXPR Xerox ZMD64A 64MB MEMORY (1-64MB) FOR PHASERMEMORY 6200 Texas Instruments 25695060001 2ND.PAPER FD OPTION LTR MLXL HP J4105AABA HP JETDIRECT 400N; TOKEN RING HP RG54301000CN LOW VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY (220V) IBM 29P4167 WEBSPHERE STUDIO V4.0 PRO ED CD PK HP C7045AABA LASERJET 1220 ALL-IN-ONE PRINTER Gateway MONO21005AAW VIVITRON 21 JVC GRDVL210U JVC DIGITAL CAMERA SUPER HIGHBAND PROCESSOR MINI DV DIGITAL VIDEO CASSETTE NIGHT ALIVE 400X DIGITAL ZOOM DV TERMINAL Dell Computer 4579U 12.1 LCD TFT SVGA PANEL ONLY HP C376660514 DELIVERY HEAD ASSEMBLY HP C267869301 BRICK UNIT Datamax 51217211 MAIN LOGIC BOARD PROD MAX 203 W/LCD Computer Ass ARU6101700CUA ARCSERVE NT 2000 ADV ED CD P/U 2000 WKGP ED Computer Ass ARB6ARC700AEK ARCSERVE V7.0 BACKUP NTW OPEN FILES CD Texas Instruments 22226080001 880/885 APPLICATION CTL BD Computer Ass ARB6032700AEA ARCSERVE NT 2000 ADV ADD NTW OPEN FILES AGT Milan MILC6113SXUS GETH MEDIA CONVRT 1000BTX TO 1000BSX SC MMF 220M Micron MICRTJN43X NEW MICR LASER TONER CARTRIDGE LJ9000 SERIES 35 000 PAGE YIELD HP C607460146 ELECTRONICS MODULE HP C470460191 REFILL ASSEMBLY QMS 9600S08917 DEV ASSEMBLY LG #4183 3120? IBM AH7P5NA DOMINO DESIGNER R5 LICSSINGLE LICENSE PACK HP A8031A X4000/X2000 ULTRA 160 RAID SINGLE CHANNEL BREEZECOMALVARION 925921 ANTENNA 90 SECTOR 16DBI MODEL# CTLRSECT-16V-90 KIT AOC LM720 LM720 SLIM 17IN .264MM 12X10 LCD SILVER GRY HP C9124AABA LASERJET 3300MFP DIGITAL PRINTER-COPIER HP D5063MABA HP L1520 15IN LCD MULTIMEDIA MONITOR CELESTIXSVRAPPLIANCES ANG30128005 CELESTIX ONE FV335 2PT CHECKPOINT NG SO APPL Lexmark 5K00216 OPTRAFORMS MEMMOD 4MB FLASH MEMORY OPTRA M/T/W CREATIVE LABS 7000000000000 40PK MODEM BLASTER V92 PCI INT VALUE DI5652 - 40 UNIT VARPAK HP C8373AABA OFFICEJET D125XI ALL-IN-ONE PRINTER SYMBOL AP41211150US SYMBOL SPECTRUM24 AP 4121 - WIRELESS ACCESS POINT - EXTERNAL - IEEE 802.11B AP-4121-1150-US Nortel AM671997 NTDK72AA DC POWER SUPPLY Nortel AM660218 NTBB80AB93 MEDIA SERVICES PROCESSOR EXPANSION CARD MSPEC Nortel AM405797 NTBB07GA93 6PORT EXPANSION CART Nortel AM404245 NTBB06GA 6-PORT FIBER EXPANSION CARD Nortel AM404134 NT7B53FA93 MICS OX32 Nortel AM403443 NT8D01BD CONTROLLER CARD Nortel AM401506 NTAE20AA BASE STATION KIT Nortel AM389968 QPC757E Nortel AM340764 QPC594D 500-2500 LINE CARD Nortel AM334971 QPC594C P.E. PACK IBM 228412GU8412GK NETVISTA MT A40 AMD600/64/10 IBM 2194442FR IBM APTIVA E PIII733 64/10GB Proxima LAMP021 REPLACEMENT LAMP FOR PROAV 9320SUPL9320L 9400+ 9400+L LACIE 300503 36GB SCSI EXTERNAL (D2 CASE) EXT 10000RPM WIDE Viewsonic RLC15007A REPLACEMENT LAMP FOR PJ875 1075 HP C6742A HP COLOR COPIER 290 Adtran 1200065L1 D&I MOD Fujitsu CA02869F231 M3099 ROLLER ASSEMBLY Texas Instruments 26465228006 3 BIN STACKER ATB/DMD Texas Instruments 26465220006 STACKER ASSEMBLY 3-BIN Texas Instruments 25563838002 3 BIN STACKER SEE 2646522-8006 Seagate Technologies STT6401U2R TAPESTOR TRAVAN 40GB EXT TDKIT USB2.0 Xerox 13R88 COPIER DRUM COPY CARTRIDGE 20 000 PAGE YIELD Genicom 44D416418G02 SHUTTLE BAR ASSEMBLY 600LPM(4440) Xerox 4025BAC 1YR SERVICE; ANNUAL ON-SITE SERVICE HP C426569001 FORMATTER BOARD Sharp AL1340 AL-1340 DIGITAL LASER COPIER PRNT13CPM12PPM 250-SHEET TRAY Milan MILC6413SX GETH 1000BTX/SX SC MMF MEDIA CONVRT MOD 220M Canon 2356A002AA MR-14EX MACRO RING LITE FOR G2 Sony HMDA400L 19IN/18V CRT 24MM 1600X1200 MNTR65HZ BLUE/SILVER HMD-A400/L AG FLAT Fujitsu CG01000491501 SCANAID FI-4750L CONSUMABLES IN A BOX Epson EECELP1 1 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY Intel WEAP2011BAK PROWIRELESS LAN ENTERPRISE ACCESS POINT Compaq FMQUAD6IN INSTALL HS*80 ACS QUAD SW Compaq FMCRINSIN INSTALL FULLY CTO RA8000 APC SU700X93 SMARTUPS 700 X-93 LINEINT FOR MARINE USE Nikon SA30 35MM ROLL FILM ADAPTER FLUKECABLETESTING LMAPSTD LAN MAPSHOT NTWK DIAGRAMMING S/W HP A3590A HEWLETT PACKARD DLT400D FWD DIFF. EXTERNAL HP A3396A 4GB DRV FOR MODEL 10/20(5063-5393) Dell Computer XPST500 DIMENSION P3 550MHZ 128MB RAM 13GB HD Wyse Technology WY520ES TERMINAL - Sharp VVLLM80C211 LCD PANEL 80C21 (PC-3070/30 PC-9000 Toshiba VF2048P01 LCD 14.1TFT Sun Micro ULTRA5360 SUN 5 360MHZ WORKSTATION DEC TZ87TA 10/20 GB DLT EXTERNAL TK50/70 CERTIFIED. various TX36D77VC1CAA362 14 HITACHI LCD various TX36D62VC1CAC303 14.1 TFT HITACHI LCD various TPDRVSONYSDX30 TP DRV- SONY SDX-300 SERIES 35/70GB SCSI KIT DEC TK86 6GB SCSI TAPE DRIVE INTERNAL Texas Instruments TIMLPROE MICROLASER PRO E PRINTER Archive T860X 6GB SCSI TAPE DRIVE INTERNAL CIPHER T860S 6GB SCSI TAPE DRIVE INTERNAL DEC SQ703 Q-BUS CONTROL DEC SNA230UAA A