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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Unknown diamond stl2500 stl2500 Unknown diamond stl2500 stl2500 Yamaha OPL3SAx 95v2343.exe SoundPro Onborad SoundPro Chip CMi8330 SoundPro NT4.zip Ensoniq ES1370 AudioPCI es1370_103.zip Epson NeoMagic 256ZX D4039d01.exe VIA Technologies Apollo MVP3 580_2144.exe ALI alim1542chipset agp upgrade 1.65a agp165e.exe Trident Microsystems TGUI9440 w98-TGUI.exe Aztech Labs MD6800-U / ATZ 4023 Modem.exe Canon BJ10ex Bjunidrv.zip Cirrus Logic 33.6IFX(C)S Cirrus Logic 33.6IFX(C)S Cyrix Corporation Ver DRIVER Linksys EtherFast LNE100TX 100txnt5.exe ALI ali alladinv m1542 chipset agp agp165e.exe PC Tel HSP56 audiomodem riser Hspcfg.exe Info Products Crystal Semiconductors CX4235W98.zip Rockwell 370PVS.INF Pine Group cl-md5650 Mdmcir.inf Logitech T-CJ12 logitech.zip Ricoh MP7060A SiS Corporation sis 6215 Mustek Drivers.z SiS Corporation sis 6215 Wisecom WS-PS128PS2/PS3 Hitachi hitdvd.exe Everdata CompuData CMVS1428S SC431VS.zip Hitachi Cvt.exe HSP HSP 336-de luxe HSP336.zip Compex EN2KPNP Utility.zip Tatung P2000 hp.zip Tatung P2000 hp.zip Newcom MS2820 or Newcom 56kifxe NEWCOM56KV90.zip Trident Microsystems 1&1 1&1 ALL 1&1.zip Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Celebris GL 6xxx Mustek all twain scanners FBSP35.exe Trident Microsystems 9685/968x/938x/978x PCI w98-TGUI.exe Microsoft unknown Buttons.mim Acorp 6BX81 Davicom Davicom 33.6 PnP modem davi36.zip Rockwell forwin98.zip Yamaha opl3sa.ini IBM 300 gl 6275 f1s g43 Hercules terminator beast bios.exe Yamaha OPL3SAX yahahaopl3sax1.exe Yamaha OPL3SAX yamahaopl3sax2.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Rockwell Diamond Multimedia vd2dx7beta.exe Leading Edge 486SX LEBiosD2D3update.exe Cmedia (CMI) cmi8330 30w98v64.zip Diamond Multimedia SPDSTR A70 Leo FS-1130B Ecp104X.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 19 usb Leo Best Data Products G56FW-PCI g56.zip US Robotics v1.18.112(12/12/96) Winmodem.zip Creative Labs zc/33/94 p/n 24x.zip S3 s3 trio v2.zip Acer V20 Miro Computer Products Mirotv.zip Brother Missing Link for MFC-1850MC, MFC-1950MC, MFC-4400M Win1850.exe Leo 14CX/15CX/17CX/17CV/17CI NONE OPTi S3 375 Virge S3 Virge 375.zip Storm Technology FB308C w/USB2A0 imgwvusb.zip Cirrus Logic cirrus logic modem 56k.zip Yamaha Yamaha OPL 3 SAx Sound System Yamaha OPL3 Sax Drivers.zip PC Tel FM9628 HSP K56 Flex PNP.zip Trident Microsystems 975 w98-9x5.exe Gateway Comctl32.dll Motorola 3456 Ms56kinf.exe Unknown Hewlett Packard (HP) 6000 series HPDRIVER 6000 SERIES.zip Unknown US Robotics winmodem internal winmodem nT.zip 2TheMax OEMSETUP.INF Microsoft Vnetbios.vxd 2TheMax sym53c416 Abit bh6fu.exe Olivetti Lexikon ijc330 Oemsetup.inf MRI 128TA2 tigerj.zip Olivetti Lexikon Oemsetup.inf Motorola Motvcd.vxd IntreSource Intre-Scan 636P Plus 636P.ZIP Unknown cx4237b Pinnacle Micro RCD1000 rcd235.exe AGFA SnapScan MUISnapScan AGFA SnapScan MUISnapScan New Media BASICS & Bus Toaster Trust Computer 04131 Scankit.zip Level One Level One ENC-0101TB enc-0101.exe Aztech Labs azt3002.zip Diamond Multimedia SUPIV92.INF Genius (KYE) genius sound marker DCS Multimedia c637 dcs_c637.zip Aztech Labs Wave.inf Zoom 2819 & 2819a zoom.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) C4547A Compaq CR-571 pan57x.zip Phoenix Creative Labs e128up9x.exe Pine Group 5954_95.zip Labway YMF719 95v2343.exe Canon BJC-620 62wps101.exe Avance Logic 3,26kb als.zip Taiyo Yuden bw-50 Iexplore.exe Canon BJC-620 62wps101.exe Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) AL-TA10U windrver.zip ESS Technologies MDMESSA.INF Taiyo Yuden driver.exe Taiyo Yuden bw-50 driver.exe Seagate Drvwppqt.vxd Seagate Drvwq117.vxd RealMagic 8300 realdvd8300.zip Vintech International Co vin-44A Install.exe Acer 40X CD Rom acer_cd.zip EDEE EDEE ECR-502 Edisa10.sys EDEE EDEE ECR-502 Edisa10.sys Trust Computer digitalizer table 1812 Trendnet Trendnet TE100-PC16 Oemsetup.inf Trendnet Trendnet TE100-PC16 Oemsetnt.inf Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DEC500/520ic decdrv.zip Toshiba vorlon.exe Storm Technology imgwave.exe Aztech Labs 3011 -or- 6800W-U v90upgr.exe Nakamichi MCD-1020 mbr7.exe IBM ISA V34 HPC MODEM 33600.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) 5100c drivers.zip Hsing Tech Enterprise Co M537.zip Hsing Tech Enterprise Co M550.zip RealTek win98-8139(370).exe Hsing Tech Enterprise Co M559.zip Hsing Tech Enterprise Co M560.zip Hsing Tech Enterprise Co M570.zip Sony Electronics cdu 6201-20 386sx.zip NeoMagic NeoMagic256ZX.zip Epson P870C Sc3022de.exe Star Micronics Starlasr.drv Avance Logic ALS4000 als4000.zip Rockwell PT3515.zip Rendition 5200w41.zip Hewlett Packard (HP) HP SureStore DAT8i Internal - C1533 dds_nt40.exe Philips Consumer Electronics CD-RW 462/463/464 philipscdrw400series.zip Sony Electronics AIT.zip Rockwell infunist.exe Davicom Inernal 33.6k davicom336i.exe IBM Modem56k.exe WinBond WinMPEG.zip OPTi 82C924 924w95dx.zip Award awdflash.zip Unknown Unknown 8738AM CMI8738 PCI Audio Microsoft ie5setup.exe Ricoh MP7060A RICOH Firmware 1.70 nrw17pwa.exe Microsoft MS128.EXE Toshiba hwsetup.exe Toshiba modem543.exe PC Tel vpctcom.vx_ RealTek 8019AS Netrt.inf Cabot (seanix) Cabot (seanix) cabot2.exe Microsoft MSNET32.DLL Trident Microsystems TVGA9000 Tvga9000.zip Chuntex Electronics Co CTX 1792 SE CTX 1792 SE.zip Mitsumi Electronics All Models Mitsumi Electronics All Models Trident Microsystems TD9400CXI Td9400cx.zip Unknown Unknown QD6500 Qd6500.zip DFI DFI 586ITBD Microsoft imwheel-0.9.6.tar imwheel-0.9.6.tar.gz SoundPro Soundrec.cnt SoundPro Soundrec.hlp Hewlett Packard (HP) J2552B hpjanten.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) J2552B hpjanten.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) J2552B hpjanten.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) J2552B hpjanten.exe Archos thinkcd-4x ver4.0 archos.zip Intel i740 Intel740.zip ESS Technologies ES1869F 18691317.zip Intel i740 Intel740.zip Aztech Labs MS 5000U (AZT 4024) ms5000u2.zip Aztech Labs MS 5000U (AZT 4024) ms5000u1.zip Aztech Labs MS 5000U (AZT 4024) ms5000u3.zip Yamaha Yamaha Diamond Multimedia Stealth Video 2500 stealthdrivers.zip Microtek Lab ScanWizard scannerdriver.zip ASUS asus driver.htm OPTi 82c929 929w95.exe Adaptec aspi32.exe Speedcom CL-56VPCI spc5620vpci.zip Unknown EMC Proview Nokia (all monitors) nokia_98.exe Citizen printiva700 PIVA-NT4.EXE Rockwell rwhfc56.zip RealTek RTL-8019AS Realtek 8019as pnp SiS Corporation 6215 LiteOn Technology copy of cdrom.sys Microsoft msgrge32.dll SiS Corporation SiS6215 6215.exe S3 E13Z42US e13z42us.exe nVIDIA w2k-365.zip M-SYSTEMS M-SYSTEMS SiS Corporation Sis 530 for NT 4.0 530106-1.exe SiS Corporation Sis 530 for NT 4.0 530106-1.exe Chic 192300 MSD2.ZIP Mitsubishi Electronics CPD-04 Cpd0426.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 3200C hp3200c_driver.ZIP Optrox Photomaker6E+ Photomaker6E+ driver.zip Motorola MOTVCD.VXD Trident Microsystems Cyber and 3D Image tcyber.zip Dysan dysan 3600 Setup.exe Trident Microsystems 3D Image and Cyber ntcyber.zip NeoMagic vftpxwnt.exe US Robotics winmodem.zip Optrox F 3 OPTROX Packard Bell AZT3002 Sound3.zip Trident Microsystems ess 1869 18691317.zip Argosy all Packard Bell PB (Lexmark) 9000 inkjet Disk1_1.exe Phillips cdrw460 spcheck.zip Info Products ImageReader ISA ImageISA.zip Trident Microsystems tvga8900D EONtronics EONtronics Michelango AGX dx11x.ZIP Direct X (Microsoft) Deerhu~1.exe Newcom 56ifxsp Newcom 56ifx series.zip Mitsumi Electronics fx001d fx116.exe Cysindustco Cysindustco USP-1284 Driver disk PrinterUSB.zip Xircom CEM2 XIRMDM.EXE Compaq isa etherneth controller VIA Technologies Usbsupp.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 7110 8210 9110 others ESS Technologies 1868 Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) kxl d720 720pcm32.exe Sigma Designs S3 765/ 64Gx 64gx_w95.exe Forte Technologies FM801NEW_98.zip Creative Labs PCI 128 e128up9x.exe Rockwell sf1128hv+-r9.zip Motorola SM56PCI ASUS 3800Tvr 3800drv-366.zip TEAC America TEAC_CDI.SYS Interact v3 racing wheel Interact v3 racing wheel micromodem micromodem HSP MicroModem 56.log micromodem micromodem HSP MicroModem 56.log WinBond W80C940F Atech ATS Archtech Canon 460 Canon_460_LBP.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) cr-563 56x_95.exe 3Com 3C619B,3c619C 3c619cx.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) 4200C precision1.ZIP Hewlett Packard (HP) 4200C precision2.ZIP Kingston KNE110TX.zip Newcom 33.6ifx(c)wQLH D/F newcom.zip IBM Audiovation Adapter/A ATI scandesk Setup.exe Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanjet 6200CSE sj169en Sony Electronics Z505J series 100pdisk.exe Sony Electronics Z505J series A67479.exe Sony Electronics Z505J series Vga-nt.exe Davicom V1433VQH-U.INF Askey.inf Unknown rlvdl56dpf/sp Data Technology (DTC) dtc-3138x dtc-3138x.exe Diamond Multimedia Diamond Multimedia - S3Virge - Stealth 3D 2000 Stealth 3D 2000.exe Intel Bios.vxd Adaptec Version 4.60 aspiV4.60.zip ESS Technologies Essolo.com ALI ALi M3141, 3145, 3147 4795116e.exe PCTEL PCTEL AM56PCT pctel56k.zip Motorola SM56PCI sm56.ZIP Rockwell Membg.htm Rockwell Membg.htm Hewlett Packard (HP) 264vt *** atiupd.inf Hewlett Packard (HP) pavilion atiupd.inf Printek Printek 4000 Series PtkWin95.exe Citizen N/A GSX140.zip micromodem micromodem HSP MicroModem 56.log AIMS Lab TR288 Tr288.exe ScanTak SF-600C TWAIN Intel 100pdisk.exe Creative Labs CT1350 sb20snd.zip Creative Labs CT1350 sb20wu.exe Creative Labs Cdrw42~1.exe Creative Labs Cdrw4224.exe S3 S3 Trio32/64 PCI (732/764) s3.drv Compaq OTI-91x.zip Vuego 310p Mira320P_E.exe Avance Logic Avance Logic Storm Technology 8ztd_001.jpg SiS Corporation sis 6215 sis6215.txt Storm Technology 8ztd_001.jpg Storm Technology 8ztd_001.jpg Storm Technology 8ztd_001.jpg Creative Labs cr-583 Creative Labs cr-583 Microdyne NE2000T nic.zip Askey Computer V1433VQH-S v33hsw95.exe Cmedia (CMI) CMI8338 PCI Audio CMI 8338-wdm-v24-PC98.zip US Robotics SPORTSTER 0481 grv909x.exe Primax TBRIDGE.EXE Primax TBRIDGE.EXE Primax TBRIDGE.EXE Primax TBRIDGE.EXE Microsoft 236926up.exe OPTi adoapt15.reg Epson LQ2550 LQ2550.zip Iomega ioware9xdrv.exe Creative Labs CT4750 Vibra 128 ESS Technologies 1869 18691317.zip ? ? te-2000n te-2000n.ZIP SoundBlaster CT4170 sbw9xup.exe SoundBlaster PCI 128 WAVESETS Aztech Labs MDP3858-W MDP3858w.zip Minolta all Samsung SDC-007 SDC007-11.zip 3Com x2 winmodem fax ASUS V3800 (ALL) ASUS V3800 (ALL) LATEST 3DFX shit loads , take a look Rockwell R6761-27 dvrs.zip NEC CDR-4300A Cdchnger.exe Domex DMX3181xx dtc3181x.exe Mitsumi Electronics FX32OS Mtmcdai.386 Digitan DC21142 nd3_431.zip US Robotics D17238PJ57 US Robotics D17238PJ57 Web Excel MD320 5620.zip Creative Labs SB PCI 128 - 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Creative Labs ct1350B sb20snd.drv Packard Bell Multimedia Pro 16 Pro16-95.zip Motorola SM56 v90mot58.exe Newcom 56kifx-sp(3) 56kifxsp.exe Avance Logic A3sndsys.drv NEC Toshiba Artec Viewstation A6000C Plus atc6kcp.zip Microsoft Hidparse.sys Sierra Modems Iexplore.exe Compaq most compaq monitors monitcpq.inf Compaq most compaq monitors monitcpq.inf Aztech Labs MMpro16IIIs.zip Sony Electronics cdu33a-01 sny218.exe S3 win95 s3 trio 64v+.zip Microdyne Nete2000.inf Microdyne E2000.dos Jaton ess1868 1868W95.zip Microdyne drivers.zip Maynard Electronics Inc Maynard Electronics Inc 08-9-60100000 PCA-1-0 3991 maynstream.zip Mitsumi Electronics All Mitsumi Ide Including CD-R/CD-RW ide158.exe Mitsumi Electronics All IDE ide158.exe 3Com US Robotics 56K voice PCI usr56kpci.zip Twain Twain Jamcam.ds Agiler AJP348A joypad agiler.zip Twain Twain Jamcam.ds Leo p6_407.exe Unknown 2500 stealth Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha Taicom MR56PVS Taicom MR56PVS Yamaha Taicom MR56PVS Intel Intel Etherexpress 16 or 16TP ee16.ZIP PC Tel PCtel, Inc.MDMCHIPV.INF Newcom 56kifxc.exe Creative Labs cd-rw 4424e Oakcdrom.sys Aztech Labs lucent.zip Intel Intel etherexpress16 ee16.ZIP