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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Cirrus Logic CS8920A rel310.zip SiS Corporation 6202 202123-3.exe Canon BJC-265 SP bj_w95_w98_v397.exe Tatung CD-1216E cddriver.zip VIA Technologies 68usr108.exe Lucent Technologies modem575.exe Analog Devices fx3dpro.exe Data Technology (DTC) 3181E Kurta Several Kurta/Altek AL-126.exe S3 virge PC Tel Pctel95.zip Mitsuko Keyboard Mitsuko Keyboard KE-9801 9800 Series KE-9801v3.03.zip Zefiro Acoustics Zefiro Acoustics ZA2 ZA295142.ZIP Mustek scanexpress 6000p d6ep6l321.exe STB Systems Velocity 128 nt4_1222.zip Toshiba PDR-M5 Usb_tsba.inf Toshiba PDR-M5 Toshiba PDR-M5 USB Files.zip Mitsumi Electronics Uninst.isu Diamond Multimedia 2260 supramax_56i_pci-9x_2260_136-driver.exe Creative Labs SoundBlaster AudioPCI 64V sbapc64v.zip Onspeed Xiri.ZIP Billionton Billionton LNT-10 EN2220.zip Mitsuko Mitsuko KM Scroll Mouse (KM Series) km-v3.3.zip IBM Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D 4mb vg-w9x-q3.exe nVIDIA all riva tnt cards nvidia_v377_w9x Pace Communications Pace 56 Solo kaosUk90.EXE Motorola sm56set.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 722c setup.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 722c setup.exe Logitech ps/2 mouse man M84setup.exe Creative Labs Autorun.exe PC Tel v90 k56flex hsp pci Creative Labs DI3635 3635019x.exe Creative Labs DI3635 3635019x.exe Hitachi 7730 hitide.exe Omni Labs G5 9035.doc Diamond Multimedia SpeedStar A55 SpeedstarA55-2000.zip Creative Labs Di5601 Di5601.inf Colorado (HP) colorado jumbo 120 tape drive floppy50.exe Full Yes Industrial Corp 930S nVIDIA TnT 2 Model 64 95or98.exe Iomega USB Zip drive 100Mb usbzip98.zip PC Chips On-board 56k modem mod2k.zip Lexmark Mpado_ae.exe Surecom C29234PCI2AZ0 NE-34 PCI.zip Oak Technology GM6411 Teleint Teleint Teleint Speed No.1 telewin95.zip Microsoft Msvcp60.dll Hewlett Packard (HP) Laserjet 1100 Hppta.drv Hewlett Packard (HP) Laserjet 1100 Hppta.drv D Link Systems Pocket Lan DE-620 DlinkPocketLan.ZIP Microsoft Isapnp.vxd Diamond Multimedia Viper330 viper330.exe Microsoft Kernel32.dll Microsoft Ndis.vxd Askey Computer V1456VQH-R3 r3509x.zip Askey Computer Rockwell/Askey V1456VQH-R_EGL 96-C807253.zip Canon fb636u Csu532.exe Canon fb636u Csu532.exe Cmedia (CMI) driver cmi8330.zip Acer Scanner.hlp Microsoft Scsi1hlp.vxd US Robotics 0637 USR063798.exe Symbios Logic Hp Scanjet 5p SCSI Controller 416w2k.zip Linksys NP100 NP100 Driver.zip Network Everywhere Network Everywhere NP100 NP100 Driver.zip Linksys NP100 NP100.exe Cirrus Logic gd-546x.zip gd-546x.zip Digital Research Technologies Digital Research Technologies TWAIN driver SF-1200CE+.zip Rockwell conexant hfc v90 56k conexant hfc v90 56k spekerphone pci.zip ALI al1z00us.exe ALI v356.exe 3Com 2975-81 (w/o Voice) 3com USRobotic.zip US Robotics 2975-81 (w/o Voice) 3com USRobotic.zip Genius (KYE) Video Wonder440.exe Technoplus (Hawk+) Technoplus (Hawk+) TP123 Technoplus123.zip Reveal CS4248-KL Chipset k2y-pro16.ZIP Avance Logic 120 als120 MediaVision PCMCIA Citoh Ci.4/4plus WinBond w6692 Canon CSP363_Eng.exe Alliance Promotion vp-128 ProMoDrv.zip Pctel Pctel micromodem modem.zip Hallmark multiple monitors viewmaster.inf Miro Computer Products APPADD32.EXE SiS Corporation 6326 Miro Computer Products MIROPCTV.INF Packard Bell all Garnet Systems Garnet Systems GTM-56KSH1 garsh1.zip OPTi Snd924p.drv Acer acer hcf 56k acerhcf56k.zip OPTi Snd924p.drv Digicom Systems (Creative Labs subsidiary) DI3656-A dsi_di3656_inst_disk.zip GVC F-1156IV/R9 F-1156IV/R2 r9_w9x.zip Avision Labs 363 C 363v400.exe C Media cm8738-mid23179.zip C Media cmpci-2_41_tar Mustek 4800P se6p_325.zip Star Micronics star_ec.exe Unknown hsp micromodem 56 ESS Technologies ES1868.DRV Unknown hsp micromodem pctellhsp56 ESS Technologies es688 41675a.zip LiteOn Technology liteon.zip US Robotics 56K Win INT U.S. Robotics 56K Win INT_0613.zip Brother HL-645 InterAct InterAct SV-234 makopadpc.zip WinBond drv94015.exe Yamaha opl3sax.ZIP TurboComm TurboComm I101C d_i101.zip OnSpec 1998 CD Blazer cdblazer.zip ESS Technologies ESS Technologies ESS1688 1087.zip Rockwell pc336rvp C336mx.inf Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXP2123 kxp2123.zip Yamaha opl3-sax opl3sa.zip Rockwell pc336rvp.ZIP Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro 3Com 5668 extmo.zip Teles capi338.exe Acer 310S Scsi scanner Acer 310S Scsi scanner Ricoh mediamaster-ae Philips Consumer Electronics CM 2089 Avance Logic ALG2301.zip Crystal Semiconductors CX 4235 win98.EXE 3Com 3C595-TX 420i59xc.exe PC Tel HSP 56k Kflex V90 compliant Yamaha yamaha_dsxg_driver.exe SiS Corporation s3.zip Genius (KYE) hr5 scanner hr5w2k.exe Total Micro Total Micro PCCARD100T-32U 100t-32u.zip D Link Systems DFE-660 dfe660_w2k.zip D Link Systems DE-660CT de660_w2k.zip Davicom V1433VQH-U336 Ask.inf D A-NET yam95drv.exe Rockwell Master Riptide rippc99na.exe Rockwell HCF 56K data/fax/voice/speakerphone Digital Audio Labs DAL Dcard+ 340.exe Lucent Technologies modem575.exe Epson Interact Clinton.scr ATI Rage XL rpro_j5111b20.zip Echo Speech echoaudio502.exe 3D Labs Display.inf 3D Labs Permedia 2 Display.inf Adaptec Dxsetup.exe JVC XR-W2010 Cdr4vsd.vxd Creative Labs RW-2024E cdrw9xfm.exe CommWave Comwavave_v34_PNP_33_6_DVF_int.zip D-Link D-Link SN5100TX sn5100w2k.zip Intel PRO/100 Adapters 100pdisk.exe Matrox Graphics Aztech 2320 azt_sound_2320nt.zip PC Tel 56khsppci_r7649kf.exe Oak Technology New Media NMC00497 darek.txt S3 S3 Trio3d 2x AGP (86c/368) 362368_Win2K_53005.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Deskjet 420 Dj401mu1.exe Info Products FB-OMP info image reader FB-OMP.zip NEC DV-5700A NEC12XFW.EXE CIS Technology ?? W300drv1.exe Logicode 56W-P M/N 801 56wp2v90.exe Reveal 400 VER 2 13008104.zip Network Everywhere Network Everywhere NC100 NC100 ESS Technologies ES56CV-P family 443014a.zip Oak Technology OTI-610 OTI-610 Hayes Microcomputer 5346US 5346us.zip Analog Devices 1816 1815 AnalogDevice AD1816 and 1815.zip Trust Computer Combo - Combi Ethernet Pci Card Trust Combo Pci Ethernet Card.zip Analog Devices AD1816ADJ US Robotics 00083908.inf Surecom ep301.exe ALI M15XX ali_audio-2.2.x_2.3.35.tar.gz Spot Technology scan3x95.exe ALI Lucent WinModem linux568.zip Lucent Technologies Lucent WinModem linux568.zip Microsoft usbsupp.exe Addonics Technologies SV530 95v2343 Agiler 2320 agiler.zip Agiler 2320 agiler.zip SiS Corporation sis5598 Rockwell RCV336ACF/SP rcv336acf-sp.zip US Robotics mdm3com.inf NeoMagic NM2380 v1.00.01q (23154).zip A4 Technology WT-9P.zip kelyx JD 144C kelyx JD 144C Hawking Technologies Hawking Technologies AE-330TX (MX Chip) Mx208.exe Genius (KYE) Setup.exe Acer 48.15301.012 Procomp PMS273 PC Tel HSP V.90 & K56FLEX PNP MODEM PCTel254.zip ComByte, Inc ComByte, Inc Doubleplay Series 1,Floppy/Tape Drive ComByte Doubleplay.zip Logitech 04460-00822 SiS Corporation sis6326 SiS Corporation SiS0000.inf STB Systems volicty 440/w tv out Video Card Drivers.zip Phillips CDD522/10 522 driver.zip EICON Technology diva pcmcia v90 dw2kbeta.exe S3 Trio3D (365) s3trio3d_w98.zip Digitan MPC3043AT modem5.70pci.exe S3 V2win95.exe S3 S3 savage4 pro (86c397) BalGaEBF+ICD10018.zip 3Com Toshiba XM-5302B Toshiba XM-5302B Hsing Tech M537 VXP+bios.zip Packard Bell Ati Rage 3D atiragepro.exe Ixmicro IXMICRO_TT128.ZIP AMD dmi 2.0 ASUS v6600/v6800 9x375drv.zip PC Chips 537DMA33 VXP+bios.zip Analog De 9k268546 i hamlet 56pcis Mustek MFS-12000SP sp35.exe Proxim RangeLAN 2 RL2WIN2K.zip HSP HSP Micro modem, and similiar models HSPdriversWin2K.zip Daewoo CRC 1707-B dwe95.inf Toshiba 6102B 24X ToshibaCD-6102B.zip Yamaha ds-xg and more ds-xg pci audio cod ATI w82560en.exe Hewlett Packard 820cxi dj379it.exe Azza ALS120 onboard AZZA PT-5SMT AzzaPT5SMT-als120sound.zip Saitek R4 FF Wheel & Wheel saitekWheels.zip Compaq VIA Audioa Controller A08248 , Compaq 1200 xl106 98sound.exe Acard 671 A870prop.dll Canon BJC-5000 BJC-5000W2K.EXE Sharp Electronics JX-9680 jx-9680y.zip Mustek 600 III EP PLUS dave.jpg Yamaha OPL3-SAX YamahaOPL3-SAX-nt.zip Yamaha YamahaOPL3-SAX-w95.zip 3Com 3CP263594-OEM-50 3594NT.Zip Citoh Little Laser 44 c_itoh_littlelaser44.zip Digital Equipment Hinote VP Series Pace Communications Pace 56 Solo kaosUk90.EXE nVIDIA 3.68 Win9xagp 368Win9xagp.zip Analog Devices 15_16w95.drv SiS Corporation SiS530 xsis.rpm D-Link D-Link dmf-560tdx dmf560txd.exe Sony Electronics atapi_227.exe Connectix Quick Cam Color 2 QuickCamColor2ForNT4.zip RealTek 8139 driv.zip WinBond W89C904F Microsoft QBS332NT.exe C Media CMI8330 30W98ver20.zip Microsoft Mspaint.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 5100C sj263en.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) SK-2505 Mmk81xx.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 5100c ftplinkforabove Trident Microsystems 8400 PCI/AGP OnBoard I don't know I don't know Podscat PT-3030 Podscat98.zip Tseng Labs et4000 w95w32.zip Tseng Labs et4000 w95w32.zip Microtek Lab loading.gif Kyocera f-1200 kyoceraf1200.exe STB Systems voodoo2.bmp Trident Microsystems Toshiba 7200 Portege 7200 nt video p72kbndp.exe Sekonic spl-470 pcware pcware M589LMR All A4 Technology T2A4 cd16_ac3.drv A4 Technology cd16_ac3.drv A4 Technology T2A4 cd16_ac3.drv Miro Computer SoundMAX SoundMAX soundMAX.exe PC Tel 33.6K 336pct95.zip ActionTec HSP56, 56K lite Modem, and others, look at the pic plte764.exe Rockwell 9530 Unisys AP1339 uni24.exe US Robotics U.S. Robotics 56K Voice Win USRob56K voicewin.zip Digicom Systems (Creative Labs subsidiary) DSI V-F-V DI3635 DI3635W2K.zip ATI All-in-Wonder Pro glsetup.exe Toshiba Panning.sys Micro Star International ms5156intel IDE _inst32i.ex_ RealTek RTL8029 RealTek.zip Creative Labs CT 4810 Rockwell hpi56sp ConexantHSFDFSEN.INF OPTi Mmdevldr.vxd Samtron Samtron 45b Opera.exe SiS Corporation sis_pci(1).zip QDI (Speed Advance5/133E v1.1 Advance5/133E v1.1 Direct X (Microsoft) CC4.exe Torisan (Sanyo) OJC-F0101/4SC hitide.exe Rockwell Radiomax.exe Crystal Semiconductors CS4299 pv4010cs.zip Mitsumi Electronics 5500 grabber.zip Acer Vbrun300.dll Crystal Semiconductors CS4299 pv4010cs.zip M Technology (MTI) R533WP R533.zip Rockwell rs56 hpi56sp_w9x.exe Aztech Labs Sony Electronics crx140e-bp SiS Corporation sis6326 agp 326win98(1).exe 3DFX Voodoo2 1000 v2-w9x-3.02.02.exe Irwin dr-aids.ZIP ATI rage pro Adaptec 1.06 (026) aspiinst.exe Media Chips (Mad 16) Media Sound 16 opti924.zip Fujitsu FMV-FX53Z1 Compaq Compaq Presario 3000, 4000, 6000, & 8000 Series PC sp7604.exe Compaq Compaq Presario 3000, 4000, 6000, & 8000 Series PC sp7604.exe Compaq Presario 336-VSC DRIVER WinBond e20xx.zip Creative Labs pci 64, pci 128 wavesets Samsung sd-606f FS12.zip ATI w82560en Aztech Labs Sound Galaxy Pro 16III-3D PnP - using AZT-2320 Chi p1633d-1.zip 3Com WTF69 FU Aztech Labs Sound Galaxy Pro 16III-3D PnP - using AZT-2320 Chi p1633d-2.zip Cirrus Logic 5434 Cirrus 5434.zip Aztech Labs Sound Galaxy Pro 16III-3D PnP - using AZT-2320 Chipset Aztech Labs Sound Galaxy Pro 16III-3D PnP - using AZT-2320 Chipset Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VP500, Hi-Note VP Pccard.vxd Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Hi Note VP Socketsv.vxd Rockwell FB AM56SOFT OPTi OPTi Audio 16-- 82C 933 setup.inf OPTi OPTi Audio 16 82C--933 OPTi Audio 16 82C 933.zip 3Com 3c509x1.exe Olicom USA OC3118 ISA Olicom USA OC3118 ISA Compaq compaq 56k-df modem575.exe Compaq compaq 56k-df sp9854.exe Pixelview Pixelview Pixelview Network bridge.zip Diamond Multimedia Stealth 2500 w95s25_3.exe Ensoniq Sbload.exe NetComm VD56SMV EXTERNAL.zip Miro Computer Products DC1 311 95 98 MiroDC1-311-95-98_zip.exe Askey Computer Askey 56K v.90 Ask5695.zip Newcom e-cam.zip CTX Cr840s Driver.exe Alliance Promotion alliance driver.zip Aiwa TD-8000 TD-A8000 tape.inf Triones Technologies Triones Technologies AT840 AT840.zip