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    Device Driver Request Instructions

    • Use the search feature to search our forum to see if your device driver has already been found.
    • See if we have your driver in our archive at our sister site:
    • Scroll down past the forum for a list of manufacturer's device driver download links.

    • Click "Register" above to create a username and password. Then log in and post a request by clicking "new topic" (Be sure to choose the correct category first).Please include the following in your driver request.
      Note: This information will be located on the device. You may need to open the computer case to view it. Always unplug your computer before opening it''s case.
    • Manufacturer
    • Model Name
    • Model Number
    • Operating System (For example: Windows 98, Windows XP or Windows Vista)
    • FCC Number ( A BIG HELP)
    • any other numbers or information.

    • Keep returning to the Request Forum until your driver has been posted by
      one of our driver research volunteers.
      Note: We do not send your driver link by email. You must revisit the forum to get your driver.

    Disclaimer: Download drivers at your own risk.,, and Home Computer
    Repair LLC assume no responsibility for any damages or problems
    resulting from the information or files provided on or linked from
    this web site or any of our other web sites.

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