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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Rockwell m1-5614pm3 HSP Hspcfg.exe HSP Pctptt.exe Reveal 23-023-007 TV500.ZIP PowerComm M56VI-PR3 56pr3988.zip Accord/Lectron Accord/Lectron D56TSN D56TSN.EXE Accord/Lectron Accord/Lectron D56TSN D56TSN.EXE Yakumo BTC BTC Aztech Labs AZT4029, MD6802-U A31087.exe Diamond Multimedia Diamond Stealth 2500 w95s25_3.exe Microsoft SupraExpress56i supraexpress-56i-voice-pro_win2.exe Diamond Multimedia Diamond Stealth 2500 Diamond Multimedia Diamond Stealth 2500 Diamond Multimedia supraexpress56i supraexpress-56i-voice-pro_win2.exe Compaq IJ300 driver.zip Laser Magnetic cm250.exe Laser Magnetic CM250 250new.exe Diamond Multimedia supramax_56i_pci-2000_2750_010-driver.exe Zoltrix Usbcone.inf Mustek MFC-600S Install.exe Mustek MFC-600S Mustek Windows 95 Driver.zip US Robotics Sportster Winmodem 33.6 Voice Winmodem.zip Compaq 98sound.exe Compaq Trident Cyberblade i7 Video Driver cyberblade i7.zip Hayes Microcomputer Products Rare.zip Compaq Luent WinModem modem575.exe Sony Electronics cpd1425 Microsoft KERNEL32.DLL ExpertColor Multimedia MED3700 opl_nt4.exe Lexmark Lexmark Winwriter 100 Lexmark Winwriter 100 (1).zip Lexmark Lexmark Winwriter 100 Lexmark Winwriter 100 (2).zip Intel 810 chip intel810.zip PC Tel HSP56 (PCI56 V90) HSP56 Flex.zip Mustek 12000 P se12p98.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) cdwriter plus 8200 HP CDWriter 8200.zip Sony Electronics SuperStation External SonySuperStation.zip Sony Electronics cdu-510 Atapi_cd.sys S3 s3virge/dx 3375win.zip S3 s3virge/dx s3375dos.zip Creative Labs FC102 cd32.exe Yamaha OPL3-SAx for YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719 95v2343.exe Relisys scorpio pro-e vm6583.zip Atech cl-md5620dt-qc-b87537-01-1059ce 9838 TORISAN TORISAN TorisanCDRn16F.zip ADI Systems adi provista driver adi95v06.inf Aopen 2.4 w9xr240.exe Sony Electronics SDT 9000 nt4dds.exe ESS Technologies ESS ES56V-X Data Fax Voice Modem Diamond Multimedia Supra ALL Supra_al.zip C & S ENTERPRISES C & S ENTERPRISES MacFLY ESS Technologies ESS ES56V-X Data Fax Voice Modem.log ESS Technologies ESS ES56V-X Data Fax Voice Modem.log Davicom v1433vqh-u Askey.inf Creative Labs dvd 2240E Ctdvdenc.inf Creative Labs Ctencore.vxd US Robotics US Robotics 56K Internal Winmodem, model 0481 (aka 38269700 or USR0014 ) WinBond WB692PCI.ZIP US Robotics US Robotics 56K Internal Winmodem, model 0481 aka 38269700 or USR0014 662697nt.exe US Robotics US Robotics 56K INT Winmodem, model 0481 aka 38269700 or USR0014 662697nt.exe Ricoh aficio401 4wpcl102.exe Storm Technology cppenv25.dll Storm Technology EZIMG25.dll Wisecom WS-5614PM3CG PX3C(G)_W9x_2_13_06.zip Cirrus Logic cx4235-xq3 ep S3 S3 375driS3NT40.zip Trident Microsystems Trident 3d Image 9750 / 975 w98-9x5.exe Mitsumi Electronics Command.com Boca Research M56i & MD56i boca_56i.zip Torisan (Sanyo) TorisanCDRn16F.zip Artec AT6 at6_197.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) SETUP.EXE Hewlett Packard (HP) SETUP.EXE Logic3 JP 270 PC Raider (JP270).zip conexant conexant HSFDFEN.INF conexant conexant HSFDFEN.INF conexant conexant HSFDFEN.INF conexant conexant HSFDF.INF Genius (KYE) GM56PCI-L gm56pciv575.exe Conexant SoftK56 PCI Modem(M) Conexant SoftK56 PCI Modem(M) HSFDF.INF Diamond Multimedia Viper 550 viper550.exe Plustek all Cirrus Logic 5465 AGP and PCI Olivetti Lexikon JP795 JP795.zip Trident Microsystems 9400CXi VL, 9420DGi VL/PCI, 9440AGi VL uc95-10.exe Lexmark Lexmark 3200 CJ3932LE.exe EMC Proview 2115,462,561,570,571,770,771,776,785,795,860,986,9 proviewpnp.exe SiS Corporation sis 5995 pci multimedia Compaq Compaq Presario 12xx and 43xx Lucent Softmodem *main Acer AcerDvd.zip Tseng Labs Hayes 288 PNP ac288pnp.exe Best Data Products A56FW-PCI 56hsp.exe Compaq Drivers clavier Compaq.zip Nokia 6110,5110 ringtones Rockwell HFCWin98Driver.zip Creative Labs SBAWE64.zip Lexmark Lex1000.zip Envisions ENV600 pcdrv42(1).zip Crystal Semiconductors CS4280 fv2883c - Sound Card Driver.zip Matrox Graphics w2k503.exe Matrox Graphics 1677_412.exe Diamond Multimedia Sonic Impact S90 Matrox Graphics w2k503.exe Entrega Technologies, entrega.ZIP Micro Vision Micro Vision MP-2000 V21.exe SiS Corporation SIS 530 FS2000.EXE TEAC America teac_crd532.zip S3 365 Yamaha YamahaNT.rar Adaptec AVA-2903B Adaptec AVA-2903B Installer.hqx Ensoniq es1370 RadioLan P101 V1_23_pcmcia.EXE SyQuest Install.exe E Tech Research PCTA128 PCI op2kd202.EXE Adaptec SiS Corporation SiS6326 sis6326.EXE Philips Consumer CDD 2600 260_218 ASUS P/I-P55T2P4 0207__02.zip Olivetti Lexikon olivetti jp 170, ibm ib 2170 jp170.zip Olivetti Lexikon olivetti jp 170,ibm ib 2170 jp170o.zip Olivetti Lexikon olivetti jp 170, ibm ib 2170 jp170s.zip Olivetti Lexikon olivetti jp 170, ibm ib 2170 jp170o.zip Olivetti Lexikon olivetti jp 170, ibm ib 2170 jp170o.zip Rockwell Rockwell 33.6 DPF External Modem .log Hitachi CDR7730/7830/7930 Hitachi.zip NSA NSA NSA_6.zip NSA NSA E28500 NSA_8.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CR-572/574B,CR-581B,CR-582B,CR-583B Panasonic.zip Pioneer USA DR2111/BCD639 Pioneer.zip Sony Electronics CDU50E, CDU55D, CDU55E, CDU75E, CDU76E, CDU77E Sony_IDE.zip Toshiba 5602B Tosh_8x.zip Toshiba TS-5302B/TS-5402B,TS-5522B Tosh_IDE.zip Diamond Technologies dt-0197h.zip Diamond Technologies DT197A30.zip PC Tel RO 157524 WINZIP32.EXE Aztech Labs mr2800 Smartlink v2.76a Rockwell HsfDFen.inf Rockwell HsfDF.inf Microsoft Saunalahti Internet-opas.html Memorex Memorex CRW-1622 v36850mx Creative Labs epw9xup.exe CNetUSA pro-120(b) pro120b.exe NeoMagic Compag Presario 1255 Setupex.exe Rockwell hcf 56k. internal modem GVC F-1156H F1156a2a.exe Compaq ISA V34 w/Lucent 1641C compaq-v34isa.zip Unitron U3986 Mwave American Megatrends Amifl817.zip Pinnacle Micro IEXPLORE.EXE 3Com 56k win INT aveng9x.exe Pinnacle Micro IEXPLORE.EXE Guillemot International d3dp-9x-377.exe Pinnacle Micro IEXPLORE.EXE Pinnacle Micro treiber.EXE IBM 04K ibmv90.zip MaxTech xpv336I/R Modem.zip Super Power 7M6M SIS620 - NT.zip Super Power 7MSM SIS620 - Windows.zip Interact Magnum6 Interact Magnum6.zip SiS Corporation All All Pragmatic D56RSN D56RSN.exe Samsung cdr-3231 cdrom.exe Samsung scr-3231 M241.zip Rockwell Tips.txt Samsung SD-608 BS12.zip Samsung sd-608 BS-12.zip Samsung sw-204 BS14.zip Iomega zip250.exe Creative Labs AudioPCI ES1371 7505358.exe ATI ATI RAGE PRO MOBI.. ati_rage_mob.zip ATI ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP 2 X 7507002.exe SiS Corporation 6326 326win98.exe Jaton WinCruise V.90 CRZW9X.exe ATI Rage pro mobility ati_rage_nt4.zip BSI generic tnt-1-2.zip ATI ati IIc.exe Abit 95-98.zip Aztech Labs 2316FD95.zip Alliance Semiconductor Alliance.txt PC Tel PCT789T ESS Technologies 688 Hewlett Packard (HP) HP Scanjet 5P Sj5pdr.zip Davicom 336 PNP davico36.zip Davicom 336 PNP davico36.zip Packard Bell Voyetra SOUND16B & ROCKY 2.5 PB288combomodem.zip Packard Bell Rocky 2.5/Sound16B W95 Drivers disk1_1.exe Adlib Multimedia Install.log 3Com 3ccfe575ct Elpc575.nif 3Com 3C509B 5x9sco.exe ExpertColor Multimedia DISPCTRL.EXE ExpertColor Multimedia S3VBE20.EXE NEC 660plus 95-660+v1_2.exe Cmedia (CMI) cm8330nt4.zip Iiyama North Many win98g.exe Creative Labs 32X CD3230E Hewlett Packard (HP) D4810B sgx1x1mx.exe Smile International ca1728 smile1.inf US Robotics D4810B Artec Artec Viewstation 6000C Plus a6kcp197.exe Artec Viewstation 6000C a6kc1297.exe ValueStor PPort IDE HD Transformer ValuStor.zip Compaq Compag Presario 336-df 56k Upgradeable Creative Labs AWE64 sbw9xup.exe Trident Microsystems 3d Blade win_9x.exe SiS Corporation sis6326 Deepak.zip SiS Corporation SIS 6202 Deepak.zip Rockwell Conexant Soft56 Data,Fax,Speakerphone PCI Modem ConexantSoft56KPCI.zip S3 Trio 3D/2X s3-3d2x.zip Real 3D starfighter agp/pci Real 3D starfighter agp/pci US Robotics 995630 ASUS v3400tnt Iiyama North 27 monitors infa.exe Alps Electric MD 1300 md1300.ZIP Alps Electric MD 2300 md2300.zip Aztech Systems Ltd Aztech Systems Ltd MDP3880-W MDP3880Win9X_V1.zip Epson epl-5200+ epson epl-5200+.zip Aztech Systems Ltd Aztech Systems Ltd MDP3880-W MDP3880WINNT_V1.zip Aztech Systems Ltd Aztech Systems Ltd MDP3880-W MDP3880Win2K_V1.zip Aztech Systems Ltd Aztech Systems Ltd MDP3880SP-U MDP3880SPUWin9X_V2.zip Aztech Systems Ltd Aztech Systems Ltd MDP3880SP-U MDP3880SPUWINNT_V2.zip Aztech Systems Ltd Aztech Systems Ltd MDP3880SP-U MDP3880SPUWIN2K_V2.zip PC Tel Win2000.zip PC Tel Win2000.zip Sound Trouper Trouper 4x4 v22 Sierra Modems Sierra v.34 data/fax voice view/speakerphone modem sq3485 Sierra Modems Sierra v.34 data/fax voice view/speakerphone modem sq3485 Creative Labs PCI128 Nt4drv.zip PC Tel PCT789T PCT789T STB Systems STB_Theater_Card_Key_directory_region1.ZIP STB Systems STB_Theater_Card_Key_directory_region2.zip Promise Technology FT66D130b23.ZIP FT66D130b23.ZIP SiS Corporation Sis PCI 4Mb on boar Colorado (HP) 5GB External epatupdt.exe MediaVision 650-0002-01 Pas_8bit.exe Easyphoto Ezphoto.exe Yamaha ymf744 dfor-2k-2225 Yamaha ymf744 dfor-2k-2225 Olivetti Personal Computers 1868w95.zip Creative Labs CT2800 Nt4vb16x.exe Creative Labs CT4810 SB128PCI-US.zip PC Tel Pctel 33.6 voice/data/fax modem Pctel95.zip Sierra Modems SQ-3485 sq3485.zip Sound Trouper Opl3 chip 4x4win31-9x.zip Sound Trouper Trouper 4x4 4x4win31-9x.zip Rockwell Rockwell 56k rev 1.2 rkv56.inf ESS Technologies ES1869 Plug and Play Audiodrive Es1869.drv Fargo cdprintf.exe MaxTech n-xpvs56p/rs xpvs56prs.zip Lucent Technologies modem570.exe Thrustmaster WCS Mark II Wcsv810.exe Microsoft NT_JOYS.zip Microsoft n/a NT_JOYS.zip Proview International LCD Monitors PT500, etc proviewpnp.exe Samsung 170MP,150MP and other TFT/LCD SyncMaster_170MP.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) EN1207D-TX-4-18F en1207d-tx.zip OPTi c930 930w95.exe Cmedia (CMI) CMI8330/C3D con_tent.html Giga Byte Technology GA-586HX 5hx_294.zip SoundBlaster General.idf Hauppage Computer ALL MATROX w2k503.exe Innovision MB98AGP.exe Topware TE-2000A - TE2000N Diamond Multimedia Supramax USB SUP2920 SUPRA2920.ZIP 3Com 3cp263595-oem-50 Yamaha YMF724, YMF740, YMF744, YMF754, YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719 Hewlett Packard (HP) signup.htm Epson TLQ4800 Billionton Billionton LM5LT-10B lm5lt10b.exe Primax 4800 direct Scantest.exe ESS Technologies many Aztech Labs MDP3900V-W Enumerator Modem Eur04_98.exe Rockwell Tender Pharm Data Sheet LPsingh.xls CNetUSA 902110892 2000vpx.ZIP Aztech Labs qws Sad geetan.doc Creative Labs infra 6000 infra 6000.htm Ensoniq soundscape elite3.0 Dynalink V1456VQE V1456VQE.zip NEC Multisync V720 17" necmon98inf.zip Dysan crw-1622 Miro Computer MiroCONNECT 34 Sound/Modem MIROCONNECT 34 - WIN98.ZIP US Robotics 1783 1783V.90.zip Panasonic (Matsushita KX-P2130 21303595.exe S3 Trio 3D/2X 3DFX microsoft.wsz Texas Instruments ti1225_95.exe ESS Technologies 214.D Essolo.com AOC Spectrum 5E Series aoc.inf Artisoft (Lantastic) 2000 Alle Cd Archive 31250q nVIDIA OClock.reg Unknown hsp56 micromodem Kensington Products MouseWorks-5_40.exe Motorola Sm56set.exe S3 Savage4 MX/IX, Moble Savage s3savage2k.zip Yamaha YMF744B-R w2kyaupd.zip 3Com combo xl and others 3comxl.zip Olivetti Lexikon JP 170s jp170s.zip Trantor t130.exe Genius (KYE) EasyScan/Color PRO Easyscan.zip Minolta Pageworks 18L Trident Microsystems Trident Microsystems 8900C, CL, D, 9000i, A, B, C 9400CXi nVIDIA w9x-522.zip Packard Bell sound144 packbsnd.zip Compaq Sp6507.exe S3 trio 3D/2X 362368_win9x_10028.zip Toshiba XM5302 toshiba_dos_win3-1_xm5302.zip Toshiba XM5302 toshiba_dos_win3-1_xm5302.zip Award S/N DRIVER Giga Byte Technology GA-586ATV3/ GA-586ATV4 5ATV128.ZIP Giga Byte Technology GA-586ATV3/ GA-586ATV4 5ATV128.ZIP ASUS VX97 tv5v0204.zip ASUS P/I-P55T2P4 t25i0207.zip ASUS P/E-P55T2P4D td5e0107.zip Avance Logic ALS 100 win2000.exe 3Com 3c589x.exe OPTi 82C931 931W95.ZIP OPTi 82c933 933w95r3.exe Minolta Dimage_V_eng.zip ExpertColor Multimedia cp765 Nt40.zip SiS Corporation 6205 205123-2.exe