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  • Device driver

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

    A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware is connected. When a calling program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues commands to the device. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. They usually provide the interrupt handling required for any necessary asynchronous time-dependent hardware interface.


    Items already in our database:

    Sanyo 168 CRD 168P Sanyo 168 sanyo 168 Sanyo 94A sjcd.sys Sanyo cdr-254v FWS2CD.SYS Cyberdrive All All Sanyo CDR-H94A crd-h94a.zip Cyberdrive All cddriver Sony Electronics Sony Electronics 76s cdrom Sony Electronics 76s cdrom Cyberdrive cyberdrive 120d cd-rom Sony Electronics CDU33A-01 33A-C2 SLCD.SYS (173a.exe) Sony Electronics CDU33a-01 Cyberdrive Cyberdrive 120D tw 120f Sony Electronics CDU33A-01 cdrom Sony Electronics CDU33A-GW SLCD32.mpd Cyberdrive Tw160D Cyberdrive Sony Electronics CDU571-Q CDU571-Q Sony Electronics CDU-611 Sony.exe Sony Electronics cdu-611 sony Sony Electronics CDU-701 Cyberdrive TY200SD ???? Sony Electronics cdu76s Sony Electronics cdu76s cd-rom Sony Electronics cdu76s cdu76s Sony Electronics cdu920 family cdu920 family Sony Electronics ddu220e Takaya CD-812 TEAC America cd38e stingray 8322 Torisan (Sanyo) CDRS1G Torisan (Sanyo) cdr-s1g Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-S1G Torisan (Sanyo) CDR-S1G Delta Electronics OJC-F101 d91xv340.sys Toshiba 5522b Toshiba 6202 Toshiba sd-m1002 Dvd-rom Toshiba xm-1202b Toshiba xm1502b Toshiba XM-3401B Toshiba xm3401ta Toshiba xm-5301b cdrom Toshiba XM-5302B SBIDED95.EXE Toshiba XM-5302B tos_ess.exe Toshiba xm-5602b atapi.exe Toshiba xm6102b Toshiba XM-6102B Toshiba xm-6102b driver name Vertos 400 Vertos 400ETD Quad speed V-400ETD.EXE Vertos 600ESD Hex speed V-600ESD.EXE 610A 610A v2.11 (vide-cdd.sys) Vertos 800ESD Octal speed V-800ESD.EXE Wearnes CDD 620 Wearnes CDD-120A Download selection Wearnes cdd-1820 Wearnes CDS-2420 wcd410.zip Yamaha crw4001 Yamaha CDR 400t Yamaha cr100 Yamaha crw4260t-nb *.* FX-3D Anal Acer fx-3d Acer Acer magic s20 Acer Acer fx-3D Acer AcerMagic FX-3D WIN95.ZIP Acer ad1816 ad1816 Acer ad1816 ad1816 Acer AW 32 Acer magic p20 Acer s20 magic s20 Acer s20 magic s20 Acer s20 magic s20 Acer s20 s2032.exe Acer S20 s20r32a.exe Acer s23 aw32 Acer mp 23 sound card laserwave classic AA1812 AA-1812 Sound Card 64wv95.zip Addonics Technologies opl3-sax- sound board opl3-sax- sound board Addonics Technologies SV500 and SV510 opl3sa Adlib Multimedia OPL3 Advanced Gravis Ultrasound Classic gus411a.zip - gus411f.zip als100+ all * als100 Funai E2920 ? ALS100 All ALS Sound Cards Many different names for Dos, 3.1, '95 AM78C201 InterWave sound rage 32 Analog Devices ad1815/1816 Analog Devices ad1815/ad1816 Analog Devices ad1848 Analog Devices 1816/1816A Funai Analog Devices 1848 Analog Devices 82c925 opti Analog Devices AD1815 Analog Devices ad1816 mpu-401 Analog Devices AD1845JP Analog Devices AD1845JP AD1845JP Analog Devices AD1845JP W95V1.ZIP Analog Devices ad1846jp Analog Devices ad1846jp driver name Analog Devices AD1846JP SOUND PORT Analog Devices AD18MAX10 sndmx1066/sndmx107 Analog Devices als100 Funai Analog Devices als100 Analog Devices FCC ID DRIVER Analog Devices FCC ID DRIVER Analog Devices aa1812 ad1812a Acer 665A atapi ART-868 ESS1868 Askey Computer S1428VH-M COMBOCARD ATI opti 82c931 Direct X ATI STEREO F/X-CD scdutl.zip ESS1688 unknown Audio Excel CMI8330 Audio Excel dsp 16 lll audio excel dsp lll audio magic Avance Logic als100 Avance Logic als100 Avance Logic als100+ Avance Logic ntcae95.zip Avance Logic ntcae95.zip Avance Logic ALS 007 Logical device Avance Logic ALS007 Avance Avance Logic als100 als 100+ sound card Avance Logic als100 avence Avance Logic ALS100+ Avance Logic ALS100+ Avance Logic ALS100+ Avance Logic Sound Avance Logic drsound3d Avance Logic SB16 CM18330 Avance Logic ALS100 All Avance drivers aha-154x/aha-1535 pnp scsi cwbmidi.drv Goldstar/LG Electronics ? ? yamaha 3d sound atc 6631 Multimedia Pro 16 Pro16-95.zip Multimedia Pro 16 PRO16-95.ZIP Aztech Labs Aztech Labs AZT3005 PNP Aztech Labs azt3011 pnp Aztech Labs Sound 16A Aztech Labs 050-018317-203 azt2380 Aztech Labs 1008 Aztech Labs 138-MMSN855 2320FD95.zip Aztech Labs 3011 sound4.exe Aztech Labs ALL Aztech Labs at 3001 Aztech Labs azt 3000 pnp there are several Aztech Labs azt2320 Aztech Labs azt2320 Aztech Labs azt2320 Aztech Labs azt2320 Aztech Labs azt2320 Aztech Sound Galaxy Nova 16 Aztech Labs azt3000/azt2320 aztpnp.zip Aztech Labs aztech vsglx16.386 Aztech Labs cd16w mmcd16w Goldstar/LG Electronics 8240b Aztech Labs mmsn885 sound 3 Aztech Labs SGBXII Aztech Labs snd-s16 Aztech Labs Sound Galaxy PRO 16III FCC Aztech Labs Sound Galaxy Washington 16 Aztech Labs 1008 azt Aztech Labs 1015 Aztech Labs almost all Aztech Labs almost all Aztech Labs almost all Aztech Labs AZT3000 s3a1.zip & s3a2.zip i don't know backpack Goldstar/LG Electronics CDR-540B Creative Labs...(sorry, I forgot the rest) Bravo (Haydn) ALL BTC ALL Canon Mozart 16 C-Media 8330 C-Media sb16 C-Media 8330 audio C-Media CMI8330 Audio Adapter CMI8330 and CMI8330 Directx5 C-Media CMI8330 C-Media cmi8330 cmi8330 C-Media v 1.4 soundpro C-Media v1.4 soundpro Compaq 1868 ESS ES1868 Compaq x071 es1868 Creative Labs sb16pnp Creative Labs Sound Blaster 1.5 Creative Labs vibra 16 Creative Labs awe (all models) sbw95up.exe Goldstar/LG Electronics crd-8160b 16x max Creative Labs awe 32 Creative Labs awe 64 Creative Labs awe64 Creative Labs CT 2800 Vibra 16S Creative Labs ct1350b Goldstar/LG Electronics CRD-8160B 8160B.EXE (self-extracting) Acer 685a 003 8x Creative Labs ct2290 sound blaster 16 Creative Labs ct2501 tcq sb16 Creative Labs ct2501-7dq vibra 16 Creative Labs CT2960 Creative Labs CT2980 Creative Labs ct2980 Sound Blaster 16 Creative Labs n/a n/a Creative Labs PCBISP16&2 DRIVER Creative Labs sb 16 ? Creative Labs sb16 oem 3d Creative Labs sb16 value Creative Labs sb16 * Creative Labs sb16 sb16 dos drivers Creative Labs SF16-FMD2 Creative Labs snd2-336 soundblaster pro Creative Labs sound blaster 16 value Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16, 32PNP, AWE 32/AWE 32PNP aweos2.exe Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 sbw95up Creative Labs sound blaster 32 pnp mmp Creative Labs Sound Blaster 64 Directx5.0 Creative Labs sound blaster pro Creative Labs sound blaster Pro sound blaster pro Creative Labs soundblaster 16 Creative Labs Soundblaster 16 Creative Labs Creative Labs Vibra 16X Audio drivers Creative Labs Vibra 16X PnP 95vib16x.exe Creative Labs Vibra Creative Labs vibra16x ? CrystalClear WaveTable 32 DOS, Win 3.x, Win 95, Win NT 4 MPU-401 CMI880 Windows 98 CMI8330 Patch CS4231A KL CS4231a-kl CS4231A-KL CS4232 bnt180us.zip CS4232 bntus171.zip cs4232 win95 drivers cw4237 Crystal PnP audio system codec es1370 ensoniq mpu.401 CS4232/36/37/38 crystal Cyrix Corporation V960930 MediaGX Diamond Multimedia 924 Diamond Multimedia dt297a40 Diamond Multimedia mf-009 avance sound chip Diamond Multimedia Diamond Multimedia edge 3d 3000 win 95b Diamond Technologies ALL Diamond Technologies dt 0197h Diamond Lite / Diamond Lite NT Digital Research Technologies DRSOUND Opti 931 Digital Research Technologies DRSOUND OPTI Chip set Digital Research Technologies drsound opti931 Acer 685a atapi es1868 soundcard Ensoniq 1370 es Ensoniq AudioPCI AudioPci Ensoniq ensa95-19.exe Ensoniq ensoniq pci sound card Ensoniq S2016 NCDB Goldstar/LG Electronics CRD-8240B 8240B.exe Ensoniq S2016-S5016 Ensoniq SPICS Sonic PCI Ensoniq AudioPCI AudioPCI ESS Technologies es1868 1868w95 ESS Technologies 1869nt40.zip ESS Technologies es1868 ESS Technologies es1868 ESS Technologies ESS 1688 plug&play ESS Technologies ESS ES1888 ESS Technologies pnpcfg.zip ESS Technologies 1868 ESS Technologies 1868 ESS Technologies 1868 1868w95.zip ESS Technologies 1868 4.04 ESS Technologies 1868 4.04 ESS Technologies 1868 creative ESS Technologies 1868 es1868 ESS Technologies 1868 es1868 ESS Technologies 1868 ess es1868 ESS Technologies 1868 ess1868 ESS Technologies 1868 ess1868 ESS Technologies 1868 sound ESS Technologies 1868 sound ESS Technologies 1869 ESS Technologies 1888 ESS Technologies 938ESS ESS Technologies All ESS Technologies all all ESS Technologies All Various ESS Technologies Eagle ES1868 Pnp Sound card 1868w95.zip ESS Technologies Eagle ES1868 Pnp Sound card 1868w95.zip ESS Technologies Eagle ES1868 Pnp Sound card A7927.exe A8165.exe A10000.exe ESS Technologies ES 1688 directX ESS Technologies es 1868 F ESS Technologies es 1868 plug & play audio drive ESS Technologies es 1868 ESS Technologies ES 1868 ESS Technologies es1688 Goldstar/LG Electronics gcd r580b r580b.exe ESS Technologies ES1688 ESS Technologies ES1688 1688W95.zip ESS Technologies es1868 es1868 plug and play audio driver ESS Technologies es1868 plug and play audiedriver ESS Technologies es1868 ESS Technologies es1868 ESS Technologies ES1868 ESS Technologies es1868 1868w95 ESS Technologies es1868 1868w95 ESS Technologies es1868 Driver Disk ESS Technologies ES1868 es1868 p&p ESS Technologies ES1868 ES1868 ESS Technologies ES1868 ESS ES1868 AudioDrive ESS Technologies es1868 msjstick.drv,win95_12.cab ESS Technologies es1868 sound card ESS Technologies es1869 es1869 ESS Technologies ES1888 ESS ES1888 ESS Technologies ES688/ES1688 es1868.exe Acer 747E and more All ESS Technologies ESS 1868 es1868 ESS Technologies ESS 1868F 1868w95.zip ESS Technologies ess 1869 sound card ESS Technologies ess 1887 ESS Technologies ESS ES 1868 1868W95 & 1868W31 ESS Technologies ess es 1868 ess es1868 ESS Technologies ess sound card ESS Technologies ess1868 ess1868 ESS Technologies ESS1869 ESS1869 ESS Technologies ess688 ESS Technologies ESS688 NT40HD.ZIP ESS Technologies kce-6889d ess688+968 ESS Technologies MF 1948 - Maestro PCI 1 Maestro v4.00.10 ESS Technologies model pnpcfg.zip ESS Technologies MS868 ES 1868 ESS Technologies ms868 es1868 ESS Technologies Solo-1 ES1938 PCI AudioDrive V4.05.00.1023 ESS Technologies ??? es1868 ESS Technologies s 688 ESS Technologies 1688 ES1688 Goldstar/LG Electronics gcd-r540b gcd-r540b ESS Technologies 23063 ESS Technologies All All ESS Technologies Edison Gold 16 ESS Technologies es1868 ESS Technologies es1868 ESS Technologies es1868 audio driver ESS Technologies ESS 220 esstech Goldstar/LG Electronics GCD-R540B R540b.EXE ESS Technologies ess1868 ess1868 CIM8330 CIM8330 Excell pnp 310 MED3240 Gallant SC6000 SC6000.zip Gallant SC-6600 sc66v2-1.exe Gallant sc-6600 sc6w-95.exe