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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) CW-7502 CW7502up.zip Microsoft hidparse.zip Motorola ConexantHSFDFSEN.INF Philips Consumer Electronics Omniwriter engepst.exe ESS Technologies ess1868 ess1868.zip Creative Labs Ccd.sys Mozart Setup.exe AGFA ARCUS Seagate SEAGATE.ZIP Boser Boser Boser Mpeg Card bs250e.zip Canon b9c1_ukx.exe Xircom PE3-10B2 pe3drv.exe PC Tel PCT789T ppci.exe Behavior Tech Computer e520c 40x28.zip Toshiba CDR-1800A Mscdex.exe Maestro maestro-19991118_tar.gz Aztech Labs pro16-95.zip Diamond Multimedia digital venturis video on board Enhance V-3610P 3p3t_9598.ZIP Winfast (Leadtek Research) S320V winf3DS320V.exe Digital Research Technologies DRSOUNDPCI drsdya98.exe S3 S3 Virge GX2 s3-gx2.zip S3 S3 Virge (all) s3virge_wnt4.exe Yamaha cdr100 D Link Systems 528 DE (PCI) dlnk528.zip RealTek Encore ENL832-TX fast Ethernet card rtl8139.c 3DFX Mpeg2Decoder.ax Rockwell PCI v90 K56 Auto sft21106.exe US Robotics wmukv90.exe Linksys LNE 10/100 TX winnt40.zip Samtron all samtron samtron.exe Creative Labs ct4810 SiS Corporation 6326 326win98.exe Microsoft intelmouse2.2.zip.zip Interwave Interwave soundcard for Compaq Presario 8702 Interwave.zip Interact sv-280 v3.zip Pioneer USA DVD 114 A124.exe Compex RL2000A-PNP RLA80928.zip ESS Technologies es56v-x.zip Microsoft Keyboard.drv Web Excel me201 (R6764) ME201W9X.exe ExpertColor Multimedia Canarias 2000 Olivetti Lexikon JP170 Colour JP170.zip Dell Computer U/Scan 17fs-en vc7en dell.zip VIA Technologies bxv98-at Agp356.zip US Robotics USR WinModem 28.8 ( 1996) S3 Trio 3D/2X s3 trio 3d2x.zip UMAX uc300+630 twain118.EXE Jazz Multimedia Jazz Adrenalin Rush 3D ar3d.ZIP Ricoh MP7060A and others Rockwell DSL/V90 sp11489.exe Elitegroup Computer Systems Thunk16.dll Magitronic 8001 IDE magitronic 800x cd.zip Yamaha oplsaxdrv.zip S3 S3tvout3.cfg Diamond Multimedia Stealth 2500 series w95s25_3.exe Mitsumi Electronics 44x max ide158.exe 3Com Wmexe.exe Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Telecommander, etc. Genius (KYE) gp-8.exe Laing laingpc.ZIP Laing laingpc.ZIP HSP uide102.exe Info Products IMAGE READER ISA Cardinal 2420 mdmcari0.inf Cardinal 2420 mdmcari0.inf ExpertColor Multimedia Med3201.zip US Robotics 1125 winmodem56k.zip Acard AEC 6710D Spacewalker OPTI933 HOT247win98.zip Avance Logic avance logic alg2064 2032_64.exe Diamond Multimedia diamond viper v770 ultra v770_nt4_401.exe Logitech QuickCam Express qkcm95.zip Logitech QuickCam Express quicam98.zip Creative Labs RW4224E cdrw4224.exe Trident Microsystems Cyber9525DVD p311vidn.exe Trident Microsystems Cyber9525DVD p311vidn.exe Rockwell pci56rvp rev.a.3. rw42.zip Apple Computer Quicktake 150 Quicktake150 for windows.zip Toshiba IDE-CD-Rom Driver. Supports DRIVER Symbios Logic Mousedrv.ini Award m500n.zip Iomega ioware9xdrv.exe STB Systems Nitro 3D/GX EDO 75013551.exe STB Systems Nitro 3D/GX EDO 75013552.exe STB Systems Nitro 3D/GX EDO 75013552.exe STB Systems Nitro 3D/GX EDO 75013553.exe STB Systems Nitro 3D/GX EDO 75013554.exe BCD all latest updates all latest updates Aztech Labs MDP3880 mdp3880.zip nVIDIA nVIDIA TNT2 Detonator353NT4.exe Avance Logic alg2032 2032_64.exe S3 Trio 64V2 Trio64V2.zip S3 Trio 64V2 Trio64V2.zip Diamond Multimedia EDGE 3D 2000 edge230a.exe Laral Laral Nintendo Loystick 3D1 3d1.zip Intel 810, 810E Winnt4cd.zip Diamond Multimedia Speedstar A50 AGP ss95208.exe Hercules Terminator 128/3D "GLH" tglhw109.exe Phonic Pro WS-5614ES3G,WS-5614JS3G flash upgrades/down ATI Rage PRO, Rage LT PRO and Rage IIc products w82560en.exe Avance Logic 2032 2032_64.exe Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) 588 ProLink ProLink PV-BT848P+,848P+W/FM 848w9x.zip Unknown S3 Trio 3D trio3d_w9x_26106-drivers.exe SiS Corporation 620 SiS620_win98.zip Logitech M-S48a setupmw.exe Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 4000 3d4k3306.exe Intel 740 PV40_9x.zip Creative Labs Creative RIVA TNT/TNT2 Series tntaw9x.exe Cirrus Logic Universal file/all unicir.zip Aztech Labs 2320FD95.zip Intel i740wn9x.EXE SiS Corporation 530 530106-1.exe SiS Corporation gld101.exe Trident Microsystems ProVidia9680, 9682, & 9685s w98-968x.exe SoundBlaster 3dbaw9x.exe Kingmax ZV-DVD zv-dvd.zip D Link Systems DMF-560TX dmf560tx.zip ESS Technologies ES2898 Chipset es2898.zip Rockwell ockwell HCF56K PCI RW1359.EXE ESS Technologies ES2898 chipset es2898_win98.zip Rockwell All HCF modems Win2k Int HCF modem driver 2.0.zip New Media Winnt.zip Sound Vision Sound Vision SVmini-209 vdriver.zip FIC VA-503+ Setdma.exe prohance prohance ProhanceSmartButtonGold.ZIP Sun Moon Star 525 CD epadcd Epson GT6500 Twain251.exe Korea Data VS-4 high resolution monitor ultra VGA 14" Diamond Multimedia dmpgapp.exe Polaroid PDC640 / PDC700 PoraroidTWainDriver.zip Sony Electronics CDU311 atapi.exe Sony Electronics cdu311 atapi_cd.sys IBM CRD-S58P cdtpgdos.exe Citizen printiva700 Creative Labs rkv2dx6.exe S3 virgedxwnt.exe Unknown Unknown Mp2000.zip Nikon Nikon Coolpix nkview2.zip CommWave CW56LU-PCI LTWinModem_v90k56flex_520a.exe CommWave cw56lu-pci correction.doc Relisys all relisys.exe Cyberdrive Cd1200.sys AGFA Snapscan EZ Paralle ISP_EZ_V1209.EXE AccelGraphics Rel24b151INTEL.exe Iomega Zip 100, Zip 250, ZipPlus win9x_iom113_en.exe Diamond Multimedia Supra Express 56i Pro SupraExpress56iPro.zip ESS Technologies ES1869 18691317.zip ESS Technologies 1869w95.rar Yamaha YMF724 95v1026.exe OPTi 82C931 931w95.zip OPTi 82C931 931w95.zip Digital Research Technologies DRWAVE3D drwv319x.exe Fujitsu M3097G, M3097G+ & M3097DG fj3097.zip Acer 310S, 310U, 320U, 610S, 610ST Epson Perfection 636u P636u310.exe Mustek 600 III EP Plus 63ep322.exe Visioneer Communications Paperport 3100USB 3100busb.exe Scanport all except SQ600 sq_248.exe Mustek 600 CP 600cp12.exe S3 Virge/VX (988) w9531201.zip Matsushita (Matshita Panasonic) install_and_use_cyberlink_powerdvd.doc QuickShot GenX500 QS-6299 GenX500.zip Pragmatic d56tsn.exe Unknown SMC (Standard RealTek Realtek 8139 8139Linux.zip Compaq 56K modem sp9639.exe S3 375/385 DX/GX PCI WIN95S3drivers.ZIP STB Systems Soundrage 32 STB Soundrage 32.ZIP E Tech Research PCI56RVP 135_us.exe Davicom 336 abb5.htm Davicom 336 abb5.htm OPTi OPTi 82C930 930w95.exe Advanced Gravis Setup.exe Compaq 5304 autorun.exe Atech SiS Corporation 326win95.exe Atech lt555.zip Digital Research Technologies Lynx-96CS Dusty Crystal Computer cs32ball.drv Phoenix 400 series Diamond Multimedia SupraMax 56 PCI Series supramax_56i_pci-9x_all_154-driver.exe Creative Labs CT2960 Vgx.cab STB Systems TNT STB 4400 PCI & AGP (WITHOUT TVOUT) V4400_152noTV.EXE STB Systems STB 4400 Velocity TNT PCI & AGP(WITH TVOUT) v4400_160.zip STB Systems STB 4400 Velocity TNT NT Drivers nt401317.exe STB Systems STB 4400 Velocity AGP Bios Upgrade agp110_ntsc.exe STB Systems STB 4400 Velocity PCI Bios Upgrade pci110_ntsc.exe STB Systems STB 4400 Velocity AGP PAL BIOS UPGRADE agp110_pal.exe STB Systems STB 4400 Velocity PCI PAL BIOS UPGRADE pci110_pal.exe STB Systems STB 4400 AGP BIOS UPDATE WITHOUT TV-OUT agp110_notv.exe Interact SV-240 boot95.exe Teco TE551A relisys.EXE S3 S3 Savage 4 openGL reference ESS Technologies ESS SOLO-1 ES1938S audio chip version 2.10e ESS Technologies ESS SOLO-1 ES1938S audio chip version 2.10e ESS Technologies ESS SOLO-1 ES1938S audio chip version 2.10e Diamond Multimedia Stealth II S220 sii95110.exe Acculogic side-4/hp side4.zip Sony Electronics sony-ide.exe Supra 336 I supra336.ZIP Cyberdrive 240SD cybercd.exe NeoMagic NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD, NM2160 A51347.zip NeoMagic NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD, NM2160 A51348.zip NeoMagic NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD, NM2160 A51346.zip Rockwell V90 kflex Modem rockwellv90kflexext.zip Motorola SM56 PCI External motorolaSM56pciext.zip Creative Labs SiS Corporation sis_5591.exe ScanTak SCC.EXE Microdyne NE1000-5500 Models Zoltrix zoltrix mo..zip Newcom 33.600ifx(c)/56k ifx(c) NewcomDriver.zip Newcom 33.600ifx(c)/56k ifx(c) NewcomDriver.zip S3 ViRGE DX, GX, GX2 Wnt32309.zip Vistapoint all monitor.exe Labway XWAVE QS3000A WITH 32-BIT PCI BUS adm3000a(1).zip GVC SF-1114HV/C1 modem.inf Arcus All Trident Microsystems Srr.doc Trident Microsystems Trident.inf Milennium Milennium Milenium.inf ALI OPTi OP931M-3DS 931w95c.zip Adaptec v4.60 (1019) aspiinst 1019.exe New Media Corporation 28.8 Internal DAA Modem netsurf.zip E Tech Research PCTA128 PCI Bus pci98.exe CalComp Artisan 102X win95vec.exe SiS Corporation SiS 6326 3D pro AGP 326win98.exe SiS Corporation SiS 6326 3D Pro AGP 8mb 6326whql.exe Trident Microsystems 9685 VLB, PCI T9685_cd.zip Canon CanoScan FB630U Scangr63.exe Canon CanoScan FB 630U Scangr63.exe Tatung TM3401 LG Electronics CRN-8240E LG_CDROM.zip SiS Corporation 6326 SiS Corporation 6326 SiS Corporation 6326 AMD amdk6upd.exe Adaptec !ez1540.dll Colorado (HP) floppy-based backups IBM DualStor Colorado (HP) floppy-based backups IBM DualStor Colorado (HP) floppy-based backups IBM DualStor Mustek Scanmagic 600 IISP sp35.zip Samtron SC-726DXL Funai fcm 1428 Bay Networks FA310TX PCI fa31v402.exe NEC A700+ NECMSINF.ZIP ATI N40118en.exe Euroviva 288inf.zip NCR 53C400A 2854.htm Rockwell Rockwell.zip NEC CDR-401 Multispin 3xp parscsi1.exe US Robotics 1626 1626.exe Avance Logic als120 US Robotics 1626upgr.exe Best Data Products A56FW-PCI CNX2016.cty Creative Labs Di5601 (56k) Lucent Technologies CW56ES 56k_ES_X2_343003G.exe Crystal Semiconductors Tidalwave 32 CS3241A Cs4231a.zip Proview International (EMC) PV-564D PROVIEW ELECTRONICS CORPORATIONPROVIE~1.INF Daewoo New Microsoft Word Document.doc Microsoft Vjoyd.vxd Connectix qcam.zip PC Tel PCT1789 Rev 2.2 Win9598.zip SiS Corporation 6205 205123-1.exe SiS Corporation 6205 205123-2.exe Genius (KYE) E3000 e3000.exe Genius (KYE) E3000II e30II041.exe ESS Technologies ess solo 1 Winzip32.exe Iiyama North America Most win98d.zip Miro Computer Products DC30 DC30_series_141.exe Hauppage Computer Works WinCast/TV wintv.zip Artec AM12E Plus am12ep224.exe Trident Microsystems Cyber 9397 DVD 975.zip 3DFX voodoo3fix.zip Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D Multimedia m3d1600.exe Matrox Graphics Matrox Mistyque (200) 1677_412.exe Unknown 2500 Lucent Technologies LT Win Modem modem566.exe SiS Corporation SiS 6326 PCI 4MB sisv6326 SiS Corporation SiS 6326 PCI 4MB 326Winnt.exe US Robotics U.S.Robotics Inc. Sportster 33.6 FAX Internal.log Diamond Multimedia Diamond Monster 2 Mnstr2207.exe ESS Technologies ESS SOLO-1 (ES1938 Chip) v1128.zip Saitek JT266 6button Generic Miro Computer all AGFA FotoLook%20SA%202.07.2 AGFA FotoLook%20SA%202.07.2 C Media cmi 8338 Cnet Technology pro-110(b) linux-p110.exe AverMedia Avtv.exe AverMedia Avtv.exe Davicom dm336p.zip Davicom 336dh.zip Compaq SK-2700 Analog Devices Ad1815_6.exe Puretek pt 3515 CECountry.zip Creative Labs EncoreDxr2.zip Trident Microsystems 9440 Iomega Z100USB UsbZip.inf Plustek PageReader 800 Storm Technology DeIsL1.isu Iomega ioware9xdrv.exe Compaq proliant 1500 server SP6224.exe Aopen Aopenw95.inf Sony Electronics SDT-9000 winnt40.exe Raven PR-9101 fx_lq.zip Artec Artec A6000C Plus a6kcp197.exe Digital Research DRSOUNDPCI drsdya98.exe OPTi opti 929 HIFI240d.exe Innovision Mighty 3DII M3D2W9X.EXE ATI 3D Xpression+ PC2TV W82420EN.EXE Genius (KYE) ColorPage Vivid W95CHINESE.ZIP Midwest Micro Midwest Micro TS-38 ts38-1.zip Genius (KYE) ColorPage Vivid w95english.zip Cirrus Logic Cmi8330.inf Cirrus Logic Cmi8330.inf Rockwell HCF 56k data fax pci S3 365 S3 Trio3D Win9x.zip PC Tel PCTEL K56Flex v90 win9x.zip PC Tel PCTEL K56Flex v90 win9x.zip Interact SV-233 sv233.exe Yamaha Yamaha OPL3sax.zip Escom Escom escom_gray_handscanner.zip Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXP-1124 WIN31DMP.EXE Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXP-1124 WIN31DMP.EXE Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXP-1124 WIN31DMP.EXE Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXP-1124 WIN31DMP.EXE Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXP-1124 WIN31DMP.EXE Panasonic (Matsushita Matshita) KXP-1124 WIN31DMP.EXE Compaq PSB220A? lucent1640c.zip Lucent Technologies LTWinModem_v90k56flex_535 LTWinModem_v90k56flex_535.exe Labway Xwave-v4.24 Xw-v4.24.zip Labway Xwave-v4.24 AutoXw-v4.24.zip S3 SonicVibes PCI SonicVibes.zip Unknown GVC